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What Is a Messianic Jew?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 9, 2021 5:00 pm

What Is a Messianic Jew?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 9, 2021 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/09/21.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is a new article in the my Jewish learning website. Talk about messianic Jews that get things right wrong mixed stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Burrell.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH zero Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, coming your way from our Fort Worth studio great to be with you.

Here's number call with your Jewish related questions 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-348-7884. Any question that relates to the Jewish people, Jewish literature, anything that relates to Israel today. Fulfillment of messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament questions about the Messiah ship of Jesus. If your Jewish person you disagree with me in my faith by all means give us a call. I can promise what your tome will be but I promise will be civil on this end, 866-348-7884.

A friend of Israel sent me a couple of articles actually in Bethlehem simply couple of of articles yes Beth on part of Israel, but just be more specifics in Bethlehem sent me a couple of articles that I want to get into a little later one about seems be a rising tide of anti-Semitism in the publishing industry, and then some concerns about real threat to Israel growing from a wrong, not just in Iran. But surrounding Israel will come to that but I regularly get emails from the my Jewish learning website and found to be very helpful website. Lot of excellent articles, excellent information, there so I got a link and it was the lead article was about messianic Jews so I don't know if it was a brand-new article or if it's just being circulated now, but it's the first I sought so I have written to my Jewish learning website just to the general contact portal. I know at least one other messianic Jewish colleague has written and hopefully we can have helpful dialogue because there is a lot of misinformation in the article. I assume that that Tamara Fox who wrote the article was doing her best to present things in a fair and honest way but for whatever reason there's a lot of misinformation so I will go through the article with you and let me first say that the term messianic Jew can be used in two different ways. Broadly, it refers to any Jewish believer in Jesus and it's a term that we found helpful because to refer to yourself as a Jewish Christian can sound oxymoronic to many. In fact, when I was doing and outreach with Jews for Jesus years ago they were doing outreach in the city of Pittsburgh. I believe it was and I was coming in to do a debate with my friend Rabbi shrewdly in the midst of the outreach so they had these these banners out or these billboards out over the city and they played into this Jews for Jesus. They good and like what is that like vegans for me Jews for Jesus. How can that be will use a Jewish Christian wasn't mean so much that we were Jew or Christian because of potential misunderstanding. So to say messianic Jew that puts us in a certain category and then say in a conflict Israel peace and the edema she see him, messianic Jew, then you can explain to what is actually mean because other Jews believe in the coming Messiah.

What you mean by that.

So that's the broader definition messianic view Jewish believers in Jesus, the more narrow definition is those who attend the messianic Jewish congregation and believe in the importance of living a Jewish lifestyle. To this day. So that's the narrow definition so both definitions get blurred together here and it's understandable. Some of not faulting just trying to help.

So the article begins by saying this. Again, this is on the my Jewish learning website who are messianic Jews and starving the beginning of the article messianic Judaism, a branch of which is Jews for Jesus. No, that's false. Jews for Jesus is not really a branch of messianic Judaism. Jews for Jesus is an outreach to Jewish people and many of the believers. There would not consider themselves practitioners of messianic Judaism as much Jewish followers of Jesus, organist, blending the two things incorrectly.

There send Judaism a branch which is Jews for Jesus's religious group. The strike to straddle the line between Judaism and Christianity right that's it.

It's a fair way of her sickness that we'd said otherwise. That's a fair way of her presenting it. According to this group.

Jesus urged Yeshua. Aramaic was the Messiah, and he done in behalf of the world since correct. They also believe that the Jews are the chosen people correct. This may automatically save the chosen for mission and that the explicit laws of the Torah, such as observing Shabbat holidays and circumcision must be obeyed today.

