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Responding to Serious Objections to the Bible (Part 1)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 4, 2021 4:30 pm

Responding to Serious Objections to the Bible (Part 1)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 4, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/04/21.

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The following is a prerecorded program. So what are some of the toughest objections that you hear to the Bible being the word of God's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to the line of fire broadcast. This is Michael Brown and we periodically do special broadcast where we post a topic on social media on our Facebook page S Dr. Brown SKU Brown on Facebook and our twitter page DR Michael L.

Brown on twitter and wheat we post a question we ask for your response. For questions input things like that and then we do a broadcast just responding to those we received so many responses to this question that I posted that will probably do a series of broadcasts on this. We will be taking calls will be commenting on breaking news.

This can be responding to questions that you posted for me on twitter or Facebook specifically regarding objections to the Bible right so I go to twitter? Start there. Here's how I posted on twitter were some of the strongest objections to the Bible or the goodness of God, or the existence of God, that you been confronted with post them here and now and I'll answer some of them on next Tuesday's broadcast. So I posted this on Thursday, April 29 and now we are airing it today Tuesday so I'm only going to focus on objections to the Bible on this broadcasts on another broadcast go back to these questions and focus on objections to the goodness of God. Now I know they often tie-in but some of the larger images. The general problem of evil or problem of suffering others focus more on specific biblical texts or concepts. So let's let's start here with the bill man, bill man asked this much of the Old Testament violence and what God allowed. For example, giving Saul's family members to the Gibeonites to stop the famine. Okay great questions and ones that come up a lot, so there's so much violence in the Old Testament, and then there are specific acts of violence that God calls for, and then somewhere it seems that innocent people now suffer for the sins that others committed by God's word, but by God's directive. How can that be so great questions now. The first thing that I think we need to do is establish the character of God according to the Old Testament is one of justice, one of mercy. One of truth. In other words, he is not celebrated as a bloodthirsty deity. He is not celebrated as a tyrant he celebrated as one who cares for the widow, and the orphan base. There was obviously contradictory. Okay, it may, it may be contradictory, in which case the Bible is not God's word. Or perhaps it's not contradictory appears contradictory to us from our viewpoint in my new book has God failed you officially releases May 11 so slightly will read about a week from now officially releases then but you can preorder it still sign numbered copies on your website with an additional CD teaching on God's true grace the semester to I have two chapters in my new book has God failed to addressing the question about the God of the Bible and and people leaving their faith losing their faith questioning God because of these very issues is is is he homophobic trans phobic misogynistic is he a megalomaniac is Izzy it is Izzy genocidal who Izzy and I start off the discussion by just looking at verse after verse after verse that extols his mercy and his kindness in his goodness and his justice and chides the people of Israel for their lack of justice for their committing acts of murder and sexual immorality, and for not caring for the poor soul.

The point is that the Bible is not going to present a picture to us of this righteous God. This God of justice who rebukes Israel for its sin and rebukes even foreign nations for their sins against humanity and then God turns around to be a monster. It would mean that we are missing something in the picture so a lot of the violence recorded is just recorded numerous cuts and sanctioning it does not pleased with it. In fact, one reason that God judges the earth in Noah's day numbered Genesis 61 reason that God judges the earth in Ezekiel's day, Ezekiel 9 is because of extreme violence, and an end in Israelite law numbers 35 bloodshed polluted the land and the only way to deal with it.

With that defilement with that pollution was by the blood of the one that committed the act, so it would have to be life for life. You take a life, you forfeit your life. That's a sacred life was so in the Bible records all the violence it's not recorded glibly is to say, that's the level of sin in the world best the ugliness of the world salute that the Bible is not unrealistic and enclosing incised humanity.

