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Government Hypocrisy and COVID Concerns

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 20, 2021 4:35 pm

Government Hypocrisy and COVID Concerns

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 20, 2021 4:35 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/20/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network with this hypocrisy were going to call it out for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

A lot of Americans are struggling with a perceived hypocrisy and double standards and unequal measures, especially when it comes to dealing with the church in dealing with Christians dealing with religious liberty, and if there was consistency would be one thing but it's the double standards that raise a lot of concerns and talk about them.

Some recent incidences have brought this to mind. Once again, welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown.

If you are way in 866-34-TRUTH and ever going to stay today on covert related issues list for good part of the broadcast vaccine related issues lockdown related issues safety related issues and if you want to weigh in if you want to speak to fellow Christians and urge them to be vaccinated, and why they are not walking in love by not being vaccinated. Go ahead and call 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you feel that it is like a face walking in fear and and putting things in your body that we are still not certain of in terms of of results at or you've got first-hand reports of people damaged by the vaccine and you want when you can do that we can provide a forum for you to weigh in.

We are not discouraging people getting vaccinated.

We are not anti-factors. We are not shaming those who have not been vaccinated. My official position remains the same, which is due to research asked God for wisdom to make informed decision that remains my counsel, as you say what your personal choices.

Those are my personal choices. Why because you look to me on some level for input for wisdom in some cases, you come to me thinking I'm in authority it in in the field, which I'm speaking or respected elder.

In other areas just like let's get his opinion.

He may have something to say. So you may take it in a more weighty way, but I do not want my personal choices to dictate or influence your personal choices. In this case. In this life-and-death case I take stands virtually every day of every week, sometimes by the hour that are costly stands there difficult stands that a no compromise stance that they are based on convictions and knowledge that I have this broadcast. We presented different arguments from different size we've asked you to weigh in and you continue to get to do that by way of phone 866-34-TRUTH so okay last year I got an article about the spec we can pull the article up as a speak last year, things got out of line when churches were closed down church buildings were closed down.

Churches could not gather right because they were not providing quote essential services, whereas abortion clinics were liquor stores were not churches, so I say in my latest article started last year during the lockdowns liquor stores and abortion clinics were allowed to operate, seeing that they provided quote essential services will church gatherings were banned and shut okay.

Then you remember after that the BLM protest and the racial protests and things became riotous in different cities multiplied thousands of people for the mysteries but what we were supposed to be on lock down was post be shutting there were when not supposed to be out the streets and crowds in large groups and sports events canceled and and all of this and yet he got these events going on or how how could that be rights against the hypocrisy is the double standard that's that's what continues to be so grievous and that's what were going to call out so check this out. I mentioned this in my article over 1200 medical professionals, health experts, health caregivers, etc. over 1200 medical professionals professionals signed an open letter supporting the protest. Did you get that there are you was that racism was more deadly than covert.

Consequently, protesting racism, even at the risk of getting us ready covert was a healthy thing to do. To paraphrase, "a little directly ready quote as public health advocates. We do not condemn these gatherings as risky for covert, 19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health, specifically a black people in the United States. We can show support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrate his ability to gather demand change the should not be confused with a permissive stance all gatherings, particularly protest against stay home orders so in other words, racism is more deadly than covert therefore protesting racism at the risk of spreading covert and super spreader events potentially that that that is more important for the public health, good then than staying at home and protesting and of those talk about hypocrisy. What about the. The deleterious negative effects of of the stay at home orders on many Americans were about the people he committed suicide and depression, but rather the kids that that fell into various social disorders is because of not being around other friends from month after month after month, and the isolation created different emotional struggles for them what what about the people that for fear of getting covert didn't go to hospitals to get regular checkups or the cancer treated other things like that and and all these other deaths. So if you have a protest saying that's wrong that's that that the lockdowns gone too far. I'm in some estimated that more people died in Australia by suicide them by covert in the last year and 1/2 so short a protest that that's unhealthy but to protest race, a move will agree were racism exists in these because not every person of conscious and unconscious were exist.

This be called on not downplaying the this racism absently pointing out hypocrisy hypocrisy.

Okay, so most recent examples of mind blowing hypocrisy have to do with the current administration, namely the Biden administration mandating vaccines for all companies with 100 employees or more, not just for federal employees, but all companies, both of the hand hand. What about the immigrants pouring through or borders. The crisis on the southern border right now of America and it's being reported as much.

