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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 17, 2019 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 17, 2019 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/17/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's do it. Come on, you've got questions. We got answers phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown viciously and here we are. I have been looking forward all day.

You've got questions. We got answers 866-34-TRUTH any question of any kind is welcome and for the critics and the haters and the mockers give me a call and let's have a talk with separate truth from fiction. Also, we continue our discussion about 90 minutes from now we do exclusive YouTube chats with your watch on YouTube the same place as Dr. Brown, channel will be doing a live chat just answering your YouTube posted questions that will start around 430 Eastern standard Time, so get any question of any kind, as long as it's appropriate for Christian radio and relevant to this broadcast.

It is absolutely warmly welcome.

All right we go right to the phone. Starting with Jacob in Tennessee.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown, first of all, I just wanted hello dark pretty dark in regard to the ER broadcast yesterday were you are. You haven't got a backboard and everybody was giving you a hard time banning your universe and everything else I think you're absolutely justified in your actually very greater old thanks again Jacob just for function don't know. And then there were some there were some function but I was too hard or didn't give the guest enough time to speak and I was want to hear that because I would be fair but yet when when Rev. Ted Pike came on the show.

He wanted to talk about the equality bill that's not what I wanted him on the air, but because he wanted to bring it up fine, but my producer made very clear to him and that I said over and over and over and over and show them to take issue with reduced as I find his statements about Israel and the Jewish people going back to 1984 to be heinous really to be terribly misleading to be terribly exaggerated and dangerous and ongoing rebuke that I want to call it out when you come on the show. Knowing exactly what's coming in and get offended when it comes or refused to go that way.

Jan I II wanted my goal is to expose error.

Jacob and and you're saying but but I want others to hear this my the best way I can expose error is by letting someone who holds to that era. Come on, and an ex post interior report.

However, if if it's can be bad radio if the person will constantly interrupt if if if the person is not going allow for fair and honest interchange amount show then for the sake of listeners and viewers is bad radio. It's not fair that two people shouting over each other, so he had no idea I was want to keep him on another half hour. He had no timeframe in terms of coming on you that stuff.

This is really ugly. We will expose it.

We will expose Rick while some true news with I keep getting set II could talk about this only day and night months is the so much John that's out there. But hey, listen will keep putting truth out and those who abuse to hear what you that's all we can do something with. Thank you Jacob. I appreciate that the uncle had okay Romans chapter 2 verse 14 yes can you help me understand it talked about the Gentile doing.

Naturally the things of the law even know that they don't know how the law and I guess we can argue the word there.

You know you what would be that you know that Hebrew equivalent report know about, but there are some aspects of the law take take the Sabbath day which somebody may not do naturally. Obviously I know I shouldn't kill take… Mine.

So what is that talking about that specific.

The third commandment was. Gentiles is naturally even though you have your in other words, Jacob Paul's arguing there is is against you superiority first in the Jewish idea that because I have a lawn better than someone else I say like you have the one you don't keep it is a Gentile who doesn't have it and does keep it.

He's going to ease more righteous than you, but certainly he's not talk about circumcision.

He's not talking because he really reverses people's uncircumcised or seventh day Sabbath.

Some of moral commandments and knows one of the arguments that we bring for the existence of God is a moral law written on human hearts, and ask for it evolved human species was a come from. So you have people of conscience, even among the Gentiles and and who, by their own conscience because member, Romans 118 everyone is without excuse because God's revealed the nature and then God is written is moral law on our hearts, or even the were fallen and flawed. It's still there other was the entire human race were just becoming and slaughtering each other, day and night without stop the fact that we have any sense of morality is because of God's law written in our hearts. So that's what Paul's talk about Jacob is not talking Sabbath observance circumcision of the holy days, but the universal moral law that's written on human hearts so the first time people do wrong date.

Have a sense this is wrong, or they get convicted. Why because of that moral law written on their hearts and then we can quench it once it punch it and but certainly that's what he's referring to their no question. Thank you got what I needed.

