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We Do Not Bow Down to the ‘Masters of the Universe’

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 30, 2021 4:30 pm

We Do Not Bow Down to the ‘Masters of the Universe’

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 30, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/30/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network and we talk about the Internet giants and called the Masters of the universe. Fact is the solution. Blood.

We only bow down to the Lord stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown is a joy to be with you today and as always we want to help you keep your spiritual bearings want to help you preserve sanity.

We want to help you think clearly, we want to help you get God's perspective on what is happening in the world around us as we hear to do as your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown here delighted to be with you if you want to weigh in on what we were talking about yesterday. The government reaction to the new COBIT variant and where you stand on these issues. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is number to call you like to weigh in on the things women talk about today terms of our response to Internet censorship in the so-called Masters of the universe 866-34-TRUTH or if you want talk about other subjects with weak have time to take some other calls on different subjects that same number works just fine. Okay. Do you remember if you're as old as I am of 66 and remember watching Superman on TV, did you remember that the intro to the show yell about that to jar your memory this for the shows also for four animated series but take a listen and see if this draws some memories probably locomotor tall buildings in a single bound, made up of the amazing part of the never-ending battle to prove God often mild. Yeah so you remember see mild-mannered Clark can he had powers from of the world, but was here just disguised as a regular person. Okay, there are no supermen in that regard in the so-called Masters of the universe that the leaders of the massive Internet companies bid Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook or Mehta and Jack Dorsey who just resigned as CEO of Twitter or just B's us with Amazon or some of the many others that are out there you just regular people, regular frail human beings here today gone tomorrow. They can't fly then out faster than speeding bullets. They can't stop or outrun a locomotive or stop it. They they don't, our own iron man suits. They are regular people, strengths, weaknesses, love hates they get discouraged they get fearful like everybody else. They need the Lord like everybody else. And as as powerful as these companies may be an advertisement today with news of the resignation of Jack Dorsey at twitter and now the new man who was formerly the CTO so chief technical officer.

Now the CEO Parikh Agarwal making some statements that have many people concern stems from last year. Now new statements that are being made in terms of which were to get even more heavy-handed and mobile twitter sensor things even more will twitter cracked out even more on conservatives and others all fair questions to ask.

Here is my perspective as much power as they have as much influence as they have, as they have the ability NaturallySpeaking to make you or break you as they have the ability, in a moment of time to make you the best known person on the world and the world, or virtually hidden unknown obscure cancel they have that much power they can influence elections they can influence what you think they can influence what you buy, they can influence how you vote.

They have power on levels beyond anything that we've known globally, economically it's it's really quite striking to see what they can do. Nonetheless, let me say plainly that they are not the Masters of the universe at end and they are not giants. They are regular people, regular employees who need the Lord and I am not looking at us being tested by twitter or us being tested by Facebook. Although we are what we do what's right regardless of popularity will we honor the Lord regardless of what's trending.

We seek to be obedient, rather than light will we do what's right, even if it costs us a platform. So yes we are being tested. That's true and I'll come back to that in a moment, but I look at it that twitter is being tested that the new CEO is being tested that Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff's Jesus and these others are being tested, how will they pass the test, because because ultimately if these companies continue in the direction which the going that the direction of banning the most powerful man on the planet Lester Donald Trump is still bad at end and say Amazon removing books. This one is an issue with because they talk about helping people in one of same-sex attractions. This kind of censorship if they keep going in this direction. Sooner or later they will fail.

They will fall sooner or later there can be the bygones and and as much as it seems unlikely now to just look in the natural okay. Just like in the natural. Who would've thought the president Trump with all of his influence in with being in your face every day every day every day with tweets and messages with the lights were not there is virtually gone. In that regard that he has not yet been able to create something new compete to get back on Facebook and Twitter, who saw that coming, or Andrew Cuomo at the height of his powers. What gets it in an Emmy for for his press conferences during covertly. Are you kidding me in any for that and acting award for them and whatever you as everything was going on is a wealth of last minute. If he becomes the Democratic presidential candidate. I think he could he could be Trump right now so probably he's out had to resign and could well be his brother Chris on CNN is going to step down things you can be up one day and gone the next. And remember, there were things before Facebook remember MySpace right at end and there are all these great powerful companies, empires there gone ultimately everyone that I mention all of these leaders, CEOs, others, both men and women to stand before God one day and be judged and and that's what concerns me more than anything, this I'm concerned about the power that they wield.

