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“Biblical Unitarian” Call-In Day

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 15, 2019 4:50 pm

“Biblical Unitarian” Call-In Day

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 15, 2019 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/15/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You consider yourself a biblical Unitarian bull today is your data call in with your question for me or your objection or your challenge stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the modifier 866-34-TRUTH this number to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884 phone lines were jammed before our call screener even got in today. As I looked up at my screen so be patient get to as many as we can Friday night. I debated Dr. Dale Tuckey philosophy professor on the question. According to the Bible is as the father loan the true God. His position was just my position was no God is triune, father, son and Spirit and that the son is also the true God and the spirit is also the true God because there is only one God in Scripture, father, son and Spirit are revealed as eternally God. So there are lots of folks that want to talk more afterwards I talked to some briefly but but really had a go effect to some really eager to talk to the guy I gotta get out here.

It's late. Obviously we ask as many questions as we could.

That night many of you couldn't be there. Many of you are sympathetic to Dr. Tubby's viewpoint, so also great. Let's let's have a call in day in less there is major massive news that was going to cause the way this is what were doing today. So it's just going to be a moment for our for Howard to get your info and then as soon as we have some names and places.

I'll start to bring you on the air.

I just want to talk in perfect candor and openness to you from moment. It would be very easy for me as a Jewish believer in Jesus to try to argue for some other position since somehow deny the deity of the Messiah or to come up with some kind of motorist formulation that that God is not simultaneously father son and Spirit or that he just revealed himself, his father than's son and Spirit.

Whatever it be easy, but I don't see Scripture saying that, on the flipside, I do not primarily relate to the creeds is not that I'm attacking the creeds, but I don't primarily relate why was it.

Usually when Jesus grew up outside of the faith. I did not have the background of growing up in church were maybe creeds would have been confessed and things like that I get saved in a tiny Pentecostal church were most of the folks came out of Catholicism so there was no connection and that level at all, and then for me I just tried to see what is the Bible's. It was the Bible's. It was the Bible say and and then interacted a lot with the Jewish community pretty much 47 years consecutively tried to discuss these things from that framework now interacting some with Muslims remember Mohammed wrongly thought the Trinity was father-son and Mary so it's not that I don't want to use certain phrases in terms it's a relate primarily to those kids and just look at Scripture definitions be on primarily interacting with Jews and and Muslims less so and try to communicate in ways that would be understandable. There and then in terms of the debate and not a philosophy professor just like if we were debating with the Hebrew says Dr. Tuckey couldn't do that thought is for you on the amount of philosopher does not about to get into a metaphysical discussion.

My questions was the Bible's was the Bible say and and that's the ultimate question.

So with that phone lines are open now again if you're calling about any other subject that you just want to ask about. I will take the call. So some of you get on the areas of the subject will have to move on to someone else right. We started in Florida with Erin.

Welcome to the modifier will Dr. Brown hello hello yes Eric from deductible. Florida bikers were good and Michael glad there are the biblical Unitarian Mike will I worship you, per the look in chapter 2 Michael 11 Vic of God, the father of both of you. Lord in Revelation 5 below) don't put why we were to do the interview with Blaine and her Revelation chapter 4 verse 11 we worship God because he created all things and buy it, will they were created utilizing worship you, would you worship God as the Redeemer argue this is say so. In Revelation 4 so you don't limit your your worship just was written in Revelation 4. Why are you telling me that I have to limit my worship of the sun Jesus was written in another verse.

Why can I work on the base that'll apply and I will can I worship him based on the full revelation of Scripture what your that Reppert where in the Bible.

The reason we are through work due to other words there that you believe God when John finds that rattling should justify that all men should honor the son just as they honor the father there you have it, but the conduct level. But because the God that man a man should honor the son just as they honor the father able to conquer how you want.

