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The Virus, the Passover, and the Traditional Jewish Community

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 2, 2020 4:50 pm

The Virus, the Passover, and the Traditional Jewish Community

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 2, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/02/20.

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What a unique time in the Jewish world Passover is upon us.

Israel in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic is God saying and doing stock for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends welcome to going to fire a bit of a technical issue with the studio but hopefully all is well and you can hear me loudly and clearly 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is the number two call any Jewish related questions were very happy to speak with you answer all judicially questions 866-34-TRUTH 784 Passover B April 8-16 resurrection Sunday, April 12.

So here Christians will be celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Right in the midst of the Passover season, which is the way it should be originally was one holiday, the Messiah dies and rises in the midst of Passover, but this year with the world and upheaval.

This will be an even more significant time traditional Jews when they gather for Passover or any Jews that gather into a Passover Seder go through the ceremony and ritual will ask why is this night different from all other nights and on all the nights we do this, but on this that we do this well this Passover looks to be different then all other Passover is up to now, so a whole lot going on in the Jewish world with a focus on it today 866-34-TRUTH for Jewish related questions okay. Let's start in Israel ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel are being infected on a higher rate than the rest of the population and there are more casualties were potential casualties among them.

So even though the ultra-Orthodox makeup may be 12% of the population as a whole. They are 40 to 50% of the cases that are being reported. The New York Times has a whole order, so a note number of websites, both secular and religious, have articles talking about what's going on. Why are so many religious Jews dying.

Why are so many religious Jews getting infected in Israel. There are several answers to the question. One is the very obvious that they have large families and live very closely together in smaller communities and the there is constant public gathering the manner gathering every day for prayer several times a day for study through the day and through the night.

It is a communally celebrated, communally led and communally experienced faith, so religious Jews are together all whole lot large communities in small areas so that is a hotbed for infection very very obviously so and because in Judaism, praying together, asking God together studying together is is a foundational value. The idea of you just, get a loan in your in your home and in you meet with God. You can't pray in your homes that you can't study in your home but doing it together is part of the very fabric of the religion soul. The traditional communities will be a little slower to abide by the guidelines of the government and even before the government had the guidelines put out there were so many people in such close proximity. It makes it very very easy for infection to spread so that's one reason that a much higher percentage of traditional views, ultra-Orthodox Jews in particular are being infected in Israel.

Your second reason which is that some of the communities. A minority with them remain tremendously hostile to the government and do not trust the government and have sentiments that go back decades in terms of feeling that the government is secular and the government is against them. There are some groups that don't even receive government benefits for the most part, because they don't recognize the legitimacy of the government because it is in their view, a secular state so they are going to be less inclined to go along with bans on public gathering. They would just look at this is the government trying to restrict so you have issues just like a church in Americus is working to go on and meet you and I can stop us from meeting. It is something similar. In this case something similar with us and the rest of the pray rest of the study so that has really upped the ante of these factors, a being so many in small areas living in close proximity be some of the leaders being resistant government regulations and the work in a globular study were going to go on with our prayer you can stop us from doing this. Look at the government as being inconsistent in allowing this to happen there and that the stuff in there, which may or may not be true. So because of this there is even more happening in terms of sickness, infection, death to me again another opportunity to pray for God's intervention because traditional Jews as devout as they are still human beings, and there could be more fear in the could be more questions in the could be more people looking deep and not giving it example though of of ultra-Orthodox Jewish attitude okay. I was interacting with a rabbi in Brooklyn the other day ultra-Orthodox rabbi in Brooklyn. We're going back and forth in terms of knowing safe and what's gone is asking me what's going on and I said to him what's happening in your in your community are people dying and he said yes.

The community is large and close right so so many people living in close proximity infection spreading the disease is much easier and then I wrote back.

I said understood. May God be gracious and he said that this is in an ultra-Orthodox rabbi. He said he always has been.

We do not know exactly what God's purposes. Look at Daniel. Even when he had revealed to him things from the future he had to admit he didn't understand it and look at Job's suffering, God doesn't tell them basically God tells them basically to mind your own business when he asked about why things happen to him.

