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Why Are We Here?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 31, 2018 5:20 pm

Why Are We Here?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Friends I want to encourage you make your life count in the light of eternity stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much friends for joining us today on the line of fire to be encouraged to be strengthened, to be equipped can be blessed as you take and what we share with you today.

If you have a question for me. Phone lines are wide open. In particular, if you have a question about believers in the culture wars were believers in politics that be great and if you're watching on YouTube or Facebook and you can call it's easy for you to post your question about believers in the culture wars about believers and politics go ahead and post your question on to try to get to some social media questions as well. Today on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter but you can call 8663 for 878-848-6634 truth, friends.

I'm not here a modifier to entertain you.

We may have fun together. We may have enjoyable times together, but I'm not here to entertain you and you will not here to tickle your ears. I am here to serve you and help equip you so that you can go out and make an impact in the world around so that you can glorify gobble you have breast so that your life can make a difference in this world and I want to encourage you in particular today to make your life count in the light of eternity. So Nancy and I we been rearranging some things get getting ready to move from one place to another in our area and Nancy and one of our daughters were going through some of my mom stuff my mom passed away almost 2 years ago now going away, going through some of her stuff and discovered my father's diary for the last year of his life.

My dad's diary for the last year of his life item. I'm holding it right here now just simple simple diary and just started reading through some of the notes and and he lived to see her first granddaughter, Bonnie P passed away suddenly in 1970, 78 to 63 and I'm 63 and of course the way you see yourself compared to your parents at the same age is very different because your parents child so he seems so much older than me at 63 that I feel today but just reflecting on these things and looking through some of the entries and and at long last when he's a grandfather in the entry there is an some funny comments of other days and things like that and that he referred to Ms. Rev. Michael Huff. That was his diary entry. I guess he was just so intrigued by the radical change in my life to becoming this committed Jesus follower. Then I'm going through the entries and and looking and in the month of October and just looking the last entry. Monday, October 24 and it's it's a normal entry.

It's a normal day and and then suddenly in the and then we saw him that night briefly and then suddenly the middle of the night he passed away he was gone and there's nothing the next day and probably the vast majority of people that pass away that leave this world didn't know what was coming on that particular day, the vast, vast majority, it could have been sudden-death through a heart attack could have been through some type of accident some calamity, something unexpected or sudden deterioration in health.

But there is life going on that is gone it's over.

Of course he dramatically impacted me and my sister and my mom and many of the laws that he touched. He was a wonderful father II bear the imprint of his life. To this day in the eternally grateful to God for my earthly father, but so many of us, if we think if if we knew that we were leaving this world if we knew that we only have a certain amount of time we would live differently in my encouragement to you friends is very very simple. Live your life in the light of eternity may be we have 90 years to live, maybe you have 90 years of health and vitality which we pretty awesome, but even so you're here and you're gone. Psalm 90 then reflected in James Jacob. The fourth chapter what was on life. It's just it's a vapor here today gone tomorrow.

Paul in second Corinthians 4, in the midst of terrible persecution and suffering. He's gonna related in second Corinthians 11 it's staggering to see what he lived through he refers to it as a light and momentary affliction, our light and momentary affliction works for us a far more exceeding and weight of glory so I want to encourage you in the midst of living your life in the midst of working your job raising your kids pursuing your ministry calling going on with your education. Whatever it is that you're doing live life to the full live with vigor but with zeal live with purpose.

Then ask yourself father why am I here what's the purpose of my life when everything is said and done, was adjusted. I made a lot of money and put money in the bank for my kids was was it just that that you know I was a good hard worker and faithful was adjusted that I really improve my skill. I became a better musician or I became a better ass leader or better this vocation is that it was there something more. Father why you have us here.

How can we make a difference in friends.

I want to remind you it's not just a matter of someone preaching behind the pulpit makes a difference. In fact, most of us making a difference or not making it in the public ministry position were making a difference where we live, were making a difference in our neighborhoods make a difference with our families were making a difference in our place of business. Henry Stanley was sent to look for David Livingston, Henry Stanley was a bit of an adventure.

He actually fought for money on both sides of the Civil War said. Read about his life and he went to Africa looking for David Livingston the Explorer and missionary from Scotland because no one had heard from him for long period of time and people that know he was dead or alive. So that's the famous Dr. Livingston, I presume.

