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Harry Truman and Cyrus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 9, 2019 6:40 pm

Harry Truman and Cyrus

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 9, 2019 6:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/09/19.

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Open up John chapter 9 and then speak to someone with an amazing book about Harry Truman being Cyrus to start the line of fire, your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Burrell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Welcome to our early Jewish Thursday broadcast 71st anniversary of Israel. Yes, in recent days bombarded by rockets from Hamas 700 rockets concerned that it's being underwritten by Iran for Jewish men, women killed older man in his home known some of my friends doing just buy stuff from over the years and gone killed by these attacks. The course is real responding with intensity where the next we'll talk about that but also to could usually cause 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 78847 stress-related link to the Jewish people related to the Hebrew Scriptures replying that Jewish literature Hebrew language Israel today. That's kosher villagers. There's a 866-34-TRUTH for truth. If you differ with me on some of the positions I've taken the things we said about no hide laws. Some of the things that we have said about anti-Semitism, by all means give me a call Roscoe to John line and then at the bottom of the hour I'm gonna bring on with me. Dr. Craig von Dusek and he's written amazing book it.

It really is a fascinating book. I am Cyrus about Pres. Harry Truman, yes, it will be bringing him on before the phones before we talk about Israel today. Let's go to John.

The ninth chapter why John and I chapter because we are told that John IX chapter pictures the Jews in a hostile sense, and when I had Catholic scholar E. Michael Jones on with me a few weeks back, he alleged that something is not shifted in John nine because the Jewish parents of the Jewish man born blind are afraid of the Jews, the Jews showing that there is now a a shifting that the Jews are somehow associated with being evil, Antichrist, etc. at some of the Jewish parents and identifies views that Mandel implies that identifies a Jew but the Jews and isolate what we really means is the Jewish leaders Jewish leaders in Jerusalem as other top scholars recognize that was dismissed by Dr. Jones. Let's take a look in John nine right with look at the text together so we we know what happens at the start right that Jesus comes up across a man born blind is the Sabbath and Jesus is going to show how the Jewish traditions are in violation of the Sabbath by healing the blind men on the seven and the way he does it is is he takes dirt Spitz. Anna turns into mud puts it on the man's eyes so that broke to Jewish traditions about the Sabbath we know there and writing a couple hundred years later, but we believe they were current at that time one that you are needing right so to taking dirt and making it into my that's like needing it. That's one and then to is that he's applying it medicinally, so both of those would be forbidden on the Sabbath, especially in a nonemergency situation, so you sure he also noticed is referred to as Rabbi by his disciples. They asked him to send this matters parents that he was born blind issues is not this man that he send of this parent sin, but the works of God might be displayed in him right so he goes on teaching and instructing the then makes the mud with saliva. He anoints the man's eyes with mud. He tells them to go wash in the pool of Siloam consent as he goes and washes he comes back seeing.

So these are all juicy right from the Sabbath. The neighbors and those would seem to be for the bigger thing, isn't this the man used to sit and beg and say no. It's like anything on the on the guy on the guy right on the guy that was that was healed so they said to him, then how are your eyes open. The man called Yeshua made mine and optimize so so they go around okay now what is it say in verse 13 they brought to the who the Pharisees the proof, shame, and he they brought to the Pharisees the man who'd been formally blind was the Sabbath day went. When Jesus made the mud and opened his eyes right so now they're asking okay will have had you do this because it is the Sabbath and you're not supposed be doing this on the Sabbath and and hang on if somebody did on the Sabbath. Then there working on the Sabbath. So if they're working on the Sabbath and there sitting. So how could a center pocket a sinner do this.

So now this is that the controversy that were getting it right so let me read to you from the TLV of verse 15. So again, the Pharisees were asking him how he received the site he responded. He put mud on my eyes and I washed it I see some of the Pharisees again.

How many times we think Pharisees are began saying this medicine from God because he doesn't keep Shabbat keep the Sabbath as were saying how can a sinner perform such signs. There is a split among that's what you sure did it on the Sabbath to bring this controversy up to light and to show other traditions were getting in the way of the word of God again they the Pharisees and the blind and what you say about him since he open your eyes and he said the prophet now the TLV cyst so that you day and the leaders didn't believe that he had been blind receive the site until he calls parents the most.

Other translations say the Jews, the NLT says the Jewish leaders. The NET says the Jewish religious leaders.

