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Did We Pass the Trump Test?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 1, 2021 5:00 pm

Did We Pass the Trump Test?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 1, 2021 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/01/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

Here's the big question for the day. Have we passed the Trump test stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown.

Can we say we passed the Trump test had find the Trump test and where the term come from well it's a term that I coined so I can tell you what I mean by looking at your perspective as we open this up as to whether we have passed the Trump test or not. So what do I mean by the contest will welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown delighted to have you with us here on the line of fire as we do our best to service your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of really crazy times, not just in the world, but in the church world as well. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. So when I wrote evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the Trump test and came out this past summer, so the summer of 2020. I meant two things by the Trump test one can we unite around Jesus. Even if we disagree about Donald Trump timeout within the body fellow believers can we unite around Jesus. Even if we divide about Trump. That's one and two can we vote for Trump and support his policies without tarnishing our witness without degrading our witness without making Jesus look bad now semi-civil. Why would it hurt a witness at all of the say of course eventually this will all impact that will talk about that, but I'm curious to know your own perspective. Some of you may be white evangelicals.

Some of you may be black evangelicals.

Some of you may be conservative Hispanic Catholics, some you may be Asian Christians from different backgrounds perspective messianic Jews. We all have our own circles. We interact with lots of people, family members, friends, people who work with own congregations.

Some are very multiracial, some not so much depending on communities and things like that and the issue of elections and how you vote is very different depending where you live very different perspective. A lot of different priorities so that's always interesting to hear. That's one of the great benefits of life talk radio that I've enjoyed so much over the years that I've learned from so much of the years is the varied perspectives in the body, so I'd love to hear your different perspectives as to whether we passed the Trump test, 866342 the beginning the calls little bit later in the broadcast. But again two things I mean by the Trump test one can we unite around Jesus. Even if we divide over Tromso over these last four years.

Had we do with that and to can we vote for hand and yet preserve our witness and I'm actually going to help us sort this out by going through 10 things that I said are essential keys for passing the Trump test, first let let's address some larger issues. If you are new to the broadcast, listening, watching, I want you to understand that I am not here as a conservative talking head conservative pundit.

That's all I am here I am here as a follower of Jesus as a minister of the gospel who believes that God's kingdom intersects with this world and impacts this world and therefore we as believers should shine like life, we should be salt of the earth like the world, we should make a difference wherever we are, for good that we are neither in terms of our essential identity, conservative or liberal Republican or Democrat. We are in terms of our essential identity followers of Jesus with our citizenship in another kingdom that although we are good patriots to our country will relive if our country turns against God or demands that we turn against God. We have a higher allegiance we say with all respect to your authority with your the mayor or the governor or the president will respect to your authority. We have to obey a higher authority.

We must obey God rather than men. It's not based on rebellion.

It's based on obedience.

So I take issue with the gospel being draped in the American flag or any ethnic flag. I take issue with that because the kingdom of God transcends culture, nation, and impacts all and calls all people, Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, people all around the world calls all people to bow the needs of the Lord Jesus, as we bow the knee to him. We should have a positive impact grew up here, for example, here's a husband he's a lousy husband. He's a lousy father.

He's an alcoholic. He waste his money.

He doesn't spend quality time with his kids.

He's even been violent with his wife. He gets radically gloriously beautifully born from above becomes a devoted follower of Jesus. What you better believe his life's gonna change if his life is in chains and you can question the validity of his conversion and salvation. But you expect that this man is no longer an alcoholic you'd expect that this man is tender and gracious towards his wife and loves his kids to spend quality time with what what about in every other area of life that as we are changed the people around us will be positively impacted. That's how the gospel bring social change that. We also vote we get involved in different aspects of society we don't drop out over citizens of heaven, most citizens of Hempstead a work job citizens of Hempstead. If we put food on the table, citizens of heaven is stomata placed it to go sleep at night right and need to be able to read and write, so also we live in this world we do meant, but do not bend onto the system of this age are to the gods of this age.