When Stanley finds him in Africa. So Stanley is not a godly man but he says I was with him for four months and four days. He said he never tried to convert me but just watching his life. I ask myself questions why is he here lies here in such a solitary place. What was he living the way he's living in the midst of such difficulty in suffering and as he looked at Livingston.

He realized there must be more there must be a greater purpose to life and Stanley himself committed to the gospel and ended up going on with Livingston's ministry in Africa as a missionary himself.

So I just want to encourage your friends.

This is a is look at my dad's diary and as I was reflecting an some of it you know it's it's sad it's a good decades back which is to see a fresh tears in your heart, but it makes me think okay what one day event.

The journal entries and and then from there we look into eternity and we ask yourselves did my life makes sense in the light of eternity. If you don't even know the Lord. If you're not rightly connected with God and of course your life does not make sense in light of eternity at in the first need to do is asking for mercy and put your trust in Jesus, who died for your sense that you could have a new life that will count in God and be redeemed from coming judgment but those of you that say yeah Jesus is my Lord.don't just make it some formality.

Don't just make it something you learned in church say God make my life count light of eternity, Jonathan Edwards, Greek philosopher, theologian, 1700s used to pray that prayer stamp eternity on my eyes and was CS Lewis that pointed out, it's those who are living in light of eternity. Those who have a hope of heaven.

Those people are going to make the greatest impact here on the earth. Just want to share that with your friends. 866-34-TRUTH, I limit let me address some of your questions as we are here on the line as far as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos of the church.

All too often, and compromise. Nicholas asked how should believers handle engaging in conversations at the place of work they go against mainstream leftism were in a culture where it seems as if it's only acceptable to spew leftist ideas. Should they bother yeah your rescue question that many wonder about as well in America and Europe and some other places in the world's wealth number one US want to build relationships right so so you want to get to know people as people you want to get to know people a way that's not just politics you want to get to know people in a way that's that's not just work you will get to know people in a way that's not just out word things to discuss. So you will be a friend would be a coworker would be someone who cares so that's first and foremost, right, first and foremost see if you can be your friend. Second thing is the number one issue is the gospel right number one issues the gospel and that's what you want to be able to communicate to people. So let's just say for example I was around someone that was so rapidly anti-Trump that to say even one poly music 10 negative things about the one positive thing the person to go berserk against right then II currently leave that out all right because I don't want that to detract from my ability to talk to that person about the Lord now once you talk about the Lord. Other issues may come up that you can say like that's positive about talking politics and talk about you sometime about your relationship with God. Of course drug, it would be things that overlap in the organ be issues that come up. I understand that I would engage when it seems to be constructive to engage the me out. I'm a debater I'm into controversy and and I might have a different take and have a little fun engaging summit work but a way to do it. If you do feel to engage is to say, hey listen I got a totally different perspective on this. I want you to share yours with me yet feel free. I am strongly pro-life and I understand why everyone is pro-life, so tell it share your perspective on the train. Are you alone understand Jan, I don't think that that God intended us when he created the human race or or just biology intended that men would be men with men and women would be women policy that is marriage but but you're into that music is great not so tell me your point of you alone understand and often if you come like that you can defuse some of the controversy it can lessen some of the conflict.

So if my goal is always want to be your friend and ultimately I want to be able to share the gospel with you. Then you decide when to weigh in with Outlook, you may be from another part of the country and you have a certain sports team that your home team that you really like let's say you're from New York now you're in LA will you tend to root against each other, you know New York fans root against LA and vice versa, and they may be rabidly anti-New York will I might leave that out I might not get into a dispute the cup teams is in secondary so I could be a genuine friend and then be able to share the gospel. That's always got to be the goal, and if it's constructive to engage the cultural issues as a way to get to the gospel. For me that's often what happens talk about the culture gets me over to the gospel, then by all means do it but doing away that's respectful and tries to draw the other person out, as opposed to just critical attack. I will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends to the line of fire each 66. The we are here to help strengthen you so that you can live a life pleasing to God. A life that will make sense of the light of eternity and a life that will impact others.

But look, friends with that impact there will be conflict when you interact with the world. There will be conflict. I tweeted to the day that the life of perfect ease without strife. It went without conflict is not the life of a disciple at this new troublemakers. It just means that we are lights in the dark world.

It means that we are followers of Jesus the world they crucified.

It means that we are children of God in the world that rejects him, it means that we are following righteousness when the world is following sin.

So there is going to be conflict were swimming against the tide were going against the grain.