Why because they recognize here. They understand that these are the Pharisees being spoken of and that a legitimate and right way to translate the Greek word for the Jews.

There is the Jewish religious leaders. Sometimes a community juicy Judaica. It's literally to dance and sometimes a community Jewish religious leaders. That is a right translation here. The TLV cyst of the Judean leaders didn't believe that he had been blind to receive the site until they called his parents. They question them. Is this your son and you say was one bond that has he seen now. His parents answered me notes or son, etc. right so account goes down and says in verse 22. His parents said this because they don't really know what happened because they were afraid of the Judean leaders. The Judean leaders had already agreed that anyone who professed Yeshua to be Messiah would be thrown out of the synagogue. Again, the NET is parents of these things because they were afraid of the Jewish religious leaders, Jewish leaders utterly agree that anyone confessed Jesus to be the Christ would be put out of the synagogue. Anyone professing to be Messiah and a wheat we have again as the chapter goes on. We have reference to the Pharisees again at the end of the chapter so we know who's involved. Here we we know who's being dealt with was being addressed okay at the end of the chapter verse 35 E. you heard that they thrown them out finding him. He said you believe in the Son of Man. The man answered. Who is he, sir, tell me so I may believe in him issues that you've seen them. He's the one speaking with you. He said, Lord, I believe, and then Yeshua goes on for judgment. I came into this world is that those who seem to don't see Macy and the ones who see they become blind. Some of the Pharisees who were with him heard him say this and said and NS were not blind.

Are we. Yeshua said that if you were blind you would not have sin, but now you say we see so your sin remains okay so you have a conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders, Jesus and the Pharisees and it was understood, those who read Greek and understood Greek and understood that this was an internal Jewish polemic they could nuance the meaning later readers can't nuance the meaning so a good responsible translator will indicate that in the translation. Otherwise there will be used to demonize the whole people were. This is a Jewish account about the Jewish Messiah was ready said earlier in the book John 422 that salvation is from the Jews. This is a Jewish man being healed with Jewish parents in a Jewish crowd, so it's there when it says that the Jews said whoever confessed Jesus as Messiah would put be put on the synagogue who had the power to do that the religious leaders Jewish religious leaders, Judean leaders say neither of those two ways, and that would be accurate and that would be good and that would be fair so all were trying to do was apply good sound scholarship to avoid misunderstanding, as we've seen what happens with that misunderstanding. It is a pretty clear from the text is read through 866342. Let's go to Nick and Ohio walking to the line of fire for having appreciated. Welcome. I had my question is meeting every yes my question is about the Midianite and the Amalekite and observing the Old Testament for a while and I'm a bit confused because it seems to me that there are two camps when it comes to looking at the Scripture when it comes to documenting the Israelites to go out and to completely destroy the Amalekite leave nothing behind kill women and children and all that and also we can see the same thing being told in the Canaanites to go out into completely destroy them and some people will say that by Paul Copan has argued in his book of God, a moral monster which I've read, and he says that it is used of hyperbolic expression and however I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that because I feel like it's whitewashing the text because it seems to me that in Deuteronomy 2014 317 it's referring to it.

16 through 17 deals they completely destroy the Canaanites and I don't know if it meant to the Canada and the Canaanites and the Jebusites know that, but the verses 14 through 15. They don't take that hyperbole at all.

So it kinda makes me think that the people that are saying that it hyperbolic expression is trying to have your cake and eat it too, and doing a little bit of cherry picking so-and-so missing a little bit of yeah let loose a couple things.

Dr. Cole pans it is a careful student of the word and careful scholar and is just trying to look at the text because we know from Joshua and Judges that that the Israelites did drive a lot of people out. They live side-by-side for generations, but let let's just let's just say that there is some hyperbole back to me doesn't lessen the moral question. In other words you killed a lot of the women and children as opposed to all the women and children. If you killed some of the babies as it is supposed to all the babies to me that the moral problem is just this is serious and just as deep. So let's let's address what we do know that many were put to death, including children, including women, including men, and this ostensibly at the command of God, how we deal with that how we explain all all respond to that. On the other side of the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (Thursday modify.

That means it is thoroughly Jewish birthday lighted to be with you on the 71st anniversary of Israel will come back to Israel in a moment, but of back to Nick in Ohio. Have you read David Lam's book God behaving badly. I heard of it, but I have not read it yet. Now I found his to be very fair really wrestling with the text as well so on with Dr. Copan's book there is a book edited by Trumper Longman a few years ago on different views of the call to the kill the Canaanites exterminate the Canaanites and then of course this John Walton book with his his son is also John Walton.

