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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Most Pressing Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 4, 2020 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Most Pressing Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Let's do it. Phone lines are open to questions got answers to the stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on our Friday broadcast on the line of fire. You got questions. We got answers from eyes wide open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the earlier that you call it a chance we have of getting to your calls during the show. Also, right after the broadcast. Literally. Immediately after the broadcast I run out the door probably literally run out the door and out will be going over to the airport fly out of town and not getting wait for week. I'm not done this in a very very long time. But I'll be getting away for week alone. Seek the Lord do some writing but really just to to be before him. As we come to the end of this extraordinary year very difficult year for so many. And every day next week we have a specially recorded broadcast. You can be blessed.

We got one a great interview with Sean McDowell of the special broadcasts are prepared so prepare to be blessed every day next week and I will be taking calls but will be interacting with you and other ways. All right, 866-34-TRUTH and Google are gonna go straight to the phone. Starting in Baltimore Maryland with Tom welcome to the line of fire while I will regards to a question along told me and it, the air, challenge I'm a Christian and the, challenged, all believe in and out in the foundational Christian what they will. The air that if Christianity is real and out authentic lives, but that you have to believe limit or it appeared real. So for example they spent that you will not know when I was the individual or company. We are real and will have to believe in real real without believing or not, and especially what they spent was believe is only fair when something cannot be proven. Something cannot be proven is not true.

If something is true, it doesn't have to be believe limit was the future and ever so state post a question something really got through man and child small leaders in Christianity is both like that solstice. What about the law. Thank you for asking the question. Sorry for your honesty. It's the exact opposite of what they're saying, believing it doesn't make it real, it's real.

Whether you believe it or not believing it enables you to experience it. Let's look at a few different possible examples. All right, how can I prove to you that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead.

2000 years ago.

How can I prove to that Julius Caesar died the way history says he died. How can I prove to you that King Solomon. These are of a serial invalid site. We have no video records right we have now we can try and travel back by fear.

If you put your trust in the living God, because Jesus did die for sins and rise from the dead double make himself real in your life that you'll get to experience the reality that all the other ancient events. You just after lion historians of what they say, etc. and we have all the history verifying what happened as well about Jesus right.

But what we're saying is no contrary to all everything that happened in previous generations, you can experience it for yourself as if you were there when you open your heart to God you civil what I have to open my heart to God.

Okay, so you meet a beautiful woman a great personality, wonderful lady see single you're single you think I could really spend the rest of my life with her. Let's go have sex no you don't do that piece of to build a relationship you and I can give one of your bodies to one another until you're joined together in the bond of marriage. So the same weight God's I can share his treasures with people who mock him and despise him, but when we honestly say God I want to believe. If it's true. Make yourself real. He'll do that just one other example right of your firemen right you you at the scene of a fire there somebody a kid in a bedroom screaming fires, coming close to get up on the ladder you are real and the kids real correct.

There was bathing that, but in order for that kid to come in your arms yes to trustee and then from there you can rescue so trust just makes what is real, personal trust, what makes what really happened. Experiential and trust is not okay. Make-believe make-believe make-believe in our fantasy will become real. And now you are Lebron James and you are a superstar basketball player will know that that's over saying we're saying that God is there to help you and bless you and if you look to him. He'll make himself real and the things that literally happen in the past. You can experience because Jesus is alive. So contrary to other dead religions that history, ours is the exact opposite. You can experience Jesus for yourself so much a little creature.

You are very welcome. The last thing if sources envelope is true or not say will study the evidence.

Study the history, the archaeology, the arguments, but then asked God if you really there and this is true, I'm sincere. If you if you make me to know that I will follow you hate Tom God bless you, thank you for the question. I trust the Lord's grace will reaffirm what I just said all right let us go to Portland, Oregon. Erin walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown can you hear me okay all yes I can perfect. I wanted to ask your question about Genesis chapter 2 verse three it it's in regards to the seventh day Sabbath. I have family members who are observant of the seventh day Sabbath and I really don't have an answer for the fact that God before the giving of the law, blessed and sanctified, or made holy.

The seventh day of the week and he even rested on that seventh day of the week.

I wanted to hear your thoughts about that.

If I am to believe that I can esteem every day alike.

What what what my answer to Genesis chapter 2 verse to write. So first Romans 14 is close right into a community of Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus living together, he makes very clear that some esteem.

