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The Prophets and the Spirit of Idolatry

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 21, 2021 4:20 pm

The Prophets and the Spirit of Idolatry

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 21, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/21/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

One thing that drove the profits with jealousy the glory of God, which meant he would always expose idolatry. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have been a resident of fire school of ministry under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, kind today and take a single call yesterday there was so much to cover on Inauguration Day so will of course start with usually calls but lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call you get my emails. By the way, do you hear from me. For example, do a special lifestream like we did last night on Facebook or here's a synopsis of the new articles for the week or hear the new videos that we put out or special resource off we have for free material. We have you, Gary mouse was not take a medical asked Dr. SK dear and sign up and out you get a free mini book 7 secrets to the real Messiah, an e-book that will be a real good read, a real eye-opener and then for the next few days you will hear more about my testimony about our ministry back. I think you be really interested in that. So go to the website asked Dr. Brown SK dear before I take any calls today I want to focus on a central issue of the prophets. When you read the prophetic books in the Hebrew Bible, there was a tremendous jealousy for the glory of God. The tremendous jealousy of the reputation of the Lord a tremendous jealousy for who he is and and therefore there is a tremendous passion to expose idolatry to come against idols and the prophets often spoke with tremendous emotion because they felt the burden of the Lord and God's heart is passionate there are some theologians who speak about God being impassable, not impossible, but impassable. The impossibility of God which means that what we think of his emotions. Anger destroy those types of things that God does not actually experience those because of the experience.

Those that he would be changing. Rather, he is always exactly the same and what we would call his emotional life begin using human terms to speak of God that he is. He is always emotionally the same, but that he uses these terms like love and hate, anger, joy, or grief that he uses those for our understanding. II don't read the Bible like that I don't relate to God like that. I don't believe these are just terms we are created in his image and he in terms of his essential nature never changes but there are times when he is grieved.

There times when he is angry. There times when he is joyful and and he may experience many things, I'm sure he does simultaneously and again he is not emotional. Everyone of these things.

We speak of our absolutely utterly perfect in him.

But the prophets like Jeremiah. We talked for example, the second chapter of the book as as if God was married to Israel spiritually was an Israel went out after other lovers. Israel, without committed adultery. So God cares for Ezekiel 16 every passionate picture there with God raising Israel just for being a little child little girl baby girl just left to die.

Raises are this becomes old enough in the God is going to join together with her but she goes on commits adultery. This is the imagery of idolatry. There is just like a husband every every husband deeply in love with your wife, the thought of her committing adultery is is is unbearable that the jealousy the anger that you feel the hurt, the betrayal, all of that going off.

God uses that image of Israel's idolatry is is it adulterous act and therefore the images are mixed together about Israel sitting sexually often means Israel committee spiritual adultery is following idols in the prophets. To this day. Those of the prophetic heartburn burden for the glory of God burdened with a holy jealousy for who he is and when his people go and follow idols and worship idols. It it it burns within him and in it is now looking to those that cannot help looking away from the one and only God who can help in looking instead to worthless idols. Take a look with me in Jeremiah chapter 10 Jeremiah chapter 10 and in this is this is written again about people putting their trust in idols, so it starts off sure the word which the Lord has spoken to you all house of Israel. Now he's worn them don't follow the nations because the nations worship idols call Mara denied. This is what the Lord said, thus said the Lord do not learn to go the way of the nations and do not be dismayed by portents in the sky that the nations be dismayed by the key who co-taught me and head of the of the laws of the nations or delusions bridges the work of a craftsman hand. He cuts down a tree in the forest within acts. He adorns it with gold and silver. He fastens it with nails and hammer the does not talk aboutů People quote this by Christmas trees is not about Chris Mr. Cassis up out trees, making them into taking wood and making entitled right there like a scarecrow, a cucumber catch the cat patch. They cannot speak. They have to be carried for they cannot walk, be not afraid of them. They can do no harm, nor is it in them to do any good. Let's pause there from.

I was in India, one of my early trips there in the mid-1990s, and I was out in the small village preaching, and I I was talking to the people about worshiping the unseen God, the eternal God, the God created everything and I went over to a tree and I kick the tree and ice is just a tree. I kick the tree. It doesn't say anything. I didn't hurt the trees can't retaliate us.

