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Does God Really Answer Prayer?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 4, 2022 4:40 pm

Does God Really Answer Prayer?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 4, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/04/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network must have an honest talk today about prayer, but suffering about the goodness of God. Does he really hear and answer the prayers of his people for the line of fire with your host activist all the national speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience, president of fire school of Ministry of the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown, one part brown yes I am still in quarantine so we are audio only, and we are remote so we are able to call your live but if we sound little different, yet a long story but glad with you to call and I got some really pressing urgent spiritual things to talk with you about today and some really important practical issues to discuss and I would love to hear from you.

8663487884866-34-TRUTH that is number to call in before we get into the larger question about faith, about the goodness of God about healing about answers to prayer, asking a few Colbert specific questions I was comparing notes with a colleague of mine and right now I've got dear friend family friends since 1980s. He's in his mid-50s is a life-and-death battle for healing. He needs a miracle. We've been posting daily on on Facebook. Many thousands of praying means the world to us were crying out for is feeling.

This is of course COBIT related comparing notes with my friends.

He said that he is lost at least a dozen people that he knows personally. COBIT I asked him for any of them vaccinated. He said no.

He said no. Of as Nancy and I have compared notes yeah the first friend of ours who died just before vaccine was even available, but of the people that we've known died since vaccines were available and it's sadly been a considerable number. We don't know any of them vaccinated so I've never been anti-VAX if you if you listen to the show regularly you know if there been anti-VAX. I've encouraged everyone to really do the research to be very responsible and wise when given with wrong minimize the threat of this at the same time, we have the mandates which everyone I know even pullbacks people we all oppose the mandates we oppose the government overreach. We are not confident in the way many things are being handled at the same time I get plenty of vaccinated friends, but my friends were full pro VAX family members were vaccinated that the question is still different.

If you come down with COBIT. Maybe you were put anti-VAX baby almost died. Have you changed your views about vaccination. I was just reading about. Oh I guess it's up to at least seven now conservative radio host were all anti-VAX at least one of them. I would on a show number of times that this was by the late fall of last year than was up to seven but all of these men very strong conservative radio host some strong Christian conservative, all of them anti-VAX. All of them died of COBIT. I just saw a headline about a woman in her 40s politically involved and she was strongly at the VAX.

She came down with COBIT complications. She dies, so I'm wondering if any of you deserve anything but abstract issues. These are these are this is anything but just theory.

Okay return a literally life and death issues absolutely life and death issues.

Have you changed your view on coping have have you shifted your position or you take it more seriously than you did before nothings changed in my position because of five of thought to be careful so be very conscientious in my own personal lifestyle of Nancy and Ira went on day nine. Now, such as the things drag on act on.

You know that some you suffered long-haul symptoms, but have you change attributes did you have a position at one point and you no longer hold that position, 866-3487 84 now look at the same time I'm raising these questions, especially to those who would identify as anti-VAX. There is a lengthy interview Joe Rogan did on his massively watched listen to broadcast with Dr. Robert Malone Dr. below. One of the developers of the mRNA vaccine himself not anti-anti-VAX but concerned about the current vaccination very concerned about how the government is handling things. What is it like a three hour interview one of the most sober minded careful thinking Christian scholars I know is told everybody just find the time to watch the interview. It's since been removed from YouTube. Joe Rogan's channel which is massive been removed from YouTube and other Senate system and an Twitter of course, block the spend out now removed, and Dr. Malone from Porter That this is a highly regarded, highly respected Dr. on the front lines of developing the mRNA vaccine and yeah and yet he's been on twitter so it's it's a complex situation of the one hand you have the censorship of the tech on the other hand you have the government overreach. On the other hand, you have questions about the safety of the vaccine for the efficacy of the vaccine and then you have so many people dying COBIT.

When I vaccinated, and perhaps if they had been vaccinated. The symptoms the ongoing development of disease would have been less intense. Perhaps many of them would be alive today so I am asking for your own thinking I'm asking if you've changed your views have shifted 866-348-7884. Now that being said, we have had all three recorded shows last two weeks that even yesterday.

