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Responding to Jewish Objections to Jesus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 14, 2018 4:10 pm

Responding to Jewish Objections to Jesus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 14, 2018 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/14/18.

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It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday. We've got a lot to talk about going to have an exciting show today. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind is lost in the category of Jewish related to behavior related related to Judaism related to Israel today related to the Jewish background of New Testament Yeshua being the Messiah. Its Jewish related phone lines are open 866-348-7884. There is some news from the UN.

I want to share with you in a moment, and some interesting thoughts about North Korea and Israel. The first last night was broadcast. Number two of the real Messiah. This is our Jewish outreach broadcast into New York City so the potential audience within the range of M5 70 W in CA is is perhaps 2 million Jewish people.

I could potentially turn in and in the years when our daytime show discourage of the line of fire was on in New York. We had many Jewish listeners that we call and in fact, in fact, you may remember the story but my mom passed with the age of 94 little over year and 1/2 ago and she was can be buried next to my dad in the cemetery, New Jersey, a Jewish cemetery called Beth Israel and right before everything was going to happen with the ceremony up there.

My sister wanted a reform rabbi to do the ceremony were to be up there.

It is can be a few family members and that was it. I get a call from the rabbi and he says that the cemetery contacted him one to be sure that he would be okay with officiating at the ceremony for the mother of Michael Brown. Yeah, that's the level of controversy that ring that's the level of opposition. We have because of our faith as Jewish people in Jesus the Messiah and the prominent role that we have been winning Jewish people to the Lord.

So the rabbi called wanting me to know that he had no problem with it that he's very liberal but he does interfaith ceremonies and things like that. Turns out that he's an openly gay out and proud reform rabbi and quote married to his partner has been leading the way and calling for embrace of LGBT causes and perform duties so we had a lot to talk about.

Suffice it to say we have stayed in touch.

In fact, he specially reached out to me a number of times and we we interact whenever possible. But he wanted me to know that when they mentioned to him yet.

This is the mother of Dr. Michael Brown.

He didn't get it in them and they said they getting us all all yes of course I know is I listen to a show on a regular basis.

Rabbi bill. If you're listening today. Yes, I still think of you often and hope we can get together face-to-face again one of these days, so all let's say we're thrilled to be back on the year in New York City with the real Messiah broadcast the first week was last week so eight days ago and what happened wasn't there. If you're watching you can see our our our backdrop. Real Messiah with New York City behind us so what happened the first week was. There was a a a glitch attack glitch between our studios that we only found it afterwards. So our live stream when out. Fine, our live stream on Facebook and YouTube without fiber New York City they heard. And now, your host Dr. Michael Brown and nothing so we got that worked out in the interim, and we were live last night in New York City. What a joy.

You can watch the broadcast and we get into really eye-opening teaching from the Hebrew Scriptures about Yeshua the Messiah, I mean eye-opening and I'm studying the word afresh before each broadcast asking for insight so you can watch that IRS Dr. Brown channel SK DR Brown on YouTube. Also we have my message up from Christ at the checkpoint. Perhaps the most difficult message I've ever had to bring it was especially difficult because I was going to call on the Palestinian Christians there to publicly renounce their ties with Palestinian Authority and Hamas and Fatah and say look to the extent you are perceived to be in solidarity with them. Then when they sponsor terrorism or would Palestinian Authority pays the salaries of terrorists that have been arrested or pays the families of terrorists who were killed killing Israelis that that you are perceived as being in solidarity with them there other things I was going to challenge them with knowing that they look at themselves as the oppressed and Israel is the oppressor and they look at the Palestinian Authority more as their friend and they look at Israel is different so I was gonna be doing this on Tuesday morning. Monday night, the opening of the conference. They had leaders in from the Palestinian Authority and these leaders were in a bashing tromp and bashing bashing Christian Zionism and the Christian leaders were getting up and praising the Palestinian Authority so that's the context for my message the next day that I want to be totally honest with what made it difficult was my love for the people and knowing what I would say would be very challenging. But I will be perfectly honest, I had many many people thanking me for my courage. You can watch the video now it's on IRS Dr. Brown channel on YouTube.

