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What About the Seventh Day Sabbath?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 6, 2021 4:20 pm

What About the Seventh Day Sabbath?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 6, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/06/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. The following is a prerecorded program. So what about the seventh day Sabbath. How does it apply today for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to the line of fire. It is great to be with you today.

I won't be taking any calls. Today's one of those days were gonna dig deep into the Scriptures together to answer some questions in depth really take some time to think some things through and then this will be a lasting resource for you. You can go back to this so again I will be taking calls today will be commenting on the news around us over the years we get asked repeatedly the same questions and understandably there many different people that intersect with us and maybe for the first time or curious about something so they can't know that we've answered the question over and over again, but what we we do is we have more and more resources over the years, we can say will go here.

We've answered that on this video. When this article or if you want a whole book on it. Here's a book that we've written on it, but over the years there a few questions that come up over and over and over again one has to do with the Sabbath and then other related issues. We will hear quite as much but questions about tithing questions about dietary laws so these would be things that are commands in the Old Testament commands under the Sinai covenant Christie's wanted to know how they apply to us today.

Another common one that comes up is the question of divorce and then divorce and remarriage is never appropriate for Christian under what circumstances is just some of the most common questions that have come up of your sweet we've taught on this. I've had folks calling the radio show.

We've had further discussions. Certain things been part of debates that we've done, but I felt it would be good to to revisit this question and to layout the issues and to give the argument for seventh day Sabbath observance for all believers, where people get this idea from. And then, why I don't believe that seventh day Sabbath observance is mandatory for all Christians, will explain that but also explain why I do not believe that scripturally God changed the Sabbath to Sunday if I was going to make an argument for Sabbath keeping if I was going to make an argument for mandatory Sabbath keep you know it's just like us is don't murder that he says keep the Sabbath in the 10 Commandments right if I was going to make an argument for that in an ongoing way for all believers and it was one day of the week that I would say it's the seventh day Sabbath.

So if I was going to make that argument. I would not argue for Sunday, will you look at this together were going to examine the scriptural evidence.

Let's go back to the beginning Genesis chapter 2 second chapter of Genesis says that the heaven and the earth were finished, in all their array and on the seventh day God finished the work that he had been doing by your collar looking by Omaha should be blocked. Toys share a saw. On the seventh day you finish the work that he had been doing by Easter boat right from the root Shabbat Shabbat.

So here we get Shabbat from here, Sabbath, but you should vote by Omaha should be McCall. Moloch toys share a saw and he ceased so Sabbath having to do with cessation of work. He ceased on the seventh day from all the work he had done that, it says this favorite Elohim at your house should be make a dish hotel so God blessed the seventh day, and declared it holy, because on it. God's ceased from all the work of creation that he had done TiVo Shabbat to McCall Moloch Tauscher Mariah Elohim also write so an argument can be made from this that add creation. The seventh day was set apart as holy and that God blessed it so that there is something special about the seventh day that it commemorates God ceasing from his labors resting from his labors. After finishing the six days of work of creation. He then himself ceased from work on the seventh day blessed that day set apart as holy and therefore it remains set apart blessed and holy, that would be an argument I'm making the argument now for seventh day Sabbath keeping now. Even though God is not commanded their God does not tell Adam you are to rest on the Sabbath. That doesn't come up he stole to work the garden was never told about the Sabbath.

You could say that God did set it apart that okay will next go to Exodus chapter 16 Exodus chapter 16 and here we have the account of the children of Israel have come out of Egypt. There, now in the wilderness.

This is the beginning of me for years. The will.

This was they don't know that but they come into the wilderness, and they set out from a Lim the whole Israelite community comes to aggressive scene goes on, they grumble against Moses and Aaron because we can eat so on. If only we had died by the hands of the lawyer. We were taken care of in Egypt so out how quickly they forget that they were slaves. There are right and God's going to give a solution. The Lord says to Moses arraigned on break free from the sky.

The people go out and gather each day's portion but but on the sixth day went when they apportion what they brought in a chill proved to be double the amount they gather each day right so this is the manner which is then poured out for them. So each day. They just have enough they have to get it early in the morning. They just have enough and and this is God's way of providing for them a faith way. So if we go down a little further in the chapter we see that when they they get to the that the seventh day strolled a little further out when they get to the seventh said that the six day excuse me are they end up with twice what they they had initially and what's this will tomorrow Sabbath, they don't know anything about it. This is news to them, they'd not heard of the Sabbath.

