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Is There a Dark Agenda Against Believers in America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 11, 2019 6:10 pm

Is There a Dark Agenda Against Believers in America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 11, 2019 6:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/11/19.

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For the Jewish world is swirling with news today and a former liberal Jew talks about the dark agenda against Christians in America today all come your way on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown monitors thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you the number to call with you Jewish related questions 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 and we are chock full of important content. Today I would an article earlier today it's operating on different sites or Jews who believe in Jesus. Still, Jews for years I hear from Jews when you were Jewish and non-Jewish can be Jewish follower of Jesus to be Jewish atheist reduce Buddhist without a Jewish follower of Jesus, the Jew, so I'll address that again in writing.

You can read that on the or S. Dr. and also Christians and what you say you're Jewish follower of Jesus.

Do not drink anymore. There is neither Jew nor Gentile. In Jesus well says is neither male nor female, that men's meeting in your church women's meetings men's bathrooms ladies bathrooms others no male or female. All that's element of course it's not what it means is likely says there's not a Jew or Gentile. It doesn't mean that the categories exist means that we are one in Jesus that we have equal standing. Equal status that we are equally love equally forgiven equally priest to God equally sons and daughters of God equally branches of the vine equally priest to God equally members of the body of Messiah is what it means. So we set the record straight with that article a bunch of things in Jewish world Jewish news. The cover met at the bottom of the hour to be joined by David Horowitz, one of the most important conservative thinkers in America today. But interestingly, once a radical liberal Jew yeah once a radical liberal Jew that talked about his book dark agenda. The attempt to destroy Christian in America sees me that there the war to destroy Christian America. Okay, I saw a clip of an interview that to me was blatantly anti-Semitic and I can apply it now. Some I can give you names that would be unfair without giving more context and background, but the discussion to me was blatantly anti-Semitic.

It it was perpetuating lies about the Jewish people miss information about the Jewish people so as to speak in a derogatory way about the Jewish people and one of the comments made was Jews are so eager to build the third Temple so that they can usher in their Messiah and prove that Jesus is the Messiah is not the Messiah. Now I've interacted with my Jewish community for 47 years and I'm raised in a Jewish home so my tire 64 years and I'm in constant interaction with religious Jews and I have studied extensively in rabbinic literature over the decades. This idea that Jews are so eager for the Messiah to come. Saw that so that they can disprove the Jesus as Messiah is the furthest thing from a traditional Jewish. It's just like saying the reason Christians are praying for Jesus to return so that we can prove that Mohammed is not that the last prophet when it was this thinking that goes.

Praying for Jesus to return his work with the disprove as long but this notion that the Jewish community in the Jewish world religious truth will do so eager to build the temple rabid secular Israeli think about it at all reverent religious Jew is praying the Messiah to come and be revealed in one of the things Sylvie was built-up. You have a tiny tiny fraction of the religious Jewish world and and a sub plot or a subgroup of evangelicals assume that the majority were really focused on seeing the temple third Temple rebuilt that's it.

You say will how I notice what I know with glistening from interacting from talking from reading, but there was a excuse me a new party and the Israeli elections earlier this week called Sukkot suit and it was led by Moshe Fike and he's a traditional Jew and one of his big emphases is rebuild the temple in order to get votes though only in Israel right.

He was 140 is 41, 40 parties running. They he said he also was the campaign for the legalization of marijuana for how does this fit right crazy. Okay, in order to get any Knesset seats you have to get at least .325% of the vote. As we went over on Tuesday at least 3.325% of the vote would think of you for Knesset seats right so this party didn't get that this party with all the campaigning and targets can be the big surprise. They did not get a single Knesset seat as far as the last hole readings that we have.

They did not get a single seat that shows how obsessed it all. We've got a bill this party was the one emphasizing building the temp that nearly got the votes they get on the board at all.

Right now something very interesting. Let me grab this article here from the Times of Israel and this is the website under the auspices of David Horowitz, Times of Israel.

The kids are all right wing white. Israel's younger voters are more conservative.

Very interesting. While American millennial's have a liberal reputation young Israeli Jews who have never known a real peace process identify as right wing at much higher levels then there parents. So what you have to understand is that the Israeli dream the Zionist dream was an idealistic dream. Often humanistic dream and one that thought that there could be peaceful coexistence with Palestinian Muslim neighbors or someone call Palestinian and that this would've been Arab neighbors were greater Syria or Daniel, whatever, whenever, the background would've been.

