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Dr. Brown Exposes Popular Myths

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 2, 2019 5:40 pm

Dr. Brown Exposes Popular Myths

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 2, 2019 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/02/19.

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Take on some crazy talk. Some popular myths to some shocking statements from comedian on Benjamin stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Have you ever been mistreated by hearing something that is a latent falsehood and it's repeated as truth and other people believe it and rally around it and truth doesn't seem to matter because people believe what they believe. We know the truth will triumph in the end, we know that light shines and overcomes darkness but it can be frustrating during this intermediate time in which there's so much confusion will do our best to set the record straight. Today this is Michael Brown and this is the line of fire. You're listening to or watching. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Initially, when I was thinking about today show. I was going to talk about some popular Christian myths. Some things that are taught in different circles that are widely believed but that are completely untrue and hopefully will get to some of those as well at it again when I talk about opinion here it. In other words, that this is a microphone I'm speaking into.

It's not a spaceship. It's not an elephant. It's it's a microphone right in and his lungs when of words that mean certain things and facts that can be verifiable. Event certain things are true and other things are not true that you may have a theory that can't be proven or disproven. You have a theory that the air that we breathe is actually filled with invisible aliens that cannot be measured or found in what you may have your theory, but if there's something we can verify this and we can factually confirm we do our best to do that and we love truth that's over the years I've adjusted certain things.

I believe change certain things. I believe based on truth, based on more study based on getting the facts based on getting more information and you always do your best not just to take someone's word today can study and learn for your self. So I was planning on addressing some popular Christian myths and is a set II might still get to that today, but we put out a video yesterday interacting with some disturbing statements by comedian Owen Benjamin that are blatantly anti-Semitic.

That is only way to characterize them is anti-Semitic and no sooner did we post the video that we started getting a flood of comments almost as many comments disputes may not not not to leave you but I'm just saying if we had a thousand views and and 300 comments or in a way, when it was they were the comments were pouring in and I'm not able to read all the comments, the coming out all over social media sites, but I did my best to read a bunch of an talk about anti-Semitism. Talk about wild theories. Talk about bizarre statements they they were there in abundance. So we have a profanity blocker.

If something uses profanity of the post use profanity it's automatically blocked by YouTube and YouTube also automatically hold it if if you post the same comment like 100 times. It'll do it with this whole that is up to us to approve or disapprove and normally if you're attacking people or we just don't allow that we we don't want our platform to be one where everyone's calling for the names and degrading to. Let's let our differences publicly, openly, candidly, without demolishing each other with with hate and lies, but we've we've let a lot more be posted here to expose the bizarre ugliness of what's out there so really deal with the mess about the Jewish people as well really deal with some lies about the Jewish people and I would love to interact with on Benjamin. I did know who he was until this a few weeks ago when I put out a video dismissing some bogus ideas about the Talmud and another tumbler Jew. I'm not a rabbinic Jew I'm on the Jewish follower of Jesus, our iTouch, Jews don't don't like me for that reason, Jews are against my faith, that they may like me as a person, but they strongly opposed by faith and do not like what I do and some don't like this person either. I'm not a tumbler Jew just if there's falsehood about the Talmud and I falsehood leads to hatred and violence against Jews over time to speak out against so in any case, some civil, you need to sit on Benjamin straight. As such, I know who he was a Swazi. A lot of folks follow him on YouTube and then felt a little bit more about them notice a conservative and a comedian and things like that and gladly would interact with them but but certainly he must have other Jewish friends or other friends with knowledge of these things with whom he can interact and certainly the people on the conservative side learn conservatives the Dennis Prager's Michael Medved's and Ben Shapiro's and many of the learned Jewish conservatives he be able to interact with in separate fact from fiction, but I'm here to help. In the meantime, I'm here to denounce stuff you said all you said on your video that what he says could lead to violence. He denounces violence. Listen when you say things in a certain way with a certain spirit. You play into standard lies in standard misinformation that is been used to hurt people over the years and you have unstable people listening, you could easily provoke violence, which is what we got to watch our words.

