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Wisdom Is Justified By Her Children

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 22, 2019 4:21 pm

Wisdom Is Justified By Her Children

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 22, 2019 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/22/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

When Jesus mean when he said, wisdom is justified by her children stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line of fire broadcast Michael Brown looking at our phone lines which are open.

No guest today. No interviews today. I trust you are blessed by my special guest yesterday he heard from one of our missionaries getting some contact for support getting behind them. Is there labor on the front lines, but no guest today. No interviews so phone lines are wide open.

I got a few things I want to talk to about some controversial cultural issue may be awarded to about the political scene and then a particular really dig into the Scriptures and I want to give you some of the practical insights how I approach things.

What I understand, Jesus taught and some of us even interfaces with destructive criticism, negative criticism, which all of us can have to deal with in life so whole lot come your way, but anything you want to ask me anything you're concerned about anything you've heard you want my input on by all means please give me a call 86 634-8784 then about an hour and 10 minutes from now will be doing a YouTube chat so those who can't call but would like to ask questions will be able to do it via YouTube on chat beginning at 415 Eastern standard Time, or still Eastern daylight Time, I guess. Anyway yeah but the earliest I don't shift it fall forward spring forward fall back get again in our the fall right in thinking that our yet okay soon enough. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I friends you know for years now I've been calling your attention to the extremes of LGBT activists and I've been saying that those in the radical left will always overplay their hand because, of which there will be a pushback and were seeing it more and more and more with radical transgender activism where it is actually affecting others. It is actually hurting others. It is actually unfair to others and is getting a pushback from women in particular for good reason because they are the victims now of radical transgender activists. So if you didn't hear the news, a transgender cyclist or man who identifies as a woman username Rachel McKinnon continues to break records continues to win competition.

So here the New York Post, and many other outlets report transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon dominates competitors raise questions last week at the Masters track cycle world championships in Manchester, England. The 37-year-old Canadian first set a world record in qualifying for the 35 to 39 age category 200 m sprint then went on to defend quote her kids her title in the finals so sky news interviews Victoria Hood, who is a former cycling champion and she said it is not complicated. The science is there and says it's unfair the male body, which is been through male puberty still retains its advantage. That doesn't go away I have sympathy with them in transgender individuals that the right to disport but not a right to go into any category that they want.

So what does McKinnon say he says that that Hood has quote in a rational fear of trans women and says this by preventing trans women who are biological males from competing require them to take medication or denying their human rights.

We can continues all my medical records. A female your medical records are false, that they been falsified to general female all my medical records if you want because you insist because are biologically male chromosome and mail come on. My doctor treats me as a female person white because that's what the doctors told to do not because you're a female person by raising licenses female. Why because that's insanity of the current law, but people oppose my existence still want to think amusement know you are male when it comes to sports in particular Rachel McKinnon. I don't know your real name. That's the name of toilets and you've chosen your self deceived you are not female, biologically and should compete with other females biologically going to live your life a certain way that's between you and God. If you identify certainly that's between you and God you want to dress a certain way to again hormone treatments and 16 surgery that's between you and God answered him not to me and I'm not telling you what you can and can't do. I am saying it is unfair to the women. Another competitor, Jennifer Wegner.

Sally said this was an unfair race accepted that when I pinned on the number and I tried to do my best to overcome the unfairness. I do feel that Hartford freedoms room and sport are being eroded. If we continue with the sap and there we met sports and coed sports.

But there won't be any women's sports. But of course Sonoma but you see the testosterone level has to be lower in the have to be a certain thing for certain. Time.

It here. Let's let's let's demystify this if quote Rachel because again I don't know is really Rachel McKinnon was completing with biological man Rachel McKinnon would not be setting world records which McKinnon would not be winning all the competitions I can guarantee it.