That was the vision and the there was the goal in and look we can work together in and the handshake with Yasser Arafat and and all these things that we can. It can happen a certain hope of certain dream, but when you have continual terrorist attacks. When you when you see how young people in Gaza have been raised in their perception of Israel is is obviously very very negative when they see Iran really wanted to destroy Israel went when they see that the constant pressure Israel's under and yes you go there and it's safe but it's safe because of day and night vigilant security. The world pressure that's against them went when you see all that you think a week. We need security we need security and because of that there is often a greater a greater of emphasis on the right on security on strong borders on strong military on fighting terrorism and less idealism now within Israel. You have the radical left. Did you have professors within his record for the boycott of a face real your radical left and you have publications like Haaretz, a leading newspaper and publication in Israel for four decades. Bases rich history and that's that strongly left so you have those influences. There definitely there and Israelis are critical of Israelis on both sides, but it's interesting that the younger generation seems to be more conservative and some of its ideology, it at least in terms of politics and security towards other liberal agendas would be very similar American young people in terms of no pro-gay in proportion of those kinds of things so very, very interesting also.

Also, there is an article on sojourners, sojourners, being a left-wing evangelical publication that is often on the opposite side of issues from a Christian perspective is a poster I would stand but there's an article by Deborah Pardo Kaplan on the undoing of modern Christianity and and out. The article makes great points one line loving Jesus without knowing about his Jewish community is like trying to love your spouse while you suffer from amnesia. Read that again loving Jesus without knowing about his Jewish community is is like trying to love your spouse what you suffer from amnesia. In other words, there you don't know the history you don't know what got you this far, you just have kind of a present tense, understanding, great point, when the church cuts itself off from its Jewish roots and Jewish heritage.

It does it to its own damage in her 866-34-TRUTH. By the way, we never heard back from from a cruise Rick Wiles we been waiting for weeks and weeks we have written back several times and never got the final word. When I called out blatant anti-Semitic statements on true news.

Now he's targeting Ben Shapiro, someone sent me a link where this is a major focuses of his attack, Ben Shapiro. Interestingly so the best thing been the sum of the defendant, by the way, and been on course differ strongly on Jesus being the Messiah and other things. I was a thrilled with what he does in the voice that he provides. That being said, we call them out over blatant anti-Semitic comments copy demo we did. They immediately said, and are our TV show but sit and talk and we have lots of time to do it. I said deal is large, radio show was to be fair, I'll go on your turf you, much or if you want to do that elicit up a formal debate where you can try to back that the charges you brought and I can challenge them. We never heard this many weeks now we we bring back I will be a nuisance were probably right back one more time, but just let you know we've made the effort to do that okay last thing in the room and go to your calls a camera is the. The committee for accurate media reporting about Israel and they're constantly catching the media and lies and misrepresentations and textbooks that are dishonest and and giving false impressions and often getting corrections to be issued so they have a billboard out. This is so cool outside the New York Times office went when you look outside the New York Times office use it with his great building in New York City Manhattan. You see this this billboard and the billboards big and clear so it's a constant challenge, while Hamas firebombs Israel.

The New York excuse me, the New York Times inflames with biased coverage. There's a picture of a Molotov cocktail of what's gonna light the flame and it is the New York Times biased reporting. This has been going on for many years, often an anti-Israel bias and an X exalting of a Palestinian narrative that can be misleading. This is been going on for many years but now it's a great investment of money. Let that public challenge their right back because things over and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 34 truth to the phones starting with Daniel and Arizona looking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown will appreciate your ministry for a long time. I can order and I want to differ with you. Respectfully, course like your example you give good example on the line with your position. I believe it is your position like a monk that the unbelieving Israel is God's people. I differ with that. Is it true that you believe that unbelieving Israel got this for God's people, but not in right relationship with them. God's people on the judgment. God doesn't does not change the promises that he gave. By the way, thanks. Thanks for being a supporter and faithful listener yet and you know Paul. Paul makes it clear that as regards the gospel their enemies for your sake but as regards elections of its choosing, calling their beloved sick. Therefore, funds for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable so God's people, not a right relationship and under under more strict judgment because of it. Okay and exited 33 verse 1313 through 16 God.

My presence will go with you mother is configured to that this nation is your people… My presence will go with you and I will give you where okay and then in verse 16 that shall it be known that I have found favor in your sight IN your people. Is it not been you're going with a so that we are distinct IN your people from every other people on the face of your soul in order save that unbelieving Israel is God's people. You have to actually believe that God is present goes with them and gives them rent because actually you just you just actually with all respects. Are you completely prove the opposite. Even when they were sitting. Most still call them God's people even when they were sent okay. I'm not so doesn't change government to cut the covenant to check that the requirements for being considered God's people have changed now and I've been there to be 32 that they are not people in verse five.

