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When America Lost Its Mind

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 2, 2021 5:20 pm

When America Lost Its Mind

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network friends are God's grace we will live to see the day when we will tell a future generation. We were here when America lost its mod stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. There was a time when medical science in America thought that lobotomies is the driving spikes into people's brains that this was the great sure the miracle cure for mental illness and we look back at that with shock. The been other great developments. Advances in medical science that will looking back, they were not advances or developments at all. They were dangerous practices was happening today is a step further sapping today is a step worse. What's happening today is further and worse in that fundamental crews are being were not timeout wrong practices, regrettable practices but fundamental truths are being denied based on which there are very wrong practices, this is Michael Brown looking to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I just wrote an article it's up on it's up on other websites on a website asked her to We were here when medical science lost its mind. We were here. Medical science lost its mind friends I want you to remember today's broadcast. I want to remember the things that I'm talking about what you archive this there is a reason we have been shouting out as loudly as we can about where things are going wrong in society.

The current trajectory.

This societal madness. While we care for everyone who struggles what we care for those who struggle with with gender identity issues. While we we care for those who struggle being at home in their own body. We do not change reality. Based on but things are continuing to go to the point of such absurdities that either. Our society will crash and burn and self-destruct or we will look back in the future. Hopefully God helping in the not-too-distant future and be able to tell another generation. Yet we were here. We were here when scientists resend these crazy things we were here when the medical profession losses spot at look at this headline just check this out New York Post have I could've picked others, but look at this Harvard lecturer blasts July 31 Harvard lecturer blasted by colleague for defending existence. A biological sex.

Let me read that once more Harvard lecturer blasted by colleague for defending existence of biological sex not to look, friends, this is not some satire headline. This is not some mockery, this this is reality in our world today that fundamental realities like biological sex. Sex differences are being denied. Listen to the Harvard lecturer in question.

This is Carol who's been on Fox check this out some medical schools now reportedly denied biological sex altogether. One minister in California, claiming her classmate shaman police are professors for quote wrong speak for using words like pregnant women hold your ears male and female during lectures. But what happens when woke ideology undermines future doctors. Carol Hoven is a lecturer at Harvard and the author of T the story of testosterone, the hormone that dominates and divides us.

He joins us now. I think this is an incredibly important issue and it it when I've been feeling pretty frustrated about and I did that over the last five years or so I noticed a change is been gradual, but this kind of ideology has been infiltrating science it infiltrating my classroom to some extent. I teach about hormones and behavior I teach about sex and sex differences, and that something had always been really enthusiastic about is the science of sex and sex differences in part of that science is teaching the facts and the facts are that there are in fact to sex as their male and female, and those sexes are designated by the kind of gametes we produce like do we make angina, big sex cells or little sex sells firemen that's how we know whether somebody is male or female. There are in fact about 6000 different genetic markers that distinguish male from female, please.

My 2011 book a queer thing happened to America which was the result of six or seven years of research prayer and interaction consideration in writing the last chapter was GL BT and beyond.

It is before the L shift in front of the G more officially basis and what's coming next. Where is this going. So we documented these types of things.

The denial of biological realities. In fact, I found codes going back to the 60s. Even before 1968. From Francis Schaeffer, the philosopher, talking up the gay agenda homosexual agenda and and where would ultimately bring about an ultimate war on gender distinctions themselves. These things we laid out others laid out decades before us.

This is no surprise. The this societal madness is no surprise.

The trashing of biological realities is no surprise look, people are being penalized today for say no man can't menstruate no man can conceive and carry babies and deliver babies. No man can't do. That's bringing it that's transposed like how can you dare say that that's where were at today and I think of it, think of this, the foundation of all foundations of truth is the eternal existence of God.

So of course the wave of new atheism starting about 6017 years ago. Really, in the aftermath of 9/11 was 20 years now that this is been growing and intensifying the attack on the very existence of God and then the next great foundations that God created the human race.

