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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Biblical and Theological Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 17, 2018 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Biblical and Theological Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 17, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/17/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Boy I am bubbling with enthusiasm ready to get your calls and questions you've got questions. We got answers stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking friends to today's broadcast. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you on Friday. You know what happens. You got questions, we've got answers, 866342 that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Any question of any kind is welcome anything where I can be of any help to you by all means call if you want to differ with me or challenge a point to get clarification today is the day just want to draw your attention sees me to my latest article calling on California Christians to prepare for civil disobedience.

Yesterday the horrific bill, AB 29, 43, passed in the Senate 25 to 11.

From there it goes to the assembly and from there to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown and the way things look, it will easily pass. This is an outrageous bill saying that is it illegal and legal forbidden prohibited for someone struggling with same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion it illegal for them at any age to get professional help and counsel. This is when Christians have to say.

With all respect to the authorities were sorry but we do love our neighbor were sorry but we can help people were going to have to disobey you and and I don't believe ultimately assist in the amount of Christians be taken 1/4 suitor put in jail. I believe that this horrific outrageous bill will be overturned. I truly honestly believe that if it does pass the shameful thing is I got this for you got this far because too many people have been silent up to now, and if not spoken out on some a church leaders atonement individual Christians to let others have not spoken out. That's why things have gotten as far as they got the good news is more and more are speaking out to check out my latest article, share it widely and let's in our own sphere wherever we live this not be ashamed of the gospel, 86634 and we will start in Flagstaff Arizona with Daniel. Welcome to the line of fire hi Campo, my question was where you draw the line between karmic year, which you can either help or use of chemical, and from Google where that would be acceptable to God from Google, particularly on the Google word count of therapeutic use of chemical compound writing articles on my koto thing where the help youthful problem and the way and perhaps it would be more empathetic) and an apricot micro bill through the Ellet Dior style by open so right since January when you get the idea that pharmacopeia means the abuse of certain of the substances pharmacy vessel has never heard what I heard that that bracket back in the days of the cake are like chemical like maybe made light rail in the words translated witchcraft right witchcraft, right written in other words, that the Greek word pharmacopeia right salute. Let's say I'm I'm just in within the book of Revelation right and I look up witchcraft. Okay and all right let's see we don't have it in… Get a different translation that'll translated in that way okay also go over to the King James and yet so I will answer your question directly, but I first wanted to to deal with that. That misapprehension, where people have have a mistranslated pharmacopeia so will okay it's not witchcraft they're at it anyway. Bottom line is the Greek word pharmacopeia is a word from which we ultimately get or words for pharmaceuticals and things like that but the word itself is speaking of a spiritual abuse. The word itself is not speaking so much of a substance abuse but a spiritual abuse of spiritual sin, a an ungodly practice and what happens over a period of time is words goes through many changes like the Greek word doing the mess, which means power and primarily healing miracle power is the word from which we get dynamite but it's not because we pray for people. They blow up and explode when people say they're doing is that's the dynamite power of God.

No, that's take you later English meaning and putting it on on on the original Greek, just like the illustration always use the word nice in English comes from a French word meaning idiot so I heard some changes. They go from language to language to language. So the Bible doesn't explicitly say that if you abuse. Certain pharmaceutical substances you go to hell doesn't say that if you smoke a joint.

You go to hell if use LSD you go to hell it's it's like about sinful fleshly rebellion.

The bigger question is, is it good for believers to do things that take them away from being clearheaded, that take them away from sobriety and the answer is absolutely not.

Even if there legal it's legal to get drunk, but it's sinful to get drunk. It's legal in some states to smoke pot, get high, but it's sinful to get high and have your mental acuity compromised the one Scripture commands us to be sober and vigilant and to be sober and alert. You can't do that while hallucinating.

You can't do that while high on other drugs and therefore we say no to those substances and yes to the Lord. Plus, many are addicting, which is sinful and wrong, and others have other problems associated with them are now distorting to discover some of the problems associated with marijuana. The studies are being done after states legalize them unfortunately but airborne you have a channel so you don't what the question is, what's the purpose of it made all problem more easily and make you more current are purportedly more empathetic and kind people. Whatever you like my supposition would be that this is again idle.

I don't know about this with any expertise I can speak about that. The Bible with more expertise this I can speak about drug use in my own life before was a believer but but Daniel, it's best I don't speak more about the micro dosing thing without knowing more about it, but my understanding would be again it's it's an abuse of some kind is conscience or conscious altering and it is in its conscious altering is going to create something that's false look.

