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Essential Insights on the Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 9, 2020 4:20 pm

Essential Insights on the Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 9, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/09/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown


Today's broadcast is when you do not want to miss a got some real important insights about where we stand in the elections stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown present will do my job today as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity.

I want to do my best to help ground you in truth ground you in an emotionally healthy attitude graduate right position between you and God so that you will be able to function well in the midst of the chaos and craziness that surrounds us. Welcome to the line of fire. 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call. We want to talk about where we stand in the current election controversy from a number of different angles and as always I I want to bring the perspective I can uniquely uniquely bring here as your host on the line of fire. Not just another conservative talking head and think often wants to do a great job, not just know the preacher, the gospel, but then thank God for those good great job there.

But bringing a spiritual kingdom perspective to the news and the world around us.

If you miss this Saturday night. This was part of the speech given by Joe Biden.

Now of course he has been announced as President-elect by the media based on Pennsylvania accountant that OKs enough to to be over the electoral vote. He is not officially been certified, states not been certified electoral college is not cast its official votes.

So, in point of fact, he is not officially president elect, but many would say de facto. He is what we shall see, but the duly elected president be our next president. This my position but I will give me an excerpt of the speech and some of the feel of where he was coming from. Let's listen in prayer. A convincing victory of victory for we the people and make progress. Treat your opponents as our enemies. They are not our enemies that are Americans there Americans tells us everything there is a season or time is so this is the Tyndale in America is to follow our with each other with love of country first for justice.

Let us be the nation that we know can be united nation strengthen nation handle America. John there's we tried not been able to do so. Remember my grandpa Barbara probably seven. I walked out of his home when I was a kid up and spread is a Joe. Keep the faith in our grandmother answers a lot about Joey spreading all it's interesting there that God is invoked, so how can God be invoked if the person is godless or hey listen. I'd rather people are asking God for help.

I'll comment on the question of time to heal and and can we in fact move ahead with healing out will come from the political realm or must it come from the church. Is it possible to heal.

With so much deep division but before I get into any of that before I get into the question of potential election fraud or is that just crazy conspiracy theory is is the president present Trump exposing something evil or is he deluded millions of people to believe whatever he says we cannot evaluate all of that and some information I received from some folks close to the inside that II found fascinating. But I said last week, the day before the election is a God not spoken to me. I don't ever remember feeling that the Lord showed me who was going to win a presidential election.

Over the years, godly things on my heart that happen there led me to do certain things it's turned out to be the Lord Jesus said my sheep hear my voice so I believe that the Holy Spirit puts things in her heart reveals things so sometimes we just know stuff to know where it comes from just have that sense of knowing, but but I said before the election that hasn't happen to be so wasn't claiming this is a prophecy or divine revelation. But this was my prediction from last Monday, the day before the elections. My prediction, I do not claim that the Lord spoke to me showed me something opened up the Scripture gave me special revelation.

I am discounting other prophetic words and simply my own observation I I feel pretty confident that Donald Trump will win tomorrow.

Why would look at the rallies. The numbers of people. The enthusiasm versus the small rallies lack of enthusiasm so the master browser Trump small unenthusiastic for Biden. That's telling when you see what seems to be an uptick in Hispanic and black support of Trump and perhaps even Jewish support for Trump one for every one person I heard say I voted for Trump in 2016 but I can't vote in 2020.

I hear 10 or 20 saying I didn't fall from 2016 and I will vote for him in 2020, and then just the radicalization of the dry credit party that would indicate to me the likelihood of a Trump victory.

But either way, my emotions are set to worship God as God and to keep my eyes focused on eternity as a leader in this world, regardless of the outcome and my determination is whatever the results are to gather as many believers as I can together to work together for the good of the nation. That's my own prediction based on these observations, do I have a spiritual sense. I want to be honest my spiritual sense before elections tends to be off the words I've never felt that the Lord gave me a clear word. You're one of these visitation things were, you know that you know the God spoke to her. Scripture jumped out of this not happen. Normally it's kind of my emotions of what I want to see happen and so on and so forth.