That's inaccurate as well. There are some messianic Jews who would use the word must their other messianic Jews reported messianic allegations who say should and then messianic Jews more broadly speaking of the largest number, most of which are in churches would not agree with that. So some hold to that other simply say there should be some Jewish markers and identity and other say we are Jews, but we are in Jesus, so the origins of this group can be traced back to the Hebrew Christian missions to the Jews in the 19th and early 20th centuries. By the 1960s and 70s messianic Judaism gaining popularity known by many as the juice people and eventually Jews for Jesus. Okay this is a paragraph with with a lot of things that are mixed up in it yet announces to be critical. I'm glad that she wrote the article, which is trying to set the record straight and reached out privately with the response the source. I hate this effectors can help you correct them so first, of course, we would say our faith was back to the faith of the apostles.

They were all messianic Jews right at all of the apostles and first believers were Jews who believed in issue, and they continue to live as Jews and no one then disputed whether they were Jews or not they dispute whether what they believed was true and accurate or not, but that's the first thing more in the more modern way. Yes, Hebrew Christian movement is that grew and there was more of a focus on Jewish lifestyle etc. and then the 60s and 70s is when things really explode, especially in the 70s now. The Jesus people.

That's about being Jewish Jesus people movement, which began on 67 and went to the mid-70s at its height. I came to faith in 7150 years ago in the middle of that Jesus people movement that's just Gentiles, hippies, radicals, rebels all around the world, getting radically born-again.

That's with that is, it just happened to be in the midst of it. There are many Jews right that if you look back at the early Jews were Jesus tracks you see a lot of look, like hippie psychedelic tracks because health office got saved out of that lifestyle right because of messianic Judaism identify a defecation with Jesus. All of the major denominations of Judaism, orthodox conservative reform reconstructionists have rejected messianic Judaism's deformities. That's correct. Some will still recognize individual messianic use as Jews most all will still recognize us. Figure still Jewish email. You believe in Jesus. When I was baptized local rabbi told my father what your son is now baptized you so most except for some very, very orthodox would agree yes were still Jews. Yes, it's true terms of a movement by and large the exception of some rabbis here and there, by and large, all of the major Jewish denominations do not recognize messianic Judaism as a legitimate form of Judaism understand what within Christianity messianic Judaism was sometimes seen as a group within the evangelical community and sometimes seen as a separate sect. By and large messianic Jews are recognized as part of the larger body and most messianic Jews are in churches actually nodding messianic allegations at times. Various Christian leaders are publicly criticized messages for their aggressive initializing the Jewish community and for misrepresent themselves as Jews. Okay number one number one Christian leaders who criticized us for reaching out her own. People tend to be liberal progressive Christians who hardly believe much of the Bible the way we believe. As for those criticizes for misrepresent ourselves as Jews, we are Jews we are Jews Sonoma but I heard about this guy was a Gentile and living in Israel now claimed to be an Orthodox rabbi. Oh that's that's a totally separate that's completely aberrant this on who we are. That's not what we do. The been a few cases like this in the news recently, but that's the thought we are. That's not what we do.

Messianic Judaism is often presented as an ethnic church were Jews. Some of like a Korean or Chinese church, but with outreach specific to Jews were most expert birds estimate that in most messianic Jewish congregation is only about half of the members were born Jews yet who messianic ideations with consuls congregations rather than churches so as not to be confusing.

There is church can have a lot of baggage with it. That concept right yeah but that's this intrusive that's and yet were still Jews.

Therefore, we were supposed Jews in an Sabbath never change, so we celebrate the Sabbath, etc. many would say that and that's a fair way of saying it from from the outsider perspective. But this idea that most messianic variations on about half the members were born Jews in America. This that's accurate it's less than that is less than that reverence messianic variation in Americans maybe 30% Jewish and leisure in a major Jewish city which case number will be much higher, so most of the people. Messianic variations are Gentile Christians who want to connect with the Jewish roots of the faith non-Jews agenda messianic allegation may be asked to undergo a kind of conversion to messianic Judaism.

In some cases may be to come to leadership but in the vast majority of cases that's that's not it. You come as a Gentile Christians who loves the Jewish people will many within the group believe that it's impossible to convert to Judaism disinterest conversions are not considered valid by any Jewish denomination. It's true non-Jews agenda; contributions of something called spiritual Jews completed user must have Gentiles false about spiritual views false about completed Jews.

