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A Closer Look at Matthew 24 and the End Times

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 4, 2019 4:10 pm

A Closer Look at Matthew 24 and the End Times

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 4, 2019 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/04/19.

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Will take a closer look at Matthew 24 today will talk about the rising tide of anti-Semitism and look at the elections in Israel all that and more thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is clearly Jewish Thursday here on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown I'm less and delighted to be with you. Phone lines are open for all Jewish related questions. They can be Hebrew questions. Questions about messianic prophecy civic Old Testament related questions. Questions about Israel today questions about the Jewish people. Jewish tradition organizer open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you just stumbled on the broadcast and wonder who I am. I am a Jewish follower of Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior and Messiah and king and it's my joyful privilege to make him known to Jew and Gentile alike, 866-348-7884 is the number to call. We got a lot to cover a really helpful article by a friend and colleague in Israel about the Israeli elections want to read much of it to you later.

I want to share some of the most recent wild over the top crazy comments that I received in response to my video dealing with anti-Semitic comments by comedian Owen Benjamin and yes there is a Catholic scholar E.

Michael Jones, who I believe has been a source of information for Owen Benjamin and we do want to have him on the air. So some on YouTube saying he wants to come on. In any case I think is the kind of guy that would gladly do it and will have a very candid dialogue about issues that we differ on very strongly so looking forward to doing that he can't speak for him yet but I believe that's gonna happen and we look forward to that as well. Will also talk on the show today about question.

It can you criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic.

Can you click on criticize Jews without being anti-Semitic. Will talk about that as well. The first list. Take a look at Matthew 24 Matthew 24 is a key passage for the end times is called the Olivet discourse because Yeshua Jesus spoke it on the Mount of olives and we have parallels in Mark 13, and Luke 21 with the same information laid out a little differently and here and there with the verse that the other won't have all three known as the Olivet discourse now.

Those who hold to a pretrip rapture believe that Matthew 24 speaks of two different events as far as the end times obviously speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem in Jesus day within is the belief it speaks of a final destruction of final attack the end of the age and in particular, they were the focus on now is that it speaks of a rapture and a second coming. Those who hold to this theology would say that Jesus is speaking to the Jews in Matthew 24, or that Matthew as a whole is speaking to the Jews and it's for the Jews of the church.

However, it's always a rapture passage that must be for the church. Well, look at is this we go through Matthew 24._Read through and make some comments when I want to point out is this were not going to get into a lengthy discussion. What applies to Jerusalem and that generation, the Jerusalem that was then destroyed 40 years after the the time of Jesus versus what applies just to the end of the age group. Micah go back and forth on that. That's a whole other subject. And it's a worthy subject all I want to do is this. I want to demonstrate that Jesus is speaking to one and the same audience the whole way through. In other words, whether it's his disciples is believing disciples then or he's believing disciples through the ages was believing disciples at the end of the age. In other words, you cannot make a distinction between this is for Israel. This is for the church.

Some have attacked my posterior position so you don't understand. Matthew 24. It's all for Israel. You understand that there's a whole it's all for Israel. Some alternate will if it's all for Israel them was there rapture passage in that because according to pretrip teaching that is for the church right so let's let's take a look at Matthew 24 and when you have read from the tree of life are and when you show one out was going away from the temple. His disciples came up to point out to him. The temple buildings. Don't you see all these, he responded to them and when I tell you, not one stone will be left here on top of another.

Everyone will be torn down as he was sitting on the Mount of olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, tell us what will these things happen will be the sign of the coming of the end of the age they thought that the destruction of the Temple and the end of the agent is coming will be one of the same event, but they are asking three questions or or two questions with two subdivisions of three possible right when will this happen. That's one will be the son of you coming to and in the district in their mind it's all one of it right so we can answer things that pertain to that generation and the final generation all weaved together, you shall answer them. Be careful that no one leads you astray.

Who is he talking to his disciples's believers.

Those recalled part of the ecclesia part of the church.

They are believers for many will come in my name, saying, I am the Messiah will lead many astray you will hear of wars and rumors of wars to the Granada lawn for this must happen is not yet the end for nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. But all these things are only beginning of birth, then they will hand you over to persecution will tell you who is disciples. You will be hated by all the nations because of by name, who is disciples. His followers right and then many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray because lawlessness will multiply the love of many will grow cold with the one who endures to the end will be saved. This good news of the kingdom shall be proclaimed in the whole world is a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

His gospel is regally called the good news of the kingdom.

So when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place. Let the reader understand those and today I must flee to the mountains now this actually happened. According to ancient church records we have that the Jewish believers in Yeshua because it was warning when they saw saw what was coming with the Roman armies etc. they fled to Pella, which would be in Jordan today they fled, so he speaking to his disciples, he or his believers right the one on the roof must not go down to take was in his house of the one in the fieldbus doctrine back to get his coat.