Every day the same in others. Esteem one day higher than another. That's so he makes clear that you have these differences within the same community. That's 12 in the second chapter of Colossians. He warns against pressure being put on people to observe the seventh day Sabbath saying that's the shadow the substance. The reality is found in the Messiah and then Matthew 11 verse 20 to 30 Jesus has come to me and find rest, is the ultimate fulfillment of Sabbath rest and and and he responds to us finding ultimate rest in him. So God did sanctify the seventh day, and it could also be a symbol of eternal order of God of 6000 years of humanity in 1000 years of retina. Whatever people want to make symbolically from it, but the bottom line is that from there until Exodus the 16th chapter. There's no reference to Sabbath. There is a reference to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, knowing anything about it and we get Exodus 16 the children of Israel are what is this why did we get double manna and say all well tomorrow, Sabbath all they know about it was brand-new, so if this is something that God instituted for humanity wise in the reference of it and then with within that the tour itself and then reiterated in Ezekiel.

The Sabbath was a unique sign between God and Israel. He never gave it to the whole world is a command and in the early church, especially under in the Roman world unit unless you are a Jew living in the Jewish community, you can have a 70 week cycle where you could get off and not work you you know you are working to be 10 days. Whatever the cycles were and there's no evidence anywhere in the early church that the Gentile believers observed the seventh day Sabbath. In fact, they didn't understand why the Jewish believers did that baffle them in a bit late. They got somewhat disconnected from the roots so it's nowhere given as a command until Exodus 16 and even then I was follows explicitly for the children of Israel. So it's perfectly fine for Kristin to observe the seventh day Sabbath. God never commanded the eighth day were the first in the week. Sunday never commanded that is the new Sabbath, but it's absolute not required and what it points to. We now find rest in issue. So you could just say hey could you show me specifically anywhere, which ostensibly restrict service of the seventh.

You have examples of people joining themselves to Israel UNIX that do this in Isaiah 56 and things like that and being honored, but does it say anywhere that the Gentile world is commanded to keep the 70 Sabbath in this age know it doesn't so you can't go beyond what Scripture says in on if the logic was true, as is will just find out about in Exodus 16. So that's how it approaches all right. Thank you that I got my point is, because I do mean you know I did email him every verse in the Bible name. It seemed like got it thing I blessed the day, day of holy I don't want to go against something God said so I got one struggling with what is now made everything he sees something every day holy.

In Jesus, that's the whole thing. We ran out to a new and better covenant he's made every day holy in him and are holding this is found in being in Messiah, not in the day, not in the location and again. That's what Paul explicitly says in Romans 14 and then if your parents have an issue saying taken up with caucuses that don't judge another manservant and I'm just being obedient to the Lord. And again. The other thing is there so many things God gave Israel to make them holy to set them apart from the nations, and many things wouldn't even dream of practicing today because that was given for specific purpose of the specific time so II love every syllable of God's word but it must be rightly applied. Hey, thank you for the question 866-34-TRUTH hate let me mention two new articles to once upon the stream. My facial position on electoral fraud. If you want to know why I'm not shouting from the rooftops.

The selection is stolen.

We must do something about it and why am not shouting from the rooftop stop listening to these conspiracy theories of you in those elections not stolen. Read the article, it'll express the real concerns. I do have an and the real mandate for the church and not downplaying the seriousness of the moment at all, but that'll explain it right. My official position on election fraud and enter own website Esther to SK DR another article just posted today that asked the question, since one is loyalty to Tromp.

The test for conservatives. Yeah it is bizarre when people call me quote a leftist. This is a hate, but don't put too much trust in a man so they become… Weird but anyway will straighten out. Bottom line is that political leaders have come to us. He holds what positions they come to us and then we stand with you. Go to them and sacrifice our right, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown will fire the light to be do you get my emails would keep reminding you week we've got some neat things set up to share more my testimony give you some background for ministry. When you sign up immediately get a free mini e-book, seven secrets of the real Messiah than get updates every week or latest videos latest article special resources so more mature. Stay in touch plus in the middle get kicked off Facebook Twitter YouTube these different outlets that we have in this way we can stay in touch with you asked Dr. SK DR yeah by the way, I just seconds ago, literally. During the break I posted this question on Twitter when did you first learn that the Southern Baptist denomination was formed to break away from northern Baptist because the Southerners want to keep their slaves and uphold the practice of slavery therefore choices just learned that now always knew it within the last two years with in the last 10 years so see what responses we get to that all right. Let's go to James in Manhattan.

