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Evangelicals, Donald Trump, and Politics

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 19, 2019 4:50 pm

Evangelicals, Donald Trump, and Politics

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 19, 2019 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/19/19.

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Let's revisit the topic how involved should Christians be with politics of evangelical sold her soul in support of Trump sort this out stage for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown (two line of fire broadcast are going to have a great day today.

I I lost track of the fact that it was Monday when I got up start that interview earlier this morning and then started getting email and then one colleague said hey what are you prayer needs for this weekend's Monday for Monday yet here we are, what they thought it was but I hope you had a blessed week and I certainly did. It's great to be together. I believe can be help today, edified, strengthened, will talk to some controversies together. Is that right wave your hand at me. If that's right okay good I see those hands will metaphorically see the hands but I will hear from you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 know if you have a random Bible theology question you call in sociable to hold because we won't get to those for a bit 866-34-TRUTH 784, but as a total politics as I talk about evangelicals as I talk about the president. I may strip some controversy, but the goal is more light than heat. The goal is to help clarify to help edify not to simply be controversial right so let me say this first when I'm here on radio and what I'm writing. Op-ed pieces normally about five per week. I'm doing that is quote your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. I'm not doing it primarily as a local church pastor not doing it primarily as a seminary professor, I'm not doing it primarily as a missionary to the nations. I'm not doing it primarily as an evangelist to my Jewish people.

I'm I am addressing moral cultural issues as part of my calling to be on the radio and to be writing when preacher churches.

I'm often speak on totally different subjects from going overseas often speak on totally different subjects and and a lot of my writing is on totally different subjects are right. For example, this year Guinea there we came out with the book on the power of music arts called Transworld once on the time then the book co-authored with Prof. Craig Keener not afraid of the antichrist by the nuclear pretrip rapture, then adjust but little over a week ago gone two weeks now not excuse.

We just both North America so that touches on more cultural issues. By the way of if.

If you wait and get your comp we found out that the first printing sold out within two weeks and a whole bunch more were just printed a big printing to get books out so we set we been sending them out, but if you voted else right stenosis backlog, but they should be getting to and then next month. The revised expanded edition of her hands were stained with blood comes out on anti-Semitism in church history, and then the month after that, or about six weeks after that my Comintern Job comes out so so all that's to say that there a lot of other things were doing involved with, but as it is a talk radio host and as a cultural commentator will talk about politics will talk about cultural issues more than I would expect local pastor to he needs to because these are issues that come up. But as I can be the main thrust her emphasis okay so I'm not Rush Limbaugh on the right are not Rachel Maddow on the left, I I am not a conservative talk show host. I am a gospel based talkshow host, but as such we talk about the cultural issues so the vast majority preachers teaches on radio and TV are not doing that and I believe they're not doing it mainly because not called to write some of or things because the two controversial but I want to sort these things out with you. I want to talk them through with you because we live in this world and I I asked on Twitter the other day at the dinner pole and the results were very interesting.

I asked in the pole if if you are a follower of Jesus, and you talk to others about your faith. How often do they bring up how did you vote in Donald Trump. Okay, I don't think this would've come up so much in past elections, and with past presidents right so during the Bush days. I think if you're sharing the gospel someone that that means it will hurt you vote. We think about George Bush or during the presidency of Barack Obama.

But it's been a much bigger bigger issue is an evangelical support of Donald Trump and Donald Trump in the eyes of many in the world is being an evil guy or a liar or dishonest in unreliable and and distant megalomaniac narcissist and his supporters say needs when the best presence of the rags fighting for Americans doing the right thing is fighting for his refined religiously reciting us divorce, etc. see of this massive division of the president within our society, but I asked the question how many of you, and you talk about Pres. that exist when your time of Jesus through some of the gospel that people will bring up to 100 vote on on Donald Trump. It happened to me in Israel friends.

It happened in Israel. I was sharing the gospel in Israel. There were religious Jews were harassing me.

