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Does the Torah Recognize the Personhood of the Baby in the Womb?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
The Truth Network Radio
September 2, 2021 4:30 pm

Does the Torah Recognize the Personhood of the Baby in the Womb?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 2, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/02/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network just the Torah address the question of abortion stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the life I broadcast this is Michael Brown it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday, which means any Jewish related calls or questions of any kind. The Hebrew Bible mess and prophecy modern Israel. Jewish tradition any Jewish related calls of any kind. 866-34-TRUTH if you are Jewish, listener or viewer and you different with me my views about Jesus being the Messiah of Israel, by all means welcome your calls as well 866-34-TRUTH so we started yesterday is broadcast with major major news from the Supreme Court, Texas head and acted a heartbeat bill basically saying that in most all cases once a baby's heartbeat can be detected say about six weeks that no abortions after that will be allowed to get some rare exceptions, but that is the basic law and it was set up in such a way that it could not be stopped in an other state courts is as easily as would normally happen because it's basically up to the citizens to enforce this. In other words, if you know of an abortion clinic that is part performing abortions for babies after six weeks, then go ahead and report that. So there was an emergency peel appeal made to the Supreme Court on Tuesday by different pro-abortion groups because they realize the gravity of this and people scrambling to get appointments into abortion clinics to have abortions because of fear of what would happen, and the Supreme Court had until midnight Tuesday night central time so Texas time until midnight to say okay we can hear this or we can stop this.

So let's let's right now just put this on hold but they didn't do that. They didn't do that. So the law went into effect yesterday over Texas which means abortion clinics, nonperforming abortions, which means obviously trauma anger for many women in the state. How could you do this, etc. fact I have a new article you can read it asked her to or on where I reach out to all women who say hate my body, my choice you have the right to tell me what to do with my body with the baby in my womb or the fetus.

So get out of my life and get out of my way with how dare you, especially as a man to me what to do while it's it's a letter reaching out. It's a letter saying hey, I am thrilled to see this enacted but I am burdened by how this hits you and how you are perceiving it.

Would you consider some things that and could you see that I recognize some of your position just west of different with it. So check out that article, share it with your friends. Feminist friends, pro-choice friends, most would say hate my body, my choice sure the article think it will be helpful and fruitful.

While the big news today is that the Supreme Court that the how to respond one way or another.

Those I can just let it sit so they ultimately responded and said when I can attach it. The law stays in effect, this this is major. This is major and the vote was 5 to 4 yes Justices Alito and Thomas and the three justices that Donald Trump appointed. This is why so many of us voted for him despite our misgivings about other aspects of his character.

This is massive Cavanaugh Gore such and Connie Barrett all voted with the lead on Thomas and said when I can touch this with the law stand and John Roberts. Of course, not surprisingly, swung the other way. So with the three liberal justices.

Now it doesn't mean it in their actual ruling in Samuel Alito was the one that was responsible for responding, but he did on behalf of the court in the actual ruling it. It doesn't say were siding with the slower we approve of this, or were making a comment on it simply were not touching it now. It could be because of the major case they agreed to hear sometime after October, when the court gets back in in session to begin to address these things the Dobbs case, which is in Mississippi saying no abortions after 10 weeks but basically saying review Roe V Wade reconsider all the weight they've agreed to hear that case, which means that they could either let dad stand which is another blow to Roe V Wade as today's ruling was today's nonruling right or they can actually make a stand about Roe V Wade, which would be even more massive and ultimately things get pushed back to individual states and not stopped at the highest level because Roe V Wade is on the books. This major stuff.

This is very very major and it is really the time to pray like never before for the turning of hearts and minds to to reach out to people with the reality that that's a baby in the womb. That's a human being.

The thing that that changed American opinion about slavery was the humanizing of the slave to say this is a human being may be from a different culture speak a different language, different color skin. This is a fellow human being as human as you are is created in the image of God as you are. Am I not a human being on your brother so we we devised to me.

My came up with it in my head it and that our graphics people devices last year and I have a spot. I was reminded of it because I was reading a secular website last night and they had the name. It's a courtesy of Dr. Michael Brown.

They had the name and you've got the, the mean that Wilberforce others use with the slave and change them another human being and and and your brother, and then we got one the baby in the womb. M another human being in your sister so maybe the Lord will use that to circulate even more.