Woe to those who are pregnant to those who are nursing babies in those days credit your scape will not happen winter on Shabbat.

Why because can be more difficult to travel at that time and to get away.

Now you may say will this this applies promoted to the end of the age is just an early apparel in a way I see both that I see applicable to that generation and the final generation, but my only point I want to emphasize is he speaking to his believing people right born-again believers to bear approach for his name matches the Jewish nation as a whole, but his Oregon people who are part of the ecclesia part of the messianic body or the church for then there will be great trouble, such as not happen since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will unless those days were cut short know will be delivered but for the sake of the chosen those days will be cut short. And if anyone says to look years the Messiah were there he is, do not believe it. For false massage and false prophets will rise up and show great signs and wonders was to lead astray, if possible, even the chosen CFOs before him, so they said you look is in the wilderness do not go out look is in the interim snuffling. Who is he telling you is disciples were waiting for them and long for them and believing in him just as lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the West, so also be the coming of the Son of Man were the carcasses.

There the vultures will gather through to become a judgment but immediately after the trouble of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven. Then all the tribes of the Lamb will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

He will send out his angels with a great shofar they will gather together his chosen from the four winds. One end of heaven to the other.

So if you are dispensation list. If you believe in a pretrip rapture. You say this is referring to the second coming at the end of the age, but who's even talking to. He's been talking to his his followers. This whole way through his people. Believers the whole way through has hasn't changed all right. That's always been talking to, but let's just keep reading not learn the parable from the fig tree when his branch becomes tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see all these things, know that it is near at the door, a man I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things happen and we can debate the meaning of that first couple destruction of those who see this at the end second Temple destruction or destruction within the eight. Either way it's a destruction of the second Temple in Jesus day generation after that or destruction of eight would be 1/3 Temple at the end of the aged Temple has been burnt the build it okay we debate all that but losing you you you who's he speaking to his disciples that hasn't changed heaven and earth will pass women my words will never pass away, but of that day and hour no one knows that even the angels of heaven, the son except the father long. What that which is referred to is coming as a post relational coming as no one knows that they are our right these pieces speaking to his disciples, his people, the body, the whole time, just as the days of Noah were, so will be the coming of the Son of Man bring those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and they did that understands of the flood came and swept them all away, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man that he's referred to is coming very clearly a public coming, a public event right. The sign was coming.

He's referred to it now is referring to it again which him and that the one coming. They did not understand until the flood came, swept them all away, so should be at the coming of the summit. We were told that's the rapture. This is a secret thing. This is gonna be sudden and and pull everyone out but hang on the coming that he spoke of is the coming of the Son of Man. His second coming after the tribulation of those days. That's what he's referring to. And no one knows that day or hour. All right, you have the size it was happening but no one knows the exact day or hour receipts under the holy is disciples using us about the rapture will readily change audiences at N and II thought the rapture was for a different group of people. The church and in the second coming that I do with Israel is talking to believers the whole way through and measure saying that the first Jewish believers want part of the church. Peter, John, were part of the church directly argue that Benjamin will be in the field long taken one left. Two women will be grinding at the mill want taken one left. Therefore, stay alert, for you do not know what day your Lord is, he just referred to is coming after the tribulation is and you don't know the day of the hour is referring to that coming. Now we sent to the same people.

The audience hasn't change is not two separate audiences. You can't read the text like that you have to read something and that doesn't exist is not two separate audiences and two separate events. This is one event, the coming of the Son of Man. The coming of Jesus at the end of the age were caught up to meet and therefore stay alert. You do not know what day your Lord is coming, but know this, that if the master of the house had known what time the thief was coming with Watch and not let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready give you the same as others for the whole time. The Son of Man is coming in an hour you expect what audience one coming one return clear will be right over. And it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, and then I want to get back to looking at some things happening in the world today, but first we go to the phones we start with Paul in rock Hill South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire out of the Dr. Brown you're welcome here. My question is recommended by the average fainted to regarding the mud by a howl like a light landed in multilevel about the quotation of a commitment by alike. I would ask the average Jew during that day, but by what Bentley Barrett not undermine when you say that day when when he referred to. You say ancient you mean around the time adjusted a bit yet… Fire would actually come to Israel were Israel. What you don't recognize I have finally come look at the ice melt okay right so if you if you want to go back to the time of Jesus. There were many Jesus, for whom this was something passionate that they were looking for and expecting and believing that the Messiah would come and deliver them from the subjugation of Rome, but there were many others for whom it was absolutely not central or even a belief at all.