Those of us who have a public platform need to watch our words carefully quite so let me give you a little sampling of things right effect before it before I do that, you often you go over tolerances. This the Thomases is at it in with your own Benjamin reference the tome or are brought in from my my office. My study here. This is just Talmud Bosley C. Aloysius is this is one volume of the tome. Okay and and if I open it up on the if you could see fit.

Okay, your you're talking about immensely detailed difficult to to master the contents of this one volume would take years and years to master the contents of it would take years and years of serious study from someone that was immersed in it from from the early days. This is one of 20 volumes of the tome. Okay, so people even know what they're quoting or what they're referencing and you choose to provoke hatred of the Jewish people.

So let's listen to some of it on Benjamin had to say. I'm addressing this because a lot of people believe these things, and because were watching again a rising tide of anti-Semitism worldwide, which for years now has equaled that the heights and intensity of anti-Semitism immediately before the Holocaust… And click number one lot have used on all know all men and and reading nouns. Their goal and all. Alright, so the idea that the Jews own everything that the Jews own all the gold he says he's a comedian he's having fun he's being silly. Number one based on other things he saying he seems to believe these things. Number two.

He is saying things to an audience that largely or often agrees with what he saying as I'll say with quote after quote comment after comment. Okay at end and number three. The fact is this is simply on true that all Jews are richer Jews control all world finances as a planner video this check Jewish history, the fiddler on the roof. What was depicted. They are the abject poverty. Jews have lived in that over the centuries and and is they been housed in ghettos by Muslim rulers or so-called Christian rulers. They've often suffered financially and in Israel today. Last, as I saw over 20% of Israelis are under the poverty line non-I'm I'm not primarily talk about Palestinians or abscess is raising hell. There a lot of needs in the very very religious Jews.

A large percentage of them live under the poverty line because they only care about money that they live very simply, and they just want to study Torah all day so yes there are Jews of influence gods made us in influential people.

Therefore we've done a lot of good and we've done a lot of bad in an interview get the Sigmund Freud's that have impacted the world of psychology and you got the Albert Einstein set of impacted the world of science.

And you got the call Marxist that that that help bring communism. The horrific scorch of communism to the Royal Jews have been very impactful for good or for bad. There's a very high percentage of Jewish Nobel Prize winners disport disproportionate in science and math in other fields like that Israel keeps producing new new breakthroughs, since in medicine, lifesaving, life-changing things and things with agriculture and so on. The Jewish people disproportionately have done good and have done bad. It's just the way we been fashioned by God and called by God, maybe some of her educational history and things like that no one is denying that were influential for good or for bet on. Seems like everybody else. We just for our numbers are more influential figure for Babel like everybody else thought it good Jews in my badges just like all good gentiles are bad Gentiles, but were just getting started.

Let's up with the second clip on the jump in part way through but let's listen to it on.

Benjamin had to say. People forget that the Jews killed Jesus and then they burned down their own temple. Modern Judaism started almost 100 years after Christianity after the death of Christ.

That's a fact because they were defined by the rejection of Christ.

So you know is that there's Hebrews. There was just like the Jews that didn't accept Christ started a whole new thing that was what that is.

It's an absolutely new religion is younger than Christianity. They killed him in the town when they brag about it all that you think the data tell the truth, yet understand it in the tome. It Jews say recorded. Jews may use allies to circumvent a Gentile. That's in baba Cama 113 a so when people say yes, but the Jew said they're not excited about that killing Christ there's literally parts of the Talmud were there like yeah I was in a lake of fire that they think they're like oh no he is the product of Pantera who raped Mary a Roman soldier in the call. Mary, a horror is in the tome it scales I just jump in here right right so so number number one will take a look at baba, 113 will take a look and see what it actually setup about how about we do that, but we said the Jews killed Jesus.

What the Jews follow Jesus you see the problem. We just make this black-and-white statement Jews killed Jesus.

Will the Jews follow Jesus all of his first disciples were Jews. Large crowds followed him.

