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The Christian's Most Powerful Weapon

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 4, 2020 4:50 pm

The Christian's Most Powerful Weapon

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 4, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/04/20.

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It is our most powerful weapon, but we hardly use it the way we could start for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown this week. We will give some political dates. We will look at the world around us. But our focus is going to be elsewhere or focus today is going to be on prayer. The priority of prayer, the power of prayer. The importance of prayer and ultimately friends the more the world goes crazy around us, the more the world relies on its strength and its weapons in its power to influence culture. The more we need to be people of prayer. The more we need to rely on God, the more we need to be pressing into him. This is the ultimate reality check, the church, God's people on their knees seeking him this is what it all comes down to a friends welcome to modify this is Michael Brown coming rely from Vero Beach, Florida, and I'm to be speaking tonight at oceans United at 7 PM.

Is that what yes 7 PM to check in with Pastor Alex here who's in the house so if you're anywhere near Vero Beach jointly if if you're hungry for the Lord. If you want a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit not exactly sure which direction will be going tonight, but this is their annual fire conference the time of the really cry out for God's presence and for personal renewal so anywhere near Vero Beach. Join me tonight 7 o'clock right. If you have a question any subject relevant to the line of fire at all four months are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you have a question that relates in particular to prayer. That's great. If you've got questions relating to what's going on in the political scene around us. Glad to talk with you about that as well. But if you been listening to the line of fire over the years, you know that revival is one of our great burdens revival in the church, leading to awakening in the culture. It's one of the great burdens that we carry in secular ministry asked Dr. Brown. We we boil things down to 3Rs 3Rs that are foundational to us one revival.

Survival of the church, God's people turning back to the Lord being renewed, being change being refreshed being revived revival. The second hour revolution gospel based moral and cultural revolution. Jesus changes us and God uses us to impact the world around us in the third art redemption redemption in Israel seeing the lost sheep of the house of Israel come to faith so those are foundational burdens that we always carry in my own life has been shaped by outpourings of the spirit. I came to faith in 1971 in the midst will be called the Jesus revolution of the Jesus people movement here.

God reached down and answer the prayer in the midst of of rebellion and cultural crisis. The whole hippie scene in all of this and so much that was going in the wrong direction God reached out again to save us just grab just hundreds of thousands of hippies radicals rebels saved in a very short prayer time.

Many Jews saved at that period of time so my life was impacted by that, I was greatly impacted by an outpouring of the Spirit and 8283 at a time when I was pursuing my PhD and had gotten a little bit cold and left our first love and there was spiritual pride in my life in these different areas of learning it got humbled me and produced a great hunger in my heart again for revival and then touch me in and through me touch many in our church was life transforming and then being part of the browse revival from 1996 to 2000, and seeing God literally touch millions of people that came from around the world 130 nations of the fruit of that remains and grows. But what all these moves with all these revivals were all these outpourings have in common is that they arose at a prayer that they arose of people crying out to God.

God responds to prayer God response to the hunger and cry of his people. I will remind you of what Jesus taught in the sermon on the mount when he encouraged us to pray. He said what man is there of you, if his son asked for bread, but will give him a stone instead or if he asked for fish would give him a snake. He said if if you being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly father give good things to those who ask him. That's Matthew 711 Luke 1113. How much more will the heavenly father give the holy spirit to those who ask before that in Matthew seven Jesus says, ask, and will be giving you seek in your fine knock and the drill be open for everyone who asks receives, and in the morning, seeks fines and or knocks, the door is open. In John 14 encourages UPS anything in my name all do it encouragement to prayer found throughout Scripture. So why doesn't God just work. Wasn't God just do what is going to do.

Wasn't he just take over all because he works with us because we are his coworkers because he is not simply going to damn the world were save the world without human responsibility, human involvement, so human beings send brought destruction and grief and death on the world and out, God sent his son as human being to die for us in the works through human beings, and above all friends. It is relational, it's not just push a button put a dollar in the vending machine push a button and the candy bar comes out that this outward prayer is it's it's not just some robotics saying we say okay XYZ needs.

