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Why Antisemitism Is on the Rise in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 19, 2022 5:40 pm

Why Antisemitism Is on the Rise in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So why is it that anti-Semitic hate crimes continue to rise in America for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown thank you for Brown. I am delighted to be with you. If you have a Jewish related question related to the Hebrew language.

Jewish tradition is real.

Today it can relate to the Hebrew Bible, Messiah, messianic prophecy, those kinds of things of its Jewish related give me a call 86 634-8784 and I will get to as many of your questions as I can during the course of the broadcast. I do want to address the issue of the continued rising tide of anti-Semitism. Some news reports earlier this year indicated a 300% spike in New York City and anti-Semitic hate crimes so Jews being attacked specifically because they were Jews. Another report Wall Street Journal indicates that levels have continued to rise of anti-Semitism in America since 2016 with Jews freely more vulnerable in America than they have in years.

The question is why really get into that on today's broadcast also news from Israel. Another member of the coalition government in Israel has now resigned. This is an Arab member of the merits party a merits being a far left party but her left wing party joined the coalition with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and others say okay let's let's bring all these disparate parties together and work together and this representative said the, the government is too far right the government is making decisions based too much on right-leaning parties and Bennett himself being right-leaning and therefore this MK resigned. So now it's not just that it's 60/120 supposed to 61/120 seats with 59 source minority, so it's well expected that there will be a call to dissolve the government which would mean new elections coming in September so yet another wave of elections and yet another attempt for the time now to come back is Prime Minister will see what happens with the court cases against him that is ongoing and of interest and we will keep you posted because it's major, major news first, let's share a few things about anti-Semitism with you in my book, our hands are stained with blood, and then in my book 60 questions questions ask about OG Jewish beliefs and practices. I have whole sections dealing with the phenomenon of anti-Semitism and I point out following the lead of Prof. Edward Flannery, that anti-Semitism is the world's longest hatred of Flannery said this anti-Semitism is the longest and deepest hate deepest hatred of human history, where the hatreds and read some 23 centuries and survived the genocide of 6 million of its victims. In its 23rd century of existence only to find the stuff still intact and rich in potential for many years of life. Go back to Esther chapter 3 verse eight Esther 38, there's certain people dispersed and scattered among the peoples whose customs are different from those of all other people who do not obey the laws international laws is not our best interest to tolerate them. This is an accusation brought against the Jewish people have a similar accusation in the book of Ezra Ezra chapter 4 the King should know that the Jews who came up to us from you have gone to Jerusalem and rebuilding that rebellious and wicked city skip down in these records. If you search the past.

You follow the city is a rebellious city troublesome to kings and promises a place of rebellion from ancient times.

That is why the city was destroyed. Why is Jerusalem to this moment. The most controversial city in America.

In terms of its standing in terms of who should own it and who should have the rights to it. Anti-Semitism is also the most widespread hatred of all time. Not just the longest but the most widespread is a road it can be traced from the Greco-Roman world to Christianity from Islam to Fascism to communism from white supremacist to black supremacist from University campuses to the world press the philosopher Voltaire to the historian Arnold Toynbee, the composer Richard Wagner to the car design.

Henry Ford from Japan to Russia to Iran why the Jews reported out that a few years back. This group there were aliens came into the headlines claiming they had successfully cloned human beings always suggest a publicity stunt, but I was curious who are these really rare aliens will their followers of Riddell who was abducted by aliens and enlightened by them and he had just posted a new speech and those websites in multiple languages was anti-Semitic. I thought even though aliens are anti-Semitic, and I smile, but ultimately something to smile about. Also pointed out that anti-Semitism is the most vicious hatred of all time is it goes on and on generation to generation with all types of viciousness and murder is the most irrational hatred of all time is a root. The absurdity of the anti-Semitic libels simply defies rational explanation when the black plague decimated Europe. Jews were accused of starting the plague by poisoning the wells with a mixture made of spiders losers in the hearts of Christians mixed together with the sacred elements of the Lord's supper outreach mob slaughtered thousands of Jews, as a result of this pernicious room of the Catholic Church declared codified in 1215 that the elements of communion literally became the body and blood of Jesus. Jews refused of stealing and torturing communion wafers into whole Jewish communities being burned at the stake in the Muslim world today still believe that every year Jews kidnap and torture priest or other victim uses blood to make Passover matzoh on the bread.