So I wrote an article I will take you back to 2012 I wrote this article immediately before the 2012 elections, so this was Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama and I want to share with you what I wrote in this article that says we we are ready have a viable third party okay to publish the town hall of end of October 2012, according to the latest polls will be 1% of voters will cast their ballot for third party candidate, which means that all the talk of a protest vote against the two main parties will amount to little or nothing. If there is already a viable third party in American simply needs to awaken to its calling.

Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of this third-party as well. Without those terms saying that it must be reminded that is not the master, the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state king was speaking of a group of multiplied millions of Americans whose ultimate citizenship is in heaven. Tooth expression up all the New Testament, Philippians 3 a people are called to go against the grain and challenge the status quo to be champions of justice and compassion to lead the way in societal change. He was, and I am speaking about followers of Jesus who take their faith seriously and live it out holistically.

Those who make up the church from a biblical standpoint as opposed Christians in name only.

It is this entity that King believed quote must be the guide and the critic of the state and never its tool for the most part though we fall short of this lofty calling. I say we because I count myself among this company of Jesus people, for better or worse, becoming Pauline's of the political system more than pioneers of political reform puppets more than prophets rather than us changing the society.

Note I did not say taking over the society site is changed us the things it would outraged her grandparents now entertain us and for supposedly heavenly minded people rear is bogged down in materialistic hedonism as almost anybody else, even among evangelical Christians. Recent surveys indicate that 80% of our young people having sex out of wedlock or divorce rates mirror those of the secular world. How can we be the conscience of the state foster unconscious because those profamily, pro-life, with so much morality, including addiction to pornography, no-fault divorce, leaving abortion in our ranks was interesting is that many skeptics scoffers. Atheists and agnostics.

Those who are rolling their eyes as they read this article actually affirm what I'm writing will be in a backhanded way. What I mean is that is often those who mock our faith were the first to cause hypocrites recognize that if we really believe what we preach. We be living differently. In fact, society as a whole actually expects us to live differently than the average American still expects Christians to help the poor with wholesome lives and transcend partisan politics. Of course there's some Christians was the old saying goes into heavenly minded to be of any earthly good. That is actually a violation of the teachings of Jesus.

Judaism was less prone to fall into that trap and we do well to remember that Jesus was a Jewish teacher, not a member of the Christian clergy a more balanced perspective. Is this because we understand that what happens in this world has eternal implications for good or for bad. Recognize the importance of life in this world and on the front lines of bring about positive change will at the same time resisting societal decay.

This is part of what Jesus meant when he told his followers the day we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world would anyone deny that Jesus who took much about heaven and hell in the world to come.

Constantly emphasize the importance of caring for the needy in this world, along with reaching out to the marginalized. Practically speaking, because our first allegiance is to gobble serve our nation is the best possible citizens because our greatest affiliation is to proven biblical values will identify with those values. First, of the political party. Second it all too often what evangelicals have given themselves to the Republican Party and black evangelicals to the Democratic Party. Even when those parties have failed us time we step higher. Yes, I'll vote on November 6 permanently backing Republican candidates and I see voting is both responsibility the privilege.

This again was written in October 2012. This I've written several times before.

I'm not putting my trust in the White House or Congress or the Supreme Court change America. I'm looking to the committed followers of Jesus to be the primary agents of change, the ultimate counterculture counter establishment party. Simply stated, tens of millions of American Christians follow the teachings and example of Jesus, there would be a groundswell of compassionate and constructive care for the poor would be wholesale educational reform.

Multiplication of strong families. A new esteem for the importance of every life, beginning in the womb.

The reduction of our prison population and even the revamping of our prison system along with economic growth in a massive increase in philanthropy among other things.

So yes a voting on November 6 but more than that. I'm looking for the third party to rise so friends again. I wrote that in 2012 it reflects what I felt and believed all these years.

