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How Did Yeshua Fulfill the Law and Prophets?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 23, 2019 4:10 pm

How Did Yeshua Fulfill the Law and Prophets?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 23, 2019 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/23/19.

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Once the early Jewish Thursday. The phone lines are open. I'm ready and eager to answer your Jewish related question stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown (two thoroughly Jewish Thursday on the line of fire.

This is a day when we will answer your Jewish related questions? Jewish tradition in Judaism of practice, a question about Jewish background to the New Testament a question about a messianic prophecy? Hebrew language question about Israel today was questions are kosher on thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 866348784866-34-TRUTH is the number to call and working to open up the Scriptures and look at some very important words spoken by Jesus issue in Matthew the fifth chapter where he says he didn't come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfill what exactly did he mean by that we could spend many an hour on that particular subject, but today were going to give it some focused minutes. Along the way.

866-34-TRUTH before we get into that before we take your calls. I spotted a comment on our estrogen on YouTube page today. Now thousands of comments come in several tens of thousands of comments I guess over the years many hundreds of thousands of comments but it's the rarest of rare that I respond personally sometimes a team member will respond to the comments and every so often. It's rare. It's very rare. I respond but I saw this one today and I thought I got respond personally. So this was Matthew earlier today Dr. Brown today is my birthday and I have one wish.

Do not ever stop answering and debating Brian encountered Jesus breaking me out of prison. 10 years later, I was ungrateful like an Israelite got shaken by Tobia Singer heard you and I been strong in my faith since you have a gift praised God and I responded Matthew thank God for his faithfulness. I normally don't respond to comments you're on YouTube, but I just are yours and had to say fear not by God's grace. It is my intent never to stop answering and debating truth will triumph.

So Matthew reference the counter missionary Rabbi who has undermined the faith of some. And it's been our privilege over the years to help people recover faith that have lost faith because of this, counter missionary, and of course we debated many years ago in the early 1990s. These refused to debate me ever since. We give the real reasons for that on our YouTube channel as well. So if you just search for Brown and Singer you'll get that information, but by God's grace I have no intent that the backend it's it's like breathing to me.

It's it when I see error. I confronted when I see people speaking words of deception.

We do our best to expose your best to present the truth and glorify the Lord and and backup everything we say with Scripture. Truth. Why should you believe me if you respect. Maybe you think I'm smart and educated. Whatever place more people more educated people, but what you believe me unless I'm accurately representing what God's word says living as a witness to that 866-34-TRUTH. But we could use your help.

The problem is not my will and the will of our team. The problem is not our ability to speak. The problem is that like every group, individual, family ministry organization. We have limited resources and we know there are many of you believe in what were doing what I'm asking you to do is help amplify my voice that we have amazing open doors to get the gospel out in Israel. In Hebrew, all we need your help and support to do it. We have the ability to expand onto more radio stations across America or Torah or to take more time for Jewish outreach in particular, we just need your help to do it several God supplies yes but he supplies the people just like he works through me and he works through you were people I hefted to spend the hours and the years of research and writing in and sharpening arguments and and and and getting stretched in and pushing it is late at night in your tires and keep pushing. So he works through us is our privilege. He works that he wants to work through your finances, you will be blessed and you'll help us reach Jewish people with the gospel. So I'm giving you a direct challenge of a loving challenger request stand with us. Turn your finances into souls by standing with us, make an eternal investment. Go to our website now asked Dr. Brown a SK DR as soon as you have a break and you can do it don't do while driving Sue's ever break Esther to Brown number. Click on donate become a torch where first read all the benefits that we start this by blessed me with a beautiful tree of life Bible reading all the benefits that come your way is a torchbearer and the greatest. The greatest is that forever you see the results of your labor in heaven right before I go to the phones before we open up Matthew five and let me me reaching the males that was sent to us.

This was a few years ago or some months back from Curtis.

This got my attention as well.

God bless you Dr. Brown you been such a blessing to me as I was told you on your shows your materials that help me when my dearest friend, was terminally ill with cancer and deep that her fate of a better faith because of Tobia Singer. Thank you with all my heart. Here again, someone comes to steal faith.

Someone comes with words not of life, but of death and deception, and we are able through the truth of the gospel that help someone's friend is terminally ill and battling with doubt because of seeds lies that were sown into their hearts and minds God's grace we were able to hear.