But there was a case with a runner at Franklin Pierce College, a man who identifies his woman and when he ran against man. Last year when the finish ninth or 10th out of the field 10 then he runs with the women and beats the women by a landslide. A substantial margin beats the women in Franklin Pierce's first running metal and women small golf course kisses a man running your you're getting the one that should've won the gold medal now much devotion, time and effort is put into being at the top level world-class athlete in the training and you're pushing against equals that's what you have age brackets, age brackets right what what if where the 20-year-old that I identify a 70 hour race with the seven euros and if you don't let me you're depriving me of my human rights. No, you're depriving the seven-year-old's of the seven-year-old rights what they have age classifications here so that more people can ration fair competition so you put this biological male up against other biological males is not to be breaking world records Alicia what he thinks or shattering women's records because they are biological males.

Let's demystify the wall sciences you want the most recent scientific report on this actually indicate get the things are not fair to the women that the so-called transgender as a so-called because they identify the other way now. So we ate trans women athlete has an unfair advantage as a biological male look my height, my bone structure, different things. Even if I was on some hormones to reverse testosterone and and whatever and to get me a certain place is a 64-year-old man. I am still different biologically than a 64-year-old biological woman, let alone someone that's engaging in athletic competition.

It is not fair not fair not fair so the woman that works so hard to get together gold. Now she ends up with a silver is a big difference and in the third-place finisher that that would've in the past, got the bronze medal so you leased your mental work on the proximal now that person is out, then only the metal because someone is push the more you have certain high school athletics. We've got two boys winning so they got for gold and silver and another girl that would've been gold.

She's now bronze and the one that would've been soberness of metal in one been bronze the snow that is not fair.

And again, what it leads to is what you call female erasure. There was a whole book written by radical feminists, who are you sure you would despise many of my views when of my biblical views would consider the antiquated patriarchal and primitive, and so on. And yet many of the points they make against transgender activism have incredible insight here.

You have these radical feminists book set up that I bought for research and put my Jezebel book female erasure. What you need to know about gender politics, war on women. The female sex human rights issue. There say what we fought for all these years as women at an hour recognition as women in our rights as women our distinctives is when it is not being completely blurred.

Amia Bruce Jenner identifies his woman was woman of the year for governing sagas men can just be women better than women, and now you will have how far things have gone in and how how much we descended into cultural madness case you missed this about this maxi pad maker unveils gender inclusive labels to recognize trans man see man can menstruate now to did you know that so why what happened in evolutionary Chicago women biological women who still have their female plumbing who identify as men. Another minimizer know they are not meant menstruate anymore than they are men who give birth. No, they are women.

They are females who identifies that fact biological fact, chromosomal reality regiments when intersects with biological and chromosomal abnormalities that doesn't fit the initial category were talking about heterosexual biological chromosomal female who identifies as a male and gets her. As a male and and says well. Now men that's right, no, you are a female identifying as a male, but because of the complaint of a few trans activists was his company will hear little revelation here. People that use maxi pads things for monthly periods. They are female. They are women because men don't menstruate. So what what they do is they alienate all these women. While we don't want counseling for this is for females. This is for females. Another headline always cemetery products accused of a racing biology after Venus symbol removed from packaging friends.

This is cultural madness. I'm not mad at people on I'm distressed and grieved. Just read the case now of of a father of a seven-year-old and and the mother there. So the separated than the mother says she, that that the several boy one: hormone blockers distort or puberty blockers to stop the onset of puberty and then and then hormones in and get ready for section kits seven years old and the focus is no that's my boy, Moses, no identifies his girl and the court said yeah back the mom this is madness friends, and it's happening on a watch.

So once again I am concerned about people like Rachel.

Obviously he's gone through a lot to get to the point reassignment through a lot of pain that I cannot possibly relate to, but I know that God's answer is not for him to be competing with other women.

God's answer is for him to find wholeness from the inside out and we want to get around someone like that and help them find homes from inside and if they rejected say no this is the best way for me to do it all again, that's their choice, but don't impose it on everyone else. That's my issue. Don't impose it on everyone else. If you want to have limited competitions and annual transgender competition were biological males who identifies FEMA compete with one another, and vice versa, and you want to do that and you have a small, limited games, whatever. That's more power to do what you want to do but do not impose it on others do not impose your struggles on others any more than if you have a blind person in your school that everyone has to walk around with her eyes closed and learn to read braille you accommodate that person in the midst of your struggles, handicap or disability as best as you can while letting everyone else function normally. This simply not fair.

