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It's Easier to Insult Than to Engage

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 6, 2018 5:30 pm

It's Easier to Insult Than to Engage

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 6, 2018 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/06/18.

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In front of your eyes.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown you know if if you were alive at the time the early civil rights movement in America in the 50s when Rosa Parks got arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white person refusing to move from the bus to the back. You might not have noticed what was happening until it got national attention. And then it becomes a cause célèbre in everyone's talking about it and it actually makes a positive long-term impact some things going good direction like that something is going to bad direction, but it's not often that we can analyze how things work as they are happening while we can right now and I want to illustrate it for you today. Also to open the phone lines to take your questions. This is Michael Brown you tune into the line of fire. Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878840. Some of you been listening regularly to this radio broadcast may be your North Carolina when we first started airing in you been listening regularly for about 910 years now. What data to have you as part of the family. Thanks for your prayer, your support, your encouragement, so if you've picked us up by podcasting or listening to day or two after the broadcast or jogging down the road now will will keep jogging. Run your race. Some of you have picked this up since we have been doing live stream on YouTube and Facebook for all of you. I can wave give thumbs up. You can shoot me back some of Moji's and some file whatever smiles whatever you like but but listen big big announcement for everyone tonight. We begin tonight we begin our real Messiah broadcast is in a blanket New York City on 570 AM. The mission is going to blanket New York's Jewish audience right we have potentially about 2 million Jewish people living in the greater New York area and no less than 2 million people listen to the radio broadcast, but this is our potential, so please pray our calling, such that you only you know we talk about all kinds of issues day and night and cutting edge on the front lines of social issues moral issues that we go to the nations this week and I ministry in Italy. My 26 trip to Italy gobbling we sent out missionaries around the world, but to the Jew first is written Scripture and I am a Jew. Alright, so help me reach my people pray for us. Would you pray and believe God, and just if if you take a minute today that's on ask literally 60 seconds. Pray God use Mike Brown to reach Jewish people in New York and around the world because if everything works also do a live stream don't know will have set up for tonight, but if it works we do live stream as well. Will you be able to watch the show, which is Jewish outreach. You'll find it tremendously educating and eye-opening and then our goal to reach Jewish people with the good news of Jesus the Messiah and WMC. A it's a Christian station, but it has other broadcasting that secular, some Jewish's oriented as well. So it's got a wide listening audience. Let's pray the government to do something in New York and beyond.

Starting tonight, so just if you pray this on ask right pray. God bless the ministry bless their work. Bless Esther Cabral of the team. If you do that, boy. Thank you thank you thank you okay so phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 784 8663 for a Friday, I'm taking questions that people have posted on Twitter got a bunch of fascinating questions on an answer for you on twitter so today I woke up the phone lines with any question you have like we do on Friday you got questions. We got answers on the open the phone lines now so go ahead and call and I'll get to your calls shortly.

Matthew Shepard act. Have you heard of that Matthew Shepard was a young man who was brutally beaten to death.

It's it's a tragic, brutal, terrible story you have to pity the kid when you hear what happened and how he was left to die.

It is just horrific and the story that got out in the store that was told to the court was well it's because he was gay and that the guy that beat him up hated them because he was gay and and based on that because this has happened to other young people and older people simply because there they identify as gay or lesbian or bisexual transgender people think they are they been harassed that they been attack something being semi-been killed. That has happened. It's tragic, that's terrific. That's terrible. It is utterly 100% always inexcusable and of subject and the subject in this case, though, according to major research done by a gay journalist Matthew Shepard was not killed because it was gay. It's not what happened right. What happens tragic, but according to the research done by this gay journalist.

I believe I was name right in my head but I wanted to confirm it before I give his name out wrong. He said that the that the main guy involved in beating him and leaving them for dead actually had a homosexual relationship with a that it had to do the drug deal gone bad, and other things like that but what happens is it takes on a life of its own and it becomes this national movement, and in his name.

Bills have been passed against quote LGBT discrimination suit quote because what that exactly could mean can go way beyond what what the goal is that we all agree with it.