I think this different middle initials. I believe, but they have a different take. They claim that the call was to drive out not exterminate that that's the right where I understand the Farren and that there is also hyperbole in it, but let's let's just say for sure. A lot of people were put to death, and not all of them were military combat in NY right that be, so we know it was a one time only in terms of the conquest of Canaan and then specifically median because of their seduction in trying to destroy Israel and then the Amalekites the same thing go back to Exodus 17 and is as difficult as it would be for us to look at this a minute think is not what ISIS does. I think drivers need to look at it and wrestle with numbers don't just dismiss it a great respect for John Piper, John Piper's answer is God can kill whoever he wants whenever he wants and is perfectly justified in doing it so I appreciate that perspective in terms of human guilt and divine prerogative, but we know the goddess of murder.

We understand that he puts to death, but he doesn't writer so I think we need to wrestle the first real wrestle with it not be realistic. My understanding has always been this that the ultimate goal of God was the salvation of the human race with the salvation of the human race that needed to be a people set apart, through whom the Messiah could come in within take that message bring it to the world if Jesus came came to India 2000 years ago we would know about her today he just be another incarnation of Christian know some holy matter. Whatever but they would not find the right so God had to preserve the people in Israel. The Jewish people barely made it judged over and over and over again. It's as if cancer had spread through the whole body and barely there was a remnant enough to receive the Messiah and then to make him known to the nations of the world so I look at it that in the knowledge of God. Intermarriage with any of these people taking their children in raising them would've open the further door for the pollution of the people there. Further, being led into idolatry and that the destruction of the nation and therefore no Savior and no salvation for the human race it to me.

As painful as it is, it strikes me is like amputating a limb or amputating forelimbs because otherwise the patient will survive bulimic that we had two other things.

As for the state of children who die as children.

I do not believe that they are automatically damned to hell that I do believe that there is an innocence there so that is tragic as it would be to see them kill the can still be accepted in God's heavenly kingdom and others believe that there was a lot of intermingling that you had descendents of the of the nifty lien there. In other words from intermarriage of angels in human beings and that they had to be exterminated because they were that's a Michael Heiser position and others hold to that as well so that it was basically a mixed breed that was that they could not intermarry with without their own destruction. So to me, as as harsh as it seems there were valid reasons that God gave for this, without which his mercy could Donna come to the world. So kind of an extreme measure like amputation, and even if some of these other scholars can show. The fortress of this year there was driving out as well or there is little hyperbole is still a very intense event very overwhelming morally difficult.

That's my best moral understanding and also one thing I like the data that it does mention an exit. If I can give you the exact birth but it mentioned that there will be warfare between God and the Lord in an amount and Amalek from generation to generation and one thing that I can understand when it comes to the Amalekite that they were deliberately attacking Israel when they are leaving Egypt and they were, you know they were leaving that form of bondage and if those even, and you know like being a Westerner just like you not living in the engineering thousands of years ago. If the talk of the false prophet think for him to command to kill the children but one thing that we have to consider is that those children would've risen up and they would've done exactly as their forefathers have done what they have done right and this is especially the right to something spiritually in them something and in the blood of the whole nifty lien possibility, but otherwise lucky you have terrorist children with Isis, you have people that are corrupted very very early ages so yes as harsh as it was, it was necessary to be done for the for the good of humanity. So were were tracking together on that Nick and thank you for raising it in and wrestling with it.

Much appreciated at there's a lot more to say this a lot more to say but this is far as we go here thank you 866-34-TRUTH a Bob in Philadelphia into the line of fire. Hello Larry, I like your show.

I like your show and you are a moisture recent. It's good to hear someone who are you obviously are very informed. I don't know what your educational background is, but you are very informed and and I'm kind of writing you but you seem like you're very rational complement but didn't do her best.

Go ahead with your question I have I think about this a lot. I don't know if you are familiar with memory, the little horse MMI member to be done or get awesome. I love it and that I see what the molars ran her up to and I think a lot of conflict that we have in the in your I think it's coming from mullets and from the Iranians. I think they are trying to survive because they are real addicts and they are doing whatever they can. I was amazed that in that in God is that which is controlled by in my kingdom control fire ant and it came out that the arranging for the lunch were decided to lock these missiles into Israel is somebody just let me when I'm with a few things. When Ayatollah Khomeini was exiled by the Shah of Iran. He was exiled in France and would would preach these messages which were then recorded on cassette tape.