Welcome to the line of fire hi Dr. thank you for taking my call. You're welcome. I have a question about conspiracy theories and Christian somebody like you went on flat and anti-vaccine that my question is why is it that Christians are seemingly so highly represented that scholars and promoters of these theories. I don't have data but many of my other matters on social media. The I share the same feelings. Yeah, I don't have hard data. Yeah, I share the same feelings and concerns. Okay, first, my I'm a colleague research scholar who has been working feverishly the last couple months to put together the definitive book on. She went on a it's going to be out sometime this month and hopefully not next week but the week after will be doing a live interview and releasing the book or exiting a publisher with her own publishing company that so eager we are to get it right out. He's become like the number one authority on. She went on and it's it's it's scary about only save the cueing on discussion for then. So James, here, here are my thoughts as to why it seems that many Christians are even more prone to believe conspiracy theories than the general public. One reason, and I'm not giving these in a particular order and it's just it's my speculations are one reason would be.

We believe the Bible and the Bible often has us questioning the narrative in the direction of the world. We see the world society going in one way. So where were counterculture were questioning it. You have your value teaching evolution in the schools going evolution, we reject that right and and you know you're going the way of of of transgender activism based on instead of Scripture we reject it. So were often going against the popular narrative and questioning which obviously can be healthy or it can be unhealthy but but use you see that okay that's 12 as letter Christians think a lot about the end times and because of that, the old Antichrist one world government. Those kind of things so when they hear George W. Bush talk about a new world order. Woo when they hear uncle Merkel talk about the New World order one world order or the H.

W0 talk about the World Health Organization in a one world health like so were immediately thinking Antichrist vaccine mark of the beast chap.

You know, etc. so we can be more prone to conspiracy theories because of certain end time scenarios and theologies of another is skepticism of secular media and was being reported to us because of quote fake news and then the last is Donald Trump. In other words, because he is a you know whether it's the birther thing with Obama whether it's gone back to 2012 saying elections are rigged when he when he loses in Ohio to cruise it's rigged crew stole this etc. so he's always always pushing things and and coming up with his own theories and you can't trust anybody. So a lot of Christians being trump supporters are now disbelieving everybody else unless Trump says I'm exaggerating a bit, but I think those are some of the factors in its is very concerning to me because of okay. How shall I say this also bluntly makes us look like idiots and basically look like fools. That is a hello skepticism wonderful healthy skepticism you here subsequently check it out when we study in that sense, the spirit of the brands in acts 17 when Paul comes and says Jesus is the Messiah to be Jewish people. They welcome a more like they'll be wonderful news. Now we have to study it out that we have to see. So now make a secular application of that like wow that's a serious concern when we look into it. So you're saying this about the vaccine. Okay let me check this very serious or you're saying that this happened with the boating and is a very serious charge. Let me look into it but but we have to be able to evaluate things soberly and I guess the last thing this is for everybody, but this is Internet and things out there. In other words, if you have a wacky crazy idiotic theory that no publisher in the world is going to look at and in no media publicists is going to give attention to what if it's 30 years ago how to get your message out 5000 years ago how to get it out now sit down in your basement. You know with the dog sniffing around in the background right ghetto and your your new pajamas and like the guy I got something. I dug something up in the whole world can be watched within 24 suffers no that's for everybody. So when you add that environment and put Christians in the middle of it it it can be very toxic and it's you think should share our belief in Jesus be taken seriously or we just a bunch of wackos so serious concerns absolutely yeah I gave the client about what my next question was what I got disturbingly you know is what we do we break faith because were gullible, you know, the portable view. About that. I think it got me very nervous in that regard to the foot is available yet so so flip it over and say this, that's another element. We are faith people. We have reason to be faith people in my book, playing with holy fire wake-up call to the Pentecostal charismatic church. I talk about our gullibility. Talk about how foolish we can be in the crazy things we believe that I talk about the crazy things in the Bible. Let me know happened and then experiences that we've all had their lives. Many of us have had that completely defy reason logic, but we know as God is documented. It is undeniable. You know you so the fact is we have to be people of faith, but people who are grounded in truth, so another words, by all means let us be people of faith, but let it be a faith that can be tested faith that can be tried. A faith that can be grounded intellectually as well as experientially. Then we have the answer skepticism is not a fruit of the spirit. Neither is gullibility.

Hey, thank you for your call.

