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Dr. Brown Hosts Dr. Mark Stengler with Answers to Your Health and Medical Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 9, 2021 12:42 pm

Dr. Brown Hosts Dr. Mark Stengler with Answers to Your Health and Medical Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network you have questions health questions medical questions questions about coal bid. Dr. Spengler has answers for you today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown hi, I have really been looking forward to today's broadcast. We did this some weeks back and had such good results in such a blast doing it that Dr. stingless team said hate.

Let's do it again. But let's do something special for all your line of fire.

Listen, so before we get into the show. I just want to announce this. Dr. Spengler is a partner of our ministry and is looking for ways to be a blessing to you to be a blessing to our outreach that we do as well so the website is vitamin and if you been ordering the health supplements. From there I take quite a few different ones every day in them blessed and super benefited by them.

So vitamin but jot this down the cold that she use his health. This is effective today, Friday through Sunday night Eastern time. 1159 rights.

If you have to listen afterwards on podcast use the health code you will get a double discount.

Dr. Singh Stimson. Let's do something special let's do something extra so it should tell everybody if your church pastor announce on Sunday morning get the word out okay when spread the word. With every order. You'll get a great discount you get great health supplements and it donation will be made for ministers against vitamin you will use the health codes in normal Dr. Brown coat through the weekend is the health code spread the word. Tell your whole family.

It is a great time to get healthier all right. Any medical question you have any health related question of any kind whatsoever, just ongoing through this one about this family has a history of this Dr. Spengler is here to answer your questions and he loves doing this over the phone hey Mark, great to have you back with us. Hope you been doing well, well, great. I got a question from a colleague who is actually a medical doctor wrote to me and asked if I could ask you this. He's been suffering from Parkinson's for 14 years of our their approaches any natural pathic approaches that you seen that can help with Parkinson's and he specifically wanted to know if any of the supplements in particular could be of help and it's just progressing naturally had one miracle where he asked God to heal his voice so he could sing. He can sing freely, but he can barely talk.

It's one of these anomalies on top of anomalies, but any any thoughts for him about over the years are referred directly on point guard down map AR if you want to study your bag here in San Diego on the medical doctors. They found a very high dose of corn barbecue Kevin there you are. Remember correctly around 1800 mg of coenzyme. Both born oligarchic 200 and it did have some improvement. I have not been with natural treatments for people you know stop the progression of Parkinson's. Dr. Dean improvement for periods of time in reducing of the tremors are group cognitive function so that you may think you are the coenzyme Q can and while the glutathione found protective to the nerves and nervous system, high dose fish oil Ampere studies are often people who exercise regarding a loss of muscle mass you get with Parkinson's. The phone really. We can help to some degree from the symptoms, we cannot cure the condition. I have not seen for like that obviously some of that suffering with Parkinson's.

Any reduction in symptoms. This can be a godsend to appreciate that answer given the number to call 866-348-7884. Let's go to Paul in row soon Michigan Susan Minnesota. Welcome to modifier. Thank you for taking my call. I haven't yet, but I assume I will get it at some point when I do get the virus that like the part start taking. I remarked in right away. The problem of how do I get a hold of some. I remarked in the northern Minnesota target court yet. We actually prescribe it quite a bit for patients to have on hand for quite configure preventively. A group of doctors are front-line care. Dr. website is FL triple feet are orderly startled front-line care doctors if you Google that may have a way you cannot beat that with doctors your area who are willing to prescribe it in and they know the pharmacies back. No there there are ways to yeah and and what we found actually in in North Carolina is we had to jump through a couple of hoops to actually get that prescription and and mark what is it about Iver Maxton that is effective while it had over 112 on the terms of Evernote benefit for COBIT. The most recent studies. American Journal therapeutics. They found a beginner moderating only look at all the research and you know you look at study on drug. Starting out like anything else, are different quality studies different outcomes but in general they gave a moderate effectiveness rating so it has shown despite having antiviral effect historically cute character, but they found out that Nike viral effect to the other thing I would highly recommend you could take now or have on hand, the negative the nutrient course of 10 to UDRP PIN. I know Michael has got on his website, the person will affect unique diverse research plan makes it harder for the covert pirate out all receptors and more portly thereto study published in 2021 people who had COBIT and in those studies are both studies found that it reduced the length of illness and the severity of these were no medically supervised study so to me that's a no-brainer to have as well taken preventively under the time obviously annoyed under a doctor's supervision and and Paul seems FL

If you click on to get to that site.