There were secular Israelis who seem to be sympathetic and and I said to the minimum spoke English and am speaking this a lot better than I speak Hebrew. So speak and hear Elizabeth. I said to them, this is am I allowed to do this here in Israel I knew for second can ice speak freely about my faith, and one the guys is what you think about Donald Trump.

This is one of the vendors that that this little marketplace or what anything about Donald Trump's avoid voted for bully like Trump really like you and then another guy we want to interview him an Orthodox Jew and ask what is before others began to harass and disrupted the photography were doing so one guys is before I talk about the Messiah, I want to talk about Trump.

He keeps this promisee make America great to make Israel great, so this happened in Israel.

Okay, so I asked the question if if here in America you share your faith with some do they ask you how you voted. Now 48% said no, never, never happens. Okay 33% said sometimes I think another 15% said often and to an end and the remaining percent. Whatever was a few percent maybe Fossett will talk about my faith. But I found that remarkable that 48% said never comes up but 48% said it sometimes comes up or always comes up. So how would you handle that. I want Jesus to be the focus when sharing the gospel to the lost person.

I want Jesus to be the focus in and I just tweeted out here's a winning strategy as evangelicals. Let's talk about let's talk about Jesus that some of the gospel of the politics and about Jesus more than Trump right so I think we all do well to do that, even in your own household.

You may be divided on these issues. Let's make sure were Jesus centered refocusing on the Lord more than on politics more than on people. But here is the question. Have we on any level compromise their convictions by a vote or is it the old adage were voting for president not pastor so I want to talk that through an it's not only coming up constantly and what we know with the left-wing media wants to do. They bashed evangelicals before they were bashing us before Trump the bashers after Trump okay but there'd be now going to try to use this to push us away from a vote for Trump and Sosa, but I canceled for them in good conscience as a Christian is a want to be a Christian unfold from and we go all around with these accusatory comments supposed to say okay this is volatile.

Let's talk this through in a mature way.

So can we do that today.

Can we talk this through in a mature, God-fearing way. We don't bash each other. We only choose one another not include Christian that we talk through the issues okay so this new book by Ben Howe called the moral majority. It's way up there in terms of interest bestseller on Amazon and then how was an evangelical never Trump are the son of the seminary.

Prof and he basically feels that evangelicals have sold their soul in support of Donald Trump. The effect actually quotes me in the book the beginning to sell, but I was one of those evangelicals would Jerry follow Junior came out with a glowing endorsement of Donald Trump that I criticized it and I said are you putting nationalism before the kingdom or are especially presenting the sink, Donald, and so on, and I took issue with it.

Then he quotes me later on is writing that look is as much as their things with Donald Trump that we find absolutely a part like quotes he made on that one. Taping of "about women and things like that. That to me with all the obstacles against them. The only way he became president was by God sovereign hand which I do believe now was it to bless America was a judge America was it a combination of a number of things is God doing several things at once.

I think these are big big questions that need to be asked.

We do not agree and any case in any case, with a talk this through together. I want to play clip for you. This is a commentary on CBN so Pat Robertson's network Gordon Robertson and this commentator is interacting with the book by Ben Howe and insupportable coping and get them on the air in and have a really good discussion with him will play few clips with you and comment on the let's start with the first click guys will be playing them from our and here and listen to this response to Ben Howe's concerns are American evangelicals compromising their morals and principles for power and influence. Or maybe some but politically when it comes to this president. Most are just choosing the lesser of two evils.

For years Christian sat on their hands in church pews saying we can get our hands dirty in politics. We Associate with the unrighteous. So guess what happened.

The unrighteous, remove prayer from our schools and allowed abortion on demand nationwide right so he saying I was in broad terms Gold Wing commentary piece he saying there that evangelicals because they thought will politics and righteousness sword. You know the candidates are unrighteous. We can touch this.

Now we have all these terrible laws and an oath of godliness and we just have to recognize.