So that's the viewpoint of a traditional Jew worshiping God.

Regardless, honoring God regardless saying was drove.

The Lord gave the Lord took away at the same time. These are fellow human beings with frailty weakness like everyone else. Pray that God would reveal himself in a powerful life-changing way to these religious Jews in Israel in the midst of this crisis okay what about the Passover season, what about God doing something in the midst of the Passover season, what about this being a time when will be a dramatic change that comes could it be now. It just so happens that my new book written in intensive eight-day. And, barring some some, barring some material from the but I written in the couple of weeks before that my newest book will be out gobbling on April 15.

What is it, it is the world stops words of faith, hope and wisdom in the midst of the crisis, so I I'm really hoping this will be a book that will minister to every one of you in the midst of crisis in the midst of concern in the midst of pandemic as as things turn at a certain point weeks will be months nor lasting lessons. God wants to teach us there lasting things that he wants us to get out of all of this so bottom line right now. I'm thinking a lot about April 15 because of the book coming out, but I've been thinking a lot about April 15 for weeks now because there are some prophetic brothers, some you may recognize them as prophetic, some you may not that's perfectly fine, but they both pointed to some major things happening in the first months of this year. This was back last year. Early this year that there'd be shaking for several months, and 10 shake everything can be shaken, but that a shift would come a major shift would, diminishing of the crisis major shift with the virus.

The end of phase 1 and now phase 2 of the major shift and that it would happen around April 15 or 16th is the Passover season because of the blood. The blood of the Lamb soul big big question is what's gonna happen. God hasn't spoken to me about God is not given me a word that April 15 or 16th. A major shift of the one thing I know is that that's the day my book scheduled to come out saw praying the gullible minister to people but but this is this is I don't believe that the fees and true prophetic words. They were prophesying that my book is coming out. Let's get a big big shift.

Okay, even for me. That's that's beyond what I'm expecting faith voice got to use this book but will that will will God intervene.

This is what we were praying, praying every day for intervention just read the report couple days ago and in one city, Michigan, Flint, Michigan. Bishop died. Pastor died, Elder die on the same city, and I think insane denomination. If I'm correct, but same city boom were praying every day for God to intervene forgot to work for God have mercy for God to awaken the church forgot to stir the culture to turn to God were praying for God's redemptive activity in the midst of this, and for his mercy mercy mercy mercy mercy solidity today would be even better to be divine intervention today by we shall see. Will something tangible, something noticeable, something definite, something clear happen April 15, 16th, and will that be part of God getting attention is. It was nothing. I was what if everything goes on exactly the same voice about this prophetic words.

There will there were not true. Those that brought them because of the national level of this sentence both among national platforms. Those those who did this.

There accountable and leaders that work with them should hold them accountable and the rest of the body charismatic body that reason prophetic ministry today for major? Over other things that are said this is this make.

What if there's a chef but it's like how definite clear will then we have to just look at and say well we can't really evaluate clearly over something did happen that the prophetic voice and said something would happen.

Shift diminishing the second phase, but they didn't say that everything would stop on that day but but what if something dramatic does happen right what is something dramatic and unambiguous happens and while we look at that and we we see the hand of God. That's my silica constant speaking, constant speaking sums going on is getting our attention. He's acting turn to him and started number plan and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown for friendship welcome welcome you have a Jewish -related question that a Jewish related question of any kind does not relate to the current situation with virus even Passover.

Do you have a relevant Jewish question.

Phone lines are open 866-348-7884 okay before I go to the phones very very interesting situation in Israel a few weeks ago, the health minister who is an ortho Orthodox Jew himself because Jacob Glicksman is that his name yet lot Jacob Glicksman when he was asked what's the solution. This is the health minister, the health minister of Israel.

He was asked what is the solution to the covert, 19 virus and he said we are praying and hoping that the Messiah will arrive before Passover the time of our redemption. I'm sure that the Messiah will come and bring us out as God brought us out of Egypt. Sumo got freedom in the Messiah will come and redeem us from all the troubles of the world is a picture of what you picture this okay that our Surgeon General gets up here in America. Dr. Anthony found she gets appear in America.