But today being surly jurors.

There is this important update you on that. Then we go to the Torah to see if the Torah actually addresses the question of whether the baby in the womb is a human being and is entitled to the rights of a human being or has some type of sub status now in traditional Judaism as laws developed the baby in the womb. You might say is more of a potential human life because it's not yet born, and obviously if if we actually saw people taking children and shooting them in the head and throw them in a trashcan.

We would jump on those people we call the police, though, is that is fully recognizes murder were as we we recognize the sin of abortion, but we don't treat it in the same way as mortise. You could say that some similarities in our thinking. But ultimately conservative Christians had an even stronger pro-life view than traditional Jews. Question is, what is the torsos of this one passage that is germane, but it's controversial so I want to first read it from the NIV and then you'll see it and a possible other rendering that the NIV gives that I want to really cheer from the new JPS version from the 1980s, the leading Jewish translation and then from the net Bible with explanations. Let's go first to the NIV. This is Exodus chapter 21 beginning in verse 22. If people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely, but there's no serious injury. The offender must be fined whether the.

The woman's husband demands on the court allows that there is serious injury to take life for life. I for I tooth for tooth and for hand, foot for foot burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise. So with this is saying then based on this translation is. She gives birth prematurely, so that's the problem, but nothing else happens. Other words the baby is not blinded through the woman does not lose a limb, etc. so it's a premature birth, but there's no serious injury. Then there's just a fine. Whatever the woman's husband demands on the court allows. But if there serious injury baby mother then I fry tooth for tooth. Now when you click on the note the footnote here, so it's footnote E on Bible Gateway of this is what you see or she has a miscarriage.

So, if people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she has a miscarriage but there's no serious injury that would be saying than the baby in the womb is not on the same level. The one translation. The one understanding says if the babies born prematurely.

That's the only loss there is no other serious loss that is justified but if there is serious injury, or the baby dies then I fry tooth for tooth, life life, the other translation's is not out is just a miscarriage that's that's also just a miscarriage and nothing happens to the woman so she loses the baby but that's all pace, a fine so that we diminish the status of the baby right so that's the debate what's the right translation.

The first one would be an argument for pro-life. The second one would be not this is an argument for abortion that would say the baby in the womb has a different status. Okay, let's look at the new JPS translation and in this you can's finance for edits at the Hebrew text as well. When men fight one of them pushes a pregnant woman, and a miscarriage. Results yet soon realized that ha literally and her children come out this plural so that's that's how it's being described but no other damage ensues will responsible shall be fined, according as the woman's husband the exact from him the payment to be based on reckoning and then it goes on for the damage ensues, etc. the board for damage. A song so that he and outsourcing to knock the black fully Shahar Lafayette Sue blood that wasn't mean woman fight one of them strikes a pregnant woman does it say is a miscarriage. Results or that she gives birth prematurely. So let's take a look at the net Bible you can find this online as well. All these resources are free online Bible Gateway that we be reading from with multiple translations for Rhea which gives the Hebrew as well as the English and in multiple other rabbinic sources, many of them only in Hebrew or Aramaic, but many also translation and then the net Bible, new English translation, the NET also available free online. Let's first look at the net translation and then after the break we will look at the net note alright so they understand it, if men fight and hit a pregnant woman definitely should be rendered hit rather than push.

If men fight and hit a pregnant woman and her child is born prematurely. But there is no serious injury that goes on from there. So the net Bible is telling you that they understand this to mean premature birth and an that is different than miscarriage right one is babies like to save the other.

The baby's life is lost. The former translation premature birth is telling you this is a pro-life verse because if anything happens to the baby that is I fry tooth which is life or life. The other translation saying miscarriage is only a fine applicable we come back. I want to look at the note in the NET to translation note. That's the great beauty of this translation that gives you detail those over 60,000 notes explain the translation and I believe the reasoning is correct. I believe we can rightly use this as a pro-lifers remember any Jewish related questions you have or questions on this.

86634878845 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire on the really loose there is a way to get to the phone shortly.