That's how some of us have referred to ourselves as Jewish believers messianic Gentiles. Yes, some use that phrase. So, that's correct. Messianic use include the New Testament in the canon correct. I believe that there is foreshadowing and prediction of Jesus in the Old Testament, correct supersession is him the belief that Jesus was the fulfillment of the promise made by God to the Jews in the Tanakh is accepted by messianic use false false false big false supersession is him is the view that the church has superseded Israel supersession is in his replacement theology supersession is and says that Jesus does not confirm the promises to the patriarchs. He cancels that we all reject supersession of by believing in Jesus as the Messiah. We believe God reinforces his promises to Israel and it is ultimately a Jewish Jerusalem that will welcome the Messiah back and that the gospel must go through all nations and to Israel for the end to come. We reject the idea the promises once given to Israel in the Old Testament now apply exclusively to the church. That's a big misunderstanding. But like on other. Unlike other Christian groups that we would supersession is in the center. Jews maintained a desire to practice many of the commandments given the tort of the last part of that is true. Again, we don't leave ensues. Supersession is him and he goes on messianic Judaism believers adhere to some of the laws committed to research his residence about that important, selfish, observing biblical holidays like Sukkot Passover over the faith is not here rabbinic law and issues the authority of the mission, you have a very very small segment of messianic Jews that believes in rabbinic authority outside of rabbinic views on Jesus. But that's that is fringe and there is something most of us strongly speak against the come back drop more this article, and then when this creature calls to get some of those other articles, 866-3487 84 gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown you and for that early music theory. Through the you know it and come back to this article in a minute and take some calls first.

So let's go over to Jay in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire and thick dark brown I'm a pastor in the Raleigh area just preaching through Joe face the challenge God come on. It's been great together but it was not you have your signature in my book. Click up in the book out of the gutter from you at the conference at the conference. So I now want to preach through Isaiah the church wants me to do that. I'm a pre-male post-trip, and I'm fully in the court of the role of life of the Israel and the prophecy as you are preaching. Thank you for your ministry. By the way can you recommend please for me a good commentary on I feel that I can preach yeah okay so here's the deal.

I am in the early stages just in the eighth chapter now with my own commentary Isaiah, which would be a much longer one than the Joe commentary and so I'm I'm immersed in it. Whenever this time, day and night with stacks of commentaries on my desk in behind me in my study, and then all kinds of commentaries on my on my computer right so this is on the one hand I could I could rattle off one after another after another after another, but let me let me just suggest a few things. Okay. All right. And, and the eschatological breakdown.

It's it's I can intersect all that much, you know I'm saying out you cannot cram a lot of cotton's sake reading the book of Revelation or supply data commentary on the all of the discourse and in and in the Gospels so that that eschatology is not can intersect as much but you will have some who were strongly millennial annual read their commentaries and edit it ill feeling come out different but I that the commenter Franz Dale which in the tiling dailies commentary on the Old Testament, which is where you still get the whole set of physical violence but it's readily available superexpensive online Kyle in day out, so DLI TC SCh for those not familiar, the his comic Isaiah is really classic.

Here in America slow dance with philology but he's got a lot of great spiritual insights and and that's one I always enjoyed over the years. There's another one by JA Alexander from from 1800s as well, but if you skip one from back then the damage commentary is still worth still worth going through it if if I'm looking at more recent evangelical commentaries as opposed to technical critical commentaries a John Hartley on Isaiah new International commentary on the Old Testament is very solid again.

I would land everywhere.

He lands on textbook, but very solid.

He's learned and and it's it's a good exposition of the tax so it's it's academic. If you want one a little more popular, very edifying. Then JA marcher MOT why ER I believe his name is pronounced differently than I pronounced it, that would be a really good more popular. Once a good scholarship behind it, but written on the more popular level that might be the easiest one to preach through.

He has two versions of it. One of the Tyndale series and one that's independent thinking. The pendulum is the larger one but if I just had to get one for preaching through. It's great. It's Christ centered, he outlines the flow of things very nicely.