How do you honor the father that brought back vertically within the conduct of the fund being given authority by the father, but it says we should honor the most is mounted father Karen has no siren as Saharan. How many you worship Jesus as a God correct they would put up your fiber…) And in Revelation 5 the identical worship is given to the Lamb and to God. At the end of the chapter is to the llama to him, sits on the throne the identical worship is given to both you give the identical worship to both as they did in Revelation 5 very worship but are not equal. Worship there different talk of worship all or hang on evanescent know that will our thoughts are not). Hang on hang on our none. I know you hang on. Okay to tell you where God puts on hold okay because, listen, I'm giving you all of you could biblical Unitarian settle leave your biblical Unitarian because the Bible is against your position is ultimately not Unitarian you end up with was to God's. However, if I ask you to please hold on. You have to hold on re-giving you airtime to raise your voice and to give your your opinion okay but you have to do it in a way that is fair to our listeners right so Revelation 5 it says this at the end of the chapter.

They said with a loud voice. This is what all creation land-use Lord is where the receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing verse 13 and and and though it doesn't say why their decision is slaughtered and that's now verse 13, I heard every creature does every created being. The Lamb is not created in heaven on earth under the earth, on the sea, and everything in the same blessing and honor and glory and dominion. The one seated on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever so Aron right there. They get the identical worship. There is no distinction being made in the worship they receive. You going to shuck not correct. I just read its user biblical negative outcome, but that not taking anything out of context to a trillion times over. What I take out a gun. If you are merely look at that yeah me and you can pick whatever they want, but I can use it was Thomas to Jesus my Lord and my God.

All work here you're a guy touring your ignoring with the line ready.

I read it to you are going to contact Aron on there is not right. Okay.

I hope the next cold does better than this. I read the Scripture in context. I'm taking it out of context.

I called Jesus saying all men should honor the son is not of the father doesn't mean art. Hopefully next call will be better will have some optimism, 8663 or truth. Let's go to San Antonio, Omar, you're on the line of fire Michael Brown. I wanted to thank you for allowing her physically.

People speak because as we you may or may not know, little Gary and Devon.

You know Sean not given up that we can go now and not even go from Isaac Newton knew that it will Unitarian why I I started thinking about the not that by coving my book, and limit.

Let me just say this, by all means I'm giving you guys a platform to share your views and will do our best to get the debate out with Dr. Tuckey publicize that is why these possible but I believe just to be clear, this is a very dangerous error and completely on biblical and a slot in the face of the eternal son. So with all respect to you soon. Your sincerity, I just want that no so there was a sound like a listener. The hearing I am on my loan is your opportunity to challenge me and let me do my best to expose but will both have adequate thank you for your gracious attitude, Omar. That's very polite. If you are Naomi's so so your argument or pointer challenge. Go ahead okay yeah I'm in and I would one quick comment to the other German but I know you Jody will not acknowledge that the phonons were jammed before the show. If I give everybody that opportunity and their belligerent and will not even acknowledge Scripture will have one long nasty call and no and you'll never even get online okay go quickly.

You I love commentary from firm about a Catholic Bible, the numeric Bible by one read aloud commentaries and you know you and then I'll think of anything but invalid.

The Jerusalem Bible on 40. On 45. It is your eternal God unreasonably in the commentary from the Bible but I don't. God is given to the angel bombing five the leaders and judges. I give up on 58 102, Exodus 1465 or 61. The growth of Samuel first on your 2013 left of David. The gradual eight and I know you and your your background is like invading Judaism and I'm in each of you aware that kind of God is referred to in an Bible in the Bible like that that's actually correct as a misnomer. Okay, nothing. Bible all our heart and let me II know that I'm incorrect what was just said okay okay number one and and anyone checking about see this. It's misleading to say God better to say the word Elohim can use the word Elohim can in God's pluralize and idols. It can refer to the angels as divine beings. In some cases it can refer to earthly judges in all probability okay and it can refer to God the one and only God with a capital G however sit with Moses, it's that you will be as a God to Pharaoh or cigarettes.

All the people be like God. Nowhere ever, under any circumstance or is that use of Elohim ever an object of worship elicits the one true God never could anyone say my God.

As Thomas says in John 2028, never, never, ever, ever way you tested it first. Jesus is God's 100% different. Say: save the God of the same so very very misleading and I hope you'll see that understand thankfully right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown see friends. My heart is not divided between Jesus and God startled it's got only there's not another God I worship her little and call God that I worship 866-34-TRUTH is put that read this for you if you want you can see it Akai that the first graphic so supportive stranger had with Prof. Tuckey yesterday, a seductive talk you please clarify the debate. You acknowledge that Jesus is called God With your small due number times in the New Testament correctly by Thomas John 2028 when he says to the risen Jesus my Lord and my God. Thomas is now you believe that he's worshiped and adored in a prayer can be offered to him. Is that correct that Kentucky said I can see for the sake of argument that is called God.

