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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Social Media Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 9, 2022 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Social Media Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 9, 2022 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/09/22.

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The following is a prerecorded program you got questions, we've got answers for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown a bunch of questions ready, on Facebook, so don't post now don't call now. I got all the questions lined up and you will get along some of these questions today will get to as many as we can on our Friday broadcast.

You got questions, we've got answers welcome welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you all right first question. This is from Steve, are you ready do you believe the pets of believers go to heaven when they die.

Okay I say what I believe. But first let me say I would not be dogmatic about my aunts. This is not a hill I'm going to dial right do. I personally believe that the actual pets you had like a frog. I had cutie pie, Jason Michael Harmer the third or something like that or the lizard mentalist think it says these are some of the names I gave to the pets I had as a boy or the fish in your fish tank or buzz your favorite little dog or early the parakeet. Do I believe that those actual creatures will be in heaven for us when we die and so Mark you know some the dogs your companion for years and you cried when a dog die and I remember the trauma with some of the reported going to sleep or something. It effectively Pfister about that moment, but joy believe that that actual animal will be in heaven.

No, I don't because I do not believe that they have souls, interbeing spirits, the way we do in the same way could be that a heavenly duplicate of that animal maybe one that can talk maybe a perfect one will be in heaven.

You could be a some of said God is so exceedingly good and amazingly loving beyond anything we can imagine it could be when I think of Pat's from the one that that we got closest to resolution. Sue Yoshi and is think of you. Yoshi night I could see that. But I know they will be the identical Yoshi is the Yoshi fear that was sold but it could be the exact duplicate physically but better right better so but ultimately we don't know right okay?

So I remember as a boy my mom and dad telling you that set me down. It's okay, listen of your are dogs in the olden and the second so were we send them over to this farm in Pennsylvania. It's beautiful Farman spieler Ron on the Aaron. It was sad, but I saw once was out in the field bearing beautiful field in Pennsylvania can just Ron hello kiddos who for years does have a nice place.


So Nancy and I been married for some years and she's talking about when she was little and then doggedly rescinded government really New York soon. Dr. farm in Pennsylvania this decent your Dr. farm in Pennsylvania. At first I live because really those hadn't dawned on us. Our thought about those is what our parents told us rose.

The vet is actually a dog now let's go for the dog to sleep anyway. Okay Emily, can you briefly explain predators him and perhaps review of it thanks is so predators him is that which is in the past so we all agree that certain prophecies were ready for field and are in the past, the prophecies about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Most prominently those already happened. Rescinded many many other prophecies still happen.

The physical return of Jesus, setting up his kingdom on the earth. The salvation of Israel. The millennial kingdom and things like that so many of us are looking at passages in the New Testament saying they are still future so a predator is says no many of those already came to pass. Also, that would be a partial predators who says that Matthew 24 he talks about the coming of the Son of Man and and and destruction. Instead, in the stars falling from the sky that was actually destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 and that was the second coming that was spoken of their they still believe that there will be a future eternal kingdom.

They believe that we will be physically resurrected.

So those are partial predators. So I differ with them. That would not be a heretical position. A full credit risk, says that not only has Jesus already returned, but there will be no physical resurrection of our bodies. We have already been spiritually raised and we are ready and the new heaven and the new earth that is heretical. That is a doctrine to be categorically rejected. So I reject partial predators. Him I do not believe that Matthew 24 has come to pass fully already. I believe that there are key parts of it that have still not come to pass that parallel some of the developments of the first century, but I am not a partial predators. Although there are brothers and sisters who love the Lord who are partial predators. Those who are full predators crossed a heretical line and I'm concerned about where they stand.

All right now I've heard someone say that Peter did travel to Babylon as he writes to believers in Babylon or I am in Babylon right first first Peter did travel about one of the say no.

He never went that far eastward. Babylon was a code word for wrong room if you actually go to Babylon.

What your take on this.

Thank you that I've always understood that that was a code word for Rome. I have never studied or investigated the possibility that Peter actually went to Babylon at such a random thing. It makes no sense that he would bring that up or say that but Babylon being a code word for Rome that would be the normal scholarly understanding the normal scholarly consensus bill. Why is the dead rising and walk around upon Jesus death not discussed.