You can shoot speed and be the happiest person in the world for little while I love everybody and want to serve everybody make the world a better place. But it's totally artificial and I remember using LSA thinking. My mind was being Ritalin or other kind of thing like that because the like coming at what point do you draw the line between that one bad back… Right since the last match of the right.

That's it.

That's an important discussion to be had with professionals that have more insight that so I appreciate you asking me I respect that, sir, but I don't want to disrespect you by answering outside of my fields of expertise. So I would just say this if there is something that is medically approved that is addressing a condition in which someone bipolar. Some of the severe ADHD or someone with depression and their medically diagnosed with these conditions and certain drugs help deal with those conditions. Then I have to leave that to medical professionals.

I know people up close that struggle with certain mental health issues and are on certain drugs for life and for whatever reason I haven't been healed by God. But this just allows them to function normally. So I don't want to disrespect your question by order can build from people) or it could be the thing like that. Yeah. Could it could well be Daniel S was that I don't want to disrespect you and those taking these drugs by answering outside the fields of expertise I have. But don't worry about the pharmacopeia thing that's not with the Greek means in the New Testament. Okay Yep, sure thing.

Appreciate Buddy 866-34-TRUTH all let's go over to Derek and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Welcome to the line of fire that I like about every well I have a question. I read a book about your forward MSU heaven yes or you have great great block out really consolidate my understanding of the millennial kingdom very encouraging, but I do have a question pertaining to the return of Jiva and how you coming and hitting the executing judgment and be.

It can be effectively coming back to punish the offender. What degree that is because I know that there's going to be a student of the notes were centered in the millennial kingdom from China China be what your understanding of what degree it again. Not coming to join everybody that are correctly going to bring down Burton power and kingdom better. God and also another five but I'm try to figure out how the going to be orchestrated and and also is that what of the parallel that Islam is doing in all and another doing unrighteously but when there thinking in their mind after ushering in the imam going to be rolling in and they think that their purging the land of doubt different religious groups over the years. I thought they were doing God's work by destroying sinners and wiping out the wicked and elicit was a mandate of the children of Israel taking the land of Canaan. For various reasons, were God knows best.

This is not we go about doing that you may be in a war and the Nazis are trying to exterminate certain peoples and takeover with horrific reign of world domination and you fight against evil people in the war but outside it. Outside of that yet. The muscle look there there so many different Islamic theologies and ISIS representing certain extremes. I would look at that in in parallel terms. Even their view of imam or Messiah or messianic reign would be different but but let me give you four Scriptures to consider in terms of the millennial kingdom. Zechariah 14 says that the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will go to worship the Lord of hosts, so there are those actively attacking and there are survivors of the nations that attack that's one passage.

Matthew 25, 31 to 46 may well interact with that sheep and goat nations. Again, that's complex for many reasons is atonement individual behavior national is a time of eternal life or the millennial kingdom with Estes on the consider, but second Thessalonians 1 tells us that when Jesus returns to come in flaming fire inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. So there is a clear rebellion that's taking place and then second Thessalonians 2 that the Lord will destroy when he returns those who are perishing because they refuse to love the truth and so be safe so many will be wiped out in judgment. The judgment will be on those apparently in open rebellion against God error the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is French for joining us on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown.

You've got questions, we got answers 866-34-TRUTH 87884 just one last comment following up on the question about millennial kingdom there's a lot we don't know when I when I read through Matthew's manuscript of the thousand year reign of the Messiah. I was actually stirred afresh by how much the Bible speaks about this and then how much early church leaders look forward to this. That being said, there are always going to be questions and every system. If your post millennialist.

I'll give you massive scripture challenges to the if you're at all millennialist. I'll give you massive scripture challenges to that. If your dispensational list.

I'll give you massive scripture counts that if your historic premillennialist as I am.

I'll give you some scriptural chows of the Lord.

That's why I believe what I believe.

I believe it is the most coherent with the least challenging verses that seem to contradict it. Nonetheless, I don't see any system that fits perfectly with every chapter and verse meaning certain things will become clearer as we go further and have you ever sat down. Maybe counseling a couple talking to your own kids in person one would say the husband presents his case, and it's clear the wife is totally guilty and you sit down and deceive discuss it maybe we own spouse at Hubble. Is there any other alternative. No, no, she's guilty and you meet with the wife and she lays thing sounds like the husband was lying or the wife is line. There's all the return live in the use of them both down and realize all there is another alternative. There's truth to what they read. Saying so often. That's how it is you have to get more information will get that as we move forward 86634 let's go to Savannah, Georgia Philip walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown.