Starting of the new year. This is the first day we been back five. We plan to launch with our brand-new studio and we plan to launch with our brand-new intro music and intro desiccant happened yet until rollback in studio number for us other people got it with COBIT. All parts of the country of thought since it's been so long since we have been live as we were completely revamping studio. The other thing I would open up the phone lines for anything you want to ask me about any questions. Anything you want to talk about anything you want to discuss 866-348-7884 okay to the topic at hand. The question of the goodness of God. The question of the trustworthiness of God. When I debated some atheists back in June, atheists or agnostics on the that's debatable program for weakening TV those now available for free viewing most of them are all online available for free viewing even without the subscription to the network. They posted a really really so glad to see seek and go to awakening TV you to the AW K and G weakening TV and just of the videos you will see a number of these could have done so debating atheists, agnostic or atheist, in particular the look, the Bible promises all the sensed prayer and pray in this and this and this will happen and Frank doesn't happen, therefore God of the Bible is not real God of the Bible is not true. And sometimes you can wonder is it random of sometimes. Sometimes you can you can wonder if this business saw is it just hit or miss. All will praise the Lord. He's good. You know what it is, such as the compound matter what happens, the matter how things go with the cell wall. Praise the Lord I mean, is there anything that could prove to a believer that God is not there or they just come up with some kind of reason some kind of aunt well you know he answered, but in the way. I didn't expect her. He answered by saying no or or well healed the person by by by taking them home to another in heaven without pain. You know what I will have a justification for music that the atheists look at these things very simplistically that God does put many conditions on prayer that he does make clear how we have to pray with her.

Have our prayers answered and and if you will pray consistently and if you will. Journal your prayers that you will see over period of years. Over period of decades, you will see the faithfulness of God, which is are we in denial or are many of the atheists and agnostics and those who lost their faith or abandon not what is reality. Is there any rhyme or reason behind what happens. Why is it that this one is healed and another one is not. Why is it that this prayer is answered. Another prayer is not answered.

These are these are honest questions I dealt with them in death.

In my book. Has God failed to this one chapter of asking the question. This prayer really work, and in point of fact, I believe we provide some very solid, very important, very foundational answers in that chapter, but I want to encourage friends about following Jesus. Now over 50 years have the ups and down life challenges. I had many dramatic solid phase, we will file the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown minor fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, call 866-348-7884 and yet we we were on our backup plan today as I'm home on the COBIT quarantine nine having COBIT is still not entirely over it, but thankfully anybody finance magi talk about solidarity week we retained out of the same time tested positive the same time and were getting better at about the same pace having some smiles and laughs along the way with its juror ragging on voice. So many of you have suffered so so much worse. So many of you have lost loved ones or have just been debilitated by the spell disease. This is not from above. This is this is this is not something that that God sent in his love.

So we we pray for grace on on the many who are suffering but we were going to be using our remote unit which would sound exactly the same as being in studio, but had some problems connecting with it today will will hopefully have the resolve for tomorrow so it will just be me on the phone and the overall quality of things will be much better but I want to go date without being on the year with you and without being backup live so 866-34-TRUTH… Us with the phone will start with Joe in Boston looking to want to fire Dr. Brown much respect show. Thank you. I have called you before you open for so all of you as well that uncle did Mike give me a little bit empathetic, so when I go from 12 often help you better believe I fell for what I do to deserve this or all all they got.

I did this while you doing would like one of the other on what else might be what God is doing with the current board. I did learn something important. We are on the bike. Why bold but why do you think of Ben because he called over and over the folk like bike. What does the work you're grateful what it seems to be like why people much right well one thing for sure Joe is similar to messed up world and there are people that that have very, very difficult lives in this world on our first trip to India in 1993. 10. I was just overwhelmed by the level of suffering that we saw.

It was like nothing we've ever encountered him and you realize some people are born into it. Born into absolute abject poverty and they live and die and it the they barely have enough to sustain themselves any day of their lives. And this is a live and die their entire lives. That's it and it is.

It was devastating. It was overwhelming but the fact is, it's a fallen messed up world but a lot of pain with a lot of suffering and Jesus himself said to his disciples in this world you will have trouble. You will have tribulation, but be encouraged to overcome the world. So yeah, I've enjoyed amazing blessings over 50 years.

I'm stunned by the goodness of God.