Everybody's equally protected under the law. So get what will happen to Matthews tragic is terrible. And if in fact it was because he was good as initially reported that then it doesn't if it's even more ugly and terrible because gets singled out for that. However, according to the best research that was done by a gay journalist. That's not the case then takes on a life of its own art, so I use different exec examples Rosa Parks Matthew Shepard to make a point I'm watching in front of my eyes. Things unfold.

Alright, so here's what happens.

We do our very first consider this video can you begin Christian.

If you haven't watched it yet, watch it right. Go to Esther and just look for the digital library typing can begin Christian or our YouTube channel Esther Cabral as Katie or Brown.

If you haven't watched it frankly give you the update at the moment you to Facebook. It's review about hundred 5000 times and right now it's about 80 45,000 times on YouTube recess 84, 85,000 is is because it's slightly blurry of your site. The screens little bit away from you.


And if you want to help us go to Esther to this, you can watch it right there can also help with the cost of doing these videos are so we did a video you've ever seen Prager you type videos. That's kind of the same pattern. It's it's it's presented in 56 minutes.

It's well illustrated. We got some funds to to put into extra graphics which the best produced videos are redone and for the first time we were given a few thousand dollars for an advertising budget adult to give us money to help promote the video you see Prager you video they've gotten a massive subscription millions of subscribers.

They do high high quality they have academic leaders and political leaders, Nobel Prize winners and all these during the videos and then they they have an advertising budget as well to get it out so we were given a few thousand dollars a week. We promoted it on Facebook with the whole thing is to get people to watch the message. Can you begin Christian. That's what were promoting it to get the message out right and then we promoted it on YouTube as well.

I assured some of the story on Monday and what happened was by promoting it on YouTube. Even though our main target audience was the conservative audience the Bible believing audience because it had subject matter. Can you begin Christian.

It ended up being promoted as well on other channels that we don't decide which promoted someone just sent me a note yesterday day before and said hey I was just on your Esther Cabral channel on the ad that came before the videos wasn't a gay guy talk about HIV testing X since it happened. Whatever, whatever is one thing was pornography and people stripping down again or somebody you know is all because of horrific profanity and it comes on the five seconds that you watch the ad, but whatever the other answer waxing talk is a crazy heads on our channel. Whatever. So it got on some LGBT channels and some of these channels. The video creators have had their stuff do you monetized and I was just like our stuff gets to monetize was controversial. Their stuff gets to monetize so that gets them upset just as we thought it's not right that some of our things have been debunked as a special like Dr. Brandt, answers your questions. How is I controvert why in the world. As I get the monetized review request is not suitable for all advertised. Answering your questions today nonsense of people flag and complain about whatever okay so what happens is a few people get upset about. Some people tweet this out. Hey have you seen one trans channel. Have you seen that this ad played can begin Christian, the funnier your peace, and in this individual named Chase woman whose transition to be a man so female to male, technically transgender case traces all upset over this and and mixed it while now chases videos on everywhere and everywhere report after report of report. Some folks been tracking it send me links I just Chase, but several other videos, one with a YouTube subscription like over 6 million people in the videos out today. Seen a million times and they mention our stuff and and I'm number one throw. I am thrilled that is getting out. We never intended to go to Chase's chalice and Ross were there.

We feel threatened or bothered by conifer bit when I try to include in their space there just some I got advertise their right. But now it's a sound cries and add elements defending freedom that just won the case for Jack Phillips masterpiece case the Supreme Court where their ads and as well knows outcry outcry.

How can this be announced and now this one little time tiny tiny little thing and add plate not absorbing up.

Not someone being forced to move on busted and add five secondhand whatever he clicked it to skip it at the beginning of a of a video that's now being played and played up and played out, and it's not just a website, one after another after another after another. Reporting of this the big story. Some just sent me a link in Spanish gay websites be report and no other YouTube critics channels commentators one after another Forbes magazine forms seen it, we we didn't. I didn't get contacted in time they reach out to us looking for in the morning and I see the thing till the afternoon with Forbes one a common trust is we were mentioned in the story, Forbes, business insider interviews Chase about this and it's something start and now this will be all this to who knows what comes out of this mound later really recognizing the meantime, Jackie was like, let's take over the skies channel so we had about 70 thumbs down like 670 thumbs up 70 thumbs down before this thing hit now that it hit the and I tell people go go there YouTube give a thumbs up to push back against the stuff we've gotten old. Let's see where it's at now.