Thanks for taking my call. I had a very. Question. I'm not sure how much you drafted a thought about it and it kind of thing this week with the Pennsylvania Catholic Church that scandal and just to clarify my question before it turns into something else.

A lot of people use as an opportunity to bash our Chris our Catholic brothers and to cause division and to act as if this stuff does not help in Abbott within Protestant circles to various degrees, but I didn't want to ask your opinion as to if this had anything to do with my hypothesis is that big high government structure of the Pap fee that set up within the Catholic Church at least lends itself to a certain trouble in this, what happened in terms of being able to be held accountable and there be an entire system that it is capable of hiding you obviously. Maybe this would be a good thing all these people were truly seeking Jesus the way we all need to be, but the first part was, do you think that with this incident in Pennsylvania in terrible need to pray for them as anything to do with how the Catholic government Of the structure is and do you have any kind of reputations or questions about scriptural evidence for apathy in the structure of of the Catholic Church. Once again I'm not trying to turn this into some kind county and no one understood and you know I'm not on the Catholic basher and I have colleagues that are Catholic rights and times for the same websites unless I'm absolutely not Catholic. I do not believe there is any scriptural support for the papacy, but enough leaders any scriptural support for the hierarchical government going up to the Pope and I do believe that anytime you have a structure that is not closed in that tight that it does allow for more cover-up and more potential abuse not lose a few things in my book, playing with holy fire. I have a whole chapter on scandals of sexual immorality in the charismatic Pentecostal church. I am charismatic Pentecostal, I'm ashamed by the many scandals that we had the many sexual scandals, heterosexual and homosexual. And it's it's shameful. We've had monetary scandals and I lay out in the book why certain charismatic Pentecostal beliefs or practices or attitudes of on-demand the power anointed man of something how they could even give way to sexual morality, and I don't said to throw stones.

I I I am here, by the grace of God my life could have gone the same way as any of these other people is not for the grace of God. So my post is in Jesus sets first thing then in the wider evangelical church. We just had now scandal not in any way comparable to the Catholic scandal, but with all the leadership of Willow Creek Church Bill Hibel stepping down and again you can compare the levels of scandals but the one evangelical church with copies sold. All that to say that there is there's a lot of dirt and a lot of hands a lot of guilt a lot of victims a lot of people been hurt and abuse that shameful. My heart breaks for as well and I say that not throwing stones calling all of us for self-examination.

That being said, I am about to write something on the scandal and I write a lot for the stream array from a different websites. My articles are posted on lots of different websites, but I post more than any on the screen. but the policy there because they have Catholic writers as well as Johnson American Jay Richards and I'll probably not a product of others that are there because of that, the general view is if were going to criticize lit evangelicals criticize evangelicals and Catholics criticize Catholics, but I am about to write about this anyway and there is. Here's the big angle number one first. God help the victims so many turned off to the thought of God. Somebody turned off to the thought of Jesus. So many with a bad taste for anything, the claims to be Christian. May God have mercy on the victims and help them and they should be first and foremost in our prayers and our efforts to rehabilitate and help them reach out yes were not Catholic. Most of us, and I Catholics of the cath… Thank you for being listeners in the midst of our differences over your monthly supporters bless you. We obviously major on points of commonality, but even if this is an abuse specifically within the Catholic Church is turn people off to God to Jesus to Christianity, and in their live many that also been broken.

To this day it's horrific.

It's sexual abuse on minors. This is so monstrous.

Here's what we need to address in Philip, this is now been openly addressed by Cardinal Burke. This is largely a homosexual problem within the Catholic Church junkie study from 2004 indicated that roughly 80% of the abuse and of the number in front of me but roughly 80% of the abuse was heterosexual, is a season was was abusing males. Okay, as opposed to females and 7080% of those abused were post-pubescent boy's right so young teenagers notice is not just a pedophile reaping a three or four-year-old. This is someone now abusing a teenager sexually developed teenager right so was a Telus tells us it's a largely homosexual problem. Am I saying that most gay men are abusing children. No no no no no, every homosexual man ever spoken to about these issues deplores pedophilia and renounces that being said, according to study the Mayo Clinic a few years back.

