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Where Do We Stand in the Elections?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 17, 2020 4:30 pm

Where Do We Stand in the Elections?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 17, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/17/20.

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All right we see exactly where we stand right now the elections for the president of United States stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. I know that we're way out from the elections. Now that Took Pl., November third work for two weeks out. Yet the controversy continues. I just spoke with a Christian leader before he said I know I know from comp. One. He's he's going to be in his been reelected say are you crazy you believe that kind of nonsense just MoveOn's President-elect Biden accepted so where we actually stand.

I was sent a link last night from a Prayer Meeting Taking Pl. in Pennsylvania, praying for fraud and corruption to be exposed for God's will to be done so obviously believing that the election is been stolen. I was sent the link last night and it was two hours old and already had 126,000 views on YouTube.

Some is a lot of people tuning and just got an email from a national respected leader having another prayer meeting on Facebook this week. Second of the week crying out for God's will, what do we make of this.

866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to light a fire. Yesterday we took a break from talking about elections and instead talked about the need for national awakening and I said that show will age well.

In other words, you can play that show 10 years ago or 10 years from now and it'll remain an urgent key issue revival awakening. But what about a show like today as I am speaking and doing this live on radio and across the world on Internet as I'm doing the show. It is Tuesday, November 17 just looking at you two weeks out from the elections Tuesday, November 17 if you're watching this on Saturday night. America's voice on Pluto or dish TV. What I would see the same just four nights from now if you're watching this a month from now, when I was going 80 not what I'm saying hopefully what I'm saying will be accurate and fair and right.

But what each side is saying that it is complete nonsense that have election being stolen from a fraud being perpetrated it in a in a systemic and systematic way across the nation which would take so many players, and so much coordination from software to local leaders to individual people's and saying to think there is such a possibility that it's just people living in denial who believe anything Donald Trump says and he said you can't believe the news With the media and I can't leave the elections.

Is everybody jumped crazy or your talk about massive fraud and in the evidence is going to be overwhelming.

So what's your take right now I just want to get your take. What do you think honestly you can post your comments Facebook, YouTube is you watching you call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Do you personally believe that the election stolen from Donald Trump and if so, that the corruption will be revealed, and the courts will overturn it or you believe that this complete nonsense, hot air, but his conspiracy theory give a working brain.

It's obvious that whole election as I can be stolen here in the United States of America. What do you think you're not claiming to be a prophet you're not claiming to have the inside information. The best in the world has. I just wonder about your own opinion what you think 866-34-TRUTH and do you think ultimately that we will have a righteous outcome that ultimately if the election was stolen that that'll be revealed and overturn. Could you imagine I could imagine the riots and chaos in the streets, or if in fact it was a fairly conducted election that that will be demonstrated by the courts.

The others question is will either side believe the end results, whatever they are that's that's my biggest concern.

Hence, the broadcast that we did yesterday, a national awakening that is going to remain the great great issue. All right there was a big prayer meeting for the elections and I want you to hear this prayer that was prayed by Mike Lindell of my pillow. This is just from a few days ago listen to Mike's prayer father please Dell) and Donald Trump is our president for four more years please reveal all the corruption and fraud in the selection and show everyone your will open doors that no man can shut it in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Now I'm today, Mr. Pres., we are all in detail.

You that you are the greatest president ever, and we are attempting little early there so I am not praying for four more years of Donald Trump. I never pray for the election of a particular candidate. I pray for God's will approve God's best. I vote my conscience as I trust you and I pray God, you bring about your will you bring about what's best. Sometimes there's judgment. Sometimes this chastisement. Sometimes this blessing sometimes is a combination of all the above is no question that the Trump presidency has a lot of good in many ways and is brought out the worst in many of us in many ways it's a mix it's a mix okay so that he has to pray what's in his heart right and any spring with great sincerity, but this is gives one side of of people being that passionately said this. Every one of us should have the exact same goal, but every legal.

The cast vote be counted. Let every illegally cast vote be limited. We should all have the goal made the person that the American people voted for be our next present that simple.

That's what that's what I want. I do not want the person I voted for to be in office in less the people of America under electoral college voted for that person. I want that I voted for Trump if Joe Biden legitimately want that I want him in the White House because that's who we voted for. Even if all oppose some of his policies are opposing strongly remit his letter bad that comes out of conversely if Donald Trump did not win the electoral college election was not stolen from that. I don't want him express okay.

