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Debunking the March 4 Conspiracy Theories

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 22, 2021 4:20 pm

Debunking the March 4 Conspiracy Theories

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 22, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/22/21.


Spoiler alert we are about to debunk a major conspiracy theory stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your jab is Dr. Michael Brown are in Otay right out of the gate will avoid all suspense. I won't stretch out the entire broadcast wondering what the answer is. I'll tell you right up front.

There will not be a transfer of power in America on March 4 will not have been Donald Trump will not be inaugurated putting power on March 4. It will not happen hey friends, welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I wrote an article just a week ago saying hey we been so focused on Trump so talk about trunk day and night in church to church all different sectors of society led let's put our focus where it belongs. Let's move on from focusing on Trump and yet another story arises. Headline news reporting it, and we need to take a little while to debunk it because as I have discovered and as surveys have confirmed many of you know firsthand, there is a lot of conspiracy theory stuff out there, believed by a lot of Christians. A lot of conservatives, a lot of folks believe this stuff so were going to take time to bring it your attention to tell you what is not going to happen that this is an easy, you don't need to be particularly spiritually astute or politically astute to get this right.

This is an easy one.

However, a lot of folks believe all kinds of crazy things. Hey, after all, was the craze of the Trump everyone can present the first place was a crazy little prophecy to Trump would be president and would appoint three Supreme Court justices. It was not crazy and that happened and move the embassy to Jerusalem, and all the presents before them, from Clinton to to to Bush to Obama. They didn't move it in.

Hey stranger things have happened.

Yeah, I understand why people believe, strange things can happen and understand the skepticism with the so-called fake news and so much of the. The leftist perspective understand all that, and I understand his Bible believers. Many of us are our people of great faith that we've seen impossible things happen and then there's also reality that God is not a God who denies reality. God can change reality hurts someone literally dies, he can raise that person from the dead. He does that, but most of the time. The vast majority of the time 99.99999% of time he doesn't do that and we accept reality the person is died. It's grievous. It's heartbreaking. It shatters our lives but we move on folks need to move on.

There will not be a transfer of power on March 4 that when you hear the reasoning behind it is that subsidy craze not know about, but believes anything like this. And yet people believe it now without a question for you right now if you yourself believe this, then by all means lead the way and calling and in telling us what you believe it and I promise you I'll let him not contribute 20 minutes give an explanation, but I promise I'll let you give your explanation as to why you believe this can happen and then out I'll tell you why different 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 but if if you know folks in your church, your family and your circle of relations that that are holding to this or that are still expecting Trump during the Biden presidency to become the president that Biden will be displaced in trouble.

Replace if you know people that halted give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 784 summers and what on earth you toilet man I haven't heard anything about this.

Okay, let's look at some headlines, such as my lunch start with the with this as she went on followers still think Trump will be inaugurated on March 4, National Guard will be ready. So in other words, there is enough Internet buzz enough people talking about this that National Guard is been told stay on standby through all second week of March or so.

Stay on standby because people are expecting something to happen this headline from Newsweek right chewing on hardliners are doubling down on Siri Donald Trump will be reinstated on March 4. This is Newsweek and these are headlines within the last few days chewing on hardliners are doubling down on theory Donald Trump will be reinstated on March 4 two circuit. Where on earth are they getting it from will and why March 4.

The look one thing about conspiracy theories is sometimes the more outlandish the theory the more extreme the lie, then the more people believe it, the more people go for it, the more far-fetched it is, the more people go forward. So here's a conversation on CNN and Allison Cammarata asked this question of her guest Julian feel so first let's hear the question that she puts out to Julian field is Julian field, founder, producer and cost of the podcast chewing on anonymous which works to dissect and dispel and debunk these conspiracy theories, Julian. Great to have you on can you explain the conspiracy theory that has begun to take hold. That involves March 4. Were they expecting to happen on March 4 that not notice. She calls it convoluted and it is an easy cookie disguise just making the thing up.

It can actually be friends. It this is what some people. A significant minority. Many of them professing Christians. This is what they actually believe and let me say this before we play the clip when I brought Prof. Jim Beverly on with me.