The Jews follow Jesus you cannot make a general statement like that some Jews rejected him and were complicit in his death. Other Jews follow him and that's the way it's been for centuries. Majority of Jews didn't follow him minority. Did you have but according to the Bible, God sent his son to die for us that was God's heart. The sun laid his life that will enforce the Scripture we held across the said as he repeat these things and historically much Jewish blood has been shed his views have been called Christ killers all Jews killed in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I'm looking at two college grant claims there's no do the follows fuses that the Christians not ask them to do. I'm a Jew, following Jesus and others. A Gentiles phone fuses. Paul identifies from the tribe of Benjamin said who he was. There's a Hebrew of the Hebrews yet that's done, were you getting that from a Christian. It is a follower of Jesus as it is not initially even change her religion became a follower of Jesus, and there were many tens of thousands of Jews who follow Jesus in the first century and ever since. Strange strange ideas very strange ideas you might say, okay. At end, and if you differ with me if you want to speak up from Benjamin you think is not getting a fair shake. Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH that's what we have already at 663487884 so you might say why he's still around. You can take this stuff serious woman, then why quote something from tome what's enough of his presentation. Why quote something from the Talmud if if you don't think it's true, you don't think it's actually saying that than what's your point, what's the joke and and there's a prominent Catholic author that he's follow the Catholic scholar that he is follow I've ever read some of the gentlemen's work on not mentioning names yet because with your best to get on the air to have a conversation but he's definitely influence on Benjamin's thought and I've read his stuff. He says I'm not anti-Semitic. When things drew I've read, and said that is anti-Semitic.

You may say it's not but it is anti-Semitic. Tell me if this is something that you joke about tell me if this is good comedy tell me if you say things like this if you don't mean them and if you are not appealing to standard anti-Semitic lies. Clip number three live another art is not a big fan Hitler.

He was a great artist. He was also a great writer. Mine commented all his paintings really what is trying to do is clean Germany cleaning of the parasites of the fleas is not is not hate Jews hated filth and was trying to clean up what is despicable, if it's if it's just a joke.

It's despicable you don't joke about that and if it's meant seriously all the more despicable you symbol he was advocating violence raises to Hitler, crazy later and it always it doesn't it doesn't matter. You don't say these things and present it.

If it's false.

It's misleading. It doesn't understand the larger Nazi ideology doesn't understand the Jew hatred in the culture because of of centuries of so-called Christian anti-Semitism. It doesn't understand any of that. It just all you have.

There is time to clean things up. Use our student like their oriented him Jews were parasites.

So here's here's an explanation on Benjamin gives us to wallow. You just have to understand this is comedy and people dousing him to things no one else to talk about others are afraid to talk about. And when I do people like yeah yeah, using a release so this is what he has to say and so the art is crafting its you're not mocking the victim, you're not being not being a predator not being tyrant you not. I got there to hurt and what you're saying is true, mostly exaggerated satire, but it's it it's at first it sounds wrong because people in polite society are a lot to say and then when you see the explosion of people being like yes it relieves you literally lowers cortisol laughter is medicine so say things about the Jews to get Jew haters laughing like yours, saying it will not anti-Semitic because Jews are evil.

We're just telling the truth friends this.

This is dangerous stuff. It is dangerous stuff here. Let me just give you a sampling.

This is a tiny sampling of hundreds and hundreds of comments that have come in. So for on our YouTube channel. In response, so, so guys, let's pull these up and I'll just go through them one at a time.

As soon as you put them on the screen want you to see what some people are commenting with some people say asked Dr. Brown a doctor of what was generally correct rationale here.

95% of what is been handed down to us here in this day and age regards the religious world is been transformed in Chili's.

A rewrite it's about the benevolent spirit of it on youth, such as been discarded via the present text as example, murder is murder though shalt not kill. What's wrong with this human race of ours carry-on troop so mocking me a doctor of of what and and then yet he's he's correct. The thing is every been deceived to an excellent things have been rewritten. We can trust we have.

So here's a response. What you are seeing here is Brown is hypocrisy. Do not let Brown off the hook by suggesting that the Bible is not accurate with 99% accuracy across 2700 pieces, manuscript, etc. so it goes through all this and then at the end you can see in this video.