And another was there was a lot of variation in in the ancient Jewish world you had different Jewish sects you had some that this were looking for political solution fight against Rome others that this thought we we continue to observe the Torah and that's our responsibility. Others that were longing for the coming of redemption, but if I ask you today call what your average Christian think about the second coming of Jesus will do.

I mean a born-again believing Christian, do I mean a nominal Christian and in which born-again believing Christian. There different groups. Some don't even think about it some hardly believe in it summer passionately expecting it, it would've been very similar. Sir, in the ancient world.

So when you have, for example, is Simeon in in Luke the second chapter who's been earnestly waiting for the consolation of Israel, that was not the normal person I would say that may have been more of a remnant that had that fervent expectation. So if that would've been the innermost circle than a little larger circle around that was praying for redemption and coming of Messiah and others for whom it was it was, not a fixed and pronounced and strong issue as Jewish suffering rose as the temple was destroyed as Jewish people and at the exile on a larger scale. Then it became more of the national hope and national desire, but it was certainly a strong expectation and desire and focus among some, but I would not say among the Jewish people as a whole back of 2000 years, and by the way there's a lot of scholarly debate about that. Exactly how much Messiah was a topic of interest and concern for the Jewish people as a whole, and that day, I thank you for asking Sir 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Joel and California.

Welcome to the line of fire. Are you very well, thank you wonderful and I'm up after her arm on part 10. 1/2 is been. Should we follow the Sinai covenant and not a lot of it just didn't how Jesus fulfilled God it but were finally getting clear New Testament Scriptures that got them straight. So with that in learning looking to act 15 and I totally understand the prohibition against separating yourself from food sacrificed title to get that.

It even makes sense in light of all stuff in Romans 14 Corinthians as well.

They also understand the final one sexual immorality, but I feel like I'm missing something about the culture context of drinking blood is drinking blood in and of itself a simple moral thing. Or is it talking about oregano. I read and like the Targum that they might be indicating further prohibition against Nola back then was that it actually like eating animal wildlife and biting into it and having a blood rights and it is one of course, strangling the animal I would assume the same thing because they didn't butcher it all the blood started to fill in my director yeah so so it goes back to Genesis 9. There's a debate about when they are there to submit sexual morality in general or it doesn't specifically mean incest which would've been widely practiced by the Gentiles and and something that they needed to know right up front or planning a sexual railing the in the broadest sense. There is debate about that but otherwise we understand that there were certain laws that were given to Noah in Genesis the ninth chapter that were to be universal in scope of this is for all mankind for all time.

And then this ultimately develops into what's called the seven laws of Noah and did the seven laws exist right at that point were not that's debatable, but certainly some of them were clearly understood and followed in the concept was that if you were a God-fearing Gentile.

You didn't convert to Judaism, but you are a God-fearing Sure You You Read This As Well.

If You Are God-Fearing, Gentile, There Would Be Certain Things That You Would Not Do. For Example, Blasphemy Was for Bid or Murder Was Forbidden and Then Some of These Dietary Laws Were Also Forbidden, so There Were These These Basic Prohibitions and in the Call to Establish Courts of Justice That the Later Rabbis Deduced from Genesis Done All You Have To Do a Little Exegetical Gymnastics That the Palmolive from Genesis 9, but This Is Basically Just Telling the Gentile Converts Okay. You Don't Have To Become Jews.

You Don't Have To Come under the Sinai Covenant. You Don't Have To Become Jews, but Here Are Some Basic Things That Even a God-Fearing Gentile Would Live by and Were Asking You to Abide by These As Well. The Difference Is That in the past, a God-Fearing Gentile Did Not Have the Same Status As a Jew Is a Full Convert Here There Saying You Have the Same Status.

We Are Now Equals in the Lord with Equal Access to the Father Equally Loved by God. Equally, Sons and Daughters of God except We're Keeping These Commandments As Jews but As Gentiles. You Don't Have To Were Just As New Abide by These Basic Gentile God-Fearing Rules That That Were Handed on by Way of Noah and That's the Concept behind. As for the Blood We Understand in Principle That Nothing That You Eat and Spiritually Defile You Write Why Because Matthew 15 Mark Seven.

It It Goes in Your System and Passes out Worse.

It's What Comes Out Of Your Heart That the Files You It Doesn't Mean It's Not Wrong to Do Certain Things in the Prohibitions with Blood Have To Do with This. Recognizing the Sacredness of Blood. So Let's Say for Example You You You Saw Something That Was Unclean, Defiling Some Image so Lord, Wash Me Clean You Turn Away from That Help Me Get That Thing Out Of My Mind. That's One Thing If You Realize You Know like I Just Drank Something and Now I Find out That the Native People around They Put Blood in Their It's a Different Thing. Lord, I Didn't Mean to Do That, but You Can Actually Defile Yourself Spiritually in the Process. It's Just We Want to Recognize the Sacredness of Blood and That's Part of the Reason for This Prohibitions the Blood Is the Life Etc. and That's What's behind It, but Genesis 9 and Then Would Become the Seven Laws of No That's the Real Background. Therefore, for Acts Chapter 15.