Conflict is inevitable, but we don't have to be disagreeable, mean-spirited people. We don't want to be persecuted and rebuked in and in conflict because of our sin because of our self-righteousness because of our hypocrisy because of our carnality. Peter says in first Peter for you to suffer for the gospel. That's great spirit of glory of God rests upon you. But don't suffer as a thief or a metal or something else. All right, but this can be conflict. He signaled my neighbors like me a lot and and no point to my kids in the respectful of school and we don't click into lots of fights and arguments. That's wonderful, called to be peacemakers but then this can be something you carry in prayer.

This can be a burden prayer.

This can be something that you you suffer and going to God on behalf of the dying world. Because this world is messed up every so often I get reminded of how worldly the world is like the old yeah yikes but that's what the world does. That's why Jesus came into the world and God being a wonderfully amazing gracious God loves this fallen, sinful world.

Here's a question on YouTube from EN to Christian work a job as a bartender casino dealer, cocktail waitress etc. resist just might've entered individual conscience.

I was a pro poker player for eight years but saw many people hurt by okay, here's what you have to ask yourself can I please the Lord. Can I walk in obedience to my heavenly father. Can I live a life of purity. Can I be following the light and walking in the light wall serving people liquor and catering to some of their alcohol addictions can I do that will working in a casino or on catering to people's gambling addictions. These are honest questions that need to be asked out. There was a old big upper a few years ago when Miss California was asked a question by Perez Hilton and he set up the question to ask her about same-sex marriage. She wasn't the most articulate lectures on a theologian. Okay, she was the most articulate in the way that she responded but she did say that marriage was one man one woman like a Perez Hilton really upset and turned others against her in the that the belief was that she would have one if not for her answer. They're pretty creative hostility toward certain Perez Hilton came under attack. Like how can you ask her the questions are fair and right. Anyway, she then is giving her testimony, lots of different places and and and on the one hand I appreciated her standing for what was right. I appreciated her seeking to honor God and do what was right in a difficult situation and one in which she probably knew this is going to be very costly for me, but the same time, I thought, is this the one that you want to be the spokesperson for conservative cause is, is this the one that you want to be speaking up for our values because remember part of the competition. That is the bikini competition to your parading yourself, you know, three quarters naked your parading yourself for eyes to see. Certainly for many people to lust after suit you. You are setting yourself up in that regard is a stumbling block. I can give you beauty but there's a modest way to display it. Not unlike not condemning her.

I hope she's thriving and in the Lord today. She and her husband out there thriving in the Lord. But when there is controversy about it. She made the statement course I wrote about the dress she made the statement that that I'm a Christian who happens to be a model as part of my job I I'm a model lingerie or I may model bikinis why I just thought we'd extrapolate that I'm a Christian who happens to be at your fill in the blank. I'm a Christian who happens to be a porn actor so as part of my job. I'd do this. I'm a Christian who happens to be a hitman so as part of my job I kill PO might Christian how far you go with that. Now obviously the examples I gave her 444. Beyond what she was doing but but we grimaced very strange position today friends where it seems that that we don't understand that were supposed to be different, not what is Paul right second Corinthians chapter 6, beginning in verse 14. These are very well-known versus but but I want to read the section to second Corinthians chapter 6, beginning in verse 14 down to second Corinthians chapter 7 verse one and and here's what I want you to notice carefully.

Pause the recording from the Old Testament all right user many Gentile believers. He's writing to her exclusively Gentile believers, but this is what he says said. Corinthians 614 do not be mismatched with unbelievers. What partnership is there between righteousness and lawlessness. What fellowship does light have with darkness or the agreement does Christ have with Belleville was a believer have in common with and on believer as God has said if we are the temple of the living God. As God has said, I will make my dwelling among them walk among us of what agreement has the temple of God allows for we are the temple of the living God's got a sit I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God and they shall be my people there. Go therefore go out from their midst to see that, therefore, go out from their midst shall I say it again therefore come out from among them and be separate from them, says the Lord in touch. No unclean thing, then I will welcome you and I will be a father to you and you will be my sons and daughters to be, says the Lord Almighty.

And then it goes from there right into chapter 7 verse one.