Brown has no concern about on Benjamin. He calls did used to reach out on Benjamin for concerns about his emotional mental health and doesn't even bother to appeal to reach out to evangelize and bring to the gospel. Actually, I got all these people tell him he's new Christian's baby Christian to just have to give him time. Of course want to reach out to him the gospel I'm saying. Those who are his friends may want to reach out to him on other levels as well. What's let's keep going. If it gets far worse than these few that that we put up with get to the next one again as soon as I see them on the screen are read.

I love OB any he the okay and he need is wrong about some pretty important because with the gospel. It's just that he is never study the Bible all right right of the promise that Jesus knows that Satan got is a synagogue of his followers and they proclaims those dues when they are not, and the Bible is really clear about what a real Jew is.

Unfortunately, guys like Brown do not care what the Bible says about Satan's flock to Brown all Jews are protected class.

This is what on Benjamin speeding into Brown is a horrible example of a disciple of Jesus should do a BC; making some pretty big but easily corrected mistakes all make a rebuttal on my calyx day or so shame on you Dr. Brown. So when someone with a decent following is espousing dangerous anti-Semitic lies and we call those out publicly. Truthfully and call on people to pray for on Benjamin.

That's a shameful thing for disciple of Jesus to the art. Let's let's keep going. There is there is much more it's because the Jews J00S or Antichrist.

St. Paul said it don't blame a few drunken nights, was awakening so on. Benjamin is having awakening read the Jewish revolutionary spirit by E. Michael Jones effect.

That's the Catholic scholars referring to the Talmud is lies quit making excuses Dr. Brown school next this this is the type of stuff that is coming up in the comments section of laughing out loud mega fail. Dr. Brown your whitewash of Jewish crimes and dominance in politics Hollywood in finance with things who were the best decades that were centuries ago anti-Semitic.

The made-up weapon to stop every criticism of the beginning and the worst thing you do is to cut on Benjamin's talks and the way you want it, but let's with the clips were said to be, but of the larger ones as well. He mentions all the time that he doesn't mean all Jews and that he's well aware that there Jews or a thesis.

But no, you want to portray this ally and whitewash all the crimes today's Jews do an attack is mental health typo there you're a blank for this a very big hate supporting blank.

YouTube is full of lying frauds don't need you using the art. The made-up word anti-Semitism blank. You all blank this this is the type of stuff that gets stirred up. I get attacked at this fine that's perfectly fine. It's because of being a public figure, but just illustrating to you the type of garbage. The type of emotion. The Jews recall not all Jews but also save the Jews will still say the Jews because we save the Jews that anyone becomes a potential target of your hate, or worse, keep going. You are not Semites. Jews are a problem, always have been fake Jews are parasites that Jews are parasites. That's that's Hitler talk that's not see talk that's like Louis Farrakhan's Jews or termites talk we do with parasites. You exterminate the these are the people say amen on Benjamin, you had the awakening you're seeing the truth about the way anti-Semitism is a term, it doesn't mean that it is only hatred of Semites because Arabs are Semites to it is a term that was coined specifically to refer to you. Hatred I would get a few more keep going, you're right, it is dangerous to be on Christ side, you're right, it is dangerous to say anything against the men who were little hats induced no there is anything beautiful about the Talmud, sir. That's like saying that the Pharisees are beautiful people literally millions of Jewish men and women to find the religion as against Jesus, sir. There is not good and bad. There is easier for Jesus you're against them on. Benjamin never spews hate your interpretation of a community of a comedian is worse than his interpretation of that blasphemous thing called the Talmud then this is the type of stuff that's out there and revise automata been burned over the centuries say but doesn't speak disparagingly of Jesus in a few places in the midst of 4 million words which 99.9% of have nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity or interface with a read and think about it is continuing to develop traditions that began before the time of Jesus and continued after the iDisk I differ with the traditions yes I believe the rabbis and Jewish community. Jesus, yes, absolutely as well say again, I'm not a tumbler Jew and I don't submit to the authority of Talmud rabbis, but I'm so to speak truth when it's misrepresented and and and distorted.