Yes, there could be real issues.

I have a whole chapter in my next book that comes out doubling first of March silencing of the lambs mistrust of cancer, culture, and how we overcome it whole chapter on big tech so II talk about these things freely.

I've written about this for years and years and years and and and every day. Literally every day we live with these challenges here to give you a quick example Scott look at this. I don't know the results can be but I've got a good hunch. So my latest article upon Esther to is about the so-called Masters of the universe and says there are humans not dots about reminded me of this was a text from Isaiah 31 that came to mind last night when the children of Israel looking to Egypt for help and God said to them, the Egyptians are humans and not dots and their horses are just flesh and not spirit you we can over salt elicits regular still with regular falling human beings who need the Lord so I'd we deal with this opposition. Every moment of every day so I give his example I posted on S. Dr. Brown Facebook page or latest article, the Masters of the universe are humans not gods but has a total of 33 responses 14 comments and four shares. This is with an audience of 580,000 people there that if I just post something else a Bible verse or family picture you watch the amount of likes and shares and and and all of that now_look on my personal page Michael Brown page, which has the that the limit Michael Brown the limit of 5000 friends but I'm followed by others. There that are not actual friends but they can follow Mrs. like 20,000 something so the same article posted there and let's see. So that's with potentially twentysomething thousand.

It has eight likes one comment in four shares what what I posted a picture with with our daughters and their daughters over Thanksgiving that got well over a thousand likes on that same page.

This gets eight. No I'm sorry nine. The point is we deal with this reality of having these points of view restricted, or links to conservative websites or our website restricted in every single day. And if you're the YouTube here that's reviewing this a hope you're enjoying the broadcast every single day. Virtually every video we post on YouTube gets immediately flagged is not suitable for all viewers or advertisers.

We then click Review and to YouTube's credit, I would say 95% of the videos are approved.

We may talk about controversial issues, but we do so in the fairway in a gracious way and honest way and we don't put present dangerous misinformation or anything like that. So I am pleased with the fact that the vast majority do get approved for monetization. I appreciate that.

And it looks like some is actually reviewing or bad things and I coming up whatever but we deal with this every I am not downplaying the power that that these so-called Internet giants have, except when you compare that power to the power of God.

There is no comparison.

The entire universe is like a drop in the bucket to God. So if if human beings restrict my message friends if human beings censor my message.

If the so-called Masters of the universe that you need to bow to us and change this and change this to get your message out unless I can to happen. Go ahead and sensibly go ahead and block me go ahead and remove me gobble up in a bigger door gobble for the better door gobble up in a more effective door just like you put Paul in prison and any rights letters that are being read is God's very words by billions of people around the world put John Bunyan prison outcomes Pilgrim's progress was the most read English because of the Bible for centuries church can cancel so-called Masters of the universe can be.

Let's our perspective where Tribune come back with some very interesting quotes from the new twitter seal on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. 6634. Truth is number to call. Have a question for you. Just posted this on twitter and I'm curious to know what your response will be. This this ties back in with some of what we talked about yesterday.

So when it comes to covert when it comes to questions about vaccine vaccine questions but from mandates to medical issues and things like that who should go to source for reliable information. Is it the particular new source TV Internet. Is it a broadcast is it a medical authority.

Is it of spiritual leaders is it only yourself just the research that you do we trust most do you trust the government to trust World Health Organization's due trust Butte doctors Delanco or Dr. file Jim and very very different places terms of their viewpoint. Do you trust Rand Paul, his challenge such voucher to cruises construct a factory really looked at them with you. Trust in particular if it when you comes to making serious decisions about your health but your family comes to covert when it comes to the Bactine vaccines trust the most 866-34-TRUTH okay so go over to the article that I wrote on Esther to and this interview from last year is now getting a lot of attention.