All Right. Okay, Go Ahead and Were Able to Hurt like Possibly the Drinking of Blood in Strangling Animal Work Thing. Also Practice in Title Temple Were like Those Three.

Those First Three Prohibition Are All Relating to within the Temple like They Would Also Drink Blood in the Temple and Also Strangled Animal in the Temple, and All I Can a False God. Temple so I Didn't Know If There Is Any Truth to That Research It in the Winter.

Where Did You Find a Reference Which Fund References for That's Just a Curiosity It Would Just General Somebody Writing about Not like Okay Will Show Me When I Saw It from the Right Side and They Did Have Sources for. That's the Key Thing Right Right Correct That You and and Just I Just Flipped Open.

Craig Keener's Bible Background Commentary to the New Testament and He Knows That Ethnic Gentiles Should Be Called Brothers and Sisters Is Significant and Pieces When Views Were Disputed B Economies. The Majority View Is Prevailed Here.

This Goes on How They Came to Their Decisions and Hang on.

Let Me Just Get the Exact Verses in Question. Verse 1920. The Few Requirements James Suggests They Impose a Representative of the Handful of Laws. Jewish Tradition to Clear the God Gave Noah. According to the More Lenient Jewish Position Any Righteous Gentiles Who Kept Those Basic Laws Would Have a Share in the World to Come, Because Even Stricter Pharisees Had to Get along with the Majority of More Lenient People. These Teachers Did Not Try to Invalidate Other Teachers Will As If They Had Majority Consent but Again It Just Goes Back to the Laws.

The Jewish Tradition Declared That God Gave Noah and This Would've Been What God-Fearing Gentiles Were Expected to Do. As for the. The Other Point If If It Existed Joel on I'm Not Aware of It Either. When People Don't Give Their Sources Yourself the Question That When the Source Is Another Book and If You Let Book to Find the Source Is One of the Primary Sources Wishes Come from the Intro I Heard Someone Say That Where Does It Actually Come from. All Right. Thank You Sir for Your Questions and Your Good Research 866-34-TRUTH When We Come Back Going to Give Me an Update on the Israeli Elections Take More of Your Calls and Then This Let You Know How Much Virulent Ugly Blatant Unapologetic Outright Anti-Semitism Is out There. Can You Criticize Jewish People out the Anti-Semitic Absolute When You Criticize Israel, Nothing Anti-Semitic.


Is There Something Called Anti-Semitic Absolute the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Show Welcome Him Modifiers Really Jewish Thursday.

If You Go to Jewish Related Question Wyoming's Call 866-34-TRUTH, Our Dear Friend and Colleague Sure Circle Romps Your Husband Already in Israel for What What Years Now and Lead Ministry Commitments Remote Owes for Many Years. Shira Has a Great Article on the Israeli Elections and I Want to Share This with You. I Couldn't Set It Better Than Sure Did.

So Let Me Share This with You All of You Watching and Listening. I Think This Would Be Helpful to You.

She Said Were Electing a Prime Minister on April 9. Our Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Was Recently Indicted for Bribery, Fraud and Breach of Trust, Allegedly Offering Favors in Order to Get Good News Coverage for Himself and That Coverage Was Political Opponents Is Said to Receive Hundreds of Thousands of Shekels in Cigars and Champagne in Exchange for Giving Friends and Relatives Business Benefits However Convictions Many Months Away and Not at All Sure Netanyahu's Prison Coalition Is Made up of Mainly Orthodox and Ultraorthodox Parties.

These Conservatives Believe Today in Some Areas Promise to the Jewish People Called the West Bank by Others, and so They Will Not Accept a Palestinian State on Central Israel's Doorstep. Unfortunately, There Also Very Anti-Messianic Meaning Anti-Messianic Jew and Spend Much Time in Tax Money Harassing Jewish Believers in Their Businesses, Especially Working to Deny Believers the Right to Immigrate to Israel All Jews in the World Have Automatic Rights to Immigrate and Receive Israeli Citizenship except Those Who Believe in Your Shoe Ultraorthodox Which Now Number about 1 Million Israelis Constantly Drag the Israeli Economy down by Extracting Huge Amounts of Tax Money in Exchange for Their Partnership with Netanyahu's Coalition. They Use the Funds to Pay Themselves Stipends Is Only about 50% of Orthodox Men Work and the Rest Spend a Lifetime Studying Rabbinical Literature and Their Yeshivas. Their Population Continues to Grow. Most Israelis Understandably Feel Very Negative about the Orthodox Appropriating Such Vast Sums of Money the Other Hand, Israelis Admit There Is No One like Netanyahu with His Brilliant Handling of the World outside of the Country Who Doesn't Know We Certainly Have Enemies in Every Direction It.