Also look at a passage in Numbers five that critics claim is is God being pro-abortion. It's, it's quite a bit sore objection, but it's one I've encountered more in recent years than before the recall was you Jewish related questions and comments. 866-3487 84 so let's go back to the net Bible here on on Exodus chapter 21 beginning in verse 22 a translates if men fight and hit a pregnant woman and her child is born prematurely and then you see little footnote 51 go over there and it says this line has occasioned a good deal of discussion, it may indicate that the child was killed is in a miscarriage or it may mean that there was a premature birth.

The latter view is taken here because of the way the whole section is written one her children come out reflects a birth and not the loss of children to. There is no serious damage and three payment is to be said for any remuneration. The word song is translated serious damage. The word was taken in the filter, which is early rabbinic literature to mean death. Vertical pseudo-who was a leading Italian Orthodox Jewish rabbi this century. Since the point of the phrases that neither the woman or the children that are born, die. But we see among the literature on this is also sees me see among the literature on this.

Meredith G. Klein, lex talionis, and the imagery to some extentů I fry tooth for tooth, and W house miscarriage or premature birth.

Additional thoughts on Exodus 21 verses 22 to 25 in the Chapter 11 stomp through the scholar buddy on this as well as these these are very scholarly comments on the soul. I agree with NET that the best way to understand this is not that it.

Speaking of a miscarriage, but literally her children, so whatever's in her room. Boy, girl, come out, but there's no serious damage balances. She gives birth prematurely after getting struck by a man or men in a fight so I believe we can use this for us to support the pro-life position. We just can't be super dogmatic because of the debate about how to translate.

We can say this is the best understanding and you can study it to the point that you hold to it dogmatically yourself. When you presented just realize there's an argument claiming it just means miscarriage and be prepared to respond to that argument as best you can.

Got it. So yes, it is a pro-life verse yes it speaks of the personhood of the baby in the womb.

No cannot simply be used without having good ammunition behind it because objections and questions will be raised all right, what we look at numbers five, a little later in the broadcast. Right now, let's go over to Charles in Jacksonville, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire great beyond. Yes, I can perfect though. I wanted to talk to you briefly about what I think is one of the most overlooked or unclean property in the Old Testament.

Go ahead and specifically speaking is related to the 70 week of Daniel not okay so first question is today.

As we wait for the five to return what is in your opinion, the single most important all for the people of Islam. Christian and you. Glad you can ask your question. Sort of a micro try to speculate on where you going secant you can answer guy. No problem. That wall that contained the Eastern gate Eastern gate.

We all believe is where the Messiah will return though that intersection of all all of the hounds is just a backup. Why do we all believe that well you know that's a great question. I know why I believe it in the New Testament that will come down on all there'll be earthquake and come in that way through the Golden gate work was a sound just as one. I want to make sure were word thing on solid scriptural ground with with each point so you combined a couple verses New Testament and in book of Zechariah's the New Testament says he's coming back where massive olives as he left his going back that's asked one right ask what as much an earthquake or anything else like that. So you're thinking to Zechariah 14 correct yet okay because referencing the New Testament says so. So let's let's read from Zechariah 14 and see was written there.

Okay please remember he's coming in the clouds right that's where it starts in that amount of also it is coming for the Lord and the spell taken from you will be divided goes on with the judgments can happen. Verse three then the Lord will go out and fight against those nations, when he physically fights in the day of battle on that day his feet shall stand on the Mount of olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east and out of all shall be split in two, from east to west by a very wide valley so that one half of the mountain shall move northward and the other half southward and you shall flee to the valley of my mountains, the valley of the mountains goes on right then the Lord my gobble, and all the holy ones with him that they will be no light: fossil I'm still trying to understand where it says that he's going to enter through an Eastern gate of the decedent will be a wall standing after an earthquake. That's that's what I think I'm missing the next point which would be the are you familiar with the Lamont what happened in the year 1540 I believe so. So to recap, he was the one you actually rebuild Jerusalem, including the wall standing today of the Eastern gate today. It fitting inside of the wall that would build up in the year that workable at the record and you can check out my point is you have Daniel meet with you would agree hundred and 90 years correct and then you have the wall that contained the Eastern gate with field up in the year for court so when I found that nobody actually put together the year 1548+490 years.

This is this is coming from. As he's making his point. He got cut off I didn't do it. The team we didn't do it. We didn't do it somehow.

He just got cut off okay so with all respect to Charles not being here.