I appreciate you are very welcome sir, 866-34-TRUTH. By the way, normally on Fridays. It's extremely challenging to get through gets as many calls as we can, I try to balance quality with quantity as best as possible. Every so often, like right now will have a liner to open.

So now's a great time. The call on Friday, 866-348-7884. Let's go to Mark and Australia were you in Australia sir about arming the open Melbourne okay great. What time is it is, it's 5 AM, 5 AM, will bless you for getting up early here three in the afternoon Ryan and I had yeah that the gate audited into this or go ahead up my question my question is related to certain Holy Spirit manifestations that we say in churches are a thing of videos of you affirming things like you shaking and a green medical bill Holy Spirit. So I have questions on that sir when we see in Scripture when people fall down unit shaking, convulsing every time that I'm aware of. It usually related to the money position and a thing of the people claim that when the trunk in the spirit they relate that to the Holy Spirit, but to me when I respect shall I would Holy Spirit make you appear drunk and recoat 50 sober minded and self-controlled questions answered yes to. How would you it does so for first thing is what we want to see is people changed in and repenting of sin and submitting to the Lordship of Jesus, and following the word of God.

That's what we want to see right. My goal is not to see people shaker fall or jump or shout or cry or laugh. My goal is to see disciples.

Jesus didn't say going to the world make people drunk Lisa going to the world and make disciples.

That's our goal. We we agree on that. Yes and that the goal is to bring people into the authority of Scripture under the Lordship of Jesus, knowing God as their father loved by God and loving others. Now, at the same time. I know that sometimes people can be getting delivered from demonic power and you you have examples like that is, as you mention your one a couple cases of people falling to the ground arising or convulsing or screaming. So sometimes people getting delivered from demons. So you would agree something like that could happen right okay if they're getting delivered right okay what about so what happened to Ezequiel or Daniel or John, when the Lord or the angel appeared to them that if they fell to the ground.

This is dead. Could you also accept that it's a must completely overcome by the price of God, yes.

Going down in the presence of God would be very different in my opinion, then shaking on the ground and looking exactly like a demonic possession right right okay but I'm just saying someone if if I pray for them the power God falls upon the fall on their face.

The former back in their they're just overawed by the power and presence of God that you have problem. It is theory of justice on false, doesn't prove anything, but just in theory it okay what what about you someone being so convicted by God that there shaking and trembling like like the jailer shaking and trembling in fear it in acts 16 or more Moses you know, just being so fearful of the presence of God on Mount Sinai that that you have the whole nation is the amount shaking the people shaking that that type of thing, convulsing and holy fear conviction or shaking. I should say holy fear conviction cover problem with that.

Yeah that that's going to the condo, really sure about and it is obscene. A lot of videos especially with bike people like Heidi Benko when they pray for people date when a shaker looks only to violent in such a way where it it if they're being freed from something so this is the presence of God overwhelming them and shaking and convulsing and twitching and jerking their looks extremely creepy but personally I've been to church addressing this and I was and I had a pretty I did 50 foods to be in front of and some people live, convulsing, jerking, and it just looked very weird and strange in the money. What ISO so that let me just address this is fairly honestly as I can. Okay, having in Pentecostal charismatic circles over 47 years. Having prayed for many people don't even know anything about this the next thing the power got hit some and the laying on the ground. I pray for people that were there in the service and they let me pray for them.

But up until that moment. Their hearts were hard but they were open to be pray for the power got fell upon them, and they fell to the ground shaking violently and weeping hysterically and and got up hoarsely born again with her getting delivered from demons was a God just shaking them by his power. It's we could debate that there are flaky people at the flaky things and that just act like this that's one possibility there people in the demonic power and and they're getting set free and are also people that get overcome by the spirit and you asked them afterwards. Mark what happened to it just that I just captured God.