This is nothing new or different about it and in the bottom line is, as I've said over and again over the years that if I drew up a list of the 10 most important ways to change America change America for the good change America so it's a better country for the for all change America suit so that it it stronger and family and stronger in morals and stronger and compassion and and stronger and in equity and justice if if I was drawing up a list of the 10 ways to do it voting would be on that list but maybe number nine and number 10 it. In other words, it's not can be primary or secondary, tertiary, it is accurately up top it all the top things are to be prayer and repentance and evangelism and discipleship in holy living in compassionate outreach and and and practicing our faith in many many different ways and it all.

You also we vote we so turn things upside down that the vote in the election. That's everything. The stuff guys really given us something to really change the nation in the world stuff that we often lay right, come back and answer the question, have we passed the Trump test and I look to hear from you. Variety of backgrounds and ethnicities perspectives 866-34-TRUTH.

We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Michael assists and the challenges you that bothers you will first ask is it true is inaccurate lot of things bother me because the true letter. Things were said to me, get under my skin because they're accurate.

So I need to deal with it rather than resist it from speaking the truth forward to the Galatians have I become your enemy, but by telling you the truth if I say some things in the minutes ahead that disturb you all ask why is it because I'm wrong because my perspective is off them opinionated and arrogant or is it them speak the truth. Think it through. Evaluate 866-348-7884 I wrote an article that is up on different websites speaking to Christians who voted for Joe Biden and saying, did you not see this coming.

Did you not see his radical abortion agenda, not just rescinding the Mexico City policy, but the Hyde amendment that forces all Americans to support with the taxes abortion. Did you not see his radical transgender act was on. He said he was going to do all these things, made planes, do all the things did you not see this coming. When you voted for him just asking questions you so you vote for Trump yeah even asked for four years. How we could vote for Trump how we could vote for Donald Trump to be followers of Jesus we been asked for four years and that's a perfectly legitimate question? I welcome and the question I welcome Mr. overall in the end. As we look back in the years ahead. Was it good or bad, was it worth it or not fair questions. Ask away. But on the turn around and ask questions as well that the transgender activism of present by this radical that I give you quotes from gay activist feminists and transgender leaders that are upset with it. They're upset that Stacy is not good.

It's not right. In Israel there is great concern about Iran potentially getting nuclear bomb and and and through the Biden administration. So my question is, did you not see this coming.

And and and for all of those that self righteously said how Christian could not vote for Donald Trump nature and vote for Joe Bible. How about we all come with little less self-righteousness about that. How about we all put the stones down right now and started instead instead of throwing stones at each other about we we all lay low before the Lord's ago. We need you because the church is confused in this audit division in America is in a mess right now. How about we come with less self-righteousness. All of us. Okay, me included, all of us, less self-righteousness, and come with humility and meet together at the foot of the cross about we start there about we start there right so have we passed the Trump test in my book. Donald Trump is not my Savior came out in 2018 and it had new material in the beginning and the end of the will and other was about 100 of my most relevant articles on Trump from opposing him in the primaries to tentatively getting behind him to vote for him to ups and downs with him as president and then the last chapter of the book Donald Trump is not my Savior just lays out okay. How do we move forward how to move forward. So if you have the book Donald Trump is not my Savior is the last chapter and and its evangelicals in the elections when we go from here was 2018 K and NII laid out these basic points record read through the chapter registrar give you the basic points. I laid out and then my basic analysis of the Trump test then we attribute this to the past and okay so number one this is the final chapter.

Donald Trump is not a Savior number one we must rise above the political fray. According to the word of God as followers of Jesus were citizens of another kingdom. Seated in heavenly places with ultimate allegiance to another Lord will be live in this world, but not like this world. That means that we cannot get caught up in a partisan political spirit. We must up our friends. I warned about that. I warned about that in 2018 and you need a deed to be a prophet warned against. So was number one, number two was this regardless of party affiliation.

We must remain independent for my own conscience unregistered is an independent I'm not saying you're wrong to register with a party adjusting for my own conscience.

That's are registered but whatever your party affiliation you must remain independent as a believer you belong to Jesus. That's the public is not to the Democrats. That's libertarians, not to another party right number three.