It's like 1800 thumbs often eight 900 thumbs down in this 10 to 1 positive. The one because of this invasion. People try to protest this out works front of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in line of fire now by calling 866 dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown just looking at my screen are interacting with some YouTube comments was cause it at least thumbs down still helps engagement on YouTube. It will help promote your video more all the illicit I'm thrilled people are looking at. I'll share some of the negative conference coming in. The ones that we can over the year. But even though so we have to edit to share. I'm thrilled people are going there what what happens is you have this frontal assault is if there is this this horrific thing that's taken place like a rape or a murderer house break-in and terrorism are so you know where is it something very minor amount not flipping out that there was this this gay related add on my channel unless flipping out over that okay that that happened whenever okay to me, the bigger issue is the unfair treatment.

See Prager you videos and in some of our material.

The way that that gets treated unfairly.

That's my bigger issue and and others. Let get you to just have to have a level playing field so I get people and left people on the right are getting blasted. I understand that I get it right in and YouTube go to work this out just just be fair, evenhanded, that's all we asked for end of the U-2's making enough money. I don't pity them, but that after walk a fine clear line you just just rightly don't which Facebook is done and and and and her conservatives and what certainly Google has done in the past and but IRS did don't do that. Don't do that, but what what's interesting is that okay some just looking though I largely assumed an on-screen scan began Christian on YouTube has been viewed right now 84,318 times which we trust. This is very healthy. That's excellent and for a new series, consider this.

That's an excellent excellent start.

So thank you for all those who viewed it and shared it with others and the thumbs up nine 1916 thumbs down 783 and comments 884's were thrilled with the engagement, but when you look at a video if you see has more thumbs down, thumbs up, it can prejudice you before you start looking at right so when a video is within our own family of subscribers and folks at Folsom social media things and maybe reach millions of people in that way, and average video. It may be 8 to 110 to 1 positive. If it's more controversial the numbers a little different.

I've had some that are hundred to one positive. You have this, which is basically little over to the one positive because this is now being targeted and and were being dear eyes I'm sure a lot of people in Boulder. Watch the video they just attack attack attack attack attack so I'm fine with that were made for. I am thrilled people watching it. Who wouldn't want you otherwise I'm saying is get involved get involved here for five seconds, 12345 that's the time it would take you to click on the link which we posted on Twitter and Facebook earlier. That's it. I would take you to click on that and give a thumbs up five seconds to push back against those try to hijack our channel sounds like a good deal is in it, and to help more people get eyes in a video that could just change their lives, 866342 the reach of the comments to the moment but you got questions. We got answers were opening the phone on a once it phones phones on a Wednesday will start Louisiana Derek walking to the line of fire, and dark brown my doorman I'm doing out wonderfully well off them all. You are not , when you're not a covenant theology is my question is sometimes on your permanent like you to all now have another thing like another option. I wonder know where your view on the covenant even progressed bearing all yellow billed are due no all drive toward the film, but if not, "your belief yet. Thank you, thank you for for an educated question Derek consult number one I have primarily a biblical exegetical background more than a theological background meaning if if I was going to write something I'd be more likely to write a commentary on the book of the Bible than a systematic theology or something like that. Although I've done systematic theological work and focus on subjects I'm not one that went to seminary and and studied from that perspective I study for the prospective of focusing on the languages in the biblical text that you do that within seminary, but you learn a lot of other things like what is covenant theology. What is this position so I learned those over the decades of my own study or mentored by pastor I was with or you know whatever the situation was, but I don't always feel have to fit in the system. For example my beliefs end up in the Arminian side versus the Calvinist side but have no problem with some of the session. I can't put myself in the system on the fly, Calvinist Arminian because I see different sides about I've no problem with that follow because I think it I think the Bible fits in anybody system fully right that will correct my right, and I'm not saying that it is again my beliefs if you try them out. They form the admit are on the Arminian side but I don't feel like I'm in Arminian versus the Calvinist dislike that's understand Scripture and I appreciate how Calvinists see Scripture so in the same way. I appreciate how my dispensation was friends see Scripture believing in a pretrip rapture in a separation between Israel and the church and things like that and I think there's some truth within dispensationalism, and some things I don't subscribe to. I think covenant theologians and their emphasis on God's final purposes in the church since even Jesus saved many things accurately and then have some blind spots along the way. Also in Dr. Craig Keener and I have been interacting a lot about her book that's coming out in March. Not afraid of the antichrist.