By the way, that's if this really was James from Manhattan and not an alien invader claiming to be James from never know. I just love fund their little smile. 866-34-TRUTH let us go to Michael in Everett, Washington. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. how are you very well, thank you. My question is at the end of May at the destruction of the second Temple, Jews were scattered on because they rejected Jesus. Then in 1948, God brought them back to the land and so might my question is if God scattered them because they did not accept Jesus his son. What would he bring them back to that faint man when they still do not accept great questions and it's called mercy.

It's and it's called the sovereignty of God is called God having a larger plan and wanting to bring glory to his own name. So the other Jewish people. There was destruction of Jerusalem in 70 than 135 referred to destruction, and scattering and there were there were number factors that the hot the big big one rejection of the Messiah. Of course, that there is obviously rebellion against God. In other ways but we already have the exact same situation happening with the exile of the Jewish people to to Babylon in 586 BC that is that there's a previous XL 19 years earlier and then 586. The major one. That's when the Temple was destroyed right so because people reject the law of Moses Marcus profits and are scattered, then God begins to bring them back about 50 years after that seven years from the earliest captivity rights of the 530s. He begins to bring the back. What is he saying Ezekiel 36 of this is the passage that you really want to look at Michael he says my name is being blasphemed because of you know was it looks bad like Israel's God is weak God, the God of the Jewish people can even go at his own people can even protect his own temple and his people ask also said I'm not doing this for your sake. I'm doing this for my namesake and he brings them back to the land and he says they are in the land of sprinkle clean water on you and cleanse you so first about to bring you back in your unbelief and then on to have mercy on you there and I'm doing it for my namesake. So for a period of filth in the late 1800s right up through 1948 Jewish people were coming back to the land more more. There was and there was always some presence there, but Michael it's it's mercy. You know what it's like, sir God gives us promises about healing right to trust and believe him and the prayer offered in faith to make the sick sick person well, but if God wants he can heal an atheist right in. Sometimes our own lives we mess up in the golf course a goodness on the honest to say, hey, it's my goodness, that you are so it's and that's the only possible answer because if God scatters no one can regather Nazism, scattering your Maratha note, can we get if he blesses those recursive precursors I can bless if he smites on can heal if he kills Duncan Smythe.

He opens the door the close of the closest Renault can open it every scatters in his anger.

No one can regather. So his regathering. If the Jewish people came back Satan can do it wouldn't do it the nations the world would do it. Jewish people couldn't do it. The only way were regather.

This is God did it, but this is by his mercy by his grace and for his namesake. He will never do less than what he promised but he often does more than he promised his that's who he is and and that's me just me encouragement that is not just up to me, that I possess. Thank you sir. Question.

I really all the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, so check this out: get a couple phone lines open.

This often happened on a Friday 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Welcome to the broadcast. So this is interesting just posted this a few minutes ago.

The first hundred something votes up all responses on twitter. I asked the question.

When did you first learn that the Southern Baptist denomination was formed to break away from northern Baptist because he suddenly swung to keep their slaves and uphold the practice of slavery so so for just first hundred responses 68.3% just learned that now 12.9% always knew it. 6.9% within the last two years 11.9% in the last 10 years. I'm embarrassed to tell you I only learned about this list for years. This is not something that I knew for decades. Yeah, I'm not not shot not surprised in the least. Just knowing history of America and an pervasive nature of slavery and so on, and even wrong ideologies in the north, where slavery was practice in the same way that specific literature known didn't until fairly recently. Anyone anyway, 866342 led us go to a Scott in the Hannah discovered Regis of the my computer here and get me properly and I tell you what.

Since of installed on my end. If we could put Scott from Winston-Salem on the line if you guys could do that for me that would be great.

Just let me know when you there sir. Okay somehow we seem to have lost something somewhere and not sure what's going on. Anybody know or we connected. Are we still on.

Should I be smiling. Should I be talking you watch or are you watching on Facebook, YouTube still on. All right, so can anybody at the truth side of things in the truth studio put Scott on the air with me. Is that possible, if not was very interesting because I get night salutes try this.

Let's see if were still live on Facebook no clue what just happened on the radio stations. Let's just try that and see if her live on Facebook still and always to myself and find out. Yeah, this is this is on okay were watching RMI. There let's see if were all together here right so somebody has to reboot were still alive still live but I can see your questions. The arrow I can't so maybe team if we could grab a question from YouTube or from Facebook.

