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Best of Broadcast: Rallying Believers to Stand for Sound Doctrine

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 12, 2022 4:02 pm

Best of Broadcast: Rallying Believers to Stand for Sound Doctrine

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 12, 2022 4:02 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/10/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network want to talk to about a brand-new international apologetics declaration stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown why is doctrine so important. Why is being grounded in the Scripture so foundational.

What are some of the concerns about doctrinal deviance in the evangelical church the messianic Jewish movement and the charismatic movement in the church around the world were similar concerns to focus on that. I believe you to be edified, encouraged, enlightened, I guess. Today Eagle germ on is a colleague when you right into our ministry and you asked Jewish related questions and of the Scripture related questions, you'll get answers from Eagle from Dr. Jim on he has a Masters and bachelors and Masters in biblical studies from University of Haifa in his PhD in Hebrew Bible for the University of St. Michael's College, Toronto.

He's been teaching various academic levels with different schools in America, Israel, Canada. Four years now so I'm in regular contact with them through the week as he serves along with me here in Jewish ministry and organization but Inc. all is a fascinating personal story. He's Russian then moved from Russia with his family to Israel with many years there so speaks fluent Russian fluent Hebrew and fluent English and he was a Jehovah's Witness so he was an occult and in came out of that to the face with an interesting journey and that's why he's been so burdened to to teach, to instruct the ground people in the word and he and some colleagues who put out a major apologetics statement in terms of keys, doctrines, key things that we need to emphasize errors that we need to avoid really tell you how you can enter own signatures. And yes, I affirm this document. So without further ado Eagle.

Thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire today around all of your yes yes might might my joy to do it. So just a little background tell tell our viewers and listeners how old you were when you move from Russia to Israel and then about your religious upbringing question:) Jewish immigrant one and I might Jewish traditional family interest in spiritual thing at an evening that really drew me to third shop. He was my Jewish use birth like walking my absolute so I was really drawn to keep and what the beginning look like and so so Russian family Russian Jewish family. At that time there was will you secular ACS community were Jewish hot what what it actually meaning your life back then that when I want that I didn't have any spiritual experience at the time I didn't know the Lord know the Bible. However, my father one searching for God although he was not a believer pray to Jesus to be sure while back in Union looking for a copy of the Bible really interested in learning about things, but no where to turn and find the true so so now you're living in Israel when you're six years old with your family.

Many many Russian Jews in Israel. Maybe what 16 of the population today and you end up becoming a Jehovah's Witness, so are the Jehovah's Witnesses in Israel, all yet one of the most active Christian religious group very much active is Ralph only found out when they knocked on our board and very nice young Jewish man at club Bible at the time it is not anything about God anything about Scripture. Optional equivalent and lending authority, the Bible at 8 AM and will just offer you on the patient will comparable you and you will get no of the Bible and the great opportunity and that after a couple years there, he realized that the wrong way and we have to do to get out from there one summer locked again) when he would build the true gospel that the fate of the gospel, and we trust that the Lord Jesus cry for sure, she and eight what the real spiritual battle actually Getting out of the column but was a lot of pure pressure and every brain washed Off back back departing the old doctrine and launch mine and that many Christians don't realize that it is round are found in all people call and unfortunately very believer are knowledgeable and habitability and an interest to tackle the physical and help those people by, we do think that Dan and bring that line of the Glock so yeah is round like a date benefit were preacademic I would say that the most people in terms of files that ready all gospel preaching all crime is that Jacob will call amazing and I would I would say most Christians are unaware the Jehovah's Witnesses are active like that in in Israel.

I know we can get into this in great depth, but I just want Estes in a very short way. What was the key saying that helped open your father's eyes and your family size that Jehovah's Witnesses were not teaching the truth that this was actually occult.

What was it that was one particular truth. One discovery but would you say yes, I will bear at that writing thoroughly to ensure that trying to bring people into the kingdom home after drinking.

