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How This World Prepares Us for the World to Come

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 18, 2022 5:30 pm

How This World Prepares Us for the World to Come

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 18, 2022 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/18/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Juno as we walk with the Lord every single day. We are making preparation for eternity. Time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more rationality and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown tops Jesus is Lord God is our rock. The word of God is eternally true looking friends to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you here in fusion with faith and truth encourage based on the truth of the word of God and the reality of the God of the word believe to share with you today is going to be eye-opening for some but edifying for all who believe the Scriptures to be God's word also undertake calls on any subject you want to talk to me about today, including those who want to get if you want to discuss something you differ with me about four months are open 866-348-7884 also want to catch up on some relevant news that ties in with subjects we often talk about here on the want to fire 866-348-7884 okay II think a lot about eternity. I believe I think as much as I should about eternity, but I do think a lot about eternity, namely the life that I have the life that I'm living, how does it look in the light of eternity.

Since one they will all stand before God and give account for our lives were believers by giving Forces of those we been forgiven by the blood of Jesus. We been forgiven for the mercy of God, for right relationship with him, but we will give account for our lives. What kind of stewards were really how did we fulfill the assignment that God has given us. There will be a day of accounting for us as believers. Scriptures really quite clear about that and some of the parables of Jesus point today that there will be an accounting on that day on a certain level. You could say to yourself, does it matter to saving most people it's all that matters be because ultimately, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

They can be those who were saved to those who lost so that's always good matter, forever and ever and ever.

Doesn't matter if we did other things that were good in this world because they won't last forever. You could sink like then, of course, the question would come up will then why Carol about this world was even matter. Why should Christians be so involved in caring for the poor and the needy, which is always been part of the gospel. It always been a hallmark of the church for centuries. Why should Christians stand for righteousness. If it's just society and societies going to change back and forth and so on what should we do other things. Why should we just focus on one thing alone getting the maximum number people say go to heaven and the ratty on the one hand, when you lost is of great importance to God and should be of great importance to us.

But of course we know the great commission is not just to when the loss but to make disciples because God's goal for us was Paul write Romans eight that we are being conformed to the image of his son that this is a paramount importance in God's sight that his plan is not just to get sinners quote saved and into heaven forever when heaven comes down to with God forever.

The new heavens and new earth, but to conform us to the image of his son.

So here's the first thing to think about every day of your life is a preparation for eternity. If you're right relationship with God. If you're one of his children then every day of your life is preparation for eternity because every day you will become more like Jesus. And you can do that in whatever setting your rent. You can do that alone with your kids at home.

You can do that digging ditches by the side of the road.

You can do that is an airline pilot. You can do that as a preacher behind the pulpit. You can do that is an invalid shutting at home every single day you can grow.

We can grow in terms of becoming more like Jesus.

That's part of preparation for eternity. This is something that always matters to God, therefore, to go through difficult times. How you respond in that moment. That's not just for the now, but that's for eternity. It's part of shaping who you are and lest you think and lest you think that basically everybody is going to enter the world to come exactly the same that the thief on the cross enters the world to come exactly like Paul probably the first split-second equally saved just equally forgiving yes equally children of God. Yes, but equally developed as children of God. Certainly not.

So I want to encourage even when it doesn't look like you're doing the work of ministry, even when you're not out actively winning the lost even when that is not the case.

The fact of the matter is that you are being conformed to the image of his son.

As you walk with the Lord and yield your life to have. Sometimes the the least ministry related things were doing are actually shaping us and molding us to be more like Jesus. That's one thing here's the second thing is we stand up for what is right. As we push back against the darkness we are glorifying God in the world. We are being witnesses. We are showing the world with God's values are like not trying to impose our religious beliefs on everyone but we are functioning as salt and light. Now consider this if we rightly understand the parables of Jesus and some of his teaching about ruling over cities in the world to come.

If we understand those rightly to be referring to the millennial kingdom of this debate about this right.

My personal understanding is that there will be a thousand year kingdom on the earth when Jesus returns, and after that we go to new heavens and new earth in eternity course this debate on and yes I could point to a lot of scripture about the early church believed of this report, other scriptures and with later theologians believe I want debate that now but if that understanding is correct. Think of this, Jesus will say to this one.

