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We Can’t Sleep Our Way Through Another Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 9, 2020 4:00 pm

We Can’t Sleep Our Way Through Another Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Friends we cannot afford to sleep her way through another revolution started for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience as president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown walking friends to line of fire. This is Michael Brown absolutely delighted to be with you. I'm not taking calls today but I will give you a special number that you can call just won't be live on the radio so I will be taking live calls to date I have pre-recorded this broadcast to coincide with time to get away and seek the face of God.

So this entire week all the broadcast Monday through Friday are not live but they are, I believe especially relevant, especially important, and they have been prerecorded to give me this time away seeking the face of God really spending time with him as we come to the end of this tumultuous year and get ready for 2021, so sit back, take this in your listing if you're watching I believe your hearts will be stirred.

Now if our ministries been a blessing to this year.

Over the years. If you'd like to share a short testimony.

It's always great for a team to hear that it's great for others to know. It's encouraging for me as well.

But if the ministry has been a real blessing to maybe a godsend and a tee time in your life just under call 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480. And this is not to leave questions is not a question line okay but if you have a testimony maybe two minutes, three minutes max Gordon leave that or if you want to challenge me on something quite the opposite of a testimony. If you differ with me if you want to be a piece of your mind. Maybe one of those that attacks us on social media by all means go ahead and leave me a piece of your mind. Again, 1-800-618-8480 not the line to leave questions. If you have questions you can call in and he did it were alive or you can write to us via the website asked Dr. Brown ask a DR all right. I'm to be sharing some contents from the new edition of my book revolution urgent call to a holy uprising.

Whenever I use the word revolution which you hear day in day out on this radio broadcast, as I am introduced as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. II always want to qualify.

When I talk about it teacher that were not talking about earthly revolution violent revolution physical revolution were not talking about guns and bombs and knives were not talking about protest marches down city blocks and setting buildings on fire. I met so many of that were told by the spiritual revolution that becomes a cultural revolution because it's a moral revolution were talking about overcoming evil with good.

Were talking about overcoming hatred with love which argument overcoming lies with truth which argument overcoming the power to rule by the power of the spirit. It's the revolution. Jesus talked about when he taught us to pray for God's kingdom to come in God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

That's were ultimately contending for looking for the data usher in the return of Jesus were he sets up his glorious kingdom here on the earth right now. Our calling is to go in advance that kingdom through the gospel and Jesus will return to establish his kingdom. And at that time we will have a theocracy with King Jesus came to shore ruling and reigning out of Jerusalem. That's when that will happen. We are not looking to take over the world.

We are looking to go make disciples.

We are looking to go on the authority Yeshua gave us to go make disciples and set captives free hate every revolutionary movement is a movement of liberation and end say the communist revolution had the same workers of all nations unite, we have nothing to lose but our chains so we are in bondage to the upper class were in bondage to this capitalistic system are in bondage to this destructive way of life that that takes our earnings and other people use them and we are being exploited. We need our freedom.

That's the mentality of course communist revolution brought massive suffering and bloodshed with it near the whole counterculture revolution of the 60s man we want to be free cast off the shackles of the older generation cast of the expectations the older generation cast off the that the flesh and in terms of limitations. Just do whatever we want to do. Break break the laws and of course it brought bondage acclaim liberty but abroad bondage during the revolution that Jesus brought to the earth brings liberty sets captives free, delivers me from bondage and that's a theme he brings right at the beginning of his ministry, his first public message in Nazareth. In Luke the fourth chapter. What's he preaching that the spirits on him and and and and he's been anointed to preach freedom and care and liberty to the captives to set them free to bring good news so this is fundamental to our message that that is a revolutionary message that sets people free from the bondage of sin and now align some of the different kingdom in a different Lord, which is why the gospel brings so it's so much upheaval, what, when, when you going to a city or town in the gospel is preached it, whether it's Hindu, city, or a Muslim city or an atheist stronghold or drug cartel base of the Gospels. Good be disruptive because it turns people's hearts away from the earthly kingdom to the kingdom of God.