Netanyahu Has Done Wonders Would Appear to Me That Most Likely Netanyahu's Type of Corruption Is Unfortunately Common among Politicians in General. Here All Want Good Media Coverage. All Would like to Do Favors for Friends, Etc. but the Press Leans to the Left the Media to the Far Left, so No Sin of the Time Yahoo Was Left Uncovered Quite A Lot Of Citizens Are Simply Tired of Hearing Sees Me about This Corruption in the Media. Day after Day from the Party Center Left. We Have Gen. Benny Gon's Was Well-Liked, Well-Respected and Fresh Out Of the Army.

In Fact, Israelis Have Strong Faith in the Values and Honesty of the IDF Israeli Defense Force. Gon Says Join Together with a Well-Known Lefts Well-Known Centerleft Ex-Journalist Get Your P to Create the Blue-And-White Party. No One Knows Exactly What Gon Stands for, but He Is Hinting That He Would Not Be Interested in Creating a Palestinian State. The Normal Left in Israel Is Nowhere near the Left Extreme Dogma of the US Euro, the Blue-And-White Would Most Likely Give More Religious Freedom to Non-Orthodox Citizens like Messianic Jews. In Fact the Orthodox Hate, yet Your P Because of His Anti-Orthodox Stance.

Believe It or Not. Both of These Men Are Considered Clean and Honest. But Gon's Is a Politician Is an Unknown. Meanwhile, the Amount of Challenges in Israel Knows No End How to Keep Iran from Developing a Nuclear Weapon with Which They Have Promised to Wipe out Israel Had a Deal with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, Both of Whose Goals Are to Replace the State of Israel. How to Deal with the Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe, Especially France Ready 55,000 Views of Left France for Israel and the Jewish State Is Preparing to Receive Another 200,000 How to Deal with Potentially Difficult Demands That Might Appear in Person Trumps Peace Plan, Which Is Not yet Been Revealed. How to Stay Prepared in Case Hezbollah Decides It's Time for Another War How to Further the United States Decision to Recognize the Go on Heights and Get Other Nations Recognize Them, Recognize That His Point, Israel Part of Israel's Inheritance.

According to the Torah How to Bring More Arab and African Nations to Recognize Israel As a Legitimate State. Perhaps the Biggest of All Challenges Is Just about Israel Should Do about What Israel Should Do about Your Day and Samaria Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Is 82 and L. No One Knows What Will Happen, except That If an Actual Election Is Held in the West Bank, the Chances Are Huge That Hamas Will Win As They Did in Gaza after Seven Years of No the Palestinians, Fear Israelis Have the Stomach to See Gaza to Rise up A Few Miles from Tel Aviv, Haifa and inside Jerusalem. The Ben-Gurion National Airport Would Become an Easy Missile Target. Our Focus She Writes Us on the Promises of God That He Will Bring Our Jewish People Back to Himself and Give Them a New Heart in Your Spirit at the Right Time God Will Also Give Us Back All the Land He Promised Us Some 4000 Years Ago.

The Two Main Parties and Are Neck and Neck in the Polls Lord Will Be Done in Israel As It Is in Heaven. Yeah, That's That's the Only Way I Know How to Pray God Your Will Be Done. You Alone Know What Is Best for Israel.

You Alone Know What Is Best for the Jewish People for the Surrounding Nations for the Palestinians for the World. Your Will Be Done Father in Elections.

Sometimes God's Will Is to Bring a Humbling Nomination.

Sometimes God's Will Is to Raise up a Nation. Sometimes God's Purposes Are Different Than What We Expect.

Sometimes God Is Looking Hundred Miles down the Line and Were Only Looking 6 Inches down the Line so God Your Will Be Done. The Stakes Are Very High Right. We Are about to Go Back to the Phones. But First, Let Me Just Mention This, I Took Exception to Many Many Extreme Comments Made by Comedian Owen Benjamin about the Jewish People Ticklish with Them on a Video Played Some Clips and by All Means That We Would Copy Them on Different Things.

Of Course Would Love to Interact Any Time You Know He Was until Just A Few Weeks Back and We've Invited or Were in the Process and or Misrepresent a Look, We've Reached Them yet, but in the Process of Inviting Michael Jones a Catholic Scholar Who I We Host Anti-Semitic Views and He Would Say Is Absolute, Not Anti-Semitic. But He's He's Interact with Owen Benjamin We Want to Have Them on the Air so He and I Can Have a Candidate Open Conversation so We Want to Do That.