So bottom line. Bottom line, no don't have a word don't have a revelation, but my observations would strongly indicate a Trump victory.

We shall see. What's interesting is I saw at least one content blessing on you to call me a false prophet, a false prophet for saying God hasn't spoken to me. I'm just give me an opinion I could be wrong but that's the world we live in today.

Here's the key thing about get across the big big thing. The state of our emotions. The state of our emotions, you got some people outrage the election was stolen you got other people dancing in the street. Evil Trump is gone. You got other people crushed because they believe God spoke Trump would be reelected you, you got the whole range of emotions and what was really important for me because I didn't know which was contrary to this moment.

I don't know you so what about that has a selection been stone. I've had very solid high level clear thinking people. People with PhD's in their fields. People well connected in the higher echelons of law in America people high in the business world needed directly to me or through friends of mine say this things fraud and stolen another saying that's the craziest thing everything analyzes is not possible. I don't know. I God didn't tell me may be told you he didn't tell me he didn't tell me in advance.

Who would win his ways are infinitely higher than ours and infinitely ahead of ours and often you live through it. Have you not what seems like the worst thing you ever went through turns out to be the best thing that the worst day of your life and putting you in the worst place of your life where everything seemed hopeless was when you met a certain person at begin the most important important person in your life or you learned a certain lesson so God is so far ahead of us. It's about playing for DHS about 40 million DHS on so many different levels. He knows what's best. I don't know what's best in terms of candidates and parties for America because we may have to go down before we go up we may have to have our eyes open to many different things and I'll address the issue of idolatry, putting too much trust in person or party.

I'll address that little while but the big thing for me element and where I want to help you and by the time you watch this or listen to maybe watching him on America's voice Saturday night and just give your Pluto you may be listed by podcasting on one of the many outlets we have for podcasts a few days from now and and I don't know where things will even stand the controversy may go on for four weeks.

We don't know but I want to help you with your emotional attitude I watch, Harris speak and I watched Joe Biden speak.

I didn't watch with excitement. While I am so excited for them and it wants gritting my teeth.

I cannot leave they want is dollars election. I watched the crowds dancing in the street and you know let's let's just say because I was a crumpled or right. Let's just say that your team lost in sports and now you see people and you think it was stolen in the refs messed up the game and that's what your team lost was a legitimate loss right and it was dirty play along the way the ticket when your players and now you see people supporting the team that won in their dancing and celebrating the street. You can other. I I was in a state of worshiping God. God is so much bigger than this.

If in fact the worst concerns are realized and there is a radical leftist agenda gets pushed on the nation with dreadful consequences. If we continue to pray and cry out, God can even use that for good and perhaps bring about the awakening we desire.

They can then lead to the type of Reformation of culture we will see which cannot sit specifically or exclusively come through political party must come from the grassroots level of hearts being changed, which then will work out in votes being change in policies being changed and political establishments being changed.

It could be that that we have three parties in five years.

It could be one of the major parties is excessive or who the world knows. But God is God friends Santos. He who sits in the heavens laughs Mrs. as the rulers of the earth want to revolt socket where the revolt comes from humanity. Republican and Democratic China, Russia, God is God and he sits enthroned, and I was also able to remind myself and I hope you can do this if you voted, if you're on the other side is on the left and and and and you look at Donald Trump.

This is for me. Looking at buying her sleep there just human beings are all human beings in the Jesus I don't know that the state of any of them in terms of I have personal access into their souls. But assuming they really need to know the Lord, Joe Biden, Harris, Donald Trump people siblings baby Chris what was they really need to know the Lord deeply can we agree on that.

And Jesus document just people there just people are not demons.

There just people. So let us be more people of the spirit and then from there you stand for righteousness and from there we can oppose evil from their our our battle so much bigger than a political battle in our heart motion got a stones throw is not like oh no, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown give you another.

This is not to call the with this is to share your mind if you want to give me a piece of your mind to think I'm crazy and off-the-wall. If you have a testimony of how her ministry work is been life transforming for you this letter because not to call a number to call and leave questions will be responding to questions, but if you want to make a statement you just want to sound off again. You want to differ with me on something call me out on something. Given positive word testimony.