That's a good question is a very good question. It is one of the most striking accounts in the New Testament and it's it's one that the critics will often raise and say well where where is the account of this of this really happened. You think it's all right about in my answers. Someone did write about Matthew right, but the question is why don't we hear more about it or want. We talk more about so we have the resurrection of Jesus at the beginning of the 28th chapter, but prior to that, you know we we have a striking accounts and its Matthew 2751 when the curtain of the temple's 22 from top to bottom and the earth shook, the rocks were split. The trees also were open and many bodies of the saints would fall asleep were raised commanded tombs after his resurrection they went to the holy city and appeared to many. That's offset so when we talk about more probably because we don't know more about it. It's deathly something is quite striking and shows you the tremendous power.

What happened on the cross that with that it actually raised people from the dead, and they become the firstfruits of those who will be raised from the dead. Those of us will be raised from the dead in the future, but we don't know more about it and we can only speculate, but I agree this something that is worthy of more discussion and worthy of more speculation. What happened to those people. We all know, I mean there's the kind of grotesque thing that the critics paint the picture, they can always go around like zombies are going on zombies and or do they go back to the graves or did they just bring among the people and disappear more. Did they ascend to heaven and snatched up to me it's it's obviously the latter of these two.

There's no notion that they went back to the graves library me again. Here is following the terms or ground like zombies and deteriorated sort that Dr. bit, but we don't know beyond, it will be a minimum of people. People God saw that song so they just knew it or it was someone that had been known earlier in the generation of either way, it was me among the people in them, and God will have more auditing. We know that that's what I was with Jesus withdrawn the road to Massey suddenly gone a where they go with a thick enough to heaven bodily form. We assume that before Jesus ascended God's will that we don't know the question question though some argue that it's all symbolic that it has symbolic spiritual meaning is not to be taken literally, but it certainly seems like it's written to be taken literally and I take it literally just try to do one question for each provider are additional equipment from Bill Suzman listed such woes in a particular determine a clean versus unclean animal in Leviticus will just the characteristics, rights of preset scales and things like that or animals that is that into the kind or the to the competence with the things like that. Good. Leviticus 11 Deuteronomy 14 and then beyond that with insects and things like that. We don't know exactly why it it doesn't seem to be based completely on diet. Some said that the creatures they would be more familiar with were the ones that were considered clean those that are less familiar with were unclean. There may have been certain categorizations that seem self-evident, then that were missing. Many scholars it really dug into this and certainly some of it does relate to health notice.

God was being pragmatic year as well, especially intraoral eating pig. For example, in much of the world that is very unhealthy. This is unhealthy general, even a country like America but in much the rest of the world away. Pig scavenging and the diseases they carry all these other things.

It's very unhealthy.

But it does not seem to be all dietary and we can't give an answer for every last one.

This is exactly what. All right, let's see a David take to make you okay this guy actually seems to fit the biblical criteria to be antichrist that he is a one world, we let the whole world is following his lead that he has appeared to be the Savior of the whole world that we have now become dependent on him. That would really make me wonder. Could he be the one.

It would not have to fully reveal all of his evil and wickedness from either one okay.

Could this be the person because he is leading the entire world. We have a one world government that's overseeing all the other smaller governments and this is the rent out.

I would absolutely just at my attention, especially if he seemed to ease the one to fix the economy. He's the one that saw the house without diesel one piece of everything you say like this guy in my lifetime is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown listen to this broadcast in our day. You may have done it for years and times were two hours. You may never miss a minute. This is only a small part of what were putting out every single week and some of the stuff that we put out is in written form and articles and short little videos which were recorded separately so by all means sorry for the emails and in this way when there's a new resource through the first and though it special trips or ministry in your area would be the first note, go to the website asked her to run SK dear site for the emails and will put your walking tour that you will really enjoy more in the book of acts chapter 5, so I'm just taking questions that have been posted on social media, I'm not soliciting new questions are not taking calls today. In the book of acts chapter 5 analysis of our dropdead for lying about the money instead while they died. When we see people the church they line with an immediate consequences. Even pastors and evangelists lie like crazy gobble deal that my question is next Friday done on the spot to truly keep people from lying if that happened, what your thoughts would be ministry Dr. Brown thank you for this market. It's a very practical question is a fair question.