We must stay involved. We don't abandon the political system we don't abandon this world because then others that differ with our views will take over and and will have the liberty to live out our faith in the number four God uses unlikely vessels, but character still matters. In other words God can use a Donald Trump but his character flaws will have a negative impact.

This is 2018 friends about this. Number five. We must stand for the issues near and dear to the Lord's heart. So what really matters to the Lord. When you read Scripture. What are the things that are most important to let those things be most important to us as well. Number six.

Sometimes we must function as the president's loyal opposition and and I referred earlier in the book to a Jewish scholar you can on lofts wrote an article entitled his Majesty's loyal opposition, a study in prophetic intercession were Prof. Moss, argue that prophecy is a dialectical tension between passive transmission of divine anger and active intercession in the name of prophetic love. He had at the life of Moses is a billet vivid illustration of the prophet's intercessor, the stories of the Exodus are marked by periodic corruptions of divine anger which was sued by the wise intercession of Moses sometimes prophetic people need to oppose where the leader is going in the name of God's will and and then seventh or calling goes beyond patriotism.

America is an amazing country.

When that many of the nation seek to emulate. We've really been richly blessed with freedoms and resources and opportunities in many ways were blessed to be Americans. But America is far from perfect and even though we've done so much good worldwide. We've also done evil and I go through that course are history is very much a mixed history, which is why I don't primarily say God bless America make a speaker greater stronger. I primarily say Dr. kingdom come to America.

How many times have you heard it over these four years that when you hear the slogan make America great again white American hears that differently than a black American or Native American American right here you're going to hear that differently is your perception okay so before you go to your calls 866-34-TRUTH my book evangelicals at the crossroads. The last chapter is 10 essential keys for passing the Trump tests_ladies out very briefly in the next three minutes or so and then will come back we'll talk with you will get your perspective as well right so again it's a full chapter in a full book, we will only look at the key points. So in order to pass the Trump test. This is what I put the end of this book that came out last summer. Number one, we must clearly and emphatically put the cross before the flag number one, we must clearly and emphatically put the cross before the flag and look if you live in China if you live in in Iran. Obviously you're not looking to the Holy Ghost not make China great maker on a great it is is advance the kingdom. But in America we often mingle the cross of the flag or even put the flag first so the Fort to pass the Trump test number one, we must clearly and emphatically put the cross before the flag number two, number two, we must proclaim the Donald Trump is our president. Not our Savior must proudly loudly clearly proclaim his or president, not our Savior. You say will we all know that will why are so many so depressed, hopeless, discouraged because Trump lost in Bible because Bidens are present. If you weren't looking to him in an unhealthy way, then why, why you so hopeless and in despair discouraged broke of what why cannot even talk about because you too upset with me even talk about that points to look into the wrong way.


Number three.

We must put greater emphasis on spiritual activity then on political activity.

Point number three.

We must put greater emphasis on spiritual activity. Then on clinical activity.

May 12, 2020. I tweeted if only we are his passion about prayer is more about politics, the nation would be rocked almost overnight in our own lives would be transformed right so that was point number three point number four. We must not get caught up with election fever who asking the question, did we pass the Trump test was in July I wrote it. We here we are.

End of January early February now and still people caught up with election fever that was point number four to pass the test. Point number five. We must not justify carnality and unchristian behavior. Point number five to pass the Trump test. We must not justify carnality and unchristian behaviors of the present acts in ways that we feel are wrong. Righteous will justify it. We don't apologize for it. We don't defend number six and here I quote Dr. Martin Luther King at length. Number six. We must regain our prophetic voice as as as he said if if the church does not regain its place recaptures prophetic zeal will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.

How relevant is that today in America number seven. We must be holistic Christians number seven. We must be holistic. Christians truly pursuing justice and righteousness for all and that means will be challenging one another to see blind spots that we have number eight to pass the Trump test, we must walk in love towards those who vilify us and oppose us the words of Jesus, the teachings of Paul in the New Testament and number nine.

We must unite around Jesus rather than divide over Trump's point number. Not if we passed the Trump test we must unite around Jesus rather than divide over Trump and lastly point number 10.

