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The Supreme Court Case That Could Overturn Roe v Wade

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 4, 2021 4:30 pm

The Supreme Court Case That Could Overturn Roe v Wade

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. This could be the case literally overturns Ruby wage you need to know more about stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always, 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown friends. I want to really urge you to give me your best year I want to encourage you to listen carefully and even right now to contact her friend and asked him to tune in, or soon as the broadcast is over to share. This is why the is possible because this is a critically important interview on the critically important subject. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire. If you have questions. They tie in with the subject pro-life movement. Abortion the specific case and Roe V Wade potentially be overturned. Phone lines open, but only for the subject 866-34-TRUTH I'm joined by my longtime friend Rev. Pat Mahoney. He's been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for almost 50 years. He has seen ups and downs he has seen the positive and the negative and right now he see something on the horizon that is unprecedented in terms of its real possibility.

So we want to unpack that when you go through the details of it. We want talk about what you can do so without further ado, Pat. Welcome back to the modifier of great Dr. Brown.

It's always such a blessing to be on the show will good great great to have you as always, we will be playing with our sounds here little make sure we get the a good sign connection as we go along. So Pat tell her our listeners. First, your history and the pro-life and how far back to see: why have you been so passionate about this for so long it goes back it kind of interesting. Today I noticed is my 48th wedding anniversary. August 4, 1973.

And, of course, tragically, that was the year that Roe V Wade became law up for me this is been a passion of almost 50 years and what I like to say to the listeners. Dr. Brown is not a political issue for me this is a gospel issue. The Bible clearly says in the New Testament to love your neighbor as yourself. And then Jesus give that extraordinary example of who our neighbor is with the parable of the good Samaritan and to boil that down. Our neighbor is not a neighbor based on geography. In other words, not someone who lived right next to serve someone across the street that I think the Lord in that parable was saying. Our neighbor is the person within our culture within our sphere of influence who we come in contact with the most vulnerable and needy, and so I think anyone would be hard-pressed to say the most vulnerable and needy within our culture today.

Aren't these precious innocent children which tragically 63 billion have been lost since 1973. So what I often tell the tell people look this is not a Republican issue. This is not a Democrat issue. This is not a political issue, it goes to the very heart of the gospel, and it goes to the very heart of who we are as God's people. If we are crying out for cultural transformation if we are crying out for nationwide spiritual awakening and revival. How can we not fully engage on the issue of the shedding of innocent blood of these precious children so I think what has driven me. Mike is the whole sense that this isn't just an ancillary thing.

This isn't just quote unquote. Another issue, this isn't just something that we pylon with other social justice issues. This is the very foundation of who we are as God's people, and if we are believing for something extraordinary in our culture if we are looking forward to a second Pentecost. If we desire to see the Holy Spirit move then we have to engage on fifth and that's what I tell my brothers and sisters in Christ.

That's what I felt after they they say Rev. Mahoney, which we don't want to be involved on another political issue, and I faith that's great without involving you on that were involving you in the very heart of the gospel and and that's why it's so passionate and Dr. Brown.

If it goes to the integrity of the church.

It goes to the integrity of our message it goes to the integrity of who we are as Christ followers and God's people. If we remain silent on this. If we remain apathetic on this. If we are not repentant on the issue of the loss of these precious innocent lives and their mothers who are diminished through abortion, violence been the very foundation of who the church is and what the gospel is is really drawn into question so that's why am so passionate about it.