And there's a loyalty change and that's why in acts 17. The early disciples were accused of turning the world upside down.

They were not troublemakers. They were peacemakers, and yet their message was a direct threat to the kings of the state.

When I was asked 19th, there is a riot in the city there protest because through the ministry of Paul, the Gospels, going forth with such power and people being delivered from demons and people being saved and heal. While now there, the populace is not as interested in buying idols in the idle business takes a hit when when the kingdom of God advances good business for the kingdom of God is bad business for the kingdom of Satan. That's revolution I'm talking about friends. That's the change I'm talking about is the transformation that emphasizing here and and and Jesus gives us these radical principles like bless those who curse you, pray for those who despitefully use you, turns things upside down.

It's not the violent strong to take the earth but the meek inherit the earth. Things get turned upside down with the kingdom of God. The message of Jesus is a revolutionary message with friends.

The revolutions that take place in our culture and if we are not alert to them. If we if we let them happen on our watch. This changes will be so profound that the freedoms that we enjoy are the standards that were used to will not be there for the next generation want to read a little bit to you from my book revolution urgent call to holy uprising and I'm good be reading from chapter 3 all right if you're watching will put some of the text up and then I'll be commenting on it as well. Chapters 3 of the new edition of revolution is entitled, we cannot afford to sleep our way through another revolution and I start with some "the first one is from July 1967 William Ward air preaching to combat the present revolution in the journal bit pathetic is sacred and he says if the Lord tarries young men now preparing for the ministry will be preaching for at least 20 years in the most complex revolutionary. That is been seen in modern times.

This revolution is not the many political upsets of Europe and South America. Two days arising is world revolution. He recognized in 1967 the revolutionary times in which we are living in which this next generation would be Bill Bright on campus Crusade for Christ in his book revolution now 1969. What he said we live in the most revolutionary. Human history social Band-Aids and reform antiseptics give little hope for a cure or even an improvement revolution is needed, you can experience this revolution. In fact, you can help bring it to pass. 1969 for him. Of course that was being born again giving life to the Lord and being used in a revolutionary way and Tom Skinner evangelist Tom Skinner and his records revolution 1970 is that I'm convinced America is at her crisis.

Our revolution is inevitable.

It's just a matter of which faction is going to prove strongest and will win in the end, is that I believe most Americans look at this 1970.

I believe most Americans are so apathetic that they will just sit back and go to whoever wins the struggle a couple more "the beginning of this chapter 1st Chronicles chapter 12 beginning in verse 22 members will read verses 2223 and in verse 32.

Day after day man came to help David until he had a great army like the Army of God, these are the numbers of the men armed for battle, came to David Cabral to turn Saul's kingdom over him as the Lord said that it lists one after another warriors and well armed and skilled in battle but then look at this from Issachar menu understood the times and knew what Israel should do 200 she saw all the relatives under their command. So, in the heart of David's army right were not just mighty warriors, soldiers, well-trained people well armed but also also menu understood the times and knew what Israel should do beginning to seem your understanding the times recognize the dam which we live. Then look at this Russian sociologist at Harvard professor of material Masaru con in his book the American sexual revolution 1956, 1956. He said what used to be considered morally reprehensible is not recommended as a positive value. What was once called demoralization is now styled moral progress in the new freedom 1956 and then Allen Ginsberg, who was one of the hippie leaders of highly influential in terms of being a beat poet and know the beatnik will read a beat poet and then into Buddhism and Hinduism and flagrantly openly gay so so quite a radical and in the 60s and 1958 he was dialoguing with the conservative leader there going back and forth and at the end he said angrily. As I understand stood up as he was leaving as it will get you through your children.


All right get more into the chapter in a moment, but let's step back and consider this you have shifts already taking place in the 50s, but the more subtle you have a a thought radical like Allen Ginsberg 1958, representing a very very small minority of, these West Coast radicals were New York radicals are at an end.