I'm stunned by how much grace has been poured out stunned. I'm stunned by all the joy have had I'm stunned at the ministry successor had. I'm stunned at the incredible blessing on our families and on and on and even though I've suffered some very painful difficult losses and had some severe trials and tests. I look at my life. Overall, supernaturally blessed. I look at my life as ridiculously blessed, especially compared to many of the rest of the world, and yet I know you I know that the greatest goal is for God to conform us to the character of Jesus that the greatest goal is not outward blessing, but Christ likeness and that this world is something only passing through and therefore with matters. Is this how we respond in this world help how we respond in faith and look sometimes we make wrong choices. And because of those wrong choices. We we suffer so we can blame God for that.

There are times when Satan trying to attack us and we don't use the. The weapons against him or the shield of faith against him and we suffer simply because were not vigilant but there other things that we go through till and it could well be that as much as it's difficult as a bombardment and it's discouraging it could be that God's great goal is not too much or outward blessing but to make you more like his son Jesus, and that forever and ever and ever.

You will reap the rewards of that and Nancy is often pointed out to me that as much as we look forward to eternity.

This little season that we have her in this world you know however many years it is is unique and special in God's sight because it's the only season in which we get to walk by faith and the only season in which we get to be purified through suffering is only season where we have to live a certain way worse forever and ever never expected to be the case so I would just encourage you to say Lord I will glorify you no matter what and whatever situation I find myself in rather than just looking for blessing. I'm going to look for it to to build character. I will look to build faith I will look to build perseverance and it could be that as you grow and and pass these tests supernaturally that you will see change come around or that when the change comes on the inside that the outward circumstances will not be as important because those that actually did have me all which he said to the eternal perspective of having a greater perspective of God, the more we care about going that, often the frustrating part, what I but I wanted was opal all that the matter perspective, eternal perspective versus our perspective, yet there are things out in through that are the worst things ever been through. And I wish I could've avoided them but I wouldn't be the man I am today if I didn't go through them I I I would not be who I am in Jesus today if I didn't go through the and the fact is, there is no resurrection of the crucifixion, I'd encourage you to go to my website for you to channel ASCII DR Brown and typing Herman E HR MAM and watch the debate that I did with Prof. Bart Herman alerted New Testament scholar and a prominent agnostic. Does the Bible provided I would it adequate answer to the problem of suffering. So that's Bart Herman BH or a man and made the smiling grace of the Lord be yours may disfavor overtake you in every area of life. Hey, I appreciate the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Bass and Wegner South Carolina. Thanks. Recall in the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I hope you and your wife are reading well like you are thinking I had you asked the question that anyone paid their mind about the vaccines. After having had coded or seen friends had coded not my husband and I did not get the vaccine week question.

It and I had always been a healthy person and so I felt like I would be all right.

You now if I got it and and I just begin to take supplement II did get it I got it at the peak of Delta here in the South and it was it was dealt and and from the moment I got a new pad.

I up from that evening until the next morning I can get out of bad.

I went to hospital in person at the home and today they told me to get at it.

Monoclonal antibodies and that the doctor didn't get the order in for about three days and by then I was back in and for some reason my husband and get it. That was the miracle that he by the time I went back in. They admitted me to the half and I spent 12 days in the hospital very and I I wondered if I was going to die.

I did and then at one point you had it on Instagram had my phone there and I was feeling very good. And just trying to crave it to me on medicine my mind and you have posted something about I did feel like someone needs to know that God is not abandon you and II took that and I just felt like God was probably not audibly needed to be okay.

Get over it and I did 12 days later I got a hospital and then couple weeks later my brother in another state that coded and he was gone into week all sorry to hear that yeah it was a rough time but then I began to think you know that I have gotten back like you should. I said I have an eye you know I I started studying at 313 it again.

You know I had already done that and made my decision.