Dr. Ben Carson with his medical background gets up one of these. One of these people. Extensive medical background. Sir, what is the solution to our problem will we believe Jesus is going to come back by Easter. What were believing for every action you picture what the reaction would be from the general public.

You talk about trouble get the tax that would be attacked me on anything received thus far, but this is what the health minister said it now again Israel was was jumping on this was was all over this in terms of quarantine early on in Prime Minister Netanyahu use the word pandemic way before others were using it. So Israel's been on top of this and and and working hard so that that the health minister is being irresponsible. But that's that's what he said no health minister sees me and we put the article up saying that Messiah will arrive before Passover and that is the solution. Right now Jacob Glicksman has the virus himself and his quarantine yeah now I'm not I'm not saying that there will be a miraculous answer by the 1560s. I'm really looking for. I'm hoping God does something a hopeless prophetic words are true and something happens that gets people's attention the ties in with the Passover and ties in with God. Turning back, plagues and things like that but I'm just saying that this is is quite extraordinary to hear this man who said that the Messiah will come and save us and deliver us from our problems and because remember traditional Judaism. The belief is that the Messiah could be here among us write this document come in the clouds but is gonna be a leader among us that this would be someone among us will now reveal himself as Messiah to the Jewish world to the Jewish people. Okay. And yet he now has the virus himself. This health minister, just this one of these things that is different than anything I've lived through different than anything I've seen affecting the whole world wrote an article right before radio about getting God's perspective on the virus and and and in the crisis. This is some that ties into the book that I wrote when the world stops that the coupling will be out on April 15 words of faith, hope, and wisdom in the midst of crisis.

You can order quite yet. It's not up on Amazon early start on just telling you she can never heads up, but one of the biggest things that that I'm seeking to convey is that we as God's people need to grab hold of this moment and recognize that that its unique time in history and you wanted to count you want to maximize it. So even in terms of what is the spirit saying is he saying something in particular the ties in with Passover all the more do we want to have ears to hear, with the spirit and say all right. We are to try to go to because we've had some technical problems in our studio. Hopefully everything is resolved, we will give a shot going to Canada James are you there all right. I can hear you. You can hear me. That is great news and let me to say this folks know we're just doing radio and broadcasting is normal and I'm watching the screen with the communication between our two studios products, troubleshoot problems so that the strata focusing and beyond with the show but anyway James we been scrambling behind the scenes. So glad that we can hear each other what your questions are asked. My question is thank you so much for your ministry or after such an encouragement to me will thank you.

Glad that were encouragement or after my question is okay if I did quote small portion from Matthew yet from Matthew 24. She was really applicable to those days the sun will be dark in the market with light office on powers of heaven will be shaken loose on the part of the Son of Man will appear in the sky and all the tribes liable more when they see the sun coming Son of Man coming on the bounds of heaven with power and great glory.

And out available out loud, the plot governs luck or when one and seven. The other is on top of the victory and he says no one knows or not they are our will, nor are the angels in heaven, or the sun but only the father because just as it was, that there is no also be one Son of Man comes the question is regarding the phrase no one knows when they are our will, when Yeshua said that without a Jewish idiom referring to Rosh Hashanah and how the nation of Israel did not know when not be used with startle of the Sanhedrin declared the first day of the feast it with.

Depending on how the new moon appeared things according to everything I know that's an Internet myth I have looked up for the lit first. I never heard my entire life. Until recently, so that would raise an issue because of been studying Matthew have been studied, there is a method of studying Jewish background to Matthew. I have certain knowledge of Jewish literature. So I never I never heard number one. I then searched for that phrase every way I knew how in massive compendiums of traditional Jewish literature and did not find it. With reference to Rochon or anything like that. I scoured the leading commentaries which I own on Matthew and look to see if they had a reference to this, and these are people that know the background really well. Also, I found nothing. I consulted with the rabbis, and none of them had ever heard of it, and to this day.