He's already seeing ring get you through your children. We are where where you undermine your values reach your children and then it begins to grow in the 60s it begins to explode in the late 60s before you know it we are in the midst of a full-blown counterculture revolution. I live through it. I was always part of it, although on the younger end born 55 bar mitzvahed and 68 at the age of 13 is my semi-first rock concert Jimi Hendrix and consonant after the Janis Joplin and just the whole rock CNNMoney part of that got my blood became every drug use or for couple years before get radically safe, but there was something sweet in the culture.

There is something happening in a radical cultural shift and for the most part most part church slept its way through a massive chemical error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown friends a very special to share my heart with urgency and passion say we can afford to sleep our way through another revolution. Psychologist David Myers pointed this out about 20 years ago called that many times the city she fell asleep in your 1960 you woke up in the year 2000. Wake up to the divorce rate doubled teen suicide would be up three times reported violent crime of four times prison population up five times, children born out of wedlock up six times people living together out of wedlock up 72 things in her soaring rates of depression and other other major major shifts in our society and much of it. Much of the change came in the 60s and then accelerated and expanded through the 70s and before you know it, everything was different. I I have taught on an revolution as a theme in our ministry school for years now.

Our school is completely online.

If you want to find out more go to fire school fire school of but as I taught an revolution over the years and we talk about what happened in the culture. Through history the time of the revolutionary message of Jesus and how the gospel to bring about radical cultural change as we are changing and we impact the culture around us. I'll go to the 60s or go to the stats I go to the information I go to the assassinations in the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement and the positives and the negatives were mainly the negatives is not that many positives that happen in terms of national change will go through all of that and then is teaching a class in your students to list them in college-age taking this and it is an element illustrated for you and I'll begin showing the Beatles 64 and its television in Selma, so they seem so innocent you know the jacket and tie in the air. Their hair was long that results like what this old hokey and and then just go a progression.

A few years later Monterey pop and who smashing their equipment there and Jimi Hendrix and his guitar on fire and that your two years after that you got Woodstock and think what was five years and somebody's three years is dramatic, dramatic shift in the culture how did hammerhead happen so quickly in and out. I'll tell the students sometimes there there broken in tears as they as they watch this and see how culture shift the cut on a dime. So you know the girls with the funny hairdos and addresses in the big glasses that were screaming as the Beatles were playing here, screaming the zero there the audience of Ed Sullivan. I say they're the ones five years later with Bill, though totally different hairdos and high and sleeping around in Woodstock.

The same people so I get another generation came I remember I had I had not been to see my dentist Denzel once was a boy I'd not been to see him for some time and so it was the time when my hair was growing so again this is between the ages of 14 and 16 so I had not been there. Now I'm playing drums on cool on this drug user means selling drug man I'm really cool you know this whole bit to see deeply deceived and I walk into the dentist office and the receptionist. There hadn't seen me like a couple years and she burst out laughing because Sutley has a schedule that looks like an ugly woman you know a young woman that's that's with Nancy so picture. Years later, was laughing at us and your laugh because I look like a woman.

She said on the left exuded an ugly web lady hadn't seen me I walk it so they realize all look the call everybody but I really: I used drugs that euros just how this shift happened so quickly is just some was in the air and where of course one person responsible for evil deeds. But the bottom line is that for the most part, the Tristan recognize what was happening as was happening that the church recognized rebellion and and and and the evil that was taking place in the sexual revolution in the radical movements that were being birthed an interest in Eastern religion. But the church and realize number one, behind a lot of that was a spiritual search of spiritual looking for more looking for God.

On the one hand and on the other hand, people just anywhere here any minute, Jesus is coming soon. This is the final apostasy is over I remember here that when I got say that's what I was saying is this is a proof it's over. Look at this, the final rebellion final apostasy. Scripture speaks about in the last days. It is on the prophecies of all lined up so the church basically missed the revolution by limit limit share some of what I wrote in my book revolution. An urgent call to a holy uprising and alert read some excerpts from chapter 3 of the book, which is entitled, we cannot afford to sleep her way through another revolution, American experience, the cultural Revolution in 1960s the effects of that revolution had been felt until this day. Now, 20, 20 remember is to get another nation shaping cultural revolution. I warn you change can happen quickly. The country you enjoyed last year may not exist. Next year, just ask anyone saw happen before Roger Kimball observed the age of Aquarius did not end on the last electric guitar was unplugged.