They are no longer his children. Think of the blemished in verse 21 they got another God for themselves. So how can you please God let Melissa what have I not ham ones that change when you said the conditions change that the question but you first got on the number that I have never done that Jenny can help okay right did he change this is Sinai covenant right Exodus and Deuteronomy is all Sinai covenant correct okay so it didn't change their right and and and and it's it's talking about the way their living they're not living as his children are living in disobedience, but there still speak. He refers to them throughout the Old Testament as his people even disobedience. There is disobedience are a book, I so regret and that he was faithful to them like she's faithful to the backslider or he's married to the backslider. I agree that that during that time he was there got he would eat so far and in Roman nine okay 24 through 20.

Paul, 1/3 that the fulfillment of Hosea August 23 of although I said to them, not my people will be fed to them children, the living God, but that is old when the Gentiles and Jews believe in the gospel so number one, they're not his children because you're only the child of God when you believe in the gospel and I met a man and he put Israel so as did Paul say were all his offspring.

All human beings are God's offspring, you mean like colloquially what he was speaking to the unbeliever, colloquially solidifying different nuances and how things are being used to guess what you're missing. You can be God's children through active right relationship with him, which is through the cross right we agree on it. We agree the Jews and Gentiles need Jesus to be safe you can be God's children by creation the entire world that since God's children. You can be God's children by calling as the people of Israel are right to be God's children. On the one hand, and not his children.

Relational you can be his people, living as his people, but that was not what I really fulfillment fulfillment of the birth of it will be fed to them children, the living God and and let me just make it quite good. Of course it will all okay football fan that what went when Paula third that back versus fulfilled when good Gentiles and Jews believe. Okay he is equating.

He's putting the putting the Jewish people and the Gentiles on equal footing and what not. My people everything you write interesting questions and and I will be respectful of the calls as well. You completely abusing the text to make a certain point, and in arguing against something that I don't even hold Israel remains Israel, the church never becomes Israel okay all Gentiles never become Israel. Gentile believers never become Israel. Dental believers never become Jews. Okay. However, in Jesus we have 100% equal standing in Jesus we have 100% equal relationship with God in Jesus, the Jew is not appear and the Gentile down here or reversed.

We are 100% equals in Messiah but just like just like there are men who follow Jesus and women who follow Jesus. There are Gentiles who follow Jesus and Jews who follow Jesus and Paul is explicit in Romans 11 Uses I'm writing to you Gentiles, because I'm I'm apostolate Gentiles and I want you to make Israel envious it is Israel is empty and there is there's the nations the Gentiles and those who were saved among the Gentiles and save them on the Jews are the adequacy of the church. The messianic community. Yes, God's people remain Godspeed Israel remains Israel, God's people, but not in right relationship with him not walking as his children not walking as his people. Also having a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. What I would emphasize so those are very strongly is what Paul says in Romans 1126 through 29. I get those so deep in your heart, your spirit until you begin to rejoice with specific promises consummate the fullness of the Gentiles just room some 25. The salvation of Israel guest rooms on 1126. They are not the same thing I hate. Thank you for the call sir, do appreciate it. 86634 of its coded Jacob in Tennessee walking to light a fire call bed broadcaster. Yeah, I'd love to. Also, if you ever wants to be would be great, but Hebrews chapter 7… Jumped off the page the other day about obviously I read, or talking about, you know this conversation between a father and son being a hybrid in order that Robert, it dawned on me that all the images that I've seen from a child you know vacation Bible school indomitable tablet and anything else pictured Jesus as the high priest, and from the tribe of Levi with the thought of urban stones and everything else but that Melchizedek preexist Aaron so and those would make him human and fleshly and and a meeting of certain garments in order to be righteous, but so I'm wondering if all of those images of Jesus as a Levitical high priest are in error. According to Hebrews 7 Jews is not the fan, high priest, but Aaron was, but he is one of the older kids that get up high. In all those images of always been of him at the altar and haven't learned that the right is that correct her mouth. What will you not often thinking through you think you three very logically and scripturally. That's good.