We must lead the nation in repentance, knowing that repentance prepares the way the Lord open a path for revival visitation and awakening.

10 points capacity from test pass did we fail to cause me come back 866348788. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown as best as I can to see how we went through a certain major test crisis in America were ongoing going through ongoing testing crises, even as I speak and to see what we can learn so that we can move forward effectively. My reason for looking back and evaluating is just like coaches looking at a game after it's been played FL game maybe they look they evaluate the tape to see what they can do better next time. Or when I write the manuscript and send it into the publisher and the editor has feedback and scale. Learn from that sharpen things for the next time that's the goal on the current prove a point that transect told you so. Not trying to have some morally superior attitude rather sit together. What can we learn how we pass the Trump test what we learn for years with Donald Trump.

What can we learn to move forward more effectively. As followers of Jesus, 866-34-TRUTH with that we start in Raleigh north. No, we don't start Raleigh but I guess were not going to let us go over to Jay in Boise, Idaho.

Welcome to the line of fire. Yeah, go ahead. So my question was comforting to know him. For the same general question that you probably heard before about the know how to. How does one justify the Trump supported giving context that the context of the question I think is what makes my particular version of it different than some of the circuit may have heard I am a deeply conservative deeply Christian person I did not vote in 2016 at all.

I did. The critically boat for Trump in 2020, thinking that some of the cultural damage that was done was kind of already done but couldn't really be undone at this point, but I would speaking the up throughout the last for five years about what I found to be an incredible concern.

You know when it comes to support of Trump because he was the most openly supportive president of yellow things like homosexuality and stuff like that that I never seen. He was the most you openly blaspheme us as far as retreating things, calling himself the second coming of Christ Daniel that you referring to himself and at the chosen one of retreating things that we call him talking of Israel and you would be you know the most openly immoral right when it came to the three wives of the adulteries multiple times that Arctic strip clubs and gambling brings in all the right stuff manages it concerned me because you know there's only one damn, that kind of let him keep the waters out, so to speak, and it would be specifically Christian conservatives and animal seems to me that they just forfeit any sort of role in being that damn the Out these immoral waters and just sort of decided well to own the live right, go ahead and jump whole hog guy right so is so so jaded to to respond to that. I do believe that in many ways our moral authority. Our moral stand stature in the country has been compromised because many look at us is just a political pragmatist that we're the ones that for years shouted character counts were the ones that said morality matters. We are the values voters and here we vote for someone that would seem to be very different in terms of integrity in terms of values. In terms of things like that and in certain ways. It has compromised their witness, but I believe we can justify the vote. The morality in the past that was passed. There was Trump was not bringing in women into the he was bringing Marilyn Munro types into the White House to sleep with them as JFK was and was not printer with did none of us can like Bill Clinton did in the White House in terms of sexual scandal and in the stuff he retreated to me. He didn't mean it, it's there.

He was just retreating it in kind of a silly way.

And also just to provoke people to get him upset. My issues would have been more his character in terms of his pride and everything being about him. The way that he would throw others under the bus right up to Mike pence at the end that if he didn't perceive loyalty at the level he wanted that he would crash and destroy people that he would call people political leaders of what we know are decent Godfrey people: enemies of the state is the president, I found that tremendously destructive, and then just the level of division and, chaos that was brought that there is in a sense that more peace right now without the constant chaos that come from several for Jerry Emin. Everything would be good. And, next thing he be stirring up a fight in the one theory of people close to him as he always needed an enemy of Newt Gingrich: the great disrupter that he wakes up every morning. This is what can I disrupt so it kinda brought a frenzy in it and an even deeper divisions were divided ready deeply divided America through things into a state where we almost as learn to hate that Christians now disposed to hate, and if you're Trump support you hate the Democrats.