As can be reported, this Chrysler always immigrants flooding in many of them illegally so.

Fox news reporter and a recent press conferences with Emmett.

This is with within a week.

Within a week of the president's mandatory vaccine announcement for various companies, etc. Fox news reporter Peter Ducey asked Press Secretary Sake. It means vaccine is a requirement for people or business with more than 100 people. It is not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. Why suck reply currently. That's correct. There is, it didn't answer the why this again.

That's correct okay please somebody help here. Somebody I'm sure their listeners viewers right now who who support the Biden administration, who believe he is doing a good job I'm sure some of you are out there listening, watching, maybe online poster comment call in cleat. Please defend that I'm always open to getting the other side of an argument I'm always open to single blind spot on. I'm always open to being enlightened were missing something. So I'm I'm genuinely ask. I'm not just being facetious and sarcastic.

I don't see any possible defense for the eye. This is as blatant a double standard.

Note good for you.

Not good for me just as blatant as I've seen it. That's how it presents itself to me at MI missing something. It please tell me. Phone lines are open.

Please tell me I July 2020, the Supreme Court inexplicably infected didn't give an explanation, but declined to hear the case of Las Vegas church protesting the states unfair and uneven covert regulations so based on these regulations a casino can operate 50% capacity. So if we could accommodate 5000 people 2500 to be there, but a church building that can accommodate 5000 only a 50 service so this gets challenged Supreme Court inexplicably decides not to to to take the case and John Roberts, Chief Justice Roberts sides with the four liberal justices dissenting opinion, Justice Samuel Alito wrote this that will, synagogues, mosques and churches were arbitrarily limited to 50 people in attendance for any religious services, regardless of the capacity of their buildings. Certain other favored facilities may admit 50% of their maximum occur occupancy in the case of gigantic Las Vegas casinos. This means thousands of patrons are allowed to the one church is okay rolling a prayer rally in support trump prayer rally but because we can't meet the church building. We will rent space from a casino because it it's fine for all you church to be there building. But if there were gamble. No problem. No double standard here no hypocrisy here so and this is what brought this all my attention that the immigration thing with immigrants don't have to get to get vaccinated.

The subpoints were borders, but companies with 100 or more employees of rest vaccinated so this will got my attention towards the bottom of the article last month, the ACL J file the lawsuit in Federal Ct. in Virginia on behalf of a live church of the Nazarene of because of covert restrictions.

The congregation could no longer meet in the public school you can use so sought permission to meet on property located in Prince William County. The county said it would grant the permission, as long as they obtained a liquor license not making this up the base and the denominational convictions they don't even serve white communion, that the said they couldn't do so as a result, the county banned them from meeting on their property so must the church operates like a bar cannot meet on certain properties owned by the county as explained by Jordan secular in so many words, our client asked the county how do we get treated as favorably as breweries and wineries countries response so go get a liquor license. Secular continued wineries and breweries can host weddings they can host live music they can host community, engaging events together. They can even renter facilities interest use, all while enjoying the beneficial treatment of the counties favor and avoiding cumbersome and expensive zoning and permit requirements but not churches.

The bottom line is the county is treating our client, the church differently or worse because it's a church and has these religious beliefs about alcohol, so friends, this is the absurdity of the hour.

This is the hypocrisy the hour. I'll say it again if I knew for a fact that wearing a mask would save neighbors, friends, loss of my mistress my life in public.

The sun is if I knew that the vaccine was safe getting vaccinated every month.

Save people's lives affected everyone is not a matter of personal sacrifice.

It's about of the standard. It's not hypocrisy it's a better are we even getting told the truth of your number plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. I want to extend a personal invitation to Stephen Cohen on Facebook to call in is exposed repeatedly.

You are liking and end time discernment. Dr. Brown will he's polite enough to refer to use Dr. Brown. Some use derogatory nicknames and insulting nicknames of please enlighten us donkey posting the same comments and and being a troll on Facebook that this gets blocked, but by all means call in and the light is surely with the platform goes given me the ability by God's grace to reach millions of people through Internet radio video article.

These different things surely have a mic and end time discernment it it's incumbent on you to help clarify things for those that you would say I miss leading and hurting so please by all means if we see your call, I will get right to it. The first moment I get.