It's a please explain this and I was using some the imagery that's found in the book of Isaiah and I said so if if I now cut a piece of wood out of fear and carve it now on the bow down to it, and they all they were smiling and laughing getting the point, but in their minds they were worshiping a piece of wood. In other words that's the way the prophets would speak it to expose it but near my notes on a piece of what it represents a deity earth where the moment I said of the part of the sound powered by that deity was idolatry can be very subtle. It seems so obvious from the outside.

What are you doing what you bound them from that statute sick log notes that statute the statue represents the God that I'm worshiping with a guy that I'm praying to the statue just represents a manifestation of the deity but the deity itself is hidden, but the prophets spoke about this if they were bowing down to the work of of their own hands because that's what they were actually doing arts go back to Jeremiah.

The 10th chapter, so he now Jeremiah now begins to praise the Lord Van Comeau how deny the Lord there is none like you got dull Aalto you are great for God. Devotion call big draw. Your name is great in power who would not revere you King of the nations for that is your due since among all the wise of the nations among all the royalty there is none like you they're both dull and foolish their doctrines, but the illusion that is a piece of wood silver being flat that is barred from Tarsus and gold from Ufa is the work of a craftsman. The Goldsmith hands. The clothing is blue and purple.

All of them of the work of skilled and you dress the thing up and all that it sits just this. It's made by people you can't worship that which you make the Lord is truly God is a living God, the everlasting King. At his wrath, the earthquakes nations cannot endure his rage and then a fascinating verse in the book of Jeremiah Jeremiah from the first verse to the last verse first verse of chapter 1 to the last verse of chapter 52. It's all written in Hebrew, except for this one verse, verse 11, which is written in Aramaic. Why keep not improving the home of a high addition mylar colonial of all, do the volume a are me to coach for my daily thus shall you say to them, the gods who did not make heaven and earth perish from the earth and from under these heavens or the gods who did not make heaven and earth will perish from the earth and from under these heavens medicals on to say, it's only the Lord who made heaven and earth. Okay, so put the text away for now and asked the question why is that verse in Aramaic. It's in Aramaic because that was what you call the lingua franca of the most common language that was used in the in the ancient Mideast just like today that the most common language used is Arabic course Hebrew now towards the use but massively more Arabic used in that region well in those days it was Aramaic if you want to speak a language that everybody could understand you speak Aramaic dislike if you looking for one language that most people would be able speak in terms of widespread different backgrounds. It's as American English.

If I more people speaking that so this is spoken in Aramaic because Jeremiah is being awarded to the nations nations hear this, the God you worshiping in the parish and then there's only one true God telling Israel will fall the ways of the nation.

Now let me illustrate something for you politically as we are in inauguration week when Donald Trump was president. I was looking to him to do certain things. I was hoping he would pass certain legislation. I was hoping he would take certain stands with appointing justices to the courts.

I was hoping that he would do what he could. As president to push back against certain things that were wrong in our country and to advocate for things that right not putting my trust in a man, but looking to him to do certain things as president because I knew that that he advocated for certain things that I thought were important in terms of certain policies and things like that. So when it was time to not nominate Supreme Court justices and and most recently become a barrier to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was hoping he would nominate her because I thought she would be a fine justice, and in particular a strong pro-life justice and honesty that something very dear to God's heart. Now Joe Biden's is in office and in terms of pro-life issues, he's gonna be on the other side in terms of transgender activist Ms. Goodby and the other side in terms of other issues where he falls with Israel things we shall see.

But I'm not looking to him to do any of these things I praying for him and I will I will stand against what I believe is wrong just like Donald Trump. He was even being so silly.

Good and bad seems goodbye and good in bed but but I have this sense of okay. I can't look to Manta this I just have to look to God and there is a very subtle thing. We look to other people. Other things other entities even even in a take out a loan when we risk trusting God for some it doesn't come through. It's often easy for us to put our trust in someone else.

Something else on the way all our eggs in the basket. That's what'll I will be back taking calls and much more. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is.

This is for go to the calls very, very important article calling for prophetic accountability.

A road with a tremendous burden actually wrote it last week.

Generally 14th and I waited.

Of course, until today to releases was the day after inauguration, and then I incorporated an anecdote from from yesterday into the article below is the article itself. I wrote a week ago I wrote it under tremendous burden really gripped with a call for prophetic accountability, especially for those that want to keep pushing a narrative normal wait wait wait and see when Satan noted almost a happen.