This is not been part of their law and custom. What's this is the Sabbath you rest on this day on the sixth day they gather double the amount of food tumors for each became tell Moses. Moses says this is what the Lord meant tomorrow's a day of rest, a holy Sabbath of the Lord. So bake what you want to put aside and and it will be kept until morning that put it aside and didn't turn Fowler no maggots and kiss each other day if they kept it for the next day turned bad.

Scott given enough for each day.

This is six days you shall gather it on the seventh day, the Sabbath, Shabbat. There will be none if some of the people around the seventh of together but they found nothing and they get reviewed for the Lord okay so before the 10 commands were given on Mount Sinai.

God gave the seventh day Sabbath to Israel again. It does not indicate in the text that they were familiar with this quite the contrary, they were not obviously in Egypt they didn't get 1/7 day Sabbath rest, so this was news. This was something new, which would indicate this was not the custom of the people of Israel little human race to commemorate the seventh day which God had set apart at creation. Now go to Exodus chapter 20 Exodus chapter 20 and God gives the 10 Commandments to Israel, which are then repeated in Deuteronomy the fifth chapter and we know that one of the 10 Commandments that God gives is to observe the seventh day Sabbath. So as we as we look down God speaks these words of the Lord your God brought you out of Egypt have no other gods before me. Go make a sculptured image so the prohibition of idolatry, worshiping and serving other gods and then we get to verse seven. Don't swear falsely, by the name of the Lord.

Verse eight Sarkar at your much about the cultural remember the seventh day, to keep it holy.

Deuteronomy 5 it it it says to show more to observe with years of hard remember remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work with the seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord your God.

You shall not do any work, you, your son, your daughter, your male or female, slave or your cattle with a stranger who is within your settlements in six days the Lord made heaven and earth and see all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it right out can be rock at the Nigel Shabazz eye-catching in Deuteronomy 5 it doesn't point back to creation, but to the children of Israel be liberated from Egypt based on which they remember the Sabbath they were slaves. But now they've been set free and they take the state arrest to make it holy to the Lord and then elsewhere you have reminders about keeping the Sabbath through the five books of Moses even have during the instructions of the building of the tabernacle that they were to keep the Sabbath so the rabbis later rabbis deduced from that.

Let's look at everything that was involved in building the tabernacle and all of those things were prohibited to do on the Sabbath. They came out with 39 subdivisions of labor against the rabbis later reading this back in traditional rabbis 39 subdivisions of labor, hence the many many many laws in traditional Judaism about the Sabbath, but this is now given in the 10 Commandments, so set apart at creation given to the children of Israel before Mount Sinai now at Mount Sinai. One of the 10 Commandments now, many Christians was able to attend Mama's role is binding. It's commonly thought commonly believed 10 commands responding then they would sit within the Sabbath to Sunday.

Nowhere though. Does the Bible switch the Sabbath to Sunday and will look at that in a little while we will look at some of these other passages but example Ezekiel the 20th chapter God says that the Sabbath was a sign between him and Israel. So this was not commanded, for all the nations, all the nations were commanded, for example, don't murder that was a universal moral command that God established after the flood. In Genesis the ninth chapter, but nowhere in the Hebrew Bible. Is there a universal command for all nations to observe the Sabbath rather this was viewed as something covenantal between God and the Jewish people. Now, as history has unfolded. Muslims are known for a Friday Sabbath Jews for the Saturday the seventh day Sabbath and Christians bring a stay Sabbath or a first day of the week Sabbath. So one on Friday when on Saturday one on Sunday but there's nowhere in the Hebrew Bible, God said this is my command now in the safe route to my future millennial kingdom in this age that all nations keep the 70 Sabbath rather this was covenantal between God and Israel. Now we come back after the break. I want to look at some other prophetic passages that speak about an invitation to foreigners or the nations to keep the Sabbath and then to look ahead to the millennial kingdom where there seems to be Sabbath observance so the argument would be this was given to Israel in the past, foreigners were invited to observe it in the future it will be for the whole world.