Okay, got here you go.

Now fix everything somehow works. God builds relationship with us in God's looking to us to learn to go to him to understand who he is, to lean on him to trust him to join our hearts with the Mets was Psalm 37 four says that if we delight ourselves and the Lord will give us the desires of our heart. So we now get our desires, our hearts in line with his note, we pray, is answered. John 15 seven the same thing. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask, which will be done for you.

Why, because when Alan harmony with God.

James Jacobs the fourth chapter he rebukes people's as you ask for yourselves US for carnal reasons. But when we align ourselves with God and we began to cry out to God, we understand that God put that desire in our hearts. She's in fighting it. He's making it easy in that respect, there's a lot in the word that teaches us. We have to persevere. There may be obstacles Luke 18 one. Jesus gives his disciples a parable that they should pray, and not faint. Not cave-in not lose heart, because along the way you be tempted to along the way you think and think thoughts that listening as I can happen. Whatever that that can easily set in, which is what he tells us in advance, but God wants to be glorified.

God wants to work in certain ways so that that it's clear that he is doing. I was talking about God's moving in tweeted something about it, and an atheist responder woman and she said there's no evidence for prayers being answered. It's basically biased confirmation of what you want to think it was God so you attributed to God that there is no empirical evidence selects is tons of empirical evidence and are so many things that in the life of a believer that you know that this happened in answer to prayer.

In other words, you have to defy facts you have to defy logic. You have to define empirical evidence to say that it's not an answer to prayer. So I'm encouraging you and I'm speaking to myself as well.

Let's take hold of the greatest spiritual weapon we have. Let's use to the full the power of prayer. Let's renew our commitment to seek the face of God. Let's renew our commitment to pray for revival in the church. Let's renew our commitment to pray for the salvation of loved ones in the fallen away. Look at their summer. I was very very close to for many years best friend before I was saved best friend after I got saved.

Then he fell away from the Lord was with the Lord for over 40 years that in pray for him every day, but I would pray for many times as great burden and if I was ever teaching a class of students that I just happen to reference something about backsliding and execute quick to stop and pray for my friend. Sometimes it just be overcome with burden pray with them. Pray for him with tears over 40 years away from low in the last year's come back to the war because restorative friends, you never know what happens to your per II can't tell you how many times during the Browns revival. We were watching baptisms on Friday nights is 2030 people get baptized every Friday night with amazing testimonies and stories I can't tell you how many times people would would talk about how prayer from a family member brought them back. I mean quite distinctly I remember some big guys big tough guys fresh out of jail or with a real real lurid past and they would they would get up so you always most of violet over guards. Those are drug that I was jail big God of the book, Bob looked up prayer look pretty tough, we call shout for joy French you might be the lifeline for that for that love one for that friend for the family member to the person's interrogation. You may be there lifeline and that lifeline is you getting on your knees and praying and interceding for them. That's what we have to do for America right the world like a pray for itself. The world doesn't know to do that people that are backslidden and and and sleep slumbering in their sins that they need to be awakened, but we who are awake. We who are in the light, we can know God. We not only have the sacred responsibility to pray, but we have the extraordinary opportunity to pray and I feel strongly convinced in my own heart my own life that everything that we need to do with God's called us to do some ministry everything we need for funding of a worldwide work for funding of reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel for expanding our work to to impact all of America.

I know that ultimately all of that is found on our knees in the presence of God.

Everything everything that we need is found in him every Roberts greatly used by God will survive for lunch before 1905, said that his mission was to get the church on Sundays that that a praying church was an invincible church and over the years I've shared some prayer quotes with you.