End of subject. Throws objects are right will come back with your calls, 866-3487 84 we get into your calls. I want to answer by the tax. Chapter 7 is if you find it I will have all the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown) for us on the line of fire. Okay, in case you didn't get the email today see him holding in my hands. Commentary on the book of Job. The official release date is the end of November but we have copies in stock were ready to number them. Sign them and send them to you within days. Okay so you get a way way way ahead if you will use these for holiday presents.

It's an expensive book.

It's so professionally done academic book, meaning that that these books go through a lot of editing and they don't print like 50,000 copies at a time so it's a $50 book, but when you get it from us repaying the shipping and were including a special audio message of of a keyword. I just pet. Preach this past Saturday in apologetics conference in Charlotte North Carolina on the how Job spoke rightly about God. I guess the week before we brought this so all the books available and you can get it on our website structure. Brown dog org and again this is for the signed, numbered a prerelease copy before the official release and we just do this with the first printing so it's kind of a collectors item and its how many pages of commentary and translation. Let's just see here it is. Oh but see 3 to 34 pages.

We got a brand-new translation of the of ideas of the whole book of Job that was tremendously painstaking God's grace we cut through that and then theological reflections challenging God as an act of faith was the adversary and in Job's suffering reward prices.

Job and Jesus, how they compare the danger of holding true to rigid orthodoxy how Job comforted Gabi suffer and on and on and then exegetical essays will be get in real real death to some of the key verses key verses in the book we dig into a real real death for those of the chaos monster some of the behemoth of the via Tom Leviathan, Job, and so on. So it's it's beautifully produced, it was massive editing job and and on-and-off worked on this baby for eight years on and off yeah so Job the face the challenge on the new translation and commentary course you get on online book dealers as well, but if you want to get signed, numbered copy with art special special audio message as well do it through our website instructor I cannot.

What I cannot wait to take the picture of the stack of Job commentaries on my desk that I'm about to sign and send out to all of you are right to it under the phones and then I want to get into some of the Scripture with you for lunch or open any question of any kind you want to raise to me, 866-34-TRUTH but start in San Diego with Jason. Welcome to light a fire. Dr. Breyer, brother doing well man. Microcredit request are no first Corinthians chapter 14 yeah you could just give me in Ulster for a biblical teaching more! First Corinthians 14. From what I read. I'm understanding. I always talk about no profit.

Congleton County must be interpreted and is fortifying to unbelievers and order in the church meeting and I just wanted if you care to expound that a little more this earth, so Paul extolled tongues in a very positive way. He said, presents the first coincidence. 1418 I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you. So he was very positive on speaking in tongues.

He says, is the beginning of the chapter that you edify yourself and you speak mysteries in the spirit to God in your own spirit is edified, but results in abuse in Corinth, where they were delivering messages in tongues and just speaking publicly in tongues without edification. It would be no different than if I just began to speak in tongues right now on the radio at night and I went on for 10 minutes. My spirit would be edify, but no one listening would be helped by the way if if I began quoting Genesis 1 and Hebrews sheet for all of him.

It's a shame. I have a tolerance for hard sites are total of of Nova Scotia company to Holbrook so ill he America if it up in MRN along with that. Well, just listening is like.

That's nice, but no one is edified. So it's that same principle if I'm speaking in a foreign language right heavenly tongue earthly foreign language in public without interpretation. It doesn't help anybody right so as first tongues itself. Pulses at the end of first within 14 don't forbid it but seek prophecy is prophecy is going to edify others so he goes on and and share his Scripture taken from from Isaiah in Deuteronomy verses about foreign invaders speaking in foreign languages as he says in verse 22, follows it speaking in other languages, is intended as a sign not for believers but for unbelievers, prophecy is not for believers and unbelievers were for believers.

There is was interesting in what sense is tongues assigned for nonbeliever, it's a sign that they are on the outside it's a sign that they can't understand. Just like a foreign invader coming into your city. That's a sign of judgment here.

This is a sign that you are an unbeliever, because you can understand what's happening your your excluded you are in outsider words, prophecy is God speaking messages directly to his people. Therefore, if the whole church assembles together and always speaking in tongues, and people are uninformed unbelievers commit woman city try to remind so if you command you got 20 different people all shouting out messages in tongues at the same time you walk in. There is a nonbeliever or an outsider. Not familiar with these things and think with your crazy it's a sign that you are on the outside so it's a son is a negative effect.