Homosexual men or between four and 20 times more likely to abuse children. Other males then heterosexual men, for whatever reason, right.

But let's look at the nature of this how many heterosexual men who want to be married want to be married to woman one have children, how many of them get applied celibacy for life.

Some will have a sense of calling to God someone have a gift to do it but is any relatively few yet the Catholic Church requires that so it's an obvious place for someone to go to same-sex attracted especially in all the centuries were two men could not quote married to this day they can quote marry in the Catholic Church. So what's the point. The point is that you're going to have a disproportionate amount of same-sex attracted men who have no sexual or romantic Outlook outlet, you're going to have abuse taking place in the seminaries you don't have it taken place on high levels within the church.

This is pretty well known documented coming out more and more right it is you're going to have a problem.

Look, it would just be like if all the guys picture if all priests were heterosexual. Okay the and and and and they they were all heterosexual and none of them could ever marry right. None of the care marry or have sex and and because there they are doing it out of wedlock.

You have a lot more abuse of women you have a lot more abusive of teenage girls and things like that because these men, or God didn't call all these people be single. That's the problem. So first, the Catholic Church in my opinion needs to change its views and stop forbidding to marry, and recognize that some have a gift but Paul did know that her apostles did I Paul stood alone in and out of the ordinary there right so allow them to marry and then deal head-on with the problem of homosexuality in church and and bring it to the surface and every seminary from Cardinals to bishops to reverie this and and and let these people either step down if they can't control themselves or let them get godly help to get to the root of their attractions and to find ways to lessen them, or even to have transformation alright so that I believe is why problems exist, nestling a right you will take some flack over it. Solicit again.

Your average gay man pedophile.

No no no no no, absolutely not.

However, in historic homosexual circles you've had put Man boy love you had more of what's called intragenerational intimacy you had more mentoring like in the ancient Greek world. The celebration of of different activists through history that had their young male lovers.

This is a reality as well. So that's part of the culture that needs to be addressed hate talk about these things. And again, the victims may God help them and may God give us wisdom to help them in the midst of the horrific things they struggle with and suffered at the hands of alleged purported men of God never gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. You've got questions, we've got answers and we are going straight to the phones and will start with Bruce in Belgrade, Montana.

Welcome Sir to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown for taking my call.

I have a question specifically about hope you know this matter heard about them meal Gordon who's a Jewish man in the Hebrew scholar belongs to the Carol Wright sect of Judaism, but he did just to jump in the at least written about his views and addressed his his unique views. Many a time on the radio, so no need to give the intro dive right in. Okay yeah well specifically about his claims about the Hebrew name of God and I've read some of your writings on it, but I wondered if you had a brief answer that you could give me, specifically addressing his argument course as you probably know the believe that should be pronounced. You hold an item I've read some other scholars as well. If you're as your some of your writings but specifically addressing may be one or two major errors in his thinking and scholarship on that yet to see this so near my gourd this carrot right to so he does not believe in rabbinic Judaism.

He does not believe in the authority of Jewish tradition and in that regard I I have some harmony with him in terms of rejecting the authority of rabbinic tradition. Although I respect many of the beautiful traditions that are people of passed on and when I first encountered him. It was in writing about has a Hebrew version of the gospel of Matthew been discovered or is it found hidden within a later Hebrew, Matthew and then began to read some of his writings about the name of God and saw the other that the guide to serious scholarship and, in other words, even though you may see him on a popular Christian TV show that he's done research and that he's contributed to academic volumes and Dead Sea Scrolls work with the scholars and things like that so he's he's not just some some guidance on on the Christian TV show with a TV preacher, and by allowing Christian TV shows have out so that's but just to give contacts know is that they should be taken seriously in the points he raises, even if he can't give the full ammunition in the context of a Christian TV show but number number one. The overwhelming evidence of the way the master reads the scribes that added vocalization added valves to the text the way they did it in certain forms with prepositions and things like that points against the Jehovah pronunciation. That's the first thing that's way too detailed for me to get to on the air. Everybody would get lost if if I did it. If you go on to Jewish encyclopedia online and and look up either Jehovah or yell we'll you'll find discussion there now, he claims, are some manuscripts that are been discovered that go against that that the overwhelming evidence of MySpace.