I couldn't feel right about it, but what I feel sorry to hear that you please line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Vera Jim Dr. Michael Brown in 19 five I got the demonic thing viral and bacterial pneumonia. At the same time the shocker here in 2029 years old. Teaching in in the ministry school. Writing my doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew word for healing and here I have with pneumonia at that was crazy and I remember I was in the hospital and you had a IV on social all take onto the tape on my arm and miserable for days and the toaster. The breakthrough and then suddenly this was was relieved and he'll put all I remember I wrote on it in Hebrew. On the other in our official from Exodus 1526 I am the Lord your healer and I said it a billion years from now with her hasn't been when has been any sickness God's universe and all these millions of years at that point she will not be the healer anymore then and is now in other words, I I proclaimed what I knew to be true about God. Contrary to how my body felt without denial never split second I was adopted on the reality of disease. I was not say well it but it's not really theirs is like something so it was really there, but more real is the fact that God is the healer whether I experience that grace. At that moment turn I did. There were there was a miraculous answer to prayer and turnaround, and I knew it was going to happen after one over a week in the hospital with no improvement.

I just knew the morning but can happen. As the students do agree with me in our ministry school sent word and chapel that morning and and then when I was going to get my x-rays who got them every day and every day. They should both lungs filled with fluid on the way down. I said to the to the technicians in today's commercial radical difference radical improvement so you II can't. I should not pressure on you. I'm just telling you, and he was done he was one lungs completely cleared up.

The others almost entirely cleared up and I remember, I called Nancy and I said I'm coming home today and she says don't rush. I said no I'm I'm telling you I'm healing coming home today and then I was pacing the hallway with the IV machines and all that and the doctor sees me in it and I'm sitting better this one playing solitaire playing cards and you said what you doing here since hospitals are for sick people get out of here so things turn on a dime. But God was no more the healer after they turn on a dime and before they turned on a dime and I was miserable and I will proclaim that the unchanging nature of God is not denial this reality.

This is millennia of people proving their faith in God and proving the faithfulness of God usually says he is 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is number to call. Also best fit in and suck a lot of thanks for holding through the breaking through my story. There she was saying that you begin to ask questions. Should you have been vaccinated trigger brother been vaccinated. What you end up concluding well you know I tell people I feel like I tell them that research and I'm not an anti-vector, but I like a state after I had had it. I also know the woman who had it and then six months later got the vaccine on the second shot. She had a terrible reaction and she was gone in three days. Though I know her personally though, I felt like an ad research Dr. to believe that if you had it you should be careful with the vaccine that especially the second shot and though I I truly had research it enough that even though it was a terrible price to pay to get some form of natural immunity. II just still don't feel like I made the round and we had to write about it and I had researched it and then there's the whole fetal towel moral issue of it that comes into play, and I just always and pro-life advocate very strongly and I just felt like you that we couldn't and I don't know if that changed. I'm not against people get the vaccine. My parents have both had the back being older elderly and I am not against didn't feel like week. And I still feel that way. I still don't want to get it when I was in the hospital several doctors and nurses tell me when you get out go get the vaccine. Is your better and I I didn't feel like like I could tell there there will initially note, once you develop a strong natural immunity, which is so important in the midst of this good questionable but soon with the vaccine after book.

Thanks for your candor again so sorry for your loss, and a May the Lord grant wisdom with the Lord grant wisdom. I appreciate the call.

Thank you. 866-34-TRUTH is wondering if any of you have changed your views about vaccination by which you live through what you experienced what you've witnessed. If your views have changed. Give me call 866-34-TRUTH 7884 okay before go back to the phones that I apologize for the poor audio quality. Today we are on a backup of a backup system. As we are not in studio because covert and with was unable to funnel remote connection. So I've called in. This is me calling it like you call in, except to not called into my own show here. I just want to say a few things about faith.

Faith is not denying reality. Faith is taking hold of the highest reality. He said it again. Faith is not denying reality. Faith is taking hold of the highest reality so it may be, for example, all I'll give you a sports analogy okay. It may be that your team is doing really really badly. The first half of the year because you are missing your top three players. Okay, so this reality, you are not doing well. There's no the spin put on it, but there's another reality which is when these players come back.

You may do so well that you blow out all the other competitions of this this reality which is negative. This reality which is positive and ends up that one is higher or lower them to Susan. This is a very weak illustration but but you get the point.

For example, reality may be that a particular sickness you have is incurable, but a higher reality may be that God's promise to healing. If you take hold of its will be healed of an earthly reality may be that your current situation is really bad and really difficult and really painful. But the higher reality the face reality is that God is going to use this for good or that that light will come out of the darkness or the things of Satan meant for evil God will use for good. So it's it's really important to to recognize that there's an earthly plane and the spiritual plane. It didn't look a been assess a while been preaching since 1973 a largely been a Pentecostal charismatic circles. I have seen amazing, astounding, glorious, jaw-dropping answers to prayer.