Also, first question first question and love to hear you can weigh in on this. 866-34-TRUTH Were Way too idealistic in the past we said character counts integrity matters: that on twitter were we too idealistic in the past when we said character is important final trust a candidate's character I canceled for the person and even if they be good in certain ways their character flaws.

Their character clip failings would do more harm than good solo stand for one good thing here, but their bid character will destroy you in other ways approximately her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and 884.

Let me just play little bit more of the global Lane commentary on CBN's in response to Ben Howe's book the moral majority in reading it right now final of the three challenging a lot of issues I really wrestled with try to come to terms with in terms of evangelicals and the president. One of my colleagues highly esteemed brother in the Lord. Prof. and cultural thinker. He says Mike, the only thing we can do with integrity is try to get a new candidate for 2020 and and we can support on trunk as it's it's hurt the witness of the church too much. That is, on the other sites that's exactly what the left wants us to do and and it's because they know they're losing the big battles and you just have to take the good the bad with the president and the good is going out with the bad than others close to be of said look just the way he talks to the way he lies about people and attacks in and demeans and so on and it's it's it's unhealthy for the nation and strike the stems a whole roasted look good you're talking about existential issues youth about Trump standing with Israel against Iran youth about Trump center for religious liberty retirement. Trump appointed those in the courts against afterlife, the unborn. So fine these foul his tongue and stuff but CM taken this great debate only car I would do do want to encourage this. I do want to encourage this. If you're sharing the good news with some if you're talking to someone about Jesus issue and they say to you while where you stand on the president would be so difficult and that maybe you're wearing a maggot hat or you know your supporting a Democratic candidate. He got a bumper sticker so it's is another issue.

Okay, but would be so hard to say look this is a personal decision how I vote, I want touch but your soul will talk about your life. For example, if if your cure. One of the top cardiologists in your state and and someone you're preparing them for heart surgery in his life and death in your and you're one of the few in the nation that can successfully perform this and the patient knows what before you operate on me. Tell me how you voted ditto that's of the conversation we get into a right and and what you might says listen, let's concentrate on your heart. This concentrate and talk politics or the let's talk about your heart, let's get you healthy first right so I don't think it would be too difficult for us to say look this is so volatile. There's so much controversy on all sides.

The left and the right. This is about your soul. If here if if you came to a starving person and and and you were offering them sustenance.

Here's some food for you so you can live you and your family can live what tell me how you voted.

I doubt they bring it up but if they did say look I want to help you right now I've got I've got some food that will keep you alive so you won't starve to death. This we need to do with the gospel with the bread of life and and say let's talk about this. Let's focus on this.

I'm not saying we can't discuss issues the same.

Let's make sure we put first things first, let's make sure that that we are more zealous to tell people about Jesus that we are to assure political view, but let's make it and I'm saying this as one that sharing political views because my role as a cultural commentator in the radio host as part of my calling.

Okay, but I'm sure the gospel someone and end date they bring up some of these issues all talk morality all day long all talk sin and righteousness all day long, but if they bring up these issues.

Also, there's so much controversy back and forth not to talk about that one, this what is it because I'm ashamed to acknowledge because I don't want to distract from that which is most important name leaders.

There there solely condition of their life and the relationship with God. 866-34-TRUTH are let's let's play the next clip from this commentary.

God has always use the unrighteous to accomplish his purposes, and so are evangelicals with this president.

That doesn't mean they like or endorse everything he says and does King Cyrus worshiped the spirit of God or Ahura Mazda. He conquered empires and spilled much blood. Along the way. But Cyrus also freed the Jews from captivity allow them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild their temple. Not bad for the Jews. Likewise, Donald Trump is not been bad for American Christians, Israel and the Jews. Many presidents promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of Israel, all reneged on that, except for Donald Trump right so I don't understand why understand why we can't why we can't say this. Okay, let's see. You voted for Donald Trump right and someone says I don't like what he just said here give you perfect example.