You can watch the message. It's under 30 minutes right with my PowerPoint presentation also very graphic. Opening slides now what may I have a stream of people thanking me for my courage my courage my courage my current.

I mean a stream of people line of people and now on the YouTube video people thanking me for my courage, my courage, I want to be perfectly honest with you. When God gives me an assignment when he lays something on my heart to speak.

It it's just natural for me to do it. In other words, I did not feel like it took courage. It was hard because of my love for the people in my recognition that what I was in the say was going to be very difficult. All yes it was a very intense message to bring in preparation before my heart was breaking for the people in prayer. But God calls us to do different things and yet there are things I've done that of really taken courage just like things you've done that have really taken courage. Most of the time. Nobody's watching us. We take courageous stands. But when God calls me to do something it just seems natural to do it and and like Amos three says the lion's roar and who can but fear the Lord God spoken Cuba prophesy similar feel something in my heart just seems natural to obey and to act on it. 86634 before I start with our first caller today report from the UN and my good friend Ron Cantor missing Jewish colleague in Israel sends out this notice.

UN passes, protection of the Palestinian civil, civilian population, but fails to mention the primary cause of harm come us. Ron writes once again proving that it is morally bankrupt and anti-Semitic United Nations voted 120 to 8 in favor of a past one sided route resolution calling for the protection of the Palestinian civilian population 120 to 8. So Israel responds to come us trying to tear down a fence separating them from Israel. Thomas's goal to kill and slaughter Israelis and and to inflict as much damage on Israel as possible. Israel retaliates many Palestinians, most of them terrorists killed according to the reports right Israel shoots a terrace that violate their orders and many shot in the leg, through their short legs.

Excuses was try not to kill them, but hundreds and hundreds and hundreds chocolates which is telling you how many we try to breach the fence and you asked me what any other country would do with sworn terrorists try to come in by the thousands and inflict damage on your populace. So Israel does what it has to do, and the UN 120 to 8 passes a resolution calling for the protection of the Palestinian civilian population, they failed to condemn the one group most responsible for putting Gaza civilian population in harm's way. Come us. Instead, they blame Israel for using excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force in our efforts to stop terrorists from storming the border and killing Israelis miseducation not been reading the news live in a cave. Hamas has been urging citizens of Gaza storm the board with Israel so they can enter and commit acts of terror. This is been going on since Israelis celebrated 70 years of independence in mid April.

Here let me let me give you a context. This is from a book I give you the title of in a moment, but an excellent book by an Israeli journalist and academic and he says this in 2012, the UN Gen. assembly passed 22 resolutions against Israel in contrast to, for against the rest of the world did you get that 22 resolutions against Israel UN Gen. assembly passed in 2012 for against the rest of the world in 2015 the Gen. assembly adopted 20 resolutions singling out Israel for criticism and only three regarding the rest of the world combined. This is the insanity of the UN's anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias as of 2010. Since its upset inception in 2006. UN human rights Council has adopted 33 resolutions against specific countries, of which 27 war against Israel in 2013, the Council adopted 25 resolutions for for all the other countries in the world and 21 against Israel.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are victims of tyrannical regimes and countless massacres and pogroms were committed. Israel did not commit even a fraction of these misdeeds, but it is been condemned more than any other country, perhaps more than all other countries combined, and the title of this excellent book, which I highly recommend.

I just want to get the authors name right yet been drawer you meaning.

That's why how to check Ben Hur you been many media, excuse me, a industry of lies is the name of the book industry of lies, media, academia and the Israeli Arab contract conflict industry of lies. It it is it is nothing less than an industry of lies extraordinary. I believe Israel should be held to the same standard. Every other country is held to should not be held to a lower standard or higher student now back in 1991 I believe I was asked to attend a Jerusalem foundation dinner I think was through some foundation like $1000 a plate dinner and a rich friend invited me and a friend I tell you, fast food would be better than that. The food they serve for thousand dollars plate, but you are donating to the cause that was the whole thing and there was a discussion between Henry Kissinger and for the Johnny was a Lebanese scholar beast Johns Hopkins University and Dan Rather was the moderator and I asked the first question afterwards and Dan Rather said that Israel is held to a higher standard. Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East and and basically to paraphrase the sentiment of the Jewish people with a been through the Jewish ethic.