Number one the statement that we all know the Messiah is coming to the Eastern gate. I dispute that a dispute that we all know that I dispute that we all know that based on Scripture. They can go over passage in Ezekiel try to order from there. But even even that I would. I would question this trust rather reconnect bigger issue is that the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem takes place it in roughly the fifth century BC that has them to do something 1540.

It's what the Messiah will do art looks like we got Charles back on here so got to stop. What is put on there we go right you get your punchline, but I was about the Challenger punchline because that's a prophecy as to what the Messiah did in his first coming dating back to the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.

That's when you start the 490 years until Messiah's death on the cross to atone for our sins, after which the. The second Temple was destroyed so why in the world.

What I want to add 492, 1540 I will tell you because of the trade regarding everlasting right and also anointing them on hold but the best analysis backup from the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem right that's one start sleep. That's when the 400 on your starts though. Daniel 925 specifically that's what I'm referring work that the street shall be built again, and never hang on Charles the ambience of Scripture. Yes okay because otherwise I could take 490 years and it's my birthday in come up with whatever in the world anyone wants to from the command to restore and build Jerusalem. That's when it starts that's when the 490 years starts. That's what's explicit in verse 24 okay and until anointed one, and that it disappeared seven weeks and then print 62 weeks and the final week so when is that what is the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem have to do with something that takes place 1500 years after the Messiah comes in 2000 years after that command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem came forward so Lamont commanded thinking. He commanded to restore and rebuild Jerusalem and the and the temple was built in. That's when the temple was built will hurt if you're being on talked about the street and the wall correct yeah and and it the whole verse 24 to 27 speaks of the rebuilding of the second Temple, which is then destroyed in the work of of Messiah yet. Charles just I appreciate your sincerity but you can do this with the Bible and this is a reason that no one's is putting a date from here 1540 and then add 492 that so that gets us what to 2030. Forget about that with all respect, I appreciate your sincerity, but this has nothing to do with the passage. It's a messianic prophecy about what the Messiah did 2000 years ago on the cross, not something that's going to happen with some of the 1500s talk about the sum command about streets and walls, no Temple rebuilt and no Messiah dying for since. During that time. So this reason with all respect Charles like to do this but with all respect, it's the smell of the Scriptures say that's why no one looks at the right.

Sorry to burst the bubble.

Please click nonsense seriously given for the thought. Thanks all. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line of fire.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday and I am joined by a dear friend and coworker of of many many years. Mitch Glaser, who leads chosen people ministries based in Brooklyn but with works around the world. We've have the joy of doing debates together. He's coordinated them debates with Rabbi smoothly standing room only events in in New York City debates in London and Oxford.

We been together whole lot of interesting situations and resources that smile on his face, always confident, what God is doing in is about to be leading a major event we want to tell you about some Mitch.

Welcome to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us here was all you this was this was the day for the interview. So Mitch just a little background before we talk about what's coming next. That we want to alert or are viewers and listeners to you are you are not some hyped up charismatic evangelist jumping up and down on the stage with all kinds of inflated exaggerated numbers. Your your realist met this for a long time.

You know, sometimes the best results come little by little by little. But having been involved in Jewish outreach for decades now.

The spent almost all your life involved in this. Are you encouraged by what you're currently seeing encouraged by the number of I may not be that hyper charismatic jumping up and out person but I really admire those people and times I wish I what I wish, I will all right little concession there okay and anyway I'm encouraged by the number number one. I do see a growing second-generation and third-generation messianic Jewish young people that have their own experience with Yeshua and are on fire for the Lord and serving the Lord, not just in full-time ministry, but it lawyers and doctors out requires you name it and I get really excited about that. I think that some of the fruit of the bottom messianic movement that a lot of people of the messianic movement do not really value or pay attention to because they're so so eager to see Jewish people who are older fake first-time decisions for you. Sure, sometimes bigness the blessing of what's going on with her own children and grandchildren and I I am right position BPM because we have Counselors like a discipleship program brought and I just am thrilled to see what God don't miss it really wonderful. Secondly, I'm really excited about what's going on in Israel. We are definitely not spectacular.

Not like 5000 Hasidic Jews that they assure them coming to faith that I know of, like the secret believers. If I do it out for the secret but hostile.

But I really need a whole generation and the bike I have you to factor something I really be that slow my heart, with all the things that we've done this was something you did and I wasn't there but I I planted paid for it.