G. Baby several times though.

I think the only really clear case of Hebrews 1. As for your last question is yes to both on basis of New Testament. I deny that only someone who is God himself can be worshiped explicit that exalted Jesus can be to. I will back all clear my two God's statement about your beliefs is perfectly fair you believe in short, you believe Jesus can rightly be called God worshiped and prayed to but is not the eternal Creator God. You can have that sir. I'll stick with monotheism. Only one has my total devotion then that led to this second graphic. He said no. With respect, it was not fair, but was at best misleading is my parable makes clear he posted that my theology has exactly one God, one God, small, G. V.

But exactly 2 objects of religious worship God and his son, not a single son father who didn't didn't die still in your sentence starting with in short, yes, you are basically getting me right here. We read this again from Dr. Tuckey himself still in your sentence starting with in short, yes, you are basically getting me right here so that led to this. I then said perfect. I retweeted his statement perfect to repeat to all, Dr. Tuckey believes Jesus can rightly be called God can be worshiped and adored and can be prayed to.

That's why say he believes into God's from the only one is the object of my worship and devotion one God, eternally, father, son and Spirit. I'm happy to say, one being three divine persons.

I just was not going to get into that type of terminology in a debate because I was not getting into a philosophical debate about the essence of God's tri-unity, but rather, the question is the father alone. The true God in Scripture. Margaret no son clearly is also identified as God eternal Creator Spirit as well. 866-34-TRUTH we go to ANSI in Atlanta. Thanks for calling the line of fire. You will be worn out by vendor to understand you.

You agree with Dr. Wright that God is one walk in three and if so where is God called a walk in Scripture. I wouldn't say it like that person or not only because what to be misunderstood now if Dr. White was here, he articulated himself with perfect clarity, but that soon he thinks more theologically, mostly with the creeds. I think more exegetical. He he's in exegete as well and in terms of interaction with Jewish community. God though is a one in terms of of God is if I say what is a God, what is the biblical God that I define the person he is the creator etc. but those just not my words so I'm sure you express yourself one way Dr. Tuckey another way, other biblical interns yet another way I would say again, if I had to define one being in three persons, but I find person fall short because I could be associated with humanity, and I don't mean in that sense okay. You and I plan on in our language over time without misunderstanding you call God I hate and you called him and his personal pronoun. I understand this to be single person so you wind up implying 3 1/4 each one of them for your feet to the triune God. Honesty, language, life will why worry about that one. I just go Scripture is the name of the father, one name, but it's the father son and Spirit. You look there people that deduced from that Jesus only doctrine that Jesus is the father son and Spirit and therefore they embrace a oneness theology.

That to me is is on biblical reason. I agree yes so so II that's why again I was reluctant to get into a terminological debate because another philosopher and Andrea that Dr. Tuckey is going to go in that direction, but my question would you agree with me, sir, that the big issue is not how are communicating this, but what Scripture says when talking about Scripture in your publishing it would been talking about Scripture and human language anywhere else and not human language. Oh, okay some language but but sir so God sits in all of our human communication without problem. The fact that this is counsel. I describe God in perfectly human terms and everything should be perfectly understandable that size of land to me how God is seen and not seen bended. That's what the text said also know that you others said they saw God face-to-face submit to.

I believe with the first time I've been going there.

I was away.