Those are still taught while notes can give me a few months and it's really an urgent word.

It's very very important. Please read it and share it widely. It's on the website Esther to it's up on It will be on other websites as well as strong appeal to those who prophesy Trump's reelection, knowing, and some people were were looking to Trump's reelection the same way they look to Christ resurrection I was against all hope it's going to happen, watch and watch and watch and of course it didn't happen. Many of us knew for some time. It wasn't going to happen and what I find very painful.

Now for the body because I'm concerned about the sheep and concerned about the Lord's reputation to find very painful is that number one there many people still don't don't say a word to lose weight to the 20th this way to the 20th.

Let's see what happens okay so we went to the 20th, the 20th comes and goes that you know this andů I will hear from you. You know the sediment will will hang on, you said way to the 20th and then the 20th.

Many people Sam Bragg after Lana Paula apologizing. One guy said to me when Trump is inaugurated on the 20th will you get on a ministry for year and go on a written apology trust, you bet your pet because thank you for fact it was like a happen. There is no ambiguity or question, and that soul.

I waited for the 20th and then said hey let's move on now. The conspiracies is the theory. This is not true. It's not true. There was never again be a military coup. There were there.

The mother is not waiting to arrest Biden and Pentz.

There is not a secret plan with the president to to comment office and not gloating. I'm saying this out of love was never true. I'm reading articles now from followers of chewing on thing we all got played. Yes yes thing was false running. Kate will you kick yourself sometimes it's out. It's healthy to kick yourself how do I get so deceived. I should've known better and then retrace your steps. Find out those of you who are still listening to prophetic voices saying it's not over something is going to happen. I assure you I guarantee you in the sight of God. You are listening to deceptive words on the timeout with a Trump can running for office in 2024 so that's a whole separate story, this presidency this inauguration. This reelection the two consecutive terms that were prophesy. The people I catch her say will be eight straight years and after that eight years of my pants see what happens with Mike pence the future.

May God bless him, but if you are still holding onto that you are denying reality and listening to false words. I beg of you step back, let little, you know you you throw cold water on your face do that spiritually. So to say that step back, spend quality time with God in his work.

He was in all my spirits telling me 12 year you were human beings were human beings we can have impressions and thoughts and feelings that are not God. Look it's it's just like you praying for relative. We've all done this most all of a sudden close to assuming that we love and there there terribly sick and we pray we pray we pray we really particularly CLECs know or think about because we want we want them to be a beloved and their family members and then they died in the music will be raised with the okay that was two years ago did not getting out of the grave. When you show returns the get out of the grave right but there is I can happen. I know what it is now it fits just what you want.

Would you desire understand what we've all been through that a member after my dad died suddenly of a heart attack in 1977. He was 63 years old when he died suddenly of a heart attack and not have a dream, and he was alive in the dream and I be sent out.

I love you and he knew I loved them, but get to tell. I love them right before you die because it knows about to die, and in the dream.

It was surreal within you wake up Scott so this is not the end of the world. This is not the end of the world this be people of faith. If you could have so much faith to believe that, against all odds on January 20 Trump was starting to be inaugurated in your holding onto that on January 19 turn that faith into prayer that God will work in the midst of a Biden Harris presidency where many of their goals and be different than ours knew their values can be different than ours and things can be very destructive, and my hope is not the Republican Party or the Democrat party.

My hope is in God friends let's exercise faith.

Let's not be wimps cowering in fear this before.

Let's before. But please, I beg of you, move forward, don't.

Don't look for another post from chewing on the notes. This is over, was never going to happen. Let's move on beg of you right to the phones and will will stay on this for a moment let's go to either in Puerto Rico, welcome to line of fire going through. Well thank you okay you answer me at America ninth Baker question is okay I would that little girl I'll wait out.

I would tell my mom throw I'm not the place always say that to hurt and pain Inc. if they are all you know that a day and hours meditation, communion or lambing gun in the English I miss something. What was it that you would say to your mother within my heart out. I was strong east trying yes okay and thinking that not all you you you buttery strong doll. Okay, thank you for that and getting on their onto Ithaca, I get a man named and have found their own needs rain in my heart always tell me the loan.

There you is so so here's something very interesting either. There right now tell you that I am not body fat getting scale yeah yeah so so either it's written on the amount of time yet so so this was really interesting that of many people of Hispanic descent do have Jewish blood and what would happen centuries ago was that Jews under duress and pressure converted to Catholicism In Spain happened in Portugal, but that's but many that would be in in Latin America today would have those roots under duress.