Yes, Israel is held to a higher standard, even if that was the case.

The UN exposes extraordinary bias, blindness, anti-Zionism to the point of anti-Semitism and disqualifies itself to considers old Israel same standard.

Every other nation United Nations would have to do a lot of other stuff because they focus so much their tent on bashing Israel back with your calls. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome back to the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish -related question give me a call 866-348-7884 right going to the phones will moment, but friends, I need your help with little projectů Take you a few seconds.

So if you stand with us if you believe in what were doing. If you want to make a difference. Here's a tiny thing you could do will make a difference. Our video can you begin Christian has come under massive onslaught from gay bloggers and gay websites to the point that by the minute, ugly, profane, despicable comments poor and I mean every kind of death wish, and every kind of vile sexual comment and blasphemous, saith the Lord pouring in and and because River profanity filter while get blocked before they're put up but along with that, in response to a recent guy going after us getting hundreds of thousands of views actually showing a lot of our video while he mocks it so hey that message is getting out even in a twisted way.

Still, people getting to watch the divorce. It's it's provoked a new flood of attack and a time of negative vote summing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thumbs down coming in alright so all were asking is that you would go to our YouTube channel S. Dr. Brown and just look for our six minute video can you begin Christian it says right on the, the sum the video description. Consider this can you begin Christian with my picture talking six minutes long.

Okay, and you'll you'll see it's been watched over hundred thousand times and just give it a thumbs up.

Okay that's all. Can you do that can't can you take a few seconds. If you can't do it right now what you're listening or watching them write down a note to do it okay and then just click on it right now the thumbs up for 3954 the thumbs down 2614, but at one point it was thumbs up 10 to 1 over thumbs down. Okay, so there is been a constant flood and when you go to video you see so many negative comments, negative views, it can prejudice you in advance auto care about the popular opinion of it.

I care about people going to it and it and it being predisposed negatively before they can see I want to go and just explore we have to say in the Scriptures so can you do that all right. If you haven't seen our newest consider this video what it means to be a conservative that started to generate some controversy as well as been viewed over 25,000 times in the couple days it's been up so check these out. Thumbs up right just do that and if you want to get involved. The common section, awesome, 866-34-TRUTH will start in Flagstaff Arizona Michael, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thanks for taking my call and I appreciate you making itů On your radio program called preop joy to do it man. Thanks for being part of it. Of course, so I am in conversation with a lot of LDS online database group stuff like that and the conversation of polytheism in Albany on multiple God always coming out on because of their belief in a multiplicity of God, no, I have come into came in contact at one time who claim to be a scholar in it for the LDS church, and in he brought up Janet for 35 seven. One example of how in the Hebrew language which I'll be clear and very ignorant to but I've never taken a class on anything but he says that in that passage. Proper rendering of Jacob meeting God would be the God to reveal field themselves to Jacob and so he also said that the Jewish study Bible to second edition and confirm that etc. etc. so I just want to get your thought on that yet. So again anyone reading Hebrew would see that this is different than the normal pattern so you have the word for God is Elohim and Elohim is a compound noun so it is a plural form but with singular meaning for the God and its occurs over.

Let's let's just do a quick count here and and see Yahweh occurs as a distinct name for the Lord of over 6000 times and Elohim occurs yeah well over 2000 times so Elohim can mean dogs small G in the plural.

It can refer to angels, divine beings as is and for example Joe chapter 1, or it can refer to the God know this is a standard Semitic grammatical phenomenon. In other words, that when you speak of majesty or power or intensity you can do so in the plural.

So the Hebrew word for compassion is Rocco meme, which ultimately comes from womb, but it's a plural noun, but singular Rocco meme is singular compassion, but it's a plural noun the same for face, perhaps because of having different components upon the name is a plural noun in Hebrew, but it just means face and, for example, in an inscription to the Faro from from correspondence, call Ella Marner correspondence written in Akkadian Babylonian Syrian language they refer to Faro single person, is my God's plural because Faro was where she was a God.