He was on national Canadian TV over the weekend is in Canada so's national Canadian use talking about his book chewing on the subject. We don't have it yet get it, it's it's a real eye-opener. We want to get out so quickly. We published it with her own publishing on equal time books chewing on deception, James Beverly, but when when I brought him on the air to talk about the book and to debunk the myths we got blasted I'm talking about on our Facebook page asked Dr. Brown escape your brand with over 600,000 followers is a very active page. A lot of people blasted us they held to it as I'm speaking now. I'm not looking up at the comments is there coming on Facebook but doubtless there are people blasting me or who will be blasting me for daring to challenge chewing on narrative.

So as crazy as this sounds, there are people right now, watching and listening to believe every word of the system to Julian field says good morning Allison and thanks for having me. March 4 theory actually comes from sovereign citizen beliefs now in the past we haven't seen such a huge overlap, but in this case queuing on certain cueing on followers have borrowed whole cloth from a belief that the last legitimate president was the 18th president so this goes back to 1871 and this is the belief that Trump will be actually inaugurated as our 19th president now.

Of course this is illogical since he was the 45th but what they believe is that there is, there has been no country known as the United States ever since it was unstuck from the gold standard and they don't believe that any amendment passed the 16th amendment is valid so they essentially believe that Ulysses S Grant was the last American by valid American presidents may believe. I mean I think there's different beliefs. Obviously, what will happen on that day, but I think many are expecting a ceremony and that ceremony might be accompanied in their mind by what Q nonbelievers called the storm that would be albedo as described a little earlier on the segments, the rounding up, and often military tribunals in 04 leading Democrats in but also some celebrities they believe falsely to be part of this secret pedophile cabal on so essentially people are are still in this belief that Trump will come back and will become the president again obsolete, falsely look their videos on YouTube that are going absolutely viral proclaiming this raising Christians things can happen. Like there's a comment to scroll up guys on on the the Facebook page that I just spotted here. Yeah, let's look at the rest of this. I wish I could've paid more attention. Bible and learning from teachers like Dr. Brown.

I was totally submerged into the queue. Conspiracy theories slow down once I realize that the Same things would get better after I was arrested under the Bible to the opposite, but I didn't stop altogether like you should have.

Then they had that weird saying where we go one Bob about. It's very weird.

The cultish, so on and so forth. Will keeps going on with finally waking up to reality.

So I'm not trying to be nasty on the try to be mean-spirited.

II certainly don't want to be condescending to those who have believed.

Wrong things in the fallen in terror and deception we been trying to put out a safety net for you for months and months knowing that the crash was coming. Concern is when people step deeper and deeper into denial when people steps people step deeper and deeper into deception and they lose all touch with reality. Let me give you the story yet again and I started talking about it. Towards the end of last year, mid December because I knew all this was going to unfold with greater deception and delusion that here's the principle you fall into deception when he refused to believe the truth fall into delusion. When you refuse to to accept facts so it becomes harder and harder for you to process reality because everything becomes part of the conspiracy. In other words, in other words, if you are absolutely sure God told you it would be a sunny day today and and you you stake your life and you post all these prophecies that God told me this can be a sunny day today and it starts raining at 6 AM and rains through the whole day that the more that you going to dialysis this deception of this is alive know it sucks not today. This is I it's X IQ yesterday repeating it. You can talk onto craziness. You lose touch with reality and then no one can prove anything to you because in reality has no meaning anymore. So I talk about this couple in a church service this is a story heard the church I got saved, so I don't over 45 almost 50 years ago heard the story that a guys prophesying speaks to a woman in the church and sister.

The Lord showed me you can be a missionary going to India Ms. Amanda back in church processor and the Lord shall begin the omission are going to China what he did know they were husband and wife, and they got the car.

They're all excited. The wife said to her husband, the man of God told me to be missionaries going to India and he said unknown of the men got process. Jimmy's original emissions were going to China to Sonoma were going to Indochina so they said what's going on. So they go and they find the guy still in the building. They tell what happens is going on though the Lord says you're going to Indochina so I've been pleading now for several months, please. None of the Indochina prophecies. Please don't try to change reality. Please accept the fact I'm making that plea with humility. Once again please accept reality, it is time to on Donald from his right back with some headlines. Some interesting information and your calls 866-34-TRUTH 780 for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friend on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I am making no pronouncements about Donald Trump's political I am not saying anything about what will happen in 2024. I'm not here saying what Mr. Trump, former Pres. Trump should or shouldn't do.