Therefore, dear friends, since we have such promises, let us cleanse ourselves from every impurity of the flesh and spirit, completing our sanctification in the fear of God so the point. Very simply, friends, is this. We are to come out from things we participate in sin, we are to come out from things were. We participate in darkness now in this world were to be around worldly people, but when I can be able to work every job. If you're working a job as a salesman and you're required to lie on your job that's a job you can't work if if you are getting into the acting industry and you're required to to pose naked in a particular movies can't do that, your follower of Jesus. There lots of things that you can't do.

In fact, his followers of Jesus we have a lot more liberty than if we believe it.

If we belong to say a strict religious group.

But you know say very Orthodox Jews are very religious Muslims or things like that. There their loss of separation would be even more strict and they live in income of closed communities.

So we have a lot of liberty were called to go into the world with the gospel but to come out of the world when it comes to sin, so everyone has to work out exactly where that line is drawn. Everyone has to work out between them and God exactly where they they understand this is pleasing to the Lord. This is displeasing, but I remember very well a call I got early on in the broadcast event date nine years ago and the guy called and he said that his new believer. He had a background like my heavily into drugs, living a godly life. They got saved, and immediately knew.

Okay I give up drinking, drugs were the reason sleep and I knew that was wrong, but then he wasn't sure about lots of other activities in his life. Lots of other things that he did by way of entertainment, lots of other activities he engaged, so he he asked his pastoral what we do about this this this and this and this pastor rather than give him a bunch of rules, a bunch of laws did something very wise.

He said to them, pray and ask the Lord before you engage in something. Is this light or is this darkness is this light versus dark.

This is rather wasn't a whole lot left to do it you know it it it reminds me of Frederick gentleman that was driving us to the airport came out of heavy drug use was in jail, the whole bit ends up getting saved. But he doesn't really understand the gospel that much initially and he tells his wife would be running from God, but his dad was a pastor. That's what she was running so hard she knew the truth that she had surrendered to the Lord and he gets a look I'll make a living by dealing trucks with Exam. I will do them anymore. I'll deal them know but does like her work and of course you realize pretty quickly that was a good work so everyone's going to have to work out exactly where that line is can you be in a restaurant, you know, waitressing, wavering, serving in a restaurant and you serve liquor resort yellows losses because moderations with the meal have a problem with you. You work somewhere you selling cigarettes. I know some people it's I can even do that right and then also I can sell this but I can't. So they come to the store they want porn magazine. I can't sell it was enough to work out exactly where they can and can't be if it's not blatantly explicitly laid out in Scripture, but I would say generally speaking, we have become friends with the world and in a wrong way, not friends with the world in terms of a friend of sinners, but friends with the world, meeting worldly meaning, compromise, meaning polluted by the world and Colossus come out from among them, the Lord speaking through Paul come out from among them and be separate, and then I'll walk then all receiving so as believers sale receive you more fully come out and that which is wrong, right to come back talk about Jeff sessions important to address the major media here in America for religious liberty.

They can error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown elect bayfront dangerous movement undetected by many real is now challenging and eroding great tradition of religious freedom. There can be no doubt it's no little matter. It must be confronted intellectually and politically and defeated. Those are some very stunning remarks from Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions and the Department of Justice sponsored religious liberty Summit leaders, political leaders, religious leaders have coming from different nations around the world. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said very plainly that America is standing for religious liberties. In particular, liberties of Christians were persecuted all around the world friends.

This is a major statement with all the shortcomings and weaknesses that are very obvious in Pres. Trump and of the many things he does. That may stir up division and controversy. I am profoundly grateful for the good things he has done and is doing and many of the key reasons that we voted for him. Some of us voted for him with great reluctance because we had so many concerns about other areas, but some of the major things for which we voted for him Supreme Court and federal justice appointees and standing with Israel and standing for religious liberties and pushing back against LGBT extremism.

These are things were.

She has been consistently standing strong. Let's listen to what Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions had to say as he speaks. More particularly in terms of this group.

This this battle this opposition. This ideology this thing that's out there that he refers to as being dangerous. What exactly is he talking about. Let's listen. We've gotten to the part where courts have held them around. They cannot be a basis for law where ministers are fearful to affirm.