You got my personal invite 866-3487 84 and if you're not inclined to do that or don't have the courage to do that or whatever the case may be, maybe, or situations that allow you to call them please to stop posting the same comments on Facebook and bring baseless charges for all those who think I'm missing the boat here.

Please give me a call and tell me where and how and why. By all means, that's what we pay for airtime on live radio every so often because of travel situations or its special things that that have been very rarely in ministry requirement that we can't you live radio, but the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority timer live. One reason is that if something's happening in the world around us we can comment on it right then and there and and and be hopefully watchmen on the wall to help you to have the sermon wisdom and understanding of what's happening in the world around us and how we should tackle and how we should respond to. We also have live radio time is even the biggest thing so that you can call in that you have the ability to call in and interact and differ or ask your questions. So once again I want to put things out. I I certainly found hypocrisy in the trump administration. I found hypocrisy in every presidential administration I've ever watched carefully. I found hypocrisy in the church affect the search my own life to see if this hypocrisy to to bring a charge of hypocrisy is is nothing new can happen. It does happen. So when I'm charging the by the administration with hypocrisy.

It's not because I attack him by name. Every if you if you tune into this ruckus regular that's not the case but I'm asking someone there got to be bod supporters that are watching, listening, that it that are sympathetic, at least to what he's doing or trying to do so. Someone just please explain to me the logic that immigrants points were borders, legal or illegal do not have to be vaccinated, but if you have a company with 100 more people everywhere must be vaccinated when you, potentially thousands of people going out into other areas of potentially spreading things from there. Can someone please tell me the logic behind that result is hypocritical as it sounds and feels, you say okay Mike, you got us provoked. You got is frustrated got a subset to leave us your all would be right for me to leave you here that that without the biblical that would not be gospel like because there there is a response that the heavenly response that the godly response.

So the first thing is the reminder that were just passing through this world that this world is not our permanent home. So we spent all of our earthly lives here it's it's where we so seed forever, for good or for bad. It it is it is the only place we've ever known as home. It's where we meet our spouses if we get married we have children have a careers do all of that live our lives, hopes for filled dreams refilled or shattered, as the case may be, but this roles always can be messed up until Jesus returns. So it's it's a messed up world. Expect hypocrisy. Expect double standards. Expect in equity. That's the world in which we live, work against it work for truth work righteousness, but understand were in a fallen world were passing through this world and and if all my stock in this work on can get frustrated so this this is the reality and what we must do this. The second thing is work actively for truth work actively for fairness work actively for equity work against that which is wrong. Work for that which is right and then the third thing. The more there is opposition to our viewpoint, the more there is opposition to our own positions. The more we must shout the gospel. The more we must ever truth of please hear me.

There is the mingling of the gospel with the wrapping of the gospel in the American flag.

There is the conflating of patriotism with the kingdom of God as if to to be a strong follower of Jesus, you must be a radical pro-American live or die by the flag patriot you know you almost wrap yourself in the flag that that's that's very false impression. America has amazed them many amazing qualities which is why people come here from around the world and is so much good. Amazing. Good. That's kind of America that's help the world and in no other nation rose up like us over history to have the will impact it has in such a short period of time. At the same time the sins of our nation are massive.

We we remain here, by the grace of God I mean that's that's the fact we remain here, by the grace of God by the mercy of God from all the babies we've killed through abortion to the, the exporting of porn sexual deviancy around the world to on and on problems of justice are our history with the slave trade.

Segregation or treatment of Native Americans of any we have amount the sins as well. My point is America's not the kingdom of God.

America is not the kingdom of God. I'm not going to confuse the two. If my nation turns against God that I stand with God against the direction of my nation if if my state adopts anti-God.

Legislation that I stand with God and suffer the consequences of of resisting that legislation. There is however this feeling that we often get the USA USA USA somehow equivalent to shoving Jesus, Jesus, no, no, no, two different worlds one the heavenly eternal perfect son of God, the other another falling nation on the planet with a lot of good and a lot of bad two different spirits as one call is that a few weeks ago, the mega spirit is not the same as the Holy Spirit. And what I've seen, especially in recent years is the right that the rising tide of cut of this macho Christianity.

This patriotic on steroids were tough. We are strong. Nobody's gonna mess with us here.

