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Should Trump Be Removed From Office?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 23, 2019 4:30 pm

Should Trump Be Removed From Office?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 23, 2019 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/23/19.

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Should Pres. Trump be removed from office was a Christian response time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend welcome to modify Michael Brown light to be with you to start part week together.

This is a special broadcast on the be getting into lots of columns lots of off pieces. Lots of Christian responses to this important important issue. I won't be taking any calls were reacting to news at the moment.

We want to focus on this major issue should Pres. Trump be removed so he was impeached. Pieces not removed many years ago when I heard the word peace. I thought that meant removed know it's just your charge with a certain thing I brought before Congress and and the official impeachment as she doesn't take place until the house turns over the articles of impeachment to the Senate and end with managers prosecutors to then argue the case before the Senate, so the when the increase was announced.

Technically, it had fully happen but impeachment is not removal and the way everything would go as per a majority.

Majority is being such a bipartisan issue at the house says impeachment should be removed and sentences not not guilty and that's the end of it. In short, in terms of what's actually happened about the moral issue on time at the ethical issue of judgment in the sight of God. In time, according to the Constitution on sometime out what Christians, what believers, what those who hold to the Bible should feel at this moment. Should Pres. Trump be removed and of course there's hardly a more divisive name to raise right now in America, even in the church for some incredible loyalty for Trump for others incredible hatred of Trump and not much middle ground and that you go at each other all the time online and and whatever we do put please as the people of God. If we are to be together forever with the Lord all right if we genuinely brothers and sisters in Jesus, please, let's not make Pres. Trump, the dividing issue.

You think God wants us to divide over that. Or do you think the devil wants us to divide over that we can have our convictions we can. Our opinions were to vote accordingly. Please let us not divide overviews of Pres. Trump and for many with Christmas holidays coming up, and with this being a time of a family coming into the new year.don't let your families divide over the summer, you might be the kind of family that thrives on heated political discussion will still be but for others don't. Don't take away family time and military units. He loved ones to get into a political debate. All right, but my point of view, ethically, morally, is no absolutely not. During no grounds for removing Donald Trump from office and as much as you have partisan politics playing out here with the whole impeachment process and you know the way the Republicans in the Goma Democrats criminal are hardly without any defection on either side of me minimal. Right. The issue is this and this is what I have to face regardless of looking at each point saying who's right, who's wrong HY will get into some of these things.

We will get into some of these right but here's here's my big point on this when you know that from the day that Pres. Trump was elected before he was even inaugurated. There was talk of impeaching people openly talk about they been working to impeach him all this time just looking for some kind of excuse to do it right. There was that.

So to me that's what disqualifies and discredits the whole thing say no, but we have the smoking was it what smoking are you talking about bottom line is when I just see one set regardless of where you are in this issue.

Hear me out when I just see one side, and they have been going with a particular bent from day one, intent on getting rid of Donald Trump getting him out right that this was going forward.

Anyway, the Ukraine call this, adds fuel to the fire so that to me discredits the larger process but what about the Christian perspective on this. Maybe there are bigger issues that we need to be considering. So Drudge Report had this headline on Friday a CT that is Christianity today, CT and big red Trump glass court far left mag evangelicals battle. So, Mark Galli, the senior editor at Christianity today wrote a very strong editorial. His editorial and viral responses. One viral.

My response to it's gotten out getting viral.

Just a lot of talking of the news that this is the big thing, Mark Galli, Senior editor editor-in-chief at Christianity today saying Trump should be removed from office right and he wrote it as if he was writing on behalf of Christianity and SM Rodriguez Hispanic American Christian leader highly respected one of the editors also are board members that Ed CT said that he wasn't speaking for me. I was surprised to see was disappointed to see it is to attract granites because Billy Graham found that the magazine but let's look at what Mark Galli had to say you look at some responses that I want to give you my response as we talk about the Christian perspective.

Should Pres. Trump be removed so that the this sub headline says this. It's time to say what we said 20 years ago when the president's character was revealed for what it was and Galli says this in our founding documents. Billy Graham explains at Christianity today will help evangelical Christians interpret the news in a manner that reflects their faith.

The impeachment of Donald Trump is a significant event in the story of a republic.