They converted some secretly continued to practice Judaism others knew of their Jewish heritage and and married within other Jewish families but were outwardly Catholic and lost a lot of contact with their Jewish roots.

But I've heard of many many in South America and Central America. Many, many, and med met them in America as well. Those of Hispanic background and they said we don't know why but we were drawn as Christians to the seventh day Sabbath and we were drawn to the biblical calendar and then we checked her roots and found out that that our ancestors will be called Marranos of the recalled pigs as their look to the second-class citizens, but by their fellow Catholics, but they were actually converse so state they were forced converts so they they did have Jewish dissent.

So this is something that is as wonderful as a follower of Yeshua because it does connect you in that way as well with the people of Israel doesn't make us higher or lower or better or worse.

We are one of the Messiah, but it's fascinating to say hey you have the same bloodline or connection there to that the very disciples himself or or Yeshua through through his mother so it's an interesting thing of God ultimately wants you, Israel Hillel open the door in order to get there. The dissent would have to be very recent and you have to be able to prove that your mother was Jewish to to be accepted in Israel as a citizen, but it's an interesting thing.

The key is you want to keep your eyes focused on Jesus, Yeshua, he central he's the.

The one that that has died for your sins and risen from the dead and now explore Lord what is this mean looses me that this is part of my heritage.

Hey, thank you for the call 86634 to write you. Your friend Manny from Brooklyn.

Next, but we got a break coming up so I don't want to start conversation now not be able to keep it I will give a recommendation to those who got off track to those who put your hope really deeply in the comp prophecies to those who believe some of the cueing on conspiracy and and some still are a post on Facebook earlier just urging people time to move on not gloating on. I told you so know God for bid would say please please it's time to move on. It's time to move on. People say no no no.

I'm still believing I sense my heart I should still believe or not, not the cueing on Islamic truth and you and you watch and see like I can only ask you to ask dog on your face and say, just one truth. I just want truth help me to embrace truth and then as you go through your own awakening of all my God, how did I get so deceived and so off put my trust in people or believe these crazy sources.

It's painful, but it will be the experience in lesson of a lifetime.

This could be the key to keep you from worst to set number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown go back to our friend Manny and Brooklyn. Welcome to the line of fire around hey so how are folks doing in your community. Now that the Trump committee voted is out. I hi almost having fish above the case of the sky, no time of morning so there is this concern about where the Biden administration will go over there and I spoke with someone in my yeshiva lecture pretty provided interesting week we go back and forth while we debated a bit. Yet the automobile. If you get the more secular community. Obviously, that the Jewish community then would be much more provide and the more religious community. Trump yes so you talk about today. Last time we spoke on theology. I think we were talking about Haggai.

The second chapter, you felt that I needed to read your book and how and answering your subjective beginning with volume 1, and feet.

Some of the argument a little bit better though. Also we we have a conversation beforehand thought you end up a conversation with a quote quote appeal, but now I I I just am a little confused about committee to clarify the point that you said at the end of the conversation. Remember the quote remember the very fine time of the dedication of the temple right what happened when Solomon got dedicated example the word filled glory where you very specific when most of the intergovernmental code glory what happened. Something very, so are you saying that I have about dedication of the temple, though some of the languages.

Thanks for asking that. In other words, when you have temple imagery right and in the context of the dedication of the temple and you have filled glory that exact same phrase used in Exodus 40 that exact same phrase used in second Chronicles 5, both of which talk about the manifest presence of God filling the tabernacle of the temple to the point that Moses or the priests could not minister and it you have that exact same phrase use their and the Te-Moak rabbis recognize that that did not happen with the dedication of the temple, then how could God say that the glory would be greater that he would fill that place with core MC future word of what he would do what we both agreed to fulfill his future.

I just like you're saying it referred to Herod beautifying the temple I'm sat referred to more than that, but how could that imagery filled with glory in association with the dedication of the temple mean something totally different than just material compared to the previous times when this is that the the house of God, so that was general in nature. The argument yeah but Mike what are you claiming that Haggai and chapter time of the dedication of the Bible know it's no know it's it's a speedometer that no right it's it's speaking of saying, hey, look at it and and been cussing but I'm going filled with glory), but and when you enter the temple with no real dedication right right is God saying in the future you thanks for getting clarification on that and and sorry if I wasn't perfectly clear on it so yet that the point is we both agree that their silver and gold involved in physical beautification even look at it right.