Therefore, it should apply for the here and now, for all followers of Jesus want to please God and keep his command stated that would be the logic to see that those who talk about seventh a Sabbath and not just making something up out of thin air.

Those who believe it's important not just reading something to the Texas who said he looks for the 10 Commandments is establishing creation. This is what we should be keeping so I understand the argument where again the argument for 70 Sabbath is a lot stronger than the argument Sunday file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is a special teaching video today not take, commenting on breaking news which is looking death that the Scripture and try to take her time and go to the systematically answer the question, what about the seventh day Sabbath today has God feel about his people and the Sabbath. What is required with the desire was pleasing to him that should be our only question, not what is my church teach not what I like. Not was my congregation teach question is what is God's word say what pleases the Lord.

We are here to please him, and not your own thing. So we've seen thus far, that God set apart the seventh day at creation and blessed so the parties holy and blessed so that before Mount Sinai. God gave the Sabbath to the children of Israel, but seem to be something new to them. In unfamiliar and there's nothing written in the patriarchal narratives in the book of Genesis. The talks about them service up offer sacrifices their tithes that they give it an honorary way terrific way. There's a reference to Sabbath keeping its introduced in Exodus 16 it's reiterated in the 10 Commandments is something very important and set apart to creation. Therefore, as God works six days and rested on the seventh so that's with the Israelites treatment of slaves do that so is for everyone that was part of the nation of Israel. Even foreign slaves that were part of the nation of Israel. They would rest on that day and was to be set apart as holy and then we have many prophetic passages were God rebukes Israel for defiling a Sabbath evening even going into exile because of failing to keep the Sabbath, the weekly Sabbath and and then there are other Sabbath land Sabbath and things like that with a lamb was to rest every seven years.

It got took this very, very seriously, defiling the Sabbath was a reason for exile reason for judgment.

What about foreign nations. I said that this was not required universally a foreign nations. What about Isaiah chapter 56 Isaiah chapter 56 with take a look. It says this of the Lord. Observe what is right and he was just pursue my salvation shall come in my deliverance be real couscous to talk to his people Israel that he says happy is the man who does this, the man holds fast to it keeps the Sabbath and is not profane it and stays his hand from doing any evil so again you assume he's talking about his own people, observe the Sabbath, then let not the foreigners say was attached himself to the Lord, the Lord will keep me apart from his people, and let not the eunuch say I am a with the tree for thus said the Lord is for the eunuch to keep my sabbaths who have chosen our desire and hold fast to my covenant, I will give them in my house within my walls, a monument in the name better than sons and daughters. I will give them an everlasting name, which shall not perish. As for the foreigners who attach themselves to the Lord to minister to him and to love the name of the Lord to be a service all who keep the Sabbath do not profane it and hold fast to my covenant I will bring them to my sacred mountain and let them rejoice in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices shall be welcome on my altar, my house shall be called a house of peripheral peoples. Thus declares the Lord who gathers the dispersed of Israel. I will gather still more to those already gathered okay. There. That is saying that if you are foreigner you making capable of having children you feel cut off when you don't have a legacy well if you attach yourself to the people of Israel. If you attach yourself to us covenant the Sinai covenant and observe the Sabbath, then you will be included in the blessing on Israel.

So this is opening the door for foreigners to join themselves to Israel like Ruth did, and others did to Jewish history, they were attracted to the God of Israel, they were attracted to the laws of the God of Israel, they took refuge under his wings and they became part of the nation and the Sabbath keeping part was a major part of it, because this was the thing that set them apart so so specifically even the idea of a seven-day week where they come from monthly cycle you get that with the cycle of the moon right and then the rotation of of the earth around the sun get the idea of a solar year than the lunar year, but we did have a seven-day week where they come from doesn't divide exactly in the months and was come from what comes from God. God gave the seventh, seventh, the seven-day week in the seventh a Sabbath to Israel. So if you joined together with Israel and keep the Sabbath, then you are part of that national heritage and blessed so this is all Old Testament and and this is an invitation to other nations to join themselves to the God of Israel and the people of Israel. Does this apply today. That's the question and, in other words, is this the way someone attaches himself to the God of Israel today through Jesus with Sabbath observance on the seventh day, or was that something under the Sinai covenant certainly was under the Sinai covenant mostly with the New Testament itself says about the seventh day, seven so then we go. Isaiah 66 Isaiah chapter 66 beginning in verse 22 is the new heaven and new earth which I shall make shall endure.