When you speak of a God you speak in the plural. So this is commonly known so when it speaks of hot Elohim, the God speaking of the one God, the creator okay so 99% of the time the verb that goes with it is a singular verb right. This is one of the rare times. It's a plural verb.

Why that occurs is debatable but here's what we know. Genesis 35 refers back to what God appearing to Jacob and Bethel right okay and what happens Bethel is there any plurality of deity there in in any way, is there even a hint of it in any way. No, not at all. So we go to Genesis chapter 28 and it speaks of Yahweh standing there saying I am Yahweh, the God of your father Abraham, the God of Isaac.

I will give you and your offspring. The lender you know sleeping on etc. this verse 16. Jacobs is surely Yahweh is in this place and I didn't know it, and then he names it the house of God. This is the gate of heaven and then in verse 20 of chapter 28 he goes into a long vowel of God will be with me and watch over me on this journey and all the verbs use. There are all singular.

Okay so the God who appeared to Jacob was Yahweh one single deity, and that she is being referred to in chapter 35.

So the fact that this is one of the rare times where hot Elohim. God, the God has a plural verb. The fact that occurs since nothing in terms of the nature of God, you have grammatical peculiarities. All through the Torah all through the Hebrew Bible and grammatical anomalies that that just happens with ancient languages and dialects and and even transmission of texts and things like that so to try to read something into it is, is to really butcher the Hebrew to be honest, it's to put you on larger context and it's to try to take a grammatical and Emily announce it to make a mountain over something that's like a grain of sand. Okay perfect. And then what about his claimant well I had any help you tell me that while the idea of Jewish people you know they actually were very pluralistic in their view of God, and I know that many thoughts we see that you go astray, and made you worship other gods, but though there are the condemned alt.though but it claim of all different in the second edition of the Jewish Bible as loan that many LDS band that will be early June they actually did have a pluralistic view of each of many true God.

What will you not know that that's okay. The whatever you find the Jewish study Bible reflects excellent scholarship. More more conservative liberal leaning than Orthodox leaning but in any case, there is no argument that Israel in its earliest days might have had the manometry versus monotheism meaning at Exodus 1511 become mocha of the night by Liam who is like you all Yahweh among the gods that there were other God so called just as the New Testament speaks of other gods, so called because not really gods at all, and Yahweh throughout the Scriptures constantly since I am the one true and only God so monotheism would say there's one God only, and no other gods of any kind exist manometry would say there is one God who is the one true God. Among these other false gods and we would say today. The other false gods are really demons.

Its demon power behind these other false gods that the false gods of the nations are really not gods at all, but you do deftly find that expression of other deities, but Yahweh is the supreme deity, and the only one worthy of being called God he is the only creator he is the only uncreated one. He is the only one with absolute power. He is the only one who knows the beginning from the end and so is different than all of the other so-called gods. Is there any denial that there is a spirit realm.

No no denial at all is any denial that there is a Satan and demons in the New Testament, not at all, and in Satan and demons were worshiped as gods people in the Old Testament. So the very most, you could say is they recognize the release of the so-called gods but they were false gods. They were idols and God judged Israel for following them. You know that the argument of the LDS people here would would be akin to say will you have to was raised Methodist. So John Wesley believed in having many many women you know it's it's it's that it's that ludicrous and ridiculous. If he was raised Methodist, whatever, but you get the point yet you would say there are no Jewish scholars over history, nondebtor Orthodox that would make that claim at all know they would recognize manometry. In other words, that you know it was supreme among other so-called deities, but you have to be very liberal scholar and just buy into liberal scholarship of the Bible to say well you know he was just want to competing deity Myung other deities think then you're not believing anything in Jewish tradition whatsoever. It would be like a liberal scholar of the New Testament denying that Jesus rose from the dead. Do you have those out there that is absent, not mainstream churches believed for Carson synagogue.

So thank you sir.