Okay rule over 10 cities over this will rule over five cities in which you been responsible you been a good steward of what I gave you.

It could be the same with your finances and honoring the Lord with your finances, and in doing so, you are becoming a good steward of the kingdom. In doing so, you're helping those in need. In doing so your helping when the loss of funding the gospel etc. right but on that day. If we understand this rightly, then we will be ruling under Jesus during the millennial kingdom will the 12 apostles will sit on 12 throws. According to Matthew 1928 and rule over the tribes of Israel. So different to understand that what were doing in this world now stand for righteousness raising our voices to protest against injustice, giving ourselves, for God's purposes not directly evangelizing with functioning as the salt and the light. If that is the case, then in addition we are being prepared to rule under the Lord.

We are by taking a stand for righteousness today preparing for the day when righteousness will rule the entire earth by standing for justice today. We are preparing for the day when justice will cover the earth by being responsible stewards in this age will be entrusted with things in the age to come, then encourages me because sometimes I think to myself I would just rather give myself to world missions and supporting world missions supporting evangelism in America and supporting Jewish evangelism and do nothing other than that I give my life to that one responsible time teaching people the Bible and growing in our knowledge today. We got eternity to learn more about God… When the law stop right why why we launch the program to help starving children in this country to help dig wells for four impoverished people in these other countries register the gospel and then to go to heaven. The odysseys of crazy ideas that even said these words to say you could logically think like that, but no, we understand our calling is to be disciples that here's one more one more thing and disciples have the heart of God and therefore, regardless of whether the poor person receives the Lord that we want to show the mercy and helping Grace regardless of what the society listens to us were going to be a witness for righteousness, but not only that Paul explains in Ephesians 3 that the church is called to manifest the wisdom of God through the cross to the universe in which the Angels fallen angels, demons to to all of those watching her write it in the spiritual world that we are to demonstrate the wisdom of God. Part of this is by Jew and Gentile, becoming one Jesus part of this is by the church functioning as the church in this world. So even though it may not look like what were directly involved in the great commission in doing what were doing it even if that's not the case and not everything is directly involved in winning the lost making disciples right and indirectly from the Lord that up directly. We are still functioning as the church and and being witnesses making a difference in this world and in the spiritual realm and in eternity or preparing for eternity at and remember that part of our great mission and everything we do is to glorify the Lord to glorify the Lord to the max. So with this means is that if I can glorify him through my behavior in a difficult time if I can glorify him by holding to the truth of the gospel. If I can glorify him by raising kids that are godly. If I can glorify him by walking in integrity in the business world. If I can glorify him by refusing to compromise and give way to corruption.

If I can glorify him by giving him the credit and the praise I am fulfilling some of the crucially important mission here on earth. So friends don't disable a valid breach of the pulpit were found on the mission field. I'm really not glorify the Lord during his will know sees every moment at and find out how we can glorify him of the here and now and in doing so prepare ourselves for the world to come and for eternity have it on my heart to share with you I been meditating on it helps me to understand that as well. Right will be right back. Take some calls catch up on the news 866-348-7884 is the number the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown any kind. Any topic that relates in any way remotely to what we cover your online fire happy to talk with you all right over the weekend. Nancy sent me this text. Many of you know that that we found out why the coated that I had been in and out of of a fib of atrial fibrillation for some time just wasn't aware of it.

We had a hunch that may been a little funny some months back before before Kobe because he brought it to the surface so reset a procedure called an ablation that was successful in and out of a fib. By God's grace a trust to stay out of it for life and do everything I know how with healthy diet and lifestyle to contribute to that.

So Nancy was just researching a little bit more about a fib over the weekend and why people can have this procedure in ablation done and then a reprint of time. Go back into a fib.

With this we trust in God will not happen in my case it in any event sheet she goes to a medical website and it it's got your basic subheadings and one is Hooters atrial fibrillation affect a ready while a 50 affect anyone. It's more common among people of European descent. However, black people have a fib more likely to have serious complications such as stroke or heart failure people assigned female at birth, which they briefly as a fab, or more commonly diagnosed than people assigned mail at birth which they abbreviate as a Mab friends.