It's painting a picture of you and said now what about the times when God calls on Israel to wipe out different peoples. There was a justifiable reason for it was judgment. In other words, do we question the goodness of the allies America and the European allies in fighting the Nazis do do we say why were they so cruel to the Nazis though the Nazis were committing atrocities and God judge them for that. Or you could say it just in modern terms that the world judge them for and fought back and defeated them stopping the Nazis meant stopping their murderous acts. The people that God wiped out in ancient Israel were were committing sins like child sacrifice. So that's one reason they were commanded to do what they did. I was recently debating an atheist.

This will this will air on the awakening TV TV network in the next few months and he asked me if God told me to kill him.

What I do it the words let's go back to ancient Israel and he's a Canaanite of God told me to kill him now.

What I do and I said no, God would not command me to murder you, and in other words, you are not guilty of something, by which, under the law, you would be put to death. God would not tell me to murder you. However, if you are an Isis terrorist and I was a soldier on a mission to take you out before you kill other people. I would be doing good and doing it. Some of even argued that the Canaanites and others that would be wiped out were were half breeds that they were the halfbreed between humans and angels.

The human race was defiled and completely destructive way. And those are the ones being wiped out. As for this particular question about God calling for David to take Saul's ancestors and have them killed. Yes, it seems extreme. Yes, it seems unjustifiable, but perhaps the ones that were chosen are all guilty of sin, only God knows what's going on.

Perhaps they were guilty of sin by which they should've forfeited their lives so inputting them to death. It also dealt with an ancient wrong in the in that bloodline, but perhaps in the current bloodline.

We don't know. But since God explicitly says elsewhere that the children are not to be put to death for the sins of the parents you have to say. Maybe there was more going on that we don't know about Joe in a similar tweet says this regarding numbers Deuteronomy and Joshua doesn't look like a loving God. Conversely, the New Testament. The gospel just sounds too good to be true or that's a good objection to have the second one that seems too good to be true, but that's in keeping with God being love that's in keeping with God being gracious in reaching out to us the message is too good for us to come up with that silver thing we would never come up with it. It's too extreme to think that we would just create this message were God sends his son to die for our sins yet. On the flipside, there is great responsibility for not receiving grace for not receiving the goodness of God. There are consequences to it, but it's too good for humans to come up with week that we disabled God of the sky look the other way that they send to some doctors, but in that his justice in a God saying I don't just like the way this can be payment but my son is gonna make the payment for that's extraordinary. One other point about the God in numbers Deuteronomy Joshua, how many times does God forgive Israel before he says you die in the wilderness. Never thought about that. How extraordinarily long-suffering and patient he is so yes he reveals himself in Mount Sinai and inflaming fires that they understand.

Don't mess with the Scott he just delivered you from each of completely undeservedly just delivered you with signs and wonders and and smoke those that oppress to and and took advantage of you all these these years and beat you down and deprived you and rescued you by his own goodness and grace don't mess with his commands, though both commands themselves are ways like if you live like this to thrive, but then think of this. How many times did Israel send grievously did God banish them to the wilderness after the golden calf incident know several thousand perpetrators died, but that was it. Did God banish them to the wilderness with the constant grumbling that you have in the book of Exodus no God banish them to the wilderness with a nod of an RV who send offered up unauthorized. This is rather the dedication of the tabernacle, you know shortly after that, no, it does he banish them to the wilderness in numbers 11 where where they they grumble again and he sends a sense of quail. No, it's only after they refused to go into the promised land because of their unbelief that he banishes them to the wilderness. It's only at that extreme points of this extraordinary patience. It's been shown and those that are judged are judge because of their wickedness.

Once one more thing to point out if you go to all.

Let's go to Deuteronomy chapter 10 Deuteronomy chapter 10.

So in the midst of of all of these depictions of of God's dealings with Israel and with with with his fierce judgment look at look at what it says in verse 17 of Deuteronomy 10 for the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty and the awesome God who is not partial and takes no bribe Justice for the orphan and widow and loves the outsider giving food and clothing. Therefore, love the outside of the finer for you were outsiders. You were foreigners in the land of Egypt. So this God that supposedly so harsh and cruel saying hey you be compassionate to the foreigner so the ones that were wiped out were the ones that were deserving of death, otherwise God's pattern was mercy on the foreigner mercy on the outsider, especially if they seek refuge under the wings of the God of Israel threatened to sing out those negative passages which are difficult passages sure the bigger picture and see its overall consistency right.

