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Dr. Brown Debates: Is God the Father Alone?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 12, 2021 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Debates: Is God the Father Alone?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 12, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/12/21.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Is it true that the Old Testament speaks of a divine angel stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown was a delight today on the broadcast is thoroughly Jewish Thursday then recall with your Jewish related questions is 866. Another program powered by the Truth Network 3487 84. That is 866-348-7884 any Jewish related questions of any kind. Anything you want to probe about having to do with Hebrew Scriptures Hebrew language.

Jewish tradition believes messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament that all qualifies with their leaders. There's a Israel today in the news, by all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you Jewish person and you differ with my beliefs and you want to probe them, or tell me why you think I'm wrong. Phone lines are open for you as well. In a moment. We have dig into the Scriptures together. But first, something else about the Scriptures. I've been reading through the Bible.

One of these sub Bible in 90 days programs have done it every few years when I just feel like I need a fresh immersion just going through the whole Scripture so on.

On the Bible app is just a plan that comes up, and this we make sure your reading enough each day and sometimes I listen to it in audio as well.

The app with certain versions. You can listen and when I when I listen to the Bible on audio. There is a unique experience in 1 Particular Way, which is that there are many passages in the Bible, especially in the Hebrew Scriptures that I would speed read when I'm reading them and I imagine you probably do as well. For example, if you remove the table of the nations. In Genesis 10 of us are really trying to intimately understand historical origins of different nations meaning of certain names you read that through more quickly than, say, Genesis 1, the creation account or if you're reading through a passage. Oh, let's say the building of the tabernacle, sorting, and in Exodus 35 into the up to the 40th chapter you may read that a little bit differently or you may read a little differently. The laws concerning leprosy are severe skin disease and mildew. Because 1314 chapters like that or somewhere. It's, you know, just more detail genealogies one after another after another like first Chronicles, especially the first five chapters and even even so after that but when you're listening right ear your listening to the app in its reading everything at the same speed or many of the details about the sacrificial offerings and in the Vedic is one through seven.

In particular, so your hearing how much content is actually there is make you wonder why why is there why did God put so much attention on certain aspects of being clean or unclean.

What this matter so much what was God preparing his report and a lot of it had to do with being clean in terms of being able to approach the tabernacle in the presence of God.

There was you want in a sinful state, but in an unclean state.

Now you can be a sinful state which is also unclean because of sin, but some like you would send it just with excellently touched you. You're sitting down in your foot touches something, what's that old neurosis dead carcass all locate your unclean unclean till evening after beta etc. but a lot of these laws applied while you had a tabernacle/temple standing in them without them. The application becomes much more ambiguous why they even there was the purpose of them, etc. so you you want to why these there genealogies. That's a whole other issue.

It does tell us that every life matters, it does tell us that records are being kept in, it does bring us a certain continuity from one place to another place in history and in their other things to learn from a genealogies but these laws MacLean unclean. I would normally go through them more quickly. Just even unconsciously just doesn't seem to be as much substance to meditate on it to dig into, etc. so widely there in and you realize their lessons.

God's teaching us through this. There are things he was teaching Israel know the requirements for priests where they could be blemish, they couldn't have bodily defects you think will I was at fair will. There was a certain thing God was communicating to Israel that was bigger than fairness towards an individual and and if you think of a sacrificial animal. It had to be without blemish got examined that thing yet offer up that sheet you got examined that sheep make sure that ox. Okay, this is without blemish. There were lessons God was teaching, and we take them spiritually. One of the clearest passages we have in the New Testament is in second Corinthians 6 beginning in verse 14 where he tells us not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, but it goes from there to talk about how God lives among us, and dwells in us that that we have become his temple corporately and individually and that he is our father and we are his sons and daughters. Therefore touch.

No unclean saying some of the same imagery from the Hebrew Bible records itself where we are one part of the Hebrew Bible is going back to another part of the New Testament and turncoats that and then it leads up to second Corinthians chapter 7 verse one.

Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that the files flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God so these are just some lessons learned some things of importance some things to consider and meditate on 866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones. Let's dig into the Scriptures from another angle and asked the question, was there a divine angel in the Old Testament. This is something you probably heard about the angel of the Lord in Hebrew.

My loss of denier Moloch Yahweh is that a distinct being where it speaks of God revealing himself. I would say the son of God revealing himself in a physical form is it. Speaking of that, or is it simply that the Moloch the messenger carries the authority of the one who sent him.

So for example if I come with an announcement.

Let's say I'm sent by the local police chief in true community and says police chief so-and-so says everyone has to evacuate hurricane coming on that. Speaking with my authority but with police chief's authority. We certainly have that with the messenger carries the authority to one set of the prophets did all the time right, are the this with the Lord has said were in the room of the night utterance of the Lord or or PR than I do, bear the mouth of the Lord has spoken. This is the most common terms that are used up they spoke with divine authority but could you have a conversation with them where they would continue to speak with divine authority as if they were God, where they would go from he says do I say how that work so there's some say no. It's just the representatives they know. In certain cases. It's clear that this is God himself manifest himself in the angel now we look at a few texts in a moment, but as I was going through the Scriptures a few days ago. In Exodus, it struck the trip seen this many times, but just struck by it again that in Exodus the 14th chapter, the pillar of cloud separating the Israelites from the Egyptians that it's as God looked from the pillar of cloud literacy. He was actually present in the cloud and in the fire.

Even though his transcendent and visible to our senses right no one's ever seen God that stated several times Old Testament and New Testament affect states several times.

Jesus is noticing nursing God so even though that's the case, he did manifest himself in physical ways and at times even in human body or human form or an angelic form that looked to be human. So let's take a look at a few of these passages stored in Genesis chapter 16 Genesis chapter 16 hug our is fleeing from Sarah's arrives she scolded Abraham's wife. She suggested Abraham takes Sarah as is success. We had our is wife because circuit have kids with haggard conceives as Ishmael, Sarah's upset tells wants to get rid of them.

Okay so it says that you saw Moloch I'll deny all ate some IM outs is not a non-Miami bar. Now that new JPS translation says an angel of the Lord found her, but spring of water in the wilderness. Others would translate the angel of the Lord and it's totally legitimate translation for various grammatical reasons. So the angel the moss. The messenger says hug our slave of Sarai, where you come from and where you go. She said I'm running away from my mistress Sarai, and then scroll down and the angel of the Lord, without notice, this time says the angel of the Lord right in the angel the Lord said to her go back to mistress and submit your harsh treatment.

The angel of the Lord said to her I will greatly increase so for you my love Moloch a deny Harbaugh or Barbara and Suresh, Lisa Fairman of Angel etc. I will greatly increase your offspring and they should be. Too many to count. Now it's God speaking through the angel doesn't mean God is in the angel or just the angel speak with divine authority. It's debatable the angel the Lord said to a further beholder with child Traverso K goes on from there. So it's that evidence that Bob was in this Moloch.

God was in this messenger is the son of God appearing making God known making the father known is that what was happening or was the angel simply speaking for the Lord like a prophet saying I the Lord say to you, or if you been a charismatic Pentecostal church for the first time your prophecy are the words of that person thinks their goblet, not just speak a message for the Lord. Okay, let's go to Exodus chapter 3 Exodus chapter 3 and that's that's a little clearer. There, now most of the flock was from a Jethro, the priest of Midian drove the flock into the wilderness, came to Horeb, the mountain of God, and says an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire out of a bush so once again it says an angel you translate the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing friend of a bush so he sees the fire and the angel appears of the fire gaze and there was a bushel of flame that the bush was not consumed so he sees fire.

This is how the Moloch, the angel is appearing most is that I must turn aside to look at this marvelous site.