I'm simply saying that he is not going to be president. During these next four years. It is not going to happen as much as we are doing our best to move on and to call people to focus on something fresh and new for today and for believers in particular to focus on the Lord in his work. We keep getting pulled over here and here. But these conspiracy theories by the latest outlandish report and we have to deal with it because it's it's out there guys.

Let this go over to my article. This is up and asked Dr. you'll it'll be on other websites through the day today and tomorrow be reposted a spoiler alert, there will be no change of power on March 4. All right, that's the title of the article and and out. I want to take you into it in and tell you why out what why bring this up. Why am even talking about this so last Friday I tweeted was asked by a reporter today if I knew of any major Christian leaders who are peddling the cueing on conspiracies. Honestly, it was I could think of her fringe. However, the talking points of Q seem to filter down into many within the body.

Do you agree that was my tweet so so here are some of the responses I got yes I agree the talking points if you have filtered them into many within the body and it sat in another X. Trump supporter.

I tried warning about it on Facebook, including your page you have loads of those following the quote Bible scriptures with the conspiracies but that is how Satan works mix truth with lies. I woke up I was met with fierce pushback and speaking truth, here's another I'm an elder at a small church in the Midwest and cueing on ideas are brace by close to one fourth of the congregation. Another yes I have it in my church my church is healthy and somewhat educated, very strange. Another action Michael. I found a lot of family and friends getting involved in these kinds of ideas, largely because they don't trust the media at all left or right that the Fox news. That leaves the door open for the cueing on types to be there source of news and regarding March 4 there will be this alleged transfer of power.

One woman tweeted this we found out on Sunday, the member of our church believes that Trump will take over on March 4 through violent means. It was surprising and distressing. He is not a violent man some friends.

This stuff is out there really be some headlines surveys Christian leader on Facebook say what he has to say about the military versus courtier your calls and again it if you support this if you believe this tell us what obviously I'm in dispute. What you have to say. But I can mock you are not asking to call the Citra from mockery, but I will challenge your viewpoint.

Alright so let's let's take some calls and will start with the Ryan in the Jola California walking to the line of fire by Dr. Robert DiMarco you I are you are really brokered over what I do perfectly. The spirit of delusion is taken over much of the body of Christ.

But my question is, in the aftermath when all of the state have clear that the reality of the Trump will not take off the how your workers standpoint.

Should we pray, or the members of the body. Falling prey to the third of delusion and and what should we do in terms of outreach or what Michael Auster should repay in order to help those who are in my opinion are not out outlandishly attempting to define Christ for his body, but are simply victims of the spirit of delusion, though that might but my question is what what will what you think they're going to be the aftermath of the spirit of delusion or how can we help those of our brothers and sisters of fallen prey to thank you for asking and let me put people in to see three different categories. There are those who are ready or disoriented, disillusioned their faith is taken a real hit there even questioning the reality of the other things they believe those if I could be so wrong on this. Maybe I'm wrong on other things. So you have that group then you have others that are just going to con.

Well, whatever, and go on with business as if nothing happened, and you have others who will continue to entrench themselves and and and step into full-blown delusion, refusing to be accountable refusing to to listen to reality.

So starting with them. You pray that God would deliver them from deception and you clearly call out the error rate so I as a leader will clearly call out that error will try to reach people that I know privately but otherwise if there people I don't know which is basing the case that there's no one close to that is still proclaiming this this way, but you call out and you pray for a rude awakening in their lives. Those that just kind of want to put this under the rug and just go on said no no no I hang on. It's also someone driving down the road they they lose track with the driver. Secondly, see a text message and and eight. They smashed a few cars that are part of us are than the drive up no you don't drive on even though you didn't maliciously do it. You don't just drive on so for those people you want to pray that they would have the courage to recognize their error. You get to sit down soaking on the here condemning. We've all made mistakes in different ways but we have to talk about this because you are so sure in your guaranteeing in your night as well skip on, you know, we need to have a serious talk and then for the first group that's really hurting.

We need to we need to go back to things like I've been saying for months leading up to this that separate the Bible the word of God. The infallible word of God, the tested word of God, the absolute authority on everything we need for life and godliness. Let's separate that from failed prophecies from false prophecies from wrong expectations. Let's separate the two and recognize that God in his word never fail, but people make mistakes. That's why prophecy must be tested and that's why the world's assist don't despise prophecy because there can be things about it that cause you to despise, and so different people coming from different places in prayer. I would really be praying for awakening that that people would reckon with truth and that God would give them grace to accept the truth or to repent.