It requires comment now wasn't good for Mark Galli to invoke the name of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham says absolutely not.

And perhaps it would've been better to leave Billy Graham's name out of this as if Billy Graham would've been happy with this position, ability, grandmother said this is what I want.

Christianity today to be doing right but either way Mark Albee feels he's writing in the spirit of what Billy Graham has said, which is give evangelical Christians the opportunity to interpret the news in a manner that reflects their faith.

So he explains that the normal approach is to stay above the fray political and if you look at headlines of Christianity today they are not the most part, political, now it's very true that Christianity doesn't have all the influence it once had this many more publications out these days. We understand it and it's also true that it's leaned left now not far left not far left like sojourners from Pres. Trump's as far left this on accurate so so generous Jim Wallace actively campaigning for Democratic candidates and and and being extreme on a number of social issues that's that's far left me barely evangelical of evangelical at all. Christianity today is centerleft all right, but still respected publication pieces like this is this is big and we have to address it and he said we we feel it necessary from time to time to make our opinions on political matters clear, always Graham encourage this, doing so with postconviction and love. We love and pray for our president as we love and pray for leaders as well as ordinary citizens on both sides of the political aisle. Many acknowledges okay look the Democrats from day one, have been out to get Pres. Trump and at nearly everything they do is under a cloud of partisan suspicion and impeachment hearings weren't fair and that Mr. Trump did not have a serious opportunity to offer his son. The store in the house hearings on impeachment. This is this the facts in this instance are unambiguous. That to me it is the single most shocking line in the editorial, which in many ways says things that are important or that need to be discussed and in my response. I welcome Mark Alex editorial when he said because I know he speaks were substantial minority of evangelicals, but it be known that that we have different views in our camp. That's fine. Let's discuss those different views on how him discussing was the prime table is not the time to savages of this is the time to have a civil discussion, within the body.

Can we not have civil discussion within the body. I'm passionate you know I'm passionate I'm black and why can't a person right and wrong, good and evil. That's the way I think that's so, I see the world.

That's the way I see things, but within the body.

In the midst of our differences, we need to be able to talk to each other understand each other. So he says this but the facts in this instance are unambiguous and polite.

This is highly disputable. The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president's political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution. More importantly, it is profoundly immoral and as we'll see, Jim, Carlo and his response says look he knows some of the Republicans in the house to be godly Christian men, God-fearing, honorable men. He said if any of them thought these charges were true, then they would've voted for the impeachment and yet not a single one dip and some Democrats. A few two.

In one case three and other defected and and voted with the Republicans right to say this is unambiguous and he did it and then as amount of evidence saying no, that's a misinterpretation and it's not what happened in and the and that's not with the bigger issue was. It had to do with the 2016 election at the 2020 election. What that to me undermines a lot of the rest of this argument is, is the reason many are not shocked about this is that this president has dumbed down the idea of morality in his administration.

He is hired and fired a number of people are not convicted criminals himself as Bennett's immoral actions businesses relationship with women about which she remains proud is 20 feet along with its habitual string of mischaracterizations license lenses in your perfect example of human being who is morally lost and confused. Let me just hang out in there for a moment. I agree that the Trump administration is contributed to the dumbing down of morality in our day it. In other words your limit. Let me give an example, when Bill Clinton was in pre-in peace and he said I didn't have sex with that woman because it was not a for the younger listeners. It was not a particular kind of sex. Therefore, he said he didn't have sex. It made that particular kind of sex more acceptable as well. It's not actual sex and it became much more popular.

Call it the Clinton effect of the Lewinsky effect that that you can now see in an instant survey that the younger generation and thought all okay.