I voted for him here I'm saying I want the righteous vote to be righteously counted. Whatever that ends up with so be it.

I accept that that person will be my present. That's how our system works. That's all works and and what you like the person or not you're always good to have almost half the country didn't vote for the person that person becomes our president with you like Trump or not.

Right now he's your president would like Obama, not before that he was our president. That's how it works and we may differ with policies or work against certain things are or were take issue with. But that person remains are present.

That's the way our system works mentally so, but with all the prayer going on with so much prayer and crying out and seeking the face of God. I am convinced that God's will will be done. I am absolutely convinced that I rest utterly confident that plus God is so far ahead of the selections. The other very important. I believe the most important in our lifetime is for, and I'm 65 so it's been a while been around for a few elections, but God is so much bigger than this is so far ahead of this he is, his plans are so transcendent it we look at a certain thing we things into the world and is is is the beginning of the first quarter.

The first game of the series. That's part of the season so I'm looking with urgency for the moment, but with a longer-term vision on them to go to the phones shortly, but let's let's look at some headlines and hear me go both ways today I'm gonna lay out the case for corruption in the case that there is no corruption all right because I don't know why have a colleague super well-connected directly involved with the presidential case for fraud.

In other words, someone who was on the inside or connected to people on the inside who's told me all there is damning evidence that that the courts will absolutely see conclusive statistical evidence that the elections been stolen. He stole bit, but I'm not there. I don't have in front of me.

Let me first give you an insight in terms of how I think okay and and this this will help you on first and foremost a student of the word in terms of my ultimate bearings and and how I determine what's right and not what's real and not okay Scripture and and I studied carefully.

Pray look for spiritual insight.

Look forward to going in getting information that's there but my degrees role in language is my bachelors in Hebrew my Masters and PhD and near Eastern languages and literatures what that mean it meant that we didn't just read about Tom Robbie's law code, we would learn Acadian ancient Babylonian in this case and and study parts of Tom Robbie's law code in the original text, or if there was some discovery of documents from particular place than we be looking at the pictures of the documents and studying the original text. It's just an orientation for me to always go to the original as much as possible can always do it. But as much as possible so you know if you if you look at my library.

I've got a vast library will it's all assaulting placement. Many different languages books in many different languages so if there's a dispute about the Thomases is noncommittal on look at the Taliban and look at the Aramaic and Hebron look at that text. If there's a dispute about a verse of the Koran by my Arabic is not as strong as it used to be. But MacCallum looked at him in a study of Arabic look at it.

So I want to get to the actual sources I can't do that here.

I can I can't I hear what you hear no one say I hear the reports of massive fraud here and I hear the reports of of all the cases the trumps Lori Springer being thrown out. II hear the evidence is overwhelming.

I hear there is no evidence, I wasn't there at the precincts. I don't know what the normal policies I've never been an expert in how boats are conducted over or how how voting is conducted, how votes are counted with them of. Have you spent a lot of time over the years looking into that and studying it is go to your local pole place to fill out whatever the forms are you right in anger don't you go home you trust is being done accurately or you questions. Being that I could not my point is I'm not there many you want to take a stand one side the other. I stand on truth and I believe people tell I don't believe people are making things up when they tell about master for the method of verifier II I'm taking someone else's word what's the use of me taken someone else's were reporting at you when I can't verify voice it will I I'm doing you no good, but I just said that person says if you want any wisdom or insight for me. I got to based on what I know and then I noticed that since all bogus instrument that you lost your mind like even think about these things so I'm telling you present both sides to call you is I don't know but I do know God and I am massively confident that God is giving everything to life in the drive. Massively confident Eventbrite right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire is as we just sort out where we stand in the elections Ovitz to see is there breaking news headline in the last few minutes that everything has changed. No.

So as of this broadcast live on Tuesday, November 17 presidents is not conceded and said okay I lost fair and square to buy this new president, so nothing is changed in that regard. What's your take a lot of your honest viewpoint about the elections not larger issues, just very specifically was fraudulent. What you believe. It's all on hear your opinion right. What did you believe and do you think this can be a righteous outcome 866-34-TRUTH to go through a bunch of things. Some of the clips. Some headlines both sides and all and absolutely fascinating from story. Trust me when this was sent to me asked about my wife Nancy.