I just looked for a couple of examples.

I had remembered some that we have filed away. Let me share this while I'm mentioning this and you're helping us help these people you're helping us be on the frontlines you're helping us grow our team so we can spend more time getting our resources out to more people. That's why can ask boldly. I know you'll be blessed. I know were doing God's work and I know this doesn't put a dime in our pockets. It puts truth in the hands of people listen. Listen to this testimony, Dr. Brown. If you are reading and in case you are interested back in 1995. A friend from Chicago told me about the debate of this is debate three years previously told me that you clearly quote one this debate. This is with Rabbi Tobia Singer memories refused to debate ever since. I said let's debate every day I'm happy I went to a talking dolls were told he was afterwards he hung out to talk to folks I straight up asked him see you had a debate with Dr. Michael Brown interjected and said it was a radio talkshow not a debate that I simply asked, well, what happened. He said the following, the Lord God as my witness, those long time ago I was 28 years old I was young. Then they looked at me, smiling, throws his hands up and shrugged his shoulders. That was it. I heard the debate later that year, forget out why he responded that way to me.

That was body language.

Admission okay okay-that's this person's testimony. I can't. I can't verify one where the other of this is quite the syringe.

But we do have that old debate and we do of the fact these refused to debate me ever since that is meaningful once one more one more spot. Get plenty of these, but one more.

I have to say I find you. Quite fascinating. This is from a Jewish man just posted today in response to her was that I Jewish outreach, a real Messiah and we need your help for you to continue that you have a New York City I have to say I find quite fascinating. I'm not a follower of Jesus never will be, by the Lord change that is is but I do think you're successful because you're knowledgeable and have outstanding debating skills that this is from a nonbelieving Jew. However, the 10 off the Hebrew Bible is a book of interpretation and multiple opinions can be derived. That is why there are hundreds of Christian Bibles but was only one tour will easy answer to that. Come back to it anyway. I was impressed undertaken as a 50 3B founder explanation. Isaiah 714 is in 96 week, but I do find you fascinating in thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. Maybe your training in right now, by all means give us a call and tell us what you find fault with my interpretation of those other passages and by the way, there's only one Bible, just like there's only one Torah with their multiple Christian translations just like their multiple Jewish translations. There will Aramaic targums and intraoral their multiple entries Greek translations and their multiple English Jewish translations today so the revealer are at 86634 let's go to the phones Mr. Lewis in Virginia. Walking to the line of fire broke you're welcome another question or undermine, and not myself went through the book of Jonah is to learn and I noticed some striking similarities to the first record owner in the story of Jesus and his disciples in the boat with the storm on the civilian, the storm and what really stood out to me was when Jesus was asleep as well is that in Jonah that he was asleep was just struck me as our groundwater and what is maybe a Jewish take on that and then is there any significant to that because Jesus also quote pacifically if going to be in the fish fish's belly just as beautiful being the fish's belly yacht first really like the fact that you looking into the text deeply and finding these parallels by the way the Hebrew has his gun was in sleep is a deep sleep and he restored them, which is the same word used in Genesis 2, when God puts Adam into a deep sleep so he was he was really sleeping obviously emotionally wrought from what he was doing. Of course there are two totally different accounts in one case the storm sent by God in judgment on Jonah and it's only when he is thrown overboard that the storm stops and then the sailors on the both the pagan sailors realize Wohl Jonah's God is the real God. We better worship him in in the accounts with Jesus in the boat and storm it in different chapters in the Gospels.

Obviously it's just speaking of the chaos of of the sea and of Jesus calming that both about being asleep etc. I look at more cyst very interesting parallel and in a very interesting scene but with people living on the Mediterranean Sea and living by the sea of Galilee and things like that. You're deftly going to have both stories you're deftly going to have stories of storms of some asleep in the boat thing. So I'm like a look for more imagery, then that but as far as a Jewish take on that Lewis I'm not aware of any unique Jewish insights into that that the reflections on Jonah in Jewish circles are not radically different from any reflections in Christian circles, but I'm not myself aware of a special Jewish insights that was wow open that up with a further insight to their interesting traditions, Jewish traditions about Jonah but nothing that jumps at me as a special insight thereby small later. I'll let you know.

Thank you sir requested for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown (the line of fire.

