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Concerns About the Revoice Conference

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 30, 2018 4:20 pm

Concerns About the Revoice Conference

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 30, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/30/18.

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It's one thing to say hey I'm a follower of Jesus and I struggle with same-sex attraction. It's another thing to talk about redeeming queer culture stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are going to have a very important eye opening broadcast today on the line of fire and I'm going to introduce it by talking to about cell phones in India and the wheel of fortune see what was that all it's all gonna make sense in a moment welcome welcome to the broadcast friends I really want to serve today as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution will talk about today is one of the very reasons that I am on the air today. Now if you have a question relating to the Bible and the culture wars relating to what Scripture teaches concerning homosexuality or gender identity confusion. If you yourself struggle with these issues or have questions or if you proclaim yourself to be a Christian if you're praying for family member need some wisdom.

Phone lines are open 866342 so not your general Bible questions like we take on Friday but specifically related to today's topic at hand. All right, 86634 so I've been to Indian out 25's years, 25 trips and in the earliest days of going to India.

Communication was very challenging. The ministry that we were working with the leader of the ministry had a phone in his home but he told me it was maybe 1/1000 households in India that have a phone his wife had been very sick and that's where they were able to get a phone. I remember when some Korean believers purchased a fax machine for them and it was like a wonder a miracle of the first time they got faxes and they would have to call first, and some circuit would you send a fax is only one form on the in the disconnect that connected to the fax machine and when the facts came in the first time. They all just stood around it in absolute wonder so it's one of my earlier trips have been going there for a few years and I'm I'm in an airport. I think it was an Hydra bath and there is a European or American literary stood out. You included was an Indian. We began to talk and he seemed quite despondent and I said to him, what, what's up with you doing here goes well with the cell phone company and they sent me over here to begin to develop cell phones assisted in India sit Kissimmee. I said no wonder your discards is that almost nobody has an actual fallen over the year, the wealthy and people in certain circumstances be like one of the thousand families have have regular phone insult was sent here to sell cell phones here in India is that I was I didn't encourage them to tell you the truth well wasn't all that many years later that you started seeing cell phones everywhere and I remember and in the earlier days, you know for a few years back. That is, as services would be going on. Pastors just want used to this and they'd have the cell phone in their hand and start ringing there making announcement. The open it to see who's calling it a needle and on the planes phones would be ringing and stuff like that but they're ubiquitous now. You can even go out to isolated villages that barely have running water and electricity and you'll find people with cell phones so the marketing people knew what they were doing. They were ahead of their time.

That's what marketing people do they investigate they see with the trends are and then they go with it often as God's people. We are overreacting late often as God's people we see things once they are well-established in the culture and react to them as opposed to being prophetic and having spiritual insight and knowing what is coming and that's why so many times were frustrated that the change comes takes place first and then we come along afterwards is okay, what's that got to do with wheel of fortune. What's that got to do with LGBT Q issues and culture and church getting so but on the road this entire past week was in California did radio most days from California flew back Thursday night and then Friday was in Pensacola Friday night, Saturday and Sunday flew back home so Saturday I spoke in the morning, there was part of a panel discussion got back to my room, rested some and thought okay got little time just chill for little bit nonrestrictive praying. Get ready for the night service so look there is some sports that was coming on, I thought, okay, I'll just put this channel on in the background and a watch a few minutes sports and then I'll get busy getting ready for the night meeting.