So Don Omar and refused to leave so very much left-wing part of the squad anti-Israel militantly anti-Israel compared moms really government to the Nazis support BDS boycott investment sanctions. They were there they go to Israel and space can be a propaganda tour to make Israel look bad. That's also snap the host. The people involved.

That's what's gonna happen right so as roasted can come did they do it under pressure from Trump. Some say he is certain he didn't want them to come so even though Israel every right to do that and I support the right to do it. It was bad PR okay bad PR and and and now Democrats are timeouts punishing certain leaders.

Because of this it is invested Israel in support of this and and others so I mean it's that scary that they're willing to side with these gals and their militant aunties reviews at least on some level CCXXI or rebuke Israel for this anyway when I was bad PR side written.

Ideally, Israel cassette tape when you sponsor the tour if you want to come you, so I guess and will bring you all around.

Sure visit West Bank and Gaza, and all that but we are bringing to the Holocaust Museum and we want you to stay roadwork where people have to be for no more than 15 seconds from a bomb shelter, and you have kids there suffering from PTSD from the rockets from colostomy. Much of the terror victims here want to come to this community were Israelis and Palestinians work side-by-side as neighbors, etc. and and then photographing all video at all and and and if a more intensively want to make it look bad will make it look ugly.

Then you can say none of this is the reality is what really happened here is really happened right so coarse up that wasn't in the cards. This it can come there should sleep said what can I see my grandmother, nine-year-old grandmother.

I may never get to see your good haven't seen her in what over 10 years 13 years and with that I want to see her. I won't I won't engage in any anti-Israel activity alone will encourage BDS etc. is roasted sure you can, then she said get on the going to my going to is to humiliate now that point I thought Israel got the upper hand in PR okay. Look how these things look optics it's it's a big deal, right. So I thought. Now it made refused to leave look bad and it played into the narrative you hate Israel more than you love your grandmother, the famous quote attributed to Golda Meir since it's something either this very close twitter or exactly that that peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they they they hate us right so then present from joints in any marks or leases the real winner here is is refutes leaves grandmother who doesn't have to see her now you're the President of the United States you don't do that. That's grievous. It's to me is ridiculous.

If the president of the United States and an image of a miserable relationship with your grandchildren.

What grandparent in their 90s that hasn't seen a grandchild. Here's another grandchild is. It is, is that a congresswoman right was he proud of her and she standing with you anti-Israel. I'm sure that Greg would be one of the highlights. The grandmother's life to see her granddaughter again so than the grandmother weighs in you nontypical Islamic fashion. May God ruin Trump. I have no problem saying I hate that stuff on he does and it hurts him and drives away voters and it makes it difficult to say hey I'm standing with him by no problem saying that same but if it was him versus any of the current Democratic candidates I would vote for him again as president right but with concern because the damage that's done in other ways. I don't know why we just can't say those things while you have to be your totally loyal and back every word. The closest person in this world to me the most loyal person in this world to me. The one to whom I owe everything in this world is my wife Nancy and since she is my biggest critic. She's this moment.

My biggest critic what you she loves me.

And because she wants me to do the best I can do to honor the Lord and be a blessing to others, so I don't know why we well if you speak one word and you're just what kind of nonsense is that this this not required. What matters is ultimately here. Look, if I'm running for office. Here's my bottom line.

I want your vote is not the bottom line. I would rather have someone if if I was running for office. Okay, I was running for office. I would rather have someone say boy Mike Brown. I don't like this this this this this about you.

I disagree on this this this, but I prefer your policies, your opponents in which you stand for is important to me something to vote for you boy, I don't agree with this.

This is rather that the someone else's man. I think you're the greatest guy ever and doesn't vote right so why can't we be nuanced. Why can't we be candid Ellicott looking on our Facebook chat and and one of my buddies I think signed in there and he says look as leaders we should we vote. We keep it private.