I appreciate your clarity and appreciate over the years so this has transcended politics for you and it's transcended ethnicities transcended race. It's been a body of Christ issue. So first take 48 years amazed you got you got Nancy me by few years there so congratulations but yes 1973 Roe V Wade what what things look like back then. Obviously, this was a newer issue. Then, in other words, it's not like you been focused on this for 20 years at that point, you're not that old, but what I've heard from older pro-life leaders is that the pro-life movement was was really kind of hurting then that pro-lifers were despised deeply in the a lot of the water culture that it kinda looked like the deathblow to pro-life movement is as is a small set movement was in a row. He weighs, over it is, is that what you understand in terms of that that look like it's it it settle that we lost for short thing happened. First of all when we look at culture back then. Although culture didn't fully understand the implications of abortion, the amount that embraced quote unquote women having the right to choose with about 73%, so there was a strong bias that America needed to be moving forward we needed to be forward thinking about women's issues were coming out of like the first wave of feminism that began in the mid-60s abortion was at the cornerstone. Basically, women were say if we don't have the right to decide the future destiny of our own bodies and then we are second-class citizens, but I think also Mike know believed that a it would it would be enshrined in the Constitution, and it literally caught everyone by surprise and it took a while for people to become aware of what what this really say and it took several months to fully grasp at what the Supreme Court did on January 22, 1993 and 1973 was allow unfettered access to abortion on demand for any reason for nine months and I think we should of been more prepared and you and I have talked about this principle for a long time but for the church. It is much easier to stand and prevent injustice or the crushing of human rights or unjust laws before they pass then try to change them once they have been enshrined in culture so we were unaware it was a nascent pro-life movement. When you when you looked across the board. No one was fully asked thing this and it took us a while to get our legs under us, and I have to say early in the 70s up and told the election of Pres. Reagan. It was predominantly a Catholic issue by evangelicals would not really fully engage and I don't think we fully grasp both the sociological issues but cultural issues and for me, the spiritual issues of what abortion implied and its impact and the fact that no right, no freedom, no liberty we have as American is secure. If we allow and now as we moved over 48 years promote, protect, and pay for abortion is secure, how can we possibly believe that our freedom of religion are right of freedom to religion is protected when innocent children are allowed to be killed with the full protection of the government. So it was a difficult and challenging time and it took us several years to sort out what happened and then put a strategy in place on how to reverse Roe V Wade and end abortion violent iPad two minutes before the first break but what was the biggest case after movie Wade where there was potential to challenge that verdict, but it went the other way, what with the case of been that would've been Casey in 1992. I'm we can talk after the break, but in essence, Pennsylvania enacted some laws that were restricted for abortion. We didn't know this at the time, but the Supreme Court has a preliminary vote before the final vote, and in that preliminary vote we have now found out years later that the justices agreed to overturn Roe. Unfortunately, Justice Kennedy was talked out of his vote to overturn by what Justice Sandra Day O'Connor introduced as the undue burden, and this has guided abortion law in the Supreme Court and the federal court for the last almost 30 years the concept that no state can put an undue burden on a woman who is getting an abortion. I listened 30 seconds. How does that decision affect you and other leaders in the pro-life movement was. It was devastating because we thought that maybe we had a chance and Dr. Brown.

I have to tell you, and this is important for this case. We were not prepared we were not praying we were not fully engaged and we added decade and decades onto the fight to end abortion because of our indifference and apathy on on this critical gospel issue I friends I hope your hearing that and I've set things up this way for reason so you know the urgency of what were facing now. It's one of these things and get this right now, or else write back with her and Pat Mahoney. Tell your friends to this plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with Pat Mahoney about a major case coming to the Supreme Court. It's incredible that they decided. And now further momentum has grown behind this case as those pushing forward have articulated their larger goals and a number of Republican governors have said hey we're signing on and backing this in urging the court to do was write so Pat, you mentioned the setback in 1992.

The church really was not ready.

Praying adequately a perfect opportunity to see Roe V Wade overturned of that was missed. Now there's been it's been from 92 until 2020 1C you're talking almost 30 more years have gone by and yet we were to put public opinion. Now, where would you say has there been progress in your view yet and it's certainly not my view I mean you look at every major poll from Gallup Marist Quinnipiac. We have seen a major swing on the issue of abortion.

For example, especially with people under 35 where people over 55 the majority and a pretty good majority support Roe V Wade where a majority under 35 oppose it right now it's about 50-50 but but Dr. Brown.