I mean, he's real, he's alive when he came down on Mount Sinai, the whole nation, shaking the mountains shaking when he shook that the jail acts 16 people change fall off the jailers is trembling in fear that there is here.

Here's the bottom line right and again I'm in a look at the fruit. Jonathan Edwards laid out like this and I may have to finish on the other side of the break that you can't judge either way. All that must be the spirit because they fell that can't be the spirit because they fell so don't you actually can judge based on that is, the Bible doesn't tell us to make judgments based on that rather tells us to make judgments based on doctrine. Honda self-control doesn't mean that if I'm Daniel and the angel appears. I don't hold that it means and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown cutting edge media Unitas on the front lines you want us on the front lines. We get a lot of attack on the front lines. Trust me by the minute. But it's our joy.

It's her privilege.

Let us be your voice.

Help us produce more materials cutting edge video media of all kind get out and make a difference to be your voice just pennies a day $10 or more per month on patriot on join us as a partner and then every week you get bonus videos you get exclusive you two cats which once redone, you get to watch so report back into you, but it's a great way to help us which you do that you take a second over the patriot Dearborn asked Dr. Brown.

Alright, so marketing strategist is one more moment. Jonathan Edwards wisely noticed of the great awakening because many unusual things happen is his wife would we go into this extended trances for many hours at a time people would shake fault they convulse violently and fall to the ground.

A John Wesley saw the same thing George Whitfield saw the same thing whatever you describe Heidi Baker meeting I could I could give you the virtual exact same descriptions except much more extreme from the greater great awakening from the ministry of John Wesley from the ministry of George Whitfield in the 1700s and then other revivals in past history and what Edwards why these was a citizen of the Bible doesn't tell us to judge, but it doesn't say no when the spirit touches someone there the blood that the heart rate will go up with the eyes will dilate the personal shake or cry or fall.

He said it doesn't so you can symbol that must be the spirit is like a person falling, shaking. Conversely, you can symbol it can't be the spirit. He said you judge by Jesus the Jesus of the Scriptures being exalted by people coming to the knowledge of the truth submitting to the Scriptures, repenting of sin walking holy was living in truth and love. That's what you judge by. That's what I judge, but I first see what's being preached and taught and how it lines up with Scripture is contrary to Scripture that I don't care about what happens afterwards are rejected and then if it's not contrary to Scripture. I judge by the fruit so it if, for example, someone next to me is overcome. Next thing there shaking, no shaking on the four for two hours and afterwards I hear their testimony, and they came and there is a drunk rebel disrupt the service of the power God touch them in their gloriously saved in 10 years later there on the mission field.

I said I must been the Holy Spirit or somebody else I've been fighting depression for 15 years and and I just since I walked into this building. The power got so strong I can.

I'm just shaking my whole body shaking and and they get hit by the joy of the Lord.

Next thing there free of depression and five usually your you visit their church with her pastor, so must been the Holy Spirit. So you've got a judge by the fruit. What seems weird to you seems normal. Someone else with seems normal to you seems weird to someone else so we judge by the word and by the fruit and and this is been the wisdom of those who've been in past revival movements only say this again. There are the key people doing flaky things are weird people doing weird things you are weird Pentecostalism weird charismatics doing weird things and claiming it's the Holy Spirit.

You'll judge it by the fruit that's the best way to this.

I'm sure we could talk for an hour about that but you least understand my approach and where I'm going with this.

Jan and it's very very likely thing and something out about the consideration in the smart last thing your child of God.

If you're in a meeting and something makes you uncomfortable sick father really uncomfortable about this and and how should I feel about this. There is child feeling comfortable on something then you have to be part of that meeting or that that ministry. But you just the way things cautiously in that regard, I thank you so much for the call really appreciate doubling I'm going to be in Australia February next year hopefully a couple different cities but will will post that info as we get closer, 866-34-TRUTH of us go to Eric in Boston. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Braun think my question you're welcome.