We have points against that that's that's one thing a second thing is when you look at forms of Hebrew names of different leaders that are found in Akkadian documents. The documents of Babylonian and Assyrian that, for example, the name Elijah's LE yahoo right O or IRI. Hezekiah is his key yahoo or Isaiah's you shall yahoo the yahoo ending and where does that come from in the yacht ending that when you look at certain names Hebrew names or related names that are spelled out in cuneiform which actually gives you the the pronunciations. Once you learn the how the signs work that points towards a Yahweh renunciation so that's it. That's another thing. And then his argument that Hebrew did not have a water sound, but rather of the sound again. I'm oversimplifying everything that he says that we think Hebrew originally had a water sound that because it became of the based simply on Arabic and that Arabic has the water, sound, and we think that was the original one and then deleting Hebrew linguist told Nehemiah that much told the sender that much and said actually we just base that on the Arabic and sprawling that accurate but, to paraphrase the quote but as I understand the grammar of the grammatical forms that we have where the revolver reappears.

It was originally there and then it reappears in certain verbal forms, it indicates a want sound that then became an owl as opposed to a Vought sound. One of the via something a labial that that works out differently so I believe originally there was a war verses of the I believe that the evidence from outside of Hebrew.

Other names, and the way that they would transliterate names from Hebrew Semitic points in the direction of Yahweh, and then the Hebrew vocalization when prepositions are added to certain forms points against an original Jehovah, so those should be three arguments that I would say point strongly against Jehovah/Jehovah and and therefore Yahweh meat remains. We understand to be the best pronunciation. Nothing said no problem with God's name certainly being shrouded in mystery on a certain level. Just like when he disclosed himself to Moses in Exodus 3 said I am that I am that can be translated different ways and there is revelation and get mystery in it so it's fine to me that we can debate the actual pronunciation of his name. Okay right yeah and if I could just a quick follow-up to the Scripture. Your fighting in Genesis you know what mode the excise accessory are Exodus on Zaria. I knew of, but he that type of one of the argument that he used is I don't remember Hebrew AA yeah sure here.

Yeah, right, you come out with it will come out with with Jehovah and embers of this company could have answered this so many times on the air. So I did.

I do appreciate you calling.

Maybe one day I'll put out a video that gets into even greater depth. Write an article if it's integrated death and out of respect for the sender's work it's integrated or interact with him.

I just found one other scholar recently tried to argue for original you hold water pronunciation again that's that's the tiniest minority of minorities that would do that you are legitimate. He was called and it was overwhelmingly the argument is against it, but his point would be that you never had a form that would be called the Hicksville form that would generate a a form Yahweh and then the question would be okay did that form ever exist was that usage ever there matches be reflected in biblical Hebrew. Anyway got a go.

But thank you sir for the question. Those want to find out more, just got my digital library and asked Dr. and just search for Yahweh, you'll find an article, video, and out we get into as much depth as we felt was good enough, popular, setting an academic setting. Obviously we get into even more deeply 866-34-TRUTH and let's go to Eugene in Manhattan, Kansas, the one that first call that informed me that the researcher places Manhattan, Kansas. I don't I'm not. Dr. Mabey or somebody else for Manhattan Kansas.

I just remember learning it on the fly online here. Okay what your questions are talking about and my question and give Rodney 18.2. I gave the explanation that topic. The name of the Lord and on the path.

A non-known for my part. Without going you might think that I ran into a claim profited at a mall one day and she thought my life and you know everything. In short, he that had acute impact earned many thing ever going on and she told me how to overcome them, and because of running into her belly.

It had a huge impact in my life. I something I noticed in the very beginning of what that is nothing that would usually error but simply one thing on your birthday correct and I noticed that when eating I could think not of that and then I not funny. My own personal pilot study. Though my question is back, and man he called out of pocket again in and prophesying correctly still be a legitimate that yet right so let me answer on several levels.

Eugene Wright first. The first thing is the Deuteronomy 18 is talk about God raising her prophets lead the nation of Israel and it is something taking place under the Sinai covenant and this profit. It uses the term Hebrew term maize seed just to speak presumptuously if a false prophet speaks in the name of other gods. That's not like an accidental slip up. You know, thus says the devil like whoops whoops so that's that's not a slip up so it says in verse 20, a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything of documents of this presumption that right or prophet who speaks in the name of other gods is to be put to death right and these were life-and-death issues for Israel because if if Israel follows the leading of one of these profits. It could be in disobedience to God can be to death and destruction so even if we believe in profits today, which I do know prophet has that authority. Today right know prophet has that authority to a nation to an individual profits or servants like everyone else. Profits are accountable. Like everyone else. Profits must be tested everything they say must be tested by the word in their character. Life must be tested so they do not have authority the way Old Testament prophets did. That's the first point right the second point is that if someone claimed to be a prophet and said follow other gods or violate the Scriptures or gave you bogus words it didn't come to pass and you recognize that person is not a prophet. Plain simple. What happens though if they've got a great track record and 89 times in a row.