It's okay to do that. That's not actually having sex. That particular thing. Doing it that way is okay so when you have the president being a certain type of person right maybe using profanity at rallies as he did. Maybe the whale rail on people it, gives license to others. People watching the news disappointed. Everybody seems to be using profanity more now is the president did or they attack each other more freely. So I agree on a certain others been the dumbing down of morality. But when he mentioned say the president's immoral actions businesses relations with women about which remains proud also true that he said publicly, especially as he was getting supported by evangelicals near the Republican convention. These are really worthy of it and there things is not proud of him and those were his words it during the debate when Hillary Clinton raised certain things in the tape, and the crude remarks he had his horrific remarks about women is observed is not proud of. So this chew to me is is a misrepresentation of who he is and the question is okay if you didn't actually abuse his powers as president, which is a strong argument that he did not again impeachment if you don't like is twitter feed you remove him now over that so little people reading some response but it's important that we interact with these things… Must not by specifically for unity error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown we are discussing today whether Pres. Trump should Mark Galli editor-in-chief at Christianity today said yes.

Should that his actions as president been immoral that he was abused his power as president for personal political gain must be removed and evangelicals to be morally true should call for his removal were interacting with that you get a bunch of other viewpoints opinions.

I'll be weighing in with my but not taking calls today. Galli says the impeachment hearings have illuminated the presidents moral deficiencies for all to see this damages the institution of the presidency damages the reputation of our country and damages both the spirit and the future of our people. Now he notice he points out. Yes, Trump's evangelical supporters appointed to Supreme Court nominees is defense of religious liberty is stewardship of the economy. Among other things as achievements that justify the support of the president listen. These are major things we are. We are not saying that if the president went around killing people that we'd support him because he's pro-life that would be a contradiction in itself on time at shedding innocent blood. Unlike your political rivals kill you, assassinate you know the way we would not stand with if in fact he abused his powers as president and engaged in constitutionally prohibited behavior then righteously, no matter how much good he didn't be right for us to culvers removal but if if what he did but the heart and soul of it is that he's kind of accrued guy and a nasty guy. The vulgar guy is doing a lot of good. He is pushing back against radical socialism on the left he sees is pushing back against radical terrorism around the world. You see standing for the life of the unborn Ira Rusch. He was a different kind of person that I'll take that. I'll take that person over the one that's gonna champion the slaughter of the unborn right so he says this concern.

Mark Galli says for the for the character of our national leader is not new in CT in 1998. We wrote this in some out Bill Clinton about his failure to tell the truth and skip down to a second shorter paragraph. They said this about President Clinton unsavory dealings in immoral acts by the president and those close to him have rendered this administration morally unable to lead morally unable to lead this and fortunately the words that we apply to Mr. Clinton 20 years ago apply almost perfectly to our current president right.

He says that he should be removed we believe is not a matter partisan loyalties, but loyalty to the creator of the 10 Commandments to the many evangelicals who continue support Mr. Trump, in spite of his black immoral record we might say this, remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification. Mr. Trump influences your witnesses witness to your Lord and Savior. Consider what an unbelieving world will see if you continue to brush up Mr. Trump's immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency will reverse course.

Now, will anyone take anything say about justice and righteousness seriousness for decades to come. Can we say with a straight face that abortion is a great evil cannot be tolerated with the same straight face. Sit at the bent and broken character of our nation's leader doesn't really matter in the end right so my big question here is why can't we say both.

Why can't we say abortion is a great evil, and we applaud Pres. Trump for being perhaps the strongest pro-life president we've ever had.

We deplore aspects of his personality and behavior. Why can't we say both why does it have to be the treater all in and nothing the president does is ever wrong and he cracks a joke about about a Congress of the deceased Congress maybe being in hell with the man sees just this year with his with his widow about to celebrate Christmas without a remedy serve. These are people and ratify them in the late Congressman wish the Trump go to hell those are his words to him early in his campaign. When Trump went after John McCain, but my point is it it doesn't it. You don't have to run a laugh at his comments about how, but some of maybe being in hell I'm support everything he does could see St. Donald on an aspirin to be removed. What exactly one extreme or the other what you came to say but I appreciate all the goodies done here is got the economy going in new jobs for Blacks and Hispanics and lowest unemployment rates in years and it's awesome and we so appreciate that.

We so appreciate his stand with Israel and that that is awesome and it's terrific. We appreciate always pushing back against radical someone assigns a systemic religious liberty keeping so many of his promises. Many politicians do that. Good for him.

Kudos to the president by was grievous what he said the other day and I wish you would insult people about what can you do both. Was it have to be one or the other really know so let's set let's look at how the president responded of course via Twitter.