We are just getting started on file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, to want to fire Mike around here answering your questions. These had previously been posted on social media, so don't call in our post now but questions that I solicited on some of the toughest objections that you received to the Bible being God's word will answer a number of them today, but based on the amount of questions that were submitted, God willing will will do this again will will come back to this in the future and answer your more of your questions of serious objections to the Bible look, you've got to take serious objections seriously, if you don't, you're not going to help the people struggling or not you help yourself in your own struggles, and I was talking to a producer for James Robison show life today and we were about to record an interview on the new book is God failure with James and Betty Robinson. We recorded that all last week and it'll air I think. Towards the end of June something like that and one of the producers called me. I mentioned this on the air few days back, but he called me to discuss the that the book in the interview before came on. This is the one thing he really appreciated about my new book has God failed you. Funny face when you're not even sure God is real is is that I take objection seriously, you have to if some of struggling some is doubting if someone doesn't know if they can really trust God, or trust his word and now there's a dagger just glass around the new not all that just puts the personally further, let's say well that's that's thereby never thought of it that raises questions for me. Okay great. Not a problem. Let's find the answers. This finances okay so and post this on Twitter again in response to my soliciting questions asked her having to sleep with the king before they were married.

How can that be right. And why would she is a Jewish woman do that. It was the Bible sanctioning that great question. So here's the very down-to-earth real answer number one. The Bible does not say that Esther was a wonderful tour, observant Jew doesn't say that doesn't say that about Mordechai that he was a wonderful tour, observant Jew that was her older cousin who cared for her as they were in in in exile person exile so that's that's the first thing doesn't say that she was some holy godly woman does it. Second thing is the Bible is explicitly say they slept together, but that's what's assumed that there is a Saharan parent of women and he was gonna pick his next queen because he gets with Vashti because she pushes back against his authority and likely can't let that happen. ^ White boys got a good husband says a good little queen, so kings being who they were, they could have the pick of the litter, just like some famous athlete or actor rockstar you know and just get whatever woman he wants to get sleeps with hundreds of thousands of women well came to do.

He wants to do so has the Saharan women and they all basically volunteer themselves that is going to spend the night with each one, so maybe hung out and talk.

Maybe you had a meal together but presumably that sex. So how can that be right now. Could Mordechai encourage Esther to do that again. No one says that they were tour observant Jews living holy lives in separation.

God uses Mordechai and he becomes a hero of the story, God uses Esther to save your people, and God is ever mentioned in the book but is implicitly there working behind the scenes.

This just tell is really happening in here.

Let's just say that today you had some know some famous guy that in all wants the ladies wanted to be with and this guy says hey I'm on picking some gala travel with me and spend the night with down the what will be well spent night with you.

John want to send in your picture you get Jewish girls with similar picture all Gentile girls golf courses that remarkably God work through human beings doing human sayings and get something that rather than thus she has an objection to the Bible right we should see this realistic very realistic as I try to glorify old people and yet in all of this, God is still keeping his covenant with Israel.

You know it's possible. It's possible that Esther was godly and Mordechai was God and that they were tour observant as possible that the king didn't sleep with Esther Wright that he just talk here that all he did was talk to them and have a meal with them and like I really like you and make you queen that's possible right but that not been the case that I explained how to be in the Bible. All right, let's scroll down to okay Chris. Chris. The Bible has been changed and edited so many times by humans that he can't be taken seriously as any kind of divine source of truth.

