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Is America a Racist Nation?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 10, 2020 4:40 pm

Is America a Racist Nation?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 10, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/10/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's put it out there for discussion.

Is America a racist nation for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends were enjoying yesterday on the line of fire recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 at the bottom of the hour. I'm going to be joined by Dr. David Marshall's new book out letter to a quote racist nation pull yourself together America. He challenges a lot of the current narrative about America being a racist nation but it's an open conversation were going to have more particularly want to look at some of his expertise in Marxism and socialism and how that ties in with the current discussion in the current crisis in America, but you can weigh in on anything related to the state of the nation today not taking random Bible questions, but the state of the of the nation.

The elections if you called and were unable to get through her speak with me yesterday.

Phones are open 86634 okay before you pick up stones before you pull out your swords and start posting angry words. Please hear me out, please hear me out all right.

I'm a friend I'm not your enemy, Paul wrote to the Galatians have I become your enemy by speaking the truth. My allegiance is to truth. My allegiance is not to a spiritual position or political party or person. My allegiance is to truth. I hope that your heart is well hope you're committed to the truth which ever way it leads and all.

Although I am blessed by the ability that we have, to minister to millions of people through all the different outfits that God is given us while I'm truly privilege that many of you take time to listen to the broadcast or watch the broadcaster watch our videos or listen to our debates or read articles and then you take time to comment why truly blessed and I thank each of you who pray for me and support our ministry and send in kind, encouraging words. I know that you want me to please God, not you.

I know that to the core of your being. You don't just want me to be a yes man you don't want me to just go with the flow and say the things that are popular.

The reason that you take the time to listen to what we have to say is because were doing our best to speak the truth in an unbiased way. Recognize that all of us have blind spots biases but we do our best, as servants of the Lord, especially those of us who teach and preach in a public platforms to go before the Lord to be in his word to be in prayer to be sensitive to his voice. So I am not trying to gain brownie points with anyone. I am not trying to play both ends against the middle and try to communicate what God has laid on my heart. Now interestingly I was speaking with a very solid, committed by Christian earlier today and he was saying that in his circles. He has to remind people that Joe Biden is not the Savior I said in my circles I have to remind people is not the antichrist. We were laughing I said and conversely I have to remind people in my circles that Donald Trump is not the Savior in your circles, you have to remind them that he's not the antichrist know. Again, these are exaggerated pictures that were painting and there's diversity in terms of who votes for whom, but you get the picture, depending on who you're talking to you going to get a very different perspective. All right, so I've been hearing from a number of people, not a large number of the number of friends, colleagues over the years that want me to more aggressively be saying look, we know there is fraud out there. We we we know that the this election was stolen and they want me to be on the front lines calling for reform calling for prayer to bring this down and sing four more years of Donald Trump. Again, it's not a large number but folks have known for years, friends, colleagues, things like that. They want me to more aggressively do that now. If I knew for a fact that the election was stolen. I would be doing it. I don't know for a fact, and neither do you. Let everything come out but let it all come to the surface. I am convinced that if we pray earnestly enough to God to expose corruption, then he'll do it that we don't have to tell them exactly how to do it, or exactly where the corruption is in it would be like snow sports event dino sports event should be an equal competition and in retirement alleged fraud, but it would be like praying for sports event Lord. Whichever team you want to win.

Let the team when but let it be mine. I don't know that.

Listen, God has not called me to spend all my time right now investigating every charge or fraud.

I have people very close to to to the president close to people close to the president and they're telling me that that there seems to be some real serious irregularities, real serious concerns at that could well be. I rather say my going to drop this people other friends, other colleagues, Mike, when you drop this document when you get off this this always conspiracies.

They're not. I'm not on either side except the side of truth and if election has been stolen. Then I am confident with the amount of prayer, going up to God before the election and after the election with the amount of efforts with the amount of eyes on this with the amount of of Trump appointees and courts. You know, the justices, judges and things like that with the amount of of lawyers work on is that if there was corruption of this manipulation of numbers and false ballots of it will all come to life is not enough to pray for truth to triumph for light to shine for darkness to be exposed where ever it is that enough isn't Almighty got big enough dollars. Oh my God created the universe, is he not big enough to get the alchemy desires as his people cry out to him day and night we go further and this is where some of you may take exception, but hear me out here.