Obama will declares the Lord, social your see in your name endure speaking to the people of Israel and now speaking not so much of the new heavens and new earth, and the eternal age but the millennial kingdom and new moon afternoon Sabbath after Sabbath, all flesh shall come to worship me supports of the whole world will come to worship the Lord. Renew moon every Sabbath, they should go out and gaze on the corpses of the men who rebelled against me. There were some are done with FRB questions the corpses will keep burning in being devoured.

They should be hard, all flesh, and then the Jewish tradition in the synagogue is to repeat the verse before because it's such an intense ending to the book the new moon afternoon Sabbath there for Sabbath, all flesh shall come to worship me said the Lord now this is speaking of the future kingdom when if we take this literally the whole world worship God Sabbath there for Sabbath, the only problem for those who argue based on this that all Christians should observe the Sabbath today. The only problem is that it also speaks of new moon afternoon if you're going to use this passage about the millennial kingdom and say that since the millennial kingdom. The whole world will come to worship the God of Israel on the seventh day Sabbath then you have to argue that you keep the new moons as well. If the whole world is going to do it then.

Therefore, we should do it today than the same with new moons, though, should be observed today. Just the same way for Seventh-day Adventists and others who argue for some of the Sabbath, you also argue for's and humans and emphasizes much will be consistent.

Here it is. Also, we won't go there.

But Zechariah the 14th chapter speaks of the millennial kingdom. The Messiah returns destroys the wicked nations trying to attack and destroy Jerusalem's people than the survivors of those nations come to worship God in Jerusalem and one of the things they do is they worship on the feast of Tabernacles. So if you're going to argue for millennial practice and say that we take that literally and literally in the millennial kingdom there will be worship. The nations come to worship God every Sabbath. What they also come every new moon and they also come in the feast of Tabernacles, and presumably the other major feasts as well so you argue that then you might as well argue for a messianic Jewish expression for the whole body that all Gentile Christians should follow the seventh, a Sabbath and new Moon celebration and all the fees and then you could even argue that we should do our best to go to Jerusalem of the temple sends your address and you see where this leads you see where this leads. And then I can start personal. What about this law.

What about that little change that. So this is one of my strongest arguments based on Scripture against the Seventh-day Adventist position are those who say that there is a mandatory seventh day Sabbath observance for all Christians. The big problem is that passages you use open up the door for single what about other laws.

What about other commands, the answer would be within the New Testament we are called to keep the commandments of the Lord and that means the 10 Commandments, but if you read through John's Gospel reading through every time that the word and to lay in Hebrew occurred in Greek occurs which means commandment would be the equivalent of the Hebrews meets far go through it and look and you'll see that it never refers to the 10 Commandments in John's Gospel, but rather to the commands of Jesus when he says love one another and and follow my example and things like that and and if you listen we have to keep the commandments. But you say that to a Jew. That means 613 commandments to be keeping all of those you can't just single out the 10 Commandments when it says those who keep the commandments of the Lord.

What about you read through first Dominic the commandment is, is to love the way you been loved right and that's the emphasis there. So the problem becomes isolate the Sabbath as important as it is in God's sight for Old Testament Israel as much as he judge them for failure to keep it as much as you can make an argument for future observance in the millennial kingdom.

You also have to argue for future observance of new moons and of feasts and holy days.

With regard argue that then everything changes and then the question is okay, what has changed from Sinai covenant to new covenant, how much is the same. How much is changed when we find that we find that out in the writings of the New Testament we find that out in the teachings of Jesus, we find that out in in in the letters of Paul we find that out from the examples in teaching in the book of acts, so as much as you can emphasize the importance of the Sabbath in the Hebrew Bible and the other verses I could use I get to the end of Isaiah 58 of the passages we could look at the conclusion is the same. You cannot simply isolate the Sabbath and say this is now binding for all people, even though it was part of the 10 Commandments.

When you get to the New Testament. You do not have the same emphasis of all 10 Commandments and you do have fulfillment through you show you have fulfillment through Jesus things that he brings to the fullness from the law and the prophets opened we come back were going to ask the question will does the New Testament change the Sabbath to Sunday and then see what the New Testament does say so. Again, there is freedom here.