Here's number to call 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480. Do your best to keep your message to two minutes or less and I will pull some of these will play on their those that are worthy will claim on the air and our team listen to every one of these comments that comes in all right what about the spiritual side of this in terms of prophecies now for many this is a weird thing that would mean prophecy for the prophets today nonprofits today like in the Bible, Old Testament Isaiah, Jeremiah, writing Scripture and nobody is writing the book of Revelation. Today, right but God continues to speak to his people and through his people and basically to a person every known charismatic prophet anyone that has a public voice that we've heard of or known of.

We did not know a single one prophesying Joe Biden victory, not a single one. I've asked people you know any of them.

Have you heard a single profit prophesying Joe Biden victory answer no.

Everyone said Trump will have a second term. Many of them very publicly. Some said if we pray he will be reelected, well, I think we all agree there has been massive prints messed up to this moment still gonna cry out for God's will to be done much repentance in the church looking at our sin in our fault nor guilt and then print God. Have you what you will be done. I never pray for can I never ever pray for specific candidates to be elected. I vote my conscience. That's my point is God's part to put in the person that he believes is best. So I pray God your will be done get to pass that I vote my conscience let him do his part. We do our part. How do we explain this now. Some use summits it will. There is no gift of prophecy. Today there on the prophets today.

That's easy drop but why all of them off in the same way or will it be that it turns out that there will be proven right knee civil could be that there's a second term, but that will be 2024 well if that is the case if that is the case that would indicate the prophetic language is not meant to be taken like a news report just like if you read the Old Testament prophets assesses like a news report. In other words, there's a lot of ambiguity in it. Sometimes only see the reality when comes to pass, in which case you can't be basing all kinds of decisions based on prophecy as if it's a newscast dog. I got a ton to say about prophetic ministry today.

As someone who fully believes in it. Someone who supports it and endorses it, some of who at times is used in certain prophetic ways. Donald get dreams and visions but but there been things God spurred me to write about speak about years before they became mainstream to look this is coming. I know it all right and and many men you've had that sense even if you don't believe in prophetic ministry to you had the sense from the Lord about things before they happen.

Many of you have right but we we are going to have to do serious evaluation either. There was mass error or these people really heard the Lord and and it seems impossible. So here I give you one example, and this is not someone known Sayers as a prophet in the charismatic movement. Someone who is often given predictions in an essay on the planes to mock I'm simply putting information outů And what Pat Robertson said shortly before the elections grow I goes I want to share with you.

I was praying on Sunday saying God please tell me how is going to happen. I hope of got the word. But first of all I want to say without question, Trump is going to win the election and I let them in use at home and on vote of the dead means you get a new everything you can you work with.

He's going to win, that's that. I think a given.

And after he is sworn in, and his vice president is Mike pence, then trouble is going to happen. He's going to be challenged by the Chinese as you couldn't believe will be faced probably with some, war, the North Koreans are going to have nuclear weapons a threat.

Most of the Russians or the new everything they can. The Turks and that there are things going and after trial is sworn in. We going to see systemic disobedience in our America that will just be mind-boggling. The country will be torn apart with the talk about Trump derangement syndrome is going to be horrible goes already without anything happening with the trouble the street but there will be at least two attempts on the president's life and is going to be very difficult so I would just urge you feel he should pray for and now this too may happen. You can only imagine what would happen if the Supreme Court overturns the election results. This is the Trump actually want to break down the issues of how To be that he actually wonders assisted conspiracy theory and again. Read my lips watch. I don't know exactly what happened was is a fairly contested election or not.

I don't know I wasn't there at every polling place. Neither you pray with me that the truth will come to light because God did not speak to me in advance about who would be president. I can say we what we will see if these words were accurate in the days ahead.


It is either at accurate or not either accurate or not.