The answer is that at certain moments of God drawing near unique times in history. She will make very very loud statements to drill a point home like someone dropping dead on the spot. But if that was to happen all the time. The human race would basically get wiped out church would get wiped out and people would be operating under so much terror that there'd be very little free will. Along the way. So think of this.

Think of Leviticus chapter 7 through 10.

The setting apart of of Aaron and his sons as priests and then Aaron and Moses offer up their sacrifice and fire comes in the presence of Lawrence would presumably be from the tabernacle. I used to think from heaven, but as early from within the tabernacle and consumes errant sacrifices and the people fall down on their face and shout right then let Strafford be a test chapters. Is it a nice beginning the 10th. There's a break in Hebrew there just consecutive narrator next thing that happens is that irons to all this is not Gov. Bobby who we can think it was as gross as Jewish tradition season is righteous right this minute just overstepped their bounds or so they go into the tabernacle and they offer their sacrifices and fire comes from the present learning consumes them and I am spot centuries later.

You had in the very temple of God. Women weaving for Asherah with homosexual prostitutes right in the temple of God and God didn't judge for a long time, but when did the nation was crushed when did the discipline was terrible temple set on fire city of Jerusalem demolished thousands went to exile so gobble sometimes do these dramatic things right in the beginning in a shouting way to say this is pure. Don't infringe on this is holy David bring the ark back to Jerusalem. I was a big thing.

It's a stretch as I was hungry know you don't grab it with your hand should know better drops dead… David but doesn't make a point here right so that's what happened then but it can happen every day.

Otherwise the risk is be dropping dead and ultimately says the first of the five some summonses are obvious to others trail behind everything will get judge everything will come to the but it in my book, 1991 book. Whatever happened to the power of God. There's a chapter called out point could be fatal.

As I reflected on these very things I reflected on them and said it of God just came in the full power, pray for, and that we might be dead with all the sin. The church all right. Clinton.

I work very long days and have five kids and wife waiting for me when I get home. I do my devotions in the morning on three or four embolus drawings are more intimate relationship with God is limited time and try not leave my wife will think is a more than I already do for a struggle to find time to draw near and from work you give any advice or cling first are not alone. Many men and women feel that way. Job family responsibilities can be very challenging and God bless you for a getting up so early in the morning to be with the Lord and then putting in a long workday be in compassion and understanding towards your wife and recognizing the load she carries and see one more time with the Lord. I mean that's that's all beautiful. What what I would say is this. First, don't put yourself under unrealistic pressure. You may say, no, no, I know God doesn't require this to be something I desire understand, but I know in years past. I put myself under pressure when I was in high school like high school schedule not working a job or at least, here is the part-time job only. I was free time.

My hands will I spent every day for months between six and seven hours in the word prayer every single day. At least this once at least five church services weekend outreach today's week, but I had the time is memorized 20 verses a day. Took me an hour to do it. That was part of my discipline walk with the Lord when I started working a full-time job and have the time is always the matter with me like I'm at the Québec in my sleep that was unique season. I had not know you have a lot I could pressure myself I was self condemning so don't be self condemning and don't think God is expecting something impossible from you what I would say is to ask the Lord to allow those times to be specially rich if you have with them to see if there is time, you can redeem the be driving in a car with more worship. Listen to the word when you can't read the word things like that. Ask God to bless you with a sense of the sacredness of working your job in an being there for your wife and your kids that there'd be a sense of his presence in that and then perhaps your wife and work things out where Seca hate just one day a month were undertaken. Here the kids or bring them out. The grandmas whatever and you just meet with the Lord, for whole day is you hold a whole might and do not think of anything and then electrons do that for you once a month something like that.

It that alone could bring up a big change or just say once a week and I'll stay with the kids all night and do this meet with the Lord to go hide out your friends try to free once we go night with everything work out without putting undue pressure on yourself may when the disciples receive the Holy Spirit was in John 2019 through 23 or next to so John 21 Jesus is receive the spirit and breeze on the racks to win the spirit comes in and speak in tongues. This is puzzled me over for a while now. I'm seriously hoping it should let us admit has only puzzle do is puzzled many. I can't be dogmatic, I give my opinion, but here too the only two choices I can see one or three choices. One, he said receive the spirit and this was a deposit.