The Muslim will also take seriously the protocols of the Elders of Zion notorious for its document from the 19th century, the claims to report the secret plans of a hidden group of Jewish leaders who are poised to take over the entire world ultimately bring it into subjection to the Hindu god Vishnu. There's a direct quote from protocols or kingdom will be an apology for the divinity Vishnu and who was found its personification. Jews of also been blamed for the spreading of AIDS is will the process is for orchestrating the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and not to submit concurrent accused of controlling the Catholic Church. Sigmund Freud said this with regard to anti-Semitism. I don't really want to search for explanations for a strong inclination to surrender my effects in this matter and find myself confirmed in my holy nonscientific belief that mankind on the average intake and by and large are Richard lost Sigmund Freud. Why then has anti-Semitism increased in America in recent years. On the one hand, in general, there has been the continued fanning the flames of racial hatred ethnic hatred in America when saving black slacks hating whites and crusading Hispanics different crusading Asians and crusading Jews, etc. and I'm sure the hatred is gone, and each different direction at different times, but this is exacerbated in the whole culture I talked about yesterday and how baseless hatred destroy the nation. If you read my article on that. Go ahead and do it and Esther Cabrera ask a GR Brown dog org that's that's one issue so if general racial ethnic hatred is increasing in our society as a whole and being fueled by the media by politicians by social media, the Internet was only natural that anti-Semitism will be on the rise as well so might say here but it seems it's on the rise even more was no surprise with that because the protocols of the Elders of Zion, the notorious for its document I just referenced a few seconds ago that continues to get goods circulation. I have been in New York City many many times. If you walk down the street, especially on a Saturday in a busy area of the city.

You'll find street vendors and if so everything they're selling to Rolex watches for $15 right. The letters Rolex watches $15 they've gave got it all comes a jewelry but they got books. It is of God to stand on street he's got his little set up a books in the protocols of the Elders of Zion has parentally been for many years that one of the bestsellers people buy it and believe it. And in a country like America where you do have a disproportionate rate of success for the Jewish population of the citizen but the Asian American population right but the Jewish population. Jewish Americans have been more sex successful, more educated while that's as good a plan to the protocols is see there is this Jewish cabal waiting to take over the world look like in Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and and and and look at Steven Spielberg coming Hollywood to Jews control Hollywood and the Jews control social media and the Jews control the banks of the truth so all you need is a person here person there doesn't matter how many things go against that theory is always have a little confirmation will then that's enough prove the Jews are taking over the world, then you've had different anti-Semitism from people like a Michael Jones and others on the right and and there argument about how the Jews are ultimately all and in rebellion against the society and by nature are destructive revolutionaries that wants to bring down the society and bring a Christian values and then you got a Jewish porn. Leaders see that confirms it so you have those types of voices that's rising in our culture as well. Then you have the growth of numbers of ultra-Orthodox Jews. Large families filling communities that creates hostility and and you try to take over our city and and and you know it's your difference and you look down at us and that's what's being perceived so those tensions rise there on the ground and it's just natural.

That is, each year goes by that Satan is going to do what he can to attack and wipe out the Jewish people so Jews of left countries like the former Soviet Union. The countries represented there in Russia.

Many Jews fled from there to Israel is a large percentage of of Russian Israelis and the left because of anti-Semitism, even though they were leaving careers.

There were leaving a lot of things behind and came to Israel and could not simply resume those careers. There is the joke about the guy pumping gas for you and Israel is going to tell you about the chemical formula of the gas disease. It is a chemist. The only job he had was pumping yet still it was better to leave because the rising tide of anti-Semitism that's happened in England that's happened in France.