Another important question and objection. Here is the reality number one. The Bible is the best preserved ancient book far away. In other words, we have so much manuscript evidence that even though we have many thousands of variations. The vast bulk of them are absolutely tiny they can be grammatical, they can have an extra, or not it would be similar to spelling MR.for Mr. or MR or spelling out Mr. those are three different variants but don't change the meaning of anything if if if I'm Dr. Brown DR Brown or DR.Brown or DOC TO Arbor. None of the meanings change the many, many thousands of variance are absolutely minor, completely insignificant and overall there are no major doctrinal issues or major teachings of points for how we are to live there affected by any of the variance, but the reason for any advances because we have so so so many copies of of parts or all of the Greek New Testament. We have over 5000 ancient manuscripts, including one that seems to be within 100 years from the death and resurrection of Jesus. When you look at other books, other ancient history books about Greek or Roman history books from that same era were some of the other famous writings. This allows some is nothing in comparison. You have a set of 5000 manuscripts you may have 11 and they're all from 300 years after the writing the book.

So we have a massive witness it's it's the opposite of what people think and the reason for the variations because so many people writing out copies that you can have errors now when it comes to the Hebrew Bible, we have the oldest complete copy of the Hebrew Bible is from about a thousand years after the time of Jesus, so that means, in some cases 3000 years.

After some of the events described.

Yikes we do that will explain why that's that's the Leningrad Mainstreet B Leningrad 1980. There is is was even earlier the Aleppo codecs with part of that was was lost in a fire to the war of Independence 1948 it was stored in Aleppo, Syria, but the, the, the fullest complete manuscript of Hebrew Bible that we have comes from a thousand years after the time of Jesus, but we have manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls like for Q Isaiah be which is virtually letter for letter the same as as the Leningrad manuscript. This is a difference of about 1100 years. Why, because the scribes were meticulous because they had rules of copying and as the centuries went on those rules became more and more and more strict so that for example a a scribe in the year of say 1000 copping out the five books of Moses, the tour we come to the end you have to soak a bit. Total number of sections of chapter sections. Is this is Middlesex the total number of words is this this little work. The Sumitomo reverses that we can external reverses this this little verse 10 of words is this little work tour of letters and this is this is the middle of. Can you imagine that if the county if it if it didn't, cannot write, you can use it is still wiser, such a gap in the manuscripts.

What why so long though because when the when the book or the manuscript would deteriorate with and be very or it would be stored in the back of the synagogue, and then ultimately of some of these things ultimately destroyed so it Seth you had a gap. It's just that when the thing route was replaced by a new one but copy meticulously and with great care and then you have that you also have fragments from several hundred years before the time of Jesus where you have a specific verse here or there it it it it may be part of the 10 Commandments, or the priestly blessing for number six and nine. The amulet from hundreds of years before the time of Jesus, then you have extensive archaeological confirmation for details recorded in Scripture, then you have the fact that the word of God prophesies things to come. So regardless of copying issues and things like that the word of God prophesies things to come. So I will.

I was talking to an atheist about this admissible.

Of course, Jews. They wrote their own history so they they wrote it the way they want right. So how can you write your history and the I can you write that you can be scattered around the entire world that you will be decimated numbers in population and that you can be regathered at the end of the age back to your land of Israel reconstituted as a nation, how you write that out in advance how you write out advance that the Messiah will be rejected by his own people that he'll die that arise from the dead, that he will become a light to the nations of the world and welcomed by the nations of the world by his own people Israel reject him, and then the receiver minute you plan on the Vancil so the Bible gives us clear indication that is inspired by prophecy. That's one of the major ways it does that, and then it is been preserved far away better than any book in the ancient world that has an extraordinary unity, despite the many different authors writing at different time periods in different parts of the world and then the biggest thing is when you apply to your life. It's life-changing US, the God of the Bible to make himself real in your own life, he comes he touches you, he changes you and you find extraordinary wisdom of the word of God. The life-giving qualities of the word of God. Again I dressed some of these issues estimates the textual history of larger objections to the Bible and God is love my new book has God failed to find that there are a lot of great apologetics resources back more of your social media question here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown a few days ago I posted a question on Facebook and on Twitter. I sent him an answer your questions on our Tuesday broadcast on one of our so that's today if you're watching this thing live and asked I asked for you to post your questions about the Bible.