God created the entire human race right that's the next great foundation so that they created that the world created universe created the human race of the attack on God as creator and then what's the next thing the pinnacle of creation. Human beings. What happens here male and female he created them. So there's an attack on the existence of God is an attack on God is the creator and there's an attack on the foundation of human existence, and he created us male and female. So for simply saying using terms like male and female, or saying no pregnant women not pregnant people, pregnant women, because only a woman can conceive and be pregnant. There was that for saying things like this. This woman has come under attack and it is not isolated told my colleagues at Harvard or others or PhD students. Others say this is just wrong you can. This is wrong. Speak to look at this tweak this tweak it as is.

One example from a Laura Simone Lewis is the director of the diversity and inclusion task force for my department at Harvard.

I am appalled get this friends.

I am appalled and frustrated by the trans-phobic and harmful remarks made by a member of my department. In this interview with Fox and friends that did you get that she is appalled and frustrated by trans-phobic and harmful remarks. What are the quote trans-phobic and harmful remarks you have categories, male and female that women get pregnant, not man. This is considered harmful and trans-phobic friends listen we were here when this was happening by God's grace we get to tell future generations are. We were here when society losses mine we we were here when people work penalized for talking up there was between men and women. We were here when it was considered insulting to say that a man can conceive his illuminati with all because if you're a woman who identifies as a man that your real man. Therefore, you can conceive and have children. There is a tragic case of an obese man rushed into the hospital with terrible abdominal pains was only after a while that the hospital realizes was that an obese man.

This was a pregnant woman, but he had. She identified as Amanda. Because of that lost the baby okay how about this about this tweak web MD sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates. The American medical Associates Association said Monday that the by the way this tweak just was posted couple days ago.

The article excites goes back to June on on the web MD map website, but this is a recent tweak sex should be removed as legal designation on the public part of Bert's search to pickets you click on the link on the web MD web MD is not criticizing this web MD is reporting this in and listen to what the article says remove sex from public birth certificates. AMA says to June 16 is dated the article section be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates. The AMA said Monday, requiring it can lead requiring it can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with her designation at birth than when register for school sports adopt get married or request personal records, etc. so just eliminate this from the birth certificate. Your actual biological sex because that might make you uncomfortable in certain situations. If you identify differently so all that matters is how you feel. I'm not demeaning the agony that many people have gone through identifies trends. I am not denying the pain that they've experienced.

I am simply saying that you cannot deny reality and that what wrong practices, this friends we live to see this is happening on our watch, 17, 18-year-old girls who had full mastectomies because they identify as males. Only a few years later to say what in the world that I do Dr. Simmons by the thousands prescribing hormone blockers for four little children maybe 10 years old to stop the onset of puberty. We are here in this happen and now biological man competing in the Olympics against biological women here, look at this headline in the daily mail. This is what's really interesting. Dr. Joanna Harper, who's been an advocate been an advocate for trans-for man, who identifies movements of trans women participating with exports Olympic advisor on trans athletes as history may judge it less than ideal. The transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is allowed to compete at Tokyo 2020. Thankfully, Hubbard bombed out didn't win, but still push someone off the team from New Zealand. Because of this, is a 40-year-old man who used to lift weights as a man now will transition to woman Dr. Joanna Harper sports radio for about Laurel Harbert's Olympic debut.

Dr. Harper herself. Transition is not interesting, has raised doubts about the participation so it said now weightlifter may not be the right sport may not really be equally and this is the person helping make this decision. Someone who himself transition female according to the story friends. We were here. We were here watching this madness take place. The question is all we can to help turn the tide and restore sanity to America by God's grace. So the answer is yes.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire so why do I say I told you is it to glow. Is it to say that I knew what would win a bunch of babysitter reason I'm saying I told you so is just in case you have downplayed the seriousness of this just in case you are still not seeing where this goes and where this ends up saying he friends we been shouting out these warnings for a long time. Please do take this seriously and let us be on the alert because this could well be coming right into your own home and family, 86634. In fact, in fact, I want to open up the phone lines.

If you have dealt with a trans related issue in your family and your congregation. If suddenly you're running into kids that are identifying his crop to the wrong button and then never have before. This not been some history since there were three or four or five or something like that. If you want to call them anonymously. I'd love to hear from you. Here I was speaking online to several dozen pastors regional leader asked if I would come online.