I would think a recent interview between William Ln., Craig in Ben Shapiro topic came up of the divine Messiah and comment was made that there is no precedent there really any category of divine by Jewish tradition of meeting I not there some work out there like the content, the literature, like Daniel Boyer and Eric vengeance on radical faith necessary, talk, or divine Messiah, but I know there's a lot of work out there so I'm just curious. It is not true that there is no religious Jew or note no tradition within Judaism of specifically divine Messiah. Yeah. So let let me try to answer this in several different points. Eric and I did watch part of the interview so number one, Ben made a statement that the only category of Messiah that there's been in Jewish history as a political Messiah that was a false statement and and I shot him an email saying that that was an exaggerated statement I was little surprise that he made it that we know in the first century before Jesus during the time of Jesus that there were different views of the Masai was there an expectation of a crucified Messiah know it.

So Ben was right in saying that an William Ln., Craig was was right in an agreement that, but was it just one Messiah political Messiah know we we know there was a priestly Messiah that you do some spoke of as as well. Some Jewish traditions.

We know that there is more of a teaching Messiah that some were looking for.

We know that Judaism then begins to speak of the size of David Messiah son of Joseph. The latter one being one who suffers it in more so it it it was a generalization that went too far. That's that's the first thing where I would say would been sedated to be nuanced. The second thing is yes there is a lot of literature about say Alan Siegel's book on two powers Margaret Barker on the great angel were Daniel Boyer and arguing as you mentioned that there is an expectation of a divine Messiah of of some kind or sake. Shapiro was a messianic Jew, arguing that throughout the Jewish tradition.

There's a divine Messiah so that his statement many would say is is overstated. My rabbinic Jewish friends.

We categorically say that he's he's misusing the traditional material, let's go back to the earlier days, I would say that there was not an expectation of a divine Messiah in the fullness of which Jesus expresses so would agree with Ben on that.

However, there were certainly expectations with the Messiah had semi-divine status word deliver that that was was especially exalted as a man, or had some type of angelic qualities. So that's the nuance. The other thing is, Jesus didn't come saying I'm God I'm God. Everyone bow down and worship me because that would imply that God is no longer seated in heaven filling the universe but is now walking among us like one of the Greek gods coming down walking among us that we give a misleading impression. So what when Yeshua comes he hence it is divinity, he says, before Abraham was, I am he shares other things that open people's eyes and and get what were you saying attacking up but his ultimate confession is he's the son of God who sits at the right hand of power, the right hand of God that's considered a blasphemous statement in Mark the 14th chapter when the makes that confession. John's gospel says the word became flesh right we've never seen God. John 118, but the word became flesh dumb one. 14 so it's it's a much more nuanced thing as if Christian civil God condemns the Messiah know the son of God took on human form as the Messiah as the fullness of God in in in an earthly form etc. so the New Testament says things and more nuanced ways to help us understand God's complex unity so Ben was fairly accurate stating that but overstated it and failed to realize how many bridge concepts there were at that point that could help. Usually you understand what you and Evan and one less thing. Of course we go back to the Hebrew Scriptures and see a divine Messiah prophesied in like Isaiah 960. Go ahead… They you will deftly make a biblical case for it, but the question physically about the Jewish tradition of okay… I was accurate. Yeah, absolutely. I will absolutely strongly make a biblical case for a divine Messiah. And then I will look at Jewish traditions that help work as a bridge to get a Jewish person open their eyes to that reality. But absolutely I would point to it scripturally and I use Isaiah 9 argues some 45 and that I use the theophanies the divine appearances in the Old Testament say God appear brief times in human form. Here he pitches his tent among us in a more permanent way. Thank you so much.