He's got a good literary feel if I want to get more in depth into the background scholarship digging deeper into the Hebrew than than than Hartley.

If if I wanted to go excuse me heart that's Joel were missing Hartley Oswalt skews me every time saying it's like one of my talk about John Oswalt.

Sorry about that John Oswalt in an international Comintern Old Testament and then if you just want to get some retreating from the 1800s Dale which so if if you have those you'll you'll be you'll be well served wonderful marcher again. MOT why ER and their 201 is fine. Yet MOT why are JA marcher either either of the two that he has will will be fine again. There's a massive amount of literature and Isaiah and I own mental health locksmith to the other room with where things take one quick one quick question for you in terms of using Job as a pastor just might my Job commentary. I'd love to know how how it helps you in what way it served you as as a commentary as a pastor. This was great. I had several people ask me to do this; about you have to do with Job and suffering and he challenged God and he was still the hero of the story are you this to rescue my daughter who was oh is a very light tough lifestyle and when she realized the show came out of the other end as the prophet after challenging God all the way through. This was part of her conversion process to get out of Wicca and to abandon will say a lifestyle that she needed to give up and so I want to thank you because I she was in it for 15 years lost her, and she recently came back, and she she's in the LGBT Q community and started the 12th. We said a prayer that God would remove the evil forces from current protector from evil forces that happened. I pray that there would be to protect my home as she visited that she walked through the door via evil spirits left her and she asked if I could help her come to know Jesus again and our conversation with centered around Job and figure the position to you from the perspective that Joe challenged God so radically annually and he was the prophet and this helped her emotionally and mentally and spiritually see that because she has had all these questions about God is the good and wise.

The problem of evil. The problem of suffering night goodbye sermon series on this that was the highlight of notice how job Job challenges God and is bringing out all these issues of suffering and then in the end. After that I expected the sermon just on the problem.

Suffering a joke in another sermon on the problem of suffering and answering that but that Job is key to this whole presentation but what what is expected story hi so rejoice with you and your family and your daughter 15 years. All the prayers all the tears of the pain that she lived through wonderful hate it would be a joy one day face-to-face to meet you and your daughter hope we get to do it in this world and that have to wait for the world to come. But thank you sharing that I rejoice with you and your daughter. Thank you so much. Thank you brother. I 866-34-TRUTH for that was that was absolutely unexpected to hear that. Praise God for his grace and his goodness, hate all of you who pray for our ministry.

You're part of that part of the testimony, all of you contribute to our ministry. You're part of that all of you share our materials with others. Your mural part of the story so thank you for forward standing together and helping us make a difference while praise God. What a joy to hear that. Let us go over to Andy in Chicago.

Hang on, I am just having an issue with my computer here if somebody somewhere on our team could put Andy on the air that would be great because my screen for some strange reason is not responding. So if we get Andy on the air today.

What will work on that list… Wait a minute, let me go back and finish up this article about messianic Jews and we can separate some facts from from fiction. There the article in my Jewish learning talks about missionary activity core component of messianic Judaism is witnessing a mission or student of the Jews. Absolutely those who are not saved same.

What we ever believe about Jews who don't believe in Jesus. What happens in the end is the same. We believe that Gentiles. Jews who don't believe in Yeshua, who reject him suffer the same fate and thus helping to bring someone to share with us to salvation is responsibility of all messianic Jews, but interestingly, may messianic congregations are not evangelistic.

