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On Christ Alone

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 3, 2022 4:40 pm

On Christ Alone

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 3, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/03/22.

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There is only one that we can rely on that person will never be sitting in the White House for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Three for truth to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown has friends for joining us on the lawn Brown delighted to be with you. We are audio only for those watching on Facebook and YouTube. Those listening should some perfectly normal 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call.

Good guess that'll be coming on fascinating guest at the bottom of the hour were going to have a very very interesting discussion then but I want to talk to you about the one and only rock on whom we can stand all other ground is sinking sand. Yet if you grew up in church, you knew that great ham that Christ alone is the rock on which we can stand as we are getting into the heat of the political season again with the 2022 elections upon us and with a lot of talk about 2024. I think it's so important that we are constantly reminded of this truth that our ultimate faith can only be put in one place and that is in Jesus alone. The political system will never deliver the way Jesus delivers what I mean is the political system will always be mixed. Human beings can never deliver what Jesus delivers. Because human beings need saving. And Jesus alone is the Savior, so all we appreciate the work that people do. We cast our votes. Accordingly, we make our decisions. Accordingly, we must be very very careful where we put our trust where we put our hope. We must be very very careful not to look to the flesh. That's why Jeremiah 17's is cursed is the one that leans on the flesh but blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, 86634. You can agree or differ, but I hope you hear my voice loudly and clearly. Today I did a poll yesterday did a poll yesterday asking this question, we took calls as well of the question was this artifact invited just posted another polos look at the wrong one here would be to scroll down to it, okay. So my poll yesterday asked this question, here we go do believe that God has a special covenant with America because of our founding, or does he look at our country like every other nation, or is it somewhere in between those two options that asked people to explain as we got was 1300 votes 83 comments of people weighing in with their explanations so those who said no idea that was 4.3%. Those who said that God has a special covenant with America only 7% while those who sit somewhere in between 14.3 SKUs be 14.3% Moses and God looks at America like every other nation that was the overwhelming majority almost 75%, almost 3 out of every 474.3% of those responding to my twitter poll and these are be many conservatives and large numbers of Christians among them as God looks at America like every other nation very very interesting.

I just posted this moments ago.

I mean literally moments ago right before the show started at seconds before the show started literally and we got our first envelope 4050 votes over on twitter. If you believe in the God of the Bible is looks down on America today. You believe he is primarily pleased with our nation are primarily just as you call in way on this way on this as well. If you like. If you believe in the God of the Bible as he looks down America today. Do you believe he is primarily pleased with our nation are primary displeased. Now only got the first 4050 votes so far. Okay, but none have said please so far only 2% of said 50-50. Only 2% have said no idea.

And 96% have said displeased now. Why is that such a big issue because even if we think God wants to use America bless America. The problem is America right now is not less simple without deep sweeping massive repentance in the church that then filters out to the society. America is not less simple right now.

If anything, we should receive judgment.

If anything, we should receive cursing, not blessing or are you hearing our my book the political seduction of the church which you can preorder signed numbered copy.

You can preorder our website. Asked Dr. your front right on the homepage solely for the first few hundred copies of the first printing of a new book to comes out. We just do it at the outset, signed and numbered so it's kind of a collectors item.

Some 300 pages it will be one of these page turner's one of these eye openers. One of these all my books but one where I do my best on every page friends, to be fair to be honest, to be truthful before God and for you truly to be your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. That's what we do it so that you can be healthy and thriving set every every yoke of bondage can be broken off. Deception can be broken off, it's the truth that sets us free. So in the political seduction of the church, chapter 10 is called the fatal error of wrapping the gospel in the American flag that the sink it is from let's say you lived in China right now male in China was a slight representative flag represent anything Christian to know.

It's just another nation and it's a nation that is heavily oppressing Christian population and heavily resisting the gospel so you're not going to think of being like a Chinese Christian nationalist are you be because that's just China and China needs Jesus. Think back to the Roman Empire that the flag the banner of the Roman Empire Christians in the early centuries did not associate that with the gospel. That was a worldly empire that often persecuted Christians. I was often hostile to the gospel.