If they've misled people or had a wrong attitude in it for real awakening and and look awakenings are never pleasant because you think all my God, look at what I've done or look at how wrong I've been. But God gives much grace with it and as we humble ourselves. Humble yourself in the sight of God, he will lift you up gives grace to the humble sarong. Thank you for the question. That's how I would approach us are all right 86634 let's go to William in Norman 10, Delaware.

Welcome to the line of fire. Get "on is a reportable rhetorical question for the church and also like to know what you would say about good and I will Trump but why do you want to try on Woodlawn again. And after him hands twice and him Trump Junior twice 30 years right we get we get charge from the government right but when we the church to change right so so you have something interesting and of course that's that's quite a scenario right to to think about, but with what what's happened is this I voted for Trump twice, but my own view is that, given the state of the church right now and the degree that we were looking to trump those who voted for him that we were looking to Trump to do so much of what the church is called to do and and he's gonna make things happen and to the degree that we had become like him in our nastiness and attacking recklessness and given the fact that all he had been urged to humble himself and listen to counsel in many ways, he is not that four more years of Trump could have actually been disastrous for the church in America.

In this scenario that you you talk about me now.

Your now you're pushing for a situation rather than the emphasis being on we vote for certain politicians, but we put 99% of our emphasis on awakening in the church we put 99% of our emphasis on reaching our neighbors with the gospel. We put 99% of our emphasis on being salt and light in our communities so we vote that slickest little thing that we do. But the big emphasis is on who God wants us to be and how we are to live when we get it. It's like 50-50 or you're looking to the government to do so much and and that the church is, voting will get a behind the government then our priorities are misplaced or and it's very very dangerous, and what ends up happening is that there is tremendous resentment towards the gospel, not because the gospel but because of politics that people end up rejecting the God that were preaching and the Jesus that were preaching because they associate that God with the conservative government trying to push them down and for certain things on them. So what has to happen has to be this, the first changes in us that our emphasis is on our own renewal in God in fulfilling the great commission.

So being disciples making disciples influencing the culture and also voting.

We got so caught up with politics so caught up with the elections so focused on that that we took our focus off who God wanted us to be and I believe now angry government that's more hostile to some of our values.

The churches recognize or can we have to wake up this on us. This is on us if we can get that right, then perhaps we can have a leader that will be friendly to things that are important to us, but without being secure group to others in the process starts with us.

Thank you. Great questions.

I appreciate the gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line fire today, so there will be no transference on March the trouble not be inaugurated. He will not take over for Joe Biden or, Harris, that will not happen despite the fact that the government is concerned with some of the conspiracy theory out there.

People will be coming in violent insurrection as to who knows what and therefore there having that the National Guard on standby until with the second week of March the listing a red but friends for those that do believe this please can can this be the last date please. I was hoping January 20 we do it, but for many it now. Although some slogan happened people. Civil wait till March when on March 4 can spin last date please direct us as I can happen. But Jesus rose from the dead three days after he died, not nuts, 30 years after, not 300 years after not even three months after he said he would be dead for three days rise.

He did that happened at and if he did arise and it was 30 days later and and and now three months later another three years there. Okay then. He wasn't who he said he was at and Emily. We will be here today believe what we believe but he did rise. That's reality. He did rise and is alive today and that's that separates our faith from a whole lot of other faiths as reality friends but other.

This is going to happen. This can happen. This leader that it didn't happen with them.

They're dead. They're buried it's over. As far as this presidency is concerned it's over. As far as Donald Trump coming at whether you think the election was stolen out of his room that the issue at all.

I'm just, present tense reality 866-34-TRUTH I'm go to the phones momentarily, but the look at somebody's headlines are look at some of these headlines religion survey, more than 1/4 of white evangelicals believe core cueing on conspiracy theory more than 1/4 of white until evangelicals believe here's a survey or article on Christianity today. Christianity cueing on conspiracy sway faith groups, including one for white evangelicals are responding to the same report, but getting into further depth about not debunking it, not dismissing it. Talk about the phenomenon in my experience in social media confirms this fact was somewhat shocking. It was like it you get up until everyone. Generally, people believe this insight I believe and I believe I believe, but not just that. How dare you not believe it. The moment I began to question these are questions that have never believed in you cueing on stuff when I had a guest on the road book, James Beverly's book juvenile deception. It's an eye-opener. It's well researched factual effect. James gave at his address is is is email address on the air on our show and sit a few fonts and factually wrong right me out.