Here's one of the problems people don't understand Roe V Wade fully and so when you look at this case and it's called Dobbs to be Jackson health organization. It deals with banning abortions after 15 weeks, every poll taken and I am talking CNN polls. I'm not talking about some you know conservative pole across the board at 63% 67% of all American oppose abortion in the second trimester, but it's some two thirds of America and were only one of five nations in the world that even allowed for. So when we talk about extreme instability and torque like that as pro-choice people often like to portray the pro-life movement of the extreme, if the militants in this are the fringe majority of people who support these late-term abortions so this case is so important.

Dr. Brown because for the first time. This is the first case is 48 years that actually addresses the child like a lot of the other cases the Casey decision and ID to talk about something called warmth consent ultrasound that things like this. Many of the other cases have involved other most recent abortion case and from Louisiana that abortion clinics have the same regulations and standards as other ambulatory surgical clinics around the country, but this one completely deal with the child.

And here's where we made our greatest advancement in 1973.

50 years ago we didn't have a window to the we had no idea what was going on in their surgery and practices on children that were 89 at 10 weeks old, was almost science-fiction.

It was Star Wars ask.

It was on unbelievable. That could be a badge of now really, the argument in the debate is settled about the humanity of the child just as Blackman asked in the Roe V Wade case.

Well, if this were a person we really would be having this argument would wait for 50 years ago. It's like I mean I think Mike what happened in my last 50 years in terms of medicine and technology and it's it's mind-boggling.

So the greatest advancements that we have made we have now fully come to a place where we hear a lot of this expression concerning the backseat.

Another thing, but believe science we believe science and that our position, which of course I love that science catches up to Scripture and faith rather than the other way around.

But, but science is now catching up to what the Bible said centuries ago, and that is we are fearfully and wonderfully made we had no idea that even 5060 years ago, but now we do. So this case goes right to the heart of the child and that's why it's so critical and so important and you know what else I love Dr. Brown which is so God like so so many in the pro-life movement were really disheartened when Pres. Biden was elected and we have the most pro-abortion, Congress and president in American history. But think of how God works. God transcends politics.

God is not limited by the circumstances around us, but he moved the power and glory and majesty. The first six months of 2021. We have passed for pro-life law in our state. Then it any six-month time period in history. In fact, in any 12 month time period in history and it's just amazing that this case is coming before the court with the most pro-abortion administration and Congress in history. I just love it. God says okay you guys worry about the pollsters and all of these things. I'm just going to move so we are literally at the edge of something amazing and then you you mentioned as if this case wasn't critical enough so what happened with the state laws with heartbeat bills build that ban abortions on children who are disabled, the list goes on and on.

They never get enacted because they can pass the federal courts. They all get bogged down in district federal courts are in the Court of Appeal. This case would open up all of these state laws that have been passed and completely put them within a different light of constitutionality. But if it wasn't enough. The Atty. Gen. for the state of Mississippi said you know what, let's just overturn Roe V Wade in this case like it shot like everyone there. Why 228 members of Congress that you know what we agree. Over 300 state legislators and it's growing by the day. Agreed is now over. I think 60 governors have agreed this needs to be the case to overturn Roe V Wade, and so we need to see this as the most important abortion case since Roe V Wade and the implications are enormous on both side. What happens if we lose what happens if we win, and I can say this the greatest and most powerful resource we have for transformation in society and individuals for cultural change and ending abortion violence is prayer through prayer, we can see the Holy Spirit shape history and end abortion violence and that's why we want to have the largest pro-life prayer gathering in the history of the Supreme Court on Saturday, October 2.