Great questions presented will bring back all the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown in the welcome friends as early Jewish Michael Brown delighted to be with you ready for your Jewish really calls 866-348-7884 when I was in beach all next to Bethlehem a couple weeks ago, speaking at Christ at the checkpoint again. The video is up now on our Esther to run YouTube channel so please watch it and pray for a Palestinian Christian friends as you do. Again, it is my message, a loving challenge to my Palestinian Christian friends.

I talked about the Palestinian Authority in their view, the Palestinian Authority is corrupt. They misuse their funds and things like that.

This what many told me behind the scenes, but they believe that the Palestinian Authority is working very closely with Israel to fight against terror and is constantly telling Israelis arrest this one arrest that one working closely with them to the point that Palestinian use is getting increasingly hostile to the Palestinian Authority and I'd said look, the Palestinian Authority celebrates terror. There were 75 schools playground streets, things like that.

Named after Palestinian terrorist who slaughtered Israelis in Coldwater were named after Nazis and their collaborators and you need to publicly distance yourself from them.

If you want the solidarity of Christians in the West while from the Palestinian media watch Powell comes this report, PAs worship of martyrs blood now on game show a thousand blessings to the soles of our heroic martyrs who water the land of Palestine with their blood every day.

This is a Palestinian Authority TV game show host game should entertain Palestinians during Ramadan. The Palestinian Authority TV host glorified the Palestinian idea a deal of martyrdom, death, welcoming viewers to the box. The host opened at least twice with praise for the heroic martyrs, emphasizing that they water the land of Palestine with their blood. This is May 28, 2018. One day before I spoke at Christ at the checkpoint yet so that's that is why we call our Palestinian Christian friends to distance themselves from the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and Fatah and if they can't do it publicly if it's not possible for them to do it publicly because of the situation which they live.

Number one, don't blame Israel for pressing you is a major issue is the Islamic leadership and number two will get the message out for you and will create solidarity for you, but we need you to do it and you can't just say we renounce all violence would look at this at two look for years I watched Louis Farrakhan on television, and there be some act of Islamic terrorism and they say Mr. Farrakhan will you reject this urinalysis. He said I renounce all violence in the name of religion, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, that's saying nothing that is saying nothing.

Of course we'll renounce that but here. Contrast that with what happens in the pro-life movement.

When you have a terrible event can happen once in 10 or 20 years where a pro-life activist who's gotten some crazy in their head. They go and shoot and kill abortion Dr. what what happens. We immediately say we we renounce that that is not us that is not who we are.

We are pro-life we despise with the doctors doing but we don't have the right to kill him. The silliest right have the right to kill those babies.

We don't say we renounce all violence, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian no citizen renounce all acts of violence that says nothing there needs to be specific condemnation of a specific group carrying it out.

If the renunciation or the denunciation is to have any substance, and carry any weight. I in a moment I want interact with some objections that reposted on some YouTube videos last night as we broadcast into New York City.

Our real Messiah Jewish outreach broadcast as we did that I put on another call to Robert Yosi was Rocky who has publicly scorned debating me, not by name but with clear reference who has put up enough walls to make it impossible over the years.

Despite everything I've done to accommodate the debate facilitated some people on the video where I say hey glad to do it. Let's do it once again putting out my willingness in the open challenge to do it because he's going around the debate anybody but he's done it is done it progress point does need to do it again so there are some comments that were posted to that YouTube video that I want interact with. But first let's go to the phones and will start in Scottsboro, Alabama James, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, thank you so much for taking my call you back.

Earth don't want to say thank you, your book how paved are we changed my life and my Christianity and my approach to credit.

Thank you for that you you are so welcome. Certain of that book came out in 1990 written with with great burden and intensity of heart, when did you read it to remember what year 2008 2008 okay so I'm so glad that so 17 years after was initially written so glad it spoke to administer to that. That means a lot to me.