He spoke the words and now some weeks later the Pentecostal receive the spirit as one option. Another option really, but without to sit for simplicity. He said receive the spirit and they did. In terms of the Holy Spirit coming to live within them then attack us. They were in power by the spirit so would be a Pentecostal view today of when you're saved or indwelt by the Holy Spirit and then subsequent to that is the baptism of the Spirit.

The empowerment of the Holy Spirit speak in tongues or things like that so it's one of those two, I've never been dogmatic on her. I'm generally seen it as symbolic. He speaks it in and they receive the spirit.

Several weeks later, but it could well be that they he said it is, he told him earlier. He dwells with you will be in you is when the Holy Spirit came to grow within them, that Pentecostals break upon them. Empowerment also do my post going to the Brown versus Brown video.

We debated self.

I don't have a video.

I believe we have an audiophile envelope. You still have it off the team to check but there is a local ministry that brought together on a weekly basis, four, five, 600 college and career. Young people, and I came in taught unholiness to the different series of messages and then was asked to do one right.

I passionately present dollars that I passionately present Arminianism. And then I said okay here's how we work together as one is was a unity gathering as Calvinists and Arminians and then at the end I asked them what they thought actually believe so probably two thirds or more. Got it right that that are more Arminian than Calvinists by the a good third.

I think our close to it was Calvinists. I did my best to present both these with equal passion on Holly and we as Christians bind Satan over the years I've heard simply reset to bind you say the name of Jesus is been okay we can.

Not buying the devil Satan himself.

It will be bound and thrown the bottomless pit for the Revelation 20. So will be about a thousand years in the millennial kingdom, but can we find demons is that scriptural, I believe, are rightly understood, it is that even if it's not the first reference to Jesus toilet with binding and loosing right.

Jesus says that that what was strong and fully armed guards his house that that he secure right and then EE has to be overcome. So that's what some mean. In other words word where right now, by the authority of Jesus driving you out or we are rebuking you and stopping your power. Another person himself or herself wants to be free market sizing, lays it out. This is something that uses the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is binding, loosing it's interesting in Luke 13 damage Matthew call that something spirit leaving a man and and if he comes back to the same place was driven out and it's empty smoke garter snowboards is delivered from demons that are from demonic oppression or possession that are set free and they don't walk with the Lord filled he was with God is go back to their old ways to get on the much worse statement than before you take 70 was worse himself in the letter and that man is worse the beginning in in Luke 13 Jesus talks about woman who's been bound by Satan right for third for 18 years to scribble such as a physical condition but is a demon and he called Satan to say because it's under Satan's power that that Satan himself was doing it, but under Satan's power.

Satan is bound or is 18 years woman who unloosed your firm.

She's been bound by Satan is now loosed her versus binding loosing language that right so it's not that that Satan was bouncing was binding. Now is loosed.

Then in Luke 12 verse 21 when it is usually 1121 when a strongman fully armed guards his own palace's goods are safe when one stronger than he attacks him and overcomes him.

He takes with the arm, which he trusted and divides his spoiled so if by binding Satan you mean breaking the power of a demonic spirit over someone's life so that wants to be free and in Jesus name, you break the power that spirit over their lot and drive that demonic spirit out. That's what you mean by binding and therefore the person is loosed, you can use that language in that way. But it's not that now the demon is permanently bound tied up and get do anything other cast out from where they were now going out to do their evil intent until the time of the final judgment.

So sometimes the words used way too freely, but there aren't spiritual activities that are very real.

But again, we cannot bind the devil Satan himself. We can rebuke and we can resist him, but we cannot bind him. That will happen in the future.

Dalton Julie, those who occupy the land of Israel now or the seed of Abraham, since his rose scattered for some years of pulses roams that all Israel be say will be the whole nation record some of those living in Israel are not one of a member rather people's maybe grandparents of Gentiles, but move the friends in Israel some years in the dues now Julie there be included all of Israel across the apostle Paul, one more question. If you could pick me what you since you likely with the biggest impact in life is to encourage would be and why thanks and God bless you superquick your second question, the man that most impacted my life as a believer was A rel as we were close friends.