Have you ever seen someone with a reference to a specific rabbinic text anywhere where you just heard five find my heaven was written by Alvey Ben Mordechai only reference but I never seen right and did he give specific references here it is.

In rabbinic literature, not yet.

So I mean, the fact is I have run into a bunch of these Internet myths you know for. For example, all one of the Internet myths is that there were several signs that God given to the Jewish people that as to how they would recognize the Messiah, including that he would heal someone born blind. So it was actually a very reputable person that I read that from but I noticed there was no footnote to it and people said all yeah yeah that's infected probably be before the days of Internet that was going around. That's like oh yeah that's and I thought I never knew that but rabbinic literature is called Yama to load the see of the Talmud rabbinic literature somatic massive you could be studying for days and days and days and months and years and decades and you're still wading through this is so much to learn so I was the all just must be something I never learned I never heard you give the benefit of the doubt. But then when I dug and Doug and Doug and Doug. I could never find this in ancient rabbinic literature anywhere and then I went and looked at the the person would written it in a later addition the book they pull that parts like I guess you heard it through the grapevine and repeated it and it actually wasn't true so yet no evidence for that whatsoever. It means just what it says in context. And yet if if you're James. Here's the deal. If you ever find someone citing this okay and saying, yet this is this because our people say I heard this grown-up likely then give me the source give me the source. If you ever see anyone giving the lead source here and in this code of law, or here in this ancient rabbinic text where some from the Dead Sea Scrolls something like that, then please give us a call or just write to us and say hey I discovered it but you know the truth is always so wonderful and beautiful and overwhelming and glorious. There's so much in their that we don't need the myths you know and in fact this it is less than James, Nancy and I were talking today and she had watched a movie on on the which one it was on Jesus and she said it was well done. She said one have to change within the Bible.

In other words, the biblical text as it is, is dramatic enough of the stories are dramatic enough in the narrative is compelling and often the characters are striking enough. Why do you need to change that would when what's written there is told about you and only Hollywood to improve it, fix it is better than the Hollywood can come up and stay with it. Stay with us the same way to say this enough glorious truth in Scripture, we don't need to add these other things to it so I can ever come up with an ancient rabbinic source that proves me wrong on this, please, please file share with everyone apologize for getting this off every I know her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and now cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking to the line of fire listed by podcast welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted and blessed to be here with you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 with any Jewish related question you have a right before I go to the phones when there is something very bad that happens to the world.

You can expect that Jews will be blamed. Jews will be scapegoated that sometimes Christians are scapegoated as Rome burned.

Christians were blamed by Nero and there was an editorial in your times that I addressed in very strong terms. Last week claiming that Pres. Trump responded slowly to the virus because he surrounded by non-science believing evangelical leaders and so we are the cause evangelicals, evangelical leaders are the cause for the virus in America. Mina terribly responsible article and with zero proof to back claims to this and a lot of pushback against that, including from yours truly. But more often than not through history Jews get plates that you these evil deeds do the Jews, the Jews, the Jews there responsible when the black plague ravaged Europe centuries ago, Jews died to but not at the same percentage rate as non-Jews. One reason was because of biblical law in Jewish tradition that would have certain quarantining in certain health regulations and things like that so they died the night at the same percentage rate as non-Jews and that means that you started this whole thing the other June, the Jews, the Jews that that's always the group the people the Jews poisoned the wells, that's what they did have a door they took the elements of communion and and hearts of animals and think they mixed it all together and they through the wells and poison and and that's what started and even though they died to so no surprise whatsoever. No sooner. These things are taking place in his talk about pandemic and playing as soon as that happens, the guilty so there's is it an article extensive article on camera.ward you should check there regularly. This is the committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting and analysis Ricky Hollander wrote this article. Blood libel's conspiracy theories and corona viruses. So it goes through history were Jews or blame yearly kidnapping, child a Christian child around Easter in a train its blood and and have this for pastor without a train its blood and they use it now to make Passover matzoh and stop me. This is still believed by people around the world today so here here's what's being said that around about the coronavirus a real scroll down this article, the covert, 19 pandemic currently engulfing the world to has been turned into a source for new anti-Jewish libels primarily coming currently but not exclusively from the usual circles of anti-Semites the last month in Iraqi political analysis Mohammed Sadik on the chamois appeared on the rocks only on TV to proclaim the coronavirus code in American and Jewish plot to reduce the world's population but see in Iran.