There was, not a slogan among the early Christians. Let's make Rome even greater right so you're against making America great. No, I'm all for God blessing America. My point is, that's not part of the gospel. That's just God dealing with a nation. What I mean is that making America great is no different than having the notion of making Rome great again are making China great. Those are not gospel issues gospel issues for the Roman Empire to to know Jesus for China to know Jesus for America to know Jesus. That's the gospel wish. But in America because of our founding because of much of our history because Christianity has been the dominant religion, even if not practiced because of all those things.

My friends, we often mix Christianity with the gospel. We we have many churches where we have a flag representing Christianity and one side and then we have a flag representing American of the American flag and and they're both their II have done rallies Christian rallies where it was is not my choice. But at the at the rally, and maybe it was maybe it was a leaders lunch and talk about politics and the gospel may be something larger. But we said the pledge not, I'm all for the Pledge of Allegiance. I'm fine with that but it was very odd for me to do it at the beginning of the Christian run and think of what this again is something anti-American to say this is gospel that there there's a difference there is a difference we get them so confused, so Francis Schaeffer said this in 1984 in his book the great evangelical disaster. We must stand against those who would naïvely baptized all in the past and that would wrap Christianity in the country. Select the words make our whole history just beautifully Christian and would wrap Christianity.

Countries like he said there is the danger of confusing Christianity with the country in this area. He said I have stressed first that we must not wrap Christianity and our country's flag, and second, that we must protest the notion of manifest destiny that would permit our nation to do anything it chooses. We are responsible for all that we do and all that God has given to us. If we trample on his great gifts. We will one day know his judgment so he's combating the idea that there is the special destiny that God has for America and therefore whatever we do will will be blessed by God.

So here again I just sharing my heart with you openly and honestly I'm not trying to tickle people's ears on the try to get you to like me. Not trying to increase our platform. I'm doing my best to minister truth to you for your life or your well-being for your health to to infusion with faith and truth and courage so you can stand. You can fulfill God's purpose and calling. So friends report like this. I was watching a political rally. Some years ago. In fact, I remember distinctly.

It's one John McCain had announced Sarah Palin as a running mate and initially when she came on the scene in every popular governor of Alaska strong Christian woman. The consensus was that she was chosen as McCain was not considered to be a conservative enough Christian and Sarah Palin with the fill that void and and and really liked which hats say she presented herself and all of that and I had mixed feelings about Sen. McCain so I I remember as she was introduced in whatever she was saying something. McCain was saying something and and everyone started chanting USA, USA, USA, on the one hand on the American yacht. I love our country about outside of America. Couple hundred times and and I appreciate America. There's a reason people come flocking to our country from around the world. There's a reason people are doing their best to get into our country. There's a reason people come into our schools the reason people traveling to go to hospitals understand that USA US on the other hand I felt very uncomfortable because I know that God looks down at us and is not pleased with so much friends.

We must not mix the gospel with politics.

They intersect must not mix the America line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, are Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Give your audio only with those listed by radio podcast like you. You're always audio only, 866-34-TRUTH. I will take a couple calls relating to the subject at hand and then will be going to our guest at the bottom of the hour. Again, my brand-new book the political seduction of the church.

How millions of Americans mixed. Excuse me. Have confused politics with the gospel. Think of this for a moment the gospel of Jesus is pure and perfect and saves and transforms and delivers and forgives and brings people from darkness into light from death into life from the kingdom of Satan into the kingdom of God coming. Think of this, it is absolutely from above, and transforms those of us who live here below. It tells the perfect story of the perfect Savior and God's perfect love for sinning, dying world. That's the gospel.

Politics is your vote for different people. Fellow human beings.

There part of parties that have agendas that year attack ads this dirty stuff. There is corruption there is a good old boy syndrome. There is lifelong politician are career politicians, or in other words, the difference between the gospel. And politics is a difference between heaven and earth that we live in this world. So were involved with all aspects of society, including politics right. That could mean get involved in your local school board that that could mean voting for Mary in your city.