It's 30 Jewish Thursday boy the next 30 Jewish Thursday I'll be in Israel doubling with our tour group. I am so psyched about this really looking forward to it. If you are one of the folks with us on this tour.

Wonderful. But if if if you were able to come this year we are ready looking for dates for next year. This be the first time of the two consecutive years, but we feel good about it in the way were laying everything out and we believe it's can be a tremendous blessing to the folks so 866-34-TRUTH if you have a Jewish related call it interesting tradition, Jewish tradition that in in Jonah.

The first chapter where it says that the sailors cried out each to his own God. Rashi will most Jewish commentators within 4011 05. He says that they were from all the 70 nations in each crying out to their respective gods that would make the ship pretty big ship and of course there is there's no actual evidence for that 866342 let us go to Toronto Jeff. Welcome to the line of fire already.

Dr. are you doing well. Thank you got blackberry for all or did you really really helpful. Glad I live out their leaving you Mike Bitterman fire literally told Christian all my life and looking to learn a bit more clearly you one thing that kind is really a bit that don't change anything. But you is how it's written.

It's written that the Messiah will be on the lineage of David. And we know that Joseph was one of the lineage of David. I just get a little bit confused because Joseph for some reason in my line doesn't seem like the earthly father in Jesus also I don't get the colocalization of how that connect yet so the first thing is that Joseph is in the royal line from David and that's with Matthew. This is telling us that the one raised as a son by Joseph and he is the legitimate earthly parent gives a virgin birth not under normal law was of the royal line of David.

But I believe you can make an excellent argument that you she was mother Miriam Mary was also of the line of David and that his physical dissent goes through Mary.

You can make that argument potentially from Luke's gospel. The third chapter it it just requires reading it a little differently than you might be used to reading it but I believe is a legitimate way to do it there.

Other early traditions that speak of Miriam being of the line of David. So as I understand it, that his physical dissent as a human being comes to his mother Miriam and therefore if she was of the line of David.

He would be a physical descendent of David as to the fact that he is greater than David. That's because he is not just a human being. He is son of God and son of Mary, so in that respect. He can be the son of David and greater than David if he had an earthly mother and father then he would be just a descendent of David. No matter how great he was less than David because he's merely a descendent of his but instead he is greater than David to the fact to the point that David can call them mortar master because he's both son and greater than so that's the way I understand it, and there are examples in the Hebrew Bible of lineage being traced through a woman and this would be the case here.

All right what you forgot what your upcoming trip and your work and I appreciate everything you do and great thank you so much I appreciate that 866-34-TRUTH by the way when not when I mentioned the Hebrew return them deep sleep for of four Jonah is the same the same route is views near Don for sleep. The rug Dom so I should have been more specific that it's the same picture of a deep sleep. As God put Adam in a deep sleep 866-34-TRUTH you are Jewish related questions, let's go to Joel and California. How, for some reason here. Let's try again okay for some reason I am unable to put Joel on so Howard or Kim if you could bring Joel on disk and have to reboot on my screen here Joel, welcome to the line of fire aria all right and am doing well thank you okay I'm doing.

And it titled should we keep the Old Testament covenant or the old hardwood okay I have a question about rolling talking about the law. If you versus the rental offer quick first Corinthians 921, Paul talks about being under the law of Christ. Galatians 6 to fulfill the law of Christ.

James 12 as will be judged by the law of liberty. My question is in Roman with all this talk about the law.

I'm having a hard time finding the context of that word usage of law is Paul talking about the old covenant law, or is he talking about the universal laws of God in general that were not under them in the sense that we live by the Spirit, we can uphold those yet.

So walk in them because if it's talking about old covenant to meet the context of it makes sense because because we we do uphold the law. So in writing to be talking about the law of Christ and the universal laws of God yet so the first thing is Joel that Paul's arguments in Romans have mystified many a commentator over the year. Over the decades, centuries, and there is great debate when he says no moss law Hungnam is the law with you.

Speaking of it on Roman seven when he writes to men who know the law does mean Roman law, or does he mean Torah law and then when he talks about the law of the Spirit of the Lord brings condemnation in which he speaking of so let's let's break things down to simplify a few points. Okay number one let's talk about the Sinai covenant right Sinai covenant was given to Israel and abroad condemnation on the nation. Why, because of Israel's sin Sinai covenant epitomized in the 10 commitments recruit which written on stone rather written a rather than written on our hearts.