Mia, let me let me explain what you should have your first has anyone skews me as anyone in our evangelical circles or Christian conservative circles, messenger circles, has anyone been more vocal. For more years about the dangers of LGBT Q activism has anyone been more vocal. For more years in our circles about the radical agenda of the left work to go. It has anyone been more vocal. For more years about calling believers. Stanford pro-life all others of individual things were absent as a consistent voice have I not been on the front lines.

It is not my latest article about radical leftists wanted to prosecute, convict and remove Christian conservatives from society is that yet.

Yet not another warning this week go by run not saying something about these issues.

Have I not lost a lot in terms of taking hits and being blacklisted and people shutting doors on me because of taking stands and assess joyfully my privilege so I have not gone soft that your brothers will be needed. Because I am not going soft.

I go God.

I'm going God when he convicts me of when he lays on my heart with the Scriptures that that's from going.

People love me they love if they hate me they be so be if I lose every social media follow tomorrow in obedience to Jesus. So be it radio network. Shut me down, so be it. If I lose income so be it. Those are minor choices when it comes to obeying God come on, let me throw something out to consider for all those who believe that that a Democratic administration could be disastrous. In many ways I believe that's the case, let me challenge your thinking.

What if fraud is found in the election and the courts overturn the current results in pronounced Donald Trump as president. Can you imagine the chaos the resistance the anarchy that a break using we shouldn't do it because that no no no, hear me out. Do you think that those on the left and those in the middle who oppose Donald Trump because of who he is. You think they'll just sit back as we push forward more pro-life legislation and things like that push back against extreme agendas of what you think.

They'll just sit back or will but there not be an even greater backlash friends. People were dancing in the streets after Joe Biden was announced by the media's president. They were dancing in the streets, not so much because they love Joe Biden not so much because they're happy is in the White House because comps out. That's what they're dancing for. That's how much they hate him. That's a much of the spot. Some is because of his policies and laws because was person personality so may be more of our prayer should be directed in a different direction may be those of us who are just praying over God. The election was stolen. Many former years of Donald Trump have the Democrats and will be disastrous. Maybe we should betray praying hard for the transformation of Donald Trump and maybe we should be praying for the church to repent of putting too much trust in a man after all.

If the whole Cyrus prophecy analogy was a God is going to use someone who's not one of us who's not a true believer lease coming into the White House who's an outsider. The most unlikely candidate and idol worshiper that God will use to do good for Israel to do good for the church. Why couldn't God use Joe Biden.

Why couldn't God use you watching God use any of it. In the words of God can use the most unlikely vessels. Could it be that America's greatest issue is not who's in the White House that America's greatest issue is housing the Congress that America's greatest issue is the state of the church and if the church would awaken and do right than the political scene would change as well and there would be more righteous politicians and there would be more godly decisions and they would be more holistic concern for the poor, the hurting, the needy beginning in the womb, and right through society, not one party strong here, the parties don't know but that there be righteousness to look, I don't know or things you will because God didn't speak to me about but I know where an urgent situation right now and whichever way this goes is going to mess back at what if the courts don't rule for Trump and what if he says okay I'm just gonna campaign the next four years launch a whole movement that he can have tens of billions behind him that's I can advance the cause of the gospel any more than if the courts overturn it. Give things in the cause of the Gospels can be advanced through us through you and me. Maybe if we get our hearts in the right place if you say don't judge me. I'm not saying we maybe if we get our hearts in the right place.

Maybe if we direct our prayers. Transformation of Donald Trump and not just for the courts and the transformation of the church to be the church united around Jesus and making him known then perhaps things would fall into place more in our society, and perhaps things have to get worse before they get better because ultimately comes to us waking up right now you take out snow plows and knives or maybe say amen with all number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown social talk about racism in America that want to focus on the issue of socialism the dangers of that and what he knows about that, but in my book evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the Trump test.