The toughest objections you get to the bows that your own questions is reading, but the toughest objections you get to the Bible or to the goodness of God. We got so many questions between Facebook and Twitter that you have to do several broadcasts on this. Over time, so today we're just going to focus on objections to the Bible, and even so will only get through some of those that were posted, and then gobbling will do some other broadcasts objections to the goodness of God soak around Facebook Jonathan posted this Jesus dying for our sins. In the New Testament because the Bible and the Old Testament says we die for all incidents. So it's an objection to the New Testament, blood of human being paying for our sins.

What he got except the blood of human in the New Testament when God doesn't accept human sacrifice, great question and it's one that rabbis encounter missionaries would raise God's not accept human sacrifice. So how could he sacrifice his son. God is not accept human sacrifice. Notice he asked for human sacrifice. However, a righteous person can suffer for someone else. God does except that in Scripture the first, let me show you this is an Old Testament concept in Isaiah. The 53rd chapter the sixth verse it says all of us like sheep have gone astray, each one has turned to his own way, but the Lord has laid on him the name of the servant of the Lord, the Messiah, the iniquity of all of us. So there is telling us in Isaiah 53 six that the Lord laid on his messianic servant, the iniquity of us all is not just a New Testament concept. This is an Old Testament concept now. It's explicit under the law, that the children will not be put to death legally for the sins of the parents right so if your father is a murderer in your righteous person you are not put to death when your fathers put to death for murder. Now let's say your father is an alcoholic and and be sure your mother beat you his kids. You may grow up with scars because that in other words, the parents sins can affect the children but the children are not legally put to death for the sins of the parents they put to death for their own sins.

So how we then reconcile this with the idea of one dying for many reefer skimming analogy, let's say that I got a bunch of brothers and sisters, 10 brothers and sisters and there they are irresponsible and profligate and they all end up with massive debt with credit card scams and fraudulent checks and things like that and the courts give them one month to pay everybody back with 10% interest really going to jail and I megarich I megarich and I say look, you guys you get your act together and I'm a put in strict program of accountability one on the cover. Therefore, you have money uncovered for Judaism recognizes the idea that there are merits that the righteous store up so that my righteousness stored up could then pay for the sins of others so they have to repent to benefit from it like pay for it so it's atomic teaching a Jewish teaching that the death of the righteous atones for the sins of the generation I get into it at length in volume 2 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I think objection 3.15 that I have a chapter in the real culture.

Jesus where I get into this as well. The death of the high priest numbers chapter 35 numbers 35 budget includes the land.

The only solution to that is that the blood of the one who killed is now shut, so he kills his life is taken.

What if it's accidental. It's was intentional homicide. Your Topamax exit was line kill somebody well. The blood still defies the land that person with a have to flee to a city of refuge, so no one could touch them and try to take revenge and that to stay there the rest of the lies, or until when the death of the high priest. This is this is Old Testament numbers why because the high priest was the intercessor for the nation so his death then take the place of the others in the person go free.

That's found within the Hebrew Scriptures so Jesus says John 10 no one takes my life from I lay it down. This is God's indicate he is so perfect that he is going to melt laid his life down so that everyone can be safe, look alike. This let's say some some people who utterly hated the Catholic Church and hated the Pope wanted to try to do tremendous damage in the take over Catholic city they got it surrounded with their army and their ready to wipe everybody out a million people. You die in the process. Take my life and they secure grid will kill you read the words he's worth so much in the eyes of the Catholics that his life could count for this. So in this case, the Messiah willingly lays his life down and his blood now pays for sins.