I'll do my best to answer that… Go back to the southern Baptist issue of Southern Baptist have addressed these issues for years now. I just was not following things carefully.

Dr. L molars made some major statements. They had a major investigation done within the denomination, the Southern Baptist convention really dig down and really go for really see what was up going on.

If you decide explosion in your ears so that I so it in any case. In any case the other founders of the Southern Baptist theological seminary were slave owners and some great Southern Baptist theologians were slave owners and they had their various reasons for justifying it. Of course we rightly say it's utterly inexcusable, reprehensible, and the Southern Baptist denomination of dealt with that in very clear and definitive ways, but it was always wonder about is what blind spots do we have what blind spots do we have limited seating. What areas are there where we are we are blind and we are justifying you any Christian this small abortion is fine, and be the same thing, to be exact same thing. Let's see here. Okay so once I'm still here. Lauren yeah so thanks for putting up with this little question is realize we as we do. We've done live radio so under various radio stations live across America for 12+ years. Sometimes our they sometimes to sometimes blanketing cities like New York and DC and sometimes with smaller outlets, but we been on the insult. We we did though is that couple years ago we had a live stream on video so we can belie with you on Facebook and on YouTube all right and everything is broadcast. We are team right right over to my left right through that window over there and they're putting our clips in and check in levels and do everything else in pull-up references for me whenever we need and then we have our other team in Winston-Salem and their actually broadcasting the feed out across the country on audio on radio right and they have the team there, answering questions, taking calls and and all of that and somehow system a fell on their on their end. All right Jim, I'm sure there's still a blast but was racism, and in many parts in America but you know there's there's blind spots of all kinds different blind spots that we have and that's what we have to really come with with humility before the Lord and say Lord shine your light on the trend line on me because this is very easy to find blind spots and others in there there there I met him constantly asking people to help me see blind spots in my own life and I've learned so much from callers and from folks have interacted with that.

I hope to reveal blind spots of this with the key things to look humility before the Lord and through the asked the Lord to search our hearts by his word by his spirit. All right, so we're just getting everything rebooted and back up with us and yeah okay guy.

Just look at some your comments and interacting argument we try this this go back to Scott in Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Thanks and we had a system shutdown, but welcome back to light a fire presented a greater anything that God won't really do not want to do it but the cover that in mind that Romans three 3108 and in the new version 11) Roger Benoit. This is doing over throw the low by this plate. By no mean on the contrary, we uphold allow one of my schedule. I don't for constantly regulated them. In the loop 16, 17, uses that it is easy where heaven and earth pass away, then, for one, the other to become Lloyd Wright and black. I marry warned us about close about the role that a lot of them from achieving the moment I can absolutely say so you just explain Scott's below surface and purpose, and Paul says that the law itself teaches justification by faith. Genesis 1516, the preeminent passage that Abram believed the Lord was counted for righteousness and that the law is not there to make us righteous, but to expose her sin and to show us God's standards so when we put our faith in the Messiah. We are upholding the law when we recognize we look at our lives by the mirror of the lawn. See our sin where applicable. That's the purpose of it. So everything must be fulfilled and everything must fall into place that God said so. Certain passages have to be for like the whole sacrificial system respond to the Messiah that is now these for Phil that we don't need those sacrifices anymore. You don't need to have a rebuilt temple in sacrifices to receive atonement or cleansing receivable to the Messiah's blood.

The standards the ethical standards of the law are not taken to high level in the Messiah that was lost, pointing to finds its goal. In him, so we don't nullify it. We say it served its purpose, we agree with that purpose. And now we live as new covenant believers. So that's how we need to understand that is supposed to supposed to understanding it in terms of that everything is written under the law of Moses. We have to follow that explicitly today, otherwise why we need a new and better covenant if that was the case, I thank you sir for the question, 866-34-TRUTH outlets go to.

I was going to go to Andrew I guess you won't. Let's go to Carolyn and Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire, where her little Iraqi trait and are probably wondering about that, right. So the the royal line when it comes to Joseph.