Why doesn't the Bush burn up right we continue resort when the Lord saw that he turned aside to look God calls about the bush. Moses. Moses answered DRAM is a do not come closer remove your sandals from your feet for the place in which you stand is holy ground I am. He said the God of your father the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, out of Jacob, Moses's face was afraid to look at God, yet they may have beat LOL he was afraid to look at God. Let's step back and think about that will continue. On the other side of the break.

It seems as if God's presence. God himself was actually there in the fire, hence don't come any closer. Hence, first-person speech, hence I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, hence Moses being afraid to look at God error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown show. Yes, there is victory among God's people. There is pain, persecution, difficulty in Jesus. In Yeshua we are over commerce friends we live these lives in this world with you and being subject to pressure, temptation, frailty, like everyone else. But in Jesus in Yeshua our Messiah and King. We are over commerce, he living inside of us is more than enough if we will learn to find God's strength out of our weakness. Nothing can stop us.

All right, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Listen to modifier broadcast in the number to call with any Jewish related question of any kind, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is the number to call one of his stay in the word a little longer and then will start going to your calls so in Exodus 3 we saw that it says the Moloch. I'll deny the angel of the Lord appears to Moses and the burning bush and he sees a farce with a sincere form of of a face or of being or anything like that. So the cycle of the cherubim and seraphim described elsewhere in the Bible or human form of the body even know he he just sees the fire so God is superior of the fire as you read it. It seems to me more than just an angel speaking with divine authority. It seems that the very presence of God is in that Moloch that the the very presence of God is there in him to the point that Moses is afraid to look at him, though some ancient Jewish tradition say he was afraid to look at the glory of the Lord or towards the glory of the Lord, but he recently says he was afraid to look at God, so in his mind he understood that God was there speaking out of the burning bush and why not, what would have told him I couldn't be what in the ancient religious world would've taught him the couldn't be what in the nature of God would've taught him that that couldn't be that God could not literally come down and manifest himself in that way and speak directly to a most certainly sought.

He was being spoken to directly by God. Some of them was a just a God came in the bush was to say the messenger of the Lord will this is how God discloses himself. This is how God reveals himself. This is the reminder that he is not contained in that fire that he is the infinite and eternal God, and yet he reveals himself in the midst of it now passes that Dr. Michael Heiser has often drawn attention to. This is quite remarkable. So we go to Genesis chapter 48 Genesis 48 and here Jacob is going to bless the sons of Joseph Manasses and Efron but he's gonna bless them in the reverse order from them and ask so it says and he this is Jacob levirate hit your safe and he blessed Joseph saying starts with Hebrew hot Elohim, the God in whose ways my father's Abraham and Isaac walked right and then again hot Elohim, the God who is been my shepherd for my birth.

To this day.

Then, Kunkel, L. O. T. McCall, Eva Ray et al. and Irene so the God whose ways my father's Abraham and Isaac walked the God who is been my shepherd for my birth. To this day the angel who has redeemed me from all harm. Bless the lads in them. They my name beak recalled in the names of my father's Abraham and Isaac. And may they be teeming multitudes upon the earth to let let's leave the text stop and think about this for moment, the clear parallelism is as undeniable the God, the God, the angel he sees speaking of one and the same being this first second thing is it even the new JPS translation which does not believe things that we believe about Jesus of divine Messiah and things like that. It translates with the angel with a capital a the same. If you look for example from Speiser and and the anchor Bible commentary on Genesis is a great Semitic scholar, not a religious Jew but you Scott. He also translates with A.

The angel said.


In English to convey the seller was the angel is the way that God is spoken of here. There there is no denying it in terms of the syntax and when you read commentaries.

Try to explain the way it is really an uphill battle if I say that some am introducing Nancy.

I want to talk to about my best friend in this role I want to talk about the woman that I've been married to since 1976. I want to talk about the mother of our children and the grandmother of our grandchildren. I want to talk to this amazing woman.

Well that's that's the same person, the God, the God of the angel. It's the same being described so there is no question that this verse confirms the existence of of a divine angel or God working so much through the angel that that Angel bears his very identity. There's really no denying it grammatically syntactically and is in singular may he bless them right so it's this God this goddess angel. May he bless them not, may they were now separated from God is the angel does it's it's really fascinating is really quite undeniable. Now in my book, resurrection investigating a rabbi from Brooklyn, a preacher from Galilee.