So it is just part of of the atmosphere of this world, which by default with fallen human nature and satanic activity is anti-Semitic in the way we confronted is by speaking the truth and by praying and by demonstrating love doesn't matter if a Jewish person agrees with the theologically or morally, we simply say we stand against the anti-Semitism we stand against the Jew hatred we stand against the demonizing of Israel and they were Israel is wrong. Jewish people need the Lord speak plainly speak truthfully. But we speak out against anti-Semitism. It is a sacred calling that we have as followers of Jesus to expose the lies that want to wipe out his own flesh and blood become back going straight to the phones right here this early church Thursday is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH. Is Dr. Michael Brown America needs God shalom how the Jewish people need God. Shalom. There's a wonderful verse in Isaiah 26.

Many of us will know it from King James and other translations that God will keep you in perfect peace will double. Keep those in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on him and says in Hebrew yes or some Luke so it's the information the mindset leaning on him it's it's a move so shalom shalom gobble keep them in perfect peace, shalom shalom give a talk, to us because it trusts or that person trusts in you that's official will come from, not from this world, not from this world from which read the news read online. Watch no will come from an encounter with God will come from taking hold of the truth of God's word which transcends all experience and ultimacy in God I trust you.

We will then be established. We will then be secure. We will then be immovable. We will then be unshakable. God's grace will uphold us right for you Jewish related questions, 866-348-7884 we go to the phones. An anonymous caller welcome to the line of fire on Dr. Brown by recognizing my point want to be in on I'm really confirm traditional Jewish docket congregation and last Friday found out Saturday they already had it for young man. The head of quote today and the lady my friend, I will focus their tell me about time you know plenty for one of them in here. Can it be to find .2 first going the wrong Medtronic economy. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm so that you going to this and obviously we can hear the effect it's having on you. But let me ask you this, though, when you say it's a traditional synagogue additional synagogue would not welcome Intuit's leadership on some of the homosexual relationship so can't be that traditional conservative and they're all conservatives anything but traditional content right right right so so within the three major branches of Judaism reform conservative and Orthodox conservatives, liberal all it was trying to do was conserve certain conditions that that's the reason in which I was raised so that's that's perfectly normal. There just look at it like this.

They don't know the Lord, the way we know the Lord and and much man fall right right, of course, it hurts but but please please hear me, the bigger thing is that he doesn't know Yeshua.

The fact that they have these liberal social values to them are being inclusive to them. They are being prophetic and going against the bigotry of society that's that's how they see it that they're doing the right thing and God's side and they'll have their rabbis explain why where these things are kosher. If it was an Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox synagogue. These things wouldn't be happy dammit did reach out to the kid for sure they would not allow a man quote married to another man to be part of their leadership or anything like that but the thing is like the world is the world it would be no different than if he was a nominal presbyterian Christian going to a nominal presbyterian church that did confirmation for kids with same-sex parents and welcome the same-sex parents into the congregation. It's just the world that doesn't know the Lord. So I would encourage you yeah what you do is pray for him to know the Lord and pray for him to the show and I was just excuse me doing that here and we are to wait before I went toward him. What came up our table to tell them that you should do what didn't come to the point about the fulfillment and all in the next week when now came like a breakthrough like the enemy further fell you as you listen. Your job is to plant seeds and pray with a broken heart, because your tears speak volumes to God and and I know I know situations with wives. Pray for years and years and years and years for their husbands to come to faith and then they did the most extraordinary way I meet, I will. I remember one case in particular. Every time I would preach at this church in New Jersey. This woman would come up to me and through my husband's. She was Gentile. He was Jewish, but he was he was a God marker and she was she coming tears my husband my husband.

Her heart was breaking on a first for good reason. But when when he got born again, he got so radically born again, he set up a keyboard on street corners and and play and preach the gospel. I mean, he became outspokenly bold. It was amazing.