Woodstock lives on our values and habits in our tastes, pleasures and aspirations that was on a special or educational cultural institutions and in the degraded pop culture that permeates our lives like a corrosive fog of the sometimes tempted to ignore.

We are living in the aftermath of the momentous social and moral assault. Friends wrote this over 20 years ago in his point was that the radical elements of the 60s now became the establishment became the professors in the media leaders in the political leaders, and so on. So to buttress his position.

Kimball called upon several other authors to testify to the great changes that took place in our nation in the 1960s on into the 1970s. According to David from we are the heirs of the most total social transformation that the United States is live through since the coming of industrialism transformation revolution is not envy at all these writers wrote this over 20 years ago, philosopher Paul Auster, Oscar Chris Teller, writing in 1991 stated, we have witnessed what amounts to a cultural revolution comparable to the one in China, if not worse was the Chinese have to some extent overcome their culture revolution.

I see many signs that ours is getting worse all the time 1991. No indication will be overcome in the foreseeable future, and Judge Robert Bork is in tort important work slouching towards Gomorrah. You claim that with the 60s may be seen in the universities as a mini French Revolution that seemed to fail, but did not. The radicals were not defeated by conservative or traditionally liberal opposition, but by their own graduation from the universities and there is was merely a temporary.

That's assuming a temporary defeat they enter ideology are all around us now, so these authors are saying that radical elements public revolutionary stuff than the demonstrates that they may be past but the forces went on to others of life.

Now enter having a more profound impact on the side so what this means in practical terms is what I wrote in the year 2000, 2000 is our public school teachers can hand out condoms but not gospel tracts wrote this in 2000 friends that homosexuals have the right to freedom of expression in the classroom.

The new evangelical Christians. The churches have to encourage believing teenagers to remain virgins until marriage.

But by the mid-1990s. The majority of women giving birth to their firstborn children can see those children out of wedlock nest. By the mid-1990s that we are moving from leave it to beaver to Melrose Place and for Mike Douglas remembers daily TV talk show the team to Jerry Springer this is the tip of the iceberg friends again. I wrote this 20 years I've conducted impromptu surveys will speak and threaten America asking all those 50 years old.

More to stand up and respond to questions today in 2020.

I've asked the question of people at least 65 years old. First, when you're in high school. Did you know of anyone. Your age should be to try to commit suicide or actually committed suicide. Invariably, just a few hands go up.

In some cases the one hand is raised second when you're in high school. Did you know any girls your age, you either had a child out of wedlock, had the abortion this case. If you more hands go up. But it's still a small portion of the standing. I then repeat this with the young people between the ages of 15 and 19, without fail, when I put the same questions to them almost every hand is raised in response. Many times, every single hand was raised in many of these kids church kids educating Christian schools women homeschool different world are being raised in way to change society that confronts them at every turn. Life this is the only society they've ever known, and what what makes my unofficial survey all the more striking is that the fewer the older crowd raise their hands did so because they knew one person their entire school. He fit the description was many of the teens know of numerous people who fit the description revolution did make an impact on our society. Over 50 years ago and the results of it are undeniable. Your 1968. In particular, was a turning point not only America but also around the globe was 1968 the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F.