He said this, a far left magazine, or very quote progressive as some would call it which is been doing poorly and has been involved with the Billy Graham family for many years. Christianity today knows nothing about reading a perfect transcript of routine phone call and would rather have a radical left nonbeliever who wants to take your religion and your guns than Donald Trump is your present no prisoners do more for the evangelical community. It's not any closer to market anything from those dams on stage. I will be reading each evening CT ET again right so typical. Pres. Trump response number one it's exaggerated presented today is not far left.

It's not very progressive. It's centerleft evangelical. That's how Utah is not far left not very progressive. It is centerleft evangelical to be accurate, and I'm sure it's been in the decline as as many other magazines in print media article 7 online edition and things like that. I subscribe to it by the very inexpensive to subscribe to it by the once great deal and a lot of great information about the church worldwide and things like that but again centerleft of and they are not advocating to my knowledge voting for a Democrat but I would expect nothing less from President Clinton's response. This is what you expect what what does Franklin Graham have to say that that's more of of interest. Thank you for Franklin Graham Bauman who writes a town hall and put post a lot of articles were often interacting when I sent something interest is one of the numbers of websites that carry my my articles I don't semi-most spiritually oriented ones there because it's more conservative than the just Christian a lot over the overlap is a symbol but she said something very interesting short article Billy Graham's evangelical website calls for trumps impeachment because of his personality that actions and and this is what she says and you scroll down a little bit. She gets through the article and then she says this when people voted for Trump in 2016. His character was known. People knew he wasn't the typical politician with a polished background and a family that is been on the political scene for multiple generations. They knew he called things like they saw them. He was crass he was unpolished.

He said what everyone was thinking, but was too scared to say we knew that going in, but people decided to change was exactly what America needed Christianity today's editorial sure sounds like they're using Ukraine saga Democrats impeachment shenanigans to take aim at Trump because of his lack of morality definition with him because he is brash, but again, Americans knew that when they voted for him. It's hard to argue against a booming economy record low employment especially response Blacks a new trade deal was trying his defense of his religious liberty is impressive. Judicial appointments it's chicken for Christianity today, the use Ukraine saga to attack trumps personal characteristics if they have an issue with his lack of morality than they should say that and not hide behind this force, so that that is a great point that Beth makes in terms of hate and calling Christianity chicken Marco chicken that's that subzero viewpoint, but we knew who he was. When we voted for. That's why so many of us voted for him with great reluctance.

But here's what havoc he fears will happen. This is the progression. I know some you, you weren't pro Trump right out of the gate you thought, he's the man she's what we need and we need a fighter.

We need somebody like that and that was your opinion and that's what you saw someone like me.

I opposed my opposed nose against him. I warned about them and we still have our warnings up on the website. My video warning evangelical slots will vote for Donald Trump is still on our website on our YouTube channel present that was my position. Then I have to take the fact that I said in my trying to deny electronic change of my viewpoint was in the past, right, and massive issues with those you still have issues with them and wonder why voted from won't watch the video you know Rob is coming from, or better yet, get my book Donald Trump is not our Savior.

Get that book because we have never truly beginning in the end, this came out right before the 2018 elections, but new material in the beginning and the end and then about 100 of my most relevant Trump articles there in chronological order so you get the progression of negative negative negative and then our fee wins the primary than may be in an okay tentative support and so on and how the thing develops but for many we started off against questioning he wasn't a candidate like Richard land said he was our 17th candidate. The 17 choices right or 17/60.

Whatever the will either want to vote for. Then it's him versus Hillary so he gets our vote that we have concerns were reluctant will now he begins to keep the promises that he made any's now surrounded by evangelicals and and those coastal states not just for voting purposes is been sincerely touched by evangelical love and by conviction that he sees things about us that he likes and admires right so so you you have him keeping his promise is now the attack against them gets heavier and uglier in the city just take it.