I'm working out because as the sun reveals the father the son is seen so they saw God face to face with the father is unseen so they didn't see God they saw God, but they didn't see God I I'm resolving just using Scripture no problem for me to quit talking would only mean only true God, wouldn't that make that he's got enough the idols, not the other false gods, etc. yeah but everybody else to every other claimant of God. Yes, but it doesn't exclude the one who himself is is God but but certainly limit them. Yes this and again with with all respect and appreciate your tone and and I got you like about this for many hours but when I see Revelation 22 it says the throne of God and of the Lamb oriented Jerusalem. So there's one get wrong for God and the Lamb is the Lamb sitting on God's lap, or next, which has at work that's question what and then to speaking of the chew, his servants will see his face and serve him and you know the logical antecedent there is God and the Lamb that would violate you or your use is there in less God is triune and pronounced differently in the Hebrew mindset than you for your reading your grandma that perfect everything is explained, is that so it's it's the English mindset is giving you trouble is distinctive about what the Hebrew I just didn't perfect. So God is complex. It is our hate ferret out. Let's think biblically. He bravely as I get caught up in an English battle so God and the Lamb. Revelation 22 is serving see him, worship him like this one God gone the Lamb. When God perfect. Thank you that that was wonderful very very helpful. Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Andrew and Austin Texas. You are on the line of fire by Dr. Brian DeMarco. I really appreciate it. Sharing of knowledge with the world. Of course, a clarifying question before I get into my true question just to see if this is still your stance or if you wanted to clarify, I felt a little more, so you have for doing the bait that the son of God, did not die what God the son did not.the essence of your standby, clarify, perfect. Thank you so much that he was the issue. Death is the physical thing is the son of God on the cross. Yes, yes, of course, did God's essence ceased to exist no north nor do I believe it happens to any human spirit. So let let's say when your great-grandfather died over many generations back many years ago I I do not believe that his spirit ceased to exist at that point, his spirit either want to be with God were separated from God.

You may believe in conditional immortality, that the spirit is asleep right so that that's my difference. In other words, the son of God experienced death. Like any human being would experience death as it says in verse two they crucified the Lord of glory. That is a learning event) is over.

There's a clarifying question what might your questions okay or you're saying now is that the son of God did actually God because death is physical but I am again I said over and again the debate after the death was it was office to clarify okay to it. I ask you not I may have to answer on the other side of the break, but you got time to ask you question now go for it please you perfect. So all you get into a metaphysical conversation but rather to strictly biblical in a common sense yellow sort of way.

There is a distinction in Paul makes it between the body and the soul and spirit, so we could say that Jesus and the physical body. Dog doors are are are are you are you been implying first, are you implying that the soul or the spirit of Jesus was God. God and Jesus right if we speak this season. We speak of the sun speak of Jesus was speaking of two related but different things. The sun was eternally God right since I specifically came down from heaven he came from every father here returning to the father and he was also fully human. The man guy's thesis of Jean artist was born at a certain point in time right but the sun eternally existed.

So in body, soul, spirit. Jesus was fully God and fully meant that that would be the definition of the of the incarnation.

So as fully human and fully God simultaneously how that works out. In every letter of yes and I clarify my question after vertically sure thing you got it my friends phone lines family keep trying your best to be fair, get as many as possible.

He'll have one called. We talk on the my best as many calls as possible on this Unitarian: the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown), Michael Brown, this is Unitarian: Dana Unitarian Universalist with those: fills biblical Unitarians who deny the deity of the son who deny God's tri-unity debated a biblical Unitarian at his initiative this past Friday night. Dr. Dale tugging that video fits on our website and YouTube channel already should be sometime today. You can watch the full debate is with adequate time to go back and forth with one another and if you have a question for me specifically relating to this end really want to take calls from those who agree with Dr. tugging 86634878840's we go to Andrew and Austin Texas. So get right to your questions. There is work carrying on from back after the break during agreement brought up John 313. No one has ascended into heaven except the one who defended not bring exit and bring that up. I was coding reservoirs. So here we have Jesus stating his personal identity to anything. I came down from heaven. I assume that you read that literally right when he says he came from God was returning to God. We know how he went.

What I don't know you got it going to hear your question, insert your client, your your clarifying question please just get question on the front of the callers right so so in first Corinthians 15, Paul says that after resurrection, we gain a spiritual body. And so here we have Jesus after after the resurrection. In Revelation 118 think I died, but behold, now I live forever more. In Revelation 312. This resurrected person nodding if you got physical body and more one who is victorious I will make a temper in the pillar of my God. So you think you have the God.

So the question is for questions or real quick. Your specific question. I'm trying to call us. How does the resurrected personal identity of Jesus Christ state that he has a God's incarnation. It's simple. That's it like basic basic question because the Jesus's resurrection. He litter Who's Who.this have a resurrected way is a resurrected God D.

A resurrected body. When someone dies their body dies.