Technology review is at MMI T Journal. So this is an issue that was done last year by powering a Google the new CEO of Twitter and he's he's asked about freedom of speech.

This what he said last year, and I quote, our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment, but our role is to serve a healthy public conversation and our moves are reflective things that we believe lead to a healthier public conversation because of things that we do about this focus less on sinking about free-speech but think about how the times have changed. That's a concerning quote that really is concerning quote another.

There are some quotes from years back that were more radical old. Let's just find one here will tell you it a paraphrase heat. He said if you're not going to distinguish between Muslims and extremists. Why should I distinguish between whites and racists something to that effect sobs. The reactionary it's one particular quote. How much does this express and capsulize a larger philosophy requested further questions to ask.

We do know we said a year ago that I look I understand that there is a big question about how far freedom of speech goes.

For example, do it. Is it right and fine for me to get on on the radio today and with our broadcast going live over the world potentially through Internet benevolence and listen on podcasts. All that all the people that reach which, by God's grace is a good number will reach many more of its good number. Let's say I admit I'm an argument with you about something. My next-door neighbor and I'm an argument you about something I get on the air and say I just want you know, my next-door neighbor. This address this this and this is is really being nasty to me at and I want you to drive by their house and and and because you do up second to that question.

Think about the trillion years.

But obviously it that's that's wrong.

Let's let's say someone wants to incite violence against a particular group and and and they have a broadcast and they are all over YouTube with big subscription and they say okay I'm urging you to go to Spurs and burn their house down if you see mostly punch him in the face is, is that legal free-speech so we all agree there are certain parameters.

Yes, in terms of posting things images we want nudity, sexually explicit videos click resource or screens.

The vast majority of us know okay so we understand that there are parameters. The question is where does one draw the line that the question is where does one say this is a violation of community standards that we have all agreed to abide by when Pres. Tromp gets banned from twitter but the supreme leader of Iran is on twitter where it took years and years of incendiary statements from Louis Farrakhan before he was finally banned. Things have been very very unequal and application. For example, PJ media, one of their office of conservative website.

One of their authors. References that Rachel Richard Levine, Pres. Biden's appointee for Assistant Sec. for Health and Human Services recent became a four-star admiral is actually a man so when people are celebrating. This is the first woman to become a four-star admiral simple post saying. Actually, this is a male banned from twitter because of that cannot dead name so refer to Rachel's Richard, you cannot miss gender refer to biological male whose transition is a biological male can do that that that friend is is the nonsense the absurdity the double standard that were dealing with, so it must be called out. That's why say ultimately it's twitter it's a social media giants that are being tested because that that they may reign supreme for a while.

They may reign unchecked for a while but as surely as I'm sitting here they will come down and the more they are on evenhanded the more they discriminate the more that they engage in unhealthy censorship, the more this will come back to bite them. It may not look like it right now but shows him sitting here things will level out the judgment will come on some level. At some point accountability will come, about this quote are you ready grab this this just out now so the new CEOs in twitter is made the statement of are you ready literal. The misuse okay so twitter has as said that they are going to ban the sharing of any images or videos of people without their explicit consent right sharing of any images or videos of people without their explicit consent. And this is the official statement. The misuse of private media can affect everyone, but can have a this proportionate effect on women activists dissidents and members of minority communities. Okay, I am fine with the idea that if someone takes a video of you in public. Right. And then without your consent.

Posted especially in some mocking derogatory negative way for potentially millions of people to see that that is an invasion of privacy. If you're in a store somewhere and and someone takes a picture and and does that and you know that all it's it's it makes you look funny or silly total stranger in a post. I can understand concerns but hang on a can have at this perfect disproportionate effect on women why women versus men to on the surface of it. Can you tell me why well mucus manner Morris exploitive of women and you take these pictures and try to for sexual purposes out okay except that I agree many more exploitive in that way and and and sexualized women in that way. This is that with this means because most of those pictures are about women like that and I don't think so. So how does this have a disproportionate effect on women in general, activists social have not hang on if if you are say with the majority and you are espousing a popular position your pictures taken.