I want to share a few with you again EM bounds, famous for his books on prayer said no learning could make up for the failure to pray he said with the church needs today is not more machinery or better that your organizations more novel methods, but men and women in the Holy Spirit from his men and women of prayer men and women of mighty prayer. John Bunyan said you can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed so friends when a real critical situation America right now deeply divided tremendous political upheaval so much going in the wrong direction in terms of morality, the answer is awakening that will come as revival comes to the church, as God leads interface credit come back and take some calls to comment on the Iowa caucuses in the tobacco listing as stated America error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on one of five watching on Facebook.

We are audio only on the road here in Vero Beach. Everyone listening radial podcast.

All the same as always. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 of the phone to the moment of his work were talking to prayer the priority of prayer. The importance of prayer. Many times we find ourselves in difficult situations that are very worrisome and it's interesting you can worry all the time. You know you can be changing diapers in your baby and you're worrying you can be programming writing computer code in your worrying you could be sitting at a baseball game in your worrying was whatever environment were in we can work well. What if we turn the worry into prayer the roots if we could worry while doing other things.

Why can't we pray while doing other things. What I mean is this, that the moment the worrisome thoughts come to fear the concerts turn into a prayer just because they make an appearance. Father touch my baby, what's gonna mount so confused.

Her father and need your guidance so rather than stifled. The worry turn it into prayer. That's what Paul counsels in Philippians 4, six and seven. Not to be anxious about anything, but rather through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make our requests known to God and then what happens in the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Messiah Jesus. Let's take some calls starting in Raleigh, North Carolina Lewis, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown appreciate. Thank you for the Gartner prayer very interesting. It will make a point that technically with Jeremiah Johnson about the property about Pres. Trump and all the corruption that you would think about him not quoting it correctly, but that he would uncover and dab it with you talking about know how our government is think to be exposed at happy thought about that are in your opinion, any of that property come to pass, but all the revelation that my coming forward and out through what would happen.

Our government yeah just a question to me that Pres. Trump has functioned as a wrecking ball. As many of said and and I was just talking with Pastor Alex of the church you're speaking to nine Vero Beach ocean tonight that we were we were talking about how the Trump presidency has brought so much up to the surface it is. It is brought up amid most evidently there the level of what you call deep state.

You know how deep the political swamp is in DC.

It has brought to the surface, the rat calorie of the Democratic Party.

It is brought to the surface, the extreme media bias really on both sides is brought to the surface lot of hypocrisy in the church so yet.

To that extent, for better or worse.

Donald Trump is been supernaturally used. Some have likened it to Jeremiah 1 that before you can build and plant you have to uproot and tear down. I may write about this again at some point because I spoke about it earlier on in the trunk, candidacy, and then earlier on his presidency, but I was sitting with a friend of mine Christian leader whose very much involved behind the scenes politically and it was in the days when I really wanted to see Ted Cruz as the Republican candidate and I really didn't see how Trump could do good, as is the candidate and he said to me he said hey maybe will have eight years of Trump coming in and and wrecking everything and then to crews coming in and rebuilding for years so if you kind of understand that this is a messy process with a person with a lot of evidence flaws and yet one with this for head of steel that seems immovable in the midst of extreme pressure yacht. I think it's quite evident that a lot has come up to the surface, including all kinds of corruption now that you have the fiasco in Iowa. I'm in the void worst possible way for the Democrats to start and everyone is wondering about a come back to this in a moment after some of the calls, but everybody's wondering is there what's going on. You try to suppress. Bernie Sanders is conspiracy the other the blending Mayor Pete Collier Mayor cheat in a what's actually going on.

So you a lot of stuff has come up to the surface and that's why it's as messy as it is. I appreciate your opinion on that. We really appreciate your here in and our church a couple times as well. Are they we really appreciate the great work. Also, I appreciate that you appreciate that you and it's been a joy to join with the church, the Raleigh preaches that the pastor and the team there and then just say what I just said about Donald Trump. You should be able to see and agree with whether your your support of Trump are not whether you plan to vote for him or not. What I'm saying should be evident beyond a political viewpoint, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Sean in league city, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire in the dark brown doing very well thank you, do good to bring up a point on the right arrived on what you are talking about yesterday. Yes, and we were there talking about how you know all ungodly halftime show whatever and I was going through you like the Christian Post and charisma new knowledge moment through charisma new Quicken article and advertisement on the side and one of them had this really ended emailed you yesterday.