Thank you sir. Yes. Read Micah Ravenhill but not so marked my question today is taken it back to or versus 20 angina 13 verse four letters are very committed to call upon the name of the Lord and angina, or an out, for the end of all that and it just kind of thrown in their but in the Hebrew is on and understand it deeper. I have heard nothing of Dr. Chuck Meckler stated that this can also read then man, then man began to profane the name of the Lord. Another thing I said I see you have no okay as I see what happened. Notes of that's that's not the set accurate, with all respect to the to the late Dr. Mr. so the Hebrew awesome Holly Kroeber Schimmel deny is quite straightforward. Then he began to that's when people began to call on the name of the Lord. It could it could also be rendered of for example that the Septuagint renders it with hope you call so he hoped to call on the name of the Lord, but the route for profane is called wall right it's related but it's different.

It's a totally different route here and Hebrew would have to be written differently if it would be like the difference between saying Michael and and Michael all or some there was this a whole extra syllable that would have to be added on. In order for it or there would have to be an annotation within the hero try to explain it in a way for people don't know Hebrew but the only the only confusion that could come is if you didn't know Hebrew well enough that you would mistake the roots right. I'm not a huge don't know it much about it but it it would be the same thing like picking James got it right or both paper and or Genesis 420 yeah and what was the other reference Genesis 13 learn 13 or four okay and buried it out on the name of the Lord yet okay so so there you got that that the issue was not with the word called okay the issue was with the word began all right.

That's what was misunderstood as profane, but even then it would it would not. The Hebrew would be possible, then profaned to call on the name Lord just doesn't even work so your decision and that then he called called name Lord there so searching for doesn't even have the route that was mistaken for same profaned so there's nothing there. In the Hebrew has anything to do with profanation Hebrew for call is the supercar which is call a we get the word McCraw Scripture from that for speaking out the word Koran comes from that same root, so there's no no ambiguity.

No question though.

Just a bad mistake, but all respect to also would this speak, but the law are spent where this can affect the president that they began at the pound call on the name of the Lord will do that. I don't the other love is this a precedent you many times you see when something is first mentioned in Scripture.

It has significance subject is first raised a particular number, use a certain way, sometimes it has significance, but as to check out to the rest of Scripture.

You know that the said notice telling you that that's this is it was at this time so it's it's a history's and go on for a while before people really began to call out on the Lord it's it's telling you something right there and then of course not long after you got the sinfulness of man so great that the flood has to wipe them out and start again with Noah and his family saw the unknown that I would make too much of that in terms of of a first incident in terms of court precedent. Okay, thank you for your very welcome 866-34-TRUTH 87884 friends.

I think you would agree that I know a little bit about criticism and protection. This read the latest death wishes coming my way to the burning at the stake in this picture, I suffer before I die. This is for speaking the truth in love about the Bible and homosexual practice so I think you would say that I do know a fair bit about handling criticism and rejection serve your leader or leader in training. You can still sign up for my seminar tonight. Our online interactive leadership forum. This is not with hundreds and hundreds of people. This is an intimate setting with we just be a few dozen people maximum where I I share then interact with your questions sometimes have different folks come on the screen as well as high quality, so you have to register for. You can subscribe six months or year in advance so to find out more go to my website is tonight. It's not even four hours from now asked Dr. You see, right on the homepage.

One of the banners is for the leadership forum that's tonight there's still time to sign up and join us in a talk tonight about how to handle criticism and rejection right 866-34-TRUTH with your Jewish related calls. Let me let me go to a comment that was posted our YouTube channel. Regarding my debating Rabbi Ms. Rossi and I'm wide open to do it and he has refused. The reason why Dr. Brenda so eager to debate the rabbis as he is on an all-out intent to quash Judy's know my heart burns to see Jewish people connected with the Jewish Messiah and enter into right relationship with God of Israel and then fill our role in mission to be a light to the nations is what I burn for he is skillful and fast talker who cannot talk is always come in the real of sorts is a skillful and fast talker who can out talk his opponent by his cunning maneuvering of words, especially when confronted with a point which goes against his argument and he knows it herself. That's why I spent years writing five volumes 1500 pages heavily footnoted because I will try to maneuver people with fast talk and that's wise have time of engaging in lengthy written debates as time permits. Because of try to manipulate people with fast talk I will be right back as FS talked it's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, our interactive online leadership for type. This is for leaders and leaders in training.