But if all are prophesying, which depose a good thing and some unbeliever uninformed person comes in. He's convicted by all and is judged by all the secrets of his heart will be revealed, and as a result, till fall face down and worship God, proclaiming God's will be among you, so this is now a sign that God speaking to him and draws him in as a believer so it would be as if someone comes into the service you're visiting your nonbeliever and some of the looser prophetic words like while you just described my life and someone else delivers a prophetic word because St. you now. It's the most looser prophetic word that exposes sin without mentioned by name US with the goddess God speaking God's really here and you fall on your face and repent. That's the good purpose of prophecy so that he says what then is the conclusion but is what should one of our meetings or gatherings look like whenever you come together each one has a Psalm teaching Revelation tongue and interpretation. All things must be done for edification. So if you're having a meeting, especially with you don't have thousands coming together in a meeting in a home with maybe 20 people.

So maybe you burst out lead in the song someone else has teaching seminars has the tongues ofinterpretation pulsing. This is an orderly service. According to Paul, this is a good orderly service. If any person speaks in a tongue there should be only two are the most three each in turn. And someone must interpret system with the gift of interpretation.

There is a tongue spoken estimate gives the interpretation that's the case. Great another another and then let it be absorbed and taken in, but if there is no interpreter that person should keep silent in the church and speak to himself and to God so so again the whole thrust here is about edifying order in the body so I've I've prayed together with other believers were just believers, maybe five of us to pray together for a few hours and were all just praying in tongues because were just meeting with the Lord communion with the Lord open our hearts to the Lord and then when it's time to lead in prayer we leave and in our common language with lead in English and everyone agrees if you're in a corporate meeting if I'm up behind the mic and I'm shouting away in tongues. If there's no interpreter I should keep that to myself it if role worshiping together the music playing a role singing praises together.

You know you're from Italy are from Germany. This is from Japan, role singing praises to the Lord all languages.

That's this blending heavenly melody from delivering messages if I'm speaking out in the way of a message the other carnations quiet and I stand and bring a message in tongues.

If there's no interpreter sitdown no more messages in tongues. Otherwise, if there is an interpreter one speaks 23 Max because things are to be absorbed and taken in and and that's how it functions with interpretation, so I know of going on at length without asking if if you have questions along the way but that's understand the passage. The primary issue is public edification and public understanding and that's what polls really majoring on their guard, but what I would also emphasizes the beauty and importance of private prayer II personally spend a good amount of time praying in tongues as I do I get built up spiritually. It brings me into a deeper place of communion with the Lord out of that. I then feel lead us to how to pray in certain ways.

Pray with more understanding sometimes it leads to really deep intercession and tremendous burdens, sometimes out of that prayer because let us your your mind is scattered so for me this is a way to, bring myself before the Lord, spirit down get in his presence. And then there it's a commune. They begin to pray with my understanding pray in my spirit and together this great fruitfulness that comes out of this. May the Lord bless you Jason Bowie got a great voice talking on regular sure pressure. God bless. Right 86634 were going next will go to New Jersey and Florida next. But before we do that, just a reminder about 45 minutes from now. So for 15 systemic time. I'm gonna be right back on YouTube you be there to do an exclusive YouTube chat now live. Everyone can join it. If you have a million people are 20 people. Everybody can join in answer as many questions as we can in about one hour's time, but if you'd like to watch those videos afterwards be able to review them. Go through the content have access to months of these videos that we been doing once a week plus bonus teachings become a patriotic supporter's pennies a day $10 or more per month will make you a patron supporter and those videos are yours to watch whenever you want long-term pull them up.

Look at them. I just finished teaching on the entire book of Hebrews that's out there for a patron supporter Sue go to pay Karen is could you Karen right number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown about the political turmoil swirling around this with the potential impeachment of the president and everything going on on both sides of the political aisle, Democrat, Republican, and things leading up potentially to the 2020 elections in the Democrat candidates and all of that I have not been speaking a lot about these issues.