The last five years of his life 1989 to 1994. From the ages of 82 to 87 from I would say he most deeply impacted my life, but many others did okay. I believe that the Jewish people today and those living in the light of Israel as Jews are the fiscal seed of Abraham knelt many married into the fiscal seed of Abraham. Many converted into the fiscal seed of Abraham, meaning that they converted into Judaism and I'll join together with fiscal seed. But I do believe that they are the rightful heirs. Even though there is been intermarriage and so on so forth because they ultimately joined together with that stock that restocked they came from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wants is always will be saved. I believe that speaking of the Jewish people worldwide that there will be a massive national turning on the survey rejoin the planet. What about Gentiles living in the land of Israel know that's a promise to them. The promises of the fullness of the Gentiles will Israel understand to be those who are rejecting the Messiah. Now, as Jews will be returning at the end of the age.

All right, let's see. Rhonda, many people confusing and mesh. The following God causing evil so we believe God needing able to produce a good result of the believe God using Eva for his purpose constantly allowing able is its mistress to discuss these and help focus on the truth of God's word not to sell things appear or its is a complex question and only God knows the full nuances of how everything works. How he works out his will in the midst of our wills giving us freedom, but in a limited way so only he is totally sovereign and only his will is carried out as he desires within the midst of it. There many things that he desires that people say no to the reject as well. They reject this plan is all that work out how this of course will speak about the secret will of God. Open will of God, so God says don't do this with them but secretly behind the scenes, he may give someone over to do everything okay so my comments in any case, it is represented that short form, but to answer your question. The big thing is God himself.

Never does evil guns of their this evil, nor does God force someone to do evil that really wants to do good. He does not do that in him is light there.

There is no darkness right God isn't tempted by evil, and he doesn't tempt us to doing that's clear.

So if evil happens. It's the responsibility alone of the human being or the demonic power Satan they alone or we alone is the case would be or responsible for evil that will God give us over to evil. Yes. Will God hardness is judgment in the midst of evil. He does that, but she himself does no evil nor the sea lead us to do evil, as were his children desire to do good. Does he work out his will for everything. Yes. Ephesians 1 that all this is work at the counsel of his will. So she is working things out that which is meant for evil strata for good. The best example is the Joseph account. Those resume for evil but God intended it.

The saving of many lives. So there was some real distinctions there that we should note against what you complex initiative get into it for the deaf, nor again. Do I do I know that the Bible gives us full information below it to answer every question Josh, sorry Morris and explain the viewpoint of Jesus fulfilling the law. Some of the say the law is abolished for Jesus case seeking out the Bosporus and fill subsystem along with the destruction of the second Temple in A.D. 70.

Evidence presently was reference to the temple. Adjustable citizens are prescription nothing shows that you through it was already filled as possible mentions in Romans three, number one is a myth that heaven and earth passing away is reference to the temple passionately. That is an Internet myth. This first so we dismissed that you don't agree with that.

Anyway, secondly, Jesus did not abolish but fulfilling does not mean that we all keep the law today will I meet everything having to do with our approach to God. Temple sacrifices blood atonement priestly ministry he fulfilled that in his death and resurrection. We don't need earthly blood sacrifice. That's a massive change did he abolish know he brought it to its full meaning. So now through his blood, we experience more forgiveness and cleansing than any ancient Israelite could have through blood sacrifice be the biblical calendar he has brought some of it to fulfillment with Passover and and and unleavened bread and and shovel Pentecost during the rest of it into its fullness with trumpets atonement Dave atonement tabernacles the moral requirements of the tour he takes to a higher level V for those those you heard's adult murder until you don't have hatred right so he takes these things to a higher level when pulses faith establishes the law. What he means is it puts it in its right place doing what it was meant to do so. No, there is not a command for Gentile Christians to keep the seventh day Sabbath, but they now entered Sabbath rest through the Messiah so fulfillment does not mean it's the same as always been in any proposal through his perfect righteousness and thereby takes her place on the cross again. Complex but try to simplify the answer.

Matthew 517 to 20 detects their Joshua experts twice ready. The current trend for more and more sexual encounters with pedophiles breaking scrimmages we pray for them to be say, but are we able to sense to hold the death penalty from kids and I was of the Lord's will print with the parish, but we also Romans 13 is wrong for me to say princes and motorhomes.

The child needs to be deleted. All subscription Jesus saying at one child is prevented from coming with Mr. Thurman harming kids the gospel being presented to them. The second question I believe is referring to both children coming to him of meaning and when the print prevents them from from coming into be blessed and receive his love, but he also does not harming this read Matthew 18 so God's face is sediment that that the Angels that are looking down on those kids and their well-being are applicable to the face of God.