Wish I was there and that is we were trying to train more seasoned Israeli leaders and bring them good Bible teaching apologetics and thoughtfully we working to bring UN but there just the last two things we did with Paul Kaiser and others. Attendance wasn't good so somebody said one to try the next level down to the young people in their younger leaders.

So we went century to the think of the Dead Sea like an and you you came and did not retreat with them and there was a whole bunch of them that turn the corner now not call now what if I called it. We do a retreat at a hotel and we have maybe 50 people.

Young leaders so I have gotten to know the young leaders and once again we were pioneers without even knowing I've seen. I've seen these young leaders grow in their faith or their wonderful jumping before you get to the third one for Israel is doing amazing job and a friend, a tongue bar and others, and they've had in terms of their videos that have been viewed. It's over 34 million have been viewed in Israel and Hebrew, and an Arabic so it's more than 4 million views.

So it's it's really extraordinary and eight Todd has at the beginning of his apologetics book attribute saying that without me knowing it, that I was an inspiration to him to get involved in outreach and apologetics, so who knows how many people there are out there is the so your example or got something from CPM or you without even having the direct mentoring contact that provided inspiration so it's it is it's tremendously encouraging. You were sleeping at night and others are out there on the front lines, bringing the message so very, very encouraging for sure. Very encouraging workmate like you just keep your nose to the grind stone and keep going forward.

You know not always looking for fruit, but hoping for fruit, not knowing that all around you fruit are growing and being harvested excited other third thing that has something to do it but I can't say much because of the nature of the ministry, but we have seen you, and I've seen it rather a growing interest of encouraging ultra-Orthodox Jewish people in the gospel now. It's not all the numbers that people would like them to be putting me, but we think such great quality among the current Dean you have a number of incredible disciples were sacrificial, knowledgeable, and godly and my Cupid ministering to some of the your precious people and I have to and I'm thrilled what God is doing and I think that as we get closer and closer to the second coming. I think back with you to see more more yeah I I am Mitch to the core of my being is surely some sitting here talking with you 100% sure this can happen. I know it's the core of my being in an and one gentleman that that you've got to know very very well in recent years and considers you with a dear, dear friend.

That was 25 years of prayer before he he fully came around and it was 25 years ago when he was kidnapped for the first time that God spoke to me will ministering in Korea that he was gonna make it and we carry that all these years and and then to see the fruit of it is really remarkable so there's good reason for encouragement, friends, and in a moment to up I want to get back to a fascinating outreach you did years ago, but specifically we could talk for hours about over. Talk about.

We ask you to come on the air specifically to talk about something very important.

It's coming up very soon so the floor is yours. Tell our listeners and viewers about this back-to-back on September 10 11 the evening of the beginning at 7 PM all day on the 11th with Dr. observe and honor the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is one of the few absolutely transformative event of most of our life, and I'll tell you exactly why why we're doing. First of all it will you can go to 9/11 the and register. You can you can attend the conference either online or in person person. You gotta come to New York City online revenue and so the true hybrid of that 9/11 the We got Michael Ruddell liquid got Darrell Bock and Graham Locke, Joel Rosenberg to kick and that we have participants who are on the ground during 9/11 likely were ministering and we've got.FBI agent for extraordinary believers who are in the picnicking out evidence in you can hear stories in the marvelous thing. Our good friend Marty Porter Bischoff will be with us, leading the worship Tom Doyle and his wife Joanne who have credible ministry among Arabs and other Middle Eastern folks so they will be there as well. Now why we doing very when 9/11 hit and I been hit when it exploded to New York City in that moment American and evangelical born-again believers for the first time experience.

Carolyn Beck, Israel was experiencing day-to-day out if you remember bike disclosed just at the time of the second intifada, so that was quick pizza places in Jerusalemů Yehuda Street restaurant was being blown up. Discotheques were being blown off and American finally realized that the type of Islamic terrorism, that is, will experience is now something that Americans this experience it. It changed, but to change the playing field so we began to pray more effectively for Israel and for others in the Middle East took a long time for American evangelicals, including me to get over our anger over what happened but we started learning that there really is a difference in the belief between people that not everybody is a terrorist.