That could mean voting for president. That could mean praying for elected officials to come to know the Lord and and and acting godly and righteous ways right, but we understand that these are two distinctly different things correct. We also understand that the church transcends the world of politics. The church transcends every nation so you have believers you have Jesus followers in every nation on the planet right, but the nations themselves are lost and need the Lord right the silver that the overwhelming population of most of the world doesn't know the Lord within every nation, you have believers in the believers from every nation, Jew, Gentile, black, white, red, yellow, male-female.

We all come together as one and within the political parties. You may have one party that has more believers than the other but neither party is the saved party. The church right but often we mangle these things in dangerous ways.

Look, I know that many of you agree with me but I know that many in your sincerity say Mike, you don't get it.

Dr. Brown, you're missing the point. We know that that trump is not our Savior. By this, not our Savior.

We know that only Jesus is our Savior, but it's really important we put in office and and and you're making a super confusing the two. I look I understand that in the heat of of of of the 2020 elections that none of you have a shrine to Donald Trump in your home. I understand that understand that that none of you bow down and worship at the big picture of him it in your yard. I understand it. I understand that no one took communion, thinking that trump Dr. I fully get.

I fully understand and those who soon voted for Biden look to him as God's man of whoever you did that. I understand you never tried to Biden your eye. I get all that there's no confusion. But when we put our trust in a man that this is the one that can change where this is all the consideration and that man is another flawed human being just like us working with a flawed system. That's where were putting our trust in the wrong place and that's why so many people got so frenzy when it looked like trumpet lost election exhibitor start stolen or not is not the issue.

It was as if the world collapsed, it was as if it's over.

We will never have another free election.

I remember the famous actor John voicing only Donald Trump can save America, though he didn't mean in the God sense he meant in terms of a man sense but that kind of language is dangerous and that's why I I witnessed it with my own eyes friends online. I witnessed it with my own eyes, respectable Christian leader reading from the Psalms, praying down curses on those that he believed it had stolen the election seriously, I respected and respected Christian leader and and hundreds of people adding in their a man's as it was happening. I thought what is going on her. That's why I wrote the political seduction of the church and that's why I will be a broken record by God's grace for many months, and for many years, saying Jesus Jesus Jesus escape our focus is on him is on him along to the glory of the father but is not mistake the gospel for politics. Do I believe Christians run for office.

Absolutely I believe Christians should vote absolutely dry believe Christians should call on their elected officials to do what's right, absolutely dry believe Christians should be involved in and what happens in their schools and local settings. Local politics absolutely. Especially as the need is there and the need is real absolutely dry believe that we should bring the political scene front and center in the church. No for prayer. Yes, for prayer for the salvation of leaders but as a central focus of our churches know 86634 let us go to Connor in Colorado, you are on the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown are you doing today I'm doing very well thank you card is one.

Thank you for your ministry happen for years now.

I know it's been up working for me for many other people think you are my having really have desire to calling until now, but I want to touch on altered church look good if you can bring it up so much lately and I want you back a little bit but also agree with Your Way, Bob, Sir, I agree with you that the church and the gospel should be above all, for Christ's flock. But the reason Omar put back a little bit is that I believe that we are called to God and to the world to confront people and what about the room appalled. Who board meetings or even in our own church. I believe, basically, to obey his word. We need to confront you aware found that important for Christians to be involved in politics and discussion your out the other day I forgot the guest name but you talking about the basically legalize child mutilation popping in California and I just believe that not confronting that with that God gave out.