Almost There Right Now Is This for the First Just Want a Taste of the Ugliness That's out There.

The Moment You Call on Anti-Semitism Here. Here's a Quick Sampling. I Give You Hundreds of Examples like This in the Most Vile.

We Can't Read or Even Posters Too Much Junk in Them, but This Is Just a Little Sampling for Maybe the Last Eight Hours Last 12 Hours.

Most of the Comments We Left on the Few May Have Been so Crazy Week.

We Took off the YouTube or YouTube Channel Where I I Respond to Some of Owen Benjamin's Anti-Semitic Comments. But Here, Here, Just A Few Look at the Sunken Pits on the Eyes As Dr. Brown's Infested with Devils and Profane's the Mustache. This Is a Flood of Junk like This Hello This Any Jewish Person in History Who Seriously Accepted Jesus As the Messiah Totally Reject That the Talmud You Are a Crypto Jew, Not a Messianic One.

So the Fact That I Spent 47 Years Sharing the Good News of Jesus with My People.

The Fact That I Couldn't Emigrate to Israel Because I'm Too Well Known As a Jewish Believer in Jesus. The Fact That I've Been Overseas Almost 200 Times during the Gospel around the World of Devoted Flex after Preaching Jesus, Lift Him up Because When the Top Is Misrepresented. I Explain What It Really Says Because the Stuff Is Been Used by Jew Haters through the Centuries. That Means I'm Not a True Believer in Jesus on a Crypto Jew What What Are People Think It Read Volume 5 a by Series Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus Were the Whole Volume Is Taking Issue with the Talmud but Was Misrepresented and Libeled Him Him to Speak the Truth about It and Set the Record Straight Because of Seeing Jew Haters Use This Stuff for Centuries. Oh and by the Way, Plenty of Prominent Jewish Believers like Alfred Use Are Many Others. Wall Not Coming in to Tell Medical Authority to More Jewish Christians Usually Risen Jesus, They Often Cited Talmud Rabbinic Literature and Appreciated Much of It and Differed with Much of It As Well about This Anti-Semite Is a Meaningless World. The Channel Meeting. Are You to Tell Is Taking Things Out Of Context Assemblages Complain about People Taking Passages from the Comet of Context Actually Actually We Only Address the Comments When One of Our Team Members Who Would Listen to A Lot Of Owen Benjamin A Lot A Lot A Lot A Lot A Lot Began to Send Eclipse and Then Assured Me Everything's in Context and Then Set the Whole YouTube Section so That Where I a Look at the Whole Thing. This Is the Whole Thing Posted in Its Anti-Semitic Sorted Us Every a Summit. It Is a Anti-Semitism Is Jew Hatred. That's What It Okay You Can Criticize Jews without Being an Anti-Semite Right Is One of the Process of Accusing Plaintiff Prays about Youth, You Can Criticize Israel without Being an Anti-Semite and You Can Be an Anti-Semite or Certain Lines That Get Crossed We Demonize Jewish People As a Whole and Speak in Sweeping Terms and Repeat Certain Standard Anti-Semitic Laws and We Call It out As Anti-Semitism Doesn't Mean All Jews Met Their Fake Jews so the Jews He's Attacking Me and the Jews All around the World That I Will Use This Other Anti-Semitic Lie.

These Oppressive Criminals Hide behind the Entailment. They Claim They Are Jews but Are Not about You Debate on Benjamin Instead Just Assume He's against the Fuses All Barely Debate Dialogue Anything Interact Anytime There's a Difference between Real Jews and Fake Jews. The Bible Clearly Talks of the Fake Jews Being from the Synagogue of Satan Does Not. The Talmud Is Evil Though High Laws of the Talmud. Christians Can Be Put to Death for Worshiping Jesus, Which Is Breaking the First Mama Change My Mind. Okay, Please Show Me Please Show Me in the Talmud in Context, Rightly Understood Where It Says That Christians Should Be Put to Death for Worshiping Jesus Please Show Me Okay Why Should I Change Your Mind When You're Quoting Faucet First Provide the Reference Okay and Then Will Explain with Reference Actually Says Is the Tome against Jesus Sure Is Not a Major Topic in the Tollett Is a Time against You Suggest Is Because the People Involved Were Not Believers in Jesus and Were Lost in Terms of Their Salvation.

That's Why Pray for Jewish People to Be Saved and Share the Gospel As Jewish People. That's Why I'm Hated by Some Juices Would Call Public Enemy Number One Because We Been Successful in Reaching Jewish People with the Gospel's Reality Here. Someone Else. Michael Is a Jewish Follower of Jesus. Just like I'm a Christian Follower of His, As Long Actually. Paul Was a Jewish Follower of Jesus, As Was Donna's Was Peter As the Been Many Views through the Ages Is One Thing to Practice Judaism in the Traditional Way, Something to Be Jewish Academy to Practitioner Beauties of Canning Someone with the Center of the People of Israel and Paul Talks about Himself.