Yet there are a few very negative references to Jesus and the Tom normally not directly, but but it implicitly much of this came about as Jews were being persecuted by professing Christians, much of it came about is as Jews became worse than dogs in the eyes of of some of these professing Christians and this is their way of retaliating. It's ugly. It's inexcusable is wrong but but Jews are upset that Jesus said about certain views and believe in him, or Jews in bloom.

You're the phot your of your father the devil, that God Jews upset a good Jews upset if you say will if you don't believe in Jesus you will burn in hell forever. So juices will Jesus is burning in hell for your deafness and these are religious battles and religious wars. If you can get all worked up over one then you have get all worked up over all of them.

Bottom line is this, you are not being told the truth. You are hearing the same rehashed anti-Semitic lies that have brought about much do something to the centuries hearing them again today and a lot of people are saying yes and amen always new associate easily.

Most executive homes as we come back about that I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown just to be fair and honest when I hear comments about the Jews that use the Jews that you thought doesn't every single Jew when you make those comments if I say the whites the Blacks the men, the women, the Americans, the Germans, the Mexicans, the Gentiles, the Jews you are speaking in ways that speak of an entire class right and entire people. And when you make broad sweeping statements. Remember, remember that the man that ran into the synagogue in Pittsburgh and slaughtered 11 Jewish people in cold blood last year, shouting all Jews must die a Jews are parasites. Hitler just want to clean things up. This is why we draw attention to.

This is not paranoia. It is real life, 866342 so let let's just baba, 113 a having to do with the various court disputes and damages and things like that.does it say that it's okay for a Jew to deceive gent this is comical in his with a slick. Let's take a look at all right. And yes I don't understand anything across the top. If you if you are able to watch this now are you driving your car of my best explained you have one short line of text in Aramaic and then beneath it.

A paragraph of 123456 lines. This is an expanded explanation of of what's there in Aramaic. In other words, it's that concise. It's not difficult to understand. This is by Rabbi Greenstein Schultz, one of the greatest hermetic authorities in the world today.

So, the grimoire, the Talmud infers from this bright so which is an early rabbinic tradition, and even according to Rabbi Akiva. The reason that the court does not employ trickery in order to vindicate the Jews only because there is the consideration of the sanctification of God's name. Consequently, there is no consideration of the sanctification of God's name. The court this approach.

The case circuitously. Apparently it is permitted to deceive gent also is it saying now okay you dealing in the case of a dishonest tax collector.

That was the case that all Gentiles dishonest tax collector that he can take whatever he wants right so he's going to push you for bribes or whatever. Okay it is it okay to deceive him and there's a debate about it and and the answer is well know for the sanctification of God's name in other words, doesn't matter what people think.

It does not have the guys dishonest. You have to be honest because as a Jew you have to sanctify God so it's saying what does it mean it's okay if not for that mandate to sanctify God's name right so this is the discussion with let's take a look as it continues on so the grimoire, the Talmud challenges the idea that it is okay to deceive magenta but is robbing from a Gentile permitted center raise the questions of even aside from the sanctity of God's name that you have to be honest to sanctify God, since you can't deceive a Gentile, will if not for that. Could you be dishonest is robbery from a Gentile permitted is it taught in a brightness of the early rabbinic tradition Rabbi Simon said that Rabbi Akiva taught this matter. When he came from differing from where is it derived.

It is prohibited to rob a Gentile is from the fact that the verse states with regard to a Jew is been sold as a slave to the Gentile after you sold. You may be redeemed. Then it was off of that.

That's the end of baba, 113 a that's the only relevant part the end of it is still under stimulus find this, it's complex.