So before before sports came out there was wheel of fortune. I haven't watched game shows in decades. I was never big game show watch but haven't watch them in decades and I can really remember the last time I watched an actual game show and only costs of sinful, morally absent, watched, so we'll fortune a gun on, but I got no sound on because I'm busy doing other things in get ready for the night meeting in an what I'm looking and the guy that is winning. Just has mannerisms that seems to be shouting out that he's homosexual, so who knows. But this seems just without sound, just the mannerisms, some doing some other things that I don't catch a couple seconds here and there and then into the show and he's the winner and up on the stage comes his partner in a kiss. I thought what is the middle of the day on a Saturday. This is game show so I posted on Facebook as it happens in game shows in decades. But how common is stuff like this people so you Everett not note. Please understand, I know how pervasive these things are in our culture and how normalize things have become that were not considered normal. Some years ago. It's just if I see it in a fresh place or wasn't expecting to see it it it still jars me follow okay so what in the world does that have to do with everything were talking about back in 2004 the Lord clearly laid on my heart that I was to get involved dealing with homosexual issues. The gay agenda that I was to help turn back the tide. Now everything is going to complete opposite direction of what we want to see except for the church. Having better understanding be more compassionate ministry, but otherwise things have gone in the opposite direction. What we want to see in the moment I began to pray about these things and study and look, I realized cultures lost for this generation by divine intervention cultures lost in terms of these issues. It's going to fourth 2004, and then once I got burned about the issues God began to burden before the people and then spoke clearly and we reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage. We need hearts of compassion with backbones of steel. So when when I began to pray about these issues. I had one question board why me I don't come out of homosexuality. I don't come out of related sexual brokenness or something like that. No one was talking about transgender issues in a major way than the way it's become so commonplace now something okay. Why me is on my background.

This was never particular burden that I had nearly reached reach out to people struggling with same-sex attraction. I knew here and there.

Some of that come out of homosexuality. Some were married in following Jesus today but but I still didn't have a burden to get involved in the series, something okay what I needed for.

I mean you've got folks like James Dobson and Focus on the Family, and they've they've got tremendous family ministries and they also address issues in the culture and issues of sexual brokenness in individuals and then you've got folks like Tony Perkins and FRC family research Council and their dealing with the political side of things in the judicial side of things, and you've got folks like Chuck Colson bringing prophetic words to the nation into the church so why me.

It's one thing if God calls me as a Jew to reach my Jewish people and cause me someone that that is been calling for scholarship to deal with academic issues and debates. It's one thing if he uses me in revival because I got saved in a radical way 1971, etc. okay but but why me here and that's when I realized that this was the great issue facing our culture that this was going to be the watershed issue of this generation for the church and for the culture as a whole. How would we handle it. How would we respond.

What would we say what would we do with our hearts be right would be take the right stand and that's when I realized this was a matter of all hands on deck. This was one of these things that every body had to get involved with one way or another.

Now how does that tie in with the Hydra by India cell phone issue that gay activists were quite visionary in the changes they want to bring about.

I could read the list to you from all the early 70s of changes they want to bring about.

You'd be shocked how many have come to pass. I could read you things from the late 80s when I read them to you like yeah those articles, that's just normal. In other words, the goals have been so realized they become so part of our culture that it just seems like normal life. Even now, if I said look, if I told you five years ago that marriage would be redefined that Bruce Jenner would be woman of the year I said in some circles, like so big about that was missing five years they would've laughed at me for saying 10 years ago, 15 years a good laugh all the more.

I had people asked me what Michael utilities is like involved in an if there's any issue I would say I don't want to touch this, because the attack that comes your way.

The level of opposition. The way you get maligned and badmouth in an and's people try to soil and stain your reputation throw all kinds of junket you in the ugliest ways who who wants that and then I care about people and I know as I stand for issues people are going to feel that I'm pushing them away. I want do that.

But this is one of these things where I realize very quickly okay. We all have to get involved. These are things that we must address, be it in our own families beat our schools. Our communities be in their churches be at our places of business. Not only so many of you know, I've been asked to meet with government leaders in other countries even went to Peru and and spoke it, at a congressional meeting with congressional leaders and University Chancellor's cinema here to demonize anyone or incite hatred towards anyone. I simply want to let you know what happens when you normalize homosexuality and redefine marriage lessons from America just want to see how far goes that with government leaders in a couple of Asian countries and in here and there was some different key leaders in America, I've met with to discuss these issues so and all around the world.

Churches and please address us please address I'm having asked in India.

Please address this.

I've I've been asked in Italy.

Please address this in England.