They nail it and speak accurate things in the 10th time.

It's partly accurate and partly wrong.

Do we write them off now.

My secessionist friends.

Those who don't believe the gift of prophecy today would say even if I believe that that I'd write that person office prophecy always has to be 100%. I respect that you I honor those who hold that view that prophecy is always 100%. However, my understanding is in the New Testament because everybody can potentially prophesy right and they could be brand-new believers in people with less maturity and people know the word lesson all this because everybody can potentially prophesy the spirit being put all flesh.

Paul first with his 14 wishing that everybody in Corinth would prophesy.

That's why you also first with his 14 that someone speaks and the judge carefully or first Thessalonians 5 don't despise prophecies open at the spruce fire, but test everything. Hold fast to the good. So I believe that with New Testament prophecy number one, it does not carry the authority of Old Testament prophecy number two. Under no circumstances is it ever adding to Scripture contradicting Scripture and number three and must be tested must be tested and sifted out. And if I see that someone's really speaking from the Lord but is brought in some of their own human interpretation. I throw that part out.

I would only cost a bundle. False prophet, though, was a a a deceiver, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Other sites that you claim to be a prophet but not it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends.

Be sure to read my article alerting California Christians that they may have to step into civil disobedience.

In the days ahead, read it on Esther to ensure why the with your friends also did the band. We put a ban on women calling today. Got all gentlemen calling in with Scripture questions.

That's great, but just think we put out a ban on women calling today diddly anyway, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Jim and man the real Manhattan just had Manhattan Kansas that we get the real Manhattan in New York rose born Hemant walking to the line of fire and arthritis, but real Manhattan are you doing Dr. Brown doing well. Thanks alright so I know in Matthew 24 Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away out of the rectum filed with textual criticism, with most conservative believing scholars are pretty certain that you know for example the last 11 verses of Mark Mark's gospel are original or certain verses like a, versing first on box 7 in the King James Bible are original, like can we reconcile those issues while still witnessing to people in thing.

Yes, this is God's word and his word is unchanging because God is unchanging how American palliative care if we know that there's been small differences along the way with translation yeah all very very easy question, but real simple.

Let's say I give you prophecy that my words will never pass away right that until the server sends my words will never pass away. Okay, and a thousand years from now. You've got to thousand of my articles and 40 of my books and 4000 line of fire broadcasts all preserved a thousand years from right and you also have some other people that wrote books and said this is really Michael Brown and it wasn't or that you had some extra pages of the people wrote with that with that diminish my word and don't know, not the least so the fact that Jesus words have been preserved. The fact that they been translated into every major language in the planet. The fact that we have an abundance of his words in here and there some additional words have been written that claim to be his that that weren't or others were preserved outside of the major collection of course they come to pass. You want to say look, look at this will just have it here and there. We have thousands and thousands and thousands of manuscript saying the same thing, and the differences between them are so infinitesimal and and so unimportant that not a single major doctrinal point is affected whatsoever and the New Testament is the best preserved document from the ancient world. From that time the world far and away, and you have your groups like writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

We know they existed in terms of a lot of their writing. We know they existed until the 1940s. There is speculation there is some unknown Jewish sect that had written certain document is one thing to do and fallows you know that existed. The Sadducees having what we have of their items almost nothing and on and on.

Many ancient groups and you were there. This one mentioned that we don't have anything from them.