She discovered the Senate to meet absolutely fascinating that scum you a little later in the show. All right, let's start with von in Detroit. Hey man, thanks for calling on fire.

What's your take Dr. reorg brought over as my buddies gone awry goods touch on the air. Yes, it was good and productive what you're telling your honest opinion in Europe you're not in the hot the hot states. Ellie, I'm in the heart of I think like last election and the election before I think the election is as accurate as it as it had what you know that you think is driving the charges of fraud that well losing an athlete. We hate losing in is interesting as an entrepreneur. I've been following Donald Trump: current everyone of the books with the exception of making America great again. I remember is is is time came out partnership Michael Jackson event you think of the Detroit when they were opening up a casino. Michael Jackson in and Donald Trump were kinda partnering because they wanted to bid on a couple casino started following down Trump for allowing an entrepreneur, but you know we donate to lose management. You know it.

It reminded me of a guy who said you know I'm going to plead again but I'm hurting right my my my left leg is hurt and if I lose the game. Guess where I can blame it on the dotted and if I win the game. How much more does it make you look at it I will bet I won the game with a little hurt, put so absolutely nasty follow-up question. And you're not alone in feeling that that way. Obviously you know that many from supporters are tremendously loyal to him. His fame is likely to choose someone bro. Dylan Fifth Avenue would lose lose their support. Do you think there's any way short. Let's just say that this goes to the courts and the courts say there is no little error here and there but nothing that affected the election was conducted fair and square. Joe Biden is the lawfully elected president. Do you think there is any way that the most ardent from supporters will believe that short of him assuring them that's the case I'm got it. Got it in nearly every like it on whether there I heard something that I think is extremely important as you think God is God is bigger than their fair God is so far ahead of the stuff and I think that is such a true statement, I think we have to realize that normally God is in control of the matter fact you know we can go to what you know what that means that kind of tell the figure that Arminianism right. We can talk about but but that whole idea that that God is still get in control and that he rises people up and he said people down. I think it just becomes the disappointment of its almost like a sports fan you did you hate when your team lose because of your team lose, you blame and read every call on the referee. You can do this right and you realize as a as a person play sport that it was never really that one call.

It was so many other things that some of the games.

It was taken for my team. It was that one call man. To this array of aquaculture carry all their children will tell you in the locker room.

It should've never gotten to know I know I know of, but I'm messing with you. In other words, to this day. And you know the will of the sports that you still get a blame that caller. This yeah so all right hey Yvonne, thank you for weighing in.

Always good to hear your voice buddy and by the way, I've never read a Trump book so you're ahead of me in that score. Thank you, 866342. Another key state started Michigan now Pennsylvania Pittsburgh. Tom welcome to the line of fire. What's your take Dr. Brown water here that you back Dave Apodaca or Wilbur electronic header doctor break this way back suite with your love is I looked at the election and I looked at president Trump not as an idol man to beat up on a pedestal. We have a mutual friend and well read his article the other day to think on your article right after the election.

Berkeley reading Nietzsche.

Help me become enough allege that they shared with friends who were older well Christian friend realize they look back in Fisher had nothing God .40 Great at help me a lot and then run cancers article the other day that he believed God revealed to him I went because of idol worship that we as people who idolize Trump and actually we Christians have become more like Trump Trump become more like Jesus.

But whether that was weighing those things as well, knowing absolutely that God is in control. Looking at Pennsylvania we know we've seen and and we don't feed on the mainstream media were getting it for alternative source. Getting it from Facebook in places where people visit.

Visually there visibly. There videotaping Republican observers denied access on how and why and where and what what rational world. Does somebody deny persons to come in and observe light so you think this fraud that I absolutely think there's right and I think when you look at the sheer numbers of voters that came out for Trump incredible 72+ million voters more than any other presidential election ever. I just cannot believe Lily legitimately seriously in real life that more people than that came out by campaign and then of course of course that would been through the balance of mail-in ballots, etc. and that's were some of the controversy is our hate. Thank you for the call. One says no fraud in more normal election.

The other definite fraud get more you take up just some some news items at Gateway pundit is having a multi-series, a multipart series.

We caught them got in front of the port to email inventor literally refers to himself that yeshiva find same impossible ballot ratio feature Michigan results. We caught them know it's disc some sensationalistic in the reporting! The bold fonts and I think you're up to. To number five in the series now, but there claiming owner note this. This can be demonstrated that you have the statistical anomalies that if something is move like this this this this this this this that something doesn't go like this and that you can plot it and see it. I've heard from people who are PhD's and statistics making every organ, but again I do not have the expertise or the wherewithal to evaluate them.