They emphasize more teaching and growing as believers and often don't do as much outreach the end of the article of this unit switch down it says the estimated 400 messenger striations worldwide is probably a low number with 10 to 15,000 messianic Jews in Israel is pretty accurate. 15,000 some claimants a size 30,000 but probably 15, about 200,000 in the United States, unaware she got that number. It could be true but not in messianic variations it either five or 10,000 messianic variations in America. The vast majority messianic Jews are in churches all over America so just to clarify that and set the record straight. So I appreciate the article but there are a lot of factual errors I I'm sure well intended numbers. I don't believe that there was an intent to mislead or give any wrong information or anything like that. My Jewish learning is a very very good website, but sometimes people on the outside of the movement not familiar with terminology and things and can can get things mixed up so were hoping to be in touch with my Jewish learning Adobe in touch with us or get a couple of us have reached out that I know of so hopefully reach back out. We can just help us out. I believe they want to present things accurately, and the core thing that we are Jews who believe in Jesus among all Jews to believe in Jesus. Yes, that is absolutely true. Yeshua the one and only Silas. It he is the Savior of the world because he's the Messiah of Israel. Yeshua is the Savior of the world, because Messiah is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and welcome thoroughly. Thursday thanks team for playing that Jewish music that reminds you of the day of the week. I forget where I was think it was going in a Panera bread coming out or something and was a Friday and someone said something to the person it is about a different day of the week, I thought, no, no, I know it's Friday because I know what you got questions. We got answers on those Thursday travel and get confused with days, but I know it's Thursday because it's the early Jewish Thursday. So welcome to the broadcast 866-348-7884 is the number to call it. If you are excited hearing testimonies of Jewish people coming to the Lord last week or two just got a couple of notes about people coming to the Lord.

One fellow said for 15 years has been the only believer in his family and just let a cousin to the Lord and and said that he used a lot of our resources to do it when I was with her good friend, a tomboy who leads one for Israel in in in Israel amazing works are doing some of the thousands of calls they get even calls from Orthodox Jews inquiries a week. We use a lot of your material so it's it's thrilling to hear. If you would like to help us reach more Jewish people with the gospel. Would you consider making a year-end gift go to Astor to Cascade your browned out or click on donate your one-time tax deductible gift will be a great help. Or you can become a much the monthly torchbearer become monthly support, find out all the different ways we pour back into you every month her way of saying thank you to you hate Troy go back to your calls colleague in Israel sent me this article from a Likud represents of this is like it is ready. Congressman Knesset member near bar concert with a Likud party.

It's Netanyahu's party and it's from Israel how your home. I'm looking to read all the article to you, but it's is the first Iran war is just around the corner and he said the next war won't be 1/3 Lebanon war. Iran plans to strike Israel from Lebanon Syria forgot Hezbollah Gaza.

That's what they've got.

Come off you dad and Samaria, so, so dissidents within so Palestinian Muslims who are activist dissident terrorist and internally with some Arab Israelis help so those even with within whatever road recognizes land of Israel, those are to be dissident. In other words, an uprising from the outside from the inside. From all around, and he and he says what America is doing now in front of the world trying to negotiate in case you can't do that with Iran. You can do that with her on this. The people suffer because of the bad leadership. You put sanctions on them.

The people suffer, but the goal is to get rid of the current regime adjusting the current leader, but the radical Islamic leadership is an and that's for the people to push them out and vote them out.

So she's in the states and is to be meeting with everyone he can to to wake people up and use a heavy price. A God, your will be done in the Middle East because there are all kinds of forces that want to bring about all types of catastrophic acts and bring about lots of suffering for everyone in the region in Iran does have a certain anti-mentality and believing in the revelation of the mosque do so, like the second coming, or the first revelation of the of the greatest of the Islamic guides and leaders who will bring in redemption, and though be the final war and conflict to dislike some Christians kind of hold to this final generation. The last conflict in Armageddon thing from one angle there. They're coming in from another angle, except there there ready to go to war for this and try to annihilate Israel. So these are real issues is real issues.

How closely I don't know. We've heard the rumblings for years and years and years and it hasn't happened. I think there's a certain level of restraint because Iran knows if they go further, there will be hell to pay. This Israel will not respond passively in America understands it, and I will believe that America would be able to tell Israel he just just kind of sit this one out. Let us work diplomatically or fight for no not this case I don't see that happening and if Netanyahu was in there might might be even more saber rattling to tell her on don't dare do this. Yes, Israel has done what it's what you can to stop Iran from getting nuclear bomb through through massive hacking that then six certain computer systems to then set things in motion that destroyed things physically so the software than destroyed things physically or assassinating leaders as Israel has done this assassinating leaders who have been working on nuclear bombs to destroy millions of Jews.