He was a college professor, psychologist, and wouldn't hold back airing his views so that the fact that there that there firming of homosexual relations is not that's that's the least your concerns. They don't know the Lord. They don't hold to the same standards that we do. They read the Bible differently so I know it's it's burdensome but that's that's honestly the least of your concerns. You just keep shining the light you keep showing something beautiful to him. You keep being a no-brainer.

But what could wake up breaks God's heart to but what can you do pray, yeah. And listen, let me say this last thing to and then I'm in a call on our listeners to pray with you there are rabbis that I've interacted with now for over 50 years and there's some I've interacted with steadily steadily for over 20 years. Sometimes talking by phone once a week irrevocably and I have spent many hours together. Beautiful times sometimes just the two of us for hours talking heart-to-heart none of them are believers yet but I keep selling season. Praying, there's a gentleman that I started working with.

In 1993. It took 25 years religious Jew 25 years before he came to faith and now it's a beautiful thing to see what God is doing so. Let's pray everyone listening, especially if you have a burden for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and in the cheers of this wife touch you. Let's pray God open his heart, open his mind soften his heart bring them to repentance. Put faith within him. God give them a heart to turn. We pray proud grace on him and give them a heart to turn and use this woman to touch and knew she was name. Amen. Thank you for calling. I appreciated 866342 tail with Eric stay right there a minute ago you were right on the other side of the break. This way will have time for your question will have to rush the question or the answer no.

On Wednesdays we set out an E blast called Wednesday watchlist and we give you in one email all of our latest videos because every week we put on a number of short videos of specific subjects or targeted videos on things and we want you to know about them, and if you miss it just in the business of life you don't see a post on social media boom you get that every was ended Friday. Here's a list of all the articles I wrote the previous week. It's on average five and most of them are dealing with the key issues your wrestling within society with the things that that you're being confronted with your kids are dealing with in school or your reading on the news knowing you're frustrated because you you want to get a message out as a way wait Dr. Brennan who said what I was thinking great that you can share that or just be informed and you find yourself remember we have this holy mandate from the Lord to help get God's people thriving and healthy and strong as we get thriving and healthy and strong yolks are broken from our lives as we get healthy and thriving and strong. We now in turn can help others is our light shines more brightly. The darkness will be dispelled and no were not good to see a perfect world until usual returns when I can see perfect peace on earth to Jesus returns America will not become a truly quick Christian nation or messianic nation until the Lord sets up his kingdom over the whole world, but the fact is, we can make a difference now.

And we do it together so good asked Dr. SK DR click to receive our emails. Also the beginning of the week. If we have a new resource offer things we put together for you a new book coming out a special announcement you'll know about it. Asked Dr., some for the emails stored in your email address. Your first and last name if you like your address is well and if I'm coming to speak in your area you get notification as well. So is a great way for us to stay in touch if you want to stand with us if you want to join our support team as you been helped. Now, help us to help more people help us to strengthen more believers help us to shine the light more brightly. Just click on donate monthly support a dollar a day makes a big big difference and we will pour back into you and many many different ways right lot more to talk about today we get to as many calls as possible. Now's a great time to call and because will be able get your call before the shows over 866-348-7884. Stay right here will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Jewish Thursday, 866-34-TRUTH all this over all of you joining us now, and Katie KR in the DFW area got important announcement will be making in the next few days and will be very relevant for all of you listening all right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Eric in Johnson City, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire about yeah in the Old Testament there are individual mentoring with the lineage and there's some that are not profit Audra British profit and profit, but it is not mentioned at all is very significant of the omission of the ability. Yet it seems to be a mean you have a successor you have the father's name there right you have, you know so many through the Bible renotice some of this one son of that one part of the lineage when Ezra comes back from Babylonian exile to join his people in Jerusalem. It links this lengthy lineage so so so so ill to trace him all the way back to Aron the high priest so there's there's always a purpose in mentioning the lineage not mentioning it seems quite intentional. There are some who claim that he was a Gentile and that's why it's not mentioned, with no hint of that in the text that there's nothing that would strongly point in that direction in his name. Ellie Yahoo so the Lord is my God always my God is is a very strong testimony of his Israelite background, but my impression is it makes him a more supernatural character. In other words, he comes out of nowhere and then he departs taken up in in chariots of fire and the whirlwind. So even though he's a human being. Jacob James five tells us his flesh and blood just like us or something very much supernatural about this man of God that comes just with a word from God, and an unction from God and is backed by God and is taken out of this world. So he is a unique figure in that way and then his voice comes back later.