As I understand it holy writ from the pulpit and where one group can actively target religious truth by our elected labeling them, hate, there can be no doubt that we are stronger as a nation because of the contribution of religious people all that that is a tremendous statement look the SPLC, the Southern poverty Law Center, which for years was consulted by law enforcement by FBI by different government agencies, even by the military to find out who were the hate groups out there who are the bad guys out there who hear the neo-Nazis KKK. This white supremacist group for this dangerous group who are the bad guys out there they for years have been labeling fine Christian groups like the American family Association Don Wilde without led by Tim Wilde, or family research Council, led by Tony Perkins Leon's defending freedom which perhaps is the most successful law firm in the nation right now bringing cases to the Supreme Court, and then individuals, people like me target Dr. Ben Carson was targeted as a hater. Okay, so, in point of fact, that when he says you have others I can label people hate groups is going to be referring to groups like the SPLC that do far more harm than good these days with their attacks and that's why there's a litany of lawsuits coming against them rightly so that's what we have expose them for years. It's a crown of honor on my head that that they they blasted me as a hater or leader of the radical right, whatever you notice reproach for the gospel. At the same time, I will expose them for who they are for their hypocrisy and for their miserable double standards and for having blood on their hands because they my friends provoked others to hateful acts or they gave ammunition to others that provoke hateful acts, so there was a shooting at family research Council counsel that the shooter wanted to massacre people there that Floyd can't conference. She said that he got the info about FRC on the SPLC website and found out where they were by going to the map alright so this is this is dangerous stuff, and that the shooter of encouragement Steve Scalise last year. One of his sources of information was the SPLC in the in the information there helped increase the hatred in his heart. From what we know towards conservatives and others like that. So for Jeff sessions to say what he said if he didn't mean the SPLC by name, certainly by spirit. This is a significant statement far too long. Things have been going in the wrong direction here in America not let me be plain.

This is one of the main reasons I voted for Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton because from my understanding, Hillary Clinton would be point things in the exact opposite direction even made the statement about abortion that that long-held religious beliefs, convictions would have to change. So yes there there are issues with our president that I wish were not there, but I am thrilled with the goodies doing these other areas and that's a major reason for which I voted for him welcome friends to the broadcast 866-348-7884 is the number to call. Okay. If you have a question that relates to the culture wars relates to the Bible and politics Bible American culture we live our lives other. We work these things out.

If you have a question you can call 866-34-TRUTH or you can post if you're watching on Facebook or YouTube or twitter. You can post your question fact I'm just going to check on certain things that have been posted here to see what might be worth responding to.

So if you have a question that ties in okay again can be any Bible question, but specially if it ties in with culture if it ties in with politics. If it's practical in terms of how should we live. Go ahead if you watch on YouTube. It's easy to just posted there go and do that through it on Facebook twitter account and I'll respond to some of your questions as well. I want to just minister, word of encouragement to you if I might you understand I am not just a conservative talk show host on first and foremost a follower of Jesus, and I am a conservative talker because of moral issues biblical issues that intersect with culture. You'll notice is a ton of stuff swirling in the political world. I haven't talked about the Michael Cohen tapes that the former Trump attorney, in which way that's going to go on the Russia collusion investigation with Robert Muller and and issues about old Facebook and massive stock loss and you billions of dollars lost in a short period of time and monopolies with Amazon and what about tariffs with China and issues with European Union and London things worth talking about GDP up and things like that lot of things to talk about, but because they don't intersect with areas of burden or concern in my life. I'm not talk about them because this is not just conservative talk radio were clear and that right and that's where your listening so I have this on my heart last night early this morning and I just want to share with you because I believe it's relevant for quite a few of you listening viewing, taking in this broadcast did you do something in your life as a believer where where you blew it big time. Did you cross a line that you thought you'd never cross did you do something that your your shocked and embarrassed that happen. If so, you might be living under a cloud, if it was five years for 10 years or 20 years ago. You might be living under a cloud to this day, and it's not God's heart, that stockouts will not listen if you haven't truly repented of.

If you did make things right were you needed to. If it was something that involves other people and you never made it right with them. If you are living a hypocritical double life and never confessed and got right will than that.

That will be like a cloud over, in which case get things right rib you need to with people with God first and then with people as needed but maybe you've done that is a I blew it. Now I I blew it and there is no is no way to ever pick up the pieces again. I want to encourage you, God's Redeemer, God's restorer not only does Jesus forgive, but he removes the guilt and the shame not only this removes the guilt and shame, but he can also restore not only does he restore.

He also redeems which means the thing that was meant to hurt you this thing that if should've caused your demise.