If the words of Jesus preserved. Amazingly, so that you can you can get alone in your home in a little hot in a village in a in a jungle somewhere and read the words of Jesus for yourself as if he's there in the room talking to you. It's amazing okay. Thank you Dr. Brown you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH get Curtis on YouTube. I feel my spirit that the Talmud is still taboo to Dr. Brown. I sincerely hope that's not the case, six Corinthians instructors to be aware since devices and this is a major tool of his I'm I'm not sure. I'm not sure exactly which you are you referring to as being a major tool. The Talmud is is a vast collection of writing several million words deeply complex legal thought and then with it various stories, folklore, tradition, words of wisdom biblical interpretation and so it's it's wide-ranging collection. And as as a Jewish person of study different parts of the Talmud. There's a fascinating discussion and it there's an interesting interpretation of Scripture. There's interesting speculation about the Messiah, but the vast majority of his legal discussion, so it is what it is and it's not meant to be Christian are in harmony with the New Testament is what it is. It's ancient rabbinic literature and there's a lot that's fascinating to learn and there's much I appreciate terms were tradition and much that I differ with anyway, 866-34-TRUTH of that's going to hurt his Baton Rouge, Louisiana Curtis, you're on the air, articulate to what turn the radio down right turn the radio down whatever source you have disclosed your hearing. That delay if you get the turn down.

Let's try this again. I Curtis are you there dear. I go answer the law along the creek. There are no review, you know, appreciate that it on when they come to that. All all or so. This is Curtis and I just interacting this room from YouTube price Utah about the Talmud, the just out of curiosity how much of the Talmud. Have you read already written on regular won't talk about now on about leaders on or about the cold and the dog properly and read about where okay or that have their girl.

Go all this is just jumping just to help you and okay just help you out here that's all clear ocher. First, there is debate among rabbinic scholars as to whether some of these verses actually speak about Jesus that is boiling and excrement in hell or something like that. There is debate among rabbinic scholars. I have friends of mine who are coming scholars who know the material in and out who don't believe those referred to Jesus, they're not believers. They don't they don't like faith in Jesus, but they don't leave the referring to Jesus. There are others who believe that there select there some junk in the Talmud. There's no question there are some junk in atomic but here the idea that the Talmud teaches that cicada sex with a girl is three known that's a myth.

You say no II read it.

It's it says that if she was originally before three something that's wants talk about. It's talking about a case where a little girl has an incident. Maybe she's she has an accident and a stick penetrates her okay maybe she's sitting on the back of a horse or something, and something happens and she and her hymen breaks okay when it comes to marriage should she still be considered a virgin.

Yes, it's nothing. It's as if she was poked in the eye.

In other words, don't consider getting it doesn't say you can have sex with a three-year-old, so there are websites Jewish websites that refute a lot of the stuff look up a fellow named Gil student G.I. L first name last name student like student STD ENT and see some of what he's written about the Talmud is an Orthodox Jew, we differ passionately differ about who Jesus issue is but see some of what he's written about some of these things. And Curtis, I appreciate your tone in your respect yes their stuff in the Talmud that I find ugly and wrong. Absolutely. And in my article on unequal weights and measures, I point out the danger of some traditional Jew attacking New Testament so you attacked the New Testament literature.

Literature okay but many things, most of the charges against the Talmud are based on misconception and here's your sweetie tractate is a tall grotto start there to start reading it. Their English translations available. Start reading it first to be lost within a couple words read through the whole thing and see what it says about any of these issues based find nothing this that's not with the Talmud is about any weights or thank you for the call so we can take more time on that and Patrick in Springfield, Illinois. Time is really short but dive right answer. Yes, Dr. Brown like my question is really quick sure somebody that they Protestant Christian consider the Catholic Church of the current hearing organization and did a preacher. Okay, there are friends of mine who have converted from Protestantism to Catholicism right colleagues. People who, as far as I know are committed Christians who honor the word of God, who know the Savior who seem to be as born-again as I am and committed to gospel fundamentals as I am. I don't follow it to be totally candid with you.

I can understand it. I don't know why someone about a vibrant living relationship with the Lord in a non-Catholic city would convert to Catholicism, and I know the arguments that it's the original church is the mother church or when you read the early fathers you see that they all held to Catholic doctrine, etc. etc. I am in the exact opposite side of that is as you could be that being said, my own views very simple.

Patrick I know people as far as I know in my limited humanity. People who are saved, Catholics. But I look at that, despite the distinctives of Catholicism. Despite the mass despite the exultation of Mary, despite the papacy, despite the authority of church tradition, so I look at those people so they convert it doesn't mean they embrace those things that's can be between them and God. But fundamentally, fundamentally, I see this as a drawing away rather than a drawing near and I see them as knowing the Lord being genuine save despite Catholic distinctives and it would simply be because of an emphasis on Jesus and who he is and what is done. I friends back with you on Monday

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