We we fully agree.

My argument is if God says something to fill it with glory since that exact same phrase is been used twice previously. Exodus 42nd Chronicles 5, both regarding God's manifest presence in the temple. How could it now in the future and when the glories can be greater than that of Solomon's Temple surely be material, silver and gold brick and then I said that's it's interesting that if you look at them infarction, the rabbinic commentaries.

There is debate about it and what is meaning that by no means universally say that it it's it's the physical beautification so it was so obvious you think that that would have been seen. Go regarding your other Undercurrents you mentioned The order your archiving on video. You mentioned data search bill with glory.

You'll find a firm believer 5.they work about their convoy hush or clay die Frank that God's glory are quite be my glory is always an extra were there to pick my fight with glory. It is only looking but Haggai Haggai doesn't make any mention of quite be or clay die, you're quite a sham, though maybe we should reckon that maybe these are different types of cloud the way we noted the other term are actually used differently right so that's this and I you could give in the so you agree that when it says fill with glory that it has a specific meaning elsewhere. What you have a product that what type glory and okay thank I was right right but none was that phrase filled with glory does not occur in all of the types of contexts right where God says I will I will fill with glory. That doesn't occur in other contexts that that's also not my pushing back against your point of simply saying you agree with me that when you search for that in the Tanakh. In the Hebrew Bible that it doesn't occur all over the place and it's a common it out could just mean be rich or this or that it's so your thing would be about whose glory what kind of glory. That's it. That's a fair question to ask the question would be in the mind of an Israelite who has seen the glory of God and the topic is member. This is God's house and the glory is gonna be greater in a good affiliate with glory. Could you simply have a material interpretation no doesn't say my glory right that's a counterargument that kind of recursive uses with going back and forth, but as an Israelite was unsatisfactory that okay it's beautiful but where is the presence of God where where is the thing everyone that marked it as the house of God in the past. Okay, what will you do admit that we know you know glorifying the temple work is definitely a interpretation of the Conduct in your book you will reiterate in a footnote same thing right like that it necessarily strong difficulty that we need this interpretation we are really not a necessity. It might be true, it might not be true though, I really would argue the burden of proof will live in their a reasonable doubt.

What is the critical right so that's what this is part of the threefold argument that I've used with Malachi 3 and Daniel nine words. I've had Haggai 2 raises to me a legitimate question than when I look in the Talmudic discussion and it references all the things that were lacking from the second Temple you know it would it would be like having a synagogue and you've got, you got the arc in the front and the Torah scroll and you said this synagogue is going to be holier than any synagogue we've had in more beautiful and you have all this noodles beautifully painted know all that, you know, gold floors, but there's no Torah scrolls like that. Excuse me, something central is messing up no II do not say that Haggai 2 is an indisputable prophecy that could possibly push back against, but rather part of a threefold argument and it when I look at the rabbinic commentaries I see that it's also simple to them either. They're debating it up. Yeah that's so that's a very rare if very fair observation and I don't I don't argue about that number, current your younger and not, now you're talking about that Molden beta micro portal third temple right right yet so I mean just for example, of course, have got me quoted below and in my library just next office across from here but not just with dysphoria website your right and just click on the passage and you've got everyone who's commented on it. And then there's the debate know it's longer in duration. Note was more Butte notes third temple so again if it was if your interpretation was so self-evident and indisputable. Then everyone would agree with it and see it whereas it could be and certainly is part of it right so in all fairness, like we we talked a few times and you know that that I'm seeking to be as fair and honest as you are. This to me as part of a threefold argument in itself certainly not decisive, but in the larger picture raises a significant question which I believe is answered by the Messiah's coming to the temple by the glory of God being poured out the spirit. A chuckle shuffled after his resurrection, and that's right Leavitt you know it's it's a piece of the puzzle that online but I will not now I've got I got referred other calls to be totally candid. I tried it because I love our discussion and I think it's very helpful for others as well because we comes to talk privately, but I think it's helpful for this to heroes process this together is to thinking views that I do try get extra time but I will be fair to the costs of goblin to the discussion in the future. Okay. I thanks for your call Manny right always glad to hear from an Orthodox Jewish individual who wants to talk and have a engaging conversation from a very helpful and I appreciate his sincerity all right. Let us go to Anchorage, Alaska Tommy, welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Brown. Thanks so much for what you been saying recently young hotheaded and big good have elders like yourself: down.