At least that's one way to get there for sure.

Also friends if you want to go ahead and order quercetin you can do that on vitamin Just remember today through the weekend through Sunday night. Use the special discount code health and you get a double discount on everything so typing that code instead of the normal Dr. Brown coat. And what about the immune wellness supplement that is that something good to take two to boost one's immune system yeah E.

There are people trying to prevent upper respiratory tract infection.

General or well will extract VeriFone to enhance immune function before using it. Turn know what happened after an act out people who are prone like old bronchitis and things like that. We recommend that you for long-term support of the immune system. And of course Michael Galvin vitamin several study terms of COBIT vitamin D such as Favor of the research on Kebab the lowest levels of blood vitamin D levels of the one most likely to die from covert now offers many factors involved, but vitamin D the no-brainer.

People should be supplement vitamin D for many reasons, including having a good functioning. And of course everything starts with diet. Yes yeah value of life to reading the Bible. Great to know the German after the nurse. Nobody got here in the Bible yourself a guided foundational our elder body nerve you for all your doctor highly dependent on the nutrition that would buy a good nutrition better function better immunity and everything else poor nutrition, things break down so just explain that if if when dealing with a healthy person and not just they sink their health, but they really are healthy. If you dug in deeper. Their health if they have a healthy lifestyle. How is it that they are less likely to get very sick or die from Colby, generally speaking, then see someone who's premature overweight. Maybe some of his diabetic what what was actually happening in the body yeah you look at the data people I blood pressure, overweight, diabetes, and on the bigger public about very hard people. Anxiety.

These are the people you have a group of the worst problem with COBIT figure infection, adaptable public interviews. You know what functioning properly at all for a great barrier to infection spreading in the body so people overweight there in a state of inflammation. While I blood pressure there and update of inflammation of diabetes and prediabetes, which is more than 50% of the American adult population like you have inflammation. So the COBIT one of thing that's happening is, your body is mounting an immune response. Part of immune responses and inflammatory response.

We are basically forming the new thousand feet area in your release and inflammatory markers, but the problem with COBIT is that it really triggers. I got high inflammatory response by the immune system more than impose condition in procuring a state of inflammation in your get the inflammatory response. The COBIT that you're really getting hit hard with inflammation and inflammation was not to have a level for too long, it leads to breakout like the destruction of tissue like the lungs like breakdown of the immune system so it inflammation it really is useful to help your people. They're not going in the COBIT with conflict, inflammation, problem, healthy people have inflammation combined inflammation of the COBIT. Now you got the new you got a problem.

In addition to help your people obviously they can have a more balanced and and better immune response biting off infection and insensible to this list jump into another, as I've got some face Bible related questions. At times, medical science, but let's go over to Connie in 02 Tennessee, welcome to the modify, thanks for calling.

Thank you Dr. Brown I listen to you religiously on and on so excited to get online. Dr. Iacono blinded even went to a natural path got me on the wheelchair I got COBIT and all my gosh, my energy level are bottoming out and you know the weird thing going on my third week of like really bad stomach like a bad stomach virus. I'm wondering, I'm taking the immune support and thinking the other one that you mentioned. It began with a view and him and my stomach is so inflamed, I'm not taking my vitamin D my multi-I am wondering is there anything else I can do. I mean I want to get back to work and I want to do ministry so frustrated because I'm stuck in all time there yeah absolutely America strong with opiate abnormal changes in the micro pile good bacteria but got their chronic digestive issues.

As a result, we are couple things that work will reduce the patient a problem they can be held onto this. I apologize for interrupting right in the midst of medical advice from Dr. stainless got a break, Connie. We want to see you back out when the race is how your health is now you just can't see some of the few family others. Healthy physically, spiritually, on every level.

That's were on the air. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown health and thriving in every area of your life and obviously I'm not a medical doctor I can share my own testimony of life transformation through healthy eating, Dr. Singh, supplements, health supplements have been a great blessing to me different callings of always use them with real benefit. So remember this is something special.

Dr. stainless team reached out to let's, let's just do something doubly special for your listening audience you go to vitamin today through Sunday night right so what's with today's date, even though today's date that you have some extra for your list and we get this right here so through Sunday night the seventh.