Question that they could look for when we read the Bible we felt very clearly Scripture that the Bible reference sure very clearly and thinking that you teach that Heathcliff verified Archangel Michael is quite is not eternal… The creator of the world/baby not we will the Lord walk of the holy Roman out to him and bring him to stop line of both physical one day and pressing on our heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, I'm not really out for me think a lot about that that the holy. In our personal debt. One of the one God of Israel, of the war and at we were shopping the bye week plus the fact that they grow it is very call interest a day night that Israel had his brother Dave got people all fake fragments old you get the 144,000 public relations. They said that they Israel, and in addition to, I would. I was shocked to learn that.

Actually, the Holocaust, they actually are where we people are and don't think that I learned about actual are I see that we are called to run away their light from a fighter so I got great friend of the Lord yet and course. It was a journey from Jehovah's Witnesses than another step until coming soundly into the body with other Jewish believers in Jesus friends. I just want take a moment and point you to this website will will posted in our Facebook and YouTube chats. The website is Bible Bible and it is the website for the international biblical apologetics Association to be talking a moment about the declaration, so this is the DIB AA international biblical apologetics Association is a fourfold goal promote unity among believers on the basis of biblical doctrine proclaim the gospel identify and refute counter biblical teachings trained churches and evangelism and apologetics. So you go to the website Bible share it with your friends Bible you click the various links but in particular go to the declaration and read through your firm that go inside specially leaders of ministries, but this is signatures from all around the world.

It's been posted in several languages ready and in fact you call and another Russian bleeding colleague worked on this. Initially, a few of us gave further input but it's it's a document that the work on vigorously over over long period of time to really sharpen clarify and ego. How many languages this is been posted in an how many countries have had people sign on all yeah yeah the correction have been translated while Christian morning wonderful again friends were just getting started with us about the need for this. The importance of this the website to go to Bible so you can click on about us to find out more and then you want to click on declaration read that through just foundational doctrinal truth. Foundational things that we are warning against, say, let us sign on together was my joy to sign on immediately as well and then their resources and things like that. But the key thing right now I'm asking you spread the word spread the word. Tell others about the website get them to visit their Bible pastors, leaders share the declaration with the congregation let us strengthen our foundations and the work will be right back on file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown the reminder file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on a lot of this is Michael Brown with my special guest Prof. Dr. E called your mom a colleague here and asked her to Brown. Among the many things he does teaches online classes, teaches the different schools, seminaries, universities and answers many questions that are sent into our website. Biblical Jewish related and his put a tremendous amount of effort now in the last year. Plus, in particular to this apologetics declaration again go to Bible to find out more Bible so ego one of the origins of this declaration.

First wanted to feel the burden to do this and then second how to become about how I will ever have been on my heart for one year I came to faith me. Israel I realize that the mean clear Bible grounded teaching and will and one eye after the Lord and I actually got bored Island immersed in it much that my I thought that burning in my heart that I want to share the modern deathlike. I will not lead to my academic journey pursuing back any degree bachelor specters in teaching fatty and I also realize that everything that Christian or Jewish circle, a lack of virtual discernment.

I had that even when we do have to sample out there. I see that sometimes they are done. I and read that really correcting at the present moment so I typically written. I would think that last 10 years plus final three real euros ride in a variety of false teaching that had been backing evangelical Christian believers enter is actually a way from the biblical face as a result, believers undermine relationship with the Lord and we are to heed to the warning that the findings that went up the shallot actually worn again preaching are not an Christian Hunter gospel so is my fate. Okay, wait a minute about the heart is okay 552 JW or hormone or other Christian group not to juggle the probably get some of those heretical teaching they penetrate and they find their way into believing community felt that I found it calling from Lord my Cali from Israel. Michael couple that she will put together the international apologetic declaration. We've been working on it April of last year and I was the first burden in Russian angel final last year and find final version March of each year, the principal award that our trees growing and it's a great opportunity to spread the gospel and check out all the darkness so heavy in our time today yeah and friends. On the one hand, there may be historic denominations that have statements laid out the different ministries that have statements laid out but many individual churches and believers have strayed from these things and then in many of our circles there. There a lot of independent congregations lot of independent ministries and they may not emphasize doctrine. They may get caught up with the latest fad or trend and often spring in real dangerous emphases as well as reach you again Omid Bible just click on declaration if you want to follow along with me Bible and then the click on the declaration tab of the statement says this this statement seeks to unite Christian and messianic believers as one body of Christ on the principles of the biblical faith.