As you'll see, there is diversity of expression should not get legalistic and attack one another over. This is really on one another but ask God, Lord, what pleases an error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Christians as rivers throughout Sunday one on Friday. Like the Muslims, why not Saturday like use, what Christians worship on Sunday. Why is Sunday considered the Sabbath, many Christians wife you go back and past literature was suddenly called the Sabbath. The New Testament change the 70 Sabbath to the eighth day. Many would say yes absolutely. Does the Bible say that the Scriptures teach that what we know that Jesus rises from the dead on the first day of the week it is a time of new beginning. It is a time obviously of resurrection life. It is the firstfruits of what is to come, but nowhere is there a hint.

Nowhere is there a mention of this becoming the Sabbath in the New Testament, not once. Nowhere does the New Testament say that Sunday is the Sabbath you might say all that right or wrong.

There first Corinthians chapter 16 makes it clear that Sunday was new Sabbath. What, let's take a look first Corinthians chapter 16 that concerning the collection for the consortium the saints as I directed the size communities in Galatia.

You do likewise. On the first day of the week with each of you set something aside, saving up whatever is gained, so no collections take place when I come in whenever I arrive I'll send him every approve of what is obstruction to carrier gift to Jerusalem is advisable for me to go also. The ghostly also sleeve that there that's it that's it that's ever that's everything that the tacit says it doesn't say they gathered on the first day of the week doesn't say this was the Sabbath rather first in the weeks was firstfruits right first day of the week.

Set money aside. This was going to be for the collection.

This way when I come you don't have to take special collection because you've all been putting money aside to help the believers in in Jerusalem that the poor saints in Jerusalem this it doesn't doesn't say they gathered then let alone saying it's the Sabbath zero that this is a text that used. To prove that Sunday became the Sabbath rest a week.

Absolutely not.

Nothing there. Okay people say oh no no no no.

There's much more. There's much more Revelation the first chapter indicates that Sunday was called the Lord say let's take a look at Revelation chapter 1 and will scroll down to verse eight says there on the Alpha and the Omega says Adonai Elohim who is and was and was to calm the Almighty I John, your brother and fellow partaker with you in the tribulation and kingdom and patient endurance that are initial Zion called Patmos because the word of God. The test review shows in the Rocco's in the spirit. On the day of the Lord or on the Lord's day. That's it. I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day will you see the Lord say that Sunday. That's what they call that so we know that was Sunday, a surgical circular reasoning. My friend that all it says is the Lord's day that could have meant seventh day Sabbath. Their arguments scholars argue for that other say no. The Lord said to spend the day of the Lord. This was a day when he visited Sosa day of the Lord.

It was a time of divine visitation. That's what it means, and other say, but if you get later in church history. It was, it became Sunday know that the Lord's day, the day of his resurrection later became used to separate who says it was years like that. Now it's it's an argument from silence, knowing I was a new believer, the local rabbi. I spent a lot of time together and he told me a joke Jewish joke.

One day because in Jewish tradition it it's mandatory for man to cover his head during waking hours covers the Susie gets up covers his head takes a shower takes junk offer and government always covers his head is just it's like in all the time thing and it give yarmulke falling off you immediately know you put your hand we had to cover it at and then put back on its important thing, but traditional rabbis will acknowledge that this was not a command from Scripture. It was 90 minute command in Talmudic times. Rather, it is a tradition that developed over a period of time and and now is what it is and has been for centuries. So the question is how do you then read it back into the Bible is rose on the findings in the Bible so that the joke is this how do we know that Isaac wore yarmulke coupon model.

How do we know that Isaac wore yarmulke says while he went out to the field to meditate.

You mean he would meditate without wearing a yarmulke so that's the joke it's just complete circular reasoning so it circular reasoning to say that the Lord's day. There is Sunday. We have no contemporary evidence that was used in that way. And again, could have meant the Sabbath, a Sabbath or could've just been a day of divine visitation a day of the Lord.

We came to visit and gave this momentous Revelation book of Revelation.