Does that count. You're still activists right as is out you have in mind or or is it that you don't want someone riding on the street. The other picture taken dissidents activists to stuff I could just favored categories here. What in the world is going all the statement like this and members of minority communities to have house at work just thinking aloud can anybody decipher this from your help me howl. Is this that if you if you post a picture okay Jews, minority community right post a picture of a Jewish person on Twitter is been Jewish first how how does have a disproportionate negative effect on Hispanics and minorities.

Blacks, minorities, Army II don't get it it it's it's again just these balancing of the scales in this hyper woke mode that makes no sense.

I'm all for protecting people's privacy. I am all for not using Internet is a bully pulpit to intimidate people. I'm all for that book.

I have people attack me in different ways, and I want to refer to their comments publicly, but I think okay and muster using the codename.

I don't want to bring okay. They went after me, publicly online, but now I've got a nice platform. I want to humiliate them or bring them into something so the user codename a much more likely to do it because I'm trying to draw attention to an issue not that the person was pillow block the person's name on something like that. I'm all for being fair. What in the world is this will twitter pass the tests. We shall see shocking news about censorship in Finland. For cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a joyous today, November 30, yet I like looking at the calendar is assayed because it's a very special day is the day of Nancy's birthday. I am beyond grateful to God for my incredible bride.

My very best friend since 1974 my bride since 1976 and what an amazing amazing woman literally. I don't know anybody like her on the planet and I am absolutely indebted to her in every way. So what will have our family birthday celebration later today, but I just want to say it on the air, but I know it's not listed by that's is busy doing something with with that one of our daughters by just save anyway and just in case you happen to have happy birthday I love you and talk to all of you who are praying for a spouse to all of you who are frustrated equipment can meet the right person may be your circle of friends come small. Maybe there's more isolation is a cold. Maybe getting older. I know can be difficult and challenging this I got married young. She just turned 21 I was today shy of 21 to get married young or I was 23 when a second child was born. This just a 24 so we had our or kids young of.

So I'm I can't speak to someone that's 50 years old and and things have not worked out for relationship you're frustrated this difficult time telling the same principle works that God can bring you together with the right person and and some have have met through using various online dating services and met people in the Lord that have been compatible and in their marriage is blessed but insane.

Aside from God can really do that God can bring people together as he did for Nancy and me and here I I could say the little tiny Pentecostal church in Queens, New York, with maybe 100 people. If everybody that was there in the sun.

Maybe 100 people and you know just small number of young people in in the church. Most of us newly saved if younger teens that were in the church, but others most of us newly saved and that sows as we came in that the numbers grew of the young people, but how I ended up there. I mean that's the hand of God how Nancy is a Jewish atheist 19 years old, ended up there as well. And then of course the matter and and then the rest is history. But in those that love at first sight of her. And by the butt of a stock you bring to Jews what Aharon should Ellis do using heavy rock, the other hard-core atheist is going to bring us together in the same little time Pentecostal church and in very sovereign ways they can bring people together. He really knows how to do that and I would really pray earnestly forgot to do that to give him to bring bring the right person in your life and then really pray for yourself, God would make you into the right person for someone else. All right, 86634.

Those who normally are watching a live feed on Facebook or YouTube. We were having social media problems to the audio feed is working fine serverless in a regular podcast same as always our apologies to others. We have some very exciting news will be sharing starting tomorrow about some new things that will be happening in the new year here in the line of fire and was a lot going on and today we just encountered some of these prongs, but others share some exciting news starting tomorrow as planned and also tomorrow I should be joined by my friend Pat Mahoney was at the Supreme Court right now and will be calling us maybe from the Supreme Court for the quarter or in in an office setting to give us an update on what's happening with the Dobbs case that could well overturn Roe V Wade soul will be talk about some critically important issues and days, and then when my best friends in the whole world is upon them from India in the states flying in just to see me for a couple days and he's going to join me gobbling on Thursday for thoroughly Jewish Thursday as we talk about the unique Jew and Gentile connection and in the fruit of that, so get some special broadcasting coming your way next few days.