I want to see evil eradicated and I want to see child traffickers and pedophiles. I could pedophiles and I want to see them stop what they're doing and I want to see them off the streets that I would prefer for certain crimes. Life in prison without parole. That does give the person the opportunity to repent and get right with God, as many have, but they forfeit their lives before for the rest of the laws but I don't just think all they should be deleted. Many of them are abuse themselves so they are guilty they are guilty they are guilty they are guilty and may they be caught mid and put in jail if the only way to stop one of them abusing a child you were there and and they were about to rape a child and the only you can stop them was by him over the head with a baseball bat and told him he did the right thing you did the right thing and the court should stand with right so I I hate evil in the same way but a lot of those people were themselves abused and there their whole life got terribly messed up so are they responsible for the doing.

Yes yes but but I will. I want to see them repent, get right with yes and go to jail. And yes, and and pay the full penalty they should pay under the law. And yes, be removed from a situation where they could ever hurt children again. Yes yes yes all that, whatever is right under the law. Yes, but I want to see them saved. I want to see the repent, you say all you just let them keep abusing kids other, but not all we do all we can to stop them to catch them to prosecute them absolutely. But my sentiments are just one deleted. Though God has mercy on all kinds of people.

Saul of Tarsus had believers till Friday I spent time in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by golly 866-34-TRUTH there again is Dr. Michael Brown as I can, was the church silent in today's new technology Facebook social media auditors not silent some of the biggest webpages of the biggest accounts are Christian accounts, church accounts, many are super active in many ways, but the slow censorship that we have to keep coming against the word deftly active. No, I mean, here, here, you responded throughout Facebook right now. Is there a difference between the gift of the pastor and the office of an elder Simpson roses argue all those are pastors but I will pass yourselves, but most people argue that all pastors must be elders of us. I don't Sims brilliant and deep in the word and those the things of the spirit good friend of so I don't and I don't know the quote but yeah I understand it the way you do that all pastors are elders and maybe means it in a different way. I see a pastors a senior elder is a pastors elite elder.

So all pastors must have the qualifications of elders and would then be the chief among equals the head among the plurality of other elders. The past would be the senior elder of the elves had, so I would understand. So maybe some of the technical function that I miss.

Matthew terms of dual covenant theology. The only reasons I've ever heard. The people hold for the purely emotional there. He actually tested verses that would support this idea. I mean it. Maybe in Romans 1116 is that if the roots holy than the tree is holy that would somehow say that there is a chosen this of Israel that still applies just the New Testament simply preaching the good news to the Jewish people and calling for salvation. You could go to Old Testament versus you know you could claim. Galatians 5 if your circumcised at the keep the loss of a Jew keeps the law say nothing that is a direct statement obviously and I am really here at the same way you would more of this will be fairly silly right is ready have a covenant as opposed to explicit New Testament texts of let's see Reynolds doing Jesus made an even playing field for everyone, including blood Jews, since we'll all be here for brake replacement. Rinse the police that the Jews will have the final test living Christ understand is that Jesus was born upright a rims literal bloodline retention literal spiritual all know the process Israel remain there may another change that quite explicitly in the New Testament, Romans 15, the Masai confirms the promises to the patriarchs.

21. You'll be scattered until Tommy gentles trickle which time you return back ask three Jewish repentance brings the Messiah back so we better believe is will be back the land significant and Zechariah 12 makes it clear that a Jewish Jerusalem will will recognize the Messiah suitably through some back injuries as these are all big absolutely major, but the level the playing field is leveled for all humanity by the cross that any human being anywhere on the planet that calls out equally can be saved in that sense from studs 12.

There's no difference between Jew and Greek assemblers loadable richly bless you all who call upon him. Michael, can you briefly convey the concept God's image and likeness.

Thank you that you could make an argument that the word use Excel and in the moot sum of physical appearance but God made us to look like him in his wing when their visions of God, he looks like us right you see a man seated on the throne or something like that or the references the hands and feet.

Our eyes are, or whatever of personal skill. Just be symbolic missions and and the next minute, but there is that aspect. This mission ancient reason reader with would sink in those lines is different than the animals.