I have a chapter, Chapter 5 titled the cult of Trump versus Trump derangement syndrome that you have many on the left, saying that those that vote for Donald Trump support part Donald Trump are part of his cult and then you have those on the right saying those who vilify and attack him suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. It is, it's almost like the worst is brought out on all sides that you ever have somebody like that family member or coworker that they have a certain personality and it can bring out the worst in people and you just the way they are, can agitator everybody's in the flesh and that's kind of what happens there. There is hardly any middle ground comes to Donald Trump think you'd agree. Remember I voted for him twice now.

Okay, twice, but I ask in this chapter does Donald Trump use proven cultic techniques to manipulate controls followers into some of them follow him with cultlike devotion. There's their loyalty to him and the steam from go far beyond what is acceptable or even logical member January 2016 candidate Trump said you know what else to say about my people the polls this of the most loyal people. Did you ever see that like it's in the middle of fifth Avenue and shoot somebody. And I would lose any voters okay. It's like incredible so there is this unusual loyalty to a man. Vincent was makes no sense of what his understandable because the spirit was any fights for things that are of importance to many of us in these taking on things somebody also took on it in extraordinary ways. On the other hand, is that it should be like that that you follow somebody no matter what I noted in the book it.

It's one thing to be enthusiastic Trump supporter like this gentleman named Howard who tweeted after the president's state of the Union address in February 2021 day before is expected acquittal. So it is impeachment acquittal. Hello Dr. Brown if you know God is raised Donald Trump up for this time to do work and after he is acquitted today. He'll be reelected. Roe V Wade will be overturned and Donald Trump will finish the work that God sent him to do what we shall see how that plays out right of right now a lot against it. We shall see how that plays out terms reelection and and and so much I can understand you think is purpose voted from fine citizen to have an almost religious devotion to him to defend his every word and deed to reference him as a savior figure to see him is called by God so much a race of so much for such a time as this that the criticize him is to criticize the Lord so so this concerns me. So on the one hand you have left-leaning Christians like Shane Claiborne was on the show with me saying Trump evangelicalism is occult. This rebuke in the name of Jesus. And I love Jesus and its precise my love for Jesus decrease my outreach to Trump look the things Jesus in competitive things Trump says is impossible to reconcile the two. I don't have any Christian can defend Trump and conversely settle how any Christian can vote against Trump and when we have these clear extremes so I analyze this book by Stephen Hassan mental health professional who wrote a book called the cult of Trump, a leading cult expert explains how the president uses mind control and NIII go through actually break it down in the book I go through it. I go through his arguments and accident some ways it seems it's true then I point out that there are other areas where if if Trump changes view supra life for pro-Israel or other things that his supporters would abandon him in a heartbeat. You know those that for whom those especially important issues that on the other hand, I point out was cool Trump derangement syndrome. We wants of the left-wing media. It's like the loss them. Are they completely lost their minds that they become like little babies. Moran and candidates. Like I thought your professional newscasts will happen some sense, Trump brought out the worst of all sides.

And again I seem is used by God to do that to bring out the worst of size but is also brought out the worst on the church we become like him or we justify the kind of behavior and rhetoric were unable to see how or witnessed has been tarnished by the degree that were associated with them, especially those of us who are white conservative believers.

It I'm not saying that the elections aren't important.

I am not saying that if there is fraud. It should not be exposed. I am not saying Doug to say well whoever's in power does great, no problem missing any of that. If you listen to me over the years wants me of the years read me over the years, you know that's not my position but there is something wrong in the degree that many of us are better known as supporters of Trump than followers of Jesus, and we see more emotionally attached to the president into the gospel.

You say that's crazy. I know a single person's like it. Oh yeah, just look at our social media feeds look at how we degenerated all sides the nastiness and and and it is the posting of junk and trash in and out.

You listen Pollitt their stuff because boy all the time and is very funny and very clever, but it's it's demeaning it's it's ugly it's destructive is just political junk on the gauge in that a man of God and try to serve out of the Lord, you know, years back when Bill Clinton was president listen to Rush Limbaugh. Someone I lived in Maryland to stir my drive to Tucson and learned a lot lot of great insights, and other things are different with obviously but you he refer to Clinton slick Willie, I thought, well, he's he's not doing that is a believer or minister the gospel on I'm not going to do that. I'm looking to engage in the name-calling and the rhetoric you so your week.