Kennedy were assassinated hippie and hippie activists rock Chicago during the Democratic convention, but the riots broke out inner cities, and student protest erupted on college campuses often produce dramatic change in effect at the beginning of 1968. Some secular universities had curfews and dress codes by the end of the year. Those rules were gone, a thing of the past almost unsinkable in today's society. When my friends admit Israel to the Jewish believers saved in the early 1970s told her that when he first attended college in the fall of 1967 almost all the young men were fraternities hardly any of them had long hair took drugs when you later in the fall of 1960 thing to change dramatically. Everywhere you look young men were growing their hail on doing drugs and dropping out fraternities we change one year brought pastor grew up in small-town America told her that he and his teenage friends used to hang out together and get drunk then he said it seemed as if over the course of one week in 1969 took a little longer for the cultural changes to hit small towns. All his friends not getting credit. Stop getting drunk and start getting high. As Bob Dylan sang the times they are change in France. The revolution of May 1968 began on college campuses and spread to 12 million workers throughout the nation almost toppling the government of Charles de Gaulle similar tremors marked the rest of the rest of Europe. So much so that the generation of Germany shape by those events is called the 1968 generation Mexico in 1968 Olympics member, the defined black power adjuster by silver athletes, college campuses erupted protested and Anna lost 68 was the year when the world shaking the church recognize the moment. For the most part number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line if I am not taking any calls to commenting on breaking leave your hearts will be stirred as we talk about how the church cannot afford to sleep its way through another revolution, but which I mean the cultural Revolution look when I put out the first edition of my book revolution in the year 2000, the whole miraculous story with that we we shared the story how God provided funds to give away 70/70,000 copies of the book the day it was released just extraordinary series of events I was doing my best at that time to convince readers that we were living in times of upheaval in our culture, and that a cultural revolution was coming online another is a civil buckets can be hell to enter heaven. Sensitively, one of the other is to be a matter of which group is able to lead the way in the culture at runtime at 88 a forceful takeover which I'm an ideological color change or conceptual change.

Moral change based on a spiritual change which direction to go.

It was hard to get people to believe that we were in times that were so revolutionary we just look at one area of activity LGBT activists from 2000 till today you can recognize the world which would it if if I got up in your 2000 and said, by the way, by the year 2020. This this this this what nobody would believe me. Bill laughed at a church [TV appearances just publishers were laughingly crazy thing, a habit what happened and happened on our watch friends so changes of calm but now as we put out the new addition of a revolution urgent call to holy uprising to convince people living in revolutionary times we have people marching down our streets and this is revolution burning down our city saying this is revolution coming towards goals and sing. This is revolution coming to the political say this is revolution there is no hiding of intent and the radical change that they want to bring about and bring to pass. These people are enemies of Satan's or enemy. We pray for those that that oppose the gospel repose biblical bugs we pray for them, recognizing how God had mercy on us, and how ignorant that we were some of us in our rebellion and unbelief but but right now were in radically revolutionary times we can afford to sleep only through this revolution. Like much of the church did the counterculture revolution of the 60s we we can't if we do it will mean a fundamentally different America and one which her kids and grandkids will will raise their kids in a very very different world is is surely assigned Jesus to be here any minute. That's what I heard 50 years ago exec Larry 50 years ago still has not returned. By the way you get revolution on our website. If you buy in bulk and went out to others you get revolution on a website asked her to or just go your favorite online book dealer, whether it's Christian Barker, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and you can get paperback or e-book or an audiobook.