We are giving out national call I Joel call. We want people to come to Washington DC and fill up the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court were not having a political rally were not carried signs were not signing petitions. We are coming in repentance and brokenness and asking God to move powerfully to see that we went Dobbs to be Jackson and so it's a hinge moment, not only on the life issue, but if a hinge moment on the future of our nation 2020 was a very bad year. We had Kovic. We had very divisive national election. We had a very divisive time after the election and people, particularly Christians, particularly spirit filled Christians were confused and there seem to be a lack of clarity in terms of voice and direction. It's almost as if God is sort of reset enough and it's almost after all the bowling pins are knocked out. It comes back and it resets the pin. God is sort of resetting the perspective of the church that we are coming into the public square and crying out to a sovereign God to move powerfully, miraculously and majestically in seeing this decision for and what I love about a Dr. Brown it's a way to we can quantify prayer like we can pray Lord bless the world but but how do we kind of know that right were coming to say we believe God is going to move in this case we can see itself coming in repentance were coming in worship.

The whole event will just be worship and prayer is not going to be any political speeches. There is not going to be anything along that line. We are just coming crying out to God and believing in this moment, in this moment, history will be forever changed and could it be, and again I love this couldn't be that from the disappointment of November 3 of 2020 and the inauguration of January 2021 couldn't be in this moment in season that God begins to ignite something extraordinary in our nation in the most hostile of environments and we believe yes this is the time so I'm pleading I'm imploring. As you know I'm not a a time. I don't want to manipulate situations we don't have a disguise falling and we have to respond spiritually but this is one of those for lack of a better term Joel to moment. This is one of the moments where we physically need to come out and cry out to God gets more questions. If you can still celebrate October 2 Mahoney is calling for the Lord's prayer gathering pro-life nonpolitical pro-life prayer gathering in front of the Supreme Court before they make this momentous decision will be right back the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends are speaking with pro-life delivery Patrick Mahoney spent on the front lines of the pro-life movement for almost 50 years laws is been the pro-life movement. He's been actively involved as an evangelical Christian, and there is a case now about to come to the Supreme Court, scheduled to be heard in October that could be momentous to the point of literally overturning Roe V Wade, and the ripple effect of that of course would be massive and is calling for a massive prayer gathering in DC on October 2 in front of the Supreme Court. A non-political gathering where there will be worship and prayer, crying out for God to work and turn the hearts Supreme Court justices for those just tuning out. I'll give a brief recap as well. But Pat, I want to address something for a moment.

I know that you have been very nonpolitical understands and that you work across the board racially and ethnically, politically for common good on common causes you referenced a disappointing election outcome November 3, you reference the inauguration of Joe Biden, but you are self you yourself are not part of Trump's inner circle. You are not one that was actively speaking out of your mall for Trump etc. and you can take this political stance, but when you say disappointing to me because Trump was a pro-life candidate and want to appoint more pro-life justices and Biden was a pro-abortion candidate who appoint pro-abortion justices is that what you meant. Yeah, of course. Thank you Dr. Brown for making that point because there has been a line there. We as Christians are about policy and truth were not about partisan politics. We don't surround one candidate and so when we talk about the disappointment we talk about the disappointment of policy.

We don't talk about the disappointment of the person we talk about at the inauguration right now and it didn't matter who would put these policies forward. Right now we see the Hyde amendment being removed from our budget for the first time in decades, where now were going Taxpayer-funded abortion. We see that Congress won't even pass legislation or even take it up that protects children born alive from late-term abortion. So yes, Dr. Brown, thank you for making that point. This is we do not surround our entrance into the public square around personalities, human personalities, we surround them through the Lord Jesus Christ and his eternal word and the principal embraced in the Bible so I think it's critical for us to know that we gathered to pray.

We are not. Gathering in support of epic political party or political candidate. We are gathering in brokenness and repented crying out to God to overturn Roe to move mighty in powerfully and even in a greater way than the ending abortion violence to ignite spiritual awakening that is our cry. That is what we are seeking an a Dr. Brown for the listeners. This event is being sponsored by personal purple sash revolution. I know that sounds like an interesting day.

It's part of Stanton public policy center, a woman's advocacy group standing for life on and on biblical principles and you can go to purple sash for more information about this or there's a Facebook event page set up by then it pray pray to end abortion hashtag dismantle row so purple sash or Facebook event page which we just put up pray to end abortion hashtag dismantle row and I don't think we can't emphasize enough when we come on this issue. I think it's important for all of us to realize when I enter into the public square.