Great question Eric 866-34-TRUTH by the way, I get asked all the time. He wanted you and Ben Shapiro have a dog loved some super brilliant young man and we agree on so much. I'm thrilled that he had passed John MacArthur on his son Nisha past McCarthy did a marvelous job of opening up Isaiah 53 in speaking truth about Christianity, Brilliant William Ln., Craig on an adult was in agreement. Craig is a brilliant philosopher and explaining things and explain the significance of the resurrection sets. It's wonderful that bends doing that having a dialogue. I email them last year and said hey and sonic on his body when he knows who I am but on even if I email my unexpected reply maturities. It's lots of emails but I shot him a note and and said hey I get asked all the time about us having a debate or dialogue about Jesus or Jewish views and Christian views on the Messiah and you probably don't want to do it, but this was you know I'm happy to do if you're wanted to and he replied I don't really enjoy religious debates. Thanks, Dr. Brown in an and left it there so I'm think he's intimidated or afraid to do it, but it could be just as a Jew, following Jesus, and in him being a modern Orthodox Jew and him having some evangelicals who follow him. That this may not be the kind of thing he wants to do blitz praise the Lord's in it.

I'm game. Hopefully he'll be game and we can have a real constructive discussion one day that will open up many hearts and minds. This is a sign I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown now 11 years on daily talk radio now daily talk video as we post on Facebook and YouTube live streams. What an incredible joy. You know years back due to questions.

We got answers phone lines are open to the right back to the phones in a moment, but that years back when people somehow to smart. Seeing us is much one of my favorite calls would be an African-American caller see Dr. Brown, I just saw you on TV yesterday.

I didn't know you were white. And I thought I mean I love my boy.

If there's such a thing as a black sounding voice were white sounding voice or a mouse and will have a southern accent knows that that you know a nice suburban New York accent was thick with your personality, but I was get a kick out of that.

Because I thought you we talk about so many controversial issues and I tried it go right down the middle of fairness and honesty and equity that that I was mistaken for being black. I thought how sweet that is his retirement like really difficult and we just talked like trave on Martin George Zimmerman trial and things like that.

I thought is not nice, but in some of your own. You know you that I thought that many think I'm younger than okay 866-34-TRUTH and we go to rain in West Virginia. Welcome rain to the minor fire. Thanks for calling so much for taking my car you bet.

Okay, we are church like work on partner with them were actually charismatic. Really really good on a hill. If you hit a bit of a snake handling church in West Virginia some budget out there.

Yet they can't talk about, 13, 14, 15, can you tell me why and charismatic circle. I cannot win indication for foundation ETF why following following today. Pray for you to receive the gift of time what I like okay and I can't imagine the thrill that are in my culture.

I didn't really like concrete answer on him like why why young men time yet. So first you don't want to think in terms of salvation than tongues, but rather salvation and the baptism of the Spirit.

That's a common distinction made in Pentecostal circles. Many charismatic circles only make that distinction. They say we are baptized in the spirit of salvation, but you may receive gift of tongues and some of the gift. Later, it may be manifest later. Something like that. But for those who believe that their salvation and then subsequently the baptism in the Spirit. Why is that believe what one reason is scripturally that it enacts to we understand that the disciples were ready save their ready followers of Jesus and ready save but they had not yet received power from on high.

Luke 2440 9X18 and then asked to.

They receive that power from on high and they begin to speak in tongues. So that's the initial sign of it then enacts a fellow preaches the gospel to the Samarian Samaritans right before Samaria and they hear the gospel there, save their heel delivered but it's is the Holy Spirit not yet come on them then Peter and John come lay their hands on them and the Holy Spirit comes on them in a tangible way that even Simon the sorcerer sees it, and he was get that same power now some would say well that's because this was a new group coming in and the apostles had to give it official verification others with similar it's clear their Savior undeniably saved, they haven't yet received the Holy Spirit.

In acts 10 is Peter's preaching some of the Gentile believers begin to speak in tongues which shocks them because their Gentiles and then Peter says what they should be baptized opposite the spirit saw them there. You got accepted them then asked 19. Peter meets believers in Ephesus insisted you receive the Holy Spirit when you believe since you believe. So the question is why would he be asking if they receive the spirit, if that's automatic so we believe it. Salvation Pentecostal belief that the moment your save the Holy Spirit lives within you, so you are the spirit is in you.