Use the code health when you order and you will get a double discount on everything so go ahead and order big alright so a doctor stating that when I get back to you as you give some advice to her friend Connie who wants to get fully healthy back on her feet. Please go ahead and capture what COBIT did you get abnormal changes in your gut bacteria… Some people develop no long-term digestive issues, but we can overcome outpatient on your website vitamin What I would use with patients would be the mega floor, which is a high potency probiotic or good bacteria with human studies on it that works really good reestablished the Florida number two.

There's a bar called hello IDG L-glutamine enough basically a form that reduces inflammation on the stomach and the house of and so those two things will work quite well to help reestablish the normal got out there without knowledge or other G.I. symptoms excellent to Connie. Yeah, I'm just wondering what about like things like yogurt, like you know that. Hold on one second there's something I've been taking it every day on Kiefer my keeper is that you know considered high-minded unwanted ability so hard all you Absolutely yucky. Have you know probiotic definitely immune from time to just take longer. The concentration is horrible but you could also do is be very cost-effective.

I get your stuff from my ginger tea. Ginger tea or ginger capital Bilderberg and that I can outlaw.

I've read that aloe can help your stomach when when you know my mother think a Pepto-Bismol will have aspirin and it somewhat allied reading about Halloween that help to cope my stomach. We will talk about no one you can get aloe to help boost her food grade with me ingested without help from you can get food grade. Aloe vera juice from health food store and could deftly picked out a couple times a day to help reduce the no inflammation… Going on okay what would you recommend for energy any Ikeda: guns you cannot take a good multi-like I got your immune support is there anything else I can use and I like to get like a rabbit. I mean, I didn't really I am. I been thinned by got a line delete I was helping the morning I was in a kind of help with medical help, not on but I didn't become even better, though, is there anything else I can do what they just needed long-term you helping with my I had chronic fatigue from the line and now acquired anything I to increase.

Yeah, I don't have the COBIT pre-existing condition.

Third, from Corbett that the law, but we typically find if the fatigue is great. You know, dragging on. Normally if you support the adrenal glands restructure plan took a big big role in your energy production are formula one Michael out of the adrenal wellness one capsule twice a day, but certainly no response was to help with very few get to. Usually after a week on the grill support bold energy level starts to pick back up. I deftly looked like in a limited income on folk go back to work but I can't so. But if that will help me get back to work is worth the investment. Political adrenal wellness. If you call adrenal correct and like offenders and reported discount for right now know that I definitely try a bottle and by patient very high percent that will start bringing the energy back. Excellent yeah and look these are things as I understand it with my nonmedical knowledge, or I should say my medical literacy is that when you're doing something that is working with the body is a healthy supplement you give a little time to get results as opposed to sapping your body with some type of medicine that has side effects as well. But you're saying over the course of of a month or two that you would see what you would expect to see positive results of if this is relevant, what with regard to normally think about talking about that we don't need no obvious improvement with 5 to 7 days per not really about the really bad fatigue. Yes I'll give it 2 to 4 weeks, but remember incremental medicine. We know which provide training to me.

There there is nothing to offer for 50 no palpation to wait.hey thank you for the call Connie again friends. If you're planning on getting supplements.

This is a great weekend to order. Use the code health when you vitamin for a double discount of this. This leads to a question here and friends fertilizer open 866-3487 84. I will be answering a bunch of Bible questions on Monday to make up for not doing them today about Loretto from wait for site at Wake Forest North, I think your question is very relevant here, so go ahead present Dr. Spengler hello Dr. thank you for thinking. My question that real autoimmune disorder and an array and taking them anyway. I won't go there, pills that I have to pay and I do eat supper with that inflammation from the rheumatoid arthritis.

But my question is is that I'm also taking herbal like natural herb and like to think vitamin D3 elderberry is what else I take airborne all the things that I am curious if you can overdose yourself or on natural stuff it possible yeah I'm here for you 20 and 20 secures the practice is not common, but avoid possible have one patient to both like a hobby. I did advise her that he takes over hundred supplement every day and redo his bloodwork and knows no problems, levers for users.