This had nothing to do with weakness has to do with integrity has to do with ethics with character so friends we don't fight the way the world fights that we become worldly we become carnally become petty. We have we have we really have of this up and greed over this for years and years, long before Trump's presence is just brought up to the surface and I'm saying this is a Trump supporter and a Trump folder and some of the things maybe there is fraud. Let us see.

Let us get to the bottom of it and that righteousness be done before more years of Donald Trump.

Especially if it's by the courts overturn the elections of saying they were fraudulent. He's he's the rightful winner. The backlashes can be so extreme that if we just become defenders of Trump. We will completely lose her gospel witness.

If he's in great spray from to do supposed to do is pray for him to be less of an abrasive person and then let's say hate on one type of trouble and talk about use and reach out to people in love those would be a worse mess than we've ever been. And if the Democrats take control and and and and go the way of of the leftist agenda that many wanted. This can be very tough very very tough. Either way, we can have to get our act together as followers of Jesus here in America was to be very tough either way. I with that just looked up phone lines are jammed. We get to a couple calls and that will bring our guest on and takes more calls. I will start with Troy that she is an Atari in Burlington New Jersey. Thanks for calling.

Please weigh in with your thoughts on the nation real quick and thank you for all you do. Sir, so it allows accredited entropic marketing and anything it pregnant Trump didn't cause any of the climate in America, it would it would already here in regards to his election of you know of the of the church. We have to look at it and say whoa Google gets put in place if there's thought we should look at that, but we also accept that God's will also is being done now in regards to whether you United States of the rights of country I want to think of Sweden think of Nigeria think of different countries around the world.

Now, America is unique in the fact that it it actually is what we would call a white nation will read one thing I am an African-American who voted for Donald Tom but I think he ruined it for himself with some of his rhetoric and behavior and it brought out some of the ugly and ugliness of white Americans, but some of that type of half feeling out hatred of their fellow black human being, but America is a white nation in the sense that not like Sweden or not like Nigeria where it naturally is a representation of the people there.

Obviously there will a lot a lot of hardship there. This is already an occupied land for what is really discovered may be discovered for the people who came here, but not for the people who lived here and so unless you are able to unpack that and address that this is a white nation and and again that may ruffle some feathers and I'm a black man, and I'm willing to say this is a white nation but the afterthought is how do we deal with people that we would better here African-American natives and so forth and you see the ugly rhetoric and from a pump talk about making people feel full of faith.

For example, low income housing in place in a suburb. It's all it was all pure type of speech, and I truly hope that over the years that he would've matured, but he did not and so I believe in a message that hey I am a present for all and I am not your pastor. So for example if someone wants to have a gay wedding. Let him have it in no representation of me. I I won't say what I'm supporting or against. I'm just your president.

I'm here to make sure things are done correctly and fairly and defend the nation. And I think that's where a lot of people get caught up in in wanting to put all of their views in or behind a present young age I understood. Hey, I'm just jumping in because I had a break wanted to let you speak just route one thing to to consider and obviously we had time I ask more what you mean about white nation etc. but this is one thing to throw out. I personally don't believe Trump is racist. I have lots of issues with what he says his personality leave is racist. I do believe the media has taken certain comments either out of context plan.

However however modestly everybody here certain things different ways.

In other words, what was the intent saying this, that's why we need to have open and honest conversations as brothers and sisters in Jesus explain the world's were living.

Thank you sir. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I said hey what would be great to have this discussion on the air in a minute if you like to get on and speak with us will try to get some more calls as we go.

But first want to bring on Dr. David Marshall David, thanks so much for joining us today. I talked with you again.

Yes sir. So I do want to look at larger issues socialism and communism where you think America could be headed with some of the attendance being put forth on the left. But first your book. What what motivated you as a white Christian to write this book well. 19. For one thing, just returned from teaching the young people in China how to do research at top school in northern China and I came back for a little vacation which turned turned and almost a year now. Think over 19 and when I came back to the US. There was a kind of introspection of spiritual oppression concern lay on the my hometown of Seattle got a look out of the center of a lot of the writing, the famous capital and autonomous donor child Robin D'Angelo who has sold millions of knowing the kind of books on which he calls white fragility. This from the University of Washington right also studied.