I am entering as a citizen of God's kingdom bound to his word and his principal. My allegiance is to God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and so I am not holding on any political party or candidate. We are committed to these internal principal so this this prayer rally.

I want to encourage everyone. It is not even remotely a political rally.

It a solemn assembly of prayer and repented and you know what I love about prayer. It transcends the end of the media of social platforms of Twitter of Facebook of what CNN box transcends what's going on politically and we look to it eternal God, who is not bound or limited by what's going on around us, and we see his transforming power move and Dr. Brown. Our hope is that as we prevail in this situation that the church will take a more public prayerful stand. A more prophetic stand surrounding God's word with in the public square week.

We now's not the time to be retreating now is the time to step forward out of our safety and security and comfort and into the purposes of God for this hour, and this case I believe is a part of God's sovereign plan for that.

I believe that this is God throughout history always kind of used these moments he gave. There was a giant to address. There was a walled city. There was a Red Sea that had to be Croft.

There was a hostile crowd gathered around 120 disciples in the upper room. God always uses situation within culture and society to shine forth his glory and to energize his people and so that's what we are praying for here. And to think that since I've been married over 60 million innocent children have died at as the late great Dr. Francis Schaeffer said every abortion clinic ought to have us find out in front of it, which says open by permission and apathy of the church. So this is our day.

If you weren't there, and 73 if you weren't even born.

If you weren't there, and 92. If you weren't there even 15 years ago.

Now is your moment, come to Washington DC come to seek God. We are praying for a specific concrete thing in which we will see the answer to our prayer most likely in June 2022 but if it argued that this fall, which we think it will.

We could hear it. I would be awesome. Dr. Brown, if the decision came out of our way. On January 22, 2022. When Debbie Grace overturning Roe on January 22, 2022. But in any at any rate were inviting people to come pray at Ed and my hope is, listen, there's no time limit their if the Holy Spirit comes and there is a visitation of God.

And there's a touch of God by me will stay out in front of that Supreme Court of worship. All through the night over the weekend so we are believing for this extraordinary moment and I were inviting everyone to come go to purple sash the Facebook event page. Prayed and abortion hashtag dismantle row and believe with us.

Trust God in this historic moment. I had a few more questions and tomorrow we get to speak privately to a group of national leaders about this very thing in and get them on board understand the significance of being in the C2 parameter from six obstacles that can't be there can be praying wherever you are, but a short question that I want to get into that the deeper ones and one has to do with the questionable one women do about abortion. If the urgent issues in his post, Roe V Wade one get to that, but a short question do optics matter to Supreme Court justices. In other words, if there was some massive turnout for the no better the headlines. It's right in front of their building, they may see it with your own eyes there's a massive turnout of Christians praying for righteous furniture for the overturning of Roe V Wade Odyssey were appealing to God.

That's the issue.

Prayer not to put on the shoulder to appeal to God, but to optics matter at all.

They do and how you raise an excellent point.

So the nine justices of the Supreme Court would say no, no, no optics, no matter what they revealed their hand in the Lawrence case and other cases involving same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

They clearly said in their written opinion that culture and society had who and that they talked about demonstration, and they talked about public response to 100% and that's one of the reasons why we wanted to have this event the court opens its new session in which the hear this case.

On October 4. That's why we wanted to be there October 2, we want the justices to see thousands of people on the street and hearing the message of course we appeal to God, and we look to God.