I did a video a few weeks ago part of our radio broadcast right explained that I'm not going to get caught up in the whole trumpet impeachment fever rather on a step back, look at the larger things that are happening in their mother's definitive news weigh in on that or something in the midst of it gets my attention that I feel we should comment on all do it because otherwise it's just the latest. Almost like a swirl of gossipy citrus that he should see.

Let's let's wait best we can do is pray. Now pray for righteousness. Pray for justice pray for God's plan where every one of us regardless of our political affiliation should be able save God, I ask for your best for president trump. I asked for your best for Congress.

I asked for your best for the Supreme Court. As for your best.

They should your will be done.

Your plan come to pass. That's what I'm asking for. That's what were asking for. That's what were crying out for all right and we agree on that. Let the dust settle. Let the dust settle is normal, but I heard it. I know within the next eight shifts this with an extensive set with. I'm not saying that you have to do what I'm doing.

I'm not saying that you can't be totally absorbed in this I'm saying I just don't think it's that healthy spiritually just don't think it's where our focus should be. Especially when the new skin ebb and flow and and once different cycles latest accusations and counter accusations and and and some sinister plot, deep state, let let things unfold.

Let's see what's what. Let's see what's going on.

Let's see where things go. If you have a congressional leader that you feel should be acting a certain way you can write to them and share your viewpoint with them and asked them to cast their ballots. Accordingly, below was the best thing we knew, is pray and keep a good fellowship with the Lord and share the gospel with others and love our neighbor as ourselves.

The more we do that more effective will be in and I'm I'm just I can to get caught up in the impeachment mania is this big subject, is an important subject, but right now the thing's role in testimony in secret and who knows what's going on there so let's pray the truth will come to life.

Truth will come to light. All right before I go back to the phones, 866-348-7884.

All subjects welcome want take you over to Luke the seventh chapter, and I'll tell you what were going there. We just finished is making our 20th anniversary missions conference.

As I speech you now we have grads from Brown's revival school of ministry/fire school of ministry bearing wonderful fruit for the Lord all over the world preaching the gospel to the loss planting churches and unreached regions feeding the poor caring for orphans rescuing children from human sacrifice stand for righteousness starting ministry schools, training others sending out missionaries or our schools, fire schools in Cameroon are sending out missionaries fire school Philippines sending out missionaries, fire school, Holland has people on internship in different parts of the world by God's grace. Our folks are out there reproducing glorifying the Lord and that is some of the ongoing legacy of the Brown's revival now as someone who is in four years of services and in Pensacola so and I witnessed maybe 800 services, plus several thousand classes and special teachings so right in the thick of it. Okay I'm an eyewitness.

I can tell you what happened. I can tell you what was central I can tell you what God did, and I can tell you how the critics terribly, terribly, terribly missed it and III grieve over hyper criticism because it hurts the hyper critics they disqualify themselves from being effectively used by the Lord and it hurts others to who are misled sincere believers who are misled by the words of hyper critics when God is moving in the hyper critics are so busy warning.

Stay away, stay away, stay away. People could be refreshed and blessed don't get refreshed and blessed and that always grieves me, but what I was reminded of. As we went through a missions conference and this week we stand with our missionary serving around the world and seeing the fruit that their bear. Remember we were to allow just emotional is not as I can last but not only have conversions lasted but conversions of so transform lives and people become real disciples that they've now been out sacrificially in the mission field.

Some of them over 20 years. That's extraordinary and it's a testimony to the goodness of God the grace of God and the reality of what he did in the revival is Atlee the foundation for the teaching and training done in the many years since so when Jesus is teaching in Luke seven. Matthew 11 parallel passage and some of the emissaries come from from Johnny Mercer confusing Pres. Things have not unfolded the way that he expected they would keep things not unfolded.

How come Jesus hasn't done what I was expecting to do is Messiah more quickly. So John's disco through hard times human being in service can be beheaded doesn't know that yet. Probably is about three beheaded so he sends messengers saying you want to, should be wait for another that for a moment Jesus heals all kinds of sick people blame blind different things the seals them and Cisco go tell John what you saw in her that that the lame walk, that that the blind see that the poor, the gospel preached them and and blessed is the one.