Why we don't believe in a pretrip rapture know we've agreed in a private correspondence that not every verse fits perfectly in any and time system in every enzyme system is a verse here verse there's like that fit. So in short, my end time views would be classical pre-millennial right so believing that there is a thousand year reign of Jesus on the earth is from what we can tell, the early church leaders did believing in a final exultation of Israel as a light to the nations in the millennial age but not believing in a pretrip rapture or strict separation between Israel and the church. That being said, let me give you my really simple view of covenant that whatever God promised in that covenant he must be faithful to it it it is a binding oath right now if if it is something that he says is everlasting and never to be replaced and unconditional, like his promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The condition ultimately put on them was to circumcise males on the eighth day, but otherwise, that was just a promise. He gave them to give them the land and through their see the world would be blessed so we've seen that through the seed of Abraham. In terms of through Jesus the Messiah the whole world has been blessed and we have seen God's promises about the land that he scattered us and he has regathered us. That is his sovereign will.

And until everything promise comes to pass that covenant stands right.

Same with the divine covenant no matter what.

Write different than the covenant was Saul were God wanted to give him a lasting dynasty and install since he didn't, but David he said okay I'll discipline your sons, but there's always going to be a son of David ruling on the throne, of course, that's filled through Jesus as well.

Without the Sinai covenant that was conditional when Israel broke it broke it. Dr. said stand with it right. But what happened was because of persistent obedience. He said under make a new and better covenant, but because he had a ready given his promise to Abraham unconditionally. Paul writes in Galatians 317 and 18 that the law Sinai covenant, which came 430 years after the promised Abraham can't annul the promise. So people civil got her. He gave the Jewish people.

Let yet but he said it was going to be forever, which means as long as the years endures in its present condition units. The forever on this earth, so I just look at it. God made a lasting promise to David when he makes a covenant he's going to keep it so whatever part has been realized and fulfilled.

So be it.

It's done. But if my covenant with you. Derek is a Derek I am going to put a car in your hands a brand-new car. I I guarantee it. And it's yours for life, so like if I give it to and take it back of going back on on on the promise right right is giving it to you. It's for life so I look back I look back at the promises to the patriarchs. For example, which are reiterated over and over in the land promise number clearly reiterates in Psalm 15 that's okay, that still has to happen. God promised that war that that that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is the Mounts courtesy. That's part of the promise that the whole world will be blessed through the seed of Abraham that still has to happen so I don't look at it as racial supremacy, look at it as oh hang on. Can we get what happened there. Sorry about that. But then anyway. Anyway I a I thought I was just hearing something about your so strong to ignore. That's sorry for that sound. If you think there's a an alert or bad weather alert and that was to somehow get disconnected with Derek but I would look at this in terms of God keeps his word covenant is simple, God makes a promise he keeps it if it's a conditional promise their conditions with.

If it's unconditional promise. It's unconditional but when God makes a promise euros keeps it now. The Hebrew word for covenant is Preet and is a lot of debate as to what the word comes from but the verb used with the Connaught pleat is to cut a covenant literally we translate make a covenant is literally to cut a covenant was that because there were sacrificial offerings involved was of some other aspect to it, but it was something formal.