We believe that the moment your save the Holy Spirit baptizes you into the body of Christ and makes you part of that family. We believe that we believe there's a subsequent empowerment and in the modern Pentecostal movement which the traces its roots, probably to the mid to late 1800s is people and injured different parts the world began to experience his fresh building of the script against speak in tongues, and prophesied that the people have a subsequent empowerment even even like Adil Moody or others. They had this to say they were preaching there being used by God, but felt there had to be more they sought God for empowerment, noting speak in tongues wrote me know. But he receive this power and this was something very important to him. So that's that that's the reason for that. You can debate it scripturally. What I would say to the pastor. I chill Max eight a chill, Max. 19 and he would say will each case, it was a different group Samaritans and followers of John the Baptist and that's why they had a car to be initiated in you to be. Can you see the viewpoint that you were saved, but hadn't received the spirit yet in terms of this special gifting are empowering and say the pastor hate we can agree on this that everything we need is found in the Holy Spirit and either we receive it at salvation, or once were saved.

God empowers us in a unique way. I once asked Leonard Ravenhill old man of God revivalist prayer warrior.

I once asked him hurt somebody on the radio say the moment you're born you have everything you need two eyes, two hands, two arms, you just have to grow you don't get more stuff when you're saved everything you need and brother Lynn smiled at me with a twinkle in his eyes that I've never seen a baby born that was fully clothed. The roads being baptized in the spirit is like being clove that was something empowering that was added to us. So that's the explanation for him, especially as this enacts a Annex 19, the people are saved, but they have not yet received the spirit and then through prayer. They receive the spirit and something tangible and visible happens and most commonly, we see that his tongue sometimes prophecy or something else and then whatever his views, you honor it you know she's the past you honor it and if you will confuse as charismatics great really. You are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH of this good Christian in Idaho.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire your you are very welcome. So I have a question in regards to want to say that often thought that a lot of the rhetoric I hear Nautilus. There were a lot of teaching.

I hear from people who are meteyard use tends to be very similar to my own, and if they don't come to the same conclusion, founding oneness now when I hear people say things like, for example, that I have heard you say that the spirit of fun rather is primarily identified as Lord, and the father is primarily identified as God that makes perfect sense to me is unbelievably oneness, but that's actually something you read in the text right now what it actually says. So if I why would we think that well obviously if you got the phrase only one that can both be God, if only one God questioned you the question I got basically all the rest movement.

The how can the father be the only true God and the son also God if they're not the same person. Great question John 17 three comes up all the time so so first I I see very clearly numerous distinctions in Scripture between father-son spirit and not as manifestations but is distinct persons. I see the father sending the sun. The sun sending the spirit spirit testifying of the son, and I see Jesus in John 17 saying as he prays to the father. He speaks of the glory that they enjoy before the foundation of the world right so it in this in this very same context. In John 17 right this is this is what he says. He says, and now father verse five glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had with you before the world existed so very clearly there is father and there is Jesus the son sharing this glory before the world began, so that that II do understand. I also know for example that Paul writes in first Corinthians 8, that there's only one God the father and only one Lord, Jesus Christ. Now do you therefore say that Jesus is not God or the father is not Lord, certainly not so Jesus is nothing that he's not true… Saying that there's only one true God. Right. We called to God the father.

There's only one true God. Let many different gods than a multiple multiplicity of God is only one true God. Right. That's an and in the father is once you got something Jesus is not one true God you believe he is right.

I believe he is.

Please obviously not saying that this verse presents the same difficulty for you is a oneness person that it presents for Trinitarian but presents no difficulty music Trinitarian so in your mind is Jesus Christ.

God okay so then you have the same problem with John 17 three the Trinitarian what was so my thinking on it always been that if you are if they are one and the same person, then it would be the equivalent of saying the ball to be the equivalent of me and you were one of the same person. I said you were the only true on the radio right and it turned out that I was also radio you know what I mean like I will wear the same guy so obviously I'm also radio host, because I knew right right so so right right but because Jesus is also God right because these but not me.