No issues with our collective supplement you recommend for that like elderberry Airport are not documents are usually patient on along the short term for immune enhancement. I know when you got an infection or maybe were briefly exposed by Gavin autoimmune to be. I would recommend you take things like that long term because with autoimmunity are trying to modulate her balance and so just in general, autoimmune disease, which affects over 50 million Americans are growing others up there are commonalities in the research and what would be help people.

Number one research is very clear the last 10 years. A lot of the autoimmunity originates in the digestive system. The trap we have trillions of bacteria in our gut their divine for certain functions that help with health – you can communicate with the brain to help with digestion, but 70% of her immune system originates from the gap with the college, got both the lymphoid tissue And felt the bacteria in your gut and operating your food down properly got things like patient things of nature. It leads to immune system function.

Bad for autoimmunity for you really want to focus with autoimmunity on your diet.

Eating healthier diet, Michael got a great book on that as well as getting your God, our micro bile balanced out with prebiotic know what foods with fiber my artichoke.

For example, onion, garlic, to tolerate those fiber vegetable or grain taken our probiotic supplements look great to get that good level. Bacteria in the long run that can help balance out your unique system and with women we find quite a correlation between your hormone balance on people. Studies show that if, for example, your estrogen and progesterone levels are balanced.

You have left autoimmunity if you bounce on your stress hormones like cortisol in your DHEA you can help modulate the immune system, and lastly never really go wrong with things like turmeric extract Michael's website has a really hypo P2 Merck wellness product Palm for college and I type to college in certain types of actually been shown in rooms arthritis through to reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Michael has the collagen booth which is been studied for that and Goebbels are just some of the ideas where you know you can help usually patient by q. week work on the diet we were on the digestion. We can promote key supplements that do that for about three months usually confusing obvious improvement and then ignored work with your rheumatologist if you need to reduce any of your drug medication dosages. So where would I find up natural path or a position like yourself to get all the way and I think the better off you just Google urinary duplicate holistic medical doctor of integrative medical doctor.

Basically every major region you know nowadays have the members well over 20,000 integrative doctors across America and growing rapidly growing field.

Vital thinking appearing during a major counter. Cities built upon one excellent hate Loretta because Grace be with you and look one thing that I'm an eyewitness to was the radical change in my diet got rid of headaches instead of several headaches we virtually got a headache in over seven years cost lower back pain lost the weight that disappeared, high blood pressure went to ideal blood pressure and other things.

As Dr. Stanley was dug in with my detailed blood tests to seen the thriving health and in so many other areas so things really do start there. Thank you for the call right Mark, we come back get a short break I wanted asked the question as to why is it hard to get Iver Maxton was it hard to to get it from certain pharmacies. What would seems to be the resistance to it would do that and will take calls any health medical yourself or someone else, general health, medicine, 866-3487 84.

Remember now night seven midnight use the code health when ordering vitamin double discount learning plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you, joined by my special guest and colleague Dr. Mark Singler partners with our ministry as a sponsor to help us reach as many people as we can. Dr. Stingley was also an apologist. He does a lot of Christian outreach sharing the gospel regularly with those who don't know the Lord sharing the gospel set of mosques and things like that and taking his knowledge of Scripture is knowledge of how God made the human body's knowledge of traditional medicine. Combining that with integrative medicine so that will get people healthy in the way more in line with what God intended. So we doing today any health medical question have any personal can be a general issue.

You're facing 866-3487 84. Some of the call and remembered today, November 5 through through Sunday night midnight Eastern time. Use the health code HCA ETA LTH vitamin and get a double discount on all orders. Tell your friend spread the word Bert were here to be a blessing.

All right, let's go over a back to Dr. Stabler so you have been prescribing Iver Maxton for patients was coded among other recommended treatments and yet a lot of pharmacies assumes that filling the prescription so that there's some resistance what what's going on with that true about week ago the regular carpet stop filling prescriptions] you write it, although an like that, historically, used to treat like paraffinic affection vacant, the dose were using a COBIT so I think his political nature of me think about it in history, American history, are not aware we never was there a time where I received word dictate what doctors could prescribe only the doctrinal complication of information to take into account is quite amazing to me think about IR prescription for Xanax micro prescription for growth hormone for Brown things which could much more likely to cause a problem for patient but I can't write one fiber back into regular pharmacy, which means we have to use were called compounding pharmacy pharmacy to root more specialized with a compound usually like make the drug out at the time of prescription is not just a branding fitting that so you know if you're in a rural area could be a problem if you're on the outcome product. For all you have five or six room here in San Diego we felt no problem, but really quite amazing if it have to be a political yeah and transfer those that don't know Dr. Stingley.