Talk about some of these issues like a zoom conference a few months ago and then at the end during Q&A interacting with folks, one of the pastor said after the sunnier before, but it was so striking he said in our church.

The kids in middle school all got caught up with transgender talking points. They basically embraced all the stuff about you your lot of people trapped in one body in this and all the standard talking points middle school kids so they, 11, 12, 13 years old in his church that they import the kids together ended up embracing these things where they got from in the social media media, other peers different ways.

Don't know he said. They then watched the documentary that American family studios did that had the privilege of hosting in his image. If you've not watched it you really should. It will bless you. I found it tremendously informative. The interviews the insights in his in his or if you'd rather just watch it on YouTube just typing in his image movie and you'll see it, it's ultimately out 45 minutes or longer.

So it's it's full it's it's excellent so he said they then watch that movie and they shifted back, especially based on the testimonies in the personal stories that that shifted them and and they embrace trees again. I was doing an interview for Dr. Frank Turk but my colleague apologetics. My friend couple weeks back. He said he had just spoken at a church were about half of the young people were now using the different pronouns for one another and things like that.

This is in a church setting up another friend of the family lives outside the United States. She contacts us all. Maybe year, go little bit longer than that and she says having a crisis with her daughter.

She's for the first time, maybe 15 years old suddenly saying to the blue.

She's a boy. The mother said was never any hint of this never the issue of it.

She very much identifies girl mom and daughter had good relations, mildly autistic.

I mentioned that because this is a good increase in the common among autistic teenage girls read about rapid onset gender dysphoria.

Read about parents that are shouting out their own situations that they've live with with their own kids their own daughters there even whole groups of girls that are together saying you were really boisterous in our body. And a lot of what happens, especially without autism and I'm no medical expert understand some simply repeating things that I've heard widely from experts. We know number one that that teens go through all types of emotional upheaval and who am I really etc. then a lot of teenage girls very much not at home in their body.

When I look like others why my like this one. I like that and then with autism can can heighten some discomfort in various struggles and now your total. The whole issue should trans this whole thing your trans and and is have a gauche triers is documented in a book irreparable damage, a book that a major book organization is banned now that I can distribute that the more than Amazon without a lot of advertising for the book on their website.

Although they continue so they completely banned right-hander since with her became Sally an excellent point with a band that the banner advertising for her book. Now you're having this epidemic of girls making lifelong decisions as as teenagers going through hormonal emotional changes and now there 1920 2122 in their's and what the world I do.

What in the world did I do and we are watching these things happen friends. That's why I've been sounding the alarm. That's why others were sound the alarm long before me. That's were saying this.

This is where it's going, friends so coming to a church that you come into a family you back to this this gal that contacted us longtime friend of our family. She begins interacting with her daughter begins to find out how her daughters feeling what you struggling with and realizes that the struggles have only started when she started going to a particular school that she's in the high school that she's been on the maybe the last year or two before the so the parents decide that they want to meet with faculty and administrators at the school to discuss their donor situation to find out to their absolute shock Harry friend some. I'm not making up a syllable not exaggerating misreporting a syllable to their absolute shock. They learned that if they had not happened to meet with the faculty and administration at that school. That night the next day or that day. The next day they were planning to announce to the school that their daughter was no boy inheres in the 90s seriously. They were shot at this school was going to do this without telling the parents with the present heaven outside of America. But these kinds of things happen inside America.

This is the outreach friends. This is the reason why were so great. This is the reason why we must sound the alarm and ultimately it is an attack on human beings being created in the image of God, male Freemason, but what about those who are intersects. What about those who have a chromosomal or or biological abnormalities.

That's what it is they deserve our compassion like anyone else with a disability or or a handicap or an abnormality of some kind, but that doesn't change the fact it's only two biological sexes that that is the reality then you have those that don't fit neatly near those categories because of some some something.

They were born with something that developed as they were growing up that were born with only found out later, these are very delicate difficult situations that may affect you 100 people in its shameful dinner how to deal with it how you sort these things out parents, they will.