I let me let me read to you from chapters 3 of. We cannot afford to sleep her way through a revolution and have been focusing on the year 1968, right and I'm going to share some content from the book. If you have the book on page 40 like to read along it in 1960s and early 1970s were years of tremendous seasoning. Yes the 1960s and early 1970s were years of tremendous upheaval and change years of shaking disruption years of moral and cultural revolution. Yet for the most part, the church slept her way through the revolution. The devil sees the moment, while God's people miss the opportunity of a century one is redoing speaking of sexual the sexual revolution in 1982 article in Esq. magazine observed the revolution enjoyed one swift victory after another, filmed and printed erotica that would've shocked. In 1965 elicited yawns. 1975 within less than a decade the sexual experiments of West Coast college students and hippies came the step of everyday life for blue-collar workers in Des Moines and Texarkana perhaps never before has such a radical shift in Moore's's and our values morays occurred in such and so sure a time in light of this fleshly onslaught. Randy Alcorn, author of the program, the Christians in the wake of the sexual revolution can only ask where was the church when all this was happening what it do the counter, the country's moral decline is carefully documented answer is a painful pill to swallow most part we American Christians did not counter the country's moral decline. We contributed to it. We participated and if the doctors made the light dimmer, rather than the light, exposing and brightening the darkness, when the indictment another indictment is even more painful. Recognize this one breaks my heart to this day the church missed one of the greatest potential spiritual harvest in modern history since the 1960s were a time of seeking and questioning a time in the very meaning of life is up for grabs on the Gaza materialism and greed were announced in the power of the traditionalism was cast off with a golden opportunity for the people of God to rise up and say we have the answer. We have the real thing but we missed the moment to the sour. The thought of because of pain. How many lies needlessly destroy. It seems that even Mad Magazine had more spiritual insight into those critical years than did many Christian leaders satire is in the late 1960s as a time of great spiritual hunger, especially among young people that in April 1968 edition of mad featured Alfred E Newman on the cover, pictures, a hippie and surrounded by the words turn on to and in dropdead true form. This particular issue contained a mock new periodical called hippie magazine. The turns you on hippie was acutely aware of the signs of the times are good, take a break from reading this text for a moment, just give me some personal background. When God started to stir my heart the late 1990s with the theme of revolution and I realize that so many gospel truths could be gathered together around that theme, leave everything for the cause of your life for the cause conflict in kingdoms overthrowing the status quo, but not through worldly means that through hatred and violence and intimidation and anger, but through gospel means I realized I realized that I had lived through the counterculture revolution of the 60s without understanding how deeply ideological was in other words, as I was researching and buying books on revolution try and understand Islamic revolution communist revolution the American revolution just different revolutionary movements have a happen. How do societies get transformed for better or for worse. Try to understand the mindset I kept seeing books about the counterculture revolution counterculture revolution of thinking okay I 60s I associated you know as I started getting high started finer rock band and needle sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll.

That's what I thought the six yet protest against Vietnam war But because I was so young.

During it again going 55 first rock concert the age of 1319 68 so young 14 years old I start getting high could say that. 16. That's 1971, all right, but I'm still relatively young in terms of I'm part of the antiwar protests that are against the war in Vietnam. Not because I know what the conflict is about, because it would understand the issues are, but because my generation is against it and were against the older generation was I got carefully and philosophically thought through the issues to really understand what was at stake and what was going on. I was young and just in it more for the party scene than anything and in the rebellion of the culture.

I just took on.

Therefore I espouse these causes, but there folks live with older you know, college agent and move past that and they had a larger ideological objection to the side of the rejected the American dream. They rejected the materialism they rejected the standards of the older generation. So I tried to go back to the 60s.

That's okay. What did the world look like to me growing up. Wow, did I understand the cultural changes and to what degree were they not just flesh driven in terms of ratifying the sinful desires of the flesh but but also ideologically driven and yes by a spirit of rebellion, which of course is flush so as a boy I had a subscription to Mad Magazine.

The famous satirical magazine that I understand over the years got raunchier and less readable but it was tremendously clever, no doubt have a lot of Jewish writers for Alfred E Newman was that the face of Mad Magazine semi-familiar with this :-) in fact, Pres. Trump marked one of the Democrat candidates. This is looking like Alfred E.

Newman. That's how the name may have come up more than last year.

So I I I got online and I found that there was a compilation called mad about the 60s, a compilation of the best articles satires from Mad Magazine to the 1960s all in one volume. So this was going to enable me to go back and read some of this amendment out how it looked that I saw the world. That's what was happening around me try to understand this better.

And sure enough there was a special section in in one of the additions from 1968, and it was the hippie magazine and that an satire rising the entire hippie movement and painting Alfred E Newman as a hippie Sony. Let me read to you a little bit more from this is, I share about Mad Magazine. So I said that it seems that even mad had more spiritual insight to those critical years and did many Christian leaders and I mention this 1968 hippie edition with Annette among the headline articles was what to do about God after finally fun and this is mad magazine recognizing that there's a deep spiritual search taking place in the midst of the whole sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, hippie movement, Mad Magazine more insights than many of the preachers among the headline articles in this 1968 special hippie edition what to do about God after finally find while hippie's classified ads included young male hippie leaving for India to find God desires young female traveling companion in case I don't connect and looking for God, I'll tell you where to find them. No kidding I know is that there is one dollar gets this information ready back in seven days if you're not completely satisfied with him other. As pointed to Eastern spirituality, including amounts for both meditation and sexual adventures and cures for hernias by sitting in the lotus position. How accurately disparity the spiritual journey so many young people.