So I'm reporting those say there is for those who hear it.

There is an fraud limit. We read something to you there's an article on on the red state and will hang on immediately grab the actual article for you and it was but see Lou Dobbs is exactly right about this one thing in and here's what the article says this election is been so rife with industrial scale fraud that will never know who actually won the idea hundreds of thousands of people. He devoted only for Biden voted GOP down ballot against Trump is to say the least and usual tens of thousands of votes cast were single candidate or not.

No matter what Nate Silver claims usual occurrence, nor do election officials routinely sort ballots into single candidate piles before tabulating them. We noted tens of thousands of dead people voted. We know that no signature match was carried out many jurisdictions that I have exotic results for the voices in the media on the left on the Quisling side of the right to current questions about Dominion voting systems to be conspiracy theories, prominent Democrats made those exact same claims only last year they were not conspiracy theories that Jerusalem, saying hey I I'm I'm not buying the narrative and that others saying okay you tell me now get on their present both sides today, right you tell me why all these key cities that the voting just stopped at a certain point. Now I know people giving exclamations under the other side compass substantially needs their swing states. The key cities. What is the one stop at a certain point I was waiting up all night to get the results, just as an observer. Many of you were reportedly waiting up all night people work all night overtime shift, but the selections happens once a year once every two years was only four years. That's what you do you count votes. What a stop at a certain point and then suddenly the new votes coming in shift everything.

Why allegedly other stacks stacks stacks of ballots that just vote for the president and not everybody else and almost all them for Biden that these are some of the arguments being raised was that the very cities where where everything shut down this to stop the voting that you got all these eyewitnesses and we saw trucks coming and bringing ballots in the middle of night missing what you talk, you must complete a bogus been refuted. This is one side of the argument and when you read it but doesn't want to have is wrong will get on your knees and pray. If there's wrong with this fraud of this deceit.

God exposes any size wherever it is, say, this is a very important elections. The outcomes are very important, but the future of America is not dependent on who applied, pending on Jesus and the church's connection to him.

That's with the future of America. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my not my official position is I don't know.

I'm very happy to controversial stands. I do it all the time I'm I'm happy to lose friends and lose in common lose favor because of taking standard. My whole life is a believer my orientations to truth is that I'm right on everything but that's the posture and attitude of my heart. You say, but haven't you seen the overwhelming evidence is been presented to me, but I do not have the capacity to analyze it in in the definitive way will have you seen how everything's been completely rebutted.

I've seen that in another capacity. I'm not trying to take a middle-of-the-road stand.

I honestly don't know what hello what about all the prophetic voices saying Trump would be reelected, I don't know the Holy Spirit didn't speak to me personally if he did I would tell you.

I believe this is going to happen. I believe that's can happen. I believe the Lord spoke this or I believe the Lord spoke that look every day of the week on the broadcaster to controversial stands on just being totally honest with you, and you say we're just trying to play both ends gets the bill you get everybody managed to do this to get everybody mad at you while you wait with Nandu's week is just I don't I don't know I wasn't there and all I know is I see enough conflicting reports online every single day I would take your calls and all the just get your opinion not on the larger voting issues were America's going just on the simple subject, you believe elections were stolen or not, 866-34-TRUTH and little while to share something with your stores now Trump's own words that you can find very very fascinating. Okay, right before the break, I presented some of the arguments for the election being stolen here some headlines. CNN, for example, reports this is that the election crisis in Pennsylvania assess how a post election crisis was manufactured in Pennsylvania understand that CNN right under Senate CNN but they're saying it was manufactured in Pennsylvania just heard from a caller Pennsylvania city police is real fraud sentencing manufactured. There's nothing to it. Now those who believe. There was fraud sing of the media as part of the fraud and their denying there was fraud nosing art. I must remind everybody's in on it now. Right, here's here's another headline from political the political also left-leaning right doesn't mean they're not reporting accurately.