I don't know whether you will be able to look at it or not, but of the picture that had on the log on their really inappropriate. I mean, you would think you have some kind of refuge going to a Christian you know new site and no admin and and later on going through read another article there is some lady in the light, looking at Sports Illustrated model. Okay. And I have had the screen. I took pictures of you think that I was thinking, do not you, not today.

Not Marine who paid them to me this is what happens with that sans in years past I have drawn attention to that. If I was posting on a particular conservative new site or Christian new site and said hey I'm I'm pointing people over to your site are you aware of what's coming up with the advertising and what I've been told the sky like swatting flies it. In other words, you tell them what you stand so you tell them what's acceptable it's not and then some slips receptive and you have to go back after none of this is not except it's got a change in so the folks that I'm aware of that or involved with running the sites they totally agree with you and they continue to do their best to eliminate certain things but it's again it's kind of this constant flood that's coming in.

Then certain things get through that ought not, but you know the other reminder is wherever we are. We've gotta watch our hearts and watch our eyes and our minds James Robison that the stream has been able to operate that advertising free, but that means a lot of funds have to be raised to make that happen. So it's very very challenging to do it. Virtually everyone else is going have advertising or products for sale, or things like that to make it function but look.

Sometimes I'll just chill little bit take a break from writing and working in an little sports website and simplest looking for sports about looking for anything else you notice what happened in the game last night or whatever the latest update on somebody in and out. Sure enough, you know there's some trashy picture that is think I'm not looking for this same thing, just in your in your email you trash can come in. So it's really a dated to be especially vigilant and Shawn if you notice anything like that it's it's always good to bring it to the attention take a screenshot if you can just rent or date is the date in the hour of what takes place and then just shoot that over to the folks because they can't monitor everything every second. And that's with her align the student to let them know and the yeah but it's that's the world we live in today and Internet is so polluted, so I say thank you for sharing your concern. If you missed our broadcast yesterday we talked about the Super Bowl halftime show. Go to Esther to Brandon or you can read an article I wrote about that or video that we put out about that is mobile reaction and response should be an yeah II check last night. I went back to 1993 to Michael Jackson performing super focus on America have a problem watching some guy dancing ways of inappropriate polemic and watch a lady doing it, and sure enough, there is grabbing of one part of his body. It's a 1993 and I go back before that for a lot of other pollution. So we ought not to be surprised the things was dark.

Is there but we are to be alert and awake. A let's go to Atlanta.

Zev, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown are you doing today I'm doing really well.

Thank you, where my question pertaining to prayer but corporate prayer by Pyongyang as the body of believers and at my transparently where about a bedside about 2000 people per week very busy every third Diwali and are very active very plugged in at my church by one thing I've noticed that there is me is that there really isn't any boat get high given sword prayer. Prayer is more of a transition from one part of the neck, but there's no actual bourbon or anything corporately that is geared toward speaking the Lord thinking is basically no very important regard revival I talked about, though I wanted at you while as a member how if you are in my view, how would you address how would you Let it go. Thought I would be make that known bad carelessness like you know is not of this. I like how you don't and says what would you describe is not unique at your congregation obviously seems healthy and growing in so many ways and yet lack of corporate prayer and listen. I want to ask you some depth of the other side of the brakes. A look at the question now come back and talk about how to cultivate prayer in the literature for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as trial. The president's state of the union, the Democratic tobacco in Iowa so much swirling around us. The big big issue for me is that we are rightly connected with God rightly looking to God rightly leaning on God rightly using the power of prayer. This is Michael Brown coming rely from Vero Beach, Florida. If you're anywhere near Vero Beach. Please join us tonight at oceans unite 7P. M. For the fun.