In the event that changed the world. I deal with this question of a divine angel. All I want to take them the scriptural text and I want to go over to my resurrection book.

It's really fascinating read take you through Jewish tradition history different beliefs about messiahs of contemporary beliefs about rabbinic leaders being Messiah and then compare that to the claims of Jesus the Messiah. Claims of resurrection from the dead, so there is a commentary on the Torah. Baca, Ben Asher and known as Ravenna Baca and he's around 13th century and he's commenting on the angel of the Lord in Genesis 22 okay Genesis 22 so is specifically 12 1355 to 1340. This is when the angel of the Lord tells Abraham don't sacrifice Isaac on the Mount by God's told to do it now. The angel says don't do it and he's commenting on the words you did not withhold your son doesn't say you did not withhold your son from him, but rather you did not withhold your son from me. Listen to what Ry Bucky wrote November just believe in Jesus.

It is believed the same things we believe are right are not hinting that he did on that, suggesting that he did in any way. This is fascinating to see his commentary here in Genesis 22 usage also need to know that the apparently strange phenomenon. This paragraph that is that God is the one subjects Abraham to the trial was the angel prevented them from going through with it needs to be understood. The angel mentioned that our paragraph is not of the category of the need for Dean disembodied spiritual creatures, but the want to what are known as the T oath, the emanations of God have the angel who called out to all of her harm and scroll the page up there you and instructed him to desist, belong to the category nosy for Dean disembodied spiritual creatures.

Abraham would've ignored him would've not allowed himself to be countermanded by a subordinate of the one who instructed him in the first place. Moreover is quite unthinkable that an angel of the Lord. Category D for D disembodied spiritual creatures would've been allowed to say to offer home flow have socked at things, many, and you did not withhold your son from would've had to say you have not withheld your son from him. So this is all of this proves that the voice which the Torah describes as emanating from an angel gobs of a superior divine level. This angel is also known as the great angel who manifested himself in Exodus 1419, when the Torah describes them as traveling front of the encampment of the Jewish people formula because of miracles. The Torah describes the divine emanation is Moloch angel. The meaning is that God is contain present within this divine emanation. Okay. If you have a resurrection book should be on pages 112, 113, if not it's it's a fascinating read. I commended to you for many different reasons. This was eroded also fast and agreed to give to Jewish and especially religious Jewish friends in particular. But what he's saying is fascinating that if the angel said stop stop don't sacrifice of Abraham would've ignored him because God himself to do it so you don't listen to subordinates is going to the obviously consider the subordinate came with a message from God be the logical answer, but Baucus is actually note this is not just a messenger from God. This was God present. This is an emanation from God of some kind, since God present in that Moloch, which is why when he speaks.

Abraham listens, but then the language you did not withhold your son from me this poster from heaven from God, and these speaks now I know that you fear me so it's it's just very interesting to see these observations again, their beliefs would be different.

But here's an understanding that the Moloch and brother boxes commentary contain mystical elements call ballistic elements in this part of of what he did philosophical elements call ballistic elements and just trying to understand the plain sense of the text as well as is homiletical sense. So he is looking at things through these mystical lies but it's striking that even coming from a very different point of view, that of traditional Judaism there observations about this divine angel about this angel who uniquely carried the presence of God.

And I say yes and amen to that was just understand this is how God has revealed himself through his son John 14 Jesus says if you seen me you seen the father John 118 no one has ever seen God, but the one and only God the bosom of the father, he has made him known in your first start learning Greek and you get to that passage and you see that it's literally if we translated a hypothyroid English that that the sun is exegete it. God is not the right way to translate it because it's got a little bit different meaning, but he's the one who has made in the open up to us is actual being. Wow, that's what the son does and he does it.