Thank you that you keep the fire burning but with with wisdom and that's what that's what we here to help with yeah a man and my question is all in the end. Roman is obviously talking about Israel and expecting that the phone to Israel, and Gentile young so not contact you talking about Israel like they are non-Christian to Israel.

Not only this hardness in part has happened to Israel. So Romans live right.

25. The ones who are hardened are the ones who will be saved. In Romans 1126 so when we get to Revelation chapter 7. It talks about hundred 44,000 but I don't take it literal, but it talks about 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes listed and then after that it talked about the exponent of every people punk nation so it almost sounds like Israel not contacted ethnic Israel. It got people meaning the church grafted in, like the guy I asked the candidate yeah I'm just jumping in to submit a break coming Tommy II look at it is to separate the some scholars look at it is Israel symbolic of the nations as a whole.

I look at it again, is this to groups that that you have during this great time of tribulation, whether it's picturing the church age are just the end of this age that you have a a a massive harvest of Jews and a massive harvest of Gentiles. This is not so much meant to be chronological things that are happening in 1200 and 12,000 separate seven just presented order. There is chronologic it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown live all right 866-34-TRUTH we go to Peter that we don't. All right, let's go to Blake and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Welcome to the line of fire got about her take our question today really appreciate it. Are you there hello go ahead, go ahead okay thank you. So I don't question regards to the Old Testament law and politics today and specifically in regards to the system of the economy, and so my question is if the law of the Lord is perfect, pure, holy, etc. but to what extent should we attempt to base our governmental laws on God's governing Israel, and how does Christ work. Change the application of the laws right. I love the way you phrase the question is very specific so that the view of the autonomy basically say that because God's law is perfect as you say that we should do everything we can to have a society in which that is the law of the land so I categorically differ with that. I do not want a society in which adulterers are put to death. Society in which an incorrigible.

He rebellious teenager is put to death the society in which a sorcerer is put to death on that that is not the society were looking for a society which the Sabbath breaker is put to death just to mention a few things for which there is death penalty. Those were given. It was perfect and it was exactly right for its time and it was a a schoolmaster, a pedagogue to bring us to the Messiah. Terms of the Torah. Now that we've come to the Messiah were no longer under that pedagogic education. It served its purpose. In fact, Paul makes direct application of the language of Deuteronomy, purge the evil from among you, which occurs repeatedly in Deuteronomy. He quotes that exact phrase in first Corinthians 5 and does not see put the people to death ready disfellowshipped so we want to learn principles from one learn principles of right and wrong. I am not looking for a society where if a man has sex with a man that he is put to death for doing that obviously were not talking about rape and abuse of a child and implications of that so there is a place for the death penalty. Theoretically, that can be argued the willful shedding of innocent blood. You take a life, you forfeit your life.

We have to have a perfect legal system though, or a legal system strong enough to guarantee that when I putting innocent people to death, but the key thing is to learn from the principles our founders read widely in the law books of the day and some of them used a lot of biblical material but it was the principal an end to the extent that say the colonies wanted to actually have penalties. If you don't go to church on Sunday are flogged. That was then trying to set up a theocracy and him and we do that we get in trouble will meet when we do that we we end up hurting innocent people and trying to force God on them and that will never work. So we learn principles of righteousness and an end. We learn from New Testament principles, how things are carried out and that we make application and that's that's what we do it.

It was for Israel. It was for the time we are not under the Sinai covenant rendering new and better covenant and that is my short answer to a big question, but I do very much appreciate autograph. You are very welcome.