They're all evil. They're all demons that are praying for Bibles like praying for Satan himself and we just infused with this hatred and instead of looking at everybody's lost sinners that need Jesus to become massively polarized, politically but that being said, if we it's okay look there's a lot we don't like about Donald Trump and there's a lot in terms of the way he carries himself and behaves himself that we really think is hurtful to our nation but we see where the Democrats and the left are going and and were making progress in pro-life that can be completely undone switch, the slaughter of the unborn were talking about a real attack on religious liberties and freedoms. What kind of world we can give to our kids and our grandkids were were were talking about security and safety in Israel.

Another concern that Iran getting a nuclear bomb would talk about standing up against Islamic terrorism. One of my colleagues in his religion. A panel discussion the other day online in a salute during the Obama administration. There is a bloodbath in Syria and surrounding nations is at about 650,000 people were killed. He said the women were that they would take women. These Islamic radicals and they would have like a big pit on the ground and keep the women in the pit, bring them up gang rape them and put them back into the atrocities. Is it basically Trump. The thing stopped so Econo it is like you said you voted for and begrudgingly it if we had said look, these are the issues that are important to us.

These humanitarian issues.

These are issues that could should concern every person of conscience. We believe Trump would do a better job here and then save it. Look, we don't defend this, we are not becoming like him we're not emulating his character and and and we would we would protest the things that he did and said wrongly, and pray for his repentance and said he's just a man without looking to him to change America, which is voting for him to be president. We could've come out of it better in my personal opinion, sir. We compromised on ethics in the process, rather than us bring out the best in him. I think we get some of that, he brought out the worst in us.

You don't believe me just go to my social media pages go asked Dr. Brown on Facebook and just look at any article, it's politically oriented and look at the savagery in the comments. The anger and the hostility and the demonizing of different size and the inability to even have a conversation and then those that look to him as if he a lot.

He alone can save America. He alone can save the free world. I heard people say that I'm hearing them say to this day. So that's where things got messed up and and and honestly we have ground to make up a very grieved over where Pres. Biden is going with his administration is exactly were expected him to go. Which is why I voted against him and voted for Donald Trump but I believe the key thing here, sir, is that the church is not been the church that we have been so caught up with politics. We have looked so much the political system consider saying it has its place, but here's how we change Americans by serving our communities and brings being salt and light preaching Jesus standing for what's right instead we look to the political system to change in that in my view has been our fundamental failing so that's my long big answer to your question. A lot a lot of my own feeling well I guess I would order if I may follow. Yeah right what you know that it that you we have guys who are really wrong on the thing was drawn on but also deeply constitutional Christian young immediately combined guard Leica like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Bennett at the moment but we why is that we don't think be able to generate or for those kinds of people in the possibly almost because of our hyper political realization. I could have often thought that prompted very well, you know, kind of both a lot of fact that the America thought of misjudgment yet whether certain that that yeah Jay.

I believe that there has God's multitasking right on so many things at the same time and I believe one reason the trunk was raised up is not just for the good policies, but also to reveal a lot of junk in America in the Republican Party in the Democratic Party in the media in the church that a lot of junk has been revealed as a result of his presidency. Look, I opposed him during the primaries. I was Cruz got really I was anybody but Trump during the primaries, there was a certain populist appeal that he had. I don't believe is racist. Personality was a white supremacist. I believe that there are many Americans felt the country's going in the wrong direction.

And finally, here's a guys can stand and fight and do it in a way that the media taxi was going attack back but it appeal to a lot of carnal stuff in believe it appeal to some good stuff, and concerns about where the nations going, and concerns about our freedoms being hijacked and things like that, but I believe he also appeal to some carnal things and just something about them had that appeal. But look, Joe Biden did not generate a lot of enthusiasm. The main reason people voted for Bibles to vote against Trump and Barack Obama.

He got tremendous enthusiasm. John McCain not so much. Romney, not so much so just a certain type of candidate can generate more the enthusiasm of the support within the problem is then look to that person. Look, Barack Obama was called the chosen one. Remember, Newsweek's get a picture from you in a halo over his head and he is the chosen one and now though Trump is the chosen one week with the other only one chosen one asked the Lord that's that's the Lord Jesus is the chosen one mere chosen in him. So we need to get our priorities right and straight, and finally learned there are no political saviors there no political saviors, political leaders can do some good, some bad, but ultimately changes can become by the people of God. Awakening be who we are supposed to be and then we vote accordingly.