It is something you register for just like a class at a university or seminar something like that you register for and pay for and reproduce in the highest quality and work together to make it a worthwhile life-changing experience for you. Just go to my website. Asked Dr. Cascade your and you see on the homepage. The banner just went for the grandmother come up for the leadership form. Click on that give registration information to register just for tonight or for six months or four year we are doing these multi-this is our second one we got wonderful wonderful rave reviews and reports from the first very excited to be doing the second tonight.

Okay, so this Jewish person upset with me as the rabbi on the other hand, has no quality Christians.

That's why they're not interested in debating. It seems like they are always cornered into responding to one when they talked in a twister speech that just list the facts.

According to the talk Hebrew Bible. The sexy works against them in facing a person like Dr. Brenda clearly has the gift of gab and will pull out all the weaponry which comes with that gift or not done anything. His opponent says in the end, the rabbis look ineffective in their argument, even though they are solid and Dr. Brown looked victorious. Not this very interesting that someone so hostile to me and hostile to what I believe things that I quote looked victorious today. What watch my last debate which was last year with Rabbi Fry tech watch that just search our YouTube channel or search a master to Brown to work for Fry tag are FREIT a G that's just my most recent one.

Look at any debates about with rabbis and look at my present do I not present Scripture to Scripture after Scripture after Scripture after Scripture I been accused of using too much Scripture, we are presenting too many verses for us to deal with on try to look at the time frame I have dated as in-depth as I can, but as clear as I can in a simple presentation and lay out the evidence for belief that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel watch should show me where there is sleight-of-hand show me whether some kind of trick. Show me where is the gift of gab.

Show me where there's anything misrepresented facts, please do it. Please do it. Most of the debates are online for free so we have to order but most of them are online for free.

Watch them break them down. Show me Raven done. As for the rabbis don't have an issue with Jews living in Jesus and believe they do from day one. When I came to faith. I was asked to meet with rabbis okay I met the local rabbi.

He introduced me to other rabbis who introduced me to see the Jews, the Bobbitt rabbis in Brooklyn and this this is all I knew for years and I was very happy to have the interaction but almost every Jewish believer in Jesus. I know when they first came to faith was told, you have to be with the rabbis yet to talk with rabbis and many times we were brand-new in the rabbis were many times, very sincere, very kind people. Every so often they use intimidation tactics and be harsh and try to scare you like that, but the great majority of those I talked to very sincere, very kind very interested me as a young Jewish man want to help McCall get back on track. There are whole outreach programs that ultra-Orthodox Jews have to try to reach people like me. Okay, so you better believe they make it is rather and the whole reason I did a blurring what I learned in studying Hebrew get a doctorate Semitic languages in writing the book so that was because we were confronted so much we didn't have material and resources to put out to answer the objections. So, in point of fact, if you want to know that since who's through the first blow we had 100 thrown at us all right and and we are just defending what we believe now I think religious Jews have every reason to reach out to people like me because they think we've gone astray. I think they have every reason to do outreach programs. I think they ought to, from their perspective.

Okay, just like obviously Derek and us. From my perspective, this is the good news of the Messiah and I want to share this with everyone so please don't sell that it is the little care know they don't care about Christianity in general.

But Jews believe in Jesus Yeshua about messianic Jewish stargazers, you better believe many rabbis take issue with. So he says this Dr. Brown I just have one question I'd like to ask you why you always quoting the Septuagint when trying to back your point. First thing is a really quick Institute almost always use the the Hebrew Scriptures. The Masoretic textual tradition to the Tanakh in the typical Hebrew Bible that you have run the rabbinic Bible school micro could elope, which is big Scriptures because of the Scriptures bigger than all the commentaries around. I really quote the Septuagint and in less it is to specifically answer in objection or solve a problem and textual transmission.

That's when I'll use the Septuagint. So for example if if someone claims there here like a got another essay like Michael Mike's. If you say like I got this like cool groovy okay. I've got an email or post that was also on that that YouTube video of from a guy name REG as we said my neighbor Dr. Brown the clown. He goes on mocking and attacking and this is Hebrews 10.