Many years after his death. There's a letter that's written from Elijah due to a corrupt king. Where did that come from and then of course the end of Malachi. There's a larger that's coming. This would mean a lot. You literally were the spirit and power of Elijah minis figure New Testament Azor figurant traditional Judaism. To this day.

Every Passover Seder you leave a chair empty for Elijah the prophet, so it just kind of plays into this bigger than life character and that to me this is the only explanation. Again, some of claim he didn't have an Israelite heritage putting that one aside to me it's just for effect and it underscores this dramatic nature of his character thought that the upfront about it you that he was ready and wanted to keep your drunk people are pretty, that lighted lineage that matter. But will it… It wanted you that we would load our spell… I don't think that's right that the deeper you let let's just say this. Maybe I've expressed something that's more germane to the text itself right but for sure you're your friend can make application or he can point to a Jephthah in the book of Judges right, whose mother was a prostitute and was rejected by his contemporaries, and God raised him up and used him so you can say look, whatever your background, I can use you. So I don't I don't believe that's the primary reason we don't have the lineage but is your friend making an application for that real people.

Sure you can make that application and certainly take James five Jacob five that he was a human being just like us and is the most supernatural person in the Bible outside of Jesus is the most supernatural human being terms of so different, so other, but he was flesh and blood, just like I say thank you for the call Eric, thank you Dr. Brown you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Jonathan and Israel, thanks for calling. Welcome to the line of fire around hello so you probably want to write so are you walking the community.

You know all you know I'm not going nobody is amended and you are you really enjoying being Jewish than I'm going to be gentle not only religion but I know that the money I mean I find out if you ignore the grid regarding an increase on the gold eagle gold value so you do anything I know about you doing them no I know about you on the unit being on their door so easy Bible about you, yet you are holding in all the talk about the Bible you Bible anyone think I'm go talk about it or are you going to love their corporate because the alignment of the social necessity something Jonathan units on that. Let me ask you this year a traditional Jew believes that Michiana is important in God's plan correct phrase every day on the money bill and thus the bibliography to write so praise daily and confesses okay so what are the prophecies about Michiana within the Cheraw the traditional Jew would point to my question is why all because I'll show you I'll show you sure in the Torah that's easy, I'll show you that moment, but I'm asking is it as a serrated you if someone said to show me machine in the Torah is not talking the issue is that I will write no okay when an illness their lot there not yet okay and you you can be limited by all you you you you out of the bottom of fire. You even though it's important to Jewish history are, and certainly a major theme within the Scriptures. Okay so I'm either to talk about more about the Holocaust and's and learning sauce and understand okay so let me tell you different places where I would find Michiana in in the Hebrew Bible. Okay the first hint is is ingratiate Genesis the third chapter. This is just a hint. Okay. But remember when when hush and when God curses the knockoffs the serpent right he's a slave she'd been cultivating how he saw Saul put enmity hatred between you and between woman veins are, veins, Czar, you should call Welsh for a tots issue for Octave so to put hatred between you and the woman between your seed and her seed, and he'll crush your head will strike his heel.