I can respect that. But I have a certain role cultural commentator talk radio host op-ed pieces part of my calling to address things, but ultimately let it be that you are best known your life, your testimony, your words, the things you talk about your best-known is a follower of Jesus, you are best known as some of loyal to the Messiah of Israel and to the Savior of the world. That's who you are. That's what you're best known for the other things are secondary outcome back to where politics plays role in changing the world. Jim from Gastonia want to talk next week about the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown in the past when we said character counts in the past when we took issue with Pres. Clinton's immorality before he was elected and then in the White House in the past we set I can vote for someone who is more likely to vote for someone who is an ethical were we being too idealistic efforts of all worlds must of roads must a political system or have we now compromised when it comes to the president or or other factors. The bigger I asked that question on twitter were evangelicals too idealistic in the past when we said that when the canker political leaders character is very important we do now say were going, president of the character counts but other factors are more important. So I just started the pole minutes ago. Just during the break and the quest of the choices are too idealistic know we were right, and other factors now bigger so we just got our first handful of votes in will get hundred sort thousand and two, depending on how many respond but if you like contract with us. I do not suppose on twitter more than anywhere else. So our twitter account is DR Michael L.

Branson, the two wells in the middle or you're like Dr. DR Michael L. Brown at twitter to connect with us. They are 886-634-8784 was talk to Jimmy Gastonia about want to share about a Gay pride event in his city, but was unable to hold 866-34-TRUTH 784 so I won't be going over there but before I placed some clips for you Christian commentator say no I don't believe evangelicals of compromise their values to get a seat at the political table by bodily. I believe some have, but I believe in, and every party if you're religious leaders that compromise something to get a seat at the table and in it happens and it looked pastors compromise certain convictions it in order not to upset Rich givers in their church board members, compromise certain convictions was not to rock the boat, you might just on social media, compromise certain convictions because you don't want get unfriended everybody can do that. Or, conversely, no peace can keep this quiet, you get more promotions on your job, you will get more recommendations for scholarship, your school, you have more doors also can keep this quiet.

I thought you got the other day and he sits about. I am candid with you.

He said I I I compromise my convictions keep a job in your told me that candid soul we can all do that we will do that. But the question is have evangelicals generally speaking to it. Is it a few key leaders with said things at an end when Pres. Obama was was president with their liberal Christian leaders, liberal evangelicals, left-wing evangelicals that compromise their convictions. Have a seat at the table. He was unclear who the president is given. The president has professedly finish my sentence it before you jump on the who I should say differently. Whoever the president is if the president was Bill Clinton George Bush Barack Obama Donald Trump if the president said to me right we can we get contacted through one of his people and he says I would like to meet with you privately, I would like you to be part of by faith advisory Council. I know you are know to believe I'd like to be part of the Council that would be an honor that would be a door I would step through.

Now if I was there and I found out all it means is that whatever policies he has.

He now uses our name to support those policies. We have no input whatsoever that wouldn't do it. But if I could say, Mr. Pres., directly or through some of Mr. Pres. were praying for you were standing with you as is leader of our country, but we have concerns here or I have concerns here.

I think this is wrong here. If I can do that, then what's the point which I pray for somebody from anywhere right so that's the question, isn't using wisdom that say certain things. There is a compromise. I remember when under 1011 evangelical leaders met with President Clinton in the White House and we asked the question, did any of you rebuked him for his sin and the answer was. He needed a pastor nonprofit. Some classes compromise others like you don't know, it's like in that setting and you go as far as you can and you don't cross that line. Now I'm not I'm not the judge of those people. I wasn't there.

I'm not a White House insider there been 10 seasons I was invited to a meeting last year there was a lesser year before list, but some months into the Trump presidency always invited action with number Southern Baptist. It is a Muslim Baptist, but I was invited and so is not with the president at one point Jerry Krishna came in. I was surprised me, but VP Pentz wasn't there and in the cabinet members were there, but there were some people who were liaisons to the president from the evangelical community and some of his leadership that that goes back and forth. They said he's aware of this meeting. He knows who's at the meeting and we will communicate the notes from this meeting to him. So they asked okay will do like to say so was one of the first. This often happens, and I said listen here is a request aside those difficult but if the president could could moderate his tweets, something she says it would be a lot easier for us to support him and a lot easier for us to get other constituents to support him, but it seems I'll take three steps for them to tempt two steps back. That's counter productive.