It was something real. It was something lasting and it was something of a great weight you would not think for a moment of reneging on the covenantal commitment gobbled to start favoritism. It's not this is just he keeps his word. I rely on God keeps his word and are relying on a God who keeps his word. As we go live tonight just a few hours from our real Messiah broadcast blanketing New York City Jewish out to be blessed son to help us with your prayers. Thank you all. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown I I am really still I am just excited last going back on the year in New York City starting tonight 9 PM. If all goes well, such as New York City will get to hear the broadcast real Messiah different than any other radio we've ever done. The whole purpose being to reach out which means if your listening and hopefully with your live stream to go and watch as well. Everywhere around the world, but if you're a believer in Jesus Yeshua. This can be so eye-opening for you. It's gonna be so revelatory to be so rich as we open the Scriptures sure different traditions and things like that and then as the show gets going and we have folks from your calling in folks that agree folks to disagree.

Seekers critics. It is can be a really special time.

So thank you thank you for praying, moving up the phones wide today 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 784 you've got questions, we've got answers. Yeah, I know I do it Friday but it's my show under the Lord opens my show. So were doing it today as well and I get to go to the phones shortly so our video can begin Christian which is the subject of massive discussion on the Internet these days. Thank God that's will be printed out it's it's been widely promoted if bashed on different gay websites and were getting bombarded by folks that normally wouldn't be looking at our stuff. Also, let's just see. Here are some comments I could give the names of the screen name Spears, one die, you old will not the best word. It's another the word not the best word.

A lot of folks I think I'm old, I'm younger than you could ever imagine. You about this or use any by making this video and a lot of since that anger, greed, jealousy, and so on. So, I'm so sorry for your children who have to grow with such a narrowminded parents can begin Christian. Actually, my kids love me love my bride of 42 years of a thrill. They were raised by us and grant all four grandkids 11 to 17. They are thrilled to have me as a grandpa and Nancy as grandma so your sorrow is misplaced here.

Another Senate being gay is a sin is like saying love is a sin I don't understand how love to be similar. That's one of the main points of the Bible. Love is love about this all look another so-called doctors spewing ignorance based on an antiquated book of mythology with not a shred of empirical evidence dawns about this while I'm a devoted Christian, but I'm also pansexual which means anything goes and a proud SUPPORTING member of the LGBT Q plus community, you can take these narrowminded views and shove them where the sun doesn't shine if other people being happy makes you so upset that I hope you live the rest your life being unhappy.

What a delightful Christian sentiment. How sweet and kind it sick and enjoy such hatred and bigotry still exist. Evangelicals are Blight upon Christianity.

So believing the Bible is always said about homosexuality and stating in love is a blight on Christiansen tells what people think of Christianity these days.

I seriously hope that every single one of the twisted evil monsters that like this video are hit by a bus. This is an exaggeration of the plague or spreading wiped off the face of the planet yet and then for the positive side, wow, you covered an amazing amount of truth in six minutes. It should clear balanced presentation of God's position on this topic that I hate video one of love and liberating truth. For those who accepted. May those who watch be touched, made the loving conviction of the spirit into their hearts, but they recognize God has a better way.

Mr. Marlowe's comments and fascinating scientific study that was done about urban students attending the Brown's revival I mentioned in passing yesterday. Maybe I'll get into a bit more today 866-34-TRUTH with her Washington DC Sean. Welcome to the line of fire.

The Lord going to click my call again. Dr. Brown, you bet same Sean nice to hear from you buddy, always a pleasure Dr. Brown are very quiet regarding our Greer chapters 5, verse 24 okay and what really prompted the question was, I was probably in the last seven days, there was a televangelist who was interested in purchasing a jack band, went on a video went viral about that.

But the Scripture to use, in passing with Isaiah chapter 55 verse 24 I'll just read it to you in the new living translation.

I will answer them before they even called him while they are still talking about their need. I will go ahead and answer their prayer till it reads me tonight first two absolutely in the land will feed together, the lion will eat hay like a cow but the snakes will eat dust in those days no one will be hurt or destroy it on my holy mountain. I have spoke so your take. When you read the verse and looked it up six runs north context is what was your first response when I heard it.