I have seen God work in ways were the only response is beautiful on your face and worship or laugh with joy that it's it seems so absolutely preposterous. He regarded and I see no conflict stuff and I've seen people guaranteeing healing and die, and I've seen people allegedly speaking for the Lord for them to do with the Lord. So I see the good the bad the ugly as many of you have as well. But this much I know a documented tested it out. I watched it for decades. I want to encourage you to do the same thing. Look at the conditions that God was for prayer the requirements of perseverance and faith. For example, praying, and in harmony with his will recognize the many passages in the Bible where people get discouraged. What the Bible. Why is it in the Bible where the psalmist.

This facility is filled with tears want wider parables were Jesus's teaching after Pers process persevere in prayer because it it looks as if it looks as if your prayers are not to be answered or it looks as if God is indifferent for those in the Bible. At the same time, if you will pray regularly if you will learn to trust God. If you will pray in harmony with his will documented journal.

You will be stunned and amazed to see how many answers to prayer.

There are there so it can be? Usually something where we don't have an answer I can't tell you why this didn't happen. I can't tell you why this was healed and this will most II can't tell you why this prayer was answered and this will most whenever you have 100% perfect information in this world and look it's presumptuous of us to even think that if God gave us the answer would be able to understand only be able to handle but I'm telling Col. document you will see the faithfulness of God. You will see the truth of the gospel just wanted encourage you he can be trusted with everything with your very life.

God can be trusted by the school back to the phones.

All we go to Cheryl in Boston Massachusetts welcomes a lot of fire hi Dr. Brown I have a more private note on Marianne, and I think they just called in about five minutes go, just that I came home and I remember when I gave him a 14 assessments back. I think I had so many trials and tribulations of my lifetime got me made it much stronger when I went to the cloak at this time. I am so proud of the state that I had. This time I will talk your son about files stronger. Like I say there will positive it's the line of fire with your host activist authors internationals Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. The line of fire found by calling 86 again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are back after Colbert gobbling or brand-new studio will be revealed. For those who watch on Facebook and YouTube, and for listening on radio podcast or brand-new introductory music which we are super excited about, and our new intro so that is coming your way, don't forget to visit by and take advantage of some of the healthy supplements there were. You can get a special discount through Dr. Spangler of reviews the supplements for years and find second to none and it's to start or join to pass them onto the discount and with every order documenting the left make a donation to our ministry so everyone is blessed in the process right back to the phone so Cheryl Holdridge rings a lot of fear with it because we know people have died or that they were doing okay annexing her in the hospital fighting for their lives.

Yet because the same because of the tribulations you pass through that that you were really pleased to see that fear didn't hit you this time you got cold. Yes, I like III gone) is really stuff a lot lifetime and I have and I have had a good life that anyone would think that you have had a beautiful life may happen, but I also stop it when I ongoing climate and in disturbances in my life really bad and I think because of that. Like I said I was a little nervous but I just woke up every day with an attitude that got got me got me in that I'm not and I just kept praying and I just kept saying over and over.

I know why you happy you got me and I I am a little bit advanced Indiana Legate. I have to say about it. Not like before. I didn't have the attitude of my knee was always my my name I make I didn't have time and I'm so proud of myself in class. I have two beautiful linen aunt that lives in Florida and has that that they just turned 100 years old and they pray for me. They played that is that that is something to get prayer from hundred-year-old relative wow God bless them. That is just amazing to Cheryl. The Lord is gracious and it's so good to see growth in your in your own life and in the note, let me say this second Corinthians 1, Paul talks about the agony that they went through the suffering they went to the point that they didn't think they could even bear it superthin through the comfort we receive, we can comfort help others wanted to stop the cycle.

Why, instead of you go through hell she can help. What is going to help stop stuff that will is in. This will affect the stock because in this world is going to be paid, but the grace that we receive in the midst of it not only builds us up and destroy. In the midst of the trial, but enables us to minister to us. Don't don't minimize the if your life is more for trial and suffering God's Redeemer. You can become embittered by you to become angry. But you can become unbelieving by Udo.