Obviously, and actually there more Arabs and more about them for victim of this kind of terrorism than we would ever imagine and now we have a different situation because of Afghanistan and so will be speaking to that we could have someone so US soldier was a wonderful believer who served in Afghanistan for many years. You can be talking to us about how he feels about what happened but it could be a real time going in a real fine honors those who served so faithfully. I thought of the survivors of both the parish terrible event yet and you being right there in New York. I was directly impacted, we were directly impacted. When we got the news that Nancy's brother was brother who happen to be at a trade event that they used to work in the World Trade Center, but hadn't for some time just happened to be there that day.

He lost his life that they leave behind a wife and two children sold out Micah I know about.

Sorry here that I didn't know that. Yeah, and it's just this one of those things that didn't even dawn on us. Nancy's sister called and set up a wonder he was there that they result love you store did this, he worked there. Yes, so you know that the craziness of it.

The discard lives of the scar is still here. 20 years later. So Mitch to stay on one more moment.

One comeback on the other side of the break we are going to be putting up links on our Facebook page asked Dr. Brown live feed links. When this is actually happening so you can tune in and follow from there as well but I want Mitch to come back one more time just give you directions as to how to sign up to be there and then one last outreach you that I want to talk about.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on Brown here hate less than 1/2 hour from now. So for 15 Eastern time will be back on our YouTube channel and stricter Brown a SK DR Brown on YouTube back over there with our weekly exclusive YouTube Q&A chat. So join me right on our YouTube channel for 15 Eastern time. Okay when get back to my dear friend Mitch Glaser came. It's just once more.

Tell folks how they can participate in this important event online. Thanks, Mike. The name of the conference 9/11 new Middle East because the Middle East has changed and exchange the gap. And so Joel Rosenberg just wrote an ally in our book, and help talk about the Middle East and Graham losses could be speaking about God's love for the Jewish people at dog Microtel. The revival of Darrell Bock, 42, Joanne Doyle, myself a number of others. We finally did bike bike to something because he had enough to do right now just a little left out that that's okay you got the right line is that you get the right line okay well you know actually know about brother-in-law but anyway so you go to 9/11 the 911 numbers 911.

The or just go to the chosen people website chosen and you'll see it right on the front page back three. We had a registration price but with all the covert craziness. Everything going on with it, forget it, and the and so just come and join us and we'd love to have you with associated New York area. By all means get over if you can, but everyone else participate online but elite units previously. Joel Rosenberg's fiction works there just extraordinary been telling him how long will I have been just listening to them so I just got his enemies and allies books a book of a boy made the right guy for this and then the Doyles with the work in the Middle East and Mike and Darrell with their insight of Scripture and these others in the worship that can be a great time so Mitch real quick.

I know also having work with you for it. Many years that you only invest money where you feel it's a good investment you give you your help with outreach and generous ways, but you want to make sure that there's a bang for the buck and yet you once took out a full-page head in the New York Times which cannot be cheap especially. Years ago, just with the text of Isaiah 53 for people to read and then you got ads in in going in and out of the Lincoln Tunnel which is what several million people day go through whatever the numbers are and it was just just little excerpt from Isaiah 53 or who is this that died for our sins, just to get out. Why did you do it once it's so important to spend that much money and course. I'm sure you get good deals but to spend that much money just to get out a text of Scripture number one we could get good deals. We have a great car that we work with about I got a guy and but of the wonderful thing. Number one the word of God. Number two, Mike and I can tell you, you can spend more time trying to refute just try to just accept and everything is in my anecdotal survey of messianic Jews. I found out you just the passage that led most Jewish people to the Lord is not Isaiah 50 but probably the sermon on the bow flood more Jewish people to the Lord. Isaiah 53, but what What kept the faith was Isaiah 53 I thought I thought it would be a good idea because I figured people didn't know about, you know you buried in Isaiah's.

I said what would happen if they found out about you know what more people come to believe that I get the other thing I can also tell you is coming up on the holiday is that I actually have found that if you asked what data people compensate for a lot of Jewish people actually have come to the Lord our young people of the day. The trouble and the one would think that would be true.

But what if a Christian is not always true. But anecdotally something that is pretty powerful and so imagine my combining outreach using Isaiah 53 all over social media all over the web and think about and I'm doing that. No kidding around.

I and around Yom Kippur because a lot of Jewish people on one of their computers on young people, but he could do it meeting up young porn afterward.