It's have to learn the whole passage of filling the background through these are these are very complex legal texts and in written and in very concise language right. That's why it's so often misquoted and misunderstood. Thankfully, in this is that it swallowed up, among others of Lloyd over on you to middle have this graphic to pull about this read it. He explained what's actually going on here is a grandma. She said the Mishnah so early rabbinic traditions, authoritative tradition issues its ruling with regard to a Gentiles customs collector who won the deceive Rabbi Akiva dear disagrees and says, one does not approach the case circuitously in order to vindicate the Jew due to the sanctification of God's name is God's name will be desecrated if the Jewish judge employs dishonest means all right and it is a specific reference. It refers to a dishonest tax collector. It concludes that Gentiles may not be deceived in a court of law as this is the context and the Lord has a further quote further explaining this in detail. Have you ever been overseas and have you ever gone say to a country to do ministry let's let's say in years past were going to China to smuggle Bible Bible bubbles smuggling bubbles that smuggle Bibles into China right smuggle Bibles into China, but you were told okay when you go there.

Just say you know I'm here on tourism. I'm here on business knows you were told to lie to the customs agent she could smuggle Bibles in or if if you were going to tour bring humanitarian help your brain bring medicine and into an area that that was was hit with disease and problems and in the government is ours or try to keep you out and you instructor locate you know why you say you're here for business axis is a way of smuggling and medicine to save our second circuit debate is that ethical or not. In those situations. What if you got somebody that is corrupt and dishonest and there in a court case is it is it is it fine to to work on their standards, their crops in your urine. Use the corruption against them in your gonna, do things behind that you find another way around it. Is that okay can you be deceptive if it's a dishonest person in the ultimate conclusion is no, it's not right to deceive a dishonest Gentile because of the sanctification of God's name because of all the text callings used to be ethical. Why know some Jews that yeah they got Jews that are deceptively good Gentiles that are deceptive. Join the human race, but I I just take the time to show you what's really going on at and use it with quote after quote after quote friends of I'm telling you take the time to actually learn it. We ask that you ask Rabbi, could you explain what's actually going on, and against. I'm not a Talmudic scholar all listen I know the Talmud a million times better than the people posting their critical comments okay but to be atomic scholar is to be studying this from your earliest days into your dying days because there's so much material to master and understand it. In fact effect on the skin hold of the Talmud volume one more time. Right to open it up and just those that are looking you can see the amount of tax on on the page and you can take a long time to really understand the dynamics of a page of what's going on it's called a Doff. That's name for the page there. There are people who been studying this from their earliest days you take a pin and stick it through here right and they can tell you in a given volume.

What word is under the pin and repaid so as they've they've memorized the whole thing cold. The point I'm making simple, it is really easy to quote out of context. Not only so, not only so there are lots and lots and lots of statements that are made that are thrown out the discussion. Some of them are bogus and some of them are wrong know I differed. Now this been back and forth. Again, I'm not atomic Jew I I'm not a rabbinic Jew, another spokesman for the rabbinic community and and I've had rabbinic estimate we don't need you to defend us buddy during apostate your your deceive your believer in Jesus yeah and and that the Jesus that many of these traditional Jews knows the Jesus of the Crusades and inquisitions in the Holocaust. That's the Jesus that many of them that's for the spit on the floor.

They hear his name. They have no clue who he really is and often spin the church that's pushed people away Jews away from Jesus and yes Jews are culpable for rejecting him when he was here. Jews are culpable for rejecting him today just be a whole lot better if they knew they were rejecting or least have an opportunity to find out the real Messiah but you know Zionists or terrorists solve Zionists responsible for pornography in the world and and on and on it goes. These are standard lies the disk it rehashed recycle in new garments for every generation and and seeing it again and it's dangerous. It's ugly we confronted some of this on on Rick Wiles true news Christian news. Some of the statements were still waiting to hear with these women to, my choice at all be on his TV show Co., Marshall was a subfolder baseman weeks now.

We still haven't gotten word we will confront this new edition of my book, our hands are stained with blood is due out in September and we've added in some of the more recent forms of anti-Semitism and dangerous aspects of replacement theology and the updated and revised edition, 86634 of us go to Vernon Wisconsin. Thanks much for holding welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown hello my Jewish Christian, and my father. Jewish Christian, and my mother is a junk file and I've always been puzzled as to what is considered Jewish Jewish world of a Jewish mother were considered Jewish Jewish father, were not considered Jewish eventually have discussions with Jews who have told me about it. You asked her who told them like a Samaritan with one person who had a Jewish grandmother of her mother's side and consider herself Jewish so that when I couldn't quite understand but I'm just wondering if you could give me some insight into this question yeah Vern it's it's an important question and one that often comes up number one in in the eyes of an Adolf Hitler.