He was recently voted by the Association professionals. The doctor of the decade, the radio show and TV shows over the years since a highly prospective respected professional and in you published in peer-reviewed journals, don't you several several journal that through right so it's just such an odd saying that now you have this political interference of this is not some conspiracy theorist that I'm dealing with. This is some of this to some front lines of helping people to thriving integrative medical clinic in California.

All right, let's go back to the phones will start with Cheryl in southern Missouri.

Welcome to the line of fire like high interior program and Mike, I think about Gerd at the great black had I had for over a decade and hypotonic every day. They commonly have Logan low bone density. I'd really like to get off of it on your the theory that acid reflux is very caused by too little action in your stomach and not too much. Good question. I mean, I think going back a step so as more of an issue. The issue with it was called the Laura Fosco Spector between her stomach. The valve is a close eye begin the work of the most well studied the two most lopsided reason would be what people are overweight but more pressure on that region, and the number two would be diet, and I actually have a study why had a review I published in a medical journal were basically reviewed published studies on diet. In terms of helping Gerd and they found very significant terms when people reduce the need in your diet. The alcohol from the simple sugars by seafood significant in the results I got America you think drugs like the PPI medication, diet, often very, very important for you get have a diet diary and trying to catch what you're compatible with and what you're not number two getting a relaxed atmosphere chewing your food thoroughly. Do not eat in the evening. You know she redone your last meal by 6 to 30 do not late giving that effect. A lot of people one of things that we use with patient beyond the product I vitamin and that is reflux wellness. This is a blend of herbs actually published in medical literature from Italy nuclear and published research on very effective in helping Gerd what we do with patient, you know, we we change the guy like were talking about per month document like the reflux, like DLO, DGR, glutamine powder, which reduce inflammation in the stomach and we do not provide a month and then we just have the patient you left of the medication and I could use me like no you could take if you take one tablet big ticket every other day for month. You do horse tooth under doctor supervision as long the patient is doing well.

Keep slowly going down that road with PPI medication through the rebound phenomenon read. It naturally aggravates the popular major relief stomach out the fires a problem up yes to your point yet in general, GERD or acid reflux is not a problem with too much stomach out the problem on the valve not closing properly and so a lot of people specially of the age actually do have low stomach acid and which occurs by Justin in the last week. Your point across with the PPI medication long-term and why they were never designed to be long-term because the art interfere with the absorption of mineral as that's where Malcolm the bullock you depressed looking on the couch with such a high degree. The body uses that are the design of Norcal for magnesium to absorb vitamin D all things critical for the bone matrix making bone about the problem and why the minimum first needs to do is beyond those nutrient to get extra mouth to try and help protect your bone okay, sounds good. I've already hardly any need and I don't drink alcohol. I probably am about 15 pounds overweight, and you get laid off that I eat reasonably healthy and we like things like that. We are that that the core guide have to be the core 21 food around How well usually they get very noticeable improvement in her acid reflux. I think begin to focus on the diet you know and with no triggers alcohol, EVEN full for a think yard focused on a diet losing weight, keep it diet diary and I'm. Much like us that they can help make things easier way to make the transition. The config down the may help that fell that figure valve closed better to.

And lastly, don't underrate the possibility maybe got some structural problem you have nerves that come all the way out from your brain cheer, but the vagus nerve, so you got a problem with your net you got problems with your mental back the innervation were things like chiropractic can be helpful. Helping establish normal nerve. Oh, into the stomach to lower fossil Spector and things like out so you have probably back in that they should look at that as well. Thank you Cheryl for the call goes, grace to you as well. A more thanks for the. The expert advice there a let's go over to Kelly in New York City you're on with Dr. Stegner.