Please address this an overall all-around America different countries and then at the same time Henry reach people Henry reach people who are struggling. What's the answer. What's the gospel answer is it just normal discipleship of the other things that we need to understand so on the one hand, gay activists, and others have been many years ahead in their planning and strategy. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit is not caught off guard.

That's why began to speak to me and many others. Years back before people understood why we were getting involved with these things, when it wasn't part of our general ministry to have a family ministry come out of homosexuality. So we come back.

I want talk about this recent conference is held a few days ago that stirred up a lot of controversy raise some practical concerns the record number by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual evolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, it is of issue will be getting the details out short, Dr. James White and I for the second time only, or getting to team up together to debate the issue of the Bible and homosexual practice with two pastors in Florida. This is gonna be early September in Jacksonville Florida will give you more details on it.

The folks have agreed to do it. They are definitely qualified in terms of their perspective and where they're coming from, they will say that according to the Bible, committed homosexual relations can be blessed by God and they want to have a serious discussion based on the authority of Scripture etc. so we are really really looking forward to this for years. We want to team up together since we teamed up years back in Phoenix to debate two gentlemen on the issue of the unity of God and the deity of Jesus. All right you have a question that relates to our topic at hand. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender issues, and the Bible.

The Bible and the culture wars give me a call 866-348-7884 so this re-voice conference, especially in southern Baptist circles has stirred up a lot of controversy now to be clear, this was on a massive conference with thousands of people by the it somehow was one of these things that got a lot of attention because of that found itself in the spotlight now II just want to read a couple of things to you and I have a new article, the re-voice conference and the danger of a big theological tent is held in St. Louis last week. So my article you can read on the streamer on our website. Instructor the re-voice conference and the danger of a big theological tent now Nate Collins who is the organizer or the founder of this re-voice 2018. Conference said this, he was interviewing Christianity today he made this plane. The website made a plan as well. We all believe that the Bible teaches a traditional historic understanding of sexuality and marriage, and so we are not attempting in any way to redefine any of those doctrines were trying to live within the bounds of historic Christian teaching about sexuality and gender. That's big. I appreciate that because of so much compromise these days. There's so many people turning away from the truth of Scripture, and claiming that they're doing in the name of the Holy Spirit in the name of the Bible in the name of love. So I appreciate that they're affirming these things. Amen. That's big, that's big. Secondly, they Collins is said that sexual desire for some of the same sex is sinful and something I should repent from so they're not saying celebrate your same-sex desire. They're saying it's something sinful to repent. From there they Collins himself finds himself struggling with same-sex attractions was married to Christian woman gladly. So in the understand issues he deals with, and together they are seeking to follow the Lord and live godly lives and and he said this, he said that to to live like this, though, to live within the parameters of the historic teaching of the Bible on homosexual practices that we find difficulty doing that for a lot of reasons. So we need to stand with those who struggle.

We need to stand with those who say I want to follow Jesus, but I'm struggling with same-sex attraction. We need to show them love, compassion, those who say I'm in agony.

If I'm trapped in the wrong body. Don't mock that person or cracked dumb jokes about that person or or on mock this from the pulpit as some people have done. No, that's a person do you want to draw your essay will help you we love you and everything we need is found in Jesus and through Jesus and his people here together to help you walk this through. We need to do it with long-suffering need to do with grace, especially if it never struggled in these areas all the more we need to extend grace and compassion to those who struggle and say look I want to live a holy life. I know God is not against same-sex relationships or I know God is not called Beta to get sex change surgery but I'm struggling I'm really hurting him and I need help. That's where the church is the church. That's where the church rallies around. That's where people should be attracted to Jesus. Just like sinners were in his day, while we clearly and boldly without compromise preach repentance preach holiness preach the cross preach death to the flash like we do for every human being and preach liberty and freedom in Jesus the problems are many, though now it's interesting if you go to the website you see the vast majority of the speakers were were fairly young. Now that's great that's great in terms of certain demographic people that you're seeking to to reach.