My first spot that doesn't refer to now better than a 40 future time. It starts in verse 17 you could come in the context on you also is also yet let let's let's start there. Number one, there are many wonderful promises in Scripture. Psalm 37. Four.

Delight yourself in the Lord, the desires of your heart.

And as we delight ourselves and him that our desires turn in the right direction and he responds accordingly. Or John 15 seven if if if you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask which you will and will be done so is when fellowship and harmony than what we ask is in accordance with the will of God's number or it is first on the fifth chapter is the confidence we have in approaching God that if we ask anything according to his will we know if you assess if we know he hears us. We know we have the things that we asked for. So there many wonderful verses to use his promises, but this one you're correct is taken out of context. This is speak about the millennial kingdom.

The thousand year reign of God on the earth and and no war etc. and in that context even before they call answer will the still speaking, I will hear so that's a specific promise in the specific context, Jesse Duplantis, the benches who speak would've done better to take another verse if you want to try to use it for fundraising. Of course, of certain issues with this art but better to take a different verse than that one because this has a very specific context so that's the first thing I'd object to find another verse that's applicable. If you can, but this one was taken out of context absolutely right here… One to prevent back to you and make sure that I was reading this correctly, younger contact and look it in the things we can always there. There many promises God made right and you may have made a promise to Israel for certain time of the Pesek fear not, I'm with you right and and that can now be applied to a spiritually today that he made a promise to Israel in a time of need, and it applies to us today, but when it's something about a future state right that that's the way things will be in a state that is not current. Then you gotta be very careful about applying something that especially when there's so many other verses so your you're having your you know your ears perk up. That was right and then the larger issue of fundraising for an agenda that cost in and to me the big issue is stewardship.

That's the big issue and, in other words, if there was a legitimate ministry need that was justifiable based on good business principles to spend that much money to to do which are doing that it had to be done and it was good stewardship and and so on and so forth. No, maybe your whole job that that you are a multibillionaire right with your company and all you meet with his multibillionaire's and if you don't fly in like that you can have your meetings and this is how you have to conduct your business and your generating hundreds of millions of dollars for the gospel to 50 million. This is like nothing was S between someone in God, right, it's my issue would be making an appeal or suggesting that people financed that so that someone can travel in a certain extraordinarily elite level of comfort that even maybe some of the top athletes and celebrities on traveling is any good use of gospel money.

I've always that person. If I want people to be generous. I want to be generous in giving support ministries and better if you hear that if if I the choice I'm going to minister an hour away right one have money to put gas in my car stuff to walk the that 10 hours to get there was foolishness right or if if not money to buy a plane ticket after drive 30 hours instead of fly five hours I was that's foolish, but there are many lines that can be drawn in terms of which prudent and what's frugal so Jesse Duplantis I'm not his boss, he answers to God, but I put the question of stewardship. This is stewardship of money. Is this the best way to use money. I listen someone told me about a major ministry will. It is maybe the most famous ministry associate with prosperity teaching okay this person told me about a missions ministry that an evangelistic ministry that the prosperity ministries given like $50 million donation to to this one organization that does missions over the decades right that's extraordinary. No words they preach prosperity and they get but it doesn't mean that everything that stems right doesn't mean that the message is right there extremes we go to so we swing from poverty extreme where the like.

We used to joke in a church record save the ministry so holy he has holes in the shoes I've I've lived in really small places. I've had cars breaking down as I travel around the world.

I've I've stayed in some really miserable, miserable, and we have to keep the lights on at night because they're the giant roaches on the floor and I can think and stay there.

Doesn't make many more holy having a car that breaks down doesn't make many more spiritual and when I fly to Italy to minister over the weekend we shop around for a business class ticket ever at a low price so I can more room to rest and and then if I'm to be writing and things like that and when I get there after strip ministry and all that. It's good stewardship that we we are careful with every dime that comes in, then you have the other extreme, which is that raw superstars I deal with my book playing with holy fire superstar leader syndrome you have an entourage travels with, but I was always in Christ at the checkpoint in Bay Jolly next to Bethlehem. I was the only pro Israel speaker okay and in the whole conference overtly pro Israel the night before I spoke you had leaders from the Palestinian Authority preaching away bashing Israel bashing from bashing Zionists and honor speak. The next day and call corruption of the Palestinian Authority, things like that right and having security and meeting security. We walked the streets.