I I love people of Texas and the obvious and the handful in terms of the total population. I enjoy being in Texas on their in a very regular basis. Working closely with a number of churches there in Texas and you know the thing don't mess with Texas, so I love when Texas stands up for what's right, LM, and when the governor stands up for what's right and when Christians stand up for what's right. I love that.

But the Texas spirits of the Holy Spirit, either. You know what I'm saying.

In other words, the don't mess with Texas, a lot of worldly people that don't love the Lord. All they hold to that mentality. A lot of his rough-and-tumble people that are like no other. Tell me what to do and nothing to do with Jesus. They love that. Don't mess with Texas excelled. I am not calling for the marriages real essay now.

Every barrier resisted and and and the stronger the louder I shout, the more you think I'm anointed honest, that's just carnal and you can shout holding onto the requital being anointed. I'm not much on some carnal macho Christianity known that's I'm I'm talking about loving Jesus so much loving my neighbor so much that regardless of cost or consequence on and on agog with right under swim against the tide on the go against the grain and it doesn't matter if I get rejected. Doesn't matter if I get paid this matter for these reputation because of your for me. I'm here to honor the Lord and I will gladly lay down my life to help and serve others, that's our mentality as as followers of Jesus. That's our backbone. Listen when some of self-defense written a timeout to embrace in your home and trust protect your family, your kids and you and you and you stop them righteously when talking about the were talking about suffering, opposition, reproach for gospel stands.

We do push back we see in equity. We do push back. We have assisted we work through the courts we vote out that politicians required to vote in good politicians. We do all that. This is ongoing. This continues this this doesn't stop but our hope is not in flesh and blood, and the gates of hell death itself cannot prevail against the church against God's messianic community so the more there is an attempt to silence us. The motor shout. The gospel, the more there is an attempt to pressure us to compromise her convictions. The more you say, with respect, not cursing, demeaning our leaders not not calling the present about kinds of nasty nicknames in the way the world does it be at the left attacking the right of the right attacking the flight to do that when the descendents of that carnality being babies with all respect to the president of the leadership to the king to whoever we must obey God rather than that, that when it comes to vaccines when it comes to mandates really study the issues really prayerfully look at the issues make informed decisions. Honor the Lord and be true to your conscience before him. God doesn't expect anything more than that for less than that. One personal counsel I give you today.

What I give that. On the other side of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to align with buyer this is Michael at 866-3478 84. Just during the break I tweeted this out a question and I'm asking you this question. Feel free to call and if you like. Otherwise, if you have twitter you can respond.

There my account is at DR Michael L. Brown the two elves in the middle there at DR Michael L. Brown asked the question what your current state of mind, fearful, frustrated or angry excited about what God's doing something else. What what you if you had a kind of boiled down appropriate primarily predominantly the way you're feeling.

What's your current state of mind. Curious to hear that before I go to the phones or communicated between apartments posted seconds ago. Let me give you this one word of health advice is remember I'm not a medical doctor essay that repeatedly because of the notice Dr. Brown for many years now I have a PhD, but another medical doctor. Every so often someone not knowing that will post on our Facebook page. The post very revealing private thug. I've got this condition. I'm headed for Ike's new switch that I do and I just have to polite out.

If I happen to see all report will apply personally, I don't invented 99.9% will social media, settle you to see the mortgage reply to them but I see that I do try reply because I feel bad that they think I'm a medical doctor and I see him I'm not a medical doctor, I'm so sorry you pray for your healing and and leave it leave it there so the one thing I can tell you is this, that what ever you can do to adopt your diet, lifestyle to healthy eating and living is a good thing to do.

Be with Kovic be with getting colds, be it with getting cancer be with prematurely aging. What they're certainly not look obvious. Anyone get sick with anything to healthy people get sick. That happens right but for sure. In terms of putting money in the bank is best as you can. Just like the book of Proverbs. Consider no exceptions to the rules here, but you live by Proverbs 11 million people live by Proverbs among people not living by Proverbs and you'll find that the life expectancy and the overall health and and and mental, emotional, and funeral. It is is massively better with those living by the principles of Proverbs than those not doing it so that I strongly recommend if you haven't read her story is dense and I wrote a book breaking the stronghold of food. It'll encourage you it does give you practical advice within it points you to medical doctors and nutritionists and others who are really study them and have some excellent wisdom and and guidelines there so we punctured all that we point to free resources to resources you can get but our book is really hitting on, especially from a spiritual practical angle and in a look. You gotta ask yourself the question, and I know you can tune into the broadcast expecting this today was just on my heart to share with. It is a question I had asked myself if if I know that the food I'm eating is unhealthy that the food I'm eating hurts, my immune system that the food I'm eating could potentially shorten my life or may be more prone to a heart attack or something else right. If I know that I have to ask myself so for me, say, peanut M&Ms, peanut M&Ms or A chocolate or whatever.