The worst thing that happened he can turn it around for good, he can turn it around so that that which was a stumbling block becomes a stepping stone so so don't let that thing nailed it to the wall maybe messed up your marriage maybe must've family maybe hurt others maybe hurt church you can truly repent before God, you can ask him to wash you and cleanse you to the core of your being. You can live a life that is so opposite from that that that which was meant for evil will return for good and I just have the market share that with you. Don't let that memory don't let that thing hold you hostage will never really be able live for God become blew it for what no friend was true repentance through the blood of Jesus. Real transformation real redemption real restoration are possible. Of let me grab some YouTube questions camera on. How can I hear Jesus more clearly on the first and foremost thing you want to do. Cameron's is the amount of the word Jesus is my sheep hear my voice, and first and Foremost Way, God speaks to us through his written word. So I would meditate on the Scriptures. I would not just speed read by way through. I would meditate.

I would ask God to open my heart and mind to what I'm reading, I would memorize some of the verses and chew on them and repeat them when I'm in prayer. I'm a might take some time to meditate over the screws again and then build a close, intimate relationship with the Lord. Meaning share your heart with open your heart with them. Talk with him on a regular basis, spend quality time with him in prayer, not just asking. Lord heal my aunt to sick and help with my job.

Eventually those things are fine. Of course, pray about that as well.

Pray Lord help me know you better, walk more closely with you, Lord, Lord, show me how I can really please you as you read the word and pray you'll develop communion with God. Second Corinthians 1314 talks about having coin in the fellowship, communion with the Holy Spirit. So as we do that there is intimacy in the Holy Spirit will speak to us in different ways. Not only through Scripture. But in other ways. The Holy Spirit will speak with us as well. Always in harmony with the Scripture right back with more of your questions. Stay right it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown veterans for joining us on the line of fire. Hey, if you have not watched or three consider this videos.

Check them out, share them with your friends go to ask Dr. this stricter this and the first one can you be gay and Christian wall hold while the amazing story with that got exposure to millions of people.

The second what is it mean to be a conservative questions more more relevant every day.

In the third one of the church get cut off from its Jewish roots almost of their share them with your friends there being watched hundreds of thousands of time.

Some is a set of even reached millions already, so by all means share those with the be a blessing to you if you want to help us produce more videos like this there highly produced with graphics and animation take take a lot of time to put out then right there on that page you can click to donate and stand with us. There's a question that Robert has on Facebook. People call kinds of things heresy.

How should we as Christians define the word and use it. Some use it quite freely, meaning anything that they feel is doctrinally deviant.

That is outside of the mainstream historic Christian expressions and therefore doesn't have to be damnable of the words you might believe that and still be a child of God and go to heaven but they use the term heresy. The question becomes, that I based on whose definition. In other words, I don't believe in infant baptism should I say that that's a reticle of some holster. It was about a Presbyterian at the leaves of infant baptism should they say Baptist that doesn't hold to it is heretical. We were where we drove along with heresy the gifts of the spirit plainly laid out is the norm in the New Testament have been here for much of church history, and certainly wonderfully restored in the 20th century around the world announced in 21st should I say those that deny the gifts of the spirit being for today are our heretics are guilty of heresy.

And what about those incident not for today Nicholson like me heretic. I don't believe in the pretrip rapture, but I'm historic pre-millennial. So I believe that there will be a millennial kingdom on the earth but I'm not a dispensational sampling a preprint crib rapture so that I supposedly pretrip rapture or believe you heresy will then what about the ones that believe in the pretrip rapture.

So this is a restless believing heresy. So I use the word like that. I use it more broadly, as others have meaning something that is a damnable doctrine so that if you hold to it.

If you believe it will exclude you from heaven.

Those would be things that I would say or heretical. And for me that's a safer way to use the term so that doesn't awkward, damning, other brothers and sisters to help over other minor doctrinal issues but see Donald on YouTube.

Dr. Brown who observed the Christians in America identify more as Americans than as Christians.

It's great questions are. I find that those that know the Lord more deeply those that have greater fellowship with the Lord. Those perhaps you been more dramatically saved identify more as Christians than Americans.

That being said, there is often an equation that the kingdom of God equals patriotism that being a follower of Jesus means being a really patriotic American out every person in every nation should submit to governmental authority should honor authority should obey the authorities. Must authorities tell you to disobey God. So that's that's basic that's playing, that's clear. We understand that all right. However however that being said, sometimes because America has certain Christian roots because there is a beautiful heritage that we have spirits that wrote about my book saving sick America.