A lot of their fire conference were really coming together to encounter God afresh. Also this weekend. Part of it together for Israel conference restoration first things conference in Orlando this coming week and saw all the details are on my itinerary asked Dr. listen to this course of a prayer that I want to go back to seven, Atlanta, who asked how do you cultivate corporate prayer the busy thriving church that doesn't seem to have prayer meetings or prayer times Robert Murray McShane sent the McShane for the early 1800s in Scotland said all believing brethren, what an instrument is this which God has put into your hands.

Prayer moves him that moves the universe makes me think of with the Puritan Thomas Watson said it was the angel that fetched Peter out of prison, but it was prayer that fetched the angel how this be in his classic book on prayer said to pray is to let Jesus come into our hearts, the center prayer which was the Lord Jesus. It is Jesus who moves us to pray, and Billy Graham said this avail yourselves of the greatest privilege, the side of heaven. Jesus Christ died to make this communion and communication with the father possible. This is a William Wilberforce said that I can relate to so much before some God used to eradicate slavery and the slave trade from the British Empire so I must secure more time for private devotions. I've been living far too public for me. The shortening of devotion starves the soul grossly and in fact I have been keeping too late hours, while what a challenge to us and and and what it an invitation from God to pray to several and when we look in the book of acts we see how foundational prayer was in the first chapter 320 or or seeking God daily in prayer. Continuing in prayer until the spirit falls and ask for when there is a crisis of persecution.

They pray and ask for 31 tells us of when they had prayed, the place was shaken and then when there's a crisis in acts 12 with one of the the believers is executed.

Jacob James is executed, and then Peter is in prison.

He's about to be executed. They are praying incessantly until the answer comes and until Peter is delivered and you have other examples of of prayer Saul of Tarsus when he encounters Jesus meets Yeshua from self. Acts nine Ananias is told her here's a unified of your find in praying. So this is that this is a constant. This is foundational to see to the Gospels, the prayer life of Jesus. So what we do what I do if I was far, just a member of this congregation. What I would do is I would. I would ask for appointment with one of the pastor communicative senior pastor, but one of the leaders there and ask him or is there any way that you can help Bertha prayer movement in the church or you believe it so important and would you be able to start a prayer meeting in your house. Maybe we firstly I would do is is you before that I go to prayer myself really praying blessing on the church. Thank God for the church and asking God to give the church more the spirit of prayer and then I would ask you what it is is there prayer, emphasis, or how can I encourage that or what can I do work.

Is it okay at Edith's friends and I gathered together to pray once a month for the church or something, maybe something could spark the church from speaking tonight. They have regular prayer emphases the church.

Reggie spoke in California. The same thing there: the people together regularly seek the face of God and it's so essential for everything that we do, but many times in the busyness of life in the business of multiple services. You kind of you pray privately or you pray with the church staff for other things but there's not a time for corporate prayer, which is a real loss so that's what I do II would go not as if I was criticizing but I would go asking how I can help how I can be a blessing, is what they feel about prayer feel the need for more prayer. Now if their answer is here were doing great as is, where healthy and fine as is people getting saved. The church is healthy.

We don't need that. That would concern I would hope that would be there answer that would concern me. I wonder if I'm in the right place.

If that's the philosophy, but I would hope that's not their attitude, then they may say all know we have all these persons going on, but there in homes of their different times.

Maybe not aware of them. Otherwise hey what can I do to help cultivate more prayer for the church and the community here and see what the Lord does with it. Thank you, grant them out but you brought so much clarity to that moment… Brown you are very welcome. You're very welcome 86634. Right before we go back to the phones. I did a poll last night on Twitter and and I said this while this is partly halfhearted and partly serious, but here goes anyway.

What you think is causing the long delays in releasing the results of the Democratic caucus in Iowa and there were four choices that I gave Russian hacking now to do it.

Let me do an update because I wrote this article early this morning and I posted the poll last night. Let's see here we go. Okay Russian hacking at this point.