Do I love peanut M&Ms more than I love Jesus, do I love peanut M&Ms.

More than I love my wife and kids and grandkids. Troy love peanut M&Ms. More than I love all the people I'm supposed to reach you minister to. In the years ahead. And you might say I do love the Lord. I'm like okay start their start.

That's I said got a fist with peak here is strong as I am in other areas. The man was in his 40s now beginning to me that that used to serve tubercular ministry and and and help the suspenders avoid certain ways was telling a colleague he said document is most disciplined man that I know and I am very disciplined by God's grace betwixt here after addicted for almost all my life over 60 years. The chocolate sweets and so on. But the changes have been dramatic and dynamic that is the other thing do what you can to supplement healthy eating healthy living with healthy sufferance. I take a number every day to balance things out that I mean I could fully with diet or other things like I have arthritis in my hands started to develop so took the supplement. The just arrested that from growing and we partner with Dr. Mark Spengler, you get 10% on everything you order from his website and that he in turn gives a donation to our ministry so you get blessed with health get blessed with the discount and we get blessed with with a contribution so it's it's a great setting there. I can guarantee healthy you get blessed with healthy supplements. So go to vitamin vitamin check out share with friends, family is tell millions of people. If you can, as we we we want to spread the word is much as possible to all of our our friends is just a very gracious thing. Dr. Stan is done. He's a friend. Personal physician.

II get a text from him yesterday. Yesterday, Saturday.

Either way, he's on his way back out to the park with his son Mark Junior's a brilliant young man. I think the PhD program now allowed to go out the parking witness they set up a table.

They did this every week. Set up a table that you send this to share the gospel figures get the straight medical practices. This famous doctor was out to win souls. The other that's that's we connect like Yosemite okay discuss raising this question Hebrew questions from confirm information there and saw anyway, I just want encourage. We can debate vaccines. We can debate other things will push back against the mandates we can debate the healthy living is as good stewardship for first for temple men.

So can I encourage you and that is not as Dr. Brown but as a friend is a coworker is someone whose receive mercy from God. In my own life, and please us. It is less than gives one last moment of your time and the more we can build phones and that I want to talk about the latest as of yesterday, glaring example of a of hypocrisy. Okay this that this is last this last appeal. I know God help me. It's that simple. I asked disciplined does is abandon gone fast is almost 21 days on water. Over the years. I just had a stronghold with food in my life so I glorify God, and I know that he help me and that's why I don't mess with.

I don't touch it. I don't experiment to see what how much latitude no because God did something supernatural I give him the glory and I tell you and here's why it's important if he did from being there for you. Yes yes 866342.

Let's go over to Andrew Marilyn, thanks for calling the line of fire: there go ahead.

I can write many people are struggling with how the background of our world with liberty is that of helpers to yeah that one booking struggle with people. The suit you lose rewards with liberty we've been to the essence of it.

Let me answer that for you and the is a religious issue when it impacts churches and believers in an uneven way, in a discriminatory way.

For example, if anyone has to wear a mask to sit in this restaurant were to come into the restaurant to have a meal let's not listen to religious liberty right something in the Bible. This is thou shalt not wear a mask or if the government to mention a bear with where mask assault not wear a mask in any case that's this that religious liberty if if these examples really show a casino in Las Vegas can operate at 50% capacity. So a large casino operating me with thousands of people that see get 5000 in there so they can have 2500 and there you have a church omits its 5000.

You can only have 50 that's religious discrimination if the church gathering in California after where mask is not allowed to saying okay if one person uses the bathroom immediately after you have to go in and re-sanitize the bathroom you have no more than whatever 50 people. Whatever the number was in California but you could have thousands of people on the streets of the race protest, then it is religious discrimination. So it is the on equal measures. It is the that that is the issue of abortion clinics provide essential services, liquor stores provide essential services.