And of course you the questions we get answers on Friday 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as of the call to weigh-in but I wanted take you over to Finland right I preached in Finland. Three times I believe 9394 95 thereabouts, make maybe one time after that.

But I believe a total of three times trips as long as three weeks when I was there, and Finland.

Why was there was 95% Lutheran effectiveness going to check now all right and see a finish population Lutheran.

In other words, you're just part of the state church finish population and then Lutheran. So the vast majority of the people were nominal and in okay, about 3.7 million out of 5.5 million Evangelical Lutheran Church. Some of the largest Lutheran troops in the world.

So right now it's over two thirds of the population or Lutheran, and maybe it maybe his affiliation with high that when I was there in the 90s. It was much, much harder, but the vast majority were nominal. I preached to the church there probably seated a few thousand people. This giant cathedral maybe spoke to 50 people and I think it was during the middle of the week and the pastor was really pleased to see the crowd of that size and talking to him. I wasn't even sure if he really believed in God. He was a sincere young man but I would wonder if he really believed in God, but it in the Scandinavian countries, there is been increasing anti-Bible anti-Christian hostility and begin to manifest few decades back with issue 70 was preaching that homosexuality so this is this will be in my forthcoming book the silencing of of the lambs and a choice about Norway. But let's have a cylinder right as of May 2021, two, can this will be in a chapter in my forthcoming book the silencing the lambs of the Christian member of the Finnish Parliament was facing six years imprisonment for allegedly committing three crimes, including quote hate speech for sharing your opinion on marriage and human sexuality and social media on television and in a pamphlet expressed. Does this sound crazy and possible does seem that there must be more to the story that without being told. Here's all you need to know the parliamentary member in question is pi V ricin. I'm quite confident I mispronounce the former minister of the interior. She is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of government, former chair of the Christian Democrats and a medical doctor with five children and six grandchildren.

Yet she has been under police investigation since June 2019 for publicly voicing her opinion on marriage and human sexuality in a 2004 pamphlet for comments made on the 2018 TV show and a tweet directed at her church leadership. She now faces to years in prison for each of the three criminal charges brought against him. I'm not making this up. Will those distant none of this. This is no this is when we know people involved in in the case.

Okay this research it for yourself two years in prison for each of the three criminal charges. So for publicly questioning her church's teaching on the Bible and sexuality via Twitter. She's potentially facing six years behind bars in response. She said this fearlessly, I cannot accept that voicing my religious beliefs could mean imprisonment. I do not consider myself guilty of threatening slandering or insulting anyone. My statements were all based on the Bible's teachings on marriage and sexuality. I will defend my right to confess my faith, so that no one else would be deprived of their right to freedom of religion, speech member, this woman was political leader in Finland medical doctor Christian woman I hold onto the view that my expressions are legal and they should not be censored. I will not back down from my views. I will not be intimidated to hide my faith.

The more Christians keeps on controversial themes. The narrower the space for freedom of speech gets exactly so I want to come back to the point I was making earlier, what, when I said that we are not being tested. Twitter is Facebook is will they do the right thing or will they go the way of MySpace and others will be cut up into many pieces.

Legally, so their power reaches much smaller. We shall see. But it is true in another way that we are being tested on a been doing that. The Bible in 90 days we shall do every so often just a nap on the on the Bible app so you just plug it in and every day will tell you to read Excimer chapters to be 10, 12, 15 chapters longer chapters will be less shorter chapters will be more and what I'll normally do is is listen. As I'm driving this on audible or issues display audibly as I'm driving with the Bible app and then the rest of the time just read the start the day doing it and the day doing it because it's it's it's a good amount of reading because I'm doing other studying. Of course stuff during the day but it's just a nice refresher. Yet it goes by quickly. Obviously this is good, refresher if you if you're losing sight of perspectives or passages or things that bring spectrum on sodium just gone through Isaiah, Jeremiah, but halfway through Ezekiel now and I am reminded once again of the degree of opposition he faced here it away when Jeremiah is going in obedience to God to buy his his uncle's field and and Anna taught as a sign that the exiles get a return to the good be accessible to a return as he's on his way to do that they saw your go to the Babylonians to the Chaldeans, your that's what you're saying submit to them because your siding with them in your soul lies its limit through imprisonment house arrest for that and you think of the ill-gotten Ezekiel is equal to three that the children of Israel listen to you because always in the me if I sent you to the foreign nations.