I would say that the images are just images in other words, who said that you said that Jesus is wearing certain priestly garments or if you sign it right on the flipside on the flipside, the mission, the tabernacle was made after the time of need. The pattern in heaven right and in that sense you could say there's a reflection that the altar that the tabernacle the priest priestly garment.

There must be some reflection of of heavenly images.

That's one thing a second thing is milk it set up Melchizedek is called the priest is not referred to as high priest right so the imagery that we get up high priest actually comes from the passages in particular in Exodus, where the high priest where certain garments and has a certain function. So what I would say is that he's not Levitical is often the tribe of Levi righties from the tribe of Judah. He's Davidic not not ironic or Davidic, but the function of the high priest is represented by the priestly garments for intercession for carrying the sins of the nation for set apart the holiness to the Lord. So in that sense what he's doing. I look at it like this. He's wearing garments that would not have belong to him by lineage, but they belong to him by the oath to David the and and the messianic calling right so I make a slight shift in your thinking. The garments could be said to be appropriate, but the changes that someone that wouldn't have worn them is now wearing them and again its spiritual allegorical. We speak of the Messiah wearing the sexy wearing garments like that are just functioning like that. That's the bigger point. All right, friends, features much more to come tomorrow or is this in itself 15 minutes after the show I will live chat just answering question tomorrow almost one hour after the show was going straight we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends are. This Michael Brown were about to have a very poor discussion about a very serious matter. This is not hype. This is not exaggeration this is not chicken little saying the skies falling. This is sober talk with David Horowitz, New York Times best-selling author, one of the leading conservative authors thinkers in America which is all the more interesting, thinking that he was a radical liberal Jew of the 60s. His newest book, the dark agenda of the war to destroy Christian America. Tucker Carlson calls it a disturbing but vital book Mike Huckabee Gov. Mike Huckabee, one of the most intellectually compelling and rational defenses of Christianity's role in America. David, thanks so much for joining us on the broadcast today. All you and I hope you currently Supreme Court so religion in schools so you don't learn you can learn about others coach 98% of the people who settled America and created America work product. Christian and could only have been created by Protestant Christian equity market value. We have no freedom of conscience, the quality inclusion pluralism all tolerant our Christian ideas they originated in Christianity and clothing of skepticism about whether the people go.

Since we have the Democratic Party now attacking the electoral college, and other and pretending that the founders wanted one person that one vote no. The founders but just been put in the American people. But then they put all these checks and why they were Christians earlier you with book of Genesis, when we had a paradise that was better than the Greenville appeal utopia, but the price of spending that was not to know and and of course our forebears could not reverse temptation that was produced by damp circumscribing you shall be as God. If you eat that from that screen you simply as God and if you look at the arrogant of everybody on the left always is when people call them liberals have been picked up pickets is what they are, they have contempt for everybody that disagrees with them. They think they know how to rearrange the world is flat. That very pride that very delusion that they can act as God. That's the problem. That's what makes them so dangerous and David how is it mostly turning point for you when you went from one of these radicals on the left and the product of the 60s to become who you are today to be writing books like dark agenda.

Was it process really tempered at 11 the black eye is a lot of money like that the party and for the Baptist Church overtaken by your and turned it over to them and they murdered the woman away recruited to keep the books of the school. I believe that all propaganda that the government was racist.

Racist are on the left, but I believe the propaganda so I thought we had a bookkeeper that killed and have been about the same time that the left was acceptable in forcing America to abandon our allies them and leave Vietnam and the communist and proceeded to slaughter 2 million innocent Indochinese present and there wasn't a single protest, and then showed me that my comrades, of everybody on the left was an antiwar movement. They hate America and they're very destructive. And then I turned my you know I think my thoughts. America had a look at it again. One of the first thing that struck me was you can have an inalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness unless it is given by God. That has to be a divinity if given by government. It can be taken away and was an easy idea, but on to fully embrace because I was like no I'm not. They haven't been touched my face so I don't I don't really know if there's a God or not, but I do know this can have the freedoms we enjoy as American unless a God. Do you have respect for the belief in God and you have respect for people who believe in God when I'm sleeping contempt. Unbelievable that contempt that so cool I hate it when people call the liberal good grip and cricket, but the contempt they have for religious people and the aggression particularly carried out by the LGBT Q left but you know again Jack Tillotson Colorado against AAA one line in the in keeping them out of the airport to put my charitable arm give money a nonprofit that promotes big ideas. In other words, if an attack on the First Amendment agreeing with them. They wonder what they Democrats are very, very dangerous people these days and I my motorbike got concerns that conservative Christians in particular are to use them to civilize into polite too willing to give people the one they have malice in their heart.