That's the whole thing, because Jesus Jesus is God.

He's not say the only true God to his exclusion.

The ones that try to use that were the ones that deny his deity as a oneness person at present session more problems for you and and when I read second Corinthians 1314 when one pauses May the love of God and the grace of the Lord Jesus and the fellowship of the Spirit be with you each one with a distinct role that that presents a problem for a oneness person. When I read John 17, five were Jesus what the speaks of the glory he had with the father before the world began. The thing there were two before the world began.

So in any case, in less sugar say that Jesus is not true God then you have to realize that the process works against you more than the Trinitarian, a Christian at a time.

Thank you for the call.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown news big news of 45 minutes from now slightly less will be doing a YouTube chances are you to channel Esther Gibran is cave your brown just interacting with you is your posting the chats on YouTube. Those who agree with me, differ have questions about an hour figure questions and tracking. I welcome Craig's hi, welcome critics post questions, objections issues are reply to as many as I cancel you get to so many calls on Friday but will be doing this you to chat then once the chat is done in order to view that become a patriotic partner you get to view all the chats you bonus shows for you every week as well.

That's Dr. Brown. All right, let's go to Richard in Ohio. Thanks for holding Sir. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown many many years I've listened many your debates. Like James white male buzzard a few more but I have a question.

Is killing me.

I study many different related Christian school Christian, but I've studied many different religions because of all the differences to see what people were looking at and all that way throughout Calvinism. So the question I actually have two questions. The first question is about sin. If I stay with the Baptists of the Pentecostals will tell you that you know I did confess to Christ my sins and I'll be forgiven all the way up to Calvinism and they act like now I'm sitting free to pure true Christian Peterson free telling me I don't even know if it's possible to be set in place so just just jumping the hotel. This unless you're some weird hyper Calvinist Calvinists are quite conscious of sin in human failings. So here's the deal. Read through first John chapter 1 right.

First John chapter 1 embraces this head on. If I continually practice sin in an unrepentant way right so I I continue walking disobedience. I refuse to repent. Confess my sin turn from it that I'm obviously not a true Christian either.

Either I was never saved or I walked away from the Lord, but first John the rest of the book makes plain that if you're born again you will not continue in sin, but first on the first chapter says if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins because a conscious moment like this so the power of sin is broken in our lives. We are no longer slaves to sin. We are slaves to righteousness. But this is a daily choice we make with the help of the Lord what I yield my life to my heart, my mind, but because were in this world we always fall short. Even on our very best day as we were not saved, it means that I yes or but we are not slaves to sin, and sin is not the habit of our lives. In other words, before I was saved I sin really and joyfully, so I got high as much as I could I send in other ways as much as I could and I was glad to do it now if I think a wrong thought Lord, I'm sorry for that unclean thought.