The objectives of this declaration are one out on the fundamental tenets of biblical faith to emphasize the most common theological and practical misconceptions in contemporary evangelical messianic circles three.

Promote spiritual unity among believers based on biblical truth is we said it's been translated into 16 16 16 languages sung by Christians ready for more than 20 countries so whatever language if you're one of those 16, you probably are good reasons declaration their own language and then you can sign on to say a man is a believer are firmness and hate. Let's do this and haven't been giving out the phone number but if you want to ask a question like you do on Fridays, any question under the sun on the biblical theological sum, especially Hebrew related Jewish related will take calls on that today 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7/8 a four Eagle let's let's talk first. In terms of broad generalities not specifically evangelicals are messianic Jews or Russia or Israel or America. Broad generalities. What would you say are some of the biggest areas were believers or slipping dangerously into heretical, even false gospel views. Yeah about Alpine hour.

I like my area where we don't find out archaeological issue emerging fellow Bible, or unfortunately for some believers the Bible is not anymore. First of all you have dominant character and geologic. You cannot bend THAT is not relevant and you will find all go to find.1.1 and I would argue that we prevent broken charges before but not postage or phone right so you have very your life and so forth that the Bible is the authority for life for your archaeology and your family are you rely on outer source. For example. If any Jewish community. We have a very important question. Why don't you go away from dappled oral or how they relate to that Jewish Apocrypha want to do. Found Jewish interpretations of the Bible. Okay and running fine at problematic is not that we referred to this sort find and refers adult force that okay by the probably and we at she she dear and switch pronged article 40 of God.

One of the picture, and if you technically cut a shot to I'm outer source we have spiritual confusion. Okay, we don't know we don't know what to believe and you go out on what Facebook and YouTube on double lot on people don't know okay so I'm not want the Bible that God may have a harder Jewish and Christian writings extra biblical but they're not canonical endeavor, not fired by the I would highlight the first of foundational question of that scripture the five categories that are laid out in this this declaration is rich in Scripture but we just for your own study. It's it's very helpful to look at Scripture to systematize what you think and understand to look at where errors are creeping in more and of course you we each have our own movements that were part of Ottoman the evangelical church in the charismatic world as well. So the Kaczmarek world. You can have the, the and of the Holy Spirit's facet this this this this and it doesn't get tested by Scripture we just believe all these fantasies, and messianic Jewish rollable supported that we can have as his ego was mentioning Jewish traditions, and some of that becomes equal to the Bible and then evangelicals just, slipping into a culturally relativistic way of reading Scripture so so the Bible uses authority so each of us has our own sphere. We walk and live and see different areas creeping in and the just for intranet other things.

Everything just gets shot out to the whole world for the five areas that are broken down or one the Bible to the unity of God. Three Jesus Christ issue on Sheila for salvation. Five Israel and the church again in all of these statements there rich in Scripture and I think you'll find it edifying educational read this go to Bible and click on declaration and when we come back alone want to dig into this more look at some some other areas where false doctrine is rising within the church in which things are heretical. We can ever differences different views about the end times, different emphases about styles of ministry and things like that.

We can even differ on use of the spirit, etc. their foundations from which we deviate from destruction. We deviate from these foundations were no longer in the faith. We are now in culture. False doctrine or heresy or deception so talk about that some more and then the ego has a online classes that he's been teaching in different settings for years that might really be of interest to some of you because he's a wonderful mentor teacher was the wordless some of what you know about that as well. Maybe take some calls. If you want to ask us anything but any controversial biblical document point verse is called 866-34-TRUTH 788. We will be right back error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with Prof. Eagle ego.

Your mom, a colleague of mine, Russian Israeli, now American, Canadian Jewish believer in Jesus. He started the number of different seminaries and universities has specialized online classes as well. And when you right into our ministry was usually the questions in particular to get responses from ego, which you then copies to me so I'm seeing the questions coming in the answers going out. So we are in regular contact contact, but himself coming out of Jehovah's Witnesses of occult background seeing so much error or misunderstanding in the body.