He starts to fight back and suddenly and subtly becomes her champion as someone fight well. He's fighting in ways that we didn't always like Annie's exaggerating certain things of the scene. Likewise, but he's doing good, but we cannot overlook the other because we are and you know the old saying that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So he's the enemy of our enemies that the ones that want to put us in the closet also want to silence us, the ones championing that the slaughter of the unborn, the ones with radical social agenda, and so on exam of her enemies. When I was our friends up along the way we lose some of our moral compass, but we knew who he was going in and he's been just that. No surprise, the same guy. Some say he's doing better and prayers are working in these tempered things more this a Sangha, but we knew who he was going and show them who's always been, and demand that we voted for the back Franklin Graham sponsored and then we will light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown last Thursday night and early Friday morning word gets out more Valley editor-in-chief at Christianity today, as if writing for the magazine which was founded by Billy Graham says Donald Trump must be removed from office for his unethical and immoral behavior and abusing the powers of the presidency and invokes the name of Billy Graham to see he's the one that started the publication created a firestorm many articles back and forth, Franklin Graham immediately posted a response on Facebook and he took umbrage his father's name being brought in as if as if Billy Graham would've supported the editorial position of Mark Galli so this is how Franklin Graham responded, so this was this past Friday, Billy Graham said this, my father knew Donald Trump he believed in Donald Trump any voted for Donald Trump. He believed that Donald J. Trump was the man for this hour in history for our nation so Frank Graham say I never would've said to my father voted for, but this editorial ice Christianity today calls me to do it forces me to do it now is a two wrongs that make you right. Galli should mention the name Billy Graham Frank Graham should the bench. I was father voted this one bouncing out the other. God knows but this is now all in the public so Franklin Graham said this since they invoked my father's name I supposed to try to bring legitimacy of their statements I feel is important for me to respond. He said yes my father, Billy Graham found a Christianity today, but no, he would not agree with their opinion piece.

In fact, he would be very disappointed is it for Christianity today to side with the Democratic Party in a totally partisan attack on the present United States is unfathomable.

Christianity today failed to acknowledge that not one single Republican voted with the Democrats to impeach the president. He said I Thursday. Regardless of this, but actually Franklin Graham. I know a number of Republicans in Congress and many of them are strong Christians that the president were guilty of what the Democrats claim these Republicans would join with the Democrats to impeach up the Democrats running unanimous to voted against impeachment in one voted present. This impeachment was politically motivated 100% partisan. I don't doubt that for a split second, while the Christianity today choose to take the side of the Democrat left his only goal was to discredit and smear the name of a sitting president.

They want readers to believe the Democrat leadership rather than believe the president of the United States, he says, look at all the president has accomplished in a very short time economy of our nation is strong as it's been 50 years ISIS in the caliphate of been defeated in the president's renegotiated trade deals to benefit all Americans. The list of accomplishments as long for me as a Christian. The fact it is the most pro-life president in modern history is extremely important. Christianity today wants us to ignore that say doesn't count is of the present has been a staunch defender of religious freedom at home and around the world. Christianity today wants to ignore that. Also, the president has appointed conservative judges in record number Christianity wants us to ignore that. He said Christianity said it's time to call Christianity today since time to call a spade a spade a spade. Is this Christianity is been used by the left for the political agenda.

It's obvious the Christianity today is moved to the left misrepresenting the elitist liberal wing of evangelicalism's president Trump guilty of sin, of course, is all past presidents and as each one of us are including myself.

Therefore, it's pray for the president as he continues to lead the affairs of our nation.

Now Jim Barlow and many others have said, we have lost credibility by voting for Trump or more so by defending Trump at any cost and that the world looks at us and mocks us and says I can't believe a word you say no. There is truth to that friends.

There is some truth to that, there is a friend, old friend from growing up been out of touch for decades went elementary school together right in August through high school, but one close for many many years and he unfriended me on Facebook because of of anything I'd say positive about Trump or defend them on anything, even though I would be balance is much as I couldn't take issue I felt I shouldn't settle agree with this is good and take it. So I understand that that the Trump brand is incredibly divisive but but here again my question why can't we say here is why we stand with them in here the things we don't like we actually sank that if we said we are no longer with ultrapure. Let's picture this okay up by God's grace.