We must now repent and turn to God, to receive forgiveness right we now must respond to that. That's the biblical logic behind. Let's see. Okay, let's go to Robert. My friend said one time that if God existed he would like him because what he did to Adam and he was disproportional to the crime and vindictive equipment is even small children matches and then executing them for starting a fire know quite the contrary. Adam and Eve were fully developed human beings who fellowship with God, who walk with God, who were perfect. You know, we operate on something like 10% of the capacity of our brain. My guess is it's because of the fall right now is that the it's there, but we can only access limited amount of it.

My gas again can prove it that Adam and Eve function perfectly, meeting with full cranial functions level of genius beyond anything we can imagine. They walk with God and God said to him every every tree year is your every single one is yours said not this one. Just don't eat from that one. And if you if you do you'll die.

That's not giving a match to a child that's that's that's telling a fireman listen don't commit arson. Don't commit arson, you commit arson, you're going to jail.

They sang with full understanding and and and and here they still lived on afterwards physically, but they they were separated from God and ultimately physically died as well but bit put any of us here put any of us in that situation right and if we blow it. Still it is totally our sentence told the responsibility they knew better. They knew better and God's does destroy them right.

They still live afterwards and have meaningful lives with her exiled the garden of Eden, and I can live forever. Let's see Christian worldview. I tell you what this this ties in biblically. Jeremy the biggest conundrum that I've always had with the Christian world group which the origin of evil when Satan's pride come from what he got allowed one center being immediately brought to destruction Satan banished to the earth was given the opportunity to corrupt God's creation with laws of the Lord, and believe his word, but I've never really had a very satisfying answer to this question. If these are all great questions. I appreciate every one of them. I have a chapter and has God failed you on the problem of evil. I've a chapter in the book what would Job say and I deal with some of these issues there and then doubling the future broadcast will just take up larger questions about the goodness of God nature, because this ties directly and with Scripture. I want to respond to it. God had the ability to create us with perfectly free wills angels and then human beings that when you really think of it, free will is a mystery, meaning if evil doesn't exist, then what are you choosing between and between good and evil but evil doesn't exist when God told Adam and Eve E from all these trees, but not this one.

So all this is jurists. The houses are our victories all these years. Just don't touch that way if you deal.don't touch that one, and there's no reason to doubt God is no reason to question God, right if they did they free will is mysterious in that regard. In that you can legitimately make a choice when you make the choice that then actuates evil that's how evil now comes into being. So how did pride enter Satan's heart that somehow in the freedom of choice that he had he had the ability to honor God or put himself first, at which moment sin is now actuated. You see if there is no possibility of doing wrong. The possibility of doing evil. There is no free will is no free choice. I do not have free will about flying.

I don't.

I cannot fly I cannot choose to fly. You can drop me off a building and I'll hit the ground. I I have no free will and that regard. I've no free will, in terms of I'm to be 7 feet tall.

No, I don't have the ability to make myself 7 feet tall and yet the angels in human beings had perfect free will, which as I said is mysterious in that it gives the possibility of doing wrong without wrong yet existing, but it now becomes something.

It is actuated by our actions. So pride now becomes a reality by a choice that's made, but they had perfect freedom now.

Why didn't God just destroy Satan because God had a larger plan for mankind and God saw that if he created us with free will, since he inhabits eternity can see things before they happen. He saw that we would choose and he saw the destruction it would bring the real estate with play and yet ultimately what we would become his human race, and who we would be through Jesus would be infinitely more than we ever would have been had we not send it.

Satan not seduced many of the worst things we ever go through the things that we hate and that are unimaginably difficult. Help us become the people that we are sometimes the worst sin we ever committed is the springboard was hating sin, becoming passive righteousness in the way that we never would have been so what Satan means for evil God ultimately uses for good and and and he so infinitely ahead of everything that he can see the good that will come out of it, the unimaginable, good which never would've come about without the unimaginable evil.