The gun was written to them yet but is accurate. James is a research scholar. In any case. In any case, the moment we began to talk about.

I got blasted on our Facebook page from professing Christians. This proves your part of the deeps that you're a baby killer yurts. What in the world. So if I if I ever question how pervasive this was, and how cultlike it was. I stopped questioning it.

That moment in terms of the pervasive even cultlike nature of this here. NPR has a story National Public Radio. No, I'm not looking NPR for the gospel, but their reporting on things going on communities around America how cueing on conspiracy is spreading in Christian communities across the US are used believe in it. What's let's talk to some of our listeners will start with Mary in Tucson Arizona. Thanks for: the line of fire barrier doing well yes so so tell me about your husband earned completely believe cueing are currently real. Everything about it.

He earned, he is failing you like that term.

I don't even know what you would collect it.

Determined deception that it's not can be. I hate to tell you that. If not, can be under March 4 because after that it's going to be out. Now he's gonna run next election of his daughter is going to run so you know this. This is not over so that I like it. It's kind like the Indochina Cindy just change it then states Tanqueray rights as those that miss the Indochina thing someone prophesied over a wife that she's commission of India over husband's permission or Chinese realism was the same couple.

And when they confronted me said no no you going to Indochina so that that the goalposts keep moving the Argus.

It's so Mary, I appreciate you calling and and is always a challenging history husband that that you love and respect. Does he profess to be a Christian. I hear Miami playing Robert he isolates himself. He any time on returning to speak with him about anything he wants to disco in front of his computer and watch the videos and he doesn't spend time with us anymore. You know about trumpets nothing about God anymore. It's so Mary obviously went on to some of the series are we talking about your your marriage, your husband can I just asked a couple questions that if you sell a get that specific. Just tell me. But Eric and*your general age range you your husband where what decade you know 30s 40s 50s 20s were you we put yourselves back 70 okay got it, and how how long has he had this tendency to separate himself and get away from this biblical fellowship with that kind of thing in and get into this is watching the videos in the trust of how how long something going on right now how cueing earned started and ended her term governor started before that it was never like that. We spent time together with our care.

Defendant every day and we went to church and of course now on we don't go to church.

We watching online, yeah while all right I'm sorry to hear this and so soliciting and viewing. Pray for Mary's husband that God would really touch him and open his heart and mind. If you had to try to trace this how it started, where it started what would you say the Internet.

The Internet videos you know it's like I'm a former self hypnosis brainwashing and when you say he believes the whole thing so that there is basically a pedophile ring led by Bill and Hillary Clinton or whoever and and that Trump was the one appointed to pull this thing down and that is the diligently presence can come back and we note this. He talked about these things. Yet, Karen all the time gets angry that I don't think that I didn't thought this last election because I didn't think I I couldn't vote obviously providing an I didn't feel like I could talk her term. I just didn't feel right about that I traded on it earn he got very angry at it is terrible. I I am.

I am really sorry to hear this. Mary and and this is anything but something we just be light about like how crazy his people somehow people got pulled in and look that's the power of deception. The power of delusion that is irrational as it sounds.

People get pulled in. Is there any chance he would read a book on cueing on if it was sent to him. Maybe that I kinda doubt it. But you know that God can work miracles all the time. I never I never dispute that solicit Mary stay right there on the line shows going to get your address and we're gonna send you a copy of James. Beverly's book the cueing on deception. If you want to give you want to give Shelley your husband's name is Crystal say it now, but if you want to say that I will assign it to both of you.

Just so, just to try to get him to to look at it, you note that, with the hope that maybe he'll flip through the pages and and then again friends, let's really pray this not just Mary's husband. There a lot of folks in the situation.

That's why were talking about this to stay right there it'll just be a minute Shelley will get to you and will send you a copy of the cueing on deception = interest to you or if you feel free to give your husband's name. This is all private. Obviously them all cited to both of you, and you can say hey, here it is with the hope that that he will take it and read to stay there. It'll be a moment before before Mary gets 28660's before Mary gets to before it. Shelley gets to you. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Tony and Greenville South Carolina.