But Dr. Brown you even know when God worked miraculously throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament God would count like would name it. You don't dip in the water. There were there were physical sort of things that helped unleash the power and God called us to do with the raising of Moses staff in things like this so the most important thing is crying out to God, but there is a strategic purpose here and we believe that if they see thousands of Christian praying and standing and then they understand that 65% of the American public in every poll I mean every poll support banning abortion after 15 weeks, like they did with same-sex marriage. Love that was a negative thing but were just drawing the analogy here in the comparison that the justices do look at culture. They do look at society. They do see what is happening and they move forward. And of course the clearest example we saw with that in a positive way with the removing of Dred Scott in Plessy versus Ferguson it and important civil rights cases like friends, we come back and got a couple more questions for Pat Mahoney but Pat once more give out the Facebook page and the website where people can find out more about this October 2 prayer rally Facebook page is just going to Facebook and type in crates and abortion. It'll come up that will be hashtag dismantle row but go to purple sash purple sash If it's a wonderful outreach and they base it on the suffragist and women who wore purple stashes standing for freedom and justice and equality and that will be tons of people with purple sashes on which they equal rights for unborn women and and abortion violence. So to be a beautiful panoramic view for the justices to see my friends will be right back.

I want to go justice to justice with T potential swing votes praying for individuals that they would have God's heart and then asked for some basic abortion related question stay with us. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the line of fire, I'm joined by Rev. Patrick Mahoney and Pat what what I love so much about your heart, is that you been talking about similar things for decades and are just as passionate now. And of course, even more so with the potential pharmacy Roe V Wade overturned a week.

We've got only 11 minutes or so. So we gotta give short answers to things you could talk about for hours, but some post on Facebook early on during the broadcast. Today was overweight is overturned and women to discover go to this back alley abortion doctors. It's dangerous, etc. I know you've heard that a thousand times, but for some it's it's a major issue and they think well I was at right or fair which response to that will just look at the numbers prior to 1973 the mythology about back alley abortion simply was not true and you look at the people who pushed abortion like Bernard Nathanson and others.

It wasn't backed up. The other thing is it's 2021 women are powerful extraordinary accomplished and to think that some woman would harm herself.

It just it. It's just not a reality. It's a talking point that doesn't have any basis of truth what is woman still wants to get in abortion the same old she does whenever my tooth is it's it's taken a life of the unborn. When we look what we like to say is, and abortion, violence, and make abortion unthinkable. But the reality is that if a person is committed to a social injustice whatever that might be.

There is no force of law unless you would live people up to prevent them from moving forward.

But the reality of back alley abortions. The reality of what happened prior to Roe V Wade just look at the CDC numbers don't take my word for it on pro-life sale, not objective, fair enough. Just look at the numbers that were out there and they don't back up to reality. Plus this is a longer topic, but but it isn't 1963 anymore it isn't even 1973 anymore and we can argue good, bad or ugly but the stigma of women having children out of wedlock really isn't a part of our culture anymore. And there are so many programs and safety nets, and supports and other things out there, both within the church and the public square that can help women who have economic challenges who have other personal challenges that we will stand with them but we work for the Christian we want to eliminate human problems and injustice. We don't want to eliminate human life, God will send it again. It's a much bigger topic to discuss white so obviously if Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2016 will be having this conversation now in terms of the potential of this case overturning Roe V Wade because the justices simply wouldn't be there would be sent to the other when they most likely would not even read to hear this case, we should mean so many of the pro-life bills being passed state-by-state could still be shut down once they ultimately appealed to the Supreme Court, so the tide has shifted one of the most positive things president from did was appoint new justices, but I remember that it a friend of ours, an attorney with the alliance defending freedom, speaking at my home congregation maybe 10 years ago, maybe a little bit less than that. And he said this can be a major case that comes before the Supreme Court about same-sex marriage and it's gonna be a five for decision and the swing vote is going to be Anthony Kennedy, who is course was a Reagan appointee but shifting in certain ways. This is that's what is going to come desk. Of course that's what happened. That's exactly what happened. So here you get a Reagan appointee at other times it's been a George Bush appointee, and they've gone in directions that are unexpected.

You got a Clarence Thomas Samuel Alito. I mean, you know what you wrote votes. Khalil you was going to vote liberal justices for the most part know the gonna vote in your view, just break this down take three or four minutes and break this down. The new the new appointee, so Cavanaugh Connie Barrett Gore such Kennedy of war and now replaced it where it wears a chemical Roberts.