If you look at the speakers and the presenters on the website are a large number of them are fairly young, and that's excellent because you want to reach out to a younger generation you want to reach out to those who may have different language different expression that's wonderful. Okay the problem is is there wisdom that can also come from elders that may not be coming just a question, it is their perspective from those who have not been as caught up in this culture, and in come from a little bit different perspective that they may bring.

All right, those are just fair questions test out some Southern Baptist leaders have expressed some concerns all right and Dr. Al Mohler one of the most articulate Southern Baptist voices said this, that the conferences is deeply troubling. This is reported by Baptist press. He said it's encouraging that they state their intention to hold true biblical understanding of sexual behavior and to define the only appropriate expression of sexual behavior to be marriages union of a man, woman, so that that's wonderful's Dr. Moeller as as others and and myself will say wonderful. Good for you for taking that stand.

But that said Dr. Moses, it appears that they're trying to create a halfway house between cultural norms and biblical morality code that is inherently unstable.

There is no way that faithful Christians can celebrate an un-biblical sexual orientation claimed to be faithful to Scripture. Dr. Moeller it at this the moment you begin identifying as an LB GT Q plus Christian you've created an unstable identity. He said humans have a pattern of sexual attraction for Christians or ultimate identity must be in Christ. Yes yes yes no please Eric, this is not just my study prayerful opinion, this is what I have heard over and over and over again from those who have been delivered from homosexual practice from those who do identify as ex-gay some of them are living godly lives in their celibate and single.

Some of them have seen it diminishing in their same-sex attractions and are now in heterosexual relations. Others of scenic complete dissipation of their same-sex attractions and are in the normal heterosexual relationship seen all ranges. But person after person after person that I know who is come out of homosexual practice tells me the same thing. Identifying as gay. You really lost half the battle. I am a gay Christian. I am a lesbian Christian. I'm a bisexual Christian.

I am a queer Christian I'm a transgender Christian when you put those words in front of things you qualify in a way that is unhelpful. That is unhelpful and that in many ways is on biblical and is simply buying into what the culture says today. If you think back 200 years before you had terms like homosexual and heterosexual long before we had terms like gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. someone would say okay I'm I'm struggle in this area if they were honest notes. It via struggle with attraction to the same-sex all right I just feel attracted to, like every male-female doesn't matter or someone else I'm attracted to children or it's okay these are these are all aspects of sin.

These are all aspects of the flesh. These are all aspects of of a fall in culture a fallen world of fallen nature so this not this a part of your identity in Jesus my prideful Christian unconsciously struggled on the competitive Christian I'm a jealous Christian. I'm a greedy Christian.

I'm an angry Christian. I'm a lustful Christian you don't put that as part of your identity at end and you might say, the Lord delivered me from this this and this semester little ways to go. Your sharing your testimony, but that is not part of your identity in Jesus.

You might so while you identify as a messianic Jew will because for many Jewish people, finger follow Jesus major no longer Jewish and you converted to another religion is simply way of communicating something spiritual all right but I did. I have an American Christian, I am a male Christian that is not met and being American, being male, that's more or less neutral rights of the B mail is neutral, but even that that's not part of my identity in Jesus when people are, you say LGBT Q believe you already bought into the whole social agenda you've already bought into that the lies that this world is putting forward and in you are now making your your fallen sinful attraction or confusion or desire, be it romantic or sexual or other you're making that part of your intrinsic identity in Jesus as opposed on the son of God, am a daughter of God. There is of the flesh that I've struggled with and by God's grace in overcoming I say no to. If you said no do it.

It would take up the cross, that didn't why you adding it back and is part of who you are. If you've died to.

If you've renounced it if you said this doesn't define me. Why are you making it part of the definition of your life. So this is one of the big big issues big concerns that I and many others have had in in my book.

Can you began Christian. We explicitly deal with this and we really try to help people understand this is half the battle. Don't identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer poly sexual whatever identify as if you are born-again you little more identify as a child of God, and they are some fleshly issues that you struggle with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, are you ready for this.