It doesn't take offense and so that should be enough to tell him hey I'm fulfilling the messianic prophecies of fulfilling Scripture on the one and then he gets to talk to the crowd say no to come out to see what will be so enthralled by John and he was with some guy and some new rich clothing in this whole but you won't always about John and then he begins to rebuke the hypocrites and incisional John comes and he doesn't even know he's fasting all the time Serge got a demon in Jesus is here I come. Some incomes eating and drinking is hanging out with people eating critical guys a glutton and a drunkard so is like whatever whatever we do is not it. You play happy so you don't dance place as soon you don't mourn. That's what he saying right so he then says his conclusion and in Luke 735 but wisdom is proved right by all her children wisdom is proved right by all her children.

In other words, give this time and you will see the fruit. Another may be other meanings to this. It's obviously a proverbial saying we can be interpreted on different levels. But what I hear Jesus saying and what I understand, and to be saying is you may have the short-term criticism you may be look at this is wrong. That's wrong. This could be that couldn't be. I don't agree with this ability won't let let's see long-term the fruit that's produced zero-sum hyper critic put out a video. It was me laying hands on people in Pensacola and and praying FISA what you pray. Fire well because were praying for hundreds and hundreds of people can pray long prayer over everyone and I'm praying for fresh touch of the fire. The spirit of burning passion for God burning passion for the lost purity of heart refining fire burning passionate love for God, fire, fire, and pray that I'll gladly pray. Trust me that video blesses me the hyper critics market blesses me and I tell you we lay hands on a peaceable present also know know know the hyper critic either lied or had wrong information. Since we corrected him and he still puts out just dishonest as an altar call. The articles repent, get right with God, the altar call was to turn to Jesus, the altar call was to turn away from sin and run to the Lord for refuge.

God have mercy on you sent us with the articles were in over 300,000 different individuals responded to the altar calls during the days of Brown's revival just right there in that one church built then at the end we lay hands on people for fresh touch and I that's really pretty fierce fire fire sometimes touch them or fill them, but was fired at, so I prayed out by God's grace continued Christlike that God knows exactly what I'm pray. We know many people were touched by by God's holy fire and and found deep repentance found fresh passion frowned supernatural empowerment and they're out bearing fruit and and and they are multiplying disciples and lives are being set free, and these are Orthodox Bible believers, the holding to the fundamentals of the faith.

You will meet them in the world to come. If you're going there you will meet them in God's eternal kingdom. You will meet them in heaven, or the new Jerusalem in the in the ions ahead. All right, you'll find fellowship with them to be extraordinary and glorious yet that's the fruit go ahead and mock again.

I pity the hyper critics and and I don't respond to them in terms of this latest site is video that put them out. I feel bad for you right. Go ahead of still offer to debate dialogue with people don't follow through on that right but wisdom is proven by her children justified by her children. You see you see you making decisions to raise your kids certainly you're making decisions that the world marks in the world looks and then you look at your kids and the quality of their live their lives as they grow up to the call of the marriage is a call the family's 10 2034 years on lots of yet those were decisions I remember is is our older daughter Jan who was the rebel during her teen years and give us some real challenges that that and we kept our standards will we Them. She understood that in her years later she was spending time with Nancy and set up some glitch for his faith with you to. That's why she was to raise her kids with all the standards so friends, wisdom is justified virtual yet let the criticism the attack the markets. As always, come Jesus was marked. This can become. That's going to happen. You look at every revival, every great spiritual movement in church history is going to get Martha Scalia criticized then you look at the long-term lasting fruit. That's what we're looking at. That's were rejoicing and I feel bad. This is a glorious holy celebration taking place in so many people that should be celebrating or criticizing. May the Lord revive them and touch them.

And I pray the holy fire of the Holy Spirit for them as well. 866-34-TRUTH all right. We go over to Matt's in New Jersey. Thank you for holding and welcome to the line of fire. Hello people of Tabernacles.