We are not under the Sinai covenant week we can universally and simply say that we are not under Sinai covenant if we were we be putting Sabbath breakers to death if if we were we be stoning disobedient rebellion, rebellious, unrepentant children right so we agree were not under Sinai covenant, but what about the standards of the law.

What what about the righteousness of the law and obviously that is what God writes on our hearts. So first, in Romans two, when post talking about the law than some of the moral requirements of the Sinai covenant to someone both have a Jew but they don't keep those requirements. The Sonos is a Gentile, but they do who is more honoring to God.

In a case well that the Gentile then when when we get a little further into posing in Romans three when he says faith is nullified.

Law the positive holds it because also within the Torah sues that speak of the Sinai covenant with the tower. The five books of Moses. The tour also teaches justification by faith.

So when we teach justification by faith without nullifying it or upholding it, and when we say that the purpose of the Torah was to convict us of our guilt went nullifying it rug holding it. That's part of its usage but it also teaches us justification by faith to get the Torah as a whole. Five books of Moses and within that the Sinai covenant as we go further into the six chapter pulses were not under the law.

What he means is when not under the law as a system of righteousness when not under the condemnation of the law and were not under the law as a tutor. Galatians 3 is as a pedagogue to lead us to the Messiah, but rather Romans seven laws wholly just and good, and now Romans eight is written on our hearts that having died with the Messiah, having received new life through him.

We now fulfill the righteous requirements of the law.

I think you'll find that consistent for Jewish and Gentile believers alike. We are not law lists, but rather the principles of the law within our hearts and read in God doing away with the commandments we now fulfill them. Which is why Ephesians 6" through the 10 Commandments. So were not under the 10 Commandments, the way Israel was now God puts those commandments in our hearts, which is what the New Testament can say don't commit adultery as a command and why Paul can quote from the 10 Commandments Exodus 20 Deuteronomy 5 and Ephesians 6 sin children. Honor your mother and father obey your parents. This is the first commandment with a promise that you live long in Hertha landed such as Nepal applies that to the believers of any Christian family on your parents.

That's a commandment so we have a really a different relationship now we been born again.

Our sins forgiven of the law written in our hearts is not hanging over us and condemnation with the righteous requirements of worn out in us and any true follower of Jesus is going to want to uphold the small commandments.

This is I help put things together little bit for you. Thank you. Excellent yeah appreciate you raising the questions and and by the way that the more books you read on it more complex it is. But then was was Paul trying to be that impossible to understand. Let's run try to reduce it to the basics here that are consistent and Joel little bit later in the Chandra revisit Matthew five about how Jesus comes to fulfill not to abolish 86634 excellent questions today. Much appreciated my line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown because word here we get Osama from originally.

Hoshi Anna O say that it becomes actually just the word of praise to God. Hosanna, Zana praise in the highest, with the word itself in the Hebrew Hoshi Anna please save all save God save the King. Yeah 866-34-TRUTH welcome to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast. Let's take a look at Matthew chapter 5 famous words of Yeshua sermon on the Mount do not think I've come to abolish the Law or the Prophets notice is to say the Torah nothing. I came to Boston Torah, but don't think I came to abolish the Torah or the prophets. I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.

A man I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter serifs adjusted ornamental counsel ever pass away from the Torah until all things come to pass.

Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others the same shall be called least of the kingdom of heaven, but whoever keeps and teaches in this will shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven, or tell you that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees and Torah scholars. You shall never enter the kingdom of heaven or so, let's break that down first income to abolish but to fulfill. So he is going to take everything in the Hebrew Scriptures. The Torah profits at the joint way of speaking of the will be called Old Testament today, right, he's gonna take that and fulfill it. Fill it up bring it to its full meaning, complete with aft has to be completed and and until he's done that those heaven understand these words will stand so say the biblical calendar. For example, he fulfill the meaning of Passover dying for sins is the Lamb of God, and then with feast of unleavened bread brings us cleansing with first fruits that signifies his resurrection from the dead and an Pentecost feast of weeks, the outpouring of the Spirit.

Those were the spring holy days on the calendar in the fall. Holy days trumpets atonement tabernacles that will be fulfilled with his return, and bring cleansing to Israel and the harvest the ingathering of the nations to Jerusalem.