And then I try to open up and has God failed you and and I think when you get the bigger picture. All make sense. And here's everything if we could choose we did with the exist or not we want to exist right if we exist with freedom would make the choice yellow freedom within the consequences God has worked in such a way, through his son and resolve some wonderful than ever could have been have enough that's the amazing was number plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown are here try to give some more in-depth answers to weighty questions, objections the Bible goes when I solicited these last Thursday and now we're addressing them today get so many that I hope to return to this and will make this into a series of answering your toughest questions to the Bible answering your toughest questions to the goodness of God. For some these questions, you wrestle with many others. This is what I hear this when I'm confronted with. So here's one from ritual from Facebook so guy solicited these days earlier. So the reason to post these supposed. I guess if you find that the post on Facebook or twitter asked the question from last Thursday, April 29 because I'm to hopefully get back to to this in the future and cover more than the questions posted but don't post anything for me to answer. Today I I can get refraction of what will I think it's refraction, but only a small fraction of what's been posted rich to big ones I encounter. Hell, how can a loving God send people to hell, etc. to sexuality homosexuality gender roles perceive patriarchy in the Bible. Okay three or four issues here. Okay, so the question of help me to break down in several ways. First, let's get away from a caricatured view of hell like Dante's Inferno or read some giant barbecue and God's flipping people from one side till they're burned to a crisper than flipping them to the other side and laughing as people suffer know that that is not the picture.

Scripture that is not a picture of hell. According to Scripture, so that's the first thing the second thing is I would say listen over and over and over and over over the Bible tells us God's righteous judge was a righteous judge God's righteous judge and over and over, tells us his compassion. His compassion is long-suffering. I asked someone. Okay, maybe you're an atheist may be actually mock God.

Maybe you posted a bus mistreats about God had his gun destroyed you want to wipe you out is no Richard Dawkins in over an old man now famous atheist right to God, wipe him out yet. No best-selling atheist authors is God wipe them out. No, so the same God is always to be very patient. The same God is always to be very lots of now, let's also look at the message of the same book about the same God that rather than punish us versus he sends his own son to die for our sins, nephew, talking to an atheist or skeptic or some just with problems about the Bible, would you send your child to die for the sins of others.

If if your child's death could spare them notes that the days of the Nazis in their rounding up 50 people a day to take them off to execution. Would you send your kid to take the place of a Jewish kid so the kid didn't get kill and who would think of love like that is all we many okay will indoor about how in the Bible. He'll believe any of it irrelevant. Don't dumb object about if you believe it right.

But if you're if you're saying it is and what will this is also the Bible and extreme love, beyond which none of us can will give an imaginal of on that level yet. That's God's love, so this same God saying if you reject me.

Their eternal consequences and is given as every opportunity to believe what about those who never heard double judge and fairly the suffer story about if there's someone starving in another part of the world and you're starving here and I'm offering you foods. I want other people start over, and they were starving offering food your family-style if you miss one of the families that don't have medicine in Africa. Your friend is Darren I'm offering you medicine so let's focus on. Most people God's offering them his love in a way that is extreme. That's the real issue. If his love is that extreme and we refuse it and he says their eternal consequences. Refusing we can be sure however that works out. Whatever the nature of hell were eternal destruction or eternal fire is we can be sure it's in keeping with the nature of the same God who offer such extreme up so I come back with a love argument. The truth of that and then have someone reject that Esther sexuality homosexuality you can say yes, there definitely narratives in Scripture that point to a very patriarchal age that would be different than ours but within that the Bible is constantly pointing to the nobility of women, the dignity of women. The importance of women, the wisdom of women, it is women who are the first witnesses to the resurrection in the New Testament and the man initially don't believe that in Jesus in terms of our status and understanding. There is neither male nor female. We have absolute equality in the Lord is a whole section is in the Proverbs 31 about the noblewoman and basically sees the key to the success for her husband and kids so the Bible does much to ask the esteem and exalt women and then in the New Testament calls husbands to lay down their lives for their wives and to live there wisely.