They listen but your own people, my people won't listen nothing of what what if we were influenced by social media. One of the prophets at social media and Jeremiah post a message and it gets more dislikes than likes will but a transfer message.

While I really thought that will trend it didn't go anywhere better come from different approach. We have the bottle without the case, we would not have the bottle literally there would not be a Bible because the prophets would bow down to social pressure. They would bow down to what's popular and they would not have spoken the truth. Will we pass the test pastors question for you. We preach with people in here to keep the money coming in to keep the well-placed givers and high negation you speak the truth, love grows cost or consequences will financially God, a friend, it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends on the line of fire like to Finland right but the Finland of this article from the Federalist joy Pullman November 23 to seven days ago, and I've seen articles going back to February 2020 about this in the Jerusalem Post years updated drama Po Jola again mispronounce that name. I imagine in Finland would be cast to play zone part of Hollywood made a movie about a bishop put on trial for his faith.

The fish pastors inherited a place in the church of Martin Luther, but a present of Luther's pugnacity or vitriol in person Jola 49 is forthright, but I'm assuming gentle stereotypically. The fit is thin and tall. He often pauses while speaking to carefully consider his next words he listens attentively to others with far less impressive resumes and more than two decades as a pastor cultural has ministered to congregations is most 30 spin is like building a network of faithful churches across from many of which started with a few people go through prayer, Bible study, him singing in communion think it pastor and in person. In truth, the Federalist patrollers fellow Christian is to be willing to seek out one lost sheep is that of crowds and the claim. This is the man who appears to be the first in the post-Soviet Union was to be brought up on criminal charges for preaching the Christian message as it is been established for thousands of years also charged in the case.

The ghost trial in January 24 is patrollers for Lutheran and the finish member of Parliament puppy resident.

That's what I just mentioned in the previous segment now pastor I could green in Sweden.

Went to trial because preaching is homosexual practice in his church and lets you see when that was.

I referenced a few decades back, let me get the exact exact date. Let's see I could green born in 1941 was prosecuted but acquitted under Sweden's law against hate speech because of critical opinions and homosexually sermons court found him guilty since in Plymouth and prison went to the Court of Appeals folly February 2005. This case goes back to the early 2000 gets all this hearing.

2005 thereabouts.

So certainly this pastor in Finland would not be the first but perhaps the first since I could green residents alleged crimes in the country, the claims to guarantee freedom of speech, religion include 20 a picture of a Bible verse potential penalties if there convict include fines of up to two years in prison rest and put Jola are being charged with quote hate speech, respectively, writing and publishing a 24 page 2004 booklet that explains basic Christian theology about sex and marriage which reserves exclusively through the marriage which can only consist of one animal mama for life success is 2004 when this was actually the official view at that time before Finland had shifted views on same-sex quote marriage. The finish prosecutor claim century-old Christians teach about sex, insight, hatred and violent legal preferences for government privilege identity groups.

Writer Rod Dreher pointed out the witchhunt nature of this prosecution quote ricin and wrote that pamphlet seven years before LGBT was added to the national hate speech laws protect the class. She was investigated once before for the pamphlet clear but now she's going to undergo another interrogation that both of them to the pastor and the four Parliament member have adamantly confirmed quote the divinely given dignity valuing human rights of all, including all who identify with the LGBT Q community. Christian theology teaches that all human beings are precious as all are made in God's image and offered eternal life to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in advance of the trial ricin control have been interrogated by police for hours about their theology. Jola told me in interrogation. Police treated Christian beliefs is thought crimes in a statement.