This is roots of that they may not shouted from the rooftop, but it's been known it was done in the last one would be right. I like a mission impossible type of movie how it was carried out. That's so Israel sent which we have stopped the server can otherwise millions of people could die in Iran and Israel and the surrounding region and are seeking to prevent that. So pray God your will be done and let's start this.

Try again to go to Andy in Chicago. There we go.

Welcome to the broadcast.

Thanks for joining us. Dr. Brown taking my call you back about really quick thank you so much previous caller mentioned the book of Joel, and I was looking at a copy of compassionate father for orchestra and fire that time for me and that it really a lot there help connect me in the world but I feel so disconnected right now with it was really helping me through all that end up. God bless you, thank you so much brother. We are your part of her body in your part of the family.

So whatever you're going through and your you're more connected than you may feel that whatever link we can provide. I'm I'm blessed to be able to thank you for sharing that.

So my question today is the know I have counter missionary my family and we were talking about Psalm 2216 and dumb. The correct translation in English that I that I read for dogs and compassed me a company of evildoers encircles me.

My my feet now he was showing me that it was mistranslated. The word appears that it was the credit translated was the postman like a lion I think he used the word, Re: I don't know how to speak Hebrew fine outlet right and.then he let me to an email that he had received from Toby finger and he was trying to tell me that was a complete mistranslation from the Christians. Now I am trying talk with the guy that he speak Hebrew and I don't and I just felt locked in my my yeah we got you covered it because you cover this is a really easy one. This is really really easy.

Okay number one. That verse. They pierced my hands and feet is not quoted in the New Testament is the first thing so the New Testament quotes Psalm 22 and it is a vivid portrayal of a righteous sufferer delivered from the jaws of death and his deliverance is so great that it brings praise to God from the ends of the earth. Jesus fulfills that right is not a prophecy it's it's a Psalm of of suffering of righteous sufferer delivered from the jaws of death. Jesus brings it to fulfillment. And when you read the Psalm.

A lot of it does sound like a description of crucifixion. Even aside from the pierced my hands and feet. That's the first thing so the verse is not quoted in the New Testament so the New Testament authors didn't get this wrong. That's number one number two. The oldest translation that we have of that is what's called the Septuagint. That's when Jewish scholars a couple hundred years before the time Jesus translated it into Greek. Okay so this is a Jewish translation.

How did they translated they translated it they pierced. Isn't that interesting, then the earliest manuscripts we have of the Dead Sea Scrolls's going back to little before the time of Jesus and little after the time of Jesus, but these are Jewish sectarian landscapes, non-Christian manuscripts right when it comes to Psalm 22, it doesn't say, or read it says, Rue, which would mean they dug through they bore through. So the oldest Jewish translation says they pierced the oldest Jewish manuscript says they pierced then what we have with he was reading from is what's called the Masoretic textual tradition of the Masoretic text that has thousands of manuscripts there about a dozen Hebrew Masoretic manuscripts of these are rabbinic manuscripts that recolor Rue or, Rue. So they read it differently. So this is our Christian problem.

This is a Jewish problem as to what it means so that's the first in a minute tell you where I present all this clearly and you don't have to worry about remembering all of it. Okay, so right so that's the that's the first thing this is a Jewish question.

First, long before it was a Christian question.

That's number one number two let's say we take it just as the Hebrew says caught, re-Godiva rug line which is literally like a lion.

My hands and my feet. What is that mean like a lion, my hands, my feet there's something missing was Rashi say Rashi is the foremost biblical commentary for Jews lived from 1042 1105 so you call Rashi to a Jew traditional Jew that's like gold.

Okay Rashi says like a lion. They tore at my hands and feet, so is he saying there's a vermis okay that works for. That's a good description of crucifixion. Your nails driven in your hands and feet.

It's like a lion tearing her head that that's fine which is a violent attack on the person's hands and feet. So even if it reads Korea dove rug.

Why, which is what the vast majority of Masoretic manuscripts read as a verb missing like a lion.