Want to go to one passage, Daniel. The fourth chapter. Daniel chapter 4 and King Nebuchadnezzar loses his mind for a season for several seasons and what happened was pride entered his heart and he thought he was the one look at this great Babylon that I built. So God humbles him right we have the biblical account of this, we don't have a full parallel account in ancient Babylonian literature. We have this account preserved in the book of Daniel thence he comes to his senses. Let's take a look. The end of Daniel chapter 4, he comes to his senses and he says beginning in verse 33 there and then. My reason was restored to me my majesty and splendor restored to me for the glory of my kingdom. My companions and elbow saw me. I was reestablished over the kingdom and greatness given me so now I Nebuchadnezzar praises all glorify the King of heaven, all of whose works are just in his ways are right and who is able to humble those who behave arrogantly are, let's keep going down in the verses that follow, so this is this is what happens to Nebuchadnezzar and fifth chapter, we get into and and now there's judgment on the next king a fight. Let's will do this quickly. Let's go to Daniel chapter 2 Daniel chapter 2 and when Daniel interprets King Nebuchadnezzar's dream. He then tells him he there's only one God is only one God and this is that the God that gave me wisdom and insight so Nebuchadnezzar is humbled. God called him Nebuchadnezzar, my servant, but then he went too far in his pride and he was dealt with by God in in in the 10th chapter of Isaiah, a series called the rod in God's hand within a serious full of pride and and comes under judgment salute. Scroll down to verse 22 Daniel chapter 2 and will scroll down to verse 22 and it says he reveals deep and hidden things knows what is in the darkness, light dwells with him.

Fact go go back up a couple verses this a couple of verses here we go of certain verse 20. Daniel spoke up and said that the name of God.

Be blessed forever and ever for wisdom and power. His changes times and seasons removes kings and installs kings. He gives the wise, their wisdom and knowledge to those who know someone asked me on Facebook today. Have a look at the question really studied the question in depth of God setting approving kings of God having dominion, and it's something I've studied many many years ago we try to understand what is our responsibility how much does God do what is the devil do how much authority to see have what can he do, how much will God do without us. How much will he only do with us.

So here's what's clear he's God, and he does what he wants if he wants to set up one king and remove another. He does it. If if he wants to to raise up a heathen to do a particular thing he's God do whatever he wants to.

He will never contradict his nature, his sovereignty is never self-contradictory. Sovereignty is always praiseworthy. Sovereignty is always reasonable, meaning that it is in harmony with who he is but he as God can do whatever he wants to do. Now Satan has been given limited authority on this earth. Human beings have given that to them. They worship him as the God of this world and and Satan does certain things in terms of his own manipulation, but ultimately if God wants to overrule this or do this here and in Democratic Republic like we have so we cast our vote, but of God is a particular and that he wants to bring about. Then he can shift things as he desires to get who he wants in a particular person and is particular as it could be for blessing.

It could be for judgment four years ago I wrote that Donald Trump was president by the sovereign will of God. I meant that it wasn't just a normal election where we vote and and God says hey you get who you want for better or worse.

This is one where there seem to be more intervention for better or worse, because God had a particular purpose. There was no logical course by which Donald Trump became president, but he did in the same way in early 2020. There was no way Joe Biden was going to be the president that he ends up his president as he got sovereign him and that, for better or for worse. So there there. The dimensions of what God does with people do and with Satan. The city makes the claim and look for Jesus that he puts people in power, right, and to an extent because he is the god of this age. Meaning, the one that people worship and follow. So he does have certain authority that people have given him and he's involved in their affairs, but God is God. God is God so at any moment in any time inconsistency in in cannot inconsistent but in consistency with his will with his nature. He does whatever he wants to do for his sovereign purposes and doesn't have to explain himself to anyone.

So a normal election. I just assume that God is saying you vote and you get what you want because were not the kingdom with the king okay we we are Democratic Republic so under normal circumstances when when George Bush came in when Barack Obama came in the client before that just in my view, we were voting and we were getting what we voted for what it was good or bad.

We were getting what we voted for, and God is working through all of that, that when I see something that is more unusual when I see something that seems to that. There's no logical explanation for what I think something's going on here. For example, let's say that you have two teams playing to NBA basketball teams both find teams and and they play really well in the better team wins most of the time.

Okay then one day you have a team playing from elementary school think the kids are eight years old. They can really bounce the ball and they beat the best NBA team. In this case last year, Los Angeles Lakers.

They beat the best NBA team four straight games you something.

Something happened there. Something happened.

There is no logical explanation on the me with him a place to try. They try hi Kent, the kids were up to their knees beat them in every game and then you find out that there from this Christian school in God promised him to work a miracle to let her know that I'm involved with the size like that stimulus dollars at work so I recognize the many different elements, Bosch got sets of kings remove things that that principle applies, and I believe whether it's to bless or to judge or combination of things that Donald Trump was raised up in the Joe Biden was raised up and gives us seize the moment because I get your call. They

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