Churches don't.

So the fact you have a drug rehab program in the church. That's not essential service. The fact you have a couples class or parenting class or class helping people deal with sexual addictions. Those not essential services but liquor stores and abortion clinics provide essential services. That's where there becomes religious liberty issues like this happen immediately in Florida and this is one of the first issues and Rodney Howard Brown said no to to the shutdown churches, and then immediately met stable liberty counsel joined in.

Took it to took her to court and immediately the laws were changed. Be because they were uneven in that state from a radio show, said that it in writing that you have these massive gaps of inconsistencies, so that's the issue and and thankfully Gov. DeSantis is try to do things in a Different Way in Florida. Hey, I appreciate the call. Thanks for raising that issue. I am not going to cause a religious discrimination, religious liberty, she was not here. I give example this is underused religious liberty but hypocrisy.

Here's a headline on the New York Post, there is outrage because of the Emmys right so Twitter lashes out over celebrities at 2021 Emmys going mask lists so a lot of these celebrities are the people shaming European unvaccinated your killer if you're not vaccinated, and how he didn't and now they have a gathering they're not wearing masks but hang on. From what I read, the workers were required to wear masks so the elite celebrities having hey they can't be wearing a mask you want to see their faces in common. All this and it's convenient where mask but the workers to make sure they don't affect the celebrities that were mess that's in the dues religious liberty best to do with hypocrisy, blatant rank hypocrisy and that's what we call out, let's let's be fair and righteous in our standards. Let's be evenhanded equal measures and ours will direct. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line for 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Brian in Davidson, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Are you doing Dr. well thanks, I have a question though I'm not a board. I don't really know what to do about about me right now. To be honest with you have it fully done research on. I don't agree with the outgoing at the mandate I feel like that's something that you know people to chew what my question lies like what I do for my wet math work when I go out, not because I'm great to get you think I'm more afraid to give you no unknown, though obtained a picture there because I've been outside a note in about how the church now lifted to your show list in the church and walking church on my butt is something missing within me from being in the church so I want to go back again with F. Must translate for an you know, I'm out and about and I don't want to give anybody thing, but not one adult. I feel like I meet if there were more macros.

I don't know what I'm in contact with light, the church that they are from going back to no value for you math.

I don't want to offend anybody or make a conversation were now the focus is on my mouth and that there would not know the word for being given so to get to give a minute and it died like I need to be back now. Yeah so you Brian first.

It's it's a shame that we have to have this conversation visited. I mean it's a it's a challenging time with the people stuck between a rock and a hard place you try to do what's right, honor God. You give me really don't know my unisex mom and I can affect some of the miscount does not help it.

I will walk in love on a limit, you know, I want but I will not ever want to walk in fear in one place. You walk in with a mass you could judge the other place you walking without a mask, you get judged so that I would do is I would put the emphasis on a need to be back in fellowship with my brothers and sisters right and that's that's where you start and you know Hebrews encourages us not to forsake the something of ourselves together, and you know for fact that that your church is not had a plague where you know a lot of the people of gotten sick and died.

Maybe there been some that are pastorally, tragically, here and there and those you know that it's not like it super spreader and everybody's dying and and it had to shut things down in the ill health agencies of coming so you know they been meeting without crisis job. I've been with churches and other been meeting steadily for year and 1/2 and they have thousands of people in the meetings every week and they've just never had a bad covert outbreak in a few locations here and there, but he died nobody seriously ill and what is that that have lost people, but the point is, there is that biblical encouragement to do it, but the mandate on the rest of the body is if someone has a certain conviction you want to honor and respect that. Let's say some people will judge you as being weak. Let's just say, some will human nature, right. How come he does of in the faith that I am in the faith, and on the conflicts about how come he doesn't have enough of their judgment, try to walk in love. That's what you're trying to return walking love you so you go where the mask if that's how you're most comfortable and you say hey if if I see someone wearing a mask. The last thing I want to do is look down on them to think either they feel they need to protect their own health or they think it's the right courteous thing to do. But if it's any issue I would just I just chat with the pastor and the elderly. Depending on the size of the church. The hate one back so make sure and welcome back wearing a mask there some churches that I believe are a really mean stupid, you know, by shouting for the pulpit know nobody wears a mask here and don't get vaccinated flaked out onto the from the pulpit, so I was aware mask and someone feels vaccination is the best course.