These are all very important for valid questions, but this intensifies only two biological sexes right to the phones, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Shawna in Texas walking to the line of fire. The well. Thank you Shauna so I can give you a little background are I wear you out here frequently are the right man now armed acknowledgment Christian firm. I left a 15 year relationship actually earned by anyway so I'm sure Ginger I just tested it just a SQ question first. Is that okay I know this may be getting ahead of things.

Was there anything in particular that cause you to make this break after 15 years about every right to figure out where I write about three years I felt compelled our prayer line. I identically fill godlike I can make the air like I've hurt me. Don't know what the right. Will be out of it if it directly and ethically ready. Hope any option may are and I nearly answered prayer. After that I was really severely depressed arm obviously of the 15 year relationship that are suicidal and I pray for God to take on a rainy day he could get away and aren't going to build anything like that. He just continuously had been answering my prayer now.

I joined the church are counsel getting counseling at but you know as a child after was compelled by God and a very young child that I don't know crazy but I felt I was eating and kind as an adult like Kylie felt like I'm not an old I'm gonna keep me in time. Their next meal I felt like appetite at bed. You're one of many Shauna. It's not that I you read the Bible you hear about processes and and you have that deep feeling understandable yeah go ahead and rewrite with praying for an article now right thing to do that with another heart he would carry me about three years ago it coming there. You need to, you know you have it. I'm getting getting this morning and now he's like currently everything very urgent help people about their you encourage people to arm tell the truth and I was in a live chat talking about that earlier how the truth in love, knowing where if you're going out to protest), that's probably not gonna work because a lot of times it yelling at them and not getting here. You get defensive and block out yet. You have to be kind of people and a friend and helping a patient a state stay right here gonna break state agencies are going to touch you on the other side of the place to say needs to be heard and I got a bunch of questions to ask. Well, since with the number and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today on the modifier I'm speed with Shawna from Texas as a child felt that the Lord showed her that she wouldn't grow old that she would live to see the return of Jesus.

The end times.

She ended up in lesbian lifestyle listening relationship for 15 year. She strictly sought the Lord about three years ago asking she was doing the wrong thing that God would deal with her that he is no brought her out of that relationship several months ago she broke it off struggling with depression after that God helped her without need for pills.

She's now in the church getting counsel moving forward and feels an urgency to tell the church.

We can speak the truth in love. Shauna thanks so much for calling and informing urgency to to tell your story and obviously the biggest thing is just getting your own feet down strongly in the Lord being in a church getting that counsel just growing one step at a time. Not that you have to put on some performance or show or or anything or beyond display just a matter of okay God brought me out that was moving me forward. Did you feel the whole time that you are in this relationship that you are Christian firm.

I believe I hired her right.

I kind okay and I thought of her and went on trying to be any fear, not in all honesty I felt deep down inside that guided was truly telling me like what I gave you that ability or site understand that your inexpedient time and I'm not to let you fully go like the Bible prophecy part eating connected to it and arm, you know, when he turned me now is very pretty and I my heart is essentially that we don't have much time left and fell. You know if you have landlords where LGBT you have to be.

You have to approach the situation but only doing like there's people that will literally kickstart that or how) Dell laptop and are hateful. I mean it literally like why would you behave that way right snow you now either that the company article called help people and Shauna when did you first feel that you are attracted to the same-sex out out a little tile goods, lack of private people air.

A lot of people are gay or extracted a lot in her buffet to write. I did not shoot the PK rate, no longer the trial, take it away from me. I think because we are we are in a foreign state that is very much possible that that can be a natural practice that you get to it different Atterbury light brown have to go against your nature in a way right and I do believe that God can give you attraction to the opposite back you'll year, but not everyone had that happen or defend have to live a celibate life with our lack of effort.