Well what Hank Truman said that say he's knows charismatic prophet and very very clearly believes that God did speak the Trump would be elected reelected and now it seems that it may not have happened. Many say it's a done deal course it didn't happen. Pastor Robert Jeffress, one of the strongest evangelical Trump supporters on the planet made a public statement congratulating Joe Biden single praying for your success as we pray for every person were praying for your success of this order, saying it's it's it's over losing as long from over winter break that down. The leader in broadcast, but Hank Truman just a few days ago gave a very public message about what we can expect this is what he said so looks like he has the upper have a God like the drama he likes a good show. He likes a good fight and and it's like in the days with with the prophets of bail where look like they have the upper hand but yet God came and answered by fire and wiped them all out every single one of their lives, and God restored order. This is what's going to happen over the next 70 days. I say Patrick, are you saying it's going to go that long. All I'm saying is, no matter the outcome or the dirt. No matter the amount of time for God to move his hand.

The outcome does not change God said again in our church service on Sunday. He said if I delivered Daniel if I delivered Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo if I delivered a nation Israel that was standing upon the shores of the Red Sea. Think about it. They just went through a plague. We just went through up like they were shot and we had a shot and they were sudden on the short they had a very arrogant enemy saying that they now had Israel in their grip. That's what Biden and the left is saying all we've got this nation.

We got the presidency look hopeless.

In fact, fear gripped the nation some of you that are watching your afraid and I understand. But here's the thing you gotta lose that from your soul because Moses cried out to God in that moment in the book of Exodus and God said skews me. Why are you crying out or why are you shrieking out to me. Lift up your rot of authority and go forward. I haven't changed my mind. We have to do the same. We have to watch what were speaking out of our mouth, we gotta watch what were typing on the keyboard and posted on social media. We gotta watch you were calling and what were discussing what we coming into agreement with the spirit of lies. Are we coming into agreement with with Jezebel's prophets are we going to listen to God and agree with him right. Let me say this, we shall see very soon. It's what we shall see number one. If you are convinced God shows you that Donald Trump is supposed to be our next president and will be then hold onto that and see God bring about your will.

Okay, but please hear me. Do not let anyone put something on you with the outcome of this election is now dependent on your faith if you don't believe enough if you don't ask any questions, then this can happen, but if use question and ordered then it will have rubbish. I reject that Exhibit 2nd Chronicles 2020 is believe the prophets new succeed number one that's an Old Testament principal, we are not led by prophets in the New Testament and I wholeheartedly embrace prophetic ministry for the New Testament wholeheartedly. We are not led by prophets in the New Testament prophets just part of leadership and part of a larger body and all of us.

He can hear the spirit for ourselves all the skin of the witness of the Spirit in our lives.

We don't need someone else to tell us what were supposed to believe you see a but they all feel the same at what they thought they didn't all get things right at COBIT. Okay there were no prudent major voices in advance on his culvert was coming and then Simpson was gonna dissipate a certain time. It didn't search about fallible human beings, we prophesy in part. What I look if you sit down with some of these guys, they'll give you thousands of mind-boggling examples of God-given words and things happening.

It's amazing.

It's God glorifying some his people Hank but some I know personally is Jesus loving, God fearing people surrounding political somebody like trumpet all all right. So we shall see.

Hope the words come to pass because I voted for Trump, but if not, trumps that the Savior and Bidens out the antichrist. Come on and buys out the stated trumps that the antichrist gonna rise higher here at most you can use an Old Testament test.txt then use an Old Testament test right New Testament text believe the prophets, who succeed the Old Testament test if what they say this come to pass them onto prophets right they could say well the people who believe us enough know that doesn't work sorry. God's bigoted prayer is taking place around the world now for this election in America.

If God is again trying to be presence can happen. If not, it ain't that simple.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown spirit exactly what I pray the Holy Spirit did not reveal it to me will I give you many reasons why prefer Trump presidency to abide presidency and then downsides of the Trump presidency. But why vote for him, but what I do know is I can pray biblically-based prayers got shine your life God expose darkness, expose corruption, exposure, and made the man who has been duly elected by the American people be our next president who