This is madness.

This is some of the cultural madness that we have been sounding the alarm about for years and years and years. Is this a medical website a medical website instead of saying males and females. Females and males no people assigned female at birth and people assigned mail at birth. I remember when doing research require thing happened to America which I worked on from 2005 to 2011 so massive research.

Lots of interaction with those who identify as LGBT Q plus do my best to understand perspectives firsthand. I remember when I first came across these terms assigned mail at birth of son FEMA birth. I left with what kind of nonsense is this a minimum so ridiculous.

The doctors like well I will assign you mail Simon, that's a male as a biological male undersigned will assign you FEMA known as a bozo FEMA were not talking about the less than 1% were intersects who have a biological or chromosomal abnormality should be treated with with great compassion understand because of the delicate difficult things that they've had to live through were talk about the 99% plus who are biologically and chromosomal leak through their body. Every cell of the body either male or female and and that's why during the ultrasound that it's a boy it's a girl not what it looks like will assign this one male at birth or saw this one female at no it's a boy it's a girl. I mean, adding to the madness here is that this is an article about a fib, so a fib can affect a fab and a Mab people this this is beyond insane. This is dangerous because someone comes into a hospital and rushed into the emergency room at an end.

Just able to communicate. It's the suburbs also mail okay right but you think there mail though they identify as male, where you could hurt them cream that was mailed directly female that there was one case about an obese man with terrible stomach pains.

By the time they figured out it was a pregnant woman. The baby was lost this happen. What within the last couple of years in hospital. I talked to a nurse in England and she said I identify the hospital in the sun and tell them, but when the patient is obviously identifying this opportunity opposite to the herbology reality says Amma male Fitzroy son FEMA what because she wants the person to be treated properly and and you don't treat a man exactly the same as woman in every single case all just a little bit more and then bring the phones all let's see which headline should be.

Start with this of this is from England mayoral candidate Maureen Martin allegedly fired over Christian views on marriage plans to sue so here she is candidate for Mayor.

She worked with the London and quadrant housing trust. She was fired.

Why what because she put out her her six-point plan for being Matt Mayer. The third point. Her plan was a promise to cut through political correctness and state the truth that natural marriage between a man and a woman is the fundamental building block for successful society and the safest environment for raising children while she works for the London and quadrant housing trust and there were complaints over this menu complaint to go to fire the person that simple so she's called in to meet with them. It was a real inquisition they had received three complaints counted. Not that she ever mistreated anyone. Not that she was unfair to anyone ever not does not report but her positions made people uncomfortable. She was challenged about one tweet which it commented unfair transgender sport good for her and another in which you retrieve the comment by the CPA that it was quote disgusting for the US Embassy at the Vatican display the rainbow LGBT Q plus like I agree I agree this disgusting to do that at the Vatican. I agree solicit your views are your views but put your link to us and therefore you bring us into disrepute, disrepute. She said she was fired she was shocked by being fired, and of course suing the company that would people say how does the person I married affect you.

Here's a perfect example. Once you codify the one thing is law you now codify people that differ with it. As bigots have about this from Mike Wenger posted this on Twitter. It was from women's voices, the region feminist Christina Ellingson is facing a prison sentence of up to three years stated that men can either be lesbians nor mothers can't defend women if you can't find one woman and she said so Mike retreated. She says men can't be girls mothers women she's frisking for three years in prison for saying it may Be girls mothers women is this my last week while Mike still there on Twitter to get bandit says I want to thousand five Susan's across it doesn't matter what electrical Carlson Fox news that he's reporting accurately was happening. We've documented cases in Philly read read my book the silencing of the lambs.