Similar claims are being publicized by so-called experts, memory, which is a wonderful site go We actually have clips played of of these Muslim leaders around the world, yet you get to see. Here's preached in a mosque and watch this from from Gaza TV oxo TV or something like just a bit shocking with actually being said sooner on similar claims being published process for so-called experts, memory documents, a discussion on a rainy discussion on a rainy TV suggest Nicole with 19 was actually produced one of America's bioterrorist labs to target specific ethnic groups that Kelly Karami introduced as a lecturer in medicine declares that in the Zionist regime work on bioterrorism agents that not only affect a certain ethnic group that excuse me that only affect a certain ethnic group. The Palestinians will Turkish positive face air pecan proclaimed in the speech that Zionism may be behind the coronavirus that the virus serves Zionism's goals of decreasing the number of people that Zionism is a 5000-year-old bacteria that is because the suffering of people and I just here have a David Duke David Duke, former grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan right that was that his position notorious anti-Semite and proudly so David Duke's tweet does Pres. Donald Trump have coronavirus or Israel in the global Zionist elite to their old tricks and wrote this we know the Mossad, and if there's any horrific act that they are the Israeli government wouldn't do it, that there was going to advance their interest in the something get away with it until the government they think and get away with about anything. I'm sure the Israeli government Mossad is all sorts of ability to get control get their hands in his virus and read.

The virus is spread around very safely. In fact they can have somebody given the virus some somebody young enough that they wouldn't Dossett have immunity to think it's brittle of the hand cyclically confusing about hand sanitizing before virus. For that matter the same thing can be done by Jewish agency the wrong is very suspiciously rainy government is having a huge epidemic and in the ruling party in the parliament if they want to hurt her on it would be child's play for a number of agents of the Mossad to spread this around in Iran does have a problem with this and parts of Lebanon were that the biggest enemy in his will also think about it folks. I mean, they have been known to do this and on this page after page after page.

It's a great article. Be sure you read it now here is the real danger from I'm not just reading this to say is this crazy saying this because sick people, demented people, people with twisted views evil hearts. People believe this stuff by the thousand by the million. In fact, just curiosity. We see here. Let's just see on YouTube skill check David Jukes channel as were talking here right and I'm I think still on YouTube. It's a David Duke on YouTube and he's putting out this type of of all absolutely horrific. I maybe doesn't have a channeling of the maybes that but when he had a child was much bigger than mine much bigger than most Christian channels. A lot of people listen to this and it doesn't take much when you when you believe the Jews, the Jews spread apart evil Israel spreading the virus doesn't take much to start turning on the Jews turning on Israel is happen through history communities were burned at the stake.

Jewish families burned at the stake for allegedly committing some of these crimes and doing some of these dastardly things in centuries past and many said his last thing I am fully aware that Jews can play the anti-Semite card just like Blacks can play the racism card it's it's very possible that people do this right and and they overplay something. This is a legitimate issue but you overplay it right so I recognizes is a Jew that the Jews can do that okay. But here's a really easy way to to identify anti-Semitism really is okay, let's say that you see picture or your racism right you see picture Bill Cosby and now he's in jail for his crimes against women over the decades right if your first thought is here. Those Blacks than as racist tops of the races is one man okay doing doing particular thing that many whites have done many people of different color background of done is all is but the same saying with Jews or Jeffrey Epstein hard licensee. It's those Jews it's the Jews. It is very very easy to do that you are a racist. When you are in anti-Semites understudy. Here's a good way to check your heart okay here's a good way to check your heart.