No surprise, no surprise to me whatsoever. But check this out. So I sent out a few tweets on Saturday and the one that has gotten the most response the most likes or retweets. No surprise, says this far too many preachers today are playing a lullaby when they need to be sounding and alarm may repeat it for too many preachers today are playing a lullaby when they need to be sounding an alarm welcome to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown. Thanks for tuning in today is the recall, 866-348-7884. Specifically with questions about the Bible and the culture wars. More particularly, how we deal with LGBT issues, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender issues dealing with compassion with people standing with courage in the society. When I was in California last week.

Just hearing about some of the stuff going on in the schools was beyond shocking as much as I know things is much as I'm used to things as much as I'm on top of the news hey what's happening in schools and and and pushback against parents trying to stand for what's right, it's remarkable, but it's not surprising so we study about this recent conference called re-Voice Just Took Pl. in St. Louis and it was last week church in St. Louis and the organizers and the leader said hey we hold to the biblical sexual ethics.

We believe marriage is a union of one man one woman. We believe that homosexual unions are prohibited by God and yet they spoke much about LGBT Q identity and and even even had a seminar workshop on redeeming queer culture which which I'll share more about that in a moment.

Now, here were some of the big big concerns with this conference and re-voice is obviously giving a voice again to people who are on the outside and certainly many in the church over the years have been insensitive to people struggles many people I know that come out of homosexuality tell about the struggles they had to go to church and the pastor would crack some joke from the pulpit just reading one person's account he was. He was getting a PhD at a seminary and and that it was an only struggle with some issues in his own life and realistic and live a holy life and say no to those issues and proceeds to talk to another guy there and the guy distracts all kinds of crude jokes or or inappropriate jokes about homosexuality. What what it's like what the world these are followers of Jesus. These are pastors is a leader so we've often failed in that regard. Your one pastor told me years back before he was a believer in red Nike Saddam on the type he said we would be some guy up one of the back of a pickup truck and beat them up sweep for hatred and the many once they got saved, get rid of the hatred but didn't get compassion didn't get understand.

So I'm all for the church in great sensitivity, reaching out to those struggling I'm all for saying hey I don't understand, but some of my friends and colleagues had been through these very things they understand. And above all, Jesus understands and were family arena work these things through. If you want to follow the Lord with your were going to stand with you and help you live these things out together. But when you now begin to use the language of the world and the mindset of the world and the spirit of the world going to change the world is a said many times you don't change the world by becoming like the world to change the world by becoming like Jesus. All right 866-34-TRUTH so leading up to the conference. There were some major concerns. They said clearly conference organizers that hate if if you affirm what the Bible says about homosexual practice in these things, then you're welcome here at this conference. This is a place for you, so a couple of my friends went to register for the conference. Stephen black who has a powerful testimony of an endorsement for his book freedom realized he came out of homosexuality.

Many years ago, married, father, grandfather loves the Lord preachers a strong holiness message and and loves Jesus he registered to go and and they returned his money and said you cannot come. What what Steve Stephen black you can't come to the conference as a former homosexual ministering. He spends most of his life ministering to those struggling with sexual brokenness. You can't come. While he'd been critical of the conference and raise concerns but want to go there for himself band teleconference that raised moderate flex Peter LaBarbera who has tirelessly addressed issues in the culture for decades at great personal sacrifice at great personal cost for him and his family.

His website, Americans for truth about homosexuality and he also wanted to attend and he was banned from attending that you know he would report honestly on what was happening. They did not want him there that you said look you know there are a lot of people struggling and a lot of people are going to sink you to some right wing during your in there to bash them and because of that.

Don't think it's a good idea for you to be there and and and look if you do come, could you just agreed to to not be disruptive in any way. So, come, participate, listen, but it all okay fine, but to ban them while now check this out Dr. Robert Gagnon on Dr. Robert Gagnon on the foremost scholar on the Bible and homosexual practice. He he wrote respectfully on Facebook. Some of his concerns leading up to the conference based on who was speaking based on statements about the conference right he wrote these on his Facebook page of the wood seven points of concern. He had because of which he got blocked on Facebook. I think they blocked them for 24 hours like slap on the wrist.