This is somehow more like God's image, but since we know God is a spirit is because of an image that emphasis must be on the spiritual side so that we, like God and hate evil and love righteousness that we like God and experience a genuine joy and sorrow in a way that's different than animal world that we like God can create new things that we like God heavy consciousness and and a sense of morality written on our hearts, and in those ways we we are created in his image and like Bennett, what point in history. Chubb will also become a celebration of the giving of the Torah amounts on it was originally several times since it must've changed along the way, this document when I have. I don't know exactly when it it's clearly not what was the ritual of a week ago yesterday I talked about it online. A fire just in terms of the development somewhere with later rabbinic tradition and I don't know where to pinpoint.

I've never tried to recover that information in terms of do a diachronic study to go back historically and sift first. Some scholars have done it. I haven't looked into it more death, but I don't know at what point and how widely these things would have been thought of it in Jesus day to what extent interest has diminished interest estimates a literature search light on that. I've just not study that in depth, but it's certainly clearly not what the Bible is teaching in terms of why the feast in the timing of it initially David several times in the Bible there are references to other gods, what are the guys going to be other than man-made idols.

So there were man-made idols. But behind these idols were demonic powers behind these idols were fallen Angels sold the ones that the people worshiped as gods were fallen Angels and Demons pulse was written first Corinthians the 10th chapter and God will sometimes speak about them like X and X is going to judge the gods of Egypt. So what is Moses saying in Exodus 15 become. Also by the mother-in-law who is like among the gods. There were these other beings they're all created beings. There lowercase because not be true. God is the creator of all. Right there lowercase gods, but to be fallen Angels and Demons. The people worshiped as gods because there is no other God aside from the true God. In terms of actual eternal deity.there are these lesser beings the spiritual beings that recall gods and worship by the people. All are and I answered a couple questions directly posting some links when he gets a one more year from Robert about what we write more articles in our current president, gas lighting, division, or countries redo the last president we speak out against this rhetoric of calling people fascist bigots and domestic terrorists used to read article this week on this topic. Now it's crickets. This person claims to be a Christian. Just like the last one.

Your silence is like the media when it comes to covering him no other Christians that support was well right but about their delusion is because it won't sell as many books like the last comment is completely unfortunate. Not only the judgment of the sinful of the sinful nature but a complete misunderstanding of the reality that some of the stands that I take costly book sales costly donations co-opts me support and what I do is my team did do we ever did we ever in the history of my ministry sit down with our team and say well if you if you write in this.

It's like a cell as well or you know if you address this yearly support.

Nope, we might say were about to take a hit, but all we care about is what's true and what's right and outside. As a rule number two is our right as a few burdens right I don't sit around and think I'm the man to fix a December 2 three, a rule about trauma more articles supporting him that against him over the years up if you look at several hundred articles that I wrote. But I wrote a lot more about Trump because he was embraced by a large percentage of evangelicals now. I have loudly strong like a broken record in multiple articles least three or four different articles called out the group that was pro-life evangelicals for by like be even beating a dead horse, even when their whole website was called.

I will article about that two weeks ago. Two months ago on a daily wire article on daily wire about the by the ministrations of picture radical LGBT to act was a look at some of the people's appointment.

This is the extremes of LGBT correct business part of the cabinet and I'm frequently speaking out against his attempts to push transgender activism, things like that very much more about Trump because of the close evangelical association with Trump because the vast majority of people were following me on social media were were Trump voters and trump supporters and because our reputation was much work a lot with them.

I personally interested friends, colleagues don't know a single believer that voted for by dogs.

He got votes for believers, but I was single and did an and those who did if they didn't reader audience.

Trump or for some other reason I haven't met and I don't know any. I'm sure out there this and I don't know any visit Joe Biden as the ones can help our nation easily can. These loans can help with pro-life he's on the help with with family analyses allows you to be strong, no not receive a compass to destructive or they didn't care about abortion and care about these other issues, and therefore they voted for the pro-life evangelicals were Biden that was almost shameful things and then went if Corsi did what he always said he was going to do. As I said how you feel about that now but I I've never sat around bashing Pres. Obama is much as I deeply different with many of his policies.

I basically address things when they cross certain lines, and I felt they should. It's been the same with Pres. God when certain lines across discussion address from chemical lot one because he was getting attacked on several more articles to say hey here's their Lotta good.

I appreciate that.

Then when I got increasingly concerned about all this is fanatical support and this is especially costly because he thousands and thousands by the Truth Network

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