If you think a drop of this is exaggerated or stricken little sayings gospel read the silencing of the lambs get through the first couple chapters and tell me I'm not speaking out enough that's what you do when you finish that in Finland a parliamentarian is going to jail for six years for making positive statements about the meaning of marriage and and differences between genders and sexes and things like that. Shout this out. A man who identifies as a woman and is attracted to a woman is not a lesbian and a woman who identifies as a man and has a baby is not a man is that the clear son, hateful eyes sound grieved eyes sound bird. I hate the fact that people struggle users. I hate the fact that some of listening to me is is that you understand you are not my boss I'm not your body, but I'm telling you, if you're a biological male, no matter 16 surgery and Hamas will ever make you into a female ever about this headline trans inmate 27 who impregnated two women in New Jersey jail is moved to men's prison be held in volatile unit new facility complain she was quote was gendered and beaten by corrections officers during Trish's only hope. She was beaten so that's inexcusable. But the missed rendering is in this article, calling him she a she does not impregnate other women.

We say that again a fee is not impregnate other women.

A he does this is a biological male identifies as female, being put in a women's prison Odyssey attracted to women had sex with women. According to this impregnated them. Of course they don't belong there. You simply get mistreated and immense prisons than you have to have a war just for transgender people, something like that try to help them in prison. But you do not put about a male in prison for biological females. It's cruel to them and it it it is cultural madness have at this matter headline for college athletes take stand against Leah Thomas's nomination for woman of the euro NCAA adding to its madness has nominated will known as Leah Thomas, a biological male who smashed records of biological females were competing against them. This last year in college has been nominated for one year. Is it any less mad than calling Bruce Caitlin Jenner woman of the year by Glamour magazine and on and on. The madness continues.

How about this one more by the administration's CDC Centers for Disease Control encourages teachers to use leftist gender. This is the CDC saying they got it preferred gender problems all by the way the whole World Health Organization's is very difficult to define womanist with us. Keep raising of horses madness is recognized as may otherwise culture self-destruct. Employees love Ithaca electrical phone line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 dear again is Dr. Michael Brown, 148-6634 truth. Okay I said I was going straight to the phones, but I've got a graphic ready for you. I want to put this up right so for those listening on to describe it.

For those watching you think what in the world right so on. On the left of the picture. Facing us is Richard Levine was known I was Rachel living in a biological male who identifies as a female who is the president's appointee to Deputy Sec. for health and human services right to Deputy Assistant Sec. for Health and Human Services and a four-star admiral was hailed as the first woman to be a four-star admiral. The problem is there is a man is a male next to Levine is the gentleman who is over the nuclear waste for the by the administration. Obviously, another important position you say man the person is wearing a dress like Richard Levine is correct because he is also a drag queen who is also been well let's just say that this is not your normal heterosexual will leave it there. These are appointees to the administration and and and these are representatives of America to other countries but is the Muslim world thinks about this.

We think some of the conservative Christian person will think about this. This is our demonstration. I would I would love I would love for these two people to really come to know the Lord. I would love for them to experience the kindness and grace of God I would love for them to understand what it means to be created an image of God and how everything they've ever done wrong has been covered by the blood of Jesus if they will only turn for mercy and I'm sure that these individuals have very positive characteristics and qualities in many areas of life, except there radically wrong in their self identification and his public representatives for America make us a laughingstock just been playing friends Dick, did you honestly think if I if I told you this could happen. 10 years ago but I didn't pursue it explicitly predict this if I told you this was going to happen.

Would you believe me it even even look at the pictures that think not know this document is not doctored or 886-634-8784 let's go to the phones will start with Greg and Cary, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire around her straw microfiber dreams are really like it I like the other one true garlic no one truth is much more than the other one. Thank you. And the question I have is that I was wondering how integral our prayer is for someone to pray for someone for salvation is also something or somebody assets to wonder who pray for me for the sake of moving the family straight really and you have to have some. I pray for inapplicable unheard of people pray for people are challenged to get think of now, you know, it seems like such to know how integral to the memorably shredded in the bottle to recall or says anything directly about the right so as to this Greg generally speaking, what role do you think prayer plays and what happens in this world other words, if we pray will make a difference if we don't pray, will things still happen the same way what your view on all wobbly regards to Ron will and is defined regardless you are not now hello don't know why I don't I don't mean that as a leading question. I'm trying to understand what what you do believe it. In other words, if if we all pray God calls us to pray across the earth right and in the church responds powerfully in prayer. Will the results look different than if God calls us to pray and we don't pray with the results properly, but we prayer is very important. I do believe is important but I believe the note go ahead is not a set I try to flesh this out with. I believe prayer is very important. I believe it can that prayer can I mean it was to 110 Old Testament prophet prayed and had Tom turned back ugly unicameral 20 was that this is Isaiah was with King Hezekiah here make any get a couple of examples.