There were then smuggled into Iran and distributed to the mullahs to the Iranian clerics, Muslim clerics and they would preach, basically his sermons on Fridays in the mosques and it stirred up such a frenzy among the people that the Shah of Iran with his secret police and with a strong military. He ruled with Linehan that he had to flee for his life before Khomeini even arrived back in the country so Khomeini really is the mastermind behind this. This rise of radical Islam that we've seen in the last generation in the data back to the late 1970s and and yes there is a pushback against this in Iran difficult economic situation, things like that people resisting the fundamentalism.

Many of the Muslims converting to Christianity and Iran is the chief exporter of terror and disruption in the Middle East and other parts of the world. If folks go to Mary that's MEM are I you can you can actually watch because somehow Israel is God that either they're getting it from Iranian TV or Hamas TV or things like that or they've got. They got voice to record you actually hear the sermons the Jew hating sermons in the kill. Israel sermons and in the death to America sermons are preached in Syria and preached and and Mohsen and in Gaza, etc. it's it's really striking stuff. Yes, so I end there were veritably reviewing a lot of the fires. No question about Dr. every day uranium molar are saying the worst things like this glory, angling at that pray for our church that Israel will not show that Comerica and I don't know what the public is priority date tend to think highly of work told you know everyone is nice that everyone break all that but the range really are like in my opinion are like there you have the axis power was there major provocative scholarship yeah and and let me just say this, obviously we want to pray for the salvation of the Iranian people more more than to turn to the Lord, but we gotta recognize who were dealing with. That's why Pres. Trump was right to break the agreement with Iran. That's why Pres. Obama was tragically wrong to enter into with not only Silbert's reward Iran with hundreds of billions of dollars that they were then given a turnaround and input money right back into terrorism so yeah we need to understand who they are, what they stand for and of course there are decent Iranians and there are decent Islamic Iranians and not all of them are fanatical or bent on the evil and hatred but because you just google it Jerusalem day celebration in Iran and watch the flags being burned and watch the chanting. That's that some of the sentiment that's out there and and many lives are being taken because with their their key force of instability in the Middle East and beyond. So Bob, I agree with you.

I appreciate the kind words get a break with thank you for the call come back to say about his very human. I am Cyrus reads like a novel error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Tikva the Israeli national anthem. Powerful.

Song some words of life and beauty of this it stirs up anger and hatred. Good to see comments from Iranian Christian on our YouTube Chad of love for Israel forever, but can't change the government.

Maybe that government will change.

Hey friends, Michael Brown here are thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast last week I was scheduled to have on with me, author of a brand-new book, Dr. Craig from Dusek's book, I am Cyrus it's it's a story of Harry Truman. He was scheduled to be on our entire team knew it, I completely overlooked it in our team overlooked it so my profound apologies to document Dusek.

This is this is an amazing book reads like a novel, but it's a true story. So I'm so glad we could reschedule. One week later, but first, my apologies sir, thanks for for rejoining us today was my pleasure and perhaps at providential that we speak today as Israel is celebrating 71 years of existence. All you have absolutely struck me like that as well. Thank you for being so gracious, so Craig how did you stumble as you been Christian media fears with CBM with inspiration network had a heart for Israel, but in a lot of blood. Christians today know that that people send all Trump is like a Cyrus figure and even though he does know the Lord does get to use them to the bless Israel and the Jewish people, but these he's the second guy to be known like that. There was there was a more prominent one is Harry Truman. How did you stumble on the story way back in 1988. A friend gave me a cassette that how far back were going from friends of Israel, and it told the story about Harry S Truman and his Jewish business partner Eddie Jacobson and how they had had a men's clothing store together in Kansas City that did very well at first and then unfortunately there was a postwar recession right after World War I and they were not able to survive but they remain friends all the way through their lives, and Harry started on a political career that amazingly led him into the White House stepping into the shoes of none other than Franklin dealt Delano Roosevelt of Opera people, and here's Harry Truman never went to college failed businessmen failed farmer and president of the United States and the height of World War II and in the aftermath of World War II and so careless man had to make incredible decisions, but he had something going for him for one he wore coke bottle glasses. You know those really thick glasses because without them, he was almost blind and so his parents told him listen we don't have money for more glasses that you can't play football, you can't roughhouse, you gotta read and learn to play the piano and so throughout his life Harry Truman read history, biography, and he read through the Bible six or seven times and so he was one of the most prepared people to ever enter the White House because he understood history but also as he was called upon to make decisions about the 1.5 million displaced Jews who had survived the Holocaust. You know we talked about the 6 million who were killed there. 1.56 1.5 million who were left in the concentration camps after the war they didn't want to go home. They were afraid to go home. They didn't want to stay in Europe because the Europeans had killed her brothers and sisters, and when the United States Army did a poll, more than 90% of them said we want to go back to our homeland to our promised land. Eric Israel, and of course as you know, the British were there with the mandate that was given to them. After World War I, and they didn't want to let the Jews then, so it came to this pressure cooker, and it fell to Harry Truman to be kind of the tipping point to decide what's going to happen yet but is just jumping again friends. The book I am Cyrus by Craig from Dusek BUS EK I wrote an endorsement for the book and as I said it read like a novel, but you did the historical research and background to itself help us understand something we now back at the Holocaust.