The Messiah had to be son of David, but also greater than David is for someone to another passages if he had merely been David's physical son through Joseph, then he would have been lesser than David. In other ways, so the line does come through Joseph in terms of this is the royal line of that would have existed from David to Joseph sedate Joseph was descendent of David. But you're right if he is the foster father you would say, then how can house genealogy come from. You can make a good argument that Luke's genealogy is ultimately pointing to coming through Miriam Mary his mother so that biologically comes through her and it's it's a complex argument, but I believe it's it's the right argument biologically comes to her and then Joseph's adoptive father is in in the line of David a so he's physically a descendent of David, and then through his butt through his adoptive father of an heir to the throne, but because he is greater than David. He is not simply a physical descendent of David through his father. And if you say will what's the lawn. The Old Testament according to miraculous birth. Her virgin birth, the laws are dealing with normal earthly births. The Messiah transcends that this best way to understand it is Luke three is is understood as coming through Miriam and that therefore she was also a descendent of David. So Jesus is physically a descendent of David, but then physically not as well so he is the son of David and you greater than David Ness argument. He himself makes in a different way. Matthew 22 of you need more info on this a go to volume 4 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus and I get into an in-depth discussion of the genealogies and what's required of the lineage of the Messiah blame for of answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

All right you are very welcome, 866-34-TRUTH so just by your request there about Southern Baptist said that it cut out yet so the southern Baptist denomination broke away from northern Baptist over the issue of slavery that Southern Baptist wanted to maintain slaves and uphold slavery and justified biblically.

The founders of this and that's the office of slave owners. They feel theologians, slaveholders, that's what got me to say massive blind spots. There are consequences. We have today on many issues that affect it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire, 8664 truth JP on YouTube.

Thanks for the donation kind words and the fist bump all right to the phones.

Let's go to Kindle Bill Indiana Brett, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you. I'm calling in reference to a conversation you had with a fellow last week that would David be called and think you're being too evenhanded Democrat and while I was there. I actually agree more with his brother. Although I don't know that he stated it how I would've stated it. What I know he panicking about what the Democrats are very wicked Republican and a were good guys or the I would've said Democratic platform is elected. Don't Democrat, but because the way I see that if it anti-God or Antichrist or anti-Constitution if it bothered me, or portion or global. It everything that I would say that is bad. Therefore likely rejected the Democratic platform written against it spoken against it categorically said, I can understand they can cast a vote for a pro-abortion candidate, missing not say, but I could never do that to good conscience before God laid out the potential agenda of of where the left could be going next and shouted at the top my lungs.

The dangers of it so you will I be nasty about people call them nails.

Okay, so what, what's that the I think I get you because I you a lot in your you are very impartial and you try to be fair-minded, but it seems to me I think what he's getting at is maybe you're playing the devil's advocate and your in his call, you can put that the twice important handball. What if your Democrat or just the perfect question and you're part of the Bible that God hate no longer write my aunt Phil and Donald Trump is a liar and can you understand someone who what Wharton all permanent and my perspective, absolutely not. I think it is when I hear that argument. What I think is the first thing came to my mind what that is very think about it like a person. Thank I I am so like I thought I I cannot possibly liar that would be very good and it I'm thinner than… Platform that important, no matter how great bad Donald Trump.

If you actually slice of bread.

Let's have this conversation doesn't matter how bad Donald Trump is how he's saying that the most powerful man on the planet. The leader of the free world. Politically speaking, it does not how bad he is. Lungs is a good platform around what he was able to learn what if he was one of you. We are excellent in other words, it's the here's the issue. I okay I meant that I'll get some okay for one thing. I have personal hero. He likes women in a morning care. Yet all that and look for job identity thing.I actually think that I think personally, I could be present Joe Biden on the block that is not the issue is where they pop they have is that's what I got massive in size with a lot of transfer some of this was from 2016 2020. But at the same time gravely concerned about people putting too much trust in him so he's the only man that can save America, though believe him seems not to the turn on friends here when I tell people look, we gotta be careful.

Don't put too much trust in a man.

I voted for him of supporting him of argued for voting for him, but we were putting dangerous levels of trust a man, those same people who've known me for years. Some of them now. Call me a leftist communist okay is a sellout so it's the issue now is not platform his loyalty to Trump and that's that's what I'll shout warnings about that's very dangerous because we doing the very thing you say we shouldn't do were getting away from the platform and and and looking to the person rather than calling for the person to uphold the fly from bulimia to this digit if if Clinton if Clinton is the Democrat policy during the days of Bill Clinton was a good policy and and Clinton himself was upholding a policy, it would have matter to you that he was committing adultery with Monica Lewinsky in the White House because hey that's why so my concern well I wouldn't go that far, but I dived saying that I think I think we gave that you strain at the not all, I think we have ever powered.