There are many who believe throughout Genesis God keeps talking about our homes and Sarah Sarah of Oliver Hon Hitchcock and Yaakov the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and goddesses through your C3 or Sarah. The whole earth will be blessed so many look at this and say ultimately this is a prophecy that a descendent of the woman, a descendent of Eve will ultimately destroy the knockoffs who represent Satan. Justice that's just a hint we just leave that there okay right now we go to breast-feed a cuff bait so Genesis 22 and there we read about the arcade. The binding of Isaac so you know, in the actual amount of your you okay now we know that in reality, Hitchcock doesn't die there right, but later rabbinic tradition say that God counted it as if he died and his if his blood was shed and and there were there even Jewish traditions that says every offering that's offered even the tummy. The daily offering that that's offered based on the merits. This includes, of Hitchcock, so this is the stimulus just take a picture of of Messiah who suffers for us and based on his accrued but worry about.

Based on his marriage. Why mull all the excitement. Okay leaders are driving all I think you are one in every yes and I are most of your you know that no okay on work. I'm going to talk about will be gone. I find this rule.

This is… We are seriously doubt they are not. Read me down. And you believe yourself to go on for long. About a month tell you about a month. I know when we die… No yield on the dog, and you will never will be there and then your loan file, and I in you. And I'm in utero right so so this is answer the question is because God reveals things. Little by little, because we are not able to understand everything and it's one thing upon another, upon another look at heredity Jew believes this to rush of all pay an oral law right but there's that there's only heard about it anywhere. The Torah and never mentions that any of the verses that they claim to use are very much twisted. What I'm saying is I can build one block upon another, to point Yeshua a number just to hear. So we keep talking on the other side of the break. Okay I want to talk about me to Thompson said he came to compare the death of the righteous tones we see that the Torah as you keep believing. By the time you get to Isaiah 53 it's clear to show is crystal clear okay but stay right there. Thank you, thank you for listening and watching will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown having a thoroughly delightful conversation with the owner Tom and Israel money asking how old you are, sir. 32 and you know you know what you go. Yes. I will write a new year.

I will one guy I know I what were you raised in the serenity community.

The funeral is the Tel Aviv course and what points did you really begin to question what you believed was an early or or later in life and I will hold thy mom there breaking their closet fighting regarding the right so cute. T-Mobile next year. An and barbaric.

I got it I started to thaw out due to the unity of them and they should know that the Nokia one.


Do not know the great talk on the phone fish are not are you gonna your new life if you fail you and I can I'm going to buy will cost you five know if you want unwanted time and nobody getting on the Christian because we will not go you and you'll always question God at all, undergone more than anyone have any question you know, I've heard that it can happen in any religious tradition, for sure, but I've heard that from other X sorry D from people who are OTD off the Darris and it was the same thing when they asked is one thing to ask a question about some halachic discussion some chocolate tires some give-and-take in a Talmudic debate and you're trying to understand that. But when US the bigger question, why should I listen to the tall motor washer many times that would get shut down. So I appreciate your honesty very very much and I encourage you to keep searching and being honest with God and honest with yourself and and just say God if you're there you have to help me. You know like that that the prayer in the Psalms, God is neither a beat in the flow meter Tessa uncovered my eyes that I can behold wondrous from from your teaching so God if you're there overlies my wife Nancy when she was raised in reformed Judaism's.

It was very, very liberal, but at the age of eight.

She concluded that God did not exist and it was only 19 when we met and she encountered God that she became a believer about let me get back your question about Cheraw.

We do know in in briefly at 49 that there is there is a reference to a leader coming from the tribe of you who die the tribe of Judah and the nations will give him their obedience that's understood as a messianic prophecy but that doesn't necessarily say Jesus understand that, in the words of Bill Om bail him in the mid-bar numbers 24 I see him, but not yet in a scepter will rise from Israel so that's another picture of Messiah.

So Moses wrote those words. So again, but that doesn't specifically point to Jesus that this is points to a messianic king, but then you have the whole this, the situation of the core bond. The sacrificial system. The goat law was assailed that the scapegoat that you put all the sins of the nation on that and carries a boy or you have the cities of refuge.

If you actually kill someone he could flee to them after stay there the rest your life. Unless the high priest dies when he dies you released in this is part of the concept in traditional Judaism here this day with a fab famous Rabbi dies that the death of the righteous tones for the sins of the generation me to Thompson so he came to compare so that to me that's the Bassar that's the gospel and and it is God's laying this out to put these concepts in the hearts and minds of the people of Israel.