That's another reason why speculate can't become straight. You need to be alone the rest of your lack you now you have to be at compassionately direct absolutely so so here you you're saying. With so many others. The vast majority of those who identify as gay and lesbian would say's as far back as I can remember, this is how I felt my my earliest romantic or sexual fields are always felt different, etc. you know of one of the most outspoken advocates of code, gay Christianity Dr. Mel Weitzel was told his story will you know when the high school football games while my mom, my friends were attracted to the cheerleaders, I was attracted to the quarterback and is obviously that you know and then as a Christian you think. How can this be you cry out you pray, one pastor friend of mine said look every every kid who who identifies as gay or lesbian was raised in a Christian home as a teenager that kids had an unanswered prayer because you're all there. Pray the same way God take this away change me and then when he doesn't really think he's not there or you must hate me or maybe I'm reading the Bible wrong.

Maybe this is really okay go through these various situations. But I was in your case, God Working in your life and roughly right to kick Kent friends please you're trying to say you're Tony Bennett share the gospel with an 18-year-old guy and always ever known the same-sex attractions long as he's been conscious of his of his feelings, and you tell them nose can follow Jesus, which either means he has to become heterosexual, which to him as an utter impossibility, almost repulsive or stay similar rest of his life never have romantic listed little not have sex never romantically through the rest of his life in the state to come to him and that's the truth. That's the good news. Obviously, what we have to say's with all sin we we all have to come saying God, I've sinned and blown it. Forgive me and I give my whole life to whatever that means in Jesus. You gotta be enough for me him and that's we have to start yes you're right.

Many do change.

I know many who have generally gone from homosexual or heterosexual abusive had a massive diminishing of homosexual attraction and end like a faint heterosexual attraction enough to to grow into a relationship with some of the opposite sex, and others and say hey I'm same-sex attracted but I say no to. It's not of God's not right. I say no to it and God's more than enough.

Shawna if you could say anything else, let's say two apparent right now, and their 14-year-old daughter comes out and says mom that I'm a lesbian. I just want you to know this. What should they do if this is Christian home what they do. How do they respond well I hear you there.

You should bear Warren had someone coming out. A burning help, like basically you're going to burn in hell like that is not like it came here that you know I'm really struggling with depression and suicidal thought, which is you know horrible if you if you approach them with my go to hell if you do that like that's not really the right snow on one thing if you don't understand it, you need to research it. Please research it. Arm you know there think there's a book called day girl. Good God, or something like that any author. I can't member her name but she is really good. If you have the situation get educated and on it before you attack and say hey you burning help like everyone is about that.

Like you know don't kick him out. Don't turn your back on them.

Don't act differently towards the don't act like they have the disease had people do that well, pretty horrible. In fact, the people who reacted poorly to me, are still not really in my life because they made me feel so horribly about myself that I feel comfortable around I forget them, but they're just not the people who stood by me. They said look I don't agree with it and I think Karen and you know how I feel about it but I love you never turn my back on your always here for you whatever you need. Essentially you don't get to decide if someone gets saved or not you can only tell them the truth you now and if they reject the truth. But the thing is if you at some point down the line at a gay person like I wonder if right or am really wrong. You remember how your relative treated you. That was doing the right thing. You will go back to that person. You know I did the think tank when I the way I was treated in a good way.

I went back to the people. I remember how they treated. I ate on.

They encourage me and that therefore me and that's another think the church now, when someone like me comes into the church think connection. I don't need the people they were in a relationship with a lot of their print because a lot of their friends are LGBT you think a connection so it's really for people to just go to church on Sunday you think of all they need to reach out and make connections, invite them over a friend now go to the event together because again a lot any people are alone and they need that just in your thrilled, thinking it's as if you been ministry in this way for decades. The wisdom of what you're saying. The importance of what you say I heard from a friend of a friend. This was a couple that the management and and his wife had both come out of homosexuality and now they were happily married and they were ministering to gays in New York and they said that they heard more than once from someone who came out of homosexuality. God saved is going to church and fell away and said I had more fellowship in the gay bar that idealists are sitting in a church building, looking at the back of somebody's head in a church service so building relationships and for parents share this this your kiss is still your kid MOM parents when you're think how difficult it is for your kid to come out and say what they say and they're not telling you, I hate God. I'm I'm going to be a champion of rebellion. I hate you just tell you this is going on in my life and I and you need to know and the last thing they need is his rejection, hatred, condemnation, and parents. Trust me, they know how you feel they know your beliefs. You tell months just just like Shawna said, you know how we feel. You know, we believe that the act of this sinful, but your child, your friend, your I was in Singapore. Shawna was maybe five or 6000 folks it at a big meeting and were having a young people session and I said okay so your best friend, your 15-year-old guys and your best friend says hey I can take some really heavy. I'm is really heavy use of death of your Christian kids and the kid says I I'm gay how you respond us his responses.