Throughout the Hebrew Bible in various ways, manifesting himself that's how the hidden invisible God heals himself and manifests physical visible ways like that usually calls 866-34-TRUTH file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to thoroughly Brown the light. It is always to be with you. 86634. Truth is the recall of any Jewish related question Bucky little phones. Just a quick note there are folks that are watching carefully in Israel with vaccines being given to everyone in the military and because of age groups involved in things like that.

There are others watching from the outside to sit will this this is a good place to to go to see there are the side effects of Sweden's is stopped one of the vaccines to concerns about about our issues market that is in things like that. Another Scandinavian nation is is just stopped on the vaccines route for certain ages. This try to get more data in Israel which is been very heavily vaccinated, of course, struggled with the Delta variance.

Although some would say that those that got sick were not as sick if there vaccinated of this essay will give us all the vaccination that were still getting hit with things. So the question is continue but Israel is right in the midst of this right in the thick of the discussion and other nations are watching what's happening there. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Nina in South California. Welcome to the line of fire hi Dr. Michael Brown and I have a question in industrial, at 1013 has about the book over yes Shar.

I in the Russian translation. It says the book override just one. I know can you explain to me what of the vocal yes Shar about it like I wanted something here like a low moan and respond with good steel something like that right so we don't have the book of you sure in English that I spoke with Jake. We don't have another reason I mention that Nina is because you can get online and you could search for a book of yes, Shar, and you can order it for yourself and read it, but it's a forgery it's centuries and centuries later, it has nothing to do with the biblical book. It's it's a later forgery that was written as if all we discovered the source everybody that has anything to do with that.

That's academic fully understands it's a forgery so we don't have the original buckets that has been lost to history. So apparently, it contained more details about different historical events with the children of Israel to mention a couple times in the Old Testament, but beyond that we don't know the words what you read is what we know beyond that it's lost now. The reason that the Russian translated the way it did is because in Hebrew the word just Shar means upright or or morally straight hands, righteous soul. That's just another synonym for the righteous. Someone who is just Shar. This is morally upright, straight, and they translated as if it was a description rather than a name. So which it should be translated as a name more likely. But that's why they did it because yes, Shar has that meaning in Hebrew you not a question. Sure, go ahead and provide Luke 225 about good to me on who it doesn't say what age he was when he saw the salvation of Israel. I heard the message like you was around 200 years old. I don't know why they get blotto if God said that the hundred 20 the site right. The fact is, no, that's just the Smith there is there is what we know about him is what's written Luke. That's all.

So it's one of these things Nina where where when we don't have information in the Bible than summons has a tradition. Some of the speculation and this gets passed on before you know it it's it's is that while it really happened.

It's fact notes just to Smith, there is 028.

The Bible does not tell us anything more.

We don't know his age, you can be reasonably confident, though, that he was, not 300 if he was 300. I would think the Bible would draw attention because it does tell us Anna you know the 80+ years as a widow and all of her years of intercession and things like that. So you would imagine it would say something, especially when what you get past the error of the flood that the life's lifespans go down down down down and as you say hundred 20 at the outset, or even Psalm 9070 A.D. at the outset, so living in that long was was quite rare.

A thank you thank you for calling by the what you know their Jewish traditions that that sham were the sons of Noah was actually milk ascetic in Genesis 14 there zero truth behind. It's just one of these traditions, these things get developed and passed on your family stories that just started summer and I was like it's fact all yeah is this what happened this story slowly loses the story all right. Let's set let's go to Wanda in Greer, South Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey, my partner and I hearing about you and on the radio on and I was driving. I have a question.