In my opinion would be in a way to go. I'm ugly. Ben Franklin Boulevard found something out rebellion to tyrants will be linked to God. But however I do want agree with you because I believe it's super important that we do not intentionally wrap around the gospel. Why and I think that Billy Graham metaphor of a marriage between the church and the right as you're talking about the other day is a perfect example.but I just wanted that there is a defining line between trampling on the enemy and turning our political opponent experiment. Could you note, do not fight against flesh and blood, and I think a good example of that. Andrew Torbert is one of the social media platforms. All over the place, but my opinion the people like that they are intentionally and explicitly trying to make the gospel with the government, and I don't believe we can have the church for this day. Unless we have the church and state of church and church outdated jerking church state so in terms of just jump jump in only to make sure that that I can respond will also have time. Connor oh overall CQ recognize that unceasingly for many many years. I I've I have encouraged us to confront evil and and there's not a week that goes by and the broadcast, there's a week that goes by in writing where numerous times we we are not calling out evil moral compromise. Things like that so were absolutely in harmony there at the church must do that. The problem is when we put our trust in the political system to do it that that's really the issue and that's what I'm doing my best to to articulate so as we talked these things through that you will will be able to understand each other better and that's why wrote a whole book to really lay this out and and what we got right and what we got wrong so on the one hand it was happening California we we we recognize we must continue to confront that evil of California say hey if you're transgender and you want your minor you want surgery want hormone treatment come here the Sabia sanctuary state for you, even against her. Your parents desires and wishes of me that's that's absolutely shocking and recalling on the legislature to do the right thing, but with without the gospel radically changing hearts without the church living is the church without the loss being reached in a profound way older to do is put a Band-Aid on someone having a heart attack so that's that's the. The bigger issue there. So where we are very much and sinks are and again it's a matter of putting our trust in a worldly system and then marrying that worldly system so that when people think of us right they think of Jesus and trump Jesus and by Jesus, and Republicans. Jesus said Democrats. And that's that's where we must make a very very strong distinction note Jesus only as far as the gospel. Now we have these other issues, and we interact as follows Jesus would write back I'll get some more calls later in the show first very special guest to bring him with us in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the fire so we're talking about Christians being involved politically. Were talking about Christians being a voice to the nation's Dr. King said that the church must be remembered that the master of the state with the servant of the state, but the conscience of the state so were time on a rolling doing that, and yet the dangerous union can come when we join together. Politics and religion. My guess now Rev. Dr. Bill D. Ortega has a new book out that's going to be very controversial as of mentioning my new books and be controversial. His book is America in danger left and right biblical analysis actions and intercessions for the current crisis. Remedy Ortega is a church historian. He is also an ordained Anglican priest was coming from a spiritual first perspective, but a very interesting perspective.

Bill, thanks for joining us on the line of fire today for having them a long time listener. I really enjoyed your program over the years. Thank you very much well thanks with all of her interaction. I didn't realize that that you listen that much. Thanks so much.

What prompted you to write this book at this time.

You know that's very interesting question. It started a couple years ago Percival early in my research I had done all work on false prophecy and false visions that was one of my first book that whole issue.

So I've studied the issue of mass false prophecy in the early church and about 215 2015 16 I started hearing prophecies, the trump was, you know, sort of the document for the error and a lot of Christians were buying into it and I said maybe, but let's take a look at this and then I noticed a lot of things about trump. I didn't like who is this good nasty dispute. McCain is sometimes as his his brashness etc. so I kept on doubting this perhaps is not true prophecy, and I kept on studying and of course the Mark Taylor book, which was usually influential in the 216. The all election was said that the current world you know God's man on the spot and that book came came lightning errors of prophecy and things of God would not say etc. and I discern the problem here that many Protestant ministers have very poor understanding of church history so that there church usually goes from the asked to want skips to Martin Luther and perhaps slick Smith Wigglesworth etc. and they missed some of the traditions of the early church and the early church had massive experiences with ways of false prophets that continues today.