Christ loved the church. That's why wherever the gospel spread around the world is been liberating for women.

That's why you'll often find more women in the church than than men be because in certain parts of world, men can get away with a lot that women can't is leveled out through the gospel because men are also called to sexual purity before marriage and in marriage such as the women.

As for homosexuality, the God who made us, made us to thrive.

He made us with a certain design. Again, I tackle this in has God failed you in terms of objections to a with the Bible says about homosexuality and and and in the way I get into it in the book has God failed to II go to the book of Job. I really felt some wisdom from the Lord to do so with that, he opened up Scripture to me from some angles I hadn't quite thought of trying to appeal to someone who struggling was hurting was lost their faith.

So let's say you're talking to some young person in their very much into ecology. Save the earth and all of that and and they have noble reasons for your what they're doing. It so it ended Job when God reveals himself to Job business come down with a hammer and crush and he points to his justice powers majesty, but his beauty is wisdom is wonder so I get into God's care, even for the natural world in the book of Job and how he forms things so meticulous them and we know today. They noticed no two snowflakes headed the same. Come on beyond mind-boggling right. He made everything and was listen to this one scientist the other day and he was pointing out that the incredibly detailed nature of an iPhone and and and what went into making this in the countless thousands of man hours of research and development technologies just unreal. Is it yet a worm, a worm is more complex than an iPhone so this same God who made the warm made the trees and animators describe in all the beauty of nature. He made men who made women for purposes that the moment where we conceived in the end the two cells join together in our DNA.

We have this program with 96 million letters long exactly we are any inmate distinctly male-female entity made us to come together in unique ways and thrive the way he made us is asked, we give ourselves that is human race. We find thriving and wholeness and those who struggle with their people with heterosexual issues with homosexual issues with all kinds of different issues when a fallen world. But there's redemption and hope and transformation through the gospel. I let's see if I can get through okay. I responded in the first half of the broadcaster questions about God's character in general. In the Old Testament, but Brooklyn asked this God of the Old Testament not being the same God of the New Testament, reflecting back on acts in the Old Testament, the God and inserting Jesus and asking was what I know about Jesus. Would he do this right. So Jesus is coming back.

According to the New Testament. Second Thessalonians 1. In flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God of the Old Testament of the New Testament, Deuteronomy 424 God is a consuming fire. Hebrews 1229.

Our God is a consuming fire on the same verse but same God. What about Jesus went about hell fire for those who reject him in and for those who go the way of sin would but that what about acts of judgment. New Testament acts five Ananias and Sapphire dropping dead for lying to the Holy Spirit. What about X12 heritage smitten by the angel of the Lord because he takes the glory for himself. Consider gives glory to God without that mean those strong words about reveille Revelation the second chapter where Jesus speaking to the to the church inside target limit we read this to it exactly this.

This is heavy stuff and this is in the New Testament.

The words of Jesus himself says this, verse 21 speak about the false prophet is Jezebel. I give her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her sexual immorality. Behold, I'll throw her onto a sickbed Jesus speaking Revelation 222 and those who commit adultery with her.

I'll throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her works and I will strike her children dead all the churches will know that I am he who searches mind and heart and I will give to each of you according to your works.

Jesus constantly speaks of his father. His father being the God of the Old Testament and the New Testament tells us explicitly first Corinthian's 10 that we should learn to fear God and do what's right based on his acts in the Old Testament. At the same time, God of the Old Testament is revealed is full of mercy and lovingkindness. There are no loftier passages in the Bible about the nature of God and passages like Psalm 103 the end of Mica telling us that he delights to show mercy and he doesn't hold onto his anger forever. Deuteronomy temperature made earlier in the broadcast repairs for the for the orphan and the widow on the outcast in the needy soul. One of the same God, but we get the tallest revelation of his loving goodness and peace. Yes, Jesus would do those things in the Old Testament God threatens judgment in the New Testament as well brings the full revelation of God. Focus on this another program powered by the Truth Network

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