Purely outlandish stuff trumps legal machine grinds to a halt in their same lawsuit after lawsuit. If lawsuits being thrown out. I was a willing time at the podium presented her evidence yet, but here's the back-and-forth that exists and one clip I just want to play. This was Mark live in interviewing Sidney Powell was unfamiliar with her before but her names come up a lot and never tractor looked into her career that much, but she's reported to be a no nonsense lawyer who takes the bull by the horns and is fearless so she's being introduced interviewed by Mark live in. It's it's a a substantial injury, but I just want to play the beginning as their talk and she sent over to release it touches get involved unless I know the facts you release everything very soon. So here is the beginning of their interview from last night Sidney Powell how are you from nominating information coming in from patriotic American to set up the corruption all over, including the guy who I am that I am I want to focus the eye. What I want to focus though. When the Dominion for the voting machines when our having people say experts say that the Dominion voting machines. There is no fraud and I played a piece at the top of the hour with them. PBS October 26, but I did seven minutes of how this system can be penetrated. But even more than that, how the system is imperfect and they slap something on the end of September to try and improvement why the media ignoring the Dominion voting machine or the system the carpenter will blow up the whole election, below local election to blow up congressional elections for some people because they can pick and choose who they want to leave when I got it first hand witness Leland emailed you an affidavit from a witness but now publicly it's redacted in someplace new was present for the creation of the system for the specific purpose of amplifying election results for Hugo Chavez to experiment it all over Latin America, smart, manic and demeaning bill for doing this very thing changing the results of elections who thought done exactly how they do it. He explained how they do it. Anything that work well when things were happening why they were here, particularly when the state went down into they stop killing the boat that it's become polluted with the great copresident trunk that they had to go in and do a separate ring that seems to make it come out provide and you have evidence to this effect.

Witnesses to this effect are doing.

I then that's going to come up right that this is my confidence that if the corruption is at this level, then it cannot be hidden there too many people involved my friends rate very close to the epicenter of this is been praying that people involved will come under conviction and confess publicly, but I don't know.

Look, you can criticize me for being stupid and and believing the reports that there is fraud. You can accuse me for being stupid and not believing the other reports okay. I in point of fact, I like to investigate and come to conclusions firsthand and something of this magnitude. What's the use of me giving my opinion when there's no further weight got if I give you my opinion. I want to be weight behind. I'm asking for your opinion because I want to know what you're thinking that's I'm interested to know what you're thinking. If I had something conclusive or definitive. I tell you who I voted for TY voted not Natrona, punches their what issues I have with company for years. I voted for and what issues I have with Biden coming in.

We discussed all these things but hey I'm a fat guy, and I'm a guy that likes to sift through the headlines in the reports. The argument spell site and try to dig deeper with the Beran apologist you learn to to see both sides and try to weigh things right so the truth come to light.

I'm confident it will all got a lot to say.

Once we get to the end of this process a ton ton, but we will we will get there right back to the falls just find out what you're thinking what your opinion is all we started in Winston-Salem north Carolina was saying thanks for calling the line of fire I watched the media for the last four years more than I wanted to and seeing the narrative. The court seeing the narrative that ports with the same verbiage across the country from different anchors which in any given body of believers, unless your reading from a text to get the same verbiage from people is really rare to say something the exact same way and set another circuit circulated talking points is what you said right there and there is like a natural narrative and then you have all of Hollywood jumping you I don't. It's not hard to believe that there could be a conspiracy. I'm not big person say I like you to take the law people to involvement, but we've seen a lot of people when you see the media the way they've been coming about Michael up Yahoo every single story that are unwilling to rector but every single story will backup every single one not benefit the narrative from the is been so one-sided and yet those of us that you know God's word into the economy improving reasons that your rights you're one of the 70+ million that trunk. So in other words, you already have suspicions about a coordinated effort to attack company media. We know what's happening with the social media giants Twitter and Google and YouTube and Facebook, etc. so why would then surprise you in any way that that that that the election itself would be corrupt. Hey, I appreciate you weighing insane and by the way, as far as talking points a circulating limit me to say this. I've I've listen. The compilation sometimes after some major news event and it's may be from 10 or 15 different news outlets and they all use the exact same word to describe the same thing. I I've seen to have with me on Internet.

We have something in a controversial issue and people start weighing into attack and that they all use the same expression think they got it from the same source is not that they all came together on it but they're getting it from the same source. This happens all the time.

Happens with teaching in the church some discus parroted around everyone. Same thing and you trace back to where it started right again.

I'm just getting your your viewpoint on this, but let's go to Tampa Florida.