We say they die, even though Christians believe that persons soul/spirit went to be with the Lord. So they die, will because the body died. What gets resurrected. The body gets resurrected so we await our resurrected bodies spiritually in heaven. So it is die physically, you rise physically and Jesus remains our mediator, so the risen son is as Braxton pointed out, yes exactly the hypostatic union that Jesus is fully human and fully divine continues. Yes, that's why he could say I'm going back to my God. In John 20 and then immediately after the Thomas is my Lord and my God and Jesus commands and fours not you believe if you can say that Jesus is your God as Thomas did in his New Testament explicitly calls them God in a number of occasions and in a way they can only refer to the eternal deity. But if he's your God and you have unless you believe. I believe gift to God's right yet the father is your God and Jesus is your God.

I want God, 86634. Let's go back to Atlanta Carlos, welcome to the line of fire mark on talking to me again. You bet on it. Thank you for going out again the leading cause of that country abortion subject that you call know many pastor teachers continue to be silent on. I want to commend you on that site. Thank you so and I assume that you speak with that as well so thank you for your stand.thank you okay quickly. I want to take a look at them and all the other BU biblical Unitarians out there and thank you for allowing this platform because the photo you not trying to make our head in the door at Baystate so quickly to pick up a comment and I'll get my questioning article 20 9B Solomon actually on the throne of Yahweh and export it alongside Yahweh naming Daniel Evans the bank of the most high God or worship alongside the engine of Bacon percolation three Christians are expected it on the throne with the father and the son and in the same chapter and verse nine.

They are all warship. My question is related worship. If one has God to be worship them right you understand Isaiah 45, four, where the nation been the obvious thing the future will both active warship but also great Israel. You can check the Hebrew undiagnosed of the brick bank.

Yeah, great, great questions and thank you for your I guess he just hung up having asset. Okay, so you're not there first. Thank you for your gracious spirit and your humility in presenting things much appreciated. Thank you for your questions that are very fair questions and that a thoughtful question so much appreciated all those points again. Yes, I am giving quick biblical Unitarians, but overly biblical right giving you a platform but my goal is to expose error. My goal is not to get people to consider your viewpoint, but to allow you to challenge me and in the presence of my hearers and my ghost expose the error and to call you to recognize the glorious eternal son who with his father created universe member.

Isaiah 44 says that when he created, there was no one with them. He created by himself and yet the New Testament explicitly on several occasions says that he created with and through his son, who was before all things through him all things hold together okay. So a few things. Daniel seven the end of the chapter. I do not believe that a clock in Aramaic that that refers to the word for worship there refers to the saints.

I believe it is saying that he goes back to him, namely, the son of man to whom all Dominion authorities given this first thing second thing yes the throne of Yahweh can mean the throne that he gives to after rightly instead. In context, but for sure there are verbs like Avant to serve. They can be used both for that. The king, and God.

He's talk of all to do obeisance to the can be used for both the king and God, even an earthly king. Absolutely.

And when people bow down and worship Jesus in the Gospels, it does not necessarily mean that they worship him as God is that they did obeisance to him like I've been in Indianhead.

Hindus fall at my feet and can kiss my feet is a think of a holy man to just focus on rally is the most offensive thing to see. It is heartbreaking to see them do that.

But yes they biblical cost if you could you could bow down before King and it did mean you're worshiping him his counsel. There is no question whatsoever that there is certain worship certain adoration that can be given to someone less than eternal God, but there is a particular type of worship, adoration at the loss to him alone because he will give his glory to know other, nor can anyone else be worshiped as God. That's the key thing so when the New Testament presents Jesus as the cocreator with Hebrews 1 explicitly. Speaking of the past in the Hebrew in the Greek case, the Hebrew Psalm 102. In the Greek Septuagint and then quoted in in in Hebrews want when it speaks of him and the beginning of old grade in the heavens and the earth. It's time of the earthly creation of some alleged new future creation and that creation will wear out which this physical earthly creation, it will wear out. As for the son is years and door and when he's called God and all the angels are called to worship him as God, then then there's a possibility either. He's eternal deity or were guilty of polytheism, idolatry, or something else like that. So as far as Israel and the nations bowing down before Israel and supplicating Israel. So the same way you can pray to, and he BU could supplicate right so I can supplicate God. I can supplicate individuals so excellent parallel to point out Carlos but again do you supplicate Israel. As you supplicate God. For example, John 14 where Jesus says pray the father. This is if you ask me anything. I'll do it. That's only God can do or Stephen say Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. That's a divine act human being can't do that so it's the nature of the prayer. It's the nature of the worship. I'm really disappointed with the first caller refused to see that at the end of Revelation 5. The identical warship goes up to God. Praise on a glory Dominion power to God and to the Lamb unless the Lamb is eternal deity, that's as blasphemous. Remember Johnny 58 when Jesus is before Abraham was, I am not.