So that doesn't prove note no proof there is a way way way let's go to acts chapter 20 acts chapter 20 and ungulate grab this reference with you as we go, and the argument is note, we see that there were gatherings, Sabbath gatherings and and here's the proof. Acts chapter 20 verse seven on the first day of the week. We came together to break bread bread, Paul was talking with them intending to leave the next day so he prolonged his speech till midnight. There many lamps in the upper chamber, you don't have to keep speaking. Wanda falls asleep when the snow falls out. Looks like his dad. Paul puts his arm around Lise within them. Okay so does that prove they met on Sunday. Well, if so, what was in the evening and the question is, is this a Jewish reckoning or Roman reckoning if it's a Jewish reckoning than the first day of the week, mean Saturday night Saturday night because Paul speaking till midnight right that would make sense if it was Roman reckoning, then it would be something I knew, the way it doesn't point to a Sunday morning gathering up. We do know we don't we do know that probably by the end of the first century there is evidence of Christians gathering early Sunday morning relater Sunday night and that was before work or after work on Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

And this is how over a period of time. This develops over period of time. The idea develops that this is now a special day for Christian worship, and then ultimately as Christianity comes into ascendancy in an laws can be made in a culture change based on that through Constantine.

It's only then in the fourth century that that this the eighth day the first day of the week. Sunday is declared the new Sabbath, but it wasn't before that there is not church literature.

You don't read that the new Justin Martyr or some of the earliest church leaders that they referred to Sunday as the Sabbath.

That doesn't come in a fixed way, in a formal way until the fourth century, again, this was a day of work and if they lived in the Roman world.

Or maybe like attend a work cycle and things like that so they would gather early in the day.

Later in the day to celebrate the resurrection. But there's nothing that says that it was the Sabbath so was it leave us what was good. Acts chapter 15. Acts chapter 15 and what happens there so many Gentiles have been coming to faith that there is now a major gathering in Jerusalem.

Paul comes with other apostles, Peter, is there and Jacob.

James lead Elder in the community in Jerusalem. He's there and they discussed what we do with these Gentile believers so the question is asked there there there Pharisees among them.

So Pharisees without followers of Jesus and they said after obey the law of Moses the mentor to be circumcised. Everest obey the law of Moses or to be safe and look at this acts chapter 15 and in fact it's beautiful to see the foot scroll down a little bit in the chapter.

These are the last recorded words of Peter much. After much debate will just go back up just I got the summer screen in front of me. Here we go there we go.

Verse seven. After much debate, Peter stood up and said to them, brothers, you know that in the early days. God chose from on you that by my mouth the Gentiles to hear the message of the good news and believe God knows the heart testified to them by giving them the Holy Spirit just as he also did for us made no distinction between us and them, purifying their hearts through faith, why then you put God to the test by putting a yoke on the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear, but instead we believe that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus in the same way as they are these the last recorded words of Peter in acts. We believe that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Yeshua in the same way as they are. So as we scroll down further in the chapter we see that the major discussion ensues. Paul Barnabas share the miracles that have been wrought and then Jacob James gets up he speaks they quote back from Amos.

The ninth chapter about the Gentiles seeking the God of Israel and how God will do these things, Wisconsin. Verse 18 Jacob James is this. Therefore, I judge not to trouble those from among the Gentiles, returning to God to write to them to abstain for the contamination of idols, from sexual immorality was strangled and from blood Moses for a few generations has had in every city, those who proclaim him since he's red and all the synagogues every Shabbat meaning that many of the Gentiles who are turning to the Lord have heard a lot of this ready. So these basic still be familiar with some these key dietary laws and refraining from sexual sin, something that specifically means incest there, which may be more permissible in the Gentile world and say no no taboo taboo and then you civil what about everything else. Let's we have the New Testament letters that's where the New Testament letters tell us what is required.

Gentile believers. That's where other commands are given. That's were family orders lay down relationships between husbands and wives and parents and children that's were roles of men and women are laid out equality in the Messiah but distinct roles for men and emphases for men and roles and emphases for women that's were further holiness. Teaching comes and nowhere are Gentile Christians ordered commanded exhorted to keep the seventh day Sabbath, nor did you find a hint of that in the early disciples of the apostles and the writings that they preserve their not speaking of that, either. In fact, it was the Jewish followers of the Messiah, who continue to live as Jews, as Paul and Peter did continue to live as Jews continue to observe the seventh day Sabbath that they more and more as the church became more and more Gentile as the congregation.