I thought you had some heavy tell me you're my friend lets it was diffuse, all thing are you struggle same-sex attraction to you my friend you want to serve the Lord. This was the Francis work on this together and yes get educated. Please get educated.

Shawna I'm I'm so glad you took the time to call in and share this one more comment on Tran right of it, yup, go ahead and interact here but arm was a boy growing up in a generation writing arrow transgender. I can almost guarantee you if I had been be an enormous amount of each of the air about being coming transgender are I would probably consider it but it probably half of the principal. I'm 100% I want and I cannot use about my gender. But I cannot guarantee I would've at least questioned fact you know if it had been that way there's a lot a combo and a lot of lesbian which young women who are becoming transgender because they feel like they are because this is a serious searcher and then it's what it's out there so much Shawna is an epidemic of this and I've heard the exact same thing from heterosexual women who has been saying this is been in my day. I would've said on Tran's it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thinks friends for joining us at 86634.

There are so many people like Shawna out there right now some of you were listening to me.

We've heard from you over the years we've gotten the incredibly touching emails. We've got the calls like this immensely face-to-face. Remember being overseas will just say in Asia. One time I had I had received a note on on YouTube from a woman said she been a lesbian relationship for years struggling was seeking God and what was right what was wrong. She was confused she came across some video interviews I was involved with and she found truth, but full of compassion and trust me, the compassion is because the Lord gave me compassion.

It's not because have had a history of the decades of ministering to those who are LGBT or that I can relate to the struggles myself because of The semi back room. Plenty of other things of been through, I can relate to this. I can't personally in terms of their lives through homosexual attraction never live through gender confusion. So it it is as much time reading, praying, listening, asking God for his heart that that real deep compassion is risen up in the over these many years now and anyway I got some very gracious notes from this this young woman and then I was in her home country in Asia.

She heard I was going to be there. She came to the meeting introduced herself and gave me a letter I was just think about this letter within the last week where is because I saved it just have to figure out where and what box of letters it saved. But it was one of the most Jesus glorifying precious sensitive truth filled letters I had ever received in my life and you know the type that if that's the only life you touch it, it's worth it when you read the story and hear all this so as much as we fear the Nile. The whenever changes or you can be happy as a Christian. If you're if you're really gay, and so on. This is the gospel.

Francis is the power of the gospel of grace and truth together, not grace or truth, but grace and truth together. There is no conflict between perfect truth and perfect love because perfect love is based on truth and perfect truth is moved by love. They go hand-in-hand. Jesus is filled with grace and truth and so also should we be filled with grace and truth and you said, it's just not in me will lean on him drinking his word taking his truth as it is written, take it in and ask him to sensitize your heart.

It was in friends with American family Studios contacted me asking me to host their documentary in his image again. If you cannot watch that it's free good in it. Go to in his in his or on YouTube in his image movie about an hour 45 minutes long. Something like that you find it rich, amazing interviews, amazing content, wonderful testimonies, but when they reached out to me as their first choice and and candidly, I didn't pray whether I should do it. They read Southwest you bet I'm in. We knew would be time-consuming project massive project in there and in some time consumption a Mayan but I said I'm in definitely omit, but the first reason they came to me was compassion and friends.

I'm saying that to say if me someone who's been known over the decades for confrontation fruit for tackling the hard issues for for speaking the truth about what if I can be known for compassion. You can be know for compassion don't so I'm just not a compassionate person neither was all right.

In many ways, but I spent many an hour before the Lord. Many year over the years before the Lord, asking for his heart and praying love versus out loud.