I have a decent platform and an and speak to millions of people through through radio and through TV and through Internet right books in different platforms and speak a lot of people so I'm an unknown conservative voice not as well-known as others but better known in some right so let's just say the big news was Dr. Michael Brown calls for the removal of Pres. Donald Trump right so it would be news. Trust me and be out there and in the secular media. Many of them would want to talk to me but do you think of I said and now now you listen to me that homosexual practice is wrong and now you listen to me that abortion is wrong and now you will you listen be the transgender activism is no still to them a misogynist, bigoted homophobe trance fold and many wouldn't even give me the time of day, not because of Trump guides. I renounced her I had to renounce all those other things that would be a big story and better still say everyone goes to heaven there is no hell.

Everyone goes to heaven. Then I then I'd be the darling you think the world is that now you listen to us all.

Dr. Brown please tell us your views about about homosexual my why you don't believe that Mayor Pete and his partner really married and got say we love to hear your views now additional spore Trump all please by all means tell us about abortion being the slaughter of the unborn would love to hear your viewpoints.

Now that we see you don't like that before in Donald Trump.

No accident, hate us really hated me before I voted for Donald Trump in a fighting vote for Donald Trump, the world would hate me as he understands, but let's let's not confuse ourselves here friends Jim Barlow, Jim Barlow highly respected pastor for many years why I disagree with Christianity today's Pro impeachment column. So he says this charisma Mark Allie's use this platform as editor-in-chief of Christianity today magazine to demand that Donald Trump should be removed and he goes through the comparisons with Clinton is a set a look at Clinton lied, but he purges himself, which is legally serious. Remarkably, Jim girl rights galley claims that the facts in this instance are unambiguous is quite interesting that he somehow miraculously knows that the facts are unambiguous. Many in the house all 196 Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom have close range to key information. Don't see it that way. In addition, Americans who are not aligned with either party independence. Don't be with this one. The independents are RR more against impeachment and for obviously they'll think it's unambiguous. The key service infections case are two things the actual transcript of the call in Ukrainian Pres.'s recollection of the phone call. He further asserts this at present formed presidents phone call was a violation of the Constitution, he said, is precisely at this point that so many strongly disagree with galley.

So bottom line to say well it's unambiguous that Trump violated the Constitution abuses power present is present. Does not.

It's also not that needs to be challenged that partisan narrative needs to be challenged.

Then Jim Barlow says this and this is to be very important. Remember I am close with some folks who are close to the president behind the scenes right that every so often I mean twice. Maybe I've written an article that I said I really think the president needs to see this. See if you can get it to him and I don't know if it ever got. I know what got the staff of his or people close to him or the family members that I know where they rented out. I don't know but I don't know that an article is ever gone to him that the president has any clue who I am whatsoever. I was invited to one White House meeting by some Southern Baptist friends. So Paul White was there. Jared Kushner came in briefly, we were told that he knows who's in this meters at 2530 people, but how many tens of thousands of people are in meeting said he's gonna see a lit name on the list.

I've no clue if he knows I exist right but I do know people who are close to him who have access to him and and and this is what's important. With Jim girl brings you this this perspective, he says those who know the president with all his flaws past moral failures and sins is a man really wants to do what is right is observed with some of the evangelicals were closest to him, godly people around them see it and know it, but not to galley.

He notes that the impeachment hearings have illuminated the president's moral deficiencies roll to see there you have it based on Mr. Trump's failure to model sanctification.

He should be impeached.

So again, those that are with the president behind the scenes who pray with him who speak the truth to him who sometimes in humility, rebuke him who appealed to him. They consistently see someone who listens who seems open, who seems to genuinely care who seems to be attentive to their concerns and yet then goes out of Harris territory was gonna tweak right but the fact that he feels it's important to keep his word to evangelicals. That's important to keep his word to Americans.

That's important yet it's contradictory is that that on the one hand it seems I'll just exaggerate to the point of lying and he seems to do that a lot and on the other hand, it's really important to keep his word and to honor commitments that he's made.

But this is so two-sided friends. We try to make it one-sided. We make a mistake so Jim Barlow takes issue with Mark Allie lecturing evangelical support trumps and that they brush off his immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. He says I know every one of the persons who have served this president's faith advises injury in the interest of disclosure, I've been one of them. Not one of these faith leaders brushes off anyone's immorality or behavior.

Not one.

They never have.