Yeah, and it is true that your mom a Jewish follower of Jesus, either coming at this is an agnostic. He was a hippie rock drummer in the 60s and then had a radical conversion experience, but yes it it is true that we want to overcome evil with good. We want to over overcome hatred with love. We we want to serve rather than try to take over but you're saying that that the battle is intense obvious matter of violent resistance but but recognizing there is an ideological battle with those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet and that this could truly affect the way our kids and grandkids grow up. So, another great web jerk billionaire P Mike.

A vice president). We do use it. Christian Mike that went when G came out gay my parents when I was waiting to pray the prayer and yet he's attacking bankers go as low point G was the picket and then he hides behind God saying you know it's about buying it. If you have a problem with who I am above my pay grade you take it up with my creator. Now, the most logical question is of a pet could use the same argument sound of their evil in the world is theological question in this little jerk. Indiana does not have the answer is contempt.

But what is diamond so offensive to and I don't see enough outrage when done. That's my problem.

Yeah, I understand. I wrote on it immediately challenging him. Then I raised an article could see a pedophile who says this is the way I was born in this life you could days that the judge and I'm not comparing it when I comparing Ted Bundy to be buddy buddy etc. were comparing the argument as I was undergoing this way and therefore it's God's business will everybody's born was some issue or does responsible for everything that you exactly as so let me let me ask you something, just from a different angle here often as I'm combating anti-Semitism and I frequently use articles at times of Israel so thankful for what you put out in the clear. Had you and your team have their but so often you we see whether it's leaders and the ACLU were leaders in the SPLC or the George sources of this world that that often leftist Jews or are really on the wrong side of these issues. How how is it that so often we come down on the side that was sure they get a budget outlook because I my brother's book dark agenda would destroy Christian America that the lab progressivism don't call for social justice communism) thing is a crypto religion.

If an alternative religion who are really not religion for many Orthodox Jews are very concerned right, but the other Jews substituted progressivism for Judaism and of the fundamental divide is over the nature of human being with the left is for the old heresy. It's called the Palladian area coming to Christian monk in the fourth century until managers believe that sin was against human nature so that people follow their true nature that would be good Christians and they could create kingdom of heaven on earth. Without God, they would need God's help, which is the reverse of the love of what Genesis is about and you were claiming for at the gates of even preventing a return because we have a problem though it was August the then that we all share in the original and the you know it's a journal about a man is born to trouble a spark where the problem is not the problem. We create suicide.

This reflects who we are. Want to understand that people of the problem, then you have a certain skepticism towards government. That's where we will check balances country was founded by religious people who were would learn this lesson and wanted to go dangerous because the people in government are the same people who create the problems the government fiscal Democrats in government can file lots of power we just had a two year lesson analysis is just a quick break and then send a few more minutes with David Horowitz dark agenda friends.

This is a book you need to read will be right back going it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire.

I'm holding in my hand. David Horowitz's new book, best-selling New York Times best-selling author David Horowitz's new book dark agenda the war to destroy Christian America. According to my friend and colleague Catholic colonists Johns Merrick. This is the best book on politics. Christians in 2019. According to evangelical leader Gary Bauer. This is an eye-opening account of the left 60 year war against America's Christian foundations.

So David who who's doing what help how much of a concerted effort is there in the media in politics and our educational system. What is the dark agenda who's doing, where is it coming from people about a set of ideas what people are good Friday big bear so give power and will make everything right that that's the really dangerous idea and answered all of you have the communicated you know you say how is it possible that the left give grace make laws that allow you to girder a child that's already good for you think it you know they they both at the same time demographic would place it fighters or make any said, unless you see well it's this delusion that you can change the world. So they don't believe in the immortal soul but they don't believe in the sanctity of human life you live. All thanks to Margaret Sanger created Planned Parenthood, she thought that people should be bred like animal we get rid of the defect.

But what if so, you know you you just see all of them. There were no Democratic fitness is horrific New York law allowing making it legal to girder born children. I never thought I'd look to see that they come, but that shows you what they're capable don't limit to the evil that they will embrace if you thought you could bring about the kingdom of heaven on an antiwar justice to prejudice you know all the things what lie would you not tell and what crime would you like to bid or support, and that's what you know, progressives supported the murder of 100 billion people in peacetime by the kind of day were progressive and you know were talking about people who lived in the Western world one Nobel Prize in supported spell and everything currently is the fantasy that you could repaint the world and everything will come out right is very very Dr. at as the prime seduction you shall be as God is Cortez. You have agreed to deal with.