John chapter 7 2520. My question is the birth of the date come to the conclusion the country that no one knows where I do my question to you is that based on rabbinic tradition, or that based on spiritual misinterpretation where they get this idea from an what might get a date yet so we have to realize certain's a great question is that we look back at things and it's so clear. Messiah had to be born in Bethlehem based on Micah 52 and we see that others recognize that as well. But there were so many different ideas about Messiah and the resume is not just one uniform idea nor was it clear to everyone that this is a messianic prophecy or that is a messianic prophecy because of which there was dispute. There were there were different views and, yes, some were developing rabbinic traditions and of the Messiah will just kind of be revealed. Suddenly everyone aware is coming from summer based on interpretations of verses summer based on speculation, but what's clear is that there was not a clear and definitive understanding among the Jewish people of the day that the Messiah will do such and such, the Messiah will be born in a certain place that is not universally it's clear to us back was a university clear back then and even rabbinic tradition stages of developing as well.

He met thank you for the question appreciated. If the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown just looking at some chat.

I just would you know that the hyper critics don't reach out to me that some of my cell phone, personal email, reach out to me will just blast away some of my written to privacy. By the way what you posted is false. These corrected neither a chance, consistently junk like that happening and innocence of a public debate, dialogue, discussion note within the put out some subterfuge type of video that points away from the real issue.

So I'm happy to debate if you sue Obama to debate since I'm very happy to buy the way and another score of Adam Green, who's been very strong about no high laws in differing with me were scheduled to be on. I'm scheduled to be on his show this Wednesday is it no more news are true notes. Forget the exact name but scheduled to be on his show. I don't were friendly to each other and email will see what happens but I'm glad he's having me on and will have a public discussion about these things I'm supposed beyond later in the year with was stealing the new and he needs to which a leader in the air but scheduled to be on with him and I'm eager to do it. Happy to do it. So whoever the critics are if if you are known to have a platform will have a debate not debate me on this regret.

Let's let's do it.

I am all for bringing truth to light or quick news of Pastor David Lynn in Canada. We had him on the air Christ forgiveness He's now been kicked out of his building. The building they were using for the church services. Why will he had the audacity to preach the gospel in the gay community and to tell people that God love them get kicked out of his building friends is bad in Canada. It's been kind of the sagrada Christ forgiveness to find out more. 86634 in Florida. Francis, welcome to the line of fire. Hello can you hear me oh yeah go ahead okay I'm John 9133 where I both laughed issue on the blind man and parent. The blind man and before he was born there that for him if he was being punished for something that he did born yeah and yeah she was fed needed it that by man man or his parents that he should be born blind, but he was born at the glory of God. So my question is when I didn't. The word study on that word Greek word used there, I find out had nothing to do with inherited and and also the way Jesus answered the disciple was acknowledging that because he said his parents didn't stand for him so asked that inherited the parent is not a reason for him being born blind and the man having sent by then everything came to be born blind that in Detroit was born, so I've been trying to find the year somebody that could explain what was there, Jewish mindset at the time that a person could in in the womb.

Yet market was there was as yet there was the Jewish beliefs.

It's it's referred to in in one apocryphal book and then you have it reflected later in some Jewish tradition rabbinic tradition. Yet the concept was that theoretically someone could sin in the womb and therefore be born with a blindness or blame some some disabling condition. So that was something that was believed at that time and for example if if I just went say to to Craig Keener's Bible background commentary on the New Testament, right sons, pull it up here.

Let's to see Keener and then I get all my Craig Keener books on my Lagos software IVP Bible background commentary if I just go there and I plug in John nine and that's with you will say, verse two, Jewish teachers believed that suffering including blindness was often due to sin. One can suffer for one's parent's sins, or even for sin committed by mother or fetus during the pregnancy.

So there. There are some Jewish texts from that day that point in that direction. So it's not a matter of reincarnation, which when Hindu try to raise to me and said that's what it was pointed to is not reincarnation its there were some Jewish traditions that held to that and that's why they asked him who sin this manners parents that he was born blind yet, now I now would like to know if what they are also a mind on any of that you back in time actually accepted the teaching of reincarnation know there is no evidence for that. The teaching that now is known as is Gil Ghul which is is reincarnation of metempsychosis. That's a later Jewish tradition there's no evidence for it. Certainly in the Bible, of course, and no evidence for it in the early rabbinic literature tall, but it's it's definitely a later tradition when Jews were holding to it by the thousand years.