Does Any Paul Talks about Himself As Being from the That the Liner Benjamin Circumcised on the Eighth.

They Settled Most of This but This Is This Is Who I Am and Go through This Whole Thing Fake Jews Go through the New Testament Look up Every Single Time the Word You a Courtesy. It Always Refers to Jewish People. And Then There Are Two References in Revelation 2 and Revelation 3 about Jews Who Claim to Be Jews.

They Weren't but They Were Opposing the Gospel.

Maybe They Were Gentiles. Maybe Oranges Are Made. They Claim to Be Jews. They Want or in a Spiritual Sense That What Living Is. You Should Because They Oppose the Gospel Go through the New Testament Speaks Views Views Views Views Israel Israel Israel Paul Explicitly Says the Covenants Remain Theirs and God's Love Is Still Set on Save Them Following Summer, This Caused It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866343 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Morning Find $55,000 Calling a Male Male on It's Been Shared about 10,000 Times since Old Midmorning Today.

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You'll Also Enjoy Last Night's Real Messiah Broadcast. We Got into Some Really Interesting Discussion about Various Messianic Prophecies, so Check That out on Our Website.

Asked Dr. KSK DR All Right. Let Us Go to Hubert in Florida. Thanks for Holding Welcome to the Line of Fire. Are You Hearing Me. Yes I Am. Go Ahead Okay I Want to Know What You Think about Oxo Also Eat or to Write and What in Particular, Were You Wondering about I Wanted to Know Do You with the Right Yes It I Wanted to Know What You Meant When You Wrote That. Treatment Is Not Correct. Yes Yes Development Buried and He Was. He Was Highly Respected and These These Were Devout Jews Who Buried Him in the Great Lamentation over Him. Yes, under Note, You Don't Know Don't Know If You're Doing the Right Thing Thing That We Don't Don't Work Could Be. You May Have Known Them by Name or Just in General, the White Vote Number One It's All Speculation. We Don't Know. Maybe He Didn't Know Number Two. He Doesn't Name Every Person That's Ever Involved with Everything so You Must Have a Reason for Asking This or What's Your Angle Might Air Are Very You Going One, Leah. I Make It the Month When You Get That from You Get That from Dave Burial. Even You Know the Body but but Where Where You Bought It with. But Right That What Why in the World Would You Say That It's It's It's Gone Well and Nicodemus Were You Getting a Franco Dear Dear the One That You Would Buried.

How Do You Know That Every Who Told You That Suck Susan Read about Don't Know That They Recovered Body Know They Did Not Who Recovered Stephen's Body. The Body Was Recovered and Will ED Okay and with It, but on It What It Dear Nicodemus, What Do One of the Very Few Rental All You Have All Your It Right All You Have Serious Traditions from Hundreds of Years Later You Know Me While Traditions That Are Talking up I'm Not Talking about the Body of Government Miguel the Body of Me Could Be Bought and Bought Who It Was Tuesday Tuesday Start Right It's Sarah. Okay, That's Pure Traditions Are the Catholic Church Does Not Have the Body of Gone Leo Jewish Leader It's It's Pure Tradition. All That Is Tradition Appreciate You Believing and Being Zealous about It but It's Pure Tradition and Tell You It and Thank You for Thank You for Calling Sarah Appreciated Kai Just Stood Do a Search on It. If the Catholic Church Has the Body of Donley L. Gamaliel Inlets with This Theory Comes up There Alright 866-34-TRUTH, Let's Go to Greg and Cary, North Carolina.

Welcome to the Line of Fire Going to Have a Question about Were Incidents of Farm Work.

Peter and Paul Both Prayed for Healing, Separate Separate Cases. But It Tells in the Bible about Where They Fastener Is on the Person in Our Just Groups What the Significance Was Noted. The Bottle Would Just Say That without It Being in a Kindergarten Significance to It. I Just Never Heard Anybody Civic Significance of That Analysis, Always Expecting Mark Rall Not Really Start Pneumonia Means Just Because Remember Warner Mann. Yeah, to Me It's It's Just Intense Focus That You Are Preaching to Someone and You Sense Faith. You Feel Faith in Your Heart and You Just Your Focused on That Person.