So some of it has been fulfilled. So we now celebrate the Passover with fuller meaning celebrate these holy days with fuller meaning either as messianic Jews or Christians recognize the fuller meaning of them and then the rest is yet to be fulfilled so we pray for that fulfillment. He takes the sacrifices the offerings. The priestly ministry and he brings that to its full meaning by dying on the cross for our sins and becoming our great high priest and enlisting us as a spiritual priesthood so this is how he brings things to their fullness listenable, abolish it, he brings it to its fullest means of blood atonement is super important us is not now obsolete. It's super important.

Through the cross, the same way the moral commandments of the Torah which some observed outwardly and that's what he seems to be saying there's an outward observance from some of these religious leaders you have to do better than that. He now takes the commandments and bring them to a deeper level and gives them spiritual application and this is not just the word but the heart, not just deed but the attitude takes it further and there is some rabbinic literature in the centuries that follows some traditional Jewish literature that also emphasize the hard aspect committing adultery.

The heart and these things, but for many, it can be Christian, Jew, Muslim does not who you are. It's very easy to observe things outwardly without the corresponding heart attitude or to say hey I love you will actually hate you to smile at you.

I'm actually lusting after you. To be friendly to I'm actually out to hurt you. That's hypocrisy. And there was hypocrisy among religious leaders and as there is today and every religion Jesus say you have to do better than that was made by the least of these commandments is is not saying every tour command must be observed today in perpetuity Odyssey. Many can't be in and that would violate what he was saying to bring things to the fulfillment. Rather, he's now showing you he's now saying these commandments watch what I do watch how I teach these he's now giving this application and the rest of the sermon on my office to be gone for hours on a passage but just a glimpse of how I would understand it. Volume 4 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 4.

We unpacked this even more and answer the question did Paul abolish the law, as well as the question did Jesus abolish the law over to Long Island James St. James where Long Island are you straight Valley Stream all right yeah I grew up in Island Park not far from there right next to Long Island. I know that that okay yeah and then of course doing great priest in Valley Stream at Bethel assembly of God.

Many many times my dear protester so much as you yeah Pastor Steve Marrazzo was a student of mine. We were both young men at Christ for the Nations on Long Island and he has a man and a credit so I knew him when he was the youth pastor at Valley Stream then became the associate pastor and the senior pastor and God has wonderfully blessed the work under pastor Steve I have the utmost admiration for him. He is the real deal and it's a good trip to get onto man possible. Thank you James which was requested..Marie. Okay I'm going to study on the changing name indulgently you find out that some of the mythical change levirate marriage party 25 to make it an excellent make an excellent case for that. For example, also just explained levirate marriage to those who are familiar with it, let's say a man is married and he dies and has no children so his brother if he was able within Mary that widow and then the first child that she would bear would be the brothers child in terms of his name.

His inheritance would have the same name.

It would be his lineage would be considered as his son so his memory would be blotted out from Israel and then any children she had subsequently went with have the lineage of the physical father so yet. Why is it that you have in in in Matthew versus Luke different parenting or different reference for his river fell. Why is that and the best answer and you have the same problem when you go to the genealogies in the Old Testament he's reference two different ways. Why probably levirate a levirate marriage so let let's say that his his physical father would just come up with English names today was was an Ohio ship yeah okay so Diana and then the other choice would be right okay so so use that the those names so let's say his physical father was, but Daya, but the name of the father whom is traced is is is the other name that would make perfect sense.

It may even happen with with that, the father of Miriam, the father of Mary.

It is the end of Luke's in Luke's genealogy in the third chapters of the beginning of that it may happen see her. The best way to explain why you have somebody seems to have two different names for fathers is levirate marriage one gives you who is actual physical father was the other gives you the name of the father, through whom his name is traced the deceased father that's deftly the best way to understand some of those what went well yeah also work� It and the word doc picnic very not expect the doctor always you forgot God electrically be no� It what the doctor is what you become to become like to point out that Mary would like to point out what the Greek would be for Dr. number question is in Isaiah 7 ghostwriting which we walk with Jesus Christ for the red light dictate good youth associated with the backup. A fix fix fix. So the essence of the references to giving, of course, are references to Strong's concordance reference that so there's not a you don't need to.

Those don't mean anything in particular.