6.2% of the people playing what happened in Iowa with the DiBacco with not having still haven't even announced the the votes of what came in sealer who wanted and then define who want to believe it as is. This avail is going on their accusations against different ones, and this one's pointing finger that was pointing the finger at absolute disastrous start and you have the graphics, that is, as I was going to check what was happening last night after flying in the get to my hotel room and on the on the one side, the left side.

The way I was looking at it it's blue and it's all the Democratic candidates to get all these names something we could even identify the room without his were just not that familiar with the all those names there was a zero that the other side of trumpet a couple candidates is 97% of the footprint which of course no one sees God's victory in Iowa which fully expected obviously and apparently good turnout and its popularity rate approval rates high server been passed as Pres. Obama the same time. In his term first time. Remarkably, 49%. After all, the impeachment of negative news of all this to get that going on and then the Democrats didn't really know what happened so who caused this 6.1%. Now as I look again say Russian hacking 1% Chinese hacking 24.9%. So about 1/4 of the people's attack and/or human error and check this out 67.9% so over two thirds of the respondents said, trying to stop Bernie Sanders so and I obviously I don't have any more information than you have as to what's going on, but it's a complete disaster for the Democrats. And just think, after pushing the Russia collusion for three years and now Ukraine and trying to get political favor from Ukraine are in order to hurt Biden's candidacy.

And all this going on you now. You now have a situation were the natural thing to think. Is this conspiracy good did it. Who did it. Damon Linker wrote this is the week, whatever the eventual outcome of the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses and whether or not anyone in our conspiracy out of country believes in the veracity of the freshly certified result, there is one clear winner of the vote and that is president Donald Trump on the get headlines of the real clear politics website and these are different they have alternate articles they have conservative, liberal or different points of view, but one after another total meltdown Democrats bungle Iowa caucus results in some political Bernie's internal results. Sanders first by the distant fourth. That's on the intercept, Biden flopped in Iowa, so did the Dems reputation. That's the guardian last night's big winner Donald J.

Trump that's the week, the Iowa caucuses just died forever. CNN mass in Iowa only the beginning for 2020 Dems New York Post welcome to the New Hampshire primary Boston Globe, pulling the plug on Democrats life-support American greatness.

It's it's almost like reaping what has been sown for the last three years so again this overwhelming belief that this is trying to stop Bernie Sanderson and then others us of this. What will hang on hang on as Damon Linker wrote Monday night was a semi-display of rank incompetence. So many voters you think you mean this is who you want to put in charge of taking over healthcare delivery from see the sun actually say that the once a camera caucus Dragon take over the government and healthcare for everyone, so this also adds into the whole mythology of Trump while he's he's always in your header can't be defeated. Spring for DHS God raised him up.

He creates chaos and thrives in it so so this this just feeds this whole mentality as if Trump can't be beaten, etc. so I am today on the broadcast focusing on the importance of prayer. I am not looking for political solution to many problems in America do some involved in yeses radio host and it ended and and and op-ed writer I do comment on political situations much more than your average pastor Christian leader would that being said friends.

That being said, my hope for America is found in one place mentally silly and that's in God himself and it is our connection to God that is most essential some watching what's happening in Iowa with with some amazement again you could not have gotten off trip to Worchester I give you a a football analogy juror member, not Peyton Manning's last time in the Super Bowl when he won, but the time before that she forgot one of the top quarterbacks is ever lived. You've got one the best teams in football, you've got people that are working hard that her discipline that are practicing over and over and over and over again in the very first play. The ball is snapped over his head back into the end zone and it's now this is not possible in that it kind of went downhill from there. So you want to get out of the gate strong. You want to establish momentum in here. You basically run into an instant wall and it it's almost like they're 10 people in a race and in and I like the front runner 09 people and me and the gun sounds in the nine start fighting with each other, tripping over each other and I just run and win the race season that's kind of how this started. That's a long way from here November.