The end of Ezekiel 22 God says that he was looking for someone to stand in the gap in pray and intercede for the nation.

But when he couldn't find anyone. He destroyed the nation and someone 07 it says that he was about to destroy Israel had not Moses stood in the breach and intercede so the way God works is he is working with us, meaning James Jacob. The fourth chapter you you you don't have because you don't ask. And then when you do ask you escrow only to consume things on your own lusts, so the way God is set it up as he works with our prayers, meaning if he says Jeremiah 18 I'm in a blessed nation right a minute you get to the station and blessed. This is a principal.

He is in Jeremiah 18 if under the blessed nation and that nation instead turns and does evil.

This is a blessing or curse now. Conversely, he says if I decide to curse the nation and they turned to me and repent that will bless. So in the same way many of us know. Second Chronicles 714, when he says to the people of Israel of my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn for the wicked way seek my face, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and restore the land so the point great is that God works with our prayers know if that's what our sovereign God is decided to do so you can do whatever he wants at any time. He doesn't need us, but is is John Wesley taught as is Charles Spurgeon thought asking is the law of the kingdom, and many things, God will not do it unless we ask him to so that being said is that mean that every single person that someone pray for them by name necessarily, but first Timothy two, Paul calls us to pray for kings.

For rulers of this in authority that the day may come to the knowledge of salvation because God wants everyone safe.

I know for fact people prayed me into the kingdom, but I know who pray. I'm sure the Maven people. I did know about but II know the people pray for me and and I know how God convicted me of sin and save me. Afterwards I found out how many were praying for me and some pray for me every day. Otherwise, for decades until he went to be with the Lord. Generally speaking, if you'll suddenly see a whole bunch of people coming to faith.

There's been a lot of prayer maybe for the region, maybe for that age group. Maybe just people praying as the Holy Spirit leads so in your case may have been that the church was doing outreach and and people were praying, or they were so was a believer it at work that was praying God save people at my job. I remember teenagers during the Browns revival they would solve an interception fuses save our school save our schools so his kids from those schools got saved. There was some of the fruit of their prayer, so it God can save whomever he wants. However, he wants whenever he wants, but generally speaking, he works in conjunction with our prayers and our obedience. Just like for example, he can say people sovereignly. They have a dream and in the dream to hear the gospel message, and then they go to church and find out the Reston come to the Lord, but normally the method is that some assures the gospel with arthritis and send an angel to preach to us since a person, so he works with us and through us so while you may not know specifically who pray for you. I do believe that someone somewhere was praying in your direction, so to say and when I knew you firsthand or not can prove it, but it's the general pattern so give a long answer.

Discussed ties in with the bigger prayer question and one train appreciated yet one less thing. How did you come to faith.

Well I do know I think it got dark to have it a possibility? Someone I think may pray for it, or the pastor of a church here in Raleigh or in Raleigh that someone was going school of man he was witnessing to me about first person never really witnessed to me in high school out and I think it might've been prayer formula that some I guess, but it was a witness to him and I got saved actually in the service hours on I went to the base Chapel and ask her to do but I don't believe the tree conversion map until I actually got to the common duty station. I was so down and depressed. Also down the dump truck and I went to the chapel.