So you know someone basis over the spouse, a seven-year-old man that expect them to change than others there said no. We like the way he does, which surprised me a bit and out solidly.

We like the way he does like someone speaks is one of speaking Toronto not coliform employees. Dogs or mocking reshoot sleep to her grandmother the most powerful person on the planet. NaturallySpeaking think this please you think hurt you. I think it opens up the door for others to to also lash out and attack in Christian storage units were written article a few days ago I was thinking of doing and the Nancy sent me a text and it pushed me to do because I was thinking of you anyway. But as Christians we put a filter on her lips, and I said every day when I'm on radio every day when I read a book or op-ed piece.

I have a filter on Imus. I think through what I say first so I stand behind it if I sits on a stupid or wrong if I made a mistake. I thought about it first and then I did it okay when I'm on the air.

I'm processing the words before I speak them. So if I if I say something stupid or wrong I was wrong, but I gave aforethought is my error. My bad.

I own it, but is not just came out of my lips without thinking.

If I said something stupid or wrong, I'm embarrassed by the firewood something stupid wrong. I'm embarrassed by it.

Consider the filter okay and I was still made the mistake we can release for the filter on our lips. Okay 866-34-TRUTH, I am sure my heart freely here.

Let's go back to the clip global in commentary on CBN responded to the concern that evangelicals have compromise their convictions receipt at the political table and stood up to Israel's archenemy Iran and has aggressively defended the Jewish state at the UN exacted to block federal funding of abortions around the world and of Planned Parenthood clinics right here at home. Trump signed an executive order limiting the IRS enforcement of the Johnson amendment, a law that prohibits pastors and churches from involvement in politics. These are just a few examples, but he's ungodly you say and doesn't says many ungodly things. That's what the Pharisees said about Jesus why he heals people on the Sabbath. He's breaking the fourth commandment.

And he keeps company with deplorable's prostitutes, tax collectors, Jesus was perfect. The rest of us are flawed beings right that comparison was was off base. The Jesus comparison to if Donald Trump maximum the tweet or insults.

The looks of of Heidi Cruz is a lovely lady or implies that to cruises father was involved in a JFK assassination. That's not like Jesus breaking Jewish tradition on the Sabbath. Okay or hanging out with toxic disincentives so it's let's not make that comparison that was off base, but what our brother saying here in his commentary is that there are bigger things there large issues that the presidents fighting for. Of great consequence so we don't like the other things but we way it in the balance and for me here on looking at how to how to change America for the better right.

Let's get a list of 10 things universe would be prayer and repentance in the church and preaching the gospel and and helping the poor and the needy were just there. I have a list of things and impact in the education system saw who I vote for a list of 10 might be number seven or eight or nine terms of how to change America because I'm on looking at so many other things being bigger but voting it's display role display role which is put in the proper context and not think that anyone person is going to like the Savior was her turn everything but a lot of damage can be done at the same time it one more clip from this commentary. Let's listen. The Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. And so it is with the prodigal son, family member or friend. We love the sinner but hate the sin right right fact one. One more clip to play let's just listen to this from the commentary. So how can evangelicals embrace a sinful president you ask. They embrace righteous policies, not ungodly speech or actions the president must be called out on those things. Just like each of us should be by loving friends and family. God loves all of us sinners, including our unrighteous leaders. He's put them in power, and uses them to accomplish godly purposes and our creator will have his way. Regardless of how we feel about this resident right saw a lovely said there in terms of we support righteous policies and things are unrighteous words we we call them out right that because the most important thing please hearing the most important thing is our testimony. The most important thing is that we can without reproach get the message of the gospel out to a dying world and bring them into the knowledge of the one true God and help them become true followers of Jesus disciples tell me deem living different lives for the glory of God. So the media on the left is going to present things in such a way. I mean now the thing is if you vote for Trump your race sets their narrative okay push that Jessica shamed me this stop me that that's not net second to deter me from doing what I feel is right, elections will we get to them cuddling in 2020 same time known loud and clear that one save one more one who died from it and he gets. My life is my allegiance evaluate my life will bring. What sort of really it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Can we agree on the state talk about the gospel more than politics and about Jesus more than Trump.