It was perfectly safe. A few days before that I was in Jerusalem. We were detained by police because of protests from ultra-Orthodox anti-missionaries and things like that. Next I walked home for the police station walked back to the hotel by myself in the police station and met up with a friend along the way. Next day strolling down the streets and joy that was you have to have these massive entourages with us in this massive budget. Just go from here to there.

So again Jesse Duplantis answered God not to me but that being said, the question stewardship God entrusted us with funds using those funds in the best way to test the gospel and how to so look to the world. I'm all for people being blessed lines, dangerous lines across it's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown comments on. Remember, remember, been targeted for attack on numerous gay and lesbian websites and YouTube channels, bringing an onslaught of people posting nasty comments were used to nasty comments we get them literally 24 seven. Literally literally 24 seven and it's an honor that people are going to our material reading articles listening to radio broadcasts, watching videos that differ with us on less than thrilled beyond words that we have people checking us out all the time that differ in that of course are great audience are our friends or family are followers that were in this together that watch and read and commented listen, thank you for the solidarity and support. So, again, at the moment. 1926.

Thumbs up on can you begin Christian YouTube 793 some thumbs down 884.

Comments 84,415 views. I just knew the stats for information, but to urge you if you haven't haven't gone to YouTube asked Dr. Brown is Katie or Brown.

Make sure you go there and give a thumbs up. If you enjoy the video what it just sends a message that's all we don't want LGBT activists or allies to hijack or channel right. We want that and then to just constantly badmouth and put pressure on YouTube to try to pull a video down or something like that so that's why your help. Your support is great just go there give a thumbs up. Maybe at a commented here's one from bisexual female race and strongly Christian environment it's it's a long notes full paragraph ends by saying Metro start a fight. I'm really trying to understand but I'm afraid I'll never truly understand Dion's name here father touched young and and give Dion understanding open her heart opened her mind. Make your love and truth real to her Jewish father we pray in Jesus name of Dante excellent video everything spot on. I must've had homosexual attraction until was radically transform an instant.

In many ways with overwhelming miracles now have only opposite sex attraction that harmful life. I used to live has gone for ever. Praise God and then this one also.

I am gay and proud to be questioning people reading this being queer in any way shape or form is not wrong to listen to this evil nonsensical vomit brain man that's me and the supporters of this ideology that's you.

This is absolutely disgusting and homophobic with a smile. Thanks for the smile. So friends, the message is getting out and very soon we are number two in our consider the spirit series video number two about the new conservatives that's gonna be out shortly. So can you be a conservative atheist, but I mean if if the conservatism that reflects the ideology of our founding fathers was based on a certain viewpoint of daughter could Providence as a workout.

If you're an atheist, can you be conservative in some areas, but many others. What about a gay conservative married to a same-sex partner conservative on fiscal issues, military issues, such a government corruption.

A conservative in terms of marriage and family.

What about a transgender conservative Bruce Kevin Jenner right pro Israel Republican.

Can you be a Christian Conservancy that gender is what you perceive it to be.

So it's a really interesting video that's coming next and then were just getting to production for video number three, who separated the church from its Jewish roots, just like five minutes long always. Five. Six minutes of the longest all eye-opening to pray for us as we get these out all right okay I mentioned this yesterday.

Let me mention it again. Now, Prof. William H James J EY NES search for him. Look at his bibliography. His CV is professor at California State University Long Beach see graduated number one in his class from Harvard University. You gotta be smart to get into Harvard you gotta be really smart to graduate number one in your class that's sharp and he loves the Lord full of the spirit, unashamed gospel witness. This was published in let's see here. Education and urban society.

Volume 38, number one, November 2005, pages three through 20.