Obviously, all things are important, but the one that Lapland is much more important that but I vote based on that so and and that's and I challenge people to vote for. I agree with your partner, but it sounded like you were saying. Can you understand what a person has trouble going. I think I did.

They abstain or Google Democrat because trumpet personally know Democrat medieval Democrat because there many black evangelicals. This will Democrat and their fine people and they love Jesus and and they are poor abortion and therefore homosexual marriage, but they feel that I had yet socially finish. Okay, here's what we need to understand each other right now I differ with their vote because they know I differ with their vote is a vote Democrat right.

Whoever they are black, white, Chinese, Jewish. It just doesn't matter whoever right but here here's the point. They say look. He had eight years Ronald Reagan he can get rid of abortion yet four years of George H. W. Bush, you had eight years of George W. Bush. Now for you to come and were still aborting hundreds of thousands of babies desiccant happen through the president. This can happen through us grassroots and other things but I find that the the judges that you like being appointed to the courts there handing out unjust sentences towards black Americans and I find that their education so they are looking at other things that affect them and and. But here's here's my thing. Just you tell me how to deal with this right. I have a black collar calls in last week and he says I would not hire Donald Trump to run my business. I would not want Donald Trump to marry my daughter. I want to leave my country and then he reads from Proverbs 6 the Lord hates six things.

In fact, seminar detestable to him similar abomination to him arrogant eyes. So that's Trump proud man, a lying tongue is from hands that shed innocent blood that would be abortion. That's the other side of the heart that talks wicked schemes to be eager to run evil once Evaline witnessing this false testimony one stirs up trouble among brothers. You can make the case that Trump is guilty of four of the seven guy hates those those in the hospital. Could you understand that some of it is I'm sorry I can't vote for my cancel Democrat because of the abortion policy but canceled for Trump Kimberly Silverstein out of our yet God hate here on earth. Obviously, killing a baby well is to go to prison or have a document that he rely what the chart I might want to, but what's the date you get what's the danger. See that's what you're missing. That's right think you're really missing something and I say this with with with all respect you okay these things are terribly destructive in themselves. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. That's Bible meditate on James three, and how the tongue can can set all of culture on fire right so people are saying it's not just that he lies and we don't like lying but that lying has a destructive effect on the culture as as as a whole and that arrogance and pride are things because going to judge and bring us down so so here's here's my Casillas and I'm happy to have a conversation because I'm quite dogmatic on my views. I wrote us a very very strong article to pro-life evangelicals for Biden. I absolutely blasted the idea that you could be a pro-life evangelical all at an info Democrat in their respected leaders on that but I categorically reject that idea. That's my own personal view but but I think Sir which are missing the larger negative destructive impact that they can come to a culture here if if you have a church right and and members of the church believe abortion is okay, here's a girl that was raped is 15 and and her parents will flip if they find out and nibble around the house and she's traumatized in the idea of going to school pregnant and she's has nightmares about the rapist and hear your help again abortion. I believe it's wrong decision, but I understand why someone thinks it's okay. We obviously say it's wrong. Art will that the church is okay with that.

That's wrong that that's deftly wrong no matter what compassion is put on it.

That's wrong. It's a baby that's child on the flipside, if there is rampant gossip division in the church and the pastor walks will arrogance that your skin fall apart.

The churches I can have the blessing of God on what from God's perspective, these things are terribly damaging. That's the point. So hate Brett. I appreciate the call and I I love it I love it when people call the differ with me and when I push back. They push back just like you have Brett, thank you.

Thank you in a matter time. Otherwise, I would.

I would go further, but if I see somebody has a difference with me as long as I'm able to get to them in the show.

I do my best to because I welcome the disagreement. I love the fact that I gave Brett my point even just roll over and say whatever you say Dr. Brown.

He pushed back. I so appreciate that. But here I'm saying here with you say and think it through. This is a someone who voted for Trump 2016 2020 okay this is someone who wrote the book evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the Trump test which is meant to lay out both sides of things then shows how the B level for Trump without compromising our witness and how to unite around Jesus.

Even if we divide over him, but I had never Trump was read that book and sound and vote for Trump now rows of Mike Huckabee show he said is the best explanation ever heard of wine evangelical should vote for Trump right.

However, I fully understand why some people feel they can't understand it and I accept the fact that their brothers and sisters in Jesus little Democrat totally different with it but instead it happens your salvation is mine all right friends,

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