Go ahead, so if if there was any issue which I would certainly doubt you know that it's up to the pastor was leading the meeting to say hey we we welcome everybody. Some people feel it goes through Romans 14, but Romans 14B the guy yelled you're wearing a mask to honor the Lord someone else's not wearing a mast on the Lord you both, on the Lord and love your neighbor let's walk in that together. What unifies this is Jesus, not a mask and then hopefully very quickly everything will be back to normal.

You have a mask on not fellowship will be normal hangout worship will be normal and go from there. All right you think you're appreciated. You are very well thanks thanks rescue the question, Brian. I'm sure I'm sure you're not alone in asking it of let's go to Kathy and Ankeny, Iowa.

Welcome to light a fire. I can you hear me catcher I want to make combat. Now my thank you, how much for doing what you dear. I really truly appreciate my daughter is an art and she is 23 years old. He graduated college and went into the nursing profession right as cultivated with getting it eat you know I'm a mother, I really didn't want you I would write her. You know I am a Christian. What I'm what I'm doing and she did and wait. They brought here out, you know, in 2020. You know the medical profession.

They were here yet and now their hero. If you don't get the vaccine. You can be fired Mike my daughter without either you get the vaccine is you get the vaccine. You're going to be five in the country Italy Andover bow down lay down whatever you want to say and allow the I'm a dog me think you are home and outside the way that it has got now. I will people not I'm not counting people that are at 300 but if people like dropping like a bubonic plague if they really like talking like a bubonic plague.

You know, I could see the stronger after taking you now that could did you see A situation in which it was right for the government to make these requirements now so is so let's say it. So let's say with the extreme of the bubonic plague right or we just that we know for fact people dropping it in let's say we knew for a fact the vaccine was safe been tested over 20 or 30 years and now just had this new outbreak when it would even in those cases you still say it's is overreach the government or the the local company has no right to see you get vaccinated or you get fired this discussion. My wife Nancy and I have had both oppose the mandate. We're just we've asked that question. I feel very I'm a code I wish that every year I don't I don't want you my joy. You know like you to act as a constant issue with children and ideally every day I'm I'm not I'm not pro-vaccine or got high vaccine. So for me right someday.

I think telling somebody yeah going to lose your job if you don't get back and I think Kathy that's here's here's the answer to my question about is there a situation or circumstance in which it would be right to make a vaccine mandatory.

The simple answer is were not there. That's theoretical. We could debate that, but you're dealing with your daughter's job you're dealing with your neighbor's health. In today's current reality hey Kathy, thanks.

Thanks for weighing in. You speak for many who were frustrated and upset this is. This is where it meets the man, woman on the street. I was with some friends last night was introduced to a couple and of general and his girlfriend and my friend said she works in the hospital she does. XYZ fee has been vaccinated.

She's about to lose her job of it.

Other friends were nurses contacting support.

What should we do were being threatened with with termination of this with vaccinated, and we have issues with it. We've seen with her own eyes. Health issues because the vaccine etc. so may the Lord give you total wisdom and and grace to make the right decisions here and those of you who are employers and having to face these different issues. I encourage you to go back to my broadcast a week ago today I interviewed Attorney Joe and Franco about the.

The mandate and you'll get input from him. You will get some legal advice in terms of websites to go to further information so that was the Monday broadcast. Then Wednesday I interviewed Dr. Jonathan Saar fought the PhD in chemistry young earth creationist strong Bible believer. He made his case. We think the whole hour for him to make his case for vaccines is against the mandates and then call is called into asking questions or differ with him.

You can watch that on our YouTube channel so that was last Wednesday. The case record vaccines January 1 of this year, I interviewed Dr. Frank Shellenberger who is a highly respected doctor and thinker, medical doctor and medical thinker, and he had straw concerns.

Excuse me back then about the vaccine so that she was on that was prerecorded once we did have callers calling in this or in our YouTube channel January 1 show from this year the show from last Wednesday. The show from last Monday. Check them out. Watch them get involved in you to discussions if you want to interact with others that are actively thinking these things through and may God give you wisdom to do what's right to do its best to do what will best honor God will preserve your conscience will keep you safe and healthy as much as we can we trust her loss to the Lord and let's take this moment to share the gospel is that people are afraid of hurting people uncertain as a great time to say hey.

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