Not one of them is ever center believe that bent and broken character of our nation's leader doesn't really matter in the end that when I can speak with specificity here, but I will not that one sounds sense galley is participating, character assassination, a favorite tool of many these days sit grossing well I am a beetroot like the leaders around.

Don't just look the other way, but they have an open door to work with the man and influence on China black leaders until my Hispanic leaders undermine other minority leaders undulate leaders were concerned about the inner city and leaders were concerned about justice leaders are concerned about godly immigration reform and and they have his ear and they have an open door to him or you should be removed because he can act like a jerk sometimes you don't remove the president because of that you continue to speak to him in private. If you have access and otherwise pray for him or my position speak openly right differ and look this is this is with chief justice Robertson said that you don't pitch or bat you call balls and strikes that's that's what we have to do this. Just be honest and upright. Instead of getting in the game. In every sense and think we have any children orally around one team of the other outlets beyond God's team that's beyond God's team not on the Republican team Democrats in on God's name from their truth and how there there righteousness in every area of society, I right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right so I've been sharing different commentaries responded to Mark Allie's call for the removal of present Mark Elliott in chief Christianity today.

If you read my article summer website Esther to on many many other websites responding to Mark Allie my goal is not to take a sigh and say how dare you call for his removal or your brother golfers might my goal was to try to step back is as a is an elder in the Lord's okay. I'm glad this is being discussed, because many evangelicals feel this way you know how it is. Some people say how can you possibly be a follower of Jesus and not support Trump, someone else look say how can you possibly be a follower of Jesus and support Donald Trump and each side looks at the other with incredulity like I at what Bible are you reading they want what what what you smoking on what you think. Anyway, you crazy itself.

Each side looks at it as a conversation. We need to have them in and so I try to say, here's what I believe is wrong usually was missing the point is, I believe he is a valid point. Let's talk to each other. Let's get our faces before God, and let's say Lord we want to unite around Jesus not divide around Trump right so back to Jim Barlow's response, he said, is third point closely related to that. This character assassinations affected galley is no grasp of the kind of healthy spiritual input that is coming from evangelicals into our president again. That's a big thing when you have closed-door access, you can speak in input and Cedars receptivity then you don't just go out and trash the person here.

Let me perspective. One of my white friends told me he was talking to a black friend is so to be so stark up just describing it the way it was.

And this is when Barack Obama was present during his first term and this black friend said look when you criticize Obama, it's like you're criticizing somebody son was.

It was such an important personal thing for many black Americans have a black American president. Understandably, absolutely, understandably, was such a significant moment in an is one gentleman of of references, but he was a trainer a little while is working out to Jim and and he is my trainer African-American that and he said you know, for me, for my family. It's like it's take the took the roof off and that anything is possible not to the woman be the president but but what it meant in the community right so now if I so I take issue with Barack Obama over this will. If a minute do it.

I need to do with a certain sensitivity hypersensitivity. I just mean understanding how certain think, and Sam especially us as a white leader right so the same way if evangelical sin that we have access to the media.

He is not excluded lessees open the door is more than any other president in our history terms of evangelicals having his ear in meeting with them and praying with them and evangelicals appointed sole many places in his cabinet and others etc. no scorn – like the public behavior.

But when talk to him privately, we keep working on. In the meantime, with all the goodies doing man Jim Barlow says fourthly. Mark Allie wants to invoke the Billy Graham was the Franklin had an issue with that. Fifthly was admittedly not a profound significance to galleys article still might be important to note the Christianity today has been losing influence for some time, suggesting hey no significance. They used to be, but significant enough that this was the big news cycle on Friday and over much of the weekend in terms of this statement right so so one more article. This is relevant magazine especially relevant for younger Christians millennial's and others and and I would say to the left of Christianity today, but evangelical so it it has a number of responses to galleys article writes of course president trumps response backgrounds response Rev. Samuel Rodriguez mentioned earlier highly respected Hispanic and American leader. He's unchristian.

Today's board release into the New York Times Christianity today is very apolitical. He said we don't do politics. We don't even bring up politics and the board meeting. I don't think is to affect anything.

So he was surprised to see his IK board member.

The student reflect my views.