I was sore or I've always existed in the mind of gob program was. I am to pick up stones to stone him. Thanks all right, 866-34-TRUTH of this cobranding in Missouri.

Thanks much. Recall in the line of fire for taking my call. I'd like to ask the question for me a question about the incarnation incarnation. As I understand you, you feel that the logo log, the son of God was the soul or spirit in union with the body of Christ.

No none of that would mean that his soul and spirit was human useful. I so body spirit fully human and fully divine clothes reflect how exactly that works itself out. That is fully human and fully divine humor explained that that I can explain what the medical issues is because on the how everything works.

But this was clearly revealed that was the word was eternal with what God was. The word was as many Greek scholars is the best way to understand the end of John 11, through whom everything is great and who is the life and light of all men that word literally became flesh the roads became human being and tabernacles among okay.

You wouldn't want to speculate on whether there was a comedy like a human soul. Plus, the logoff together you would like to book it would seem so, but how does it work for me. I don't want to go beyond Scripture. No, I think Scripture allows us to think it's kind of foolish. Deuteronomy 2929 the secret things belong to the Lord our God. That which is open reveals to us. In this case that obey the words of the Torah given to Israel, so there many secret things about God and his his thoughts and our thoughts, his ways are not our ways.

This is is beyond us in so many ways.

But what is clear that this eternal word through whom the universe was created, who existed in the beginnings of Genesis 11 same language is before all things in him all things hold together that that one key became flesh absolutely clear about becoming flash you rather not I'm I'm Instagram. I try to be a student of incarnation theories and several ancient heresies yellow pollen Arianism and Mr. and all the others on the not fall into that which is what draws me towards biblical Unitarianism is to avoid all this. Brandon Thomas Bedard asked Dr. White is more the theologian? As don't run from the biblical witness into hopeless.

We have to deny verse 50 versus diverse really speaks of the eternal nature of it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, this is just don't abandon the explicit testimony of Scripture that the sun is eternal with the sons worshiped as God the son is called God, our God and Savior, Jesus the Messiah that he absolutely preexisted and enjoyed glory with the father before the world began.

John 17 five that Isaiah saw him Yahweh in Isaiah 6. According to John 12 that John 12 it successfully causes a 53 doing doesn't cross roads and quotes. I Isaiah the sixth chapter as well. One when Isaiah saw his glory that Yahweh there, and I say this extent don't do not explicit testimony of Psalm 102. Don't deny the explicit test was in the revelation that that it's one God referred to as God and the Lamb.

We worship in his face biblical language that we see as is Anthony from from Atlantis idealists that think it was let's think biblically perfect done so don't don't try to squeeze something in your own brain found worship based on what Scripture says and then God can give insight and revelation again for theological precision. There, others much much better qualified to do that than me that's not my area of specialization.

I would go to Idaho Christian. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire, and report on children you been out also I wanted to specify. I don't exactly agree with you and more into oneness that Unitarianism all but I do have a vague question for you that I find it directly to the first one is on go ahead okay so it seems to me like there are way too many places in the Bible where three persons as a creditor in the department are confused with each other which should never happen. I understand. One example God first Corinthians 86 absolutely have one Lord at one God is explained right that Godfather had Lord Scott and John 2028 it says my Lord and by God, which is usually effective extent. The second none of it makes no sense from one's perspective and against banister, those in sympathy with the Kentucky I'm I'm going to jump in here quickly so they they can get on the air that's that's with the purpose was his perfect sense. So the father is Lord but is primarily identified as God in the New Testament that the sun is gob. The sperm really identified as more

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