Punishment for this note we don't know that anyone re-voice complained about this. We have no idea who complained, but we do know that Facebook blocked him for the are you ready to hear his concerns okay.

He said while I'm glad for the fact that persons of the upcoming re-voice conference and those who align with the spiritual friendship program want to refrain from engaging in same-sex intercourse thereby uphold this pattern of of the Orthodox witness. I have seven consequential concerns about their views.

Is it was spiritual friendship movement that's something that I have grave concerns about as well, where lets he have two young ladies they identify as lesbian they say look for same-sex attracted wheat we prayed every day for years were to go away. We been for counseling.

It's it's never change, so this just like us were stuck with this, but we can follow Jesus will will be single where were were to honor the Lord but you know we do recognize that you were sisters. We just have a special closeness so we want our friendship blessed you know that is a special relationship that we can have a same-sex attracted people from sexually active or anything like this.

Okay concern number one concern number one is that that you are blessing and attraction that is an unhealthy one. It's not like to heterosexual women being best friends are to heterosexual guys being best friends when talking about that real bromance with the guys at runtime.

At that which I met two ladies or two men who are same-sex attracted having a special friendship with one another. Now if it were not talking about a heterosexual relationship or talk about attractions that doubtless go beyond that. I'm not condemning the people for struggling here I'm saying it's wrong to embrace this absolutely wrong for for many obvious reasons.

So that's that's the first thing that's the first thing that it is blessing something that should be blessed and then secondly, let's eat it you two guys 25 years old 26 years old and they want blessing on their spiritual friendship hormones raging and and with romantic attraction, strong, and now that they want that relationship blessed you tell me that that is not a path for sexual sin.

That is not almost guaranteeing that people really can struggle with that absolutely fall so Prof. Gagnon on as well raises some concerns.

He said first concern he had was inadequate engagement with the need for renewal of the mind as regards homosexual desires. Is there any asking of what is the false narrative that gives these impulses particular strength why my viewing a person of the same sex as a sexual complement your counterpart to my own sex why my aroused by the distinctive sexual features of my own sex. But what I really have my think of myself as only half of my own sex and going on with questions so is this being addressed at this conference. He was concerned. Is there going to be effort to renew the mind rather soak it is who we are. Now this is try to live a holy life. Second concern the adoption of terminology for self identity that cannot be sanctified and inevitably bring inevitably brings in the whole LGBT queue backwards sexual minority gay transgender as he said this terminology is normally associated with self-affirmation rather than sin and switches the obligation of the church from a call for repentance and restoration to call for inclusion and diversity that celebrates what should be mortified.

Many put to death absolute number three Dr. guidances greater focus on a victim mentality than on the need for disengagement with the LGBT queue agenda here. Hence, their refusal to sign the natural state natural state was a fine statement accurate statement, truthful statement about sexual purity that is rear from biblical basics and yet it if it's intent was more for outreach purposes and into toilet reaching people with compassion you could have had more of that minute, but that was not the intent and intent was to make a biblical statement that was truthful and yet with love. So Prof. Gagnon concern that there be a greater focus on the victim mentality than on the need for disengagement, the LGBT queue agenda. I believe from some of the messages at the conference's concerns would be validated number for support for sexual orientation and gender identity laws that lead to the persecution of Christians in the erosion of the church's own standards. Those if they do say hey you need to be more the laws need to go this way that weight go against Christians ultimate goings Christians number five apparent aversion to any thought of developmental influences on any homosexual attraction and discouragement of any who seek help for reducing the intensity and direction of same sexual same-sex sexual attractions.

Other words not openness to discuss hey maybe the way I was raised plays into this may be childhood trauma. I had plays into this maybe or other issues that play into this and and what kind of counseling and therapy. Can I gather ministry for the church that would help assist me aversion to even talk about that number six the formulation of spiritual friendship that looks an awful light like marriage minus the sex and number seven.