Can we agree on same thing when Obama was president. Can we talk about the gospel in politics and about Jesus more than Obama. Can we say that we live it out in our homes and our private lives in our places of business right I want to go to the phones in a moment 866-34-TRUTH but first right wing watch which is forget who they're underwritten by but in a way way left wing. They matured Sarris connection I forget. But anyway, they'll fill bash conservatives they'll highlight my stuff, you know bash at market and also the love though quoted accurately in other just put clips up sometimes in this little snippets but they're having a field day with my just about book. Of course in leasing their demonic forces at work to destroy America so they they post of the post on Facebook on the website anti-LGBT Q author Michael Brown says, radical feminism is the sum of the demonic spirit just bows which one America mesh Gooding men and turning women into men hating lesbians. This is part of what I say of course in context of an absolute stand behind so I was aware of this. I don't know: if they post something out with the comments I don't but I just became aware this on Facebook and saw I started scrolling down through the comments and you talk about confirmation that you hit the nail on the head.

I mean one gal posted this off with his head. Julia posted off with the service. What Jezebel said about Elijah off with his head and then Roberta will this Jezebel hates him. There were some other comments he can't throw some others up there that are kind of representative but the off of this and I thought all right.

We hit a nerve there in your receipt of the Jezebel story well enough.

One got Netflix watch the family and the great hack. I don't know but either those old but I swear these nut jobs or comedy gold Vicki. I can't think of anyone less masculine room real man than Trump and televangelist Sarah really came those claims. I mean, if Jezebel is winning than I am all for anyway.

By the way there really ugly once really sick ugly perverted ones that were not quoting for you and putting on the screen but when I saw off with his head.

I thought yeah exactly exactly and it was Joseph Parker who is a contemporary, Charles Spurgeon said you been I preach repentance and you pledged your head to heaven, but Jezebel was going to kill Elijah take his hat off his shoulders and he ran those long time and he ran got fortified by God, and then stood strong okay thanks Matt right wing watch and people for the American way or underwritten by George Soros's open Society Institute thought there was that connection there. In any case, thanks for giving us publicity getting the message out. I hate the fact that crews are mocked by the world, but some of those people are mocking today will be preaching the gospel tomorrow. Slick. I was a marker once 48 years ago and preaching the gospel. Ever since 866-34-TRUTH of the school over the Fort Mill, South Carolina Steve, welcome to the line of fire argued on doing very well thank you: candy on the way home from work today and a larger talk about the trumpet how they don't understand how Christians could've voted for him and out like that. The conversation is not that we quoted or Trump just got the boat but it was more that we voted against Hillary that we could invoke acrylic and that's something that the left they just can't detect concept that had nothing to do with trumpet had everything to do with God put in place against Trump. Had there been somebody else, it probably would be different outcome.

But the fact that it was Hillary and she stood for the things we did adamant about for Trump but I sure heaven is above us could not vote intended to about you and Steve for for many because the reservations we didn't know if Trump would keep his promises to evangelicals which he has. We didn't know if you would really appoint pro-life justices with which he has kept his promises to Israel. We know any of that. But we did note that we didn't trust in other ways that we did like his character that mine thought existing etc. but it was a vote against Hillary Clinton and whose agenda we felt was really evil and would would just push America in the wrong direction in terms of religious liberties in terms of fraud, entrenching abortion, etc. right.