It's really burdens him. That is to teach the word to teach against error not just to educate academics in the Bible and people training for ministry. But to say that all believers say we need to strengthen our theological foundation strengthen our roots to read the new apologetics declaration that he had a colleague have worked on for over a year go to Bible check out the website in general for the resources.

There join this international community of those apologetics hearts and minds and read the declaration and then if you agree with it. Go ahead and sign it. Of ego as a Russian Israeli messianic Jew, you have access to sources discussions that many of us wouldn't when things are happening say in the Russian believing world that I have to after rely on you and others to give information because I don't read or speak or understand Russian on the one hand, there has been an amazing explosion of the gospel among Russian Jews.

Many many many have come to faith in Jesus in the last what 2030 years, in particular out of the exact numbers but it's been amazing. You have some concerns in the midst that which often happens in new movements that there's good, but often lacks a foundations what's happening in those communities around the great question how our right and not show the situation in the Russian-speaking world is that it's really starting and it's not just my opinion I think so, but there are many outer leaders in the Russian-speaking back County Jewish movement whole fee and are aware of the fact that neither are needing to trumpet people cultural and I can get his fat example. For example, some Jewish leaders obligation Don one plug feeling himself outer believer or not. Okay so I do feel there is a real issue of our lack of unity, directing them in the body.

I called Apple 14 unity okay and major area for I'm not area would be Atlanta multifactor sheet and geological resource and human event. We don't have many qualified Bible teacher at birth.

Now we have people who are self talk and they bring on different geological idea teaching they find out there they found 30 people into the matter and if about people are defeat and are followers of so I would say that Andres growing all really good solid geological resources for the Russian-speaking believing community explant have qualified interim thought geological question. I'm a bit unfortunately your more and more voices are heard again all okay sure, she'll just cry, you have teachers who teach that unit is just a man feel begot brethren and not more so basically it.

Not much different from what is mentioned previously modal call plan which is that Jewish remnant of believer and it's really break my heart. Almost no one is born again address the lower body strength and biblically and away, and is not compromised. Just as jumping from moment and what often happens is that we go from one extreme to another.

In other words, when you reach church history as a Jew you're shocked you're shocked to see how Jews were demonized and persecuted by Christians over the centuries, and you're shocked to see in the Catholic Church and the Protestant church and you're shocked to see how the church separated itself from Jewish roots and then many of its doctrines as they developed developed in such a way say through Greek philosophy and things like that that they become almost record unrecognizable compared to where they started in Scripture and with with Jewish background and sometimes for free Jew coming to Jesus after understand. Okay, I'm not joining the Christian churches I've known. And I'm not leaving being Jewish and and sometimes they then reject the real part of the body because they they have such a bad feeling about called Christianity and Christians that they want to tell the Jewish community. No were not part of that so we miss out on the deeper unity we have is Jew and Gentile in Jesus and then the way some have stated the Trinity. Over the centuries, or perhaps in in other settings where you have iconography and worship of physical images are bound before physical images or exultation of Marion, the messianic Jews want to emphasize that we believe in one goblin got only but then it swings the other way to the denial of of you.

She was deity so this is what often happens, you know, things swing one way or the other. That's why it's so important to not be reactionary.

But to step back circuit when Scripture say what the Scriptures in the not to despise a centuries of studying the word as if you re-create everything out only what we think and believe is true and we don't have anything passed down it in a ego in the the American evangelical church which is a very different setting than, say, Russian Jewish believers. What what tendencies concern you right here in America. English-speaking evangelical Christians were Bible people were Bible people of but you see a lot of things that concern here is what what what would be at the top of that list for you yet. There are many and already mentioned, For example, I have recently Audrey Kroll of many Christians doubting everything inspirational to Bible act even in evangelical circles you find Bible to lodge in and after paying the word of God really got more and are outer ideas that they tried to break in order to accommodate themselves to our spiritual and electrical station.

It basically will even out very postmodern era and unfortunate the church is getting into the wrong direction of doubting its own foundation number keeping that API letter issue in evangelical churches. The rejection and inspiration are actually belittling the importance of the keeper Bible and the idea that kind of humor Bible we find all kind of Daniel to got very slowly for it ANGRY God judging God you'll get all my goodness, we find kind and permission God by the name of Jesus cry so much corner to the trunk of the Bible is one more.