We confuse patriotism with the kingdom of God. If you're not totally pro-American, ensuring our troops on the field and running for president, Mr. Kerry are going to have had the habit of following Jesus of it almost feels like that sometimes I was exaggerating like II absolutely support our troops in the other day flying somewhere.

The flight attendant said on today's she just gave a little chat at the where is this going about what privileges privilege it is to live in America to be free to worship or not worship and hold to certain things and not hold to them and she said we owe a lot to our or our serviceman on the field. She said it just so happens on this flight. There a lot of military or ex-military list command all the whole planet rocks all yeah and I'm one of the first, let's give a crap with appreciation for people literally given their lives to preserve our freedoms but doesn't mean that I have to back every military endeavor that we have doesn't mean that that I have to cry what what ice is say that sing the national anthem to follow them say because is an artisan very mixed because we do not a good. We don't want a bad we help the world we hurt the world so sometimes we get so caught up with Americanism and patriotism that that does become deeply intermingled with her following of Jesus as if the two somehow or even synonymous 866-34-TRUTH of all right, let's some to what yeah that's that's grab a call here from James in Lillington, North Carolina that's recalling the line of fire dog around our government probably about what you talk about you mock mock boom distribute around one or two ball about our current 13 bubble yet, so there it in all candor, James.

It's a tiny minority of scholars and teachers and preachers that believe that first Corinthians 13 eight is saying that when the Bible is complete when the cabin is complete, then tongues will cease, then prophecy will cease, etc. of Paul says we know in part, we prophesy in part. But when the complete or the perfect comes, will know even as we are known will see face-to-face. So the fact that we still have doctrinal differences today means that we have not gotten to the point of perfectly knowing God. The fact that we have to walk by faith and not by sight means that we don't see him face-to-face in that regard. So number one. There is no evidence in the ancient church. If you look at the earliest comments in first Corinthians for centuries that anybody heard of this view, the first Corinthian's 13 it met when the cannons complete. In fact, throw church history. This was the rarest of views until it got revived in the 20th century.

In reaction to the modern Pentecostal movement.

So it's basically an interpretation that hardly anyone held to an history number two very few scholars hold to it today. If you look at all the best, first Corinthians commenters will see hardly anyone holds to that today.

The idea that he was told about the cabin being complete. Number 30 we still know in part, meaning that even though we have the Scriptures we don't know God perfectly. We don't know him as he knows us. We still see in that sense, through glass, darkly or dimly. We walk by faith and not by sight. So the perfectly complete has not come yet. What's to talk about its talk about the return of Jesus and the eternal age when he returns that we see him face-to-face in first John III chapter says, then will be like him. Not only so James if you keep reading it after that. In chapter 14, Paul explicitly says I wish all of you spoke in tongues and even more that you prophesy and then at the end of the chapter he says absolutely pursue spiritual gifts, especially prophecy and don't forbid tongues so he tells us that explicitly in the word so as I've said, I need something in Scripture that tells me the opposite of that.

I need something in Scripture here. First Corinthians 1439 so my brothers earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking tongues but all things should be done decently and in order so that's his last word on that.

So unless I find something in the Bible that overrules that I have to go by what's written. Ask the second chapter, Peter says that the outpouring of the Spirit and people spoke in tongues and in prophecy.

He said that is for the last days.

So, since Jesus died and rose until he returns.

That's the period of the last days, I'd encourage you to check out a recent debate. I did where the fellows debating this was his major point. Unfortunately, Dr. Theodore Zacharias.

You can watch it on our digital library to go to the website ask Dr. Brown delegates Kadir Brown's I will just click on the digital library you can watch the debate.

Therefore, free adjust search for gifts and you will find debate have the gifts of the spirit ceased and the we just look at Scripture and based on Scripture. It's impossible to say they ceased and its absolutely clear to say that we should still be pursuing these things and not for bidding tongues that God does continue to work in this way so that the debate is titled Dr. Brown to Bates Dr. theater Zacharias on the gifts of the spirit. You can also get a DVD-R story won't really get into it, study and show it to others as well. But if you search for gifts is a Salesian stove and Zacharias then you'll be able to check that out. Thanks are for calling with your question.

All right, friends, we've got a whole rest of the week of great programming coming your way will take lots of your questions calls will catch up with things. Happy new some interesting news from Israel today just didn't want to get into it today, but some interesting news from Israel as well catch up with later in the week. Again friends if we been a blessing to if we have helped you if we ministered you through the radio broadcast were video store articles through sermons then stand with us.

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