Also, I outlined that in my chapter about from what I understand those into your program. You are very alert to the hideous results of the. See about the 2020 election that the margin would be arrested. The government would intervene and they set a date on this in the kept on being false, etc. that's a hideous appropriation of flow of profit was all very false and the sad thing is, many of those have never admitted that they weren't false prophecy and again the problem is many evangelical ministers and charismatic ministers have never tuned into the literature of discernment in the early church, they would've quickly seen a dissolute false prophecy… That's that's what got you prompted to do this and yet, especially in our Pentecostal charismatic circles more than just broadly evangelical. There is a lot of ignorance of church history and we do, go straight from from the book of acts in them will bounce right out until until today so that that can happen so it is in your title of your book so you you mentioned American danger left and right area so a lot of this danger that you spoke about that's on the right, but when left the main part of my book and I believe the major all problem is on the left and it is the continuous radicalization of the universities in the educational system that have happened for 50 years and the church never really handled it properly.

All I know I historian so I analyze number one that Marxism in these radical ideologies are indeed demonically empowered that even Christian historians don't like to say that because you know the potential year history writing into into a sort of mythical type of thing and it is very dangerous to do so. I outlined a car, a chapter on the Monica's historical character, why can we truly say that the Princess Karl Marx's hatred of the trauma of the middle class was a demonically inspired idea and that thing is the fruit that Matt idea killed millions and millions of people who are not determinative as a post-communist country. They realize they need the bourgeois for innovation but but very few Marxist educators will say all we were catastrophically wrong on this, so there is a demonic impetus in this that has spread through the educational system and now with with postmodern thinking also. So my opinion is that since the educational system so captivated by the left of the danger is more from the left than from the right. Even though the Lord makes a lot of noise. Sometimes in the modern militia. The overwhelming numbers of people coming out of the educational systems are very left oriented and and my high my my conclusion is, the church is not handle this well number one because a lot of traditions within the church, evangelical, and certainly cessation us don't know how to do deliverance ministry or axis of the ministry totally can't get there and arm around Katie's guys are demonizing students that come out of the University of demonic structures in their minds that make them very dangerous in the long term, and so I say in part of the book that lead the actions and intercessions are.

We need massive intercessory prayer coordinated to take down the principalities and powers around the universities so they come to back to their original chartered intentions of seeking for truth and being open-minded right now there captivated by demonic spirit that not very elegantly say the freedom of speech is not necessary etc. very, very, very dangerous, since I suggest this is a yes yes this we understand that we don't have the power to drive demons as people that do not want to be free of it. In other words, we can just walk around driving demons out everywhere.

You talk about massive intercession that's needed to to live universities from power. So how does has a work in other words, if what will ingrain three more okay number one and three. Prayer is like heavy artillery, which can prepare the hearts and then I do and I've had a little bit of experience on this, you'd see the old Billy Graham system of gospel preaching song gospel preaching old because nocturnal work because these kids and professors will not come to a Christian church so that so that's out. You have to bring the church to them through personal engagement wanted our prayer station, where where the student can come by and even though he is wall please Marcus, etc. he's hurting some and you offer prayer for him. That will give an insight and entry into all the spiritual stuff is true to say that the do that you have the intercessory prayer, personal engagement, and now the Lord, use me to discover this and I thought world is a little bit crazy. Acts 13 8 to 12 all I call this a command disablement. The saucer alignments was coming against the gospel and Paul disabled him with blindness that is found in the witnesses, etc. and we've never used this action. Let me take that back.

The church has seldom used this and I believe this can be a tremendous tool that we were awakened to it to. For instance, stop the board from adopting the most radical agenda, etc. somebody can stand up and say a command disablement note.

Not a lot of people say this is crazy, especially the cessation us and don't even believe in healing but I found historical evidence that people later on after the Bible use this St. Martin of Tours is a great example he was.

It was he was a bishop in the very early truck traffic that is based on a mistake. About 350 where much of it of this country. France will still not evangelize the major cities work and he was on a tour of his of his characters because he was a bishop and he saw a a pagan ritual up up ahead and and he thought these were pagan priest doing some sort of sacrifice and he lifted up his hand and he prayed against him and the guys came into confusion and they couldn't get go forward. All I could do was look like tiny little circles they could even march forward.