A greater affinity to quote gay Christians who are in or looking to be in a committed homosexual union and other would sing our brothers and sisters that are in committed same-sex relationships. No gay Christians and committed same-sex relationships with bless them and just have it in perspective is dangerous nonetheless with God is not blessed. Talk about redeeming queer culture we come back.

All you it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us friends on the line of fire, be sure connect with us on social media. If you're not connected on Facebook or twitter or YouTube connect with us. This way the moment we have a new video up on YouTube you will know about it, the more we posted a new article, you'll know by the posted two articles today already one earlier this morning on the stream about a verse that is often quoted that actually steals land from Israel so wrong. Theological deduction be from a New Testament verse we talk about that and then my article on the re-voice conference and the danger of a big theological intent to big theological tent. All right if you say to me, Mike. I struggle with same-sex attraction.

I know got it, and make me like this.

I know it's wrong. I know it's part of my fallen fleshly nature.

I want to follow the Lord. I know that marriage is a union of a man and woman on the what to do with these attractions, but I want to follow the Lord I'm seeking to live a holy life. Hey, I'm with you I'm standing with you, and together we can work through these things and find wholeness and peace and blessing in Jesus. If you say I'm striata. It's the strangest thing, but all my life I felt like for years. This is a child. I'm in the wrong body that is driving me crazy. I been praying about on the what to do. I gotta talk to some hey, we're here for you this, what with the body of Christ publicized by use your four to stand together with love, compassion, and to stand with you until you find wholeness and strength in the Lord with your sin to be repented of will encourage you to do that with her wounds on the inside that needed healing with the 70s deliverance were where we need professional counseling were standing with you to find a place of wholeness, but there are those who go beyond that and who so identify as gay Christian or queer Christian or bisexual Christian or transgender question Christian that these things become part of their very identity which is unhelpful as destructive, and which can be very very dangerous spiritual so recent conference in St. Louis. The re-voice conference. On the one hand, affirmed biblical standards of sexuality. On the one hand said plainly. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman and when we seek to live that out. Homosexual desires are sinful and should be repented of and yet there is much that we need to talk through because were sexual minority.

It's almost like a disability and we need to relate better in the church needs to understand better so they come together for this conference and one of the workshops was was titled redeeming queer culture and adventure yet redeeming queer culture and adventure limit. Let me read to you the description of the workshop for the sexual minority seeking to submit his or her life fully to Christ and to the historic Christian sexual ethic, queer culture presents a bit of a dilemma rather than combing through analyzing fund which parts to be rejected which parts to be redeemed or to be received with joy asked 17 1634. Christians often discarded the virtues of queer culture. This Christian conference room, the virtues of queer cultural devices which leaves culturally connected Christian sexual minorities, torn between two cultures to histories into communities. So questions that have until now been largely unanswered remain what this queer culture and specifically queer literature and theory have to offer us who follow Christ.

What queer treasure honor and glory will be brought into the new Jerusalem at the end of time. Revelation 21 versus 24, 26 friends. As I wrote in my article as since queer speaks of something contrary to God's order something sinful and wrong. Even something perverse. There are no virtues to be found in it and there will be no queer treasure honor and glory that will be brought into the new Jerusalem at the end of time here, look at this. We had quoted to us. Revelation 21 about the kings of the earth bringing their glory. So the different nations. The heritage of the different nations bringing those things into the new Jerusalem. So the question is will what from queer culture over what glory and treasure from queer cultures can be brought to new Jerusalem talk about the very next verse, Revelation 2127 it says this no unclean thing, shall enter it.

No unclean thing, shall enter the new Jerusalem there shall anyone commits abomination of falsehood, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life, so there will be plenty of people who are redeemed out, of queer culture all right and they'll enter the heavenly city but nothing queer will enter there for sure and there's no way that any follower of Jesus should identify as queer. That's the language of the world. That's the spirit of the world. It's the mindset of the world you see here but but you know, people of learned solidarity with each other in the midst this okay the solidarity is a good thing as a part of queer culture that that's part of the fruit of humanity. That's good. The image of God. That's go to the Holy Spirit working people's lives. That's good, that's not the fruit of queer culture. You know it's it's it's just like if you had people who were fleeing from their lives in it. In times of war and and and while fleeing for their lives that they learn to depend on each other and live with less and things like that.