I has my feet like a lion wife licking are they licking his hands and feet kissing his hands and feet right so it's really not a big issue at all. It's it's made into a big issue but the Christians that translated with a peer said like a lion doesn't seem to make sense. We have the southern tradition that says it means they pierced, they dug through the bore through that really fits the description of crucifixion well so if you go over to my YouTube will tenant let's let's try this if you go over to my website all right ask Dr. You will if you search for Psalm 22. We'll see if that comes up schedule quick search now, but otherwise on my YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown. I have a 32 class series that's totally free, were ideal with all the major objections of the counter missionary rabbis okay so on my YouTube channel. If we don't find it here you go there you go. So if you just got asked Dr. right Esther to and click on Psalm 22 in the search engine.

Two things will come up one Dr. Brown refutes Rabbi Singer on Daniel nine and Psalm 22. How is that okay and the other objections based on messianic prophecy, the Messiah in the Torah. Psalm 22 and Psalm 40, but the first one is a direct rebuttal to Rabbi Singer.

He speaks this publicly manuscripts of pictures of the castle asked around the Lord asking here and type… Search Psalm you got it all your answers right there. Thank you for the call friends. This is what we do. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 bore through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is the number to call you know just really blessed me. The fact that we could send a caller who has questions to materials that we have online for free that anyone can access course you want to dig deeper you get my five volume series answering Jewish objections to Jesus or 22 hour set on countering the counter missionaries so you can always dig deeper, but it thrills me that we are able to provide resources for free to so many people because they take time to produce and and there's a lot that goes into getting them up and getting them out. We do it because your generosity. So I just want to thank you again, all of you have given and supported us it's for your generosity that we can do this we just recorded three more videos of this agreement to a total of 12 now of specific videos countering counter missionaries on the very very specific points within 12 now just dealing with Rabbi Toby Singer's disease is probably at the most videos out on these things. What's interesting is I'm hearing from ex-Muslims and those doing was the ministry that our videos are being used to reach Muslims because the the Muslim apologist the Muslim missionaries are using many of the arguments of the rabbis in the counter missionaries that we been refuting for decades. So they're coming up with these arguments who attack Christians and these Christians are saying. Actually we have all the answers ready. They've already been provided. So thank you those that have stood with us, you're making a difference in those that want to have the joy of doing it. The website asked Dr. just reminding you daily as we come to the end of year that your gifts make a real difference. Esther to just click on donate.

It is true that sometimes as Jews we can play the anti-Semitism card entered just dislike sometimes the racism card can be played without really there.

Sometimes it was a Jewish person you perceive anti-Semitism when it's really not there, but there is no question that he continues to rise continues to rise in the world continues to rise in America and often the dividing line is Israel with your pro-Israel them or in a separate or your book can't come out in Israel will be translated into Hebrew or or whatever you have to change this narrative because it's not pro-Palestinian enough so there's an article again centered by Colligan Israel on the Washington Examiner publishers against the people of the book is by Melissa Langston Brownstein publishers against the people of the book Washington Examiner December 2, so check it out check it out and see for yourself if the anti-Semitism card is being played or if the data is pointing at what seems to be reality that there really is a pushback and dinner just the very first few lines or where are you writing stories so okay how the case of April powers black, Jewish, chief equity and inclusion officer for the Society of children's book writers and illustrators are reacting to the spring stateside sturgeon anti-Semitism that coincided with Israel's war against Hamas powers post the statement opposing domestic anti-Semitism after being criticized by one SB SEP WI member for not including a comment about Islamic phobia positive instrument discrimination and hung out to dry by the organization. She departed. So glad you simply speaking out about growing domestic anti-Semitism because she didn't say a pro-Palestinian against Islamic phobia. Because of that she sent out the directions of resigning stuff is going on friends. Let's not downplay it okay with that. We go back to the phone. Starting with Bob in Palm Beach, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire actually is West Palm Beach (around Israel about what's on my screen. Go ahead, not on the line anyway. Well arguing about your books for quite some time and very encouraged about that. You sure very intelligent.