He found out they were pagan priest as he got closer to them. They were pagans because of the headman evangelize the inner funeral right in carrying a casket now even though his original idea was wrong. Demonic attachments all those people probably they were carrying food offering for funeral for the dead and stuff like that was enough for his command disablement to work now.

This has this has tremendous implications for the church today.

We are so frustrated that when we argue in front of school boards or or CPR committee comes to a corporation they don't listen to us want.

If we issued command disablement while amended the Demott Meyer my take on that. Obviously we have that one example there in the book of acts with with Paul.

Acts 13. My take would be first we we shine the light as brightly as we can. Which I'm sure you agree with right that we in the me talk fast because we just met at a time so number one that that we shine the light as brightly as we can, so the light exposes the darkness number two. We pray for God to bring into confusion those who want to do harm.

Certainly pray that so friends, even if the command disablement thing strikes is on. If you get there in a Different Way, Lord bring confusion on those who seek to do evil that you like shine brightly hate the book American danger left and right way and your take. I think you'll find it is interesting as my guest just was. Thank you sir for joining us for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

You may have a different take than my guess. Did on some of the subjects that we just discussed.

Let me stress that we are in a spiritual battle and natural weapons cannot win a spiritual battle right just like to say you don't bring a knife to a gunfight will if you think that we can change America here. Give an example we see that we can change America by protesting in the streets and let's get a bring a fundamental change of heart. Note now you're fighting a spiritual battle with natural weapons, so we've got to be really really clear in our thinking. What is the these single greatest weapon that the church has prayer obviously obviously prayer is always going to be a starting point.

Will you back up even more.

Us getting right with God so repents of the armistice of said endlessly that that when I walk into hotel room at night and flip the switch on and nothing happens. I'm checking in walking room for the switch lights which nothing happens I will get mad at the darkness at my questions was never the light is a light switch is not working or bulb needs to be replaced, or some else needs to be turned on somewhere this question.

What's wrong with the light.

So, presuming that we get our light shining right so we start with the church being the church. We start with the church being revived. We start with repentance in the house of God.

We start there we give ourselves to prayer. America can be dramatically shaken and we get involved.

This was not either, or it's a matter of emphasis it's a matter of priority. It's a matter of where is our hearts. 866-34-TRUTH let's go over to Indiana Jan walking to the line of fire by Dr. Browning and you know you were talking about grandpa Nat.

Christian national recognition that what really help me bear during all that time because Mr. crumbs personality. I went and found out that I did like it. Pollock about what really help me and I didn't read a book about the mark whenever properties are all that I heard on that I didn't read it. But what help me with Joe Richard and again at next feet on Becca and I thought well I want to hear back so I went to it and then I read her back at and come back and was basically crying out for Israel for the nation and go telling God he is complaining in the very first chapter you know how long am I going to cry for help and you won't hear. Don't you feed her filing don't you understand what they're doing – don't you understand Nick and you would think that God would affect her back at.

I hear you, you know I'm gonna answer you.

It's going be okay with Israel, but they cannot gain anything those naughty counting declinations gonna nation's gun arrived at their going to help you invade you and you all the things Nana Beckett continues to complain and think like one Lord, I know you're the God of the dark in knowing and you've got wasted doing staff in the Nortel had Becca you know Jack will live by faith. That's the reason I love it when you constantly are talking about interceptor prayer 100 things to keep it that taught me years ago about that cane virgins was five of them did not have the current God G. Appointed revelation. Five of them did and they had a day and read there, they might've been what was going on in their nation that they had.

Claire didn't tell for future revelation that G.

Had dropped into their little oil container and a new day could rack because they were continued to live by faith, that didn't mean they approved that that was going on in the nation. But like you are weapons are not carnal, we pray to the bank through anybody don't care not to parade them through how you going to get the fresh revelation that Jesus will give you answers what we need to do when we need to do an optic guy.