Rest and noted that the police publicly admitted their interpretation of things law would make publishing the Bible a hate crime" of the article." Or, as I did in my forthcoming book the silencing of the lambs human rights lawyer Paul Coleman who spoke to the Federalist from his alliance defending freedom international office in Vienna, Austria, and we interviewed him yes was that the gentlemen we interviewed Lisa Cisco Joel and residents cases are a canary in the coal mine for freedom of speech across the West, a different financials providing legal support for their cases. Quote. Although all European countries have these hate speech laws in these hate speech laws are increasingly being used against citizens for things that they say this the first time we's really seen Christians face criminal past prosecution for explaining the biblical views it's unprecedented with Nazi attacks on free speech on this level in Europe and that's why they're extremely important cases, not just for the people Finland pie resident and the bishop themselves but for all of Europe. If this is held in one jurisdiction.

We will no doubt see it in other jurisdictions as well and it it goes on more about the pastor there and study background, etc. so I'm sharing this with you to say that what we been warning about. Since 2004. Those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. It it it is it is happening more and more every day around the world from big tech to the federal government to even organized religion in certain parts of the world is to be fully expected.

The main reason being that our light has grown dim the main reason that others who in their mind to do what's right in their mind there protecting people and their mind they don't want people hurt, suicidal, depressed, don't say these things can condemn them their mind. This is all about equality.

This is all about liberation their mind. This is a matter of a relationship should be viewed just like anyone else's. No one has the right to speak against us, just like I be of radio in a moment if if I spoke of certain groups and in derogatory ways. If I use the N word. Things like that insulted others I'd be off the air fully expect to be deservedly so.

So I understand that there are standards there are things that are not not miss of the illegal but simply moral in the eyes of larger society.

That's why you'll never hear me bash people include insulting terms set in my heart itself after strain myself how I don't know it's not in my heart that as of said for many years.

If you cut us we should bleed love I'm speaking out of the abundance of my heart. I care about people. It it it hurts me that when I speak the truth in love, according to God's word.

I know that some will be hurt and some will think of me as a hater and will not listen to the gospel message or bring. That hurts me because I want to help people that that hurts me because I want to get involved in their lives and can show them God's love and God's goodness and demonstrate to them how real father. Jesus acts and thinks and feels it and and and I appreciate the many of you right even those who differ in and and and Sam, a gentleman limits were differences and so many of you respond in kind and gracious and differing with me taking issue with me and I appreciate that an honor that. So I am not out to create enemies. I'm not out to get people mad at me I'm not allowed to use all kinds of incendiary speech to increase ratings is upset endlessly.

I'm not a right wing conservative pundit, a follower of Jesus. II will comment on politics. Of course, I will comment on coaches part of my calling. Of course will address controversial issues, but will do so in a way that seeks to bring grace and truth together will do so in a way that that seeks to bring a compassionate answer without compromise to me that's God's heart. Compassion without compromise reflects the heart of God.

So we seek to emulate that but I want to say this, that there would not be such an effort such a successful effort to silence us to cancel us to put us in the closet.

If we had not been canceling ourselves for years.

If we had not been self-centering for years if if we had not been fearing people more than we fear God for years if if we had not turned upside down the words of Jesus and instead of losing our lives for the gospel, thereby finding them. Instead we try to save our lives, thereby losing say this people like that so fit with this instead will not even touch that 10 foot pole at Stanford, poets to volatile but but hang on your car you should need you to touch that because they live in that world. Your your your family needs you to address that, because your kids are being exposed to these other points of view there, confused. Your the business world need to take a stand beak because pressure is being put against you. So it doesn't matter what is comfortable.doesn't matter if if if you can gain popularity this matter.

"Lose your business measure popularity leisure life. What matters is that we obey the Lord and we do what's right. And because we haven't taken advantage of all the liberties we've had.

When there was little pressure and little opposition now is becoming more difficult. Now we do speak. There are consequences better get used to it and start doing what's right because it's right. Better get used to it and start speaking the truth now while you still have the opportunity with the consequences come let our heart be set on glorifying God gets the special broadcasts in the days ahead. Don't miss one of them is blessed you with your friend. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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