Five. Quote Psalm 40 and sing sacrifices offers you not decided the body prepared for me. However, the Hebrew reads much differently since my ears you have open. I was non-Carita Lee my issue born or the outer or open so what is Hebrews say about you prepared for me escorting the Septuagint vessel that was the Jewish translation in Greek, the Greek speaking, you would have is just like few hundred years ago. If you're quoting English probably almost guaranteed recording the King James cassettes with symbols that have and if you go to something else and they look it up in their Bible will be there was a soul discordant Septuagint. So I quote the Septuagint when it's relevant, which is a handful of cases otherwise in building my entire case it was written in the Hebrew Scriptures, so this individual says you know full well the original Septuagint was only the Torah, we don't even have the original it is well-known of the Tanakh.

So the Hebrew Scriptures differ significantly with the Septuagint many places, especially the messianic prophecies which one is more authoritative. The Tanakh written in its original Hebrew language which is completely altered in any way as confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls which is the Septuagint which is a translation from a talk please at least be honest, the authoritative Scriptures, the Hebrew Bible, the authoritative Scripture is the Hebrew Bible, the tough.

Understood. That's why build all my case on that.

However, textual scholars, impartial textual scholars recognize that hearing their the Septuagint has the more accurate reading.

As confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls. So for example you can read in the early chapters of Samuel for Samuel as it is three-year-old calf for their three catheters one animals three years older three animals when you read it. It's really clear contextually what's going on in the Septuagint has one way, as confirmed in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Hebrew is another. The Hebrew Bible as we have it does have errors in transmission and some of those errors are found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Overwhelmingly, the Dead Sea Scrolls would confirm to us the reliability of the Hebrew text overwhelmingly but at times the Hebrew text has been altered in transmission. In fact there were thousands of variance in the management Masoretic manuscripts that their minor but there thousands of variance and then you have that was called Creek achieve what what is written in the margins or was written in the main text you have those variance as well and explanations for how we got those and on and on it goes. The Septuagint was not originally just the five books of Moses, that is a rabbinic myth that 72 scholars were put in separate locations and all translated the five books of the Greek word by word the same, though there were different authors with different literary skills and techniques that translate the five books of Moses, the whole of the Septuagint was a process over a good period of time and where is the Talmudic writings reject everything Septuagint.

Aside from the five books scholars recognize that this was a widely used translation of the entirety of the Hebrew Scriptures widely used in the ancient Greek speaking world in Jewish, Greek speaking world, and then other translations were done later; Cynthia Doshi and and and and and Moquila others were done later to replace the Septuagint to be used by Greek speaking Jews, but I base my theology on Hebrew Scripture and hearing their use the Septuagint to illustrate something.

For example of this fall. REG said you know that the book of acts.

The seventh chapter speaks of 75 people going down into Egypt where is the Hebrew text tells us 70. If the Septuagint is 75 just based on a different count those if you count additional people as being part of those, then you have 75 or seven.

It's just an internal Jewish textual discussion.

The New Testament didn't change anything. Stephen was quoting from a well-known, widely used Jewish tradition of the day and some of these are confirmed in the Dead Sea Scrolls. All I'm doing is fair, typical scholarship lookups are the works of Emanuel told an Israeli scholar and one of the world's top Septuagint scholars and what he writes about Septuagint is highly reliable and would would be affirmed by most of the great scholars see Hebrew University places like that are Jewish theological seminary. This is just impartial textual scholarship. So listen bottom line we put out everything in videos.

We put out everything in book form.

We we do debates because we want people to study and get to the truth.

We want people to study and learn and grow and discover the truth so if you're willing to do that I'm willing to help. I want to help you say God there's so many different opinions I and and I heard one thing for this rabbi. One thing for this Christian one thing from this Muslim one thing from this atheist and and my head spinning. God, I just want to know your truth and I will follow you and your truth wherever it leads.

If you pray that sincerely from your heart.

Almighty God will lead you and guide you into truth can help you find here do it. Remember tomorrow is the questions we got in some before your calls. Don't forget to go to our asked her to run you to channel go to Kenya began Christian give it a thumbs up its pushback against the LGBT

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