It's It's like There's Magic in Your Eyes Are Feeling in Your Eyes Right As Much Hate Rocket Meat Look Look at. Listen to What I'm Telling You Listen to Me Right Now. And There They Are Locked in on Him and That Person Is Locked in on Them and I'll Get up. That's Just How I See It's like Sums of Merit Was about to Happen. Look at Me, Look at Me, Listen to Me Right and and I You Speak with Faith Sure That's That's That's How I See It Either. #1 More to Go Ahead Okay One More Crook Record the Territorial Family.

The Same One That Gave Oil but You Maybe Talk about the Same One That Taught All That's That's Was Talking about in in Is Mentioned in the Fifth Chapter of Accident Paul References Sitting at His at His Feet, but Yeah, According to You That That's That's the the Claim There and Just While We Were Doing the Site I Typed in, Who Buried Stephen so Here's a Catholic Website. The Finding of the Relics of St. Stephen the First Martyr and Again It's It's All That Gone, We All Appear to This Holy Man Is Sleeping Disclosed Where the Bodies of St. Stephen's Nicodemus's Son but so It's It's All Catholic Tradition and Myth That's That's All That Is Their Paper. Thanks for Your Question 866-34-TRUTH. Let's Go to Rome Was Good on Russell and Georgia. Let's Go to Jeff in Oklahoma. Welcome to the Line of Fire by Dr. Brown, Michael, You're Welcome, Hey, Couple Questions Related to the Seventh Week of Daniel and More Specifically the Abomination of Desolation Event and Do You Think That That Has Already Been Fulfilled in Happen in the past and and Then My Second Question Is the Demand of Sin, the Lawless One Antichrist to Talk about and Think a Thessalonian and Also I Think Revelation 13 Do You Do You Think That Is Part of the 70th Week Abomination Event Is Separate and Then Also Should Expect Another Temple in the Future and Also the Talks about Going in the Temple and the Hansen I See Abomination of Desolation Which Is Mentioned Several Times in Daniel, We Think of It in the Ninth Chapter, the 27th Respect, but Mention A Few of the Times in Daniel As Well. The First Reference to That Would've Been the Desecrating of the Temple with Anti-Lucas Epiphanies about Hundred 60 Years before the Time of Jesus When Jesus Makes Reference to It Now.

Again, You Will As If It Is More Going on, I Don't Believe There 27 Referred to That Event but Other Places in Daniel. I Believe It Was Referring to That First He Say No There's Something Else. So Yes, It Took Place in in in the Time of the Destruction of the Temple in the Year 70. Yes That Happen. However, I Do Believe There Will Be 1/3 Temple That Is Built.

I Do Believe That There Will Be a Very Apparel Almost like a Recapitulation of Matthew 24 Again at the End of the Age. Just As Many of the Passages about the Return of the Jews from Exile Had a Partial Fulfillment and Then the Rest to Come.

Kind of a Final Repeat Later on so II Do Believe a Much Dogmatic on It, but I Do Believe That There Will Be 1/3 Temple, and That There Will Be Something Similar Similar Type of Abomination of Desolation. A Similar Attack on Jerusalem at the End of the Age We See That Also. In Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 and That God Will Then Come and Deliver His People in Israel Will Repent and Turn to Him at That Time.

That Being Said, My View Is That Daniel 924 27 the 70 Weeks of Daniel or Fulfilled in Terms of the Fundamental Teaching There That This Had to Do with Jesus Dying for Her Sins Rising from the Dead Bring Us Atonement Bring His Redemption He Had to Do That before the Second Temple Was Destroyed. If There Is Kind of like an Echo of of Daniel 927.

At the End of the Age Fine, but I Believe the 70 You Weeks of Daniel Happened Basically and in a Consecutive Manner with Very Small Gaps between Them and and with the Destruction of the Second Temple in the Year 70 and That There Will Be ESL Matthew 24. That's from Looking at a Primarily Matthew 24 That There's Something Still Forward That That Were That Were Looking to Some Excuse Me Event Some Type of Recapitulation so in That Sense You Could Say It's Refill, but in a Sense, yet Future. I Have a Problem with That That That the 70 Weeks of Daniel or Fulfilled, but There Is yet a a Future Final Fulfillment of It That Doesn't Trouble Me, but for Sure They Did Apply to the Generation of Jesus, Those That He Warned Those That Saw Those Things Happen for Sure They Apply to Them. And I Do Believe There Will Be a Final Application at the End of the Age As Well and Our Focus, Though in the Midst of All Is That I'm Sure You Agree Jeff Is Making Jesus Know Reclaiming Issue Is the Savior of Jew and Gentile Alike Begin Known to the Ends of the Earth and Working Towards Longing for His Glorious Appearing in His Return to This Earth. A Friends If You Appreciate What Were Doing, Pray for Us Share These Broadcast Friend Greatly to Help Get the Message.

How Stable It Is, Financially, to Help Us People Back with You Tomorrow with

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