We understand the monstrous evil was the whole thing is clear to us from the beginning, but the Western world didn't know everything that was happening until things really unfolded in certain ways until the end and then many of us have grown up in an environment with the evangelical church in America strongly pro-Israel, etc. was the environment them with Henry. When Harry Truman is in the White House in our 1947, 48, and the possibility of Israel being recognized by the UN as a nation.

The whole partition plan was the atmosphere in America how much the Americans know about the Holocaust, sympathy was there for Israel and the Jewish people paint a picture for us. What was a mixed bag editor mixed bag today, but primarily the advisors of Harry S Truman were telling him do not recognize the nation of Israel.

We are facing a possible World War III against the Soviets and we need Arab oil and so his Secretary of State was none other than Gen. George C. Marshall of the famous Marshall plan and Marshall was staunchly against recognizing the nation of Israel and so you have all this pressure and there were evangelicals and of course the Jewish community that were in favor of this and that were praying for for the president, but the president was under so much pressure that he slammed the door shut to the lighthouse. He said I'm not to listen to anyone and this was just before the pivotal vote in the United Nations on whether there would be partition and whether the Jews, the Zionists would receive a homeland and the Zionist were in a panic because they didn't know what Truman's decision would be, and no one was allowed in and so they found out that he had this Jewish best friend who was a former business partner and they called him in the middle of the night.

They woke him up and said you got against the White House and you need to let Truman know that he needs to see Chaim Wiseman as you know, the first president of Israel, kind of. For those who don't know him. He was kind of the Benjamin Franklin of the Zionist movement, the great ambassador, the great diplomat and he was waiting in New York City to see Truman and Truman when CM and so Eddie Jacobson Truman's business partner paid his own way got on a flight, flew to the White House walked in unannounced and said I'm here to see the president and the secretary said let's fine as long as you don't talk about the Jews, or Palestine, and Eddie said well that's the whole reason that I'm here anyone into that room and he basically pled and begged president that he needed to see and speak with Chaim Wiseman. Truman said there's no way I'm not talking to anyone and it actually brought tears to Eddie's eyes anyone thought what what can I do the president right now is the biggest anti-Semite in the whole world, and then he saw this statue of Andrew Jackson on Truman's desk. You know Harry you always talk about your hero Andrew Jackson. You know who my hero is and Harry said no. He said my heroes, Chaim Wiseman easel old man is ill he almost blind and he came here just to see you and you won't see them because some of our other Jewish leaders were rude to you. That doesn't sound like you Harry I thought you could take the heat, Harry turned around and looked out the window at the lighthouse Lonnie Stapp in the fingers on the desk and finally turned around. He said all right you baldheaded blankety-blank, Chaim Wiseman and get them in here and they snuck a man no one knew that he was there, but that was the tipping point Wiseman helped to help Harry to come to a decision and so this day of all 71 years ago when Israel became a nation at midnight.