I turn away from you. In Jesus name. If I speak an unkind word. Lord, I'm sorry I did that. Now I'm I'm a child of God. The whole time. It's not like a stop being saved. At that moment, so we are not perfectly free from sin in this world because we still walk in these bodies. In this flesh, but we are freed from the diminutive sin in our lives to sin is not going to send God. Okay, good, good. That's helpful and your other question question to me. You know, I see so many Christian faiths is not true that the Holy Spirit is to guide us two teachers were trying to understand the Scriptures. First of all, yes or so. Why so many different Christian groups have so many different thoughts like pretrip postscript, I waited like we were just talking the center no sin runs on right so here's here's here's the answer in terms of the fundamentals. The things by which we are saved or lost, all truly born again people will agree on those I administered around the world in many countries and many cultural settings. I have been in all kinds of unusual atmospheres and in many different groups and denominations within the states as well as overseas, and as for the fundamentals of the fundamentals by which we are saved. There is agreement and the Holy Spirit has led us into truth there other areas sir that are not essential for salvation and we see that right within the New Testament there being corrected is a doctrinal error here is a misunderstanding. There so we are all growing and maturing and don't have perfect wisdom and revelation on all points. But there is a line between salvation and damnation fundamentally between truth and error and that line cannot be crossed without real danger. And then we continue to grow with this essay that we all are walking all the truth fully at the same time were all growing and we received to humble ourselves of the sailor continue to teach me. Thank you Richard so II would be at peace in the major in the majors wall. I have questions about the other things were. We have differences thanks are all right. Let's go over to Derek in Hawaii. Welcome to the line of fire throughout the talk, think I had a question about regarding the question. I don't like theology, but I will want to an unhealthy degree of distinction or polarization between Jew and Gentile. At every Scripture there always going to be a unifying and one new man in Christ, so that my question. I'm a little bit with the Old Testament, it seems odd when I return I could see were placed in theology. I see where they may be coming from but I think when you read scriptures that prophesy about, you know, the inhabitants of the earth. The messianic age going to enter.

I'm to learn from the vice is the Christian just jumping in only 4×6 or okay because of the toxic elements requested.

Anything that polarizes Jew and Gentile within the body is not healthy. Just like anything that polarizes males and females within the body at the same time. Anything that demolishes any difference or distinctive is not healthy, just like we have no problem in our churches having men and women and having men's meetings and women's meetings and recognizing diversity in males and females and husbands and wives and children, etc. and we celebrate those distinctives as part of our unity in Jesus is like an orchestra is united by its many different instruments and players the same way.

There is Jew and Gentile within the body equal in Jesus. I believe the Monday broadcasting to get into this and much more depth with Paul meant when he said this, neither Jean or Gentiles in the male or female is neither slave nor free, but it's the distinctives and in other words, why is it that a Jew following Jesus should be commanded to keep a Sunday Sabbath. When that's not found anywhere in the New Testament, and even making Sunday a Sabbath day we was not instituted by any part of the church until the fourth century.

Why shouldn't a Jewish follower of Jesus. I hate that we we were given the seventh day Sabbath and that was a sign from God to us as a people, so as a messianic congregation.

That's her day of worship in our day of rest.

Why should they be allowed to do that or wipe the say hey we we celebrated Passover all laws now are followers of Jesus we celebrated in the light of his coming, etc. why should they have to switch dates and celebrate Easter on a on a day that would correspond with with when Jesus died on the cross arose from the dead. So that's the thing there.

There needs to be the ability to have our distinctives and it be one in Jesus and we can be one Jesus of our many cultures are many customs are many differences now if there is any sense whatsoever. Derek of a Jewish superiority that is sinful and arrogant wrong or that a Jew in Jesus is any better than a Gentile.

In Jesus that there's any pedigree that saves us. That is absolutely wrong any sense. It is a Jew. I have some special entitlement to salvation is a serious error any sense that as a Jew, I am in any way superior to anyone else, is a serious error. However, the recognition that there is Jew and Gentile male-female distinctives in Jesus were the exactly the same right male and female Jesus are exactly the same and yet I can never have a baby because I'm a male all right and in our church building. We've got men's rooms and women's rooms and there's hey we have special men's retreat here. All the ladies are doing this so in Jesus exactly equals but different expressions. Diversity contributing to our unity is like the food court at the mall.

All that you don't take all the different foods the Mexican the Italian in the in the American and in the desert and the Chinese and Japanese thought the blinder and mix it all together. All the different ones but all in that one area the same purpose. So that's how I see our diversity in the different expressions we have been working temporary services and more traditional services and more charismatic service in a more conservative service center messianic service center more liturgical Christian service and all different expressions glorifying the same Lord is equals and peers. Because what matters is not being Jew or Gentile. What matters is being in Jesus and him saved on again renew people downright join me in about 30 minutes over this turkey run.

I need to continue taking questions interacting tackling objections that have a blast. Join us there

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