We can even predict what's going to happen tomorrow, but ultimately with all the chaos all the confusion. My eyes are primarily not on Iowa politics White House, Lord Jesus, and neck.

That is the key United States for the future. Direct equity calls it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Next friends for joining us on the line of our 6634 truth old images share another couple of great prayer quotes with you, John Wesley, God does nothing, but in answer to prayer.

Charles Burgess of the preacher of the gospel. Ask your prayers that is part of the duties arising out of the relationship between Christian men that those who are taught should pray for those who teach God's word friends week we can never overemphasize the importance of prayer. Oswald Chambers prayer is not an exercise.

It is the life.

He said we think of prayer as a preparation for work or, after having done work. Where is prayer is the essential work is a supreme activity of everything that is noblest in our personality. G. Campbell Morgan, the whole life of the believer should be prayer. This is the summary and conclusion of reactive reward if you wish. The act that is not prayer in the ultimate and the word which is not prayer in the last analysis in the wish that is not prayer in the profoundest depth are to be put away the do not become the life of faith. There are things that produce fainting and he said prayer is life passionately wanting wishing desiring God's triumph. Prayer is life striving and toiling elsewhere and always for that ultimate victory. Friends that she was the greatest weapon God has given us to touch him, and to change the world around us, namely prayer right back to the phones we go to Lewis in deal in Florida. Thanks for: the line of fire alarms hello my brother shalom and so I just want you to base your monitor to reach out. You will be seeing you this weekend will be going to the convention bomb excited about that and you will pray without ceasing. I just want to elaborate on on what you're talking about here and no as you said many times this is our weapon and this is this is our communication and you had mentioned something about you know it with like parent been anemic. You may not be in a good mood or attending a diaper but you can pray that and it reminded me of when Billy Graham was talking about his wife and Ruth said I would pray on the go. I pray on the go. I had not had to take care of the children. Billy was gone. I think one time per six months body with you doing Chris stated she was taking care of the children. She received that I would have to pray on the go, you know, cooking and and cleaning and taking care of the children. But my prayers are with the Lord and know the Lord would take care of me every day.

You know, prayer, know the Scriptures tell us you know, pray without the and so this is this is a very true very true and and you doing this program in speaking about the it is very very important. I have a lot of people in the family that you know obviously you have certain feelings or Trump Diaz as a preacher and pastor here in the land in a week that you said we kind of shy away from those lyrical statement of what I encourage the family do what I encourage pray for you. Pray for that and asked for those with them after those being mean. Where were in a time of of of where our faith is going to be cut a lot and our communication with the Lord is at the utmost utmost planning I just wanted you I appreciate those those extra words and that extra push and you know we often think of prayer in terms of asking and receiving prayer in terms of crying out to God for needs to be met. And that's that's true. That's a major part appropriate prayers beyond that communion. It's intimacy. It's relationship and that's why it's some things unfold little differently than we expect. In prayer, because God is drawing us closer to himself and certainly if we spent more time praying than complaining or gossiping enough we turn there I read in speaking badly about people deterministic to pray for them. The effect would be extraordinary and traumatic. Absolutely, absolutely. And you know and also does what I want to thank you for the certain teaching that you have been, or how put up on the on the cow mood for me.

I know we've come to know our Sephardic Jewish roots and things of this nature, and we spent at the bridge now here in the land between Christian community in the Jewish community, and we've been really just really thankful for the things that you are hidden allegedly the hidden manna that you that you come across and the conversations that happen within the cow mood and and Rabbi speaking back and forth about Messiah and the conversation, and so II just wanted to thank you for that. This weekend you know if I get a chance to really sit down with you. I know you know if the conflict and think I deftly reach out.