There's only one true living God, the God of Israel. Yahweh father, I will want to got okay I want out. I like to be at issue in that evangelical church at that doctrine on a that cannot doctrine actually I that meet interpretation of two H that came down to earth when he was in God incarnate one to marry actually lock, keep in mind qualification got got got it back when he came down to her that he does not fully got okay I patient from the people cultural and you find all saw every form of spirituality. How can the church validate you have the Kabbalah teaching gap up first thing that ecology H reiki yet only form of yoga Christians practicing dog thing that I really really did my nature and not not many are dying on the wrong path.

You're either with the God, the Lord is not war or you are outer world the dark out okay and I see yet another key issue is at the teaching that does not require believers to follow the moral laws establish the Bible okay and stuck around for many hyper great. I think it is that the real issue our time yes so so all that's is a just jump back in mentioned one particular sphere that the ego would be specially conversant with is a Russian messianic Jew himself music while their problems.

There are those like a listless look over here. We live English-speaking evangelicals there and then, of course, charismatic world of every whole books and that most recently playing with holy fire. We could call to the Pentecostal charismatic church with this just doctrinal looseness and substituting of contemporary Revelation for Scripture so we need to dig deeper. It's it's it's an age in which there's a lot of biblical illiteracy and we have it on just pick up my my cell phone herein and I've got a little how many Bible translations available at the distant unit of touch my finger on it. There it is, and you could set up a plan to read the Bible you know through once a year or once every six months whatever you want. Boom. The verses will come up and then you've got your zero memorize this review is we got so much access, and yet we've got more biblical illiteracy's that then we've seen really popping in and in centuries innocence. The Bible's been widely available so that's one encouraging you to go to Bible Bible check out the resources there, but Bowman's read the declaration see if you agree with all of it. See if you agree with the concerns stated in the positive statements of what we do believe in hold to so go inside and share it with friends and colleagues. We come back I will grab a couple phone calls so if you're holding will get right back to on the other side and then just let you know about some of the classes that you sold Bible center, led by Prof. Kim on if the line of fire with your host activist author internationals reader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire or just more minutes to chat. I can't believe is going by so quickly, but so much to discuss doctrinally biblically and of will assume you have time for a few questions 866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones with my guest, Prof., you called your mom if folks want to find out about your online classes. These are these are serious academic classes or classes in Hebrew language. Different subjects names of God. Different things you've taught and I know you're not just a systematic teacher, but you're very devoted to your students where's the best place to go to find out about online classes that you're currently teaching yet Bible and Hundred five fan online.

Logically, could you bring out for black and Jewish Christian relations.I have a car, not very active thanks biblical Hebrew, one alarm, mom July 11 don't feel free to check it out, sign up for the class friends, all of you wanted to learn biblical Hebrew. Here's what actually do it online with the living Prof. who not only reads the Bible fluently Hebrew but speaks modern Hebrew fluently you so that's why ESO do so. This foundation in Hebrew.

Why ESO D so you sold Bible center is tribal okay so check this out.

Starting in July a class in biblical Hebrew yeah what a great opportunity for right let's let's grab some calls here will start with Joseph in Stevenson Ranch, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown thank you so much gravity published God bless you. My question and I know you The usual critter of them in the body, but the question in relation to that little bit more specifically, how we fellowship not only in ministry also in no general code with with those who hold that you frame it a little bit. I know that we know we have the different within the body of your pre-mill Mill of pretrip rapture poster and both generally, you know, we we we don't want to divide on both. But one thing that relate those together course, if the future return of Jesus worth hundreds of hyper Frederick of the kind of outside that in that you know you would hyper Frederick and were all for you to bring about your millennial statement found we don't have anything no work in the kingdom now. How should we do what we meant being the ring up this illicitly. Yeah let's let's focus on the Lord because full printer is him this is that all of biblical prophecies or already passed that the return of Jesus has already taken place that we have already been resurrected spiritually that we are in the new heavens and the new or so.

So not partial predators of its as many of the prophecies were fulfilled with the destruction of the Temple in the year 70, but that there is still a future resurrection and future return Jesus, but full printer is him that says there is no future return of Jesus. There is no future resurrection of the dead.