Thanks for calling the line of fire while thanks, on ClickBank one out really late but there that we really got have the government and the earth again today where no longer wanted that for the third month on the development and focus on the limb and understand that you drink and pro that we are in the lab and we need now worried about don't think going to follow up on the land that we get back.

The entities about Fontenot and I just just need to jump in. It was it was a bad connection. There 20 minutes. I want you to get out what you had to say this in politics has an important role.

We don't just get uninvolved. Don't just leave it behind and walk away because then people will be appointed from school board right up to Pres. policies that are really bad and really harmful and the cost lives and restrict our liberties and were facing some of those things right now under the by administration directions that that they want to go that could be very dangerous to religious liberties and costly to human lives begin with babies but we vote, but that is not and cannot be our focus.

That's where my appeal is friends, let us recalibrate. Let us have our own great reset the roast on a recent let's let's have a holy God reset in our own lives and those become obsessed with the latest news in the left and right. Following this file, step back its worship God to be in the word spread about how I can love my neighbor. Bless this woman help overlook America's hurting still covert, still here, and that the lockdowns and the economic uncertainties in the upheaval.

Let's be the salt and light. Let's shine in the midst it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown shave is background stuff bashing you needing attention to what buddy buddy I'm to speak the truth in love with God with passing her to speak intrinsically safe and by these men have fear. It sounds like Jabez with all respect, looks like you don't have the slightest clue as to what were talking, not the slightest clue you listen to someone who voted for Donald Trump twice and then who said there were concerns and their issues and reservations. Because of that we need to be careful not to look to a man in idolatrous way or make them into a political Messiah or without him, America collapses and I've been fighting the agenda of the left, perhaps before you're aware of it to see. I mentioned the Jabez comet so my screen in front of him. He so came to my attention, but mentioned because people react emotionally that they're not listening to what's often being said and many people just react emotionally and that the moment you say will differ some of your date they they they stop hearing was a dangerous things very dangerous thing and I I posted an article this morning on that covert vaccine is not the mark of the beast is not the mark of the beast.

I said now you may have real concerns about government overreach government mandating it may have concerns about whether it's safer not itself but also understand all that is not the mark of the beast in the book Revelation the hundreds and hundreds of comments on her Facebook page about peoples and how can you tell me it's safe why you tell me I should take. Why not read the article before commenting on the article if it's like your your chef asked excuse me your your summer who reviews the restaurant reviewer or something and you post a review that restaurant was terrible. The food was terrible that the car was terrible. The prices were terrible when you go there. I never went there I would go to plays like that. I think if the point that he never tasted the food and when the building Brown you're just wrong and ignorant about what where Megan didn't bother. That's we try to hey all we could do is try to help people right but I give an example about what's going on some of the craziness that's out there all right and and then grabbing the call to so this gentleman Johnny Enloe who identifies himself as apostolic and prophetic enemies. He's got a decent Internet phone. I don't know him personally was get a decent Internet following suit solicited like this post. This is Rhodes few days back in no particular order. The government agencies that recently failed the U.S. Constitution and its citizens are the DOJ, the FBI, Congress, the Senate, Gov. state Supreme Court's state legislators County election officials and more. We are now down to the Supreme Court, the military and we the people Supreme Court has really been a great failure by refusing to even listen to display the date they fail today than a week to legitimately look with justice at the evidence of criminality that will not only put themselves in immense legal treason risk, but they leave the military is the last viable option for retaining our nation upon founding principles. Some of the dreams and visions of God working with and through the Supreme Court at this time it happen if they don't military.

It will be up to you. Just like we see happening in the nation of Burma and we know that example is not happenstance you're the last protector of we the people in it will be time to be strong and that defense this is not about politics.

It is about right versus wrong, and good versus evil. Foreign nations through Manchurian elements may not have this nation as it is, as is being attempted right now.

The ultimate guarantor of America and thus its final safety net is actually God will ultimately arise with institutions and individuals that carry justice, life, liberty, God and his justice or next freedom will reign life will be exalted. You, the faithful, keep believing we will all win with God's coming big when is not called rulers the nations from not when I was posted few days back 5.3 thousand likes over a thousand comments over thousand shares. This is been someone prophesied the trip yet trumps good to get it still prophesying it. So now is basically saying there's got to be a military takeover of America friends.