My brother was a police officer and I thought that there was a lot going on that was very unjust that you might available to the cultural Revolution in China and he's had years of experience as a missionary.

As an educator, cheating, teaching, elite universities, China, Japan, so you got that multi-cultural background experience. So how how does that influence your current perspective. Now, in terms of what's happening in America expand on what I think a lot of the leaders of this woke movement revolution critical racial theory don't understand culture at all to be very blunt about the perspective is like in the Chinese proverb frog well looking up the sky to single tiny bit of the sky is a people are untroubled both physically and intellectually. I really don't understand the importance of culture. I believe is very very central to a lot of things that they criticize American culture.

Now, like you mean you're Jewish, and if you look at a list of people who one Nobel Prize around the world.

30% of Nobel Prize or Jewish ancestry import the cultures is enormous culture very much and in most the time the people who are criticizing America looking at a very much from a relational perspective might want to use very some Christian and it is a relapse into something that we were hundred years ago and is very important so we unpack this then you are saying to look at our current issues as race related, is missing the point. They are culture related that it one point in America. They were race related.

And people were looked at as inferior human beings based on skin color but that the challenges the tensions the difficulties we face now are primarily not based on race, but rather on cultural differences, and that maybe people pushing the race argument would be would be misguided. Stirring up dissension or creating poems that don't exist to MMI accurately stating things I think of three things we need to understand about culture going on all culture matters tremendously. How people live and there whether income even if we talk about how long people live life expectancy. What we eat is part of our culture as well, but we partly determine how long were going to live. People like Robin D'Angelo give them candy our driving American Joe Biden is very much except at this as well. Driving a dramatic change in American culture based on the idea that all iniquities are related to race or gender or different instructional differences between a and the first thing is culture is really more important than Rick. The second thing that we need to consider is that culture is beautiful. I believe having lived in many cultures around the world.

I deeply appreciate the differences in cultures between subcultures well between different different people that have that American Indians or tribal peoples in Taiwan but I know with thing with the middle of the night dance in a circle, sometimes we need to appreciate the difference in culture.

We recognize that there are different but thirdly third point is very important to consider is cultures can also be shattered and fractured by bad idea what upstream of culture is religion ideas that we accept and when the people within a culture except a certain idea that's going to transform how they live. So those three things I think are we only need to keep in mind as we look at the situation in America today.

People written about how culture has affected places like the Southside Chicago or Native American reservations or appellation white appellation on different different parts of subcultures within America. Ideas are central we should appreciate the good in each one of those culture letting without those cultures, of a variety of cultures. America be an extremely poor place so we should appreciate one another, we should appreciate the different which also recognizes that those differences are things that arise from who we are and what we value in what we believe. So I'm just looking at a question on Facebook just to indicate how you can be understood and misunderstood Tracy Esther David Marshall saying that quote woke people are illiterate unlearning on travel and ignorant?

Of perhaps a surprising question based in what you are saving so sinister.

It's an honest question, give an honest response. I don't want to say that about everybody who hold critical race. I'm just saying that my perception of reading Robin D'Angelo in the abrupt ending that many of the things they believe are based on too narrow a base of evidential back to heaven live refocused to American wife haven't been enough of the world to understand what's really going on, but I'm not there but everybody googled got it. I hate Tracy appreciate the honest question and David appreciate the honest response, but let's step back then and look at something larger here, by the way that letter to a racist nation racist is in quotes because Argosy David says that's not the that current issue now.