If you were even one quarter Jewish so either grandparents was Jewish. So, on either side of grandparent Jewish the network of qualified use being a Jew and someone to be killed so you having a Jewish father would've been considered a Jew by Hitler and would've been killed. You can make an excellent biblical argument that that lineage is traced to the father and therefore one's Jewishness. So being a descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were some who converted in and then descends from there would be considered a Jew to make a very strong argument for patrilineal descent. Traditional Judaism using text from Ezra Nehemiah. For example, when when the Israelites intermarried and then they had to put away their farm live so the wise left with the children so these deduced from that that the children were considered to be legitimate Israelites because they come through the women there. Other explanations for just that the mothers can be the one especially the ancient world to be raising the children. Hence the separation there, but traditional Judaism says that if you are Jewish to your mother's side, you Jewish. If you choose for your father's side.

You're not. I believe the best case that we can make Sir, is to say that if your mother or father or Jewish and you have a Jewish consciousness.

So if you have been raised with an understanding that your Jewish that you are that it can be either through the mother or the father. It's not something that God addresses definitively if I had a lamb one place either or.

I'd say through the father and and their other groups Jewish groups like the acaricides that reject rabbinic authority. They also say through the father so that since Hutchison Jewish. And and it could be through the mother.

According to traditional Judaism causes the Scripture to me either with Jewish identity would qualify what is being less than percent. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us friends on the line for all this crib.

There are a few more comments I want to pull up in response to the or video, but on Benjamin so guys assumes you having to start putting them up on on the screen. I will read them as soon as I see them a Santiago rot in hell you false prophet you hater of God you Judaize or what you think they got kicked out of 109 countries in the first place to get kicked out of 109 supermarkets because they're all racist to hate you. Only an idiot would even entertain that and then goes on.

Salvation is by faith alone salvation. So now he's he's he's attacking me, as as a Christian. I'm supposed to rot in hell is a false prophet because I'm exposing lies about the Jews. That makes me Judaize all right. I'm just all want to see is the level of deception people are under the level of extreme misunderstanding that the level of even willful blindness, and by the way, if you are a Jew and you do not convert to Christianity and the host country says convert or get out or your mother is even a Muslim country, and you don't convert to Islam and the host country says convert to get out. That's why Jews have been expelled from country after country of skill. This is friends just a little sampling out where's the meltdown note no melt on my own bedroom. 9/11 was most solid. This friends you have no idea how many people believe this madness all and this one from Matthew I am going to give is that this was I ugly was serious, but this has to be the best. I mean the award winner for the most absurd crazy completely off-the-wall comment. Lots of insightful comments disappearing from Srinagar was pulling out the good of those who pull out of their profanity even go further and uglier the needs all right. This leads me to believe I better say this quietly because I'm a woman want to find out Michael Brown is misspelled on the end of the Michael Brown is probably as real misspelled is really the probably Israeli intelligence science activist and not a true follower of Jesus Christ our guys at continual. Keep a secret room watching everyone listening can can you keep a secret here on the lien and real close to my it's all true. I I am actually in Muslim working for Mossad and my last name is not actually Brown screen the whole thing is a deception. This is not my real nose. This is not my real mustache. This is not my real likes the whole thing is one the sham and and I've been publishing for 47 push. I am so undercover that I married undercover and had been preaching around the world being rejected for following Jesus for 47 years and this is all I'm gonna blow it now because my wife Nancy doesn't know we've been married 43 years, and our two daughters don't know. And there kids are four grandkids. They don't and my late mom. She didn't know the she went to the grave in peace, not knowing that her son was a secret Muslim Mossad eight actually this was out of the womb. It was set up like that. This is big this is really really big so Matthew you nail the body. He hit the nail on the head time for the truth, of happy couldn't assist. I'm sorry I just couldn't resist that we had it with her anymore comments was that though the last of them were there any other administers the tiny little sampling of what we pulled up here you go Jimmy country Jews were expelled from it was. I was expelled from hundred nine different high schools would you think that all those times were because everyone was out to get me to think that maybe I might be causing the issue. If you are black kid in all white high schools in your expelled from 109, all white high schools is are black kid. Note you don't think whether something wrong with me.