I'm learning a bit more about the Jewish way of life wondering women wear prayer shawl like a man no not not religious Jews. You will see it in nontraditional settings. In other words, reform Judaism, which broke away from traditional Judaism over 200 years ago in which cast off many of the traditions that have been follows from centuries and to this day is is very liberal and your average reformed view is not observing Sabbath in the strict way. Many are not observing the dietary laws in the strict way so they modify different things you know so they will have female rabbis were traditional Jews would not still have gay and lesbian rabbis rubs the traditional Jews would not they'll have women wearing a certain cutterhead Korea wearing a yarmulke sometimes in ways that men with or a prayer shawl, but no, the prayer shawl is is not worn by women in traditional Judaism and the prayer shawl goes back even even earlier with the fringes and things like that's the requirements about garments and traditional Judaism developments and that that was for men only and not for women and in traditional Judaism. Women are exempted from certain commandments that men are required to keep because of the lifecycle of a woman because of her monthly cycle because of issues that could come up with caring for children and things like that that she was not required to do some of the things the members required to do's. That's what you see a traditional Jewish man.

To this day I will have these fringes. Coming out from from the site expandable. What will the blue the detail at this particular color this this deep blue. The tradition was that that came from a particular snail called the CO zone and was very rare and hard to get and then when they couldn't get it anymore. They said we can have that exact die.

So instead we'll just leave it white and so we can get it. So that's why you'll see you'll see a traditional Jewish man with white fringes, but you won't see a woman wearing it, but the long answer is that the short answer is no traditional Judaism. Women do not were precious prayer shawl like locked on water prayer shawl.

But here's the deal if it's Christians. Why are they concerned about Jewish tradition, noticing that no resistance Christians doing it. There's nowhere in the New Testament word says Christians should pray with a prayer shawl or not or anything. So for Christians doing it. The Jewish tradition is immaterial at that point there simply doing it because they find value or meaning or beauty and doing it as as followers of Jesus. The fact that if if you try to live by Jewish tradition, then you'd be living in Orthodox Jewish life would be radically dramatically different than the way Christian would live in terms of daily requirements and and things like that but many Christians think when they doing these things that it shows a know that they're connected to being Jewish and it's appealing to Jewish people. Your average jewel like that like was a Christian mixing with our religion, so it doesn't impress Jews when Christians do, but if they do it before the Lord and find beauty in it great and special messianic Jews. It may be part of their background and tradition is different traditional ways of life. Yes.

So here's the deal. Here's where it gets a little interesting. The church has often looked at messianic Jews.

In recent decades, as mixing things going backwards into Judaism.

The traditional Jewish community has looked at messianic Jews as imposters trying to cover up Christianity with Jewish traditions, and images messianic Jew would say we're just trying to be authentic. That just like Paul and Peter and the other apostles lived as Jews after Jesus died and rose from the dead, they were Jews.

They continue to live as Jews. There Sabbath observant thieves are the dietary laws, etc. so this is part of our heritage and we want to reconnect the church with its Jewish roots, but they also recognize they are not under the rabbinic authority so they they may use certain traditions that they find beautiful. It may be that the leader of the congregation grew up a certain way loving certain Jewish traditions. They still have value for him. So that's how he leads his congregation, but it's not. There is no holistic formula for another words as a follower of Jesus, you are not going to be fully submitted to rabbinic tradition if you were, you wouldn't believe in Yeshua.