Please go ahead now. I am key that I am busy and I started eating grass to eat again and I've been in grass fed beef pretty regularly and not 25 pound not in my right again very exciting time and he went back to the liver because he takes a lot of medication and took him out medication because I keep putting my partner take a little chaplain. I give him a minute he could take family may be increased to deliver it in yet or are to never supporter box. We have one who will deliver well that one called liver wellness and then the other one is called glutathione but now Rios wrote me through your your liver have divided both can regenerate liver cells to appoint if the really advanced degree of liver stroke, no form of the panel starts liver cells are basically a form of scar tissue for the speaker's process that you can regenerate all their still function in healthy off you want to support their function as best you can. So yeah he's changing his diet and taken liver order products will be think of doing me to help maybe improved from greed and I don't know degree of growth so you know you have to do it be monitored and be what what house liver enzyme asked about Kathy knowing that he's doing that and he can monitor him like a high. I have evenly been thinking on the 19th and well and I am traditions like I stuff they feel like being like the ox organ itself and the problem is with target organs that are out people liver and all that both of the organic contaminants. We don't really don't really recommend it. I using that approach for most people. So we have been any kind on medications or you got. Health condition FSB marked by Dr. but you don't know for sure that your doing or what were recommending helping not helping or making things worse, are probably both toys awful. So yeah work with Dr. Debbie Potter.

That's the beauty of the modern medical science and art. The laughter so no precise you can tell persons responding in a beneficial way.

Not only do I like that do with patients with deep improving but not we want to make sure were cost-effective for the patient or for using different pelvic probably feel the product on the other hand forward, using and helping, the laptop and how the patient doing now would make them spin on right thank you Kelly for the call to say this really quickly to everybody in Austin all seriousness, used to be Christmas and things like that or is first day that family would give like giant bags of peanut M&Ms and the kids are in sons-in-law whatever just for fun and now they give me like apples and vegetables and stuff, why not notify code health get double discount this weekend in order. A lot of healthy self for family members for the holidays. Yeah, may not be eating the healthiest days ahead. Let's start fighting against now. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown before we get back. Callers what what I love about partner with Dr. Spangler is we work together to seek a healthier, so I'm on the air every single dated tip to help you get healthy strong vibe and equip you stand with you, supplement you in any way that I can spiritually seek and stand strong for the Lord. Here we get to do it in the physical realm as well be a blessing to you in so many ways so what I just before we get to the back to the calls. I know that you've been recommending quercetin is an excellent supplement to take 2 to 4 immune system and and to help combat covert and things like that but it's not the easiest thing to to get in proper doses are important. So what's the process involved here, the court for a long time, but we always know very poorly or in formal studies on corporate came up with pastor on like what I was trying to palpation awful all speak to you back the exact thing and so they will begin actually many thousands of bottle of the quercetin fighters all big back pipe apart used in the studies on coalbed as well as studies have been done with allergies and asthma as well and what the research shows you get blood levels up to 20 times higher than regular quercetin. So imagine if you take one of the quercetin wellness take almost 20 capsules of regular quercetin to get back to that usually know they've gone on curricular take on what IS the day to have the condition. So anyway, allergies and asthma on them for multiple sort of copper working out for basically two: we got the course and actually from Italy is believed in exactly one use the published type, which is really cool excellent surgeon friends that's that's on the website you can go ahead and order and use the code health this weekend for a double discount back to the phones we go to what there was a question that was posed that mental health but we must recall. Is there someone else asked about ADHD obvious it's a massively broad subject with many different subheadings but have you approach. Treatment of ADHD perhaps differently than traditional medicine has GROWING our chapter of a book I want my Mabel out prescription natural cures. We have a chapter on that will help many people over the years to adult teenagers with ADD or ADHD and for a large portion of them.

Not all nutritionally big. Your brain doesn't work my magic, so most people are low in omega-3 fatty acid makeup great component of your brain composition bill to retrieve memory of the bill to store memory built to communicate high 5° related to the composition of the fats in your brain branded 60% apples shown at high don't sure can be effective for ADHD as well defined. For some people food preservative MSG coloring die eating food sensitivities like wheat gluten Barry for some people. Some people lay there's a way to test the back and make a big difference and and in others, other supplements I can use the top with memory and focus which can get the knowledge that they are helpful in general I think it results. I really have been our good results without a pipe approach in my car. There's always been a percentage of patients when infesting the kids come in and deftly the root causes of the family problem.

Those divorces are family problems or spiritual problem in those thing, both kids, he can maybe help with the nutrition method yeah they can be help.