So how does this play in with an agenda of socialism or communism. How does have is that play out in terms of if you want to push critical race theory or something else to get the end results not of equal opportunity, but of equal results has a tie in the socialism or communism were other people who got the whole history of how these ideas all public market. I am a dark parking color market emergently at work, the public market is never been able to be applied directly, but what Karl Marx wrote Engels wrote you can't really apply directly to the real world because there is don't really pan out very well when you try to apply so whether Vladimir Lenin or Joseph Stalin or not to do whatever revolution it was he had to make some tea make some adjustments to some tweaking to bring the theory into, for example, an invalid case you get the change the focus from the working people working classes to to the farmers and that time the people in China were modern critical theory that something like that and you can fit in the work of a scholar and historian by the name of Howard Vin Vin was a communist, but most likely was probably a member of the Communist party in his early days, and he started to teach the college called Spellman Atlanta and Stalin was a woman's a black woman's college Christian college and he very consciously adopted and adapted Marxism to reach out to the American and American community didn't always work very well. A lot of African-Americans most often work didn't really like Bart very well, but that was very early on, that was a an important direction which American Communists tend to go that Mark a couple things I think really stand out about the critical theory woke ideology that really is not completely 100% market of Muslims race but couple things really stand out that resemble Mark, one of them is that the revolution 20 2020 the revolution as I call it is very much focused on the group and Jesus of course was somebody who cared about people on the margins. So an offense to defendant both Marxism and critical theory cannot be neither one of them can be explained apart from the life of Jesus Christ because the focus on people on the margins in the ancient world. If you read for examples.

The Roman historian Sue Antonius defined it.

The ancient Romans really didn't care about you know that the conquered peoples women or children of people who are no on the margins of society, including Christians, of course, eventually that was introduced and Western culture by Jesus and so on offense. This theory, this movement can hardly be explained apart from the life of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus and of course the example, but another way, it's very kind of a mirror image reflected image of the very thing that it opposes because originally my you have racism hundred years ago. You have riots in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Things like that redlining going further back you have slavery were things you can. You should understand the cultural Revolution is that but times change in the cultural Revolution. The people who are persecuted by the red guards were the grandchildren of those who did the persecuted seer can't simplistically say oh, these people are persecuted. Those people do the persecuted gift to look at your error I get the look of the generation was actually going on and I think that's one of the key mistakes that critical theory makes its focus is in the store and I mean a lot of history.

I think history very important component who we are, but at the same time we come back and knows what happened in the culture as China and then called we've been talking about letter to a racist nation racist codes David Marshall, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is Mao's cultural Revolution of many younger folks and I was familiar with it. Many Americans in general don't really know what happened but I know you can go on for hours about this would give us the the cliff notes version of what mouse objectives were and what happened with the cultural Revolution in China in the 1960s 1966, Chairman Mao declared a great cultural revolution from cabins and argument in Beijing. The big gate of heavenly peace instead of working top down through the hierarchy of party or to the government decided to work. Bottoms up from the students 15, 16-year-old high school students about college student to overthrow the system of government which you'd Artie put into place.

People still think you got bored and communicate red guards. They were called Kendra to Naaman Square and heard him urge them onto basically attack their teachers and attack other old for all and end figures of authority around China to tear down some of the symbols of ancient Chinese civilization that also churches as well and then the these young people is red guards that off on a huge demolition project very much like our modern counsel culture or the riots that occurred in 2020. The sense one of one of the their targets was the husband of my later on my future and configure shaman felt China on the coast.

He was basically tossed out the window. This political struggle session.

Bring the their target. Put dunce cap on and perhaps they would make accusations against him and that would force him to write a self-incriminating letter explaining why he was really guilty to what you deserve all this rights is quite quite shocking in terms of the nature of this and course is also very much overthrow traditional Chinese culture because traditionally Chinese have revered their teachers, which is good for me. Of course become a teacher, right and what was it for all the four outmoded ways though old religion.

I'm not sure what the four were got it okay I am sexy just looking at my own book revolution.

The urgent call to moral holy uprising, David. How would you respond to this because you just roll those comments down over on Facebook with CEO Tori said racism in America never ended. People want to have an unfiltered conversation about white hate until we can do that will be in a constant state of denial. Germany took down the Nazi statues America was to hold onto his Confederate statues.

Obviously, many feel the way Tori feels and feels it.