You wouldn't believe in Jesus so messianic Jewish congregations can be beautiful places that that give you place to celebrate the feast of holy days or that really try to uncover the meaning of the Sabbath or remind Jewish people. You can be Jewish and believe in Jesus. Many times though they become places where people who are attracted to Judaism there there many Gentile Christians get attracted to Judaism and it's part of their step of falling away from the Lord that they welcome us a correlation if that is go to traditional synagogue, then leave the Lord entirely. So everything has to be in its right context. In many ways wander the church has departed so far from its Jewish roots that, for example, you have a separate holiday Passover and Easter instead of saying we celebrate the death and resurrection of the Messiah within Passover, when it actually happened, why not why make a separate holiday with different dates so there has been a separation from Jewish roots. But God is the recall, the Gentile church to live like traditional Jews, that the sun is called a purpose and I will take fervent issue with any messianic Jewish leader who says that messianic Jews are required to live by rabbinic tradition or that there is authority, rabbinic tradition that is still binding on messianic Jews. I will categorically absolutely dismiss that and say wrong and would argue against the pay wander thanks for calling and if you're my website ask Dr. KSK DR just search there you'll find tons of free resources on a wide range of subjects including Jewish related issues as well. Hey God bless you right back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire and Thursday. Michael, you're still time to take a call or 28663487884 is number to call will respond to Facebook question. I saw posts there and the gentleman said that his Discover phone phobia right now so normally when unable to respond to questions that are just posted during the show, but maybe I'll get to that in a moment I'm intrigued by this headline in the Jerusalem Post, Biden administration ops pressure on Israel to crack down on China defense officials: from Mr. Bennett to head new panel to screen Beijing's investments in Israel as government stalls on rail tenders interesting interesting yet US relation with China, Israel relation with China. I am absolutely not expert Hana, that is such a such an overstatement of an understated thing. I know very little forgets I am not an X, I know very little about Israel's relations with China very very little. I've not attracted in great depth and it's it's a newer subject, but this is gonna be one to watch. What are China's motivations you watch Russia and the Middle East and Syria with this country. Their Russian Iranian one of the motivations were Århus Triana have more sway here. What's their purpose and so on. In Israel generally is looking for whatever friends can have in any nation with whom he can have good economic ties that the better and security arrangements, and so on and so forth. But then this was a friend of my friend, is the enemy of your friend and how does it work so it's it's very complex. Okay, so a question was asked about the the offering called the core bond which is just the Hebrew word for offering it's referenced in Mark seven and Matthew 15 and in their usual rebukes the religious leaders for the hypocrisy saying hey you say honor your father and mother and you getting upset with us because my disciples don't wash their hands before they eat, which is a virus, a tradition of a biblical command and in the meantime, your your unifying Scripture yourself and where's the Scriptures is on your father and mother, you've got this loophole were some of this and have to so I just want to reach you. Craig Keener's IVP Bible background commentary, PC says this is his many Jewish teachers. The regal regarded the commandment to honor father and mother is the most important in the law. Jewish interpreters included in this commandment providing for one's parents when they were old at the same time tradition allow that various items could be sacrificed rededicated's use of God's temple core bond appears on sacrificial vessels and means consecrated to God in popular usage. You could also mean forbidden to so-and-so that can assist one school Jewish teachers in Jesus, they declare that eval that something was consecrated, forbidden to others applied even to family members even if those do. It was forbidden, included them only accidentally so apparently religious people have been using this practice. A notice that the darkness is apparently as we don't have a lot of data about this and were trying to understand the very real issue.

Jesus is talking about ops is that is being made up here because it's real issue that's been discussed and and these things are being published and discussed oral traditions passed Nissan immediately after Jesus leaves this earth and then written down within a generation, so this not going to create something that you can become at the New York blueberries baseball team that that lost it to the Boston raspberries in a wildcard playoff game of Tuesday night. We talk about that because of when those is the Yankees and the Red Sox that the blueberries in the raspberries so this unrealistic place. We don't have all the data was very common for that period of time. Some apparently religious people abusing this practice to withhold what should have otherwise gone to the support of their parents against pharisaic belief that one should support one's parents use your text, that the Pharisees religious theory, but their inconsistency with that theory and practice the loaf of the law had led them like some modern Christians to such attention to its legal details of the created loopholes for them to violate the spirit of the law and look I've had people calling the show. I want to ask a question and say okay my family it my my parents need money and the only can give them money is is if I don't ties and I know to honor my parents and on to honor the Lord. Is it right that I don't ties and in that extra money. I know it's not that much but it's just what they need to get them through because the Social Security is not enough, etc. what will will that should I do that now. My counsel would normally be honor the Lord give to him first and as you look droll like make sure you're not spending money you have to spend that you can help your parents with right but I was okay honor the Lord first and faith and any heating knowing your situation needs will bless you with more to enable you to support them. That would be my normal counsel, but you can see, though, have this kind of thing could arise in this kind of thing could be an issue, you're trying honor God. But you've got a competing claim here which is right, which is good. Okay, let me mention one of the same to you as this been going through the five books of Moses again in recent days reading today about quarantine and the. The laws about severe skin disease and mildew in Leviticus 13 and 14 of Celtic of this so much detail what why what you put so much detail here in other things you did know there's there's even a saying in the Mishnah since his early Jewish tradition put in writing about 220 A.D. or CE common errors is as Jews would say so.