Lisa Sharon Harper to the New York Times and she so the editorial is a good step forward, quote the heart of what inch evangelicals was realizing that it's pulse is weak with their sickness in the faith. The fact that it's taken so long for something they must learn from but I'm glad they spoke out my totally different. I don't believe that white evangelicalism is a weak pulse in many of the most thriving healthy churches in America are white evangelical. There plenty of nonwhite evangelical churches that are thriving in America right but not hardly weak pulse is not that they forgot this was probably Mark Allie's viewpoint even vote for Donald Trump. You voted third-party I believe is no surprise that he has is not like a big hello will revel in the southerly Revelation of Caitlin Beatty, author and editor. She said so this is a big deal. I sincerely pray the trumps evangelical supporters will heed the warnings here about the cost of continuing to stand behind her immoral president. Why not just say like this Donald Trump in his outward behavior is in many ways a very unchristian man, but he's doing a lot of good for a lot of Christian causes, and for the nation as a whole. What what was at that so hard to figure out or say a Jonathan Wilson Hargrove. One potential angle given the season Herod slaughter of the innocence of Jesus birth reminds us that political rulers who abuse their power always on the most vulnerable might even call it a pro-life case for impeachment doll. Come on, you really compare Herod slaughtering baby boys in Bethlehem two years old and younger in case Jesus was among the with the hope that Jesus was enormously could kill slaughter the Messiah before the Messiah could grow up to be the king and displace him be a threat to him and compare that Donald Trump allegedly abusing his power with a call to Ukraine which Christmas it was not abuse of power, and good anything wrong. Seriously, this is evangelical response during fall Junior listen 20% of evangelical supported Hillary Clinton 2016, without Christianity today magazine is removed any doubt that they are part of the same 17% were so liberal evangelicals were preach social gospel for decades. CT on mast. That's what I expect from Jerry fall Junior I would be in keeping with his response.

Yeah, I II would say you unmask this very revealing death. A very revealing will see if they publish another op-ed from an editor within CT with a different perspective. I think that would be healthy, was a hope that they would welcome one from the outside, offering another evangelical perspective of the see Chris Garris. I'm astonished were gratified to see this from CT magazine's time to call a spade a spade, etc. yet again. I'm glad it came out because it represents the viewpoint of a minority of American evangelicals in particular white American evangelicals. I'm glad you came out because the position is there and there are definitely issues with our blind loyalty to the president as if you could do no wrong biter of why why do we have to be either or. Why do we have to be slinging mud at each other with in the body over Donald Trump. Why does it either have to be that he's a saint or he's the devil incarnate.

Why does it have to be either that you remove him or you will die for him, what, why, since since when, and based on what and who's calling for you think that God right now say all right.

Church of America. I want you line up are your four Trump or you're against Trump no.

I believe God saying I want you line up and before me that God say be loyal to him. Bow your need to Jesus. Get your life in line with God do that honor God please God make that your priority yet do that and and then come to righteous convictions concerning the president how you stand in different things like that. Why can't we do better. Can't we do better for the president Donald Trump is the kind of person. Just who he is praying's everything up to the surface, the good and the bad that just sees that kind of person he brings everything up to the surface, mentioned his name and you find out where people stand politically. You find out just just do it and sometimes realize you don't want to mention that I remember right after the elections that I was preaching in California and two churches were going to come together to host me. One was basically all white and the other was basically all Hispanic and this was in California so you know are there illegal immigrants among them, and sully all the questions I can be asked and I felt that the Lord wanted me to address incoming president Donald Trump from a kingdom perspective in a way that every body and in the congregation that regardless of how they voted could say a man what I'm saying and you know me it's not can be compromise so friends make the appeal again rather than divide over Trump, let's unite over Jesus we can have our differences but they must not divide us. Why is United we stand, divided we fall. It's that simple. Because our witness to the world has to be first and foremost about Jesus, not political affiliation, and not where we stand on the president. Don't get pulled in.

Especially the holiday season.

Don't get pulled in partisan politics into these battles instead glorify the Lord bless one another, encourage one another as fellow believers talk about your common faith and then reach out to touch and help a lost and dying world and friends.

We would love to have you as part of our support team. Would you take a moment to ask a blessing to ask Dr.

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