The miss interrogation grew and became more more Gentile.

They were more more of a minority because all the new Gentiles coming to faith were not keeping the seventh day Sabbath because that was not part of what they were taught to do he say yeah Matthew five Jesus said he didn't come to abolish the law, the prophets, but to fulfill. Correct but the seventh day Sabbath was never a command.

The whole world and Yeshua emphasized in his teaching that the place to find Sabbath rest was ultimately in him and that that's where it started. That's where we rest from our labors spiritually. That's where we come into the fullness of grace. That's were our allies become sanctified as holy.

So the question is, what then does the New Testament explicitly state about the Sabbath when it comes to Gentiles. You see when you dig in the Scripture certain things clear.

Leave them based on that another things have been read again traditions ready in his right hand.

I love the Sabbath Sabbath observance is wonderful as it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to modify broadcasts. This is a special teaching daily from time to time but don't take any calls where we will respond to social media questions of any kind, and where we don't even comment on breaking news around us. I'm getting in depth on the Sabbath. Today it's it's one of the questions we been asked about most frequently over the years I've other teachings have done on the Sabbath. We've had callers: about the Sabbath.

Unfortunately, some will get very aggressive. This becomes their thing will even damn others to hell if they do not observe the seventh day Sabbath and then they'll start to dominate our social media feeds their little post post after post after post after post arguably not allow anyone to take over fees of its it's our page to serve you not to be taken over by others. So, hearing their relax at the block people because they've made this their thing and and they post day and night post after post after post on YouTube and Facebook so we don't allow anyone. It doesn't matter what your argument is what your point is we don't allow others to take over our platform for their use. However, because the questions keep coming up over the years. I thought that, let's do a brand-new teaching get in-depth go through the Scriptures we seen through the Hebrew Bible, how important the seventh day Sabbath was for Israel.

We also saw the God, the dark commanded the nations as a whole. However, foreigners that join themselves to Israel kept the Sabbath within share in Israel's inheritance and blessing.

But notice this in Colossians the second chapter as Paul is writing to the believers. There and any says this is in light of them being free from their sins. In the dead of their sins through the cross. Therefore, do not let anyone pass judgment on you. Remember there Gentile believers in Colossae do not let anyone pass judgment on you and Madison food or drink, or respect to a festival or new moon or Shabbat or Sabbath to us. He doesn't just sing off Sabbath is still a dietary laws semi new moons is Timothy's and holy days. If you argue that this is an argument in favor of Sabbath observance and is also argument in favor of festivals. New moons and dietary laws. Noticing. Don't let anyone press you don't let them pass judgment on you based on whether or not you keep the seventh day Sabbath, whether or not you keep the dietary laws or the biblical calendar was he say these are a foreshadowing of things to come. But the reality is Messiah or the reality is found in Messiah. These are foreshadowing. They were pointing to a greater reality that is to come, and that greater reality is found in Messiah. He takes down the wall that divides Jew and Gentile, so the dietary laws are not binding on the whole body, the things that were being pointed to with the festivals the holy days in the Sabbath find their fulfillment in him now in Rome there was an interesting situation.

This is a congregation of believers founded by Jewish followers of Jesus.

They were the majority. They were the, the fathers of the congregation. You could say Gentile believers began to come in, but they really can't have a minority status.

They were new they were not Jewish. They didn't have that same connection. They were smaller in number and then Emperor Claudius has a ban all Jews must leave Rome that included Jewish followers of Jesus. They were Jews know it's all limbs members of a different religion called Christianity reduce their expel, and then they come back roughly a decade later, at this point the congregation is all Gentile because all the Jews are gone right congregations, all Gentile now the Jews of come back. They are now in the minority status and their customs are the outsider customs and the Gentiles.

There, the dominant majority. That's why Paul warns Romans 11 against Gentile pride don't think when you look at the overall picture will God cut off the natural branches that didn't believe any graft is a sense of we are the newest was no no no you Gentiles are to provoke Israel to jealousy.

But what is he right.