You see a headline when you see it you generalize put people in these large categories sums wrong when you do that 866-34-TRUTH but escorted George in Switzerland. Welcome to the line of fire George Dr. Brown a little bit similar to brother from Canada Internet me that I'm trying to find their source would be, although I have found the statement of books or some website from apparently good people with teacher anything about the tabernacle or the Temple of juice or or you throw and they say they say that the when Jesus said in John 14 verse six I am the truth the way and the life he's actually weight-bearing what they say bearing to a ruddy knee culturally well that.the tabernacle or temple reentrant the main what I mean. The first one that trait doing to yard that would be used to collate the truth, then the other end from the brink you think they would call it the way and then the one that won the audio 40 would be named or called the line and not why they claim Jesus when you all the Jews are rounding up moment they would understand. They understood what he actually meant is there anything do you know anything about thought and I haven't found haven't been able to find any sort. Yes sir, I've heard it of the same way you've heard it when I search for online certain things come up, but I have first. Same deal I never heard about it my entire life I never sought any commentaries on John.

I never saw in any book sharing the Jewish background to the New Testament and in their compilation sir, that have every possible related Jewish text even if it's like 600 years after the New Testament from another country. It's like maybe the tradition went back earlier. In other words, maybe there's something preserved in the Babylonian Talmud that was written down around 400 years after the time of Jesus, but could possibly be repeating a tradition that was known in his day notice it's can have every possible related source and I've never found any evidence for this. Just like the other one.

You know I'm I'm looking in places online that that are making the same claim, but I see no source for. I see no actual reference and and sometimes sometimes when you find a reference. It's bogus as you go look.

It's like that's not even an accurate reference would be like St. John chapter 23 verse 41, with only 21 chapters and John so would be citing some rabbinic source but the source is completely off so he a sir. Once again, like you, I have found zero looking, you're very welcome gutless. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown again Passover resurrection Sunday, April 12 with God doing at this time Pres. Trump saying be great to have the churches fill Easter Sunday, barring a miracle. That's I can happen right now. But even more talk more focus on what will you heard national focus on these dates like this and then Israel health minister same on the size given common to redeem us with the health minister without has the virus during Passover and then the prophetic leader saying this can be a shift April 15 60 that I'm IN space in the can forward to this time, we can ministries and more people is a book that I wrote during this crisis. Now it's coming out so from think it is from from the day I got the idea of writing the book they the book could be in your hands or an e-book form, less than a month. Think of that God's grace and that but April 15 is when the book should come out when the world stops words of faith, hope and wisdom in the midst of crisis. Having said that, what traditional Jews do. Passover is the number one family gathering time of the year families, extended families come together and and have the Passover Seder together. I want to be totally candid with you. I have never ever given your false impression of my upbringing. I was raised in a fairly nominal Jewish home soul. Yes, I was bar mitzvahed. Yes, I knew I'm Jewish and I don't believe the things these others believe yes I would go to synagogue for the high holidays of an Passover. We would celebrate with your family and things like that but I never really liked it. It was like all the past. This is special is been one of us and candid with you whereas fruit for many Jews around the world.

This is a real highlight for very traditional family. There's a big ritual you go through it's it's a major event you you you look you search the house to make it fun for the kids you search by candle in Owen, is there any leaven anytime any comments and at anything of any kind.

Get it out of the house and vote within a certain product has leaven you can have that in an and normally afterburners certainly disposed so some the ultra-Orthodox rabbis and sank okay. We can do some of those things now to still search the house beeping just like throwing garbage, Inc. not to burn it is a certain restrictions that are being from people. What about meeting to can we meet together we can fight your family offices, but in the same home but families can come to extended families with passel by divine intervention.

So in the religious, but not as religious settings you can use zoom socially seeking. You can all do it together. Hey like like I did one class earlier today of invalid. It would've been Orlando class. I would've been teaching that identify zoom since this is already a summa doing zoom over to my other room and the resume meeting with students in Hawaii and at Bible school soul can we do that with social media and be together for Passover. So the less traditional rabbis. It's the religious have said yes were to relax through because it's see it's it's a it's a holy day Passover Seder these days are considered holy.

So their sabbaths. So one thing you can can use electricity get online you don't do anything like that on the Sabbath, so all some of them say okay this is exceptional or been in a situation like this can use social media, and then others.