This is dangerous stuff in this infiltrated the church in a dangerous level. And yes I will sound the alarm if I lose followers over it, fine. If we loose financial support over it, fine. If we get attacked Fort fine. What you semi-if I don't speak the truth. What you semi-if another watchmen on the wall what you semi-if I don't try to bring us back to reality. I'm not here for popularity or votes or or get rich mirror honor God and serve you and as Paul wrote to the Galatians have become your enemy by telling you the truth it's wake up time we believing when March 4 comes and goes and nothing happens. At what point will you will you shifted to 2024 hi aunt. We were told, Trump would have two consecutive terms in the Joe Biden would not serve a single day and we were given dates what's going happen. December was kidnapped in January. None of those things happened, let this be a holy slap.

The psalmist said that the righteous rebuked me that there be a holy slap in my face paraphrasing the he recycled oil on my head. It's a good thing. Let reality hit today. Fred let that I'm praying even as I speak that are not just speaking human words but backed by God's Spirit to help wake you up to reality.

Let us move on together get about the business of being disciples and making disciples and living productive lives in this world right over to let's go to Don and Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire.

Michael sure Mario really don't. Your driving rhythm ball and will claim that the election was stolen from in line with the big lie and the question you election of one of the store is remember that the opportunity to not about individual are only for him. Bio. What did you cannot just ask if you started for Joe Biden that about so you don't you don't consider his his baby killing policies file in his attack on religious freedom and file just process it is not onto testing a question okay alright so so so hang on to.

Just because rev a problem with with the connection.

Okay you had your reasons for voting by my recent report. There's a lot about Donald Trump's personality in ways that I despise that I think are dangerous and destructive. That's number one number two I prefer him to Joe Biden because the pro-life policies because religious freedom policies standing with Israel policies his stand against the evils of China policies, though those human rights issues that that is people's blood. This people's life's babies in the womb. I care about those things I care about those things deeply as a God-fearing man so given that choice. I voted for Trump but I have grave concerns about damage. Trump did and I have grave concerns about damage that the turbines really do and I pray for both of them to really encounter God in a significant way that that's that's number one. So please sir sizzle hypocritical when you attack me for voting for Trump, even though I always raise reservations and concerns essential, hypocritical, if not for the fact we can feedback I have this conversation back and forth but it's impossible for people to hear. That's the symbol number two. It seems that there were some irregularities in the election was stolen and not. I don't know but Joe Biden is the president. That's the fact he is the president. It went through the courts, that's our system. I respect our system. Joe Biden is my president. So that's the reality. Am I pushing that election was stolen this a really my concern because I believe we prayed and God ordained that Joe Biden would be our president so there they were irregularities. I would like to I'd like to see those answered because there's not a lot of overconfidence in some circles right now but I have never been one that pushed the idea that the election was stolen. My PhD is in near Eastern languages and literatures. I do research by looking at original texts in their language in context, and these things can often take years to decipher and understand sought mechanistic from a distance and make judgments about the elections. But what I've said consistently sir website consistently is. I trust that as we have prayed for God's outcome. I trust our court system.

I trust the outcome of our courts and the courts did not see evidence to overturn the election. Therefore, I accept that. So I accept the outcome of the election with Joe Biden as our president alright. I encourage if you have time sir and and again I would. I'd love to have a conversation back and forth but we have a problem in our injury or urine, but this will say this. If you have time, read my book evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the contest think you'll find that we have a lot more in common.

If you follow Jesus as well. Evangelicals at the crossroads of hate. Thank you, thank you for the call and Zach in Denver. Can you weigh in with your thoughts in a few seconds.

Can we do it, go ahead.

So you might my thought part of the property and concerning trauma or really concerning anything. What I feared.

Looking at the root of a lot of people help leaving one where the other Trump will neighbor America and God will be done, so it has to be true because you know you don't want it evil or that evil and when you take that route.

It based in fear, yet it based in fear and it based in arrow. God is sovereign president Robert right so I thank you for getting it were out of time, but I want you to hear that. Ask yourself if a lot of the reaction. A lot of what you believe is based on sphere and a reaction fear rather than reaction from faith. Well done Zach God is right under the gun back with you tomorrow and ask again. Have I become your enemy telling you

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