I Harry Truman was informing the UN representatives in New York City that they were to recognize Israel and for the United States 12:11 became the first nation to recognize the nation of Israel. And that's why Rabbi Herzog. A year later, said Harry. You are a modern-day Cyrus and so Harry Truman read Scripture he understood with the reference was in Isaiah 44 and 45 to to a Persian king named Cyrus, who God says he doesn't know me, and yet I've raised him up to hear Harry Truman had more Bible background so he understood the significance of that note, the Craig you spent years I five years researching this so you got to know things well enough that you can present things as a storyteller. Do we know what happened when Chaim Weizmann sat down with Harry Truman I in the book and and Truman actually shared a little bit of it not leader. Truman was a very private person and so there were things that he wouldn't share. But what he did share years later, around 1960, I saw a video clip of him. I went to the Truman Library there in the outside of Kansas City in Independence, Missouri. I saw this clip where he said Chaim Wiseman came and we had a good talk and then we called Eddie back in his friend Eddie Jacobson in the after several minutes of talking, he said well you two Jews put it over on me and I'm glad you have better direct quote from Pres. Truman remarkable you teach Sprint overestimate and I'm glad you have. All right, so what did he have to overcome not just in his own heart toward may be some resentment towards his other Jewish leaders, but within his own government. How difficult was it to push through essay working to recognize Israel. It was overwhelming the State Department not only was against this, but they actually undermined Truman and I Truman did not come right out and say this, but all of the literature supports the fact that the the State Department undercut him and introduced a proposal in the United Nations for a trusteeship instead of a nation and this was the day after Harry Truman met with Chaim where Wiseman and Truman called and Clark Clifford, who was one of his top legal advisors and he said Dr. Wiseman must think I'm a bald-faced liar because they're doing exactly what I told Wiseman I wouldn't do and so Truman called in the Sec. Marshall is and how does this happen so how has this comeback is to celebrate I am Cyrus trust that Harry Truman and the birth of his it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is booked a timely book. I am Cyrus, Harry S Truman and the rebirth of Israel to Craig right before the break you were talking about some of the opposition and the government that Pres. Truman had overcome. But there's also been a lot of misinformation since since he took a stand for Israel so clear that up for us absolutely. You know this was the government of the United States coming against their own president of that sound familiar and so Truman took that bold stand and and he reversed that and he instructed his representatives to vote in favor of partition, but ever since then.

While it while United States officially called itself pro-Israel.

We've gone back and forth on whether or not were really truly going to support Israel. It's heartening to see that our current president has been very strong in his support of Israel moving our United States Embassy to Jerusalem and just recently recognizing the goal on height and and yet there is a tremendous force that has been anti-Semitic even as were seeing in the Congress with different voices who been speaking in a shocking way in and anti-Semitism, so it's something that you and I and you do it so well, and I'm so honored to be on your program, but this is the kind of thing that we cannot stop being vigilant to get the truth out about the fact that this is God's promised land that the Jews were indigenous for 3000 years. I mean, you talk about other nations that have a similar background that would be Egypt that would be India and China. Not many others. So, Israel. The Jews have been in that land all the time. Yes, they were pushed out by the Romans, but every year they said next year in Jerusalem. It was like a homing beacon that was their land and they tried to get back in but they were kept out and when they finally could get back in when the door finally opened when it was finally God's time reporting and drove them in wave and have brought that place back to life as the prophecy had foretold the amazing story. It really is an I wasn't able to get to all the booking time when when I gave an endorsement. So I looked through all of it and then I dug in as deeply as I could.

My only regret was that he get to finish it so that the good news is I get to finish it because like I said it was like reading a novel, but you 1200 endnotes that to back things up so you spent years and years researching and writing putting this together. Why is it so important for us to know the story today was Winston Churchill pointed out, he was always very pro-Jewish and had many friends who were Jewish, and he was very much in favor of a homeland for the Jews in Israel and he said as people support Israel so God will bless them. But he also said as a nation will support Israel. God will support will bless that nation and as long as we continue to obey God's word to bless the people of Israel. We will continue with his blessing and his protection.

But if we turn our backs on that as we turn our backs on our friends in Israel.

One of the staunchest allies we have in the world, then we will not receive that blessing. So we want to continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and support our friends in Israel and from other readers of the book. What are you hearing from folks that have read. I am Cyrus, well, I've been very pleased different folks like Gordon Robertson wrote the foreword and other people who have Yahoo know about Israel like Doug Hirschi who wrote the book, Israel rising you know they have said this is a book that is timely.

If you want to know the depth of the story. This is the kind of book that you need to read and that was one of my motivations. So many people talk about 1948 and that is vitally important but really the beginnings go back way beyond that and for the Zionist movement. It was in the 1880s when it began, which ironically was also the decade that Harry Truman was born. So we follow both the birth and growth of Zionism and of Harry Truman until they come together when Truman is in that important place in the White House and he recognizes the modern rebirth of Israel and with the providence of God that he grows up in a Jewish friend Jewish friend get since it to me with. I invite submitted the rest.