You think that's bigotry.

That's racism while while while and that let's see another when you miss the entire point you take a clip from a three hour podcast to condense just like Owen took one verse from atomic to prove his point versus a comedian. It goes on and on to try different listen. I've listened to two clip after clip after clip after clip and and there is no context to change it. I've listened to just a five-minute video or just a 10 minute video. I've listened to enough you qualified on certain levels below. Some just posted that's it's five minutes long.

That's it. I watched it the whole thing is ugly and strong as indefensible and a lot of it is fueled by false information. I will address it and I'm encouraging you to address it as well because we we watch the same old story. Repeat itself over and over and over again, 866-34-TRUTH of let's see okay let's get Dave in Washington will get you in a moment, but Trey from Oregon you beholding the whole show.

Thanks for your patience. What's on your mind today sir.

No problem.

Dr. Brown agreed to work? Related to yell at you about how you would be on one technology… Uniquely positioned to address your note. I grew up oneness Pentecostal dong four 2124 they would argue that the failure to let you is conducting a God of informative view of the incarnate wondered how you would trust that one is trained with what I would what I would say is one we we start with the Hebrew Bible, not with you some of the Hebrew Bible and the Hebrew Bible, we see God's complex unity. We see that he is visible and invisible, that he is transcendent and his imminent so starting with the Hebrew Bible, we see the unseen God can appear in human form incarnation just brings this out now to a full and clear level that's that's the first thing the second thing I would say is that within Judaism there are traditions as well, and various understandings that we can lean into that point in the direction of God's complex unity. Not to say the traditional Jews believe this but that point to God's complex unity as well.

So based on that yes traditional Judaism rejects the incarnation, but I would say the Hebrew Scriptures are the foundation on which we built is not confirmed by the witness of the New Testament, and there are Jewish traditions as well that wrestle with some of these aspects of God's transcendence and immanence in and how the invisible eternal creator can interact with a finite world that we can play into. I do this in volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus, get into great depth.

There you can check out a different video lectures we've done in debates on the subject as well so it's something not true.

It's an argument.

The other thing is that there were things that that the Jewish community saw in part and lose it they didn't see that's what we have the gospel that's were not traditional Jews.

Thank you sir for the question David in Washington walking to the line of fire Michael how are you doing brother doing well. Thanks Garrett well I wanted to make comments. I say I really about you and I really love you and I really love what you're doing. I really don't like you have taught me to the profound understanding of Yeshua the Messiah as porthole. I what I have been struggling with this… Michael coming into my life repeatedly in various ways, telling me about the love of of Yeshua, particularly though I wanted so I wanted to know what does that mean what it fire me by obviously not the only way for me to understand that is two and a look at the properties understand you know the Old Testament understand all you'll do not just click real quick. We got a minute for the shows out.

So if you requested and got gonna get to it okay know not what you know what you know that I thought your word that you were like caddying came through the Garrett but I wanted to let you know that he came to me and that I appreciate you very much and I love you brother and I hope we get to meet on the other happily. All right great God bless you David appreciate that I have a this is all on me.

I just had a misunderstanding about what that call was about this. My misreading of it and but thank you David for the call. Much appreciated. I thought there was another message that was being sent to me, but that's fine on behalf of someone else. But that's just fine innocent friends want to do this one I see you not. I don't really know and sort everything out but but I I want to follow the truth God show me the truth wherever it leads, and listen if you want you on Facebook right now we have alive feed on Facebook on on YouTube if you watch on Facebook. We are listener supported.

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