The mostly the same, no not just going to have to deal with it. If you were if you're like what if your long purposes you and and and your spouse or this view work. Sorry so that's that's the world right now and remember the passive regulations given with great detail in the Bible in one you have the account and in numbers nine where certain Israelites are unclean or connate still partake no will have another Passover month later you so the stuff mattered. And now with all the tradition gets added on at added on added on. Hence, this unique situation in the traditional Jewish world.

All right, 86634 and let us go to Carmen in Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Currently there anybody home.

Okay, go ahead. Traveling last year and more aware of in there my file yeah I did not count there going to make it. It kind winter their community think the high inmate yeah Carmen I talked about this right at the beginning of the broadcast.

I know some of our Texas stations pick us up at the bottom of the hour.

That's what I talked about right at the beginning of the broadcast one that the rate of infections among the very religious and Israel much higher than the populace as a whole so the city ultra-Orthodox docs make up about 12% of the population there making up between 40 and 50% of the infections so there are two main reasons for that one there large communities living in close proximity and doing everything together.

The mentor praying together studying together got tons of little kids together so it just makes it a nightmare for potential infection. So many people often living in some poverty housing and things like that because that's just not with or concentrating on some large numbers of people in small settings and then so many gatherings you know it.

Look up II pray alone every day. I will pray with the group every day but if you're traditional do you praying in the synagogue. You praying several times a day with other men, and then your learning setting and achieving it. Or call Ellen Seger studying all day to study how much you together so that's one thing. So before even though it's happening a lot more people to be infected. The other thing is that some of the communities have been resistant to the government because they look with hostility towards the government to look at the secular in some cases even illegitimate there been conflicts going back decades over the founding of the state of Israel and the rights of the religious and so on and so forth.

So because of that, because of that some of them have been defined, the van and and for example in in the May Brock is outside of Tel Aviv, ultra-Orthodox for the city. There is not a 100% shutdown that you can't get in and out, but largely things have been have been shut down there because of the high rate infection. So it's specific traumatic time for traditional Jews in Israel and again this is this important time for us to be praying and crying out to God just wrote an article about this that should go live later today or tomorrow by getting Scott getting God's perspective on the virus and then that ties in with chapters and in my book the look about April 15, doubling world stops in Carmen in the midst of this, you hate to see the suffering pain, the upheaval calamities. It's touching everyone from Christians, Jews, atheist the Muslims to you name it could be affected by this. But God is not in a panic and we can have a burden and be concerned because not in a panic over this and therefore our hearts burn to see God glorified through the safe one question for you Carmen. How did the trip to Israel affect you.

What impact did it have on you. You cannot look back on your later contact rate at the Bible. I can for July were able to know really I can really change my life pretty sky I would recommend everything can't text thanks for the recommendation. Carmen, our next trip is scheduled for May. If we cannot do it may, and we will have dates locked in later in the year for the trip case and the seats open up, but goblin will do in the future. Thank you Michael California time is supershort that if you can ask a short question. I give you short answer you there hello yeah go ahead if you got it. Quick question, please ask either of their parents about the coronavirus is just wondering.

John 17 that that we can refer the world and my question was, we pray for the world that Jesus and why the part of why God for the coronavirus yet so semi-confident. I apologize for interrupting and and submit you your mom thank you okay Jesus is praying a specific prayer there were believers right but first Timothy two tells us that we should pray for everybody should pray for kings and rulers for for because God wants all men to be saved first Timothy 2124 so we should absolutely be praying for everyone to channel Esther Karen SK Dearborn on YouTube. We posted a video about affect probably later today. It will go up. But if you subscribe for you to come to know about how to pray the world during pandemic so pray for mercy. Pray for divine intervention. We don't know ultimately how this virus came about attack from Satan's judgment from God is beings is something natural, God's working through it. So pray good prayers for people God be merciful to this world. God open up hearts and minds God turn people to you this be a time of awakening in the church and in the world.

Of course we pray for the assessment that the more you got questions

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