So, for that's what folks have to understand and look if you had someone that was a much more moderate candidate and Hillary Clinton or much more moderate sitting Bernie Sanders I know who that candidate was right now among the Democrats. But let's say you had someone who was a much more moderate person just like a little left of conservative probably wouldn't have had enough people say all vote for Trump to vote against a person, image is not a voted that all but many were yeah go ahead put this into perspective.

Also think about the oil company because of the location of a number think about the Dale bloodwork with everything up in an organ. It probably really certainly wrote right-leaning. They are considered far right that health for all left has gotten so that those of us who are in the middle. We now look like a playwright yet and NC. Let me say this, I I actually have not followed Cowboys or any of the folks involved at all, just will make that completely clear and not read much research much Osama said plainly, but there is something that we reject all the all right that that we find dangerous and an objectionable but the fact is Steve.

Even if you just slide to the right conservative.

Like most Americans has been over the years slight to the right conservative that now you you considered radical considered extremist. You're now grouped together with the all right, yet very very commonly and it is scary and and now if if you vote for Donald Trump your white supremacist in a racist and is the left-wing media that striving that narrative and that that's gonna push other people to vote for Trump is there voting is a left-wing media.

This is just the reality of things. This is where things are at.

And of course others will vote for chunkers or to distrust of the character issues and etc. they might've voted all. Anyway, thank you for weighing in Steve. I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH going to change topics in the last couple minutes Matthew in Mississippi. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire by their no, all right.

I was really curious to get your question but I guess you are not there. I will change subjects once again Doug Gertie in Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi doing well thank you okay my question in first Samuel were all went to the which and brought Samuel out the prophet. I know that in there but I can't find it. Nowhere else in the Bible where the Lord has done anything loud anything like that to happen.

What I'm asking is there a profit.

I'm sure you know I'm unlocking the name the name bed that Bob Jensen, P. Him and Bob dad and on just one.

It is not biblical. Okay, got it. Thank you for asking. Isolate number one what Saul does in first Samuel 28 is a violation of the Torah, the Deuteronomy 18 said you cannot consult the death right right neck or necromancy. You cannot do that so whether Samuel actually was raised up by God, and it seems like that because the which is shocked. That's when she realized she this is you must be saw all gosh I've been I'm in trouble now consult killed the people who were doing this. Some believe it was just a demonic spirit masquerading as Samuel another single God actually did this in in judgment but for sure we we do not consult with the dead. We do not believe in getting messages from the dead.

If someone had a dream. Let's add a dream and in the dream, my late father died in in 77 was giving me a message.

I would just take it that God if God will send me a message to the dream was actually my father okay. It was that you know using this image in a dream it was to convey a truth like no Michael you need to be nice to people or or whatever you know so some had a dream and in the dream Bob Jones was talking to them and bond yields a bit. A mentor in their life or something like that and it was just it wasn't real. It wasn't actually him. It was just God speaking in a dream, in a way that would get his attention like a pipedream, so it was close with Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, that that if I had a dream, the one that was speaking Mike you need to be more of a man of prayer or something like that. I wouldn't think that they were communicating with me from the dead. I would completely reject that. I would think God sending me a message using these images in my dream you know the guys Hansen waited with great right right every second.

Bob balances and two-handed during the day right.

I reject that I reject that scripturally and to me that's opening up a very dangerous door, so yeah, I absolutely reject that based on Scripture and I judge one of the qualify because you never know how something is meant.

You know it or you have a dream in your carrier dream and you're the pizzeria on Mars in a talking elephant becomes engineer anything can happen in the agreement and that respect, but but yeah I I see Scripture as being against that that's it is a dangerous precedent to be candid. All right, so thank you for asking Bowie cheese Louisiana not time to bring Jan what if Jesus tweeted his tweets would be as perfect as his words in the New Testament yeah and some of them would really get a subset. Some would be tell to the core facility so full of lovely fall on our faces and others would be so convicting the shaking in our boots that they wouldn't be a responsible, mean-spirited, all right tomorrow

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