But Sadat God this means righteousness, or it can refer to righteous acts and tzedakah in Jewish tradition becomes the word for charity. Actually said that his righteousness and Sadiq is a righteous person to righteous person is called a Sadiq a and and you have that the feminine equivalent of that right then you have said that which is righteousness or can ulcerous refer to God's victorious acts and then tzedakah which is has to do with with acts of of righteousness with things associated with righteousness, and therefore is a sin. Judaism tzedakah becomes charity an active righteousness, so II wouldn't I wouldn't press that any further than your pressing it in terms of trying to associate one just with God, and another with humans and things like that I wouldn't I wouldn't press that argument, but I love the factory digging and studying here man and they God bring these the Hebrew Israelites the faith they really need to know the love of Messiah and his grace. Thanks for call if you get to see pastor Steve tell them I was boasting about on the air today are 866-34-TRUTH boasting about God's work in my friend Liska Clyde in New York. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you very well, thank you. What Adam son of God. Go white yet he was a son of God and that he was God's creation and Luke the third chapter refers to him as a son of God. So there. There are many different types of sons of God in the Bible. I saw district in any card or something but is so so son of God can be by creation.

So God created him and in that sense.

He's Adam's father and creator.

The question don't we all have one father that's her creator, and Adam has no earthly parents.

Of course he's the son of God and then the children of Israel can be called sons of God. The angelic beings because they bear that that that nature of spirit beings called sons of God.

And then there is the son of God, the King by adoption could be called the son of God when he would begin to reign as King David uniquely called him a son. So son of God is lots of different meanings in Scripture. Thank you very much appreciate your very welcome 866. Refer to the thought there might've been a follow-up question to that, but there we go with Michael in California.

Welcome to the Larry Meyer are going great.

Thanks for your I would want to click on the subject of Goodyear could feel the law and from Australia found that the law has three major major demands in Scripture behind it, but it take a little bit of time the bases. He is holy as God's as loving as God and as then as perfect as God in Iran and aliens to stay right there much on my policy stay right there and let's continue on the other side. I will hear The same things like it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown yesterday. Their leaders Thursday.

Welcome to the broadcast Liska Rebecca, Michael and California sorry for him to cut you off so why not restate those three ways that you see the lawbreaking down the law. God gives a three demand Aaron. The big man to be as holy and godly.

In first Peter 116 and also in in Leviticus and that where to be as loving of God and Jesus brought that out over in our John, you know, and I figure 1335 all but got an address right and it'd be as perfect as God over at 548, when he fears you nobody is perfect and out as her father in heaven is perfect. And so Jesus kept the law perfectly fulfill all the demands of the law by not bearing and vehicle field. The County of the law on our behalf, so that sin wouldn't keep us separated from God.

We receive him as our Lord and Savior and then subsequent to that he gives us the Holy Spirit and according to Wallman causes us to be able to build righteous requirements of the law walking in the spirit. And so since were under a new covenant, the old covenant law. As far as the ceremonies and stuff like that have been fulfilled in Christ Jesus can be in the foreshadow and then also fill in the know the righteous requirements of the law morally through walking with the Holy Spirit being empowered by the spirit this you just gave us about a 10 hour teaching in two minutes. That's wonderful. I love about obviously put a ton of time thinking about it but I love the way he opened it up a little.

You broke down what he did what he paid for what he empowers us to do and that is the whole glory of the new covenant. Hey, great addition to my comments really helpful. Much appreciated. Thank you Michael RI Gubler. God bless art I like that I like that 866-34-TRUTH to chew on that I love and just keep looking at a dinner for decades look at the word praying, thinking, looking, praying, thinking here with other say looking at a have your views challenge and then you try to articulate things in these but they sound like them much you can 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Steve in New York. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Dr. Brown thank you for the great program last night wonderful teaching rebuttals.

I thank you so much a question on devotional reading in the knock as it relates to the person of the father son and Holy Spirit in the New Testament.