Yeah, as were about to come into the feast of trumpets sounding of the trumpets first day of the seventh month of the biblical calendar but the Jewish new year in the traditional calendar so that's what starts Monday night Tuesday and then 10 days after that young Keyport Dave atonement. This is a right time to be thinking about these things and you know Mitch, I used to live in Maryland, about 15 minutes from an Orthodox Jewish bookstore became very friendly with the owner and his son, and when you would lead up to these these weeks. Now for about two months before this. There would be a special table just with books on repentance in Hebrew and in English because so many Jews who come in they wanted to specially study the laws of repentance, to make sure they were repenting properly to to go before the Lord to receive forgiveness at this time of year and then of course secular Jews will show up in synagogue and think about this so absolutely right time. He, Mitch, thanks for all you do and I'm sure will be coordinating together on something exciting in the days ahead.

God bless man preferring. You can count on it okay or early start. All right yes early shallots of all thank you that is new year. This is not too far. All right. Thanks again to Mitch.

So friends very briefly just to switch subjects now and go back to Numbers chapter 5 Numbers chapter 5 allegedly allegedly as a text in which God somehow sanctions abortion is utterly bizarre but I want to come back to this case. We started the show talk about abortion was 511 then the Lord said to Moses, speak to the Israelites and say to them. If a man's wife goes astray and is in faithful attempts to another man has sexual relations with her. This is hidden from her husband. Her impurity is undetected since is the witness against her, and she's not been caught in the act, and feelings of jealousy come over so the husband is expects his wife and she's impure. If he is jealous and suspects her even though she's not impure that he takes his wife to the priest and goes through the whole procedure.

Verse 16 the priest shall bring her and have her stand before the Lord, then he shall take some holy water in a clay jar, and put some dust from the tabernacle floor into the water after the priest said the woman stand before the Lord. He shall loosen her hair in place in our hands. The reminder offering, the grain offering for Josie while he himself holds the bitter water that brings a curse.

So don't know she's guilty or not, but the husband has these jealous feelings. We don't know if she's guilty discuss anything about her being pregnant know not to work. Then the priest shall put the woman under oath and say to her if no other man is has sexual relations with you and you have not gone astray become incurable merit. Your husband is bitter water that brings a curse, not harm you.

But if you have gone astray will merit your husband.

You have made yourself impure by having sexual relations with a manner than your husband through the priest is to put the woman under this curse. May the Lord cause you to become a curse among your people want to make sure will miscarry in your abdomen swell made this water that brings a curse.

Enter room so that your abdomen swells or your womb miscarry's. Then the woman is to say a man so be it.

Now the first thing is even if this does talk about the womb miscarry. It's a judgment is not a blessing. It's a judgment it's a curse on the baby conceived in adultery is not God sanctioning abortion.

It is God bringing this woman and the illegitimately conceived baby in her womb under judgment.

So the child suffers as a result of the parents send just as the child that was born to David and Bathsheba died, but let's just look at this. Let's grab I'll just do this on my computer here so we won't have this on the screen for you. Those that are watching. Let's just see here.

Numbers five in the and ET.

So she drinks the bitter water. The priest principal under oath sister if know the man said sexual intercourse with you than but nothing happened may be free from this, but otherwise the Lord makes an attested curse, the Lord makes your thigh fall away in your abdomen swell. That's the better translation of the Hebrew, the Hebrew doesn't mention specifically will miscarry better to translate your thigh swell so it is not even talking about in the best understanding of the Hebrew. It's not even talking about the woman miscarry.

Even if it was it's a divine judgment on a positive thing. It's a negative thing.

It's a judgment for adultery. However, the, the, the hero is really Hebrew. My own I would be thinking about will miscarry. I think about thigh swell and it's that something physical is going to happen to her and it's all mine. Look at this.

Look at her but what happened to her body. Since getting distorted or swollen or she did commit adultery. It is a curse pessimist talking about the fact that people use a civil God's probe or psych. What in the world coming from so let's be faithful to the word and not read our ideas into it was going on these interfaces and say Lord we honor and respect your word and review you. The author of this work. A friends join me in 15 minutes on YouTube or YouTube channel is*Brad Naess K ER Brownell spend 45 minutes to an hour just answering you to request back with you shortly. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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