We are already in the new heavens and the new earth ego and in your mind. Does that cross the line into heresy and these people we should be witnessing to bring them to the Lord as opposed to trying to fellowship together. A quick question that to our friend called question. Competent doctrine that actually have to write out all of the foam patient. Our our black hole like the entire chapter to that we wait the return of the Lord. I know the Lord is not returning the how can we teach that he already returned the regulated account of millennial kingdom around at interest in going the call from the Lord actually rescued me from JW Kyle are actually gradually because they don't believe in that future second coming of the Lord, you sure they think is right.

Return you're not at 1914 right so that it goes back back back doctrine of that really Mueller believe he is both prediction of year 1844, the Lord return in 818 44) happened day they invented that I investigated judgment, doctrine, and search right and you have that many honorable and evangelical world and met County Court defined (with pathology and a Tuesday. The deviation from the typical… Yeah, I was Joseph, thank you for the call so dear dear are Christians who are all millennial who believe there is a future return of Jesus but we go from there into the eternal age that there is not a thousand year millennial kingdom so that we are that that the millennium is a spiritual reign, but they are not denying future physical resurrection they are not denying future return Jesus it's a debate over the millennium. A full predator wrist is saying. To be clear, we are in the new heavens and the new earth that death has passed that we are spiritually resurrected and that there will not be a physical resurrection or physical return of Jesus. So yes ego live same. That's this heretical that's on the dispute between brothers. That's that's a heretical view of our big question, but will try to tackle a Robert in Central Coast California, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown Dr. Gallagher marketing hearing. Yeah, you are ministering connected me with him and we emailed one another for a few times a week for a couple months.

Help me. I'm in the traditional during chat room. I'm a Gentile Christian guy knows nothing about Judaism except what I've learned on YouTube from answering Jewish objections from you and he exhorted me to stay in there and persevere and they haven't kicked me out yet really wondered if Dr. Kao German remembers don't need Christ to the owner of this room who are trying to witness to, and we pray for him doesn't ring a bell with you.

You go yeah yeah so solicitous this is. This is what my colleague ego does of and again I see the correspondence back and forth and am able to interact here and there but of because so many questions come into her ministry, but it's impossible for for me and and and even my in-house team here to to answer fraction of them so the ego is not just teaching at different schools and with some online classes again go to you sold. That's why ESO D you sewed Bible center.calm go there when I got classes you can take directly with professors. Your month is answering questions that are being sent in on a regular basis of heard this Todd is a true Jewish background. Here are of interest with the Rabbi has the subjection of question and so he does a masterful job coming up with A great online resources and go here, check this out. So Robert, thanks. Thanks for the climber you got larger question about the best ways to show Jews that Jesus is the Messiah. We we love to spend whole hours about the thank you for calling in a scribe.

Well, one more call.

All we go to Mary in Des Moines, Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire which are? For me or Prof. Jim on their young Bible 9 I'm wondering what in the world… The WHAT was the type of that time right so it is the have this prayer. Lead us not into temptation more that mean only ego we got less than two minutes.

But first, is the Hebrew way of saying to to say to pray against the negative and, in other words, we was there. Give don't lead us into temptation is that if you break way of expressing things right and wrong from the prior chapter Jewish writing, our heavenly father and the cultural lot Bible so we don't think God tempting people as well, but we do think that flying the people of Israel of Deuteronomy the book of Marine references for the Lord. Mullet said that he and have to look back, Kate Ryan, but not to.

So I do defeat enter it if you want to call difference between trying and got caught it and then again Mary it's it's a great question, but we are by saying don't lead us into this role also say Lord lead us away from this is so, so your your praying against that the negative is a 5417, for example, in English, we see no weapon formed against you will succeed in Hebrew. It's every weapon formed against you will not succeed and then again the question of testing versus temptation.

Let's unpack what were out of town. Thank you for the call friends. I think you've seen that my friend Yigal Jamaal is a great person to learn from checkouts classes that you sewed Bible why ESO D Bible and then check out the apologetics declaration Bible hey my brother will have to do this again great talking to ask for joining us on the air today.

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