I just found myself at the chapel about Alice and the chaplains talk to me and I remember what he said member him him him after feeling on WordPress suggest we prayed and I felt like a whole weight was lifted off today's lame man is really so it was it was unemployable and mom but I just wonder, one more row for quick comment. I really appreciate your answer really help me out. But talk to you, not to be bring up that talked in the past, but my favorite stores. I love the interaction between Jews and the Q dump talking about the kids before and I just wonder you know in a Matthew arrived at ST if you know you think he knew the care from you said you didn't know we don't know because of the disabled and I just I wondered if you know Jesus said he had to come true to church yet to come through jerkily. You must come through there at the 21st anniversary first person lose my pain and I just think that I just wonder from if it was Jesus appointment or whether Matthew may have said some may have brought it up on a man of it that it was they still could honor Jesus and asked him to not pray with me today asked the disciples to pray is likely not just pray with me one hour so it's not a matter of him talking to Jesus as being in prayer, but I just wondered if maybe you want out.

On the other side. On the other side exactly don't know, obviously you sue Matthew with the crowd with Jesus on that in the 19 would have seen what happens a kiss, but with a friends with a cause because they been tax collectors did they know to the beyond that, we don't know because Scripture doesn't tell us that been there. It was definitely a divine appointment for Jesus to go through Jericho. Do I think Matthew set up none of us had that that was thready had to go it in any case, thanks for the call and it makes perfect sense to me literally share the gospel, who also was displeased that was always my having any personal adventures gospel specificity school. Pray for the person regular take Douglas Greg so great to have you engulfing the rubric that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right at this gotten up trip may 2023 to the first count of those who registered since the got the invitation last week Lisa, I get an invitation says that make you look at my emails. That means you don't know about all these videos that we've gone on sale for half price. I just saw a slew of people ordering classes.

I will is Rick cutting over online classes in half in his great video classes recorded side just found out myself that we were there that so that because I am on our email list so down there today asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown Doug stay informed friends all the material that were putting out all the videos all the articles every week is for you is, is to build you up, it's to get free content in your hands. See it so you can be strong on the front lines because were under attack these days. Friends want to be so healthy that yokes of bondage and deception in this incentive just fall off of you is because of the health and vitality of your own walk with the Lord that so hard. That's our goal is our vision in a healthy church will shine brightly in the society healthy church provoke Israel to envy. This is this is God's heart were seeking to do our best hopes of getting emails Esther to Brown the road and then go to the website.

Sorry for the emails click on the Israel tour. Now is the time to sign up. We don't know if you bring one bus for two buses and it could be that when we get to the end. One bus we just stop there depends on how it takes to fill that first Boston. So the sooner you register the better. I know it's a big decision it was going on but sooner you do it the better it is the trip of a lifetime. But there's this anticipation. I have to be at certain sites with you as you as you taking things for the first time and it's just it's glorious.

It's wonderful.

It's beautiful, so good website Esther to Brown Doug or trick of Israel trip. Tell your friends if they been wanting to go to may 2023. All right, do I tell this story or not. Young and until the story until the story. For those of you who understand different aspects of intercession who can relate to what Paul said about being in spiritual travail for the Galatians as if he was in childbirth for them spiritually speaking for those who can relate to. Praying with cheers or what Paul speaks of in Romans eight with with groans that can be articulated human speech. This make more sense to you for those to whom these are foreign concepts keep looking at the word and see if this might be part of what Scripture talks about by being burdened and carrying the pain and weight of the dying world of people in need in the body so this was in spring of 1983, so I can't face the 71 this is the spring of of 83 and I was experiencing levels of intercession. I had never known before. I would praying get so burdened.

I couldn't even speak. Articulate words as much is this grown all all the pain we've all felt that in at different times in our lives right you usually weep, or just sigh or grow because the pain is so great and they're all on the words right so run track with that maybe never experienced it in prayer, but certainly something very biblical, so I was overwhelmed, groaning in intercession. I felt this tremendous burden and I was just on my face and just gripping my body. I felt's just as if it was childbirth but spiritual obvious and have a clue to what childbirth is like physically is as a man writes a ladies don't. I'm not saying I have a clue about that right understand, but spiritually I felt like I was giving birth to something but I didn't know what I was praying for and impulses. Romans eight that we don't always know how to pray with the spirit makes intercession for us with groans that can be articulated human speech. It is right there. Romans 826 27 so when I was through praying because the burden was so intense I asked the Lord what was I praying for and I felt the spirit say to me Muslim strongholds in South Africa all come Brown you crazy Muslim strongholds in southern all right sure.