There's not an unfiltered conversation about quote white hate how do you respond to that today. I think if you take an empirical study of America right now. You'll find that there are some people of all races and of all kinds of backgrounds who have hatred towards other people. For some reason another empirically speaking I think about one third of American white Americans that have experienced racist impotence, from black Americans about two thirds of black American. Experienced racist. I have no reason to disbelieve that but I don't think it defines who we are and I don't think it describes the vast majority of Americans today. We were not dangerous to specialize because it's true that a 1920. There were terrible terrible attacks on African-American. It was true in 2020 that there were terrible terrible tax on the police in the cultural Revolution. The people who traditionally been the attackers became the people, but for the grandchildren became the people who attacked and when I walked through Chaz in downtown Seattle and I know my brother hurt for 40 years 1/3 of his career and what is been doing no say somebody drag somebody out of burning car and rescue people in the middle of islands and all kinds of things like that, even when you give the police give somebody a ticket traffic ticket speeding ticket saving people's lives in my locker on Chaz and if he killed the cops.

I see signs like that spray-painted all over Chad but the irony is that according to scientific American. Every year doctors and nurses.

The medical profession makes mistakes result in the death of some 300 to 400,000 Americans doubt the same analogous mistake are also sometimes made by by the police may result in something like the death of about 60 unarmed nonviolent American citizens.

So about 5000 people are killed in America by medical mistakes to everyone who killed by mistake by the police on nothing restructure the doctors a lot or nurses that will be terribly unjust but I think there's a certain psychosis in American fighter right now which is analogous to the cultural Revolution that creates this mob violence and anger that we saw in 2020. The thing is, there is a French sociologist by the name of Renée Garrard very famous member of the French Academy deacons to solve scapegoating and some of the traits that you find in historical scapegoating against the Jews met in the Middle Ages against Chinese or Koreans or against doctors under Joseph Stalin's reign Oregon teachers in the cultural Revolution very similar to what you find in 2020, America, for example, one of the traits. This beast scapegoating event.

The witchhunt often occurs during a pandemic, so it's just it's the perfect moment for something like that to happen, saying that, of course, there are people are racists in America that people walk all the bad people in America as Christians I think we just put that a larger perspective and recognize it.

All of us at the end of many different times and Jesus said love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. That's the fundamental question moral truth, I think we need to put all the things we hear from the world and the perspective Jesus would do absolutely because this is one seat you since you don't deal with real issues and ask hard questions and have serious discussions and ask people to help you see blind spots, etc. but won't filter everything through certain lands, then everything becomes racer everything becomes the service to become set and then it becomes you can make no progress because you're seeing you. You put on your own glasses that are biased in that you see the whole world through those by the way yeah the four old old ideas. All cultural habits or customs of this if we can grab a caller to a Scott in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire is a question about alternating hungry and a learning community. The United States law? No question is this is the way to create food and everything else for that matter, except God is so pale in this world is no know God guided a race that may be a Christian race like anything that I would say let's let's just focus on the first question, I guess what level is there poverty, hunger in America. David is is is that it is the inequality of situations and modify your question Scott.

If you don't mind. It's been pointed out see that that that average net worth of a household white American is way, way, way above that of a black American, because you have generations of of accumulation and things like that.

If we see just the way it is now on average that a black person is making less than a white person. Net worth is way less, etc. does that mean that we have not yet corrected the inequities of the past. This difficult thing about answering that question is an let's be frank. The good old American culture.

Right now the best and probably the biggest problem in my opinion is the fact that a huge number of American children are born out of wedlock.

A lot of kids grew up not knowing what the word dad needs and will start with that, starting in the wrong place think that that represents the breakdown of culture both white and black, but not so much Asian so far, which is the fundamental problem that needs to be solved.

American: American society. Now, as a matter fact white Americans are not the top of the earning less than America. Indian Americans mean people from India think about twice as much is because the average white family per average family and go down the list of no income per family household white Americans definitely make a lot more money than black Americans or Native American but there are other family groups. Other races that they were much of the cultural because culture I think is central. I was it a coincidence that Asian Americans have suffered less family breakdown and also have a higher earning per per capita. Probably not.

I don't think so, then the middle of the second sentence needs to be expanded minutes to talk time poising made his seasons race problems are deeper solutions or they were having a conversation you call in and differ in the days ahead

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