She keeps changing. Because he is so explosive capable of thought so. Take one of the play.

We want to get regular you going to die 12 year, but that's what the God they put your head so you have to give us power to do anything we want and what we want is what you get rid of all carefully: family gasoline because you clicked on in America.

250,300,000,000 people are attached to their cars that have take the cars away from the cost of the economically good to be a real hardship enforcement of to drive the electric cars do this to 10 years and you could do this with 300 million cars you can't do that without martial law is basically the bottle of wartime mobilization like the second world war that that that's what we get will print the body will order people around the Japanese internment camp there transparent except that arthritis so that I they call it social socialist Bernie said, as I was having food, the Kremlin of the Soviet empire which you worship you and Denmark, which is what he said" bottle in his heroes were Frederick Beckett, the King of Denmark at Andrews Raz with the Prime Minister. They were Castro it all down now. That's a pretty fair, this is easy, pathological liar every time he opens his mouth is light a millionaire to live in their perfectly you know they even fell to a ball revolution with over Nicaragua first big baby evicted all the rich people from their homes and moved it and Pol Pot and Cambodia's intellectuals and all that it doesn't yet know the that that the fact is the world because you have bad ideas. What you get wrapped up like you could make a perfect world, you'll do anything so you Pol Pot people the way they executed people wear glasses that they read books so that there might be yeah. So that's the extreme is and that's how far you are.

We people, I mean that you know I like what reality shows. Detective shows it shows you how evil people are what they are capable of. The big problem but I that's what religion is about. It's about the all of us. David did just to jump in kismet. We just about at the time but I will suggest to you that you been more touched by faith than you realize. Because the your soul.

Your perspective, your conscience comes from somewhere. Is this not a product of a random evolutionary process. So perhaps there is no more evidence of the image of God in you than you.

You give yourself credit for what I think I try to live the religious life, but I think that what you know what I was late to unite serving in the Lutheran Church or Idaho bars based on an Oscar Wilde story so I I've always you I just haven't been touched by the Vatican were not having had experience… Of course it right now know that worried about quite spiritual, but I got I don't think it God punished beef, but not in a good chance me by what I've done in my life that you know whether I figured out that this or that Melissa not in the final editing process of the commentary on the book of Job part of Job's integrity was to challenge God because he knew that the God of the universe. It should not be committing acts of injustice and that was his perception and at the end.

Even though God rebukes and got also says he spoke what was right about me, so I'm sure there are lots of people praying for you, but the David. I appreciate the voice you been, and I appreciate your sincerity in terms of saying hey you, you gotta be touched in that way in. I pray to God to make himself real in an undeniable way. Thank you for what you've done thus far. Much appreciation for many you requested audio but swear up to start with the book of it will take up the other people that were in the midst of a terrible war. You will go close to losing this country, Donald. Donald Trump about the joke. It's from what we would be toast.

We're going right back here working with you sir thank you much appreciated. Maybe I'll meet you face-to-face when these days right all the thank Smith Q about all right, that was David Horowitz, the book the dark agenda the war to destroy Christian America. Hey, let's pray for him right now. Can we do that father I pray for David Horowitz that he would have an encounter with you the just as you open my wife Nancy's eyes when she was a staunch atheist at 19 we first met you made yourself realtor in so many atheist agnostics have had an encounter with you father. Here's a man that's if human beings are sinful use of a man who says that without God we have no real rights as men was the center for the image of God in human beings. Touch him.

Make yourself known to them through your son Jesus I pray, amen. I listen friends tomorrow. We got a regular show so Eastern standard Time 3:57 PM in your local radio stations and on Facebook and YouTube.

But then, 450 so you compute computer time 50 minutes, 50 after our show is done tomorrow were going to be doing an exclusive YouTube check to be half hour could be longer right and exclusive YouTube chat while only going to be answering questions that you post on YouTube during that period of time. So this is exclusively for YouTube audience, but everyone is welcome. All right, so that will be less than one hour after week and tomorrow's show. So stay tuned. If you connect with us on Facebook or twitter will give you another reminder of that all right and and to keep praying for David Horowitz get the book dark agenda.

I just got my copy delivered to me so I'm I'm eager to read this and let us pray for those whose names were mentioned, be it Bernie Sanders or AOC or others. Let's pray for them that they would also have a revelation of God's love and truth. Those of us who claims he follows with a live out what that

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