The lower thousand years ago, the leading rabbinic sage of the day. Robust logic alone, call the complete foolishness, but it's become widely believed Isaac Luria and Larry on a couple beginning around 500 years ago really push this idea. It's commonly held to and in specific circles ultra-Orthodox Jewish circles. The belief that all Jewish souls were were present at Mount Sinai in that have been transferred from person to person.

Over the centuries the religious Jews who hold to that now. Let's bear in mind that there are all kinds of superstitions. So we have in the New Testament when when John the Mercer John the Baptist was killed that that Herod was wondering what was Jesus. John risen from the dead, but that when the been a strict reincarnation thing because they were peers. They lived at the same time right so you may be like the spirit right right. Maybe the spirit of John came on.

She is so that would not of been a strict reincarnation.

Beliefs of you have different superstitions ideas, but within Judaism within the Bible within Talmudic literature. No, the concept of reincarnation. Although it's widely held in ultra-Orthodox especially specific circles.

To this day was definitely not taught in ancient times and was not believed in ancient times and of course from a New Testament perspective. Francis, we have Hebrews 9 verse 27 that tells us it is appointed to men once to die, and after this the judgment, hate, thank you for the call glibly clarify things all right. Let's go to Virginia Greg. Welcome to the line of fire got believe that the Bible regularly believed to discern that dictate that the purpose of tongue why we feel like we need another. Scripture Bible is efficient to meet all of our need and will notify the Bible synopsis the Bible is not sufficient to meet all your needs.

God is sufficient to merely needs. The Bible points us to God, you have a relationship with God through the Scriptures, but that the Bible is all sufficient to reveal everything God wants to reveal but second Corinthians 1314 says we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

So I have intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit that steep communion with Jesus in John 15 causes his friends so this is part of our deep, heartfelt relationship.

Paul writes in Romans eight that we don't know what to pray as we ought that the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us with groans that Expressed in words of just the sign in the groaning of so yeah I don't have a relationship with the Bible have a relationship with God through his all sufficient word so everything I need to know about God's plan of salvation has been revealed in the Bible. It is the once for all word of God.

In the subject. But in New Testament times. There were plenty of prophecies that were given that were not part of the Bible right God continues to speak. If you're praying for direction on a job and you feel the Holy Spirit leading he was certainly as many as are led by the spirit their children of God.

Romans eight John 10 Jesus is my sheep hear my voice so the Holy Spirit continues to speak and move in active just doesn't add to the Bible, which is is once for all, all sufficient word to us.

But the Bible tells us don't forbid tongues Bible tells us begin to prophesy. The Bible tells us don't despise prophecy.

Don't put out the spirits fire test everything. Hold fast to that which is good all so because I believe the Bible I believe old and and tongues. By the way. The main purpose of tongues is private prayer, so this builds me up in my relationship with God so I can come and serve you and serve others and serve a lost and dying world, break your look out Greg. I did all I did was just called Scripture digitize you.

Greg you have a relationship with God you are looking for Greg. Do you have a relationship with God. Greg Greg do you have a personal relationship with God will you're looking for some outside the Bible regular conference on outside the Bible God are bite and so speak in tongues confirmed by Scripture. Greg you are anti-Scriptures are you are anti-Scripture.

The Scripture says do not overbid speak in tongues you're forbidding your anti-Scripture. Yeah but your you're also looking for something you're looking for something else going on. Greg Greg what are you talking about, you are full of judgmental Greg you are misusing the Bible I just want to bond with you. You are misusing God's word in your full of judgment towards brother. That's not good that's not a race that's not love the sun, truth will tell you what, I'll stay with word you can speculate, you can judge me, you can reject Scripture.

I'll stay with the word and I will enjoy fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I will speak in tongues confirmed by the word and I will bear fruit that will glorify Jesus and will continue to bless you and help you even if you reject Scripture on still want to be a blessing tire has a friend all your okay alright man stay with the word stay with the Lord. I really knew Paul's words to not bid speaking in tongues desire prophesy, you show me where the Bible rules that otherwise unrealistic with the word God bless you

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