Ron management had the insight to recognize how many Jewish seekers populated that 1960 generation creating hippie names such as Mohammed Tishman Zen Rappaport and Shaw burned down, and featuring a counseling column by Abba Bana Don which is Hebrew for father-son event Mad Magazine and he was identified as a mystic seer, a prophet, a poet, a freethinker and an aluminum storm door salesman bladder course to provide an income where the questions posed in came from rattled with in Chicago dear Abba, I'm approaching 30. I still haven't found God mentor getting uptight over it. How where can I find him. Abba replied dear rattled the loser cool. I'll tell them you're looking for hand the next time I see him. This is Mad Magazine friends.

This is mad.

Recognizing certain physical 1968.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. I do hope that your heart gangsters is mine stirred in writing revolution began reading some excerpts from the new edition revolution an urgent call to a holy uprising.

It's available in paperback e-book or audiobook.

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So join us. Let's partner together. Let's really make an amazing impact for Jesus in the year 2021 right so one night saw my came to faith and 71, and then began to learn some of the theology of our church. These precious people prayed me into the kingdom these precious people put up with my foolishness in my space in my early weeks and months in the Lord and many of them said great examples of loving Jesus and living devoted lies in being people of the word and prayer and faithful spirit to their convictions, but I, I, as I learned the theology more that was being taught. It was a particular understanding of the end times and pretrip rapture that basically said everything will go downhill before Jesus returns and were living in the last generation now.

So everything is going to get worse before Jesus returns. So it's it's kind of like you believe that your your 30 years old, but somehow you believe that your health is only going to deteriorate from here on. So everything is stress go wrong with your health. The slightest thing rather thing. Okay, we can fix this. Going to the doctor if I was gone or just my lifestyle or do I need to do something and go downhill from here. I would live like that picture your kids go through rebellion is as teenagers, but you believe it's only get worse from here instead is an okay reason to go through a phase will come out of this.

On the other side will help me through it.

No, there's a defeatist mentality. What we have that on a societal level.

To this day, friends to this day. If I talk about something terrible happening in the news a regular response that I get a regular response that I get is this the end days.

It's the last days the end times is over. Jesus coming any minute and Emma, I want to see him in my lifetime at the great gold number one goal. I would have aside from pleasing the Lord hearing. Well done good and faithful servant is seen come in my lifetime. I think we all long for that right. We love his appearing. But to see the suffering and pain of this world and see her Lord face-to-face that impasto death while thinking back to when I hope tell you a blessed hope, right. The glorious appearing of our Lord. But regardless of your end times theology you need to have the mentality of an over comer and and here we are now and maybe Jesus doesn't come for 50 years. May we have the greatest awakening in America's history and then collapse or maybe collapse in the great awakening leading to his return or or maybe as I understand parallel extremes that the darkness will get darker and the light will get brighter as is God's moving in different ways in different locations, but let me share a little bit why this concerns me so much and I'm really excerpts from a revolution book. The second edition. The chapter while we cannot afford sleeper way through another revolution, so time of this theology of defeat and I say this tragically, the theology is theology of defeat produces a mentality of retreat.

This is exactly what happened in the 1960s. One reason or another, God's people missed a massive opportunity to provide reality to confused and dissolution generation. There is however not asleep. Speaking of the turning point in modern homosexual history. The Stonewall riots in New York City in 1969 Jackie Miss Mark Rubin asked how did that singular event in June 1969, become the Fountainhead for so many of the changes that have made the world so different for queers. 30 years later. This is what is writing reflecting back in 1969, wrote this 30 years ago. Some of that hit his answer it's spawned the gay liberation movements of the Stonewall riots in June 1969 spawned the Gaber liberation movement.