It it it says that the laws concerning offerings and things like that you know there detail but was about the Sabbath is like mountains hang on threads.

In other words, it's clear the turtle don't work on the Sabbath, and since couple of things and don't kill a fire on the Sabbath, but is that all details is what work means my understanding is because in that culture. Agrarian culture that it was self-evident what was work what was work, and when the case came up the command getting sticks on the Sabbath.

Something else that was reported to Moses the most want to golf you would we do with this because he wasn't sure either got children and so were their ambiguities that they learn pretty quickly, but in rabbinic law, you say okay will.

God told the children of Israel don't work on the Sabbath in the midst of their commands to build the tabernacle so from that, we deduce that anything involved in building a tabernacle would be considered work that you come up with 39 subdivisions of labor and develop their it becomes tremendously complex to the point that a traditional Jew on the Sabbath. He could use a soft brush to brush there without a hard brush because it will pull hair out her fingernails like partly the detached can't break it off during the Sabbath are so used to nail clippers to cut off W work you could study for hours and hours and hours study tour that would be work so because Ray complex office that I don't accept the authority of those traditions.

Although traditional Jews, they can be meaningfully beautiful and looks up their authority, nor do I believe for split second that that was what was going on. Moses day but it's it's it's interesting to see that some of these things that required more detail.

God gave it, and even the idea of quarantine and in what principles were to learn from that it's it's fascinating to look at and think about it also reminds me of the importance of the physical body.

Just because we are passing through this world and waiting for a resurrected body this mean that the physical body is unimportant because the New Testament teaches that that physical physical work, so bodybuilding as a low profit but build yourself up spiritually as profit for this world and the world to come. It doesn't denigrate the importance of caring for our bodies which are in fact the temple of the Holy Spirit. So I would encourage you was part of a conference call earlier with the leaders. Talk about healthy nutrition and Dr. Joel Fuhrman says that if you're eating in an ideal healthy diet which were his tenants are very very high. I would be very very high. If you're doing that, it's your ideal weight that that's a thousand times more effective against covert than any vaccine in assessing to get vaccinated or not to blessing the transformation in my own life of semi-immune system changed totally from what used to be good colds all the time and run down with different sicknesses to know hardly ever even getting a cold and that boast about tomorrow not sing a bulletproof golfer bit the kidney stones of health issues that happen right but a been thriving healthwise it's it's been utterly remarkable since God help me to change my diet and in addition to it, because certain things you can't initially get everything just along for food or the foods that we have that the way they have. We have them, so I do take some healthy supplements every day supplements for my immune system supplemental daily vitamin some other supplements I take for some specific issues and the supplements that take Mark Stanley supplements considered to be the nation's leading natural path of Dr. meaning knows traditional medicine but works in such a way that starts with with see how the body heals itself and what can we work with, naturally, to bring about healing suits a different approach to medicine is more holistic one and just putting all kinds of prescription drugs into that can actually hurt many other ways.

So deals with nutrition just a little thing. So we have partnered together with Dr. Stang. I got a big announcement coming in the second we partnered together with him go to vitamin vitamin that's where you'll find out, but a special coupon code that you can use to get a discount on every order that you place and with every order. Dr. Stegner makes a donation to a ministry work. So you get healthier you get a discount and we get blessed as well. So vitamin the place to go. Here's the big announcement. Dr. Stang was joining me on the air tomorrow gobbling and it'll be asked Dr. Stegner tomorrow. We can focus on all of your health questions medical questions nutrition questions and amazing doctor who loves the Lord bases everything is well on his relationship with God in Scripture because of his life to be asked. Dr. Stegner also get your medical health questions ready, don't want to miss the broadcast

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