Romans 14. This is now coming down to it to practical everyday life in the in the congregation you live side-by-side living community together. What about dietary laws. What about customs you have, what about holy days habit how you function now except the one who is weak in faith but not for the purpose of disputes about opinions. One person's faith did anything the weak eats only vegetables on this is not necessarily a Jewish dietary law because Jews did not just eat vegetables. Whatever the reasoning is when things they can only vegetables he says this. Don't let the one who eats disparage the one who does not eat the what the limit does not eat judge, the one who eats, for God is accepted him really judging of the servants before his own master he stands or falls.

Yes, he shall stand for the Lord is able to make him stand to look at this one person esteems one day over another, while another judges every day alike, but each be fully convinced in his own mind. One observes that they do so to the Lord, one who eats, eats to the Lord for he gives thanks to God and one of stands of stains to the Lord, and he gives thanks to God for none of us lives for himself and does for himself.

If we live, we live for the Lord and if we die, we die Florence with we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

For this reason, Messiah died and lived again, so that he might be Lord of both the dead and the living you while you judge your brother for you to while you look down your brother free will all stand before the judgment seat of God. So there you have example which would certainly apply to the Sabbath as well.

Some signal that was just of the festivals and holy is worse is a skinnier principal. One person says one day aside to the Lord notices will note every day set aside equally smart.

Don't judge each other in the likely scenario the Jewish believers are continuing to set apart the seventh day Sabbath and the Gentiles are not missing don't judgment you can have different practices.

There can be unity with diversity.

That's that's the practical application to this day. Is there a command to keep Sunday Sabbath. No, nowhere in the Bible is that the case is the Bible.

Every change Sunday to the Sabbath. No. Is it forbidden for Christians to worship God on Sunday and set that apart especially notes not forbidden is not forbidden its it is a matter of conscience and liberty and freedom you said was having different communities have different practices. Yes, about days of the week. Yes, they could melt one more passage to look at again simple point. If the seventh day Sabbath was so important binding for Gentile Christians as well.

Why is it never taught as such in the New Testament. Why is it not given by way of command ever in the letters. Why is that there ever an issue of their failing to keep the Sabbath was there there chastised about other areas of failure. Why is it that the early church writings give no such indication. Rather, as we see as the centuries goes on, go on as a said the Jewish believers in Jesus were known for celebrating the seventh day Sabbath and keeping the biblical calendar was the Gentile Christians were not. And in this raise questions that should have been.

Hey, we have different backgrounds. We have different customs, we have different traditions and and we have a different connection to the God of Israel, but were all one in him and and and remember the fact that our identity is found in the Messiah, not in keeping a day identity found in the Messiah so we have in Mark and Luke their references to the. The parable about the. The new wineskins for new wine and things like that. And then there there followed by accounts in the synagogue with this dispute about healing on the Sabbath regarding grain on the Sabbath. What you look with me. In Matthew the end of the 11th chapter something very interesting here. Matthew puts this in a different order. So Matthew chapter 11 beginning in verse 28 he has something different leading up to the Sabbath accounts so it says this in verse 28 come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me prime gentle and humble in heart, you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Now when you go to chapter 12 has disputes about the Sabbath about healing on the Sabbath and gathering grain casually on the Sabbath right now for work purposes, but just for snacking right but your disciples are doing is not permitted on Shabbat 70 read what David did, so he Jesus pushes back against some of the developing Jewish traditions of the day, but notice what it's what what it follows a follows him saying at the end of the 11th chapter come to me and I'll give you rest. Alright so let's let's step back from this in my own life unless I'm traveling and speaking on Saturday for me it's it's time to slow down Friday night and Saturday day. None of the legalistic way within a day of of concentrating on getting more rest, not pushing the same way seeking to spend more quality time with the Lord. So I am not arguing against someone setting apart the seventh day is holy and there is much to learn from Jewish life. Even though many of the traditions we feel are restrictive or adding to the Bible.

There's something about the lifecycle, which is healthy and beautiful and the importance of Sabbath rest is simply not a New Testament command for Christians who observe the seventh day Sabbath you cannot read it in. It is not there, nor is it a New Testament command to set aside Sunday as the Sabbath. There is diversity aloud and diversity. Given first Corinthians 7 photos those who are circumcised or say don't become uncircumcised with her uncircumcised mother saved him from circumcised liberty and the side and the commandments that he calls his commandments that he reiterated in the New Testament. Let us honor the Lord follow the convictions. He lays her own hearts out judgment and that my friends would say another program powered by the Truth Network

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