There are people who are atheists today and the reason I became atheists is deeply painful.

Spiritual experiences would seem that God let them down and and I'm not attacking them defaulted on something.

That's what happened and and they question how could God be there were the God of the Bible be there to let me down to my most painful moment and they feel that way others go through the house situation and their faith grows in the relationship with God grows. God's Redeemer, Satan and the world mean for evil God can use for good. Let's go over to and in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire like Derek ought just second going to the bank and I was sitting at a large I just hang out at night to talk with you very greatly.

First of all I wanted to let you know I'm the one that rented you all for now and ask you a question that I wanted to ask you and remember that it was quite a

Thank you, thank you. That was quite something that anyway because I had wanted to talk with you and I said I cannot question on the radio and the Lord have a run at you at all. What are the other amazing and the smallest thing anyway very quickly.

You know, I felt immediately. Not to get the vaccine impressed by the Lord, not to the real check in my spirit and my sanity and health. The 22nd and I did. The vitamins and equipment. I'm up a tree that they can each day, but I do attend the vitamins by doing a disgusting green smoke, which is everything but the kitchen thank cannot II will really work on my health because I want to be a round as long as the Lycan have me around as well and and I feel such a burden for people and I know there's no guarantee and I catch that. But I do sense of peace and faith that I will be you know that God will give me antibodies, and not death. I just feel bad. I think this is gotten so politicized in the old days away get back. They had years of experimentation research that is not out here and it is so incredibly politicized at this point you know it's just it just it's it's it's really disgusting but that they would take some people are just the simplest solution, like vitamins like hell.

Like not eating sugar.

You know all of those type and things like I have a Mac and I know probably get shut down everything that hydroxychloroquine or any the simplest and you are right and something of the bone spoke about the politicizing of grievous things because of the people's lives here and I stand that there are a lot of opinions but censoring information and and no I doctors thing on here with me saying it's it's unprecedented for the government to shut down positions from prescribing medications badly.

No one so and then you you have the reaction on the other side you know where you have everything is a government conspiracy and right screen ActiveX position so it's it's it's it's a terrible shame that the greatest health crisis that we live through many, many years there's been general heavily politicized and stay healthy me will be to get it. Hopefully one day that a great God bless you a lot. Thank you, Kyle, and I thank you so much. Thank you, 866-34-TRUTH, right Joan in South Carolina. Time is short, but but jumped right in. Please let me yes you Joan general okay yeah okay I didn't want say I learned early in my walk with God. We can we we'll thank him for the pain. He knows we can with everything.

Thank you for the pain deer in the pain.

He knows we trust with everything I have done that drama like I have not had a lot of physical pain of emotional pain enough to add to thank you for that. First, you almost feel, thank doing that. But the more you do it the more you see how God works in honor and I have told people from time to time. This thing and you look at me like I'm crazy and I thanked him for pain, but we know that he that he will not do put anything on us that we bear in that he can't use for his glory. And that's what that's how we know it that we are Swiss but the thank you Ben everything and anklet yet you Joan.

The fact is many things we go through and of themselves, they can be bad, they can be negative. They can be destructive, but God remains good no matter what, and therefore he's worthy of praise, no matter what, so everything is going wrong around us. He still good when I make wrong choices that bring hardship. He still good when Satan is attacking God is still good and when mysterious things are happening. We understand he still good and if we set that in our heart to praise him and worship him no matter what that will glorify him no matter what yeah how do you get thrown from that. How do you get hurt in the midst – because he remains faithful when our eyes are fixed on him. He brings light in the midst of the darkness. He brings joy in the midst of the storm.

I friends a thanks for putting up with our backup backup plan today hopefully will be back to normal audio quality tomorrow alive taking your calls and if I could just ask his investment in social media prefer present. My friend Brett he's a miracle. Doctors are not given much hope his mid-fifties. There's a whole long story with his family. That makes this all the more critical that we see them healed. But God knows him. Brad father were asking you for Brad's life asking you for miracle impressed behalf with you. Do what doctors can't do, but what you do all the time and that's bring healing and that's bring life we appeal to you progress. Life became a have many years ahead with his wife and kids to serve you. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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