Stephen, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brent, have you been very well thank you. II wanted paper. I agree with you. Work addition on that I am the middle middle Road guy and I've got a black because of that article. First, minutes dated by I felt God. Me personally that Donald Trump was not going to be reelected and the reason is it because I felt the media like the previous caller stated has had a significant impact on the voting process and how people think and I do feel that some way from my own personal experience in the church that the church got comfortable with Donald Trump being president and did not even think about Trump possibly losing in 2020, especially of Joe Biden was going to get the writing made for the Democratic Party and bite one thing specifically that I have my own personal experience again if I there's great good vision.

Now being called in the body in your and I'm sure your realizing this, Dr. Brown and I think that we need to remember like you been thing that Jesus is on the throne regardless of who the president and the off and my hope and prayer is that Joe Biden repent and turn to state that Jesus, you talk about a testimony for the country. I mean that's my heart and prayer regardless of my political beliefs on you want to state that it appreciate it appreciate that Stephen not saying that this is an urgent blessing that the election the sentiments of consequences simply giving her views on stolen or not. Alright I'm going to share that Donald Trump story with you and your sons break and also takes more of your calls and will see how this ages right now as we're speaking it is Tuesday, November 17 but we will see how this ages in the days ahead will be right back the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86 calling 6342 dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown joyous on the line in 586634 I am aware of a mountain of evidence alleging fraud my shoes. I'm not able to analyze it personally and to analyze those saying that the evidence doesn't hold up but I am able to pray and ask God to bring justice. I am able to raise attention on various issues, so there is an article by my colleague on the screen right there only five articles a week that are all posted on the stream and then on our website. Instructor Brown settled with other sites as well write regularly for the stream and my calling their Al Parada has his new article appeasement writing regularly and it's called here's the evidence. So if you want to see go to the stream Here's the evidence in any links to a lengthy spreadsheet a lengthy spreadsheet with all the alleged evidence.

So is there you say there is no evidence. Check it out check it out. You say the evidence is overwhelming. Goat go look analyze right but here something is just it.

I just want to put this in context, I want to put this in context, this article if I didn't tell you was from 2016 you think it was from yesterday or from the week before but it's the guardian 2016, and Anna out. I want to go through some of this article with you. I think you'll find it fascinating right it's entitled the man who cried rigged the problem with Tromso election claims and then it says this the thing you need to know about Donald Trump is that he never loses never whether it's in business or politics. Trump either wins outright where he was going to wait until victory was stolen from him, usually through a creek, a crooked conspiracy of his enemies US presidential election is rigged, says Donald Trump.

This is 2016 when Ted Cruz defeated him in the Iowa caucuses right. That's why his assorted bankruptcies and collapses were never his fault away even as multimillion dollar failures were actually successes. It's why when his TV show, the apprentice failed when in ME. It was proof. Not that the program was lacking, but that the Emmys themselves were unfair all politics and horrendous Trump signal that he would apply the same approach to his bid for the White House at the earliest opportunity. In February, Iowa held its caucuses marking the traditional start to the primary forces whereby each party chooses its candidate for president. Trump came second into the Texas Sen. Ted Cruz known was very surprised Cruz is a Christian conservative and I was Republicans often pick Christian conservatives, Trump was a thrice married New York a more familiar with Mammon than with God, but to Trump, there can only be one explanation Ted Cruz didn't weigh in Iowa. He stole it.

Trump tweeted that's why all of the polls were so wrong and when he got far more voice votes than anticipated bad 45 minutes later Trump tweeted again based on the fraud committed by Sen. Ted Cruz during the Iowa caucus either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified. Now what I go through this whole article is is a lengthy article that Nancy sent it to me the other day I thought this is absolutely fast threatens. This is 2016 with the first vote when he lost like it was rigged. It was taken from me is ill. I can't lose LOL also was taken from it. He's been saying that for months. The only way can loses like this by fraud, so there is the legitimate concern on one side that this is what he always does. This is what he's always done.

There is nothing new here. He's been doing this for years. It's rigged the thing has to be redone that the results should be rescinded. This is no possible way I could lose if it's fairly contested. If I lose it means actually one somehow and he's been set up for months and his followers will believe whatever he says. Remember he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. He said broad daylight losing support and this is proof of mass deception mass hallucination. The cult of Trump or or three possibilities. This is how he always sees things in other words, he always thinks if he loses someone cheated so because he could lose legitimately, but in this case there was fraud as opposed to an Iowa and insert possibility is he's been warning about this for months because he saw it coming because he had legitimate concerns is a covert and nail about that. He saw it coming here.