It's a Lord give me those cost of that as it is a new believer, and then be married to Nancy was cut such deep compassion for suffering hurting people in and listen to her heart and saying got a need more of that. If I can be compassionate you can be compassionate friends called call to walk in love, let's let's of all right okay to you and I'm just looking to calls to get to a let's go to Christopher Massachusetts.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown, are you doing well. Thank you a question about homosexuality and gender are you today concerning deliverance yeah you think that those issues are required, the deliverance ministry in the Christian church. In some cases for family who have that in some cases we know of a family that has a young boy you'd like 13 or 14 and he believed that you don't homosexual and you know in the day to day and age we live in. Yes, also Chris decide what to do about that but so so so so just explain in some cases people may need to be delivered from demonic power.

Just like in some cases, someone struggling with porn menu deliverance or some is committed adultery menu deliverance or someone who's drug addict or alcoholic words. There's no blanket answer is no blanket answer, I'd encourage you if you don't have my book can you be gay and Christian want to read up more you'll find it very helpful. Can you be gay and Christian but there may be many reasons why this child is 13 is same-sex attracted and identifies as homosexual. There may be many. It could have to do with his upbringing in it and a breach in relationship with his father, maybe not being in the house.

It could be due to being sexually abused. This could happen as well.

There could be other factors there could be confusion now because it's kind of the cool thing for some of the end saying and and social media celebrating various things.

So to just blanket say he needs to be delivered is in the demonic power, though I can't say that in some cases there are roots. The person is open up the door and they need to be delivered.

They need to be set free in other cases, it's a matter of counsel, relationships, various things like that.

There's a comprehensive book by Joe Dallas and and heads HECHE Joe Dallas and then hates freely from his parentheses HECHE that goes to counseling. Principles of this is very very helpful if you feel the need to look into this for one refer to the family a check that out. That book will be helpful as well.

Thanks for for calling being concerned. Let's see, let's go to when they in North Carolina sorry forgot your name wrong but welcome to the line of fire hi there, how I thank you for taking my call and kind man.

Thank you for talking about. This is a very hard ready to talk about dealing with being a Christian. At the same time I'm I am a lesbian woman and I'm not believe that English will open it and I agree with everything he said and it is there. I believe he did that sacrifice that she may have got the pricing depicted loudly, even if more honorable, but when I think would you answer a question about can you be at the creek into a nighttime credit my account and I am my cup of cricket, a Christ follower and I'm a lead and I know that in the line at David@go the wound. The fact that if you going to go to jail just because you're left-handed and Alica people and all fall short of the glory that it was born into sin nominated without an all but I deftly feel like like I had been talking to me and I was a child that I had a calling on my life and like hire act. I have every every faculty member and I will you be thinking it's so good at find out when I get attracted to the onset the basis of this for clarification. Are you saying that your same-sex attracted you feel I can change but your you know it's sinful so you not in a relationship you don't practice being a lesbian. You're following Jesus or are you saying hey we all sin sought ice into but I'm still saved because of the blood of Jesus. Even though I'm actively living as a lesbian.

Just want to make sure you understand. I thought when I cannot fragrant Shabbat paper got away. I did make it back if I could be delegate my couple of very long time. I cry out to God is that please show me you know I feel they shall be directly whether that love can't Internet on the one I do feel more attracted to limit flyback claptrap by my cup at Alexi. I'm not actually attracted to me that I can be attracted to you. Not I can more attracted to a one yeah this is not I apologize at the show was about to end. I love to talk to them today if you can call in if you can state is going to take keys the moment if you can stay there if you can get back on. I want to send you my book. Can you began Christian and look if if a man is, is married, but he finds himself deeply attracted to that attracted to his wife anymore and she's not interested in him and he finds himself attracted to a man to a woman he's not married to.

This is still adultery is still sin.

So to be in a relationship with with another woman is sinful in God's sight. It will always be sinful in God's sight. But there is grace through his forgiveness to turn to be empowered to live a holy life, you can help you do that and he can even change but if he doesn't the power to live a holy life. So stay right there to send you a copy of Kenya began Christmas was pray for when they are really encounter God and people with shipper has friends. These are friends. These are our neighbors. These are family members to show them grace and truth together. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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