Many of us have become Gentile believers have gotten very comfortable with those three role, especially how you sure himself taught their relationship was and when we then go back to understand the 66 connectivity of the Bible where very quickly faced with divorce and Elohim as a language representing the Lord in speech or deed. So revolution to me was Romans 10 90 and of whoever confesses Jesus is Lord I'm nearly 3 decades of fate. And yet I had never gotten at L small awardee until I have regular teaching on curios Septuagint. Is it first question is theologically correct that we all wrote that that he is saying to Jew and Gentile, that that whoever the Jesus is the you in a bobtail of the Old Testament, and any speaking directly to his divinity versus the Lordship in our life, which of course is a given root first. Can you write so because if you reading the Old Testament. In Greek the Septuagint then almost 7000 times where the. The Hebrew you have of a YHWH between run across Yahweh, that name occurs 7000 times in Greek is curious its Lord instead. That's how thread so your reading that and now you're confessing him as Lord, does that mean that you are consciously confessing him as Yahweh, was that what Paul was saying. You could argue for that.

There certainly argument you could make for, but at the very least, it has to be a statement of divinity, not simply as you say taken for granted submission to him because we don't we don't have multiple divine Lord suite.

We don't have it multiple boards that we serve. If it is one thing is just an earthly master right and you call that one Lord Master in of this server right yes sir. No severe work in in in England you can have little Lord I think Mick Jagger is Lord Jagger writes with his district and honorific title but in terms of of of of being, to whom we bow down and worship and adore and pray and confess that one is Lord. Yet if it's not a do it if it's not a direct statement that you're confessing him as Yahweh is certainly a clear statement that you're confessing him as divinity.

That to me has to be sure. Yes. So here's a quick follow-up agree that what vehemently is a believer and as I back reading in Torah or the prophet it up great blessing to be able to in devotions or in perhaps a study with a friend to do an insertion of and and and Jesus said to Moses took to understand pre-incarnate son agreement with the father. Or perhaps the incarnate presentation devotional lease around wasn't the reason I asked that is obviously within the servant song we have the Lord speaking to his servant or speaking of him sorted. I really have.

I write so rights as I answer the answer to answer the question. Steve is so I would not say Jesus speaking rightly because Jesus is not speaking of the unique union of God and man in the incarnation, but could I say the sun.

The sun spoke that the son said to Moses, are you don't want it add or take away from Scripture and Scripture doesn't use that exact language, but we do find out subsequently that God speaking and God communicating in that Intimate Way, God being seen. It's the sun who's doing that so I would not change the words, but I would understand the concept devotional. He and see that is God condescends to meet with us and speak with us and and be seen or revealed.

It is the son so I I would understand that I would read the words as they are, but I would understand who is playing what role as a red so hopefully that's helpful, but again appreciate the questions folks great questions great comments. Thanks much for calling and asking and being part of the show we got a great listening and viewing audience, but we really knew that quite.

Let's go over that Andrew in Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire photographed about John okay or provocative statement were my flesh and drink my blood down like a can think more on Jewish statement and I would have an idea on how that would actually what you actually talking about and make Georgia a better idea. Your yes so so here's the dynamic John six. The crowds come to follow him because he is miraculously fed them not following him because he's a miracle working they realize you sent by God as much as his miracle spread my belly so they they travel over to to get to where he is in the boat travel over to her to meet him and he begins to teach in their thinking. Natural he's talking spiritual aware hunger you give us some bread on the bread of life. I came down from yellow Moses they got the manner we we want the bread so they're not getting it. So he keeps talking more spiritually until you're either going to understand him spiritually, you leave one of the two. That's why he was getting more extreme in saying you have to eat my flesh and drink my blood, which by the way, with the same Catholic Church. For example, teaches that that shows that literally in communion, you're literally eating his flesh and drink his blood, the fact this time is little flesh and blood than they were not to write in and eat. It was all metaphor right from the start, but he then goes on.

Just take this thing for a heat he says what you can do in John 662. What are you doing the Son of Man ascends to where he was before. It's the spirit of his life. The flesh is no help at all the words that I speak to their spirit in their life. Think about I'm not here physically what you and is not just time and instituting communion there right is a father. How can you eat my flesh and drink my blood for my here physically you're not getting it. So I understand it and look to you if you do like 15 seconds how you understand early on. This was working perfect your own temple.

What he was completing the picture yet is certainly a very real image that they would eat the sacrificial animals that would be that the priest portion and then if you just want to make the spiritual applet application sir and I got 10 seconds.

Myself, what we do we feed on the special what he's done for us in the sacrifice of the cross whom he has been on drink his blood forgiveness that he purchased, as we do that, he visited us we would have paid back with you tomorrow.

Falls will be open you got questions. We got answers visit us asked Dr. Brown thought or take advantage of all the resources

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