My biggest concerns right. Aside from the fact that if the courts of returns you have rights, chaos and streets, and if the courts don't return it. You can have tens of millions of Trump support is not believing that he lost so we we are heading for real potential chaos and crisis.

Either way, and of cool heads don't prevail at the top of that filters down to others it can be 2020 could look like paradise compared to 2021. Think of that. That's a scary proposition. So by all means don't just pray for the righteous outcome of the elections. Pray for God's mercy in our nation. Pray for God's mercy in our nation forgot to change the hearts of leaders. So yeah let's let's pray comprehensive prayers. My big concern is that some of us are so committed to Donald Trump that will believe whatever he says do a bit of a reality check their do a bit of a reality check and make sure your true space person and that you willing to hear both sides of an argument on the other hand, some are so hostile to Trump and and and supposed to Trump that they don't really care.

Just get rid of them one way or another, in which case you have lost your spiritual bearings as well. This be true. Space people and people recognized on the Trump turbine, Harris my pants all human beings all sinful need of redemption. So knowing the Lord, some not, but our ultimate issue is that people know the Lord and walk righteously. We can take her eyes off the check out my latest article probably getting less attention because the subject matter but said we gotta reset our priorities and prickly commission first probably won't get nearly as many reads as a controversial political article respond when. Most important of written in quite a while. or S. Dr. or eight. Let's even get to a couple more calls before we are done here. Let's go over to John in Des Moines, Iowa.

Walking to the line of fire which are take are you doing Dr. Graff doing well.

Thanks to set a very well talking, but I would.

It was interesting and I'm, like you, I think you know they're good or maybe something or may not like to have the information. I believe the Lord, the control unit one where the other, but a couple things I thought was interesting. The night before the election when the Des Moines register in O'Hare and I will traditional liberal in a newspaper comes out with a pole and all of that and was a seven point spread. Usually, usually the register is not going to come out Republican but stupid in the next day and I was like I was like, that's interesting.

In the next day I was spot on in outcome by seven and I thought you know if this is happening here.

I mean, that was one thing was really interesting to Manchester.

The night also.

Another thing is all of our college been talking about median and I think that's something that a for a free Internet for us to be able to research for us to be able to you know find out for ourselves instead of CNN, MSNBC, you talk about something we can find out for ourselves is so important other night I was looking through and on you to their Wednesday series of 10 part and maybe you seen it, I thought of be great to talk to her send this to Mark Levin here you can put this up on your show both the Francis Schaeffer who wrote that book how how shall we then live as a 10 part series and then the last episode the 10th of about 25 minutes. It gives us an area with actually filmed a protest riot type situations and street.

This was in 1977, 43 years ago. Like you said earlier, this could have been your Dartmouth center for 2 to 2000, rightly, this could have been this could've been written today. The first scenario seen they were talking about, you know all these protesters you know the police are trigger-happy businessmen and they went to the second scenario where was opposite and he was talking about, you know how the media can manipulate and when you knowing when societies and cultures and such are are turning away from you know a biblical base right and I just thought I'd drop my job distraught because this could've been filmed yesterday in a sentence of the degree of potential manipulation and how you come to the emotional outcome that's desired is scary. And John, thank you for calling from Iowa of living to say this, there's a verse in Proverbs said decoding showing people the one who comes first.

Seems righteous in his argument involving a Hoover Hakko and and then his colleague comes in and investigates checks it out because I'm a debater I'm used to hearing something since very very powerful systematic boom boom boom boom accurate accurate then I get up and turn the thing apart because I'm familiar with it I can I can poke holes in so yes I get by. The second videos in the headlines sent to me from all of you from around the world. You gotta see this. You gotta see this.

You gotta see this.

And then the others, contradicting them and because I'm unable to stop life to dig in and investigated one of these and spent thousands of hours watching the videos. Meeting reports what I'm doing is not my best to both sides of what's being reported.

Come to conclusions where I can, but in pray with fervor.

Your will be done God for America were ever there is corruption. Sin X blows it, let there be a righteous outcome to the selection, we all pray that and then accept that ultimately the courts get it right back friends

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