That's not part of the walk. Let's redeeming the war culture. No, that's just something good that can come out of that I'm this is really really dangerous to think like this. Friends of the re-voice organizing a Collins when he was asked about use the word queer is a person I think that while the language of clearness can point to real things that we experience that we try to make sense of things. The most helpful. Theologically, but again it's a conversation I think needs to happen and I want to happen in the context of involving people who do use that language.

I want there to be consensus about these matters. So that means trying to be a big tent for certain group of people to participate in come together, but once you say okay let's all come together for more different perspective, some of which are wrong and un-biblical and even dangerous, and let's put our heads together and come to a consensus you've already sunk your own ship you've already open the door to why she when you opened the door like this is a let's have respectful discussion among our different viewpoints are giving validity to points that are invalid you are legitimizing something that is illegitimate would be like me saying hey I want have interfaith dialogue with his friends Hindu friends Muslim friends that we can come to a consensus about the things that we believe no I've ever really open the door to wide. It's one thing to say let's have interfaith dialogue to understand what we each believe and to present clearly where our differences are. But that was not the purpose of this so friends there are people who identify as queer who are being redeemed every day by the Lord Jesus and they are no longer queer when they come to him. They are now followers of Jesus who may be struggling with certain aspects of their lives and what about this what about this idea that could Christians have often discarded the virtues of queer cultural devices which leaves culturally connected Christian sexual minorities, torn between two cultures to histories and to communities torn between two following Jesus means deny yourself, take up the cross, leave everything and follow him in a torn between two communities you leave the one behind you follow Jesus before I was saved I was in the rock same day and night, and the heavy drug scene I left that behind. No, I didn't leave all music behind all right, but I left sinful music music that was destructive, month-to-month, so I left that behind and I left the drugs behind us for the people I tried to reach the people. I'm a Jewish follower of Jesus. I had to leave many of my traditions behind that reject the son of God as the Messiah are I am a toy between two cultures. We are in this world and there's attention because we love people that differ with us and we care about people that differ with us and so our hearts go out to them but we leave the wrong culture behind. We leave the sin behind and listen. I may not be able to personally relate to having same-sex attractions were being bisexual or transgender or whatever else someone is had to struggle within those areas but I have plenty of friends who have come out of those very things they and they clearly say this is not the way to do it this big tent thing is not the way to do it.

This identifies a queer Christian is not the way to do it and I also have other friends who for decades have left dealt with people with all kinds of addictions with drug addictions with sex addictions with drinking addictions with other areas of our brokenness and sin. And they've seen that the same gospel works for everyone in the same principles of discipleship work for everyone. Friends let's not open the door to destruction as we try to reach those who are hurting and struggling but speak the truth and love hearts of compassion with backbones of steel are night I felt it was very important to share these things. You may not have heard about this particular conference, but it is representative of so much that is happening in our culture today and we need to be oral. All the more vigilant I truly believe that many of us are going to see great awakening coming in our churches seminar denominations seminar communities. Some among groups of people and I really believe that the Holy Spirit is being poured out little by little and and and am expecting more and more and more the days to come on those who identify as LGBT Q plus plus plus plus plus I believe that if we not semi-a clear voice is the church with the hurt people rather than help them.

If we are not proclaiming the words of Jesus and enter into the narrow gate.

Because narrow is the gate and straight is the way that leads to life and broad is the way and why does the gate that leads to destruction.

If we don't speak clearly then, in our desire to help people were going to hurt them more than we help them and were going to confuse them in the end. All right, friends, be sure to go to or consider this page asked Dr. this watch her first two videos. They are totally relevant. Can you begin Christian and what is it needs to be conservative asked Dr. this take a few minutes. Go there today.

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