In your view, were the key key people here okay number one. I had always maintained that Chief Justice Roberts was the truth, swing vote, so we have to look at Justice Roberts in this as we don't know where I'll go. But that still leaves five. That leaves you know Alito and Thomas and then you know Gore Thich Cavanaugh at Barrett figures the way that I look at it. Dr. Brown number one all of them in their confirmation process without really fully address Roe.

They said they were strict and structuralist so that a little signal base a dog whistle if you will get a good way that there is no constitutional right for abortion. So if a person by and large, generally says I'm stricken structuralist and I believe it in the concert words of the Constitution you would almost stay with 100% veracity they would be pro-life because there is no right to an abortion disparate number that they found in the 14th amendment just isn't there now have people been disappointed with appointees. Yes, in fact, the people been disappointed with a Gore Thich Cavanaugh at Barrett even since they been appointed yes but I will say this in terms of religious freedom they been 100% on point.

In terms of protecting the church. They have been 100% on point and knowing their backgrounds. It would be difficult for me to believe. I think the likely scenario is not likely, but more likely scenario would be day up. They allow the band on the 15 week of abortion big question will be that that quantum leap with a overturned row and there are several options they don't even have to address that question because it was a part of the original case that they can speak in interesting ways about it. So we are all fairly confident that our confidence comes from the Lord, one would ask what the law stands in the lower courts. Why would the Supreme Court take this if they didn't want to make a more expansive decision or change on it like it if they agreed with that.

It's unconstitutional.

It's an undue burden on a woman for a ban on abortion after 15 weeks just for the lower appellate court decision. All why would they even take the case if they did want to make some kind of change or comment on it so that that brings us great hope and optimism line is why we need to pray why we need to pray right rights and the Supreme Court. It's interesting that in many cases they they operate with unanimity or near unanimity. We don't hear about this case is as much but you get rulings of 90481072 and in some civil nets that you know they they try to work in harmony, etc. is is that an issue here that we have to be thinking about as well. Certainly Chief Justice Robert likes to operate in that sort of oversight.

He likes to build consensus, but I think in this case, we still have seen some 54 decision 63 decision, and so and I'll just leave you this. Sometimes you see a majority decision, but you don't see a majority in the opinion but take they've come to the final conclusion but became a completely different way. So listen October 2 prayer. Prayer transcend prayer move my heart.

Prayer move the heart of Saul prayer move the heart of people who fell one way. No man can stand before the power of God we believe that as we comment unified prayer, repentance and worship will see a sovereign move of God is going to be part of a larger national revival movements of repentance in the church and turning to righteousness on many fronts. And this is kind of like the tip of the spear as Mother Teresa said decades ago. Basically not to attack the women's business of the national sin of the multiskilled enrolled children, then what else I can galore as a society so this ice.

This is hurt us in so many ways making this right it's it's it's a one-way distant to cling to mercy and hold onto that in the midst of the judgment that we should receive in the past you know will be a pessimist but as you said to me on the phone if you lose this I mean take the air out of the tires and you push things back decades again and who can even imagine something like that. So one last time that our folks know where they can connect online for this October 2 prayer rally in DC. It will be God helping an historic moment in our national history. October 2 in front of the Supreme Court for an a non-political Jesus exalted prayer rally okay the details one last time.

Purple sash purple sash or Facebook event page pray to end abortion hashtag dismantle row at Dr. Brown to make your point look how we had to labor 30 years after we lost the Casey decision were looking at that kind of wilderness here.

I don't grow weary in well doing, I always believe one day away from revival hospitals were surrounded. One day the Holy Spirit fell. The next but the reality is a loss. In this case would add decades to our fight to end abortion violent and think of all the casualties in these 30 years. So friends let's do our best to be there must be pray. Now Don Hadaway continue to turn hearts continue to give us a heart for pro-life and pray for Pat and those on the frontlines, a goblet holder hands of strength in them and keep them safe. Hate Pat as we say to one another on with the revolution. All right much, Dr. Brown, God bless you, thank you so much. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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