You do your research and very impressive Michael God that there are people like you apologist that are willing to contend with faith in whatever level you possibly can I listen to some your broadcast some of your YouTube things in a mental event on grateful for your administration.

I just wanted to call and not a touch base reviewed support and also let you know that I'm on the board now 40 years from New York, Cardinal Mary was.

The congregation (Long Island, New York environment for them at the later on in my I came on, and on another ward. Jesus Christ given my life will and am involved in the gathering down here and what West Palm Beach did not get to the point. This development in the ministry or been speaking with church today, most Jewish people. When you talk about Jesus Christ.

The rabbis were strong Jews or whatever the case may be part of the very careful and even people in the messianic messianic world. They prefer to call Jesus Christ.

Yeshua so I know to very careful when you reach out to somebody doesn't know the warden was jewelers are normal Orthodox Jew in Israel right now and you know with the most experience that I had speaking or witnessing or speaking to Jews I have to be careful and I look to be careful because I'm looking for place that I could buy my plants and we'll see each faith in somebody interspersed party by James West Virginia talked on the telephone to talk about their the religious Jews or a lot of use. They go by different text, so to speak like a human example quickly is jumpy only because the clock is ticking and were almost at the end of the show so just just a couple of thoughts and in terms of of our interaction with the Jewish community so you know there's a big difference between a reformed you and ultra-Orthodox to write and in a secular liberal Jew and a very religious Jew so there's completely different worldviews completely different perspectives on God. I once debated a radical reform. Rabbi and after the first 20 minutes back and forth. I got up and said the difference between this Rabbi and me that I believe the Hebrew Bible is the word of God and he doesn't and people gasped. How dare I would say that in the Rabbi yelled out that's right so he barely even believed in God.

So you got this broad-spectrum but your average Jewish person. If you talk about you show up then. Are you talking about rights) and I love you one last thing I wanted to tell you and you go right on that I record I learned I've been fathered by the King James version of the MANAGEMENT and it seems to go or not you speak, but to be in your bonnet. It seems like their ward biology of their their Old Testament is different from the King James version that you can have any any Christian translation is can be different than Jewish translation. Just like their differences within Christian translations. In other words, certain verses. You can read differently. We may talk about righteousness in one place. They may talk about merit. We may understand some of the messianic they would not suit so any translations in a very but for the most part you're serving the same to you as you sit down and read it together in English whatever translation you be reading for the most part the same thing but I would not I would never say Christ because that is is a name to Jewish person like Jewish friends of mine that are believers now once thought that Jesus was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Christ that he didn't have any of the concept of that. So Christ is no meaning so also the Messiah Jesus the Messiah talk about the Messiah and then say he was one of us SSO. He's one of us is that that's that's part of our family. The one that all these going in these Gentiles all around the world worship is God or or this one all around the world that that is brought them to review the God of Israel and read the Hebrew Scriptures, and in English of your own translation, as well as as a Jew message of Jesus and in fact it says in our Bibles that he's not coming back to Rome or Tulsa. Our pieces coming back to Jerusalem, and in fact his own people are people usually left after welcome them back so he he he remains one of us is the Messiah and the reason is called crisis because Christ Ms. Messiah then from there you think you know his mother's name was Mary. Now is Miriam Miriam. You know his original name was with Jesus and Yeshua and you know his followers know St. John say you know they really were. There were there were guys with names like Shimon Johan the Yaakov so you try to introduce these things the best single book I've written to give to a Jewish person open to hear more, is the real kosher Jesus. If you haven't had that since you expressed appreciation for work earlier and really encourage you to check that out, the real kosher Jesus which I wrote response to my friend Rabbi Shirley's book kosher Jesus check that out.

All you'll find it enriching and then that's a great book to give to a Jewish seeker because within their own world within their own context of thinking understanding it will reveal the Messiah to them.

Jesus, Yeshua, who was a rabbi, not a Rev. and I went to synagogue not to church. Yes, that's we introduce them to through him being the Messiah and Savior friends will forget my emails if you don't have to ask Dr. Brown there was a lot going on your know about this is getting*around the click my emails back with you tomorrow. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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