So when you get to Isaiah 53 Llano console typing all of us like sheep have gone astray, each the dark opening each one his trench was only by the naïve Ghia ball at the Vaughn Collado and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all there is. I mean it is so clear it's so beautiful, so the Cheraw lays the foundations that in the VM build on those foundations to bring us to Yeshua, so it's not just out of the blue.

These things are being laid out for people to see and then then we go back and read it to you start reading Isaiah's failure, 52 beginning an and 13 he Naess kill of the upper room in the Suffolk of all so so God's as a service can be highly exalted within a Cisco share shall know about rug rug know I know I know you probably about 1 billion you know you won't you yes yes computer desktop and mobile. The line about the juridical motors which where I died about him you know. Just remember, just remember even from a traditional perspective, there is not a lot of messianic prophecy within the Torah. But what I'm saying there are see that because God is because they didn't have a king yet because they didn't have a full concept of Messiah. So God first is calling the nation out bringing his people to himself right then giving us is his grandmas and commandments to live by now giving us a picture of the King of David of a greater David of Michelle. So he's just building it like a good builder one layer on another. But what I would no longer know what I II you you will never be between a monarchy with God. Okay, you know you will one day you going to be (why don't I see you I don't think that they thought that they would be dead forever. I believe they had a hold but the look Moses wrote down the words of Genesis 4910 so he knew about the coming of of Michiana from the line of Judah, and he wrote down the words of Balaam in Numbers 24 so she knew about the king who would rise up and destroy the enemies of this was odd.

I believe Moses knew about Michiana and Oliver Hom knew that through his arrow through his seed the whole world would be blessed. But all these things are pictures looked out the whole sacrificial system and every day. Substitute substitute is raw. She says life for life. As I mentioned, the atoning power the death of the righteous. This is God's way of preparing the people for the coming of Messiah, and he does it in a very systematic way so builds on the foundation of Cheraw, and then you have many of these pictures and images like the Al Qaeda, like Joseph, rejected by his own brothers and becomes the Savior of the Gentile world and then only the second time around his own brothers recognize who he really is.

That's how it is with the church now that the Jesus is recognized by the Gentiles was foreign to his own people, but when he returns will be recognized.

So I see all these beautiful layers there and then you build on it.

The words of the prophets you build on it. The words of the Psalms, and from there the picture is clear that this shows just about over but I've got a question for you, and you don't have to answer on the air. Okay because Duane will come right back to to chat with you. We are friends in Israel that have a lot of of former heredity friends who are believers in Yeshua who been on a very similar journey that you've been on and I know that they be happy to talk to you soon so here's here's going to do and this is this is all fierce. You don't have to respond on the ear with me now okay if you'd like to give contact info and email address. Something else I promise you it will only be given to one person that I know very very well. Israel I speak with him interact with him regularly. I know him well, I've watched him for many many years.

I've met some of his former hooray be exploring the friends who are now followers of Yeshua, and I'm sure he'd love to to talk with you alright so if you'd like to give us this contact info it will go to know what we we won't culture our mailing list will not be given to anyone else right.

This is the only way I know how to to put you in touch. Or maybe you've got some other email or address or something. Duane's gonna come back on with you, and if you're willing to give us the contact info then will pass on. If not, then you can always write to me personally through a website or call another date and I'd be delighted to continue the conversation and everybody listening and watching. Let's pray for God to reveal truth to you with regard to make real to this precious man how real he is and who Messiah really is.

Let's pray for that for units that have a heart to receive okay stay right there. Duane's gonna come on and talk with you if you'd like to give us the contact into a boy. May he do it.

That would be wonderful. I know exactly who to connect him with an friends. This is what I ministries all about. Thanks for being part of it.

The third are for ministry revival in the church more cultural revolution in society and redemption.

Israel is the ultimate cause for which we live singer Jewish people come to faith. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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