The relationship between urban students attending religious revival services and academic social outcomes and help what I want to do is flip through to the conclusion secure the title again. The relationship between urban students attending religious revival services and academic social outcomes. So what he did his he attended the Browns revival in Pensacola which took place between 1995 and 2000.

It had cumulative attendance three 4 million people something like that was reported on by the New York Times and CNN and 60 Minutes and Rolling Stone magazine among many many others and has touch people literally around the entire world I had the privilege of being a leader in the revival from 96 to 2000, out of which we burst Browns revival school of ministry over 20 years ago, which then became fire school of ministry in 2001, which continues as far as school of ministry.

To this day, with branches in different nations women inner-city branch in Chicago. We have a branch in Holland, full-time schools, a branch just open up in Sicily and Italy.

We have a branch in the Philippines.

We have a branch income are actually two in camera with more potential branches and around the country around the world and these are sending out missionaries out from there tenaciously is not lasting free people touch the revival going out to their different countries serving there now planting schools.

New schools are sending people out so Prof. James wanted to see what happens is researcher. He knows how to do statistical analysis.

He wanted to see what happens to urban students coming to the meetings and being touched in these meetings having some type of religious experience. What actually happens.

So he interviewed enough people yet people waiting online for 12 hours every day before the service started in the evening city get on at six in the morning. The doors will open at 6 PM. The service turned 7 PM that's a brief spiritual hunger was some some people show up at six in the morning and that one was really a block and 1/2 long and many people sing along when he believers, but they would come from around the world. Many of them high school students college students and and he did a survey anyone to find out. Okay, let's let's use this as a case in point. He did interview surveys followed up again. He's doing this is a rigorous academic okay this is not some slipshod pole thing here and in published and respected journal education and urban society so he goes through the data, how he gathers the data he's he cites example after example after example of from his get an extensive bibliography of related works in studies in educational things in the surveys he did and how he went about it. Then he gives the results he breaks things down by table. The revival group reroute group general control group. The way it's gotta be done. Distribution of urban student responses indicating the extent of perceived change in school behavior during the past year. Distribution urban student responses indicating the extent the perceived change in school grades are in the past year perceived change in alcohol and illegal drug consumption during the past year of extent of perceived change in her quality of life during the past year so it's you came to the services that are you you were there for days, weeks a day. Whatever it was you went back home, but haven't you grades in school the next year would happen if you're on drugs before if you were drinking before quality of life. What happened over that next year the statistical survey with academic parameters acceptable for publication in a major educational journal. I've got you more charts and then he's got discussion of the data. All right, here's his conclusion which I read to you based on the results of the study. It appears that attending religious revival services does have a notable impact on the number of educational and behavioral outcomes of urban students. The results of the study should help enlighten educators as to the potential benefits of the religious renewals and changes that urban students experience rather than operating in isolation from other community and cultural factors. Educators should work in cooperation with supportive factors that can further enhance educational outcomes and student fulfillment for the research should examine the ways in which teachers and religious institutions can work together to enhance the quality of academic and everyday life for urban students. Then followed by his bibliography of references is is that cool or what I mean. People want. Well, what's the lasting fruit is it just an emotional accident.

What's the lasting fruit is seen in the missions movement going strong around the world that was birthed out of the refund. The lasting fruit is people were pastors and teachers and leaders in godly moms and dads and educators who were lost sinners when went to the revival and they got wonderfully born again. The lasting fruit is that an academic researcher who graduated from the top of his class at Harvard who is a respected professor and educator. To this day with amazing CB hoping to get a mama air chocolate education with me. One of these days if he does an academic study, a rigorous statistical analysis and says yes students urban students that went to the revival over the next year they had a positive outcome. There were demonstrable changes to which I say Lori and honor to God.

We always knew the word of God preached in the power of the spirit with Jesus being exalted will bring lasting fruit all right. Pray for me tonight.

Our very first outreach broadcast to be looking on Facebook and YouTube were able to do a live stream 9:10 PM Eastern daylight Time anyway and let's pray the Jewish people listing to handle true men all over New York and listen

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