Recall our political leaders to to do the right thing but for those not only this is been my steady message for years and years and years. Even as a trump folder Trump supporter minute you got mad at me because I always point out but were not looking to him in this way, and there are issues with his character. I was saying that because these things do matter. So let's learn as we can. We all worry are right now the Biden Harris presidency. That's normal we can move forward constructively with major on the majors politics response which is way down the list of her right back with your calls. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown just sent a headline by colonial PT laxity folded embassies around the world. The seven read the story but with headline was Donald Trump, pro-homosexual anti-homosexual actually get activist considered him to be the most hostile LGBT president in our history obviously was an issue and in certain past generations in the more recent it was, but actual laws. The thrust of Department of Justice things that happen in schools military. He was considered to be strongly anti-LGBT.

It's also clear that was on a personal level. He didn't seem to have an issue. Lucy told Bruce/Caitlin Jenner if he could use women's bathroom Trump tower if you wanted to and he brought in Richard Grenell ring to his cabinet so he was the highest-ranking gay American that we've had and has Adam is what the investor to Germany. Was it so my stance was imputed teal, a cofounder of PayPal him speaking Republican national convention and teal himself openly gay. My impression was on a personal level.

He had no issue with gays, lesbians, and was not trying to legislate against them. But when anything would push back against her religious liberties or or push back against her values in a direct way in schools and things that he stood strongly against the activism that was my perception as to where things were, but that the activist Nell Joe Biden, Harris is is very much something that is radical and unprecedented in terms of the aggression that the strength behind it which again is is reason we voted as we did here we are, let's move forward sucked into the world it when I can lose our right to have a Bible and in the next year when I cannot will have to learn to speak Chinese constraints taking over, but there are some serious policy directions really differ with biggest thing is let's get on doing what we are called to do is the people of God where we live in our own neighborhoods and communities give ourselves to prayer live for God rightly, and then two years from now vote for him call me for years. Vote but but that is all in his right perspective that cannot be central. They cannot be your hope and follows through the trouble come back any any day not forget that Sica happened that don't be looking to minute whatever future role. He has her good.

He can do. Pray that God really get hold of the man we know it's tough when those strong those courageous we know he kept his promises in so many ways that shows character, then there the downsized was character that were very destructive, and that leave us where we are today.

So pray for the man commonly get hold of them and pray to God really get hold of Joe Biden, Harris have got get hold of me go get hold of some of you with your backgrounds of God, get hold of Saul of Tarsus right. The apostle Paul Gunkel menu was pray, pray with faith where your faith Dr. Brown lobular polluter for Trump to be the present one of one God and tell him he would Sica exercise faith in seven God tell me never to my faith is massively bigoted that my faith is a God can move will announce a tongue is the leader of China or Nero's the leader of Rome little initial Biden leader Marek Kaman faith much breaking that hope yours is to 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Dahlia in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hi my name is grand but given Maryland I met a very select agent wonderful handout. Dr. Michael Brown is great to hear that Mel and I love your book showing everything so very very I happy now-really, actually should be a very English and 40 years in a dear Earl voided Biden and bank for fighting. I get a Facebook and I mean actually paint them with different things and nothing else.

So I mean me are something I can. I don't understand that.

I mean II only giving great got it right there… Get Jewish believers they know better. They know better and I'm very I figured out a fellow so first of course is is you have graced result is God does not judge us to eternal salvation based on the vote that we cast for president in our elections and you have Christians that are very strong and passionate on on all different sides as to why they vote the way they did it.

It's it's even more unusual your Jewish believers did because Jewish believers, messianic Jews tend to be more pro-Israel than your average American Jew and Trump was the most pro-Israel president we've had moving the embassy.