I Sagal it yet. You have a lot to say. You said it well you see this thing is when we make it an either or issue and is not either or, it's prayer and action. It's preaching the gospel and feeding the poor it's it's loving your neighbor and folding you know it's it's it's not either/or, and a lot of times can when I found his it. If, in today's climate. If you're not aggressively political enough and you're not aggressively USA USA enough you considered weak, you can sue spineless and that is so grievous to me in life. I would watch people call me weak and spineless for calling out the false prophecies as opposed to carbon courage to stand with them like get attacked and malign deer losing thousands of online followers because I'm calling these things out. But out of the week one and doing it in Senegal with the crowd that's prophesying the reelection candidly, I do believe the 2016 prophecies about trump were accurate that he was an unlikely person like a Cyrus like some of the didn't know God being raised up for divine purposes, but I also believe the prophecies that if he did not humble himself and if the church looked him in idolatrous way that the he be removed and that's that's what happened. So it's a matter of priorities, friends here if if I'm Ed, thanks for calling can if if I'm looking up at the scoreboard somewhere right or what passes big billboard scores and their teams. I don't follow her league that I don't follow risperidone falls like whatever let's say it's is my home team and it's the first time in the championship 50 years and I've I've even got people that I know that are on the team and it's it's the last game and it's hanging by a wire and they just lose an end and they lose by a bad call by Aref that's going to affect me differently right because I got more at stake in that even as just a game but you hear what I'm saying right in the same way, our focus, our hope should be so overwhelmingly in the Lord and in and in God's work to change a nation and to change hearts of individuals that that politics and who gets it. It's it's important but it's way way down the list of what grips our heart and what moves us and what dominates us, and when I saw more prayer when people believe the election was stolen and I saw more prayer for overturning the steel more concerted prayer more city by city prayer more or large prayer meetings online when I saw more prayer and more fervor for that that I had seen prayer for revival in the church or prayer for the winning of the lost in decades. I knew something was terribly wrong on that score. Let's go to Robert in California.

Welcome to the line of fire ground and kind of answer by doing your speaking not very exact same thing in 2016. Like a like a king Cyrus came out of nowhere unlikely in everything and that how you added on. But if he did not know himself he be removed so kind at so I guess my my next question is something personal in my own life and universe saying like Matthew 1034 to 36 were you know you want peace want be peacemakers everything, but in acceptant because Christ did not come to bring peace but a sword. At the end of it is owner your own household will be your enemies kind of thing I like my family like turn from the Lord and I'm the bad guy and I and sometimes even wonder in my even saying anything like that.

I just wondered if you seen that personally I'm very sorry to hear that. First, your own relationship with the Lord has to be your relationship with the Lord.

In other words matter what happens around you just didn't know that you know that you know that you're right with God through Jesus did that. You're forgiven for what he did that you turned to God asked him to save you and forgive you, that you belong to him in the matter what storms arise.

Your salvation is secure as further strip turning away from the Lord. We can't control others.

I was just talking to a friend of mine who's his wife left him.

He loves the Lord. She told him is been a great husband, but she just turned away from God and what off someone else since it's tragic to see it in the context of Matthew 10 which Jesus is speaking of theirs that there is this messianic expectation that the Messiah would come to bring peace, which he will is return, but that with his first coming, he said, quoting from end of Micah 7 hitting can bring peace but a sword in his sword of division because families would divide over him so for everyone listening. If as you follow Jesus not in an obnoxious way, not the self-righteous white not a way that's condemning to others by your arrogance, but as you genuinely and sincerely follow Jesus and seek to be loyal to him.

If that means that a separation comes then it comes if that means that people turn against you. Then they turn against you. If it means that that family separate and profound ways over Jesus, you, you can't control that all you can do is be a peacemaker all you can do is love people, all you can do is seek to honor the Lord with your conduct with your words and and be loyal to him and then what happens to others.

It was a Jewish believer in Jesus. Of course these things you live with these realities believers live with it all around the world, but let it not be people love our Jesus, reject us because we put politics first. In the gospel. Second, back with you tomorrow friends. Another died.

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