This is what Mark Rubin says gay activist. First there was the gay liberation front, proclaiming loudly, clearly and brilliantly decrease the gay is good in a queers head and body within them all.

The genius of humanity and owned all privileges of that status is a GLS. The gay liberation front was conceived as being part of the entire liberation movement. One segment of the worldwide struggle against oppression use of the Gay activists Alliance did for writing the revolution into law. In other words, with disc activists in looking back is really change the culture. Churches that were here any minute cactus and really change the culture of the individual members would ally themselves with causes not directly related to the oppression of homosexuals. The organization single issue focus enabled it to direct all of its energies towards working intensively in on with and against the establishment and issues affecting lesbians and gay men to transform the culture of the boldly openly. It said the gay liberation movement; Mark Rubin, we demand our liberation from repression and to the point were repressive laws removed from the books and our rights are written into the documents that protect the rights of all people without that writing, there can be no guarantees of protection from the larger society. He said the means to achieving these ends included Street actions famously design this saps marches, picket lines, political lobbying, education, active promotion of the need for lesbians and gay men to come out of their closets and a constant in-your-face presentation of the fact that gay is good. Its goals are revolutionary in that it's sought through these means to re-structure society will did Mark Rubin know that it year 2015, the Supreme Court would redefine marriage in the White House would be lit up in rainbow colors in celebration little could they have imagined what was going come but all the churches and were here any minute. These the last days cactus the same reason, restructure society and they did so I write in revolution.

The gay activists were not only ashamed they pursue the agenda to change society and they succeeded. It is even a Gay pride month in Israel, God's people missed their opportunity but gay and lesbian activists on the stairs, we were trying to overcome our shame and convince ourselves to stand up and be counted. Groups like*the street transvestite activist revolution made themselves heard of them on the 60s groups like*the street transvestite activist revolution Durocher Martin Street sewer shame to take the gospel to the streets for this we should feel ashamed without a Bible guide them by the Holy Spirit to lead them without eternal life to encourage them. Gay activists burst carried forth an ambitious agenda to change an entire generation wash ever became of our agenda.

Of course there were Christian voices in the late 1960s. Recognizing the nature of the hour and proclaiming Jesus is the greatest revolutionary ever. These voices were few and far between.

While in some cases they adequately diagnose the gravity of the situation. Most of them failed to prescribe an equally serious solution failed to fight fire with fire failed to realize that the best answer to sexual revolution is a spiritual evolution that the best answer. Homosexual activist was Holy Spirit activist with the best answer.

Women's liberation is liberation into the forms of womanhood to the gospel and we failed to realize that we are revolution was needed most was within the church itself. Another fact painfully illustrated those turbulent years when God rose up and began to move was become known as the Jesus people movement or the Jesus revolution.

Okay that's all have time to read from the book. Of course, I urge you to get it really was passion if I could push a button and download the material into your heart. I would get the book get a kick your friends give give them out by the by the truckload three did the first time they met over 70,000 copies shipped on on to 18 wheelers to DC when that when the book is first edition was published get about boatload Carlo truckload plane load whatever cannot your friends contact or ministry S. Dr. Brown is Kadir to get them in bulk.

When you do what will give you cases by these in bulk will you be cases of the first edition free as well to give out. Yeah, we want to help get this message out to see what happened now late 60s early 70s the Jesus people movement, hippies, radicals, rebels, current get saved from all around the world joining these churches.

Most of the churches were ready for us posted churches did know what was happening slipped away through the counterculture revolution, so three through Jesus revolution missed the great harvest and so many one properly disciple fell away, friends, heart, please hear me cannot afford to sleep her way through another revolution to right now is precalculus eyes to see pastors, leaders, people in the front lines, moms, dads, educators, single guy give us eyes to see, give us a heart to understand, helps to be like the sense of the support understand the times knowing what is

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