The peace treaties and things like that real concerns were by the administration would go in terms of Israel and Palestinians so that's really baffling like I know, for example, a black Christian friends and and they voted for Biden because in their view, Trump did a lot of damage with whom he was in their view. Abortion happened just the same under Trump is anybody else that abortions in a change from the grassroots up rather from the top down and and they preferred various things in a Biden administration to try to understand people having different perspectives, but it is it for Jewish believers in particular because they're so strongly pro-Israel and also share our values about pro-life and profamily, etc. it I don't know you know II know that the vast majority of Americans use voted for Joe Biden.

The vast majority of American Jews are Democrat and they tend to Cheryl a lot of values with with a lot of black Americans. And in terms of priorities and how they vote and there's a common concern say with the Jewish community about the Christian right taking over the society and stuff like that but it's it's actually I know so messianic Jews, the didn't vote for Trump just because they felt he was so destructive with this character that he was turning the church into it like it an angry entity that we were so caught up with with nationalism in an unhealthy way, but they didn't vote for Biden either. They just that they voted third party or they set that part out. So I tell you I can't explain why. Absent know the people. But the thing is, I would love to bless and on the sale. Okay, tell tell me what I'm going try to find out he share your perspective and I may I may differ intensely.

I very intensely after, but please let me try to understand. Let me find common ground is not that many of us know what we 1% of of the world population Jews that leaving issue is is you the mission team know especially sovereigns like you.

Even a small number is let's let's keep our unity in Yeshua and then I just try to find out. Hey, I'm not judging. I just don't get it.

I can see you not voting for either candidate with my wife Nancy Ausmus Ocampo free the candidate.

I don't want Trump her for Biden, and what'll I do, but both provide that still baffles me and check my latest article and instructor where I speak directly to Christians who voted for Biden said didn't you see this coming. The agenda where he's going hate. Thank you for the call, the troth see again so all and by the way, to Christians who voted for Biden. One thing I'm saying is don't look at me self-righteous valuable patrol altar on 74 for Biden in the let's all fall in our face at the foot of the cross so my assessment is we miserably fail the Trump test miserably fail number one we are not united around Jesus.

We have been tearing each other up. We have been attacking each other. We have been judging each other. Salvation based on how we vote them out. But II get attacked, that the moment I just recognized by this president and vote for him. I recognize him as president.

Now I'm a communist flaming liberal baby killer owned by the deep statements. Crazy stuff that prisons coming from. So if we united around Jesus.

Even if we divide the Trump no fail big time there. Did we vote for him without tarnishing our witness. No, we tarnished our witness. Why because we got so identified any rallies in churches and Christian leaders at the rallies and and draping the gospel and the flag and then taking on the venom and the hatred of of politics and bring it right to the church referred her witness badly. I just heard from a British Christian who said the witness at his witness in England has been hurt by white evangelical support for Trump in America that we voted for him, but the way we became his people and noticed some people more Jesus people.

I say we fill the contest is a big reason we don't have four more years, Donald Trump, in my view, in my view I can share is my view and gets upset. Well, maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm just in the flesh and opinionated and foolish and pray for me that maybe I'm right but one thing is true and accurate reason for chipset is because it's something there right rough time for let's try one more call data Wake Forest, North Carolina. Time is short, but please weigh in with your thoughts go real quick where the church are individually responsible for ourselves and in our country were very blessed Bella choose our leaders and although we only have a couple choices at the end no one participate in the primary, when we actually get to choose. But our country great leadership and that being a symptom of the people's heart. Half the people in the church or I should say a bit better church people that compare themselves believers will divorce rate sheet on their taxes and all the all the other things that were called to be different and set apart. We do the same thing and then we look at who God allow to be our leader, Weatherby Trumper Biden, and we either side of the issue that we want to pay.

We rally and rave against it is about our own heart. Now that the problem it is our own heart as a believer that is the problem. Our government is a symptom of our country and the Christians out there just the tip of the quick which until it got a great word is the time you nailed it.

What's the condition of authority was the condition of our lives.

Everything around us else's business sense that here in America

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