It is not true because you won't give them know the full effect that they need a nap in a really gotta be virtual not emotional components and that both cases are tough.

You have really is. As you know my doctor dissertation was written on that the Hebrew word for healing and its inconsistent background then expanded on that greatly. In the book, Israel's divine healer that got me looking at Proverbs and is a lot in Proverbs it is you is is is a psychosomatic category, but in the right since the worthy of the interface between body and mind and spirit and spiritual health and natural health what you're saying when you mention people with high anxiety are more prone to to get seriously affected by by Kovic.

So what is it say if you know if we think of bitterness or unforgiveness or stress. These different negative attitudes they actually affect us physically.

Yeah, and very well remembers there is no doubt about it, and it is true you look atop the recent research shows that anxiety is one of the biggest predictors of people running up the hospital or having a severe case of of article that is one the highest predictors and numerically we know what happened. We know that we have no part of our brain called the hypothalamus genetic and go to get information and outside world and edit fence signals to the pituitary gland which is on her brain and never get enough go to her mentor or stress plant and everything else anyway, you're getting the negative information only for your purse be that your brand can be fickle a body that leads to immune system function are all we would go beyond that into the you know virtual world to give a layer deeper, more fundamental, but that's that's what's happening yet switch. The sum is so much of the slots I could in width with our medical treatments which is why being integrative looking at that, the whole person God made it is so critically important that much. I understand why the survey to another call to Jim in Greensboro, North Carolina. You're almost Dr. Spangler know that fire following concerning the way I felt I could help my immune system during the cold Cleveland well. It took out of covert, 19 what ideas I put some alcohol in it and no paper towel and also I put garlic in a container and I would be inhaling the alcohol father labor. Whatever Valentine as well as inhaling the goblet that seven times that do that quite a day until I got there: I think Chuck thought wondering about the covert, 19 I think is the is good about that comes through the air, but your comment know what ideas perhaps to filthy booth. My new by using those two men. Interesting. I mean garlic has antiviral that fixing it with alcohol, normal color and extract. Maybe you're concentrating that although we don't typically recommend people hello alcohol very much but I think that you know there's a lot of research right now with treatment progress entry COBIT you begin a late inhalation therapy I would do a lot of research. For example in iodine right now is iodine that killed the virus and other agents believe something is been worked on in the drug is feverishly right now with that. And you're right, open our family come through the nasal cavity off all signals come through the mountain through the eyes but you're right on that to Jim thank you thank you for calling and texting. Thanks for your input. Appreciate that and I get time for another call. Let's go to see you in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown question. I got to be more for you.

I find it with the calling day on I hope this is all right but had a question for you on just knowing what we know now as to how this pandemic has kind of rolled out on in looking back I remember you know when this first happened on. I guess my question is would you have second thoughts on the idea that churches should have closed and they did on when they were asked to close and the reason I'm asking is, at the time.

I remember following Dr. Rodney Howard Brown who got arrested for closing and I believe that the same And listen to your perspective and I was very curious about which one was right and now all these years, you know. Months later, with the continual government overreach.

I've been a member to jump in and then we get Dr. Singh's input just we can both weigh in, in the very limited time you got like a minute and 1/2 I would've done things exactly the same way as I did them at the beginning because the goal was to try to cooperate as best as possible. But Rodney had every right to push back because of inequities in the law because of all these other places that could be opened in the church so he rightly challenge things they sent inequities, which were then leveled out, but initially I was still sealed door best to cooperate and then as soon as it was clear overreach and inconsistencies. That's we push back Dr. stating that you got a minute. Any thoughts on that yellow number try to correct what's going on Macbeth to do, but some point it became evident that was became a political thing and try to control the churches here, even if any or all 2500 people and you know the California law you could not more than 50 no matter how big your building on just a few totally unscientific yeah yeah so where were together on that Cecelia. That's the CSR listen friends less Jessica to remind you, but we we we we will remind everyone else again on social media vitamin that's where you go right. Check out all the health supplements but this weekend ending midnight saloon 59 Eastern time. Midnight on Sunday. All right that's that's the expiration that use the code health the code health.

When you do get a double discount take advantage of things reorder supplements discount donation on top of the ministry. Let's get as healthy as we can. Let's run a race, glorify the Lord.

Dr. Springer thanks so much for joining us here.

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