I'm living in New York on Long Island few minutes from Kennedy airport five minutes from Kennedy Airport, Long Island, and and oh yeah, and I'm praying God's leading me to pray for Muslim strongholds in South Africa.

It seemed preposterous on sharing this is the previous call about prayer for salvation. So I thought. Number one the Muslim strongholds are in North Africa right the suit on Egypt for the North. The South African is not long for its Islamic population. That's one thing and why would God lead me now to pray for that. It was so random okay but but I couldn't deny how real the prayer was how deep it was and how much it was in harmony with other prayers. I had prayed in recent weeks rifle tremendously grip to pray for a person in the same way I could articulated human words but overwhelmed to pray for that person and then went to minister to them.

They were wonderfully gloriously set free so I remembered it filed it away but still seemed odd and I look we can think were hearing the Lord will not so one year later little over year later I'm I'm in a meeting in in Oklahoma and for the first time I'm hearing Reinhard bunk you speak you want to be with the Lord couple years ago extraordinary man of God German evangelist whose life calling was to evangelize Africa and it it that time. I guess he's in his early 40s, preaching with fire and passion and talking about what happened when your earlier in South Africa, but that got my ears South Africa. When your earlier.

So at that time they had the world's largest tent. He described it as a monstrosity because it was so massive required so many trucks to transport records of the workers to put it up exceeds 34,000 people die, but under big tents that seek a few thousand. I could not imagine a tent that seated 34,000 but that's what they had. Then and there meetings were getting bigger and bigger and they could fill this tent as before. They had meetings of hundreds of thousands or even over a million single meetings and habitable document so for us to document them carefully counted with with crowd sizes will roll over and over million of the Lord. In any case bunk. He says and this is now spraying of 83 stalking by the summer of 84 spring of 83 is given the dates the timeframe that he said local Muslims local witch doctors came and said we don't want you having meetings here.

We don't want your Texas is rainy season them to hold meetings outdoors in the rain they said we don't want your your meetings going on putting a curse on your tent because they had set up getting ready for the meetings will not long after that terrible storm blew in ripped the tent into little pieces this giant lieutenant and scatter the pieces from miles around, but like a victory for the kingdom of darkness over the kingdom of light then pocky steam starts getting reports of people who get little pieces of tent just like handkerchiefs and and stuff were taken from policy was working and and demons left people and the sick were healed when they were brought to them while people are getting the blue tent in maybe they knew it came from. In a case they were the praying of sick people and their hitting field and delivered since the first testimony came second. There's a local mosque terrible storm blew the roof off that what they do they live in a tent is rainy season with that.

Let's go on with meetings and and it required massive for the woman who led the prayer told me Mike, you had to see with your eyes we see a massive storm coming away and would stop into the meetings were over.

What ended up that they drew crowds of 80 to 90,000 people that could fit under the tent 80 to 90,000 people and talk. He said many were saved. There were signs and wonders. Many were saved, among whom were thousands of Muslims, though they were not magical. Fanatical Muslims are super devout Muslims but they were Muslims. Some of the more religious and others, and he said thousands of Muslims were saved in South Africa in those meetings.

That was the highlight to him as he said in a thick way.

Second, just days before that is when I was groaning and travailing in prayer for the salvation of Muslims praying against Muslim strongholds, South African praying for the salvation of Muslims South Africa.

That's what I felt the spirit told me I was praying for and I thought it must've been around the world, godliness, hands on, praying people to have a spray for Muslim strongholds in South Africa and here a matter days weeks later. These events unfold and fowls the ins of Muslims come to faith in South Africa. That was a big learning experience for me. Friends and and I have learned over the years to go with the burden, even when I don't fully understand what I'm praying for. If I feel burden and am overcome with weeping and groaning and since this deep solidarity with God. This deep fellowship with the Lord and know that I'm coworker and with him: laboring with them. Then I get, understand, and then for Tom understand what was praying for, but friends go the bird you never know who's life will be effective as we are powerless to become the way tomorrow.

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