I just wanted to thank you because it is enlightened us here and help us here and it fortified up and strengthen us here to be able to proclaim the issuer to our arduous process on Saddam's army. I'm just excited and again I want you know we have a radio station here that we, the Lord has provided funds for the we go on 13 10 AM in the land and 96.1 FM now and one of the Christian station and were talking about the roots of their faith preaching issue on really being that shared being the bridge for everyone and Fonda under. I'm excited I you know again I wanted to do it, but many want, but you being from Long Island, New York, that you should now touch. Let us trust me I am not talking to New York. Hey Lewis, I appreciate your enthusiasm in your passions and look we we look to the Lord and to the Bible for spiritual nourishment, gross. That's our foundation of all foundations for Jewish outreach for understanding certain things with background many times rabbinic literature is interesting and issues study lots.

Rabbinic literature found. While this is very different, and for your average Christian, the law codes would seem very foreign very legalistic but there are bridges there are bridges of understanding. There are things we can reach out to the Jewish people using rabbinic literature as a bridge to the Scriptures and to Yeshua that's often helpful to do hey Lewis thank you for your call. 866-34-TRUTH in fact that limitless pause here for a moment Kay shouldn't get my email of new book coming out March 3. I believe it could be the most fascinating book I've ever written, and it will take you on some extraordinary journeys into the Jewish world something since the will of Jewish mysticism which get very odd to say the least. And ultimately on a journey to the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah that will be announcing a website where you can get additional e-books free when you order but my new book resurrection.

If you would like to get the very first copies that come in a preorder. We will get signed and numbered books with the Scripture verse right so that we do this with every every new book the comes out with Jennifer some years now, with it's the first hundred or 200 and 500 copies. Whatever 50 copies of the preorder that stack of my desk I commit my team scannable stack with the names and I personally sit there.

It's a great joy however long it takes.

Sign each one for the Scripture reference in each one and then each one is numbered. She can sell like I got book number eight for the first print, younger, book number 60 I got book number one.

The first pretty II have a great joy in doing it. But let's say a bit more about the book she can do that on a website asked Dr. preorder the resurrection book.

I may talk about it more thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast later this week, but here's what you need to know the view that Jesus rose from the dead.

Of course not believed by the water Jewish world was there would be followers of Jesus and the idea that the Messiah could die before completing his mission was considered to be foreign to Judaism, then Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the grand rabbi of the Lubavitcher movement of Lubavitcher gravity who was arguably the greatest Jewish leader of the 20th century. Among the most influential leaders Jewish leaders in centuries. In general, he died in 1994 the age of 92 and many of his followers believed that he was indeed the Messiah and that his death was a test for the physical eyes that he would soon reveal himself in glory that he would rise from the dead, and is much as many of his followers to this day still proclaim him as the Messiah still believe that he's misplacing billboards with his picture in Israel proclaiming him as the Messiah go to the headquarters of the movement at 77 East Pkwy., Brooklyn within the headquarters there still proclaiming it was Messiah, the larger movement of his followers. The lawyer openly proclaims that, but in point of fact they were waiting for dry cell safety spiritually with us. The spiritually risen if you go to the gravies, not there, but nobody ever summarize no one saw him risen, no one has said there we physically sat and ate with him or talk Rabbi sat and ate with them over a period of weeks.

No, they desperately wanted it to happen. They were longing for it to happen.

They had vigils by the grave after he died waiting for him to rise and rise what and they just make it up when it they just beat beat because that's not what happens.

People might say I a sentence with spiritually but you don't have. Historically, evidence of mass hallucination that someone rose from the dead and was physically with them to this day you don't have that happening with people saying yeah grandma was we had dinner with grandma last night, though you might say would work with us. We still feel her president of people talk like that device séances and all that but they don't manufacture resurrection accounts so we have proof right in our own day of something like this where is in the New Testament, the apostles, but it's over, they quit. They were discouraged they were fearful they were hiding only to encounter Jesus risen from the dead to their complete and total shock. So this book will open us up to talk about a dying and rising Messiah within Jewish thought tell you more about these rabbis and some these traditions and then glorify the only one who rose so you can preorder a signed numbered copy of the book and asked Dr. It is the new book resurrection. This video rabbi from reality. In the event the case will take tomorrow. The answering your questions on the book of Joel

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