This is history.

Again friends the book by Craig upon you sick it is. I am Cyrus, Harry S Truman and the rebirth of Israel. Thanks for all the effort and made this book.

Have a great great readership. Thank you Dr. Brown. It's an honor to be with you all right initiated 866-34-TRUTH I might might be able to get to a call before we are done, but let's just see. Let's get give your patriotic update.

If you definitely with patriarch. This is the cooperative web service that allows you to partner with video producers to enable them to put out more content we just launch this a few days ago we got our first 33 patrons might have about a thousand ultimately do great have more than that, but this is for you.

This is enabling us to put out more and more videos to get out more more broadcast like this to put out more. More material that will serve you. That's her agenda to serve you to equip you, we are attacked from the front.

I talked about yesterday some other victim, the more the attacks come, the more encourage that the more the opposition comes the more I know were doing the right thing by God's grace were standing strong idea. A lot of folks you semi-wonderful words of encouragement and always thrilled to see the testimonies but I appreciate them send the testimonies because we share with our team and they glorify the Lord and we rejoice together, but I want you know, the Lord encourages me every day. I'm thrilled to be on the frontlines I'm I'm thrilled my head to be like the tip of a battering ram to take down these walls of opposition and resistance at the touch of a lot of issues that a lot of others will touch on with the touch on them with the love of God with the compassion of Jesus, not just in a bashing, angry way, but we do with your help so it went. When this radio shows over today. I am immediately going to be recording the bonus video this week when you become a patriarch partner Chris I like 30, $0.35 a day $10 a month.

That's it. That's it right ever Starbucks every day whenever that's dollars. If you have some other stuff that's on the money site, 30, $0.35 a day $10 a month to become a patriarch partner.

So the first benefit is enable us to put out more more cutting edge video content, life-changing world impacting content. Doing that together. That's the first benefit is second God bless you, for in many different ways but thirdly, we bless you as well. With two bonus shows two bonus shows one of them will be about 30 minutes. I teach on a certain subject. I taught on. For example, understanding biblical languages at Harlan to study the Bible and then have a happy marriage and counsel for singles and the one I'm about to do today is can be how to discover your calling all right and then you also get our YouTube has been an hour-long right just answer you two questions a steady flood of questions that are posted them once the shows done it's archive so it's not available for public viewing.

You get to watch that. So to bonus videos every single week right so when would be great to be among the first 50 or hundred to think yeah we got like thousands of partners patrons that are among the first. So go to pay dear Brown pay Dr. Brown if you watch on Facebook or YouTube, you got that link up for use if you just click on it and we're just we're just rejoicing, not for the money but for the help because the money just goes into video production giver nonprofit. So the money that comes and goes right back into expanding our staff and our team did an intake and more my time to put more of these videos out so we just smiled each time you think Dr. Brennan, reaching millions of people everywhere yet we are by God's grace reach millions of people, but every every testimony rejoicing. Every new supporter, we rejoice in and look how many people do you know that are confronting anti-Semitism just make it, it gets ugly. The moment you do with one hand confronting anti-Semitism especially rises in the church and then at the same time reaching out to the Jewish people and saying you need Jesus and at the same time pushing back against the culture that's increasingly losing its mind in standing for revival and nation were doing it all with these videos that were putting out together.

So thank you all right Israel next year next year. This the first time we going to straight years regrown every other year. This last trip. I felt so good about we get such amazing responses May 11-20 blunder calendar May 11 2/20 I believe you got the info on our website now.

If not, any day now. It will be our what fourth trip. But here's what we do that special and/or that safety and all that you will be blessed where we go or don't even think twice about that but what we do is got great tour guides that I mean fabulous you love them just step-by-step. And what were limiting numbers this to 100 people so it's it's really an intimate times were together for like nine days. 10 days okay meals together group together to go out with the tour guides during the day and then at select sites. I'll do teaching as well. Okay, so I'll be like at Mount Carmel were logical so far from heaven or doing something special of the river Jordan before we do baptisms and then having dinner with you every night's in the different tables and and then every night we do Q&A with you or I'll share some things in the word or will do a live radio broadcast you. You get to be part of that.

That's what we call the holy fire in the holy land before even announced that we had people signing up so join us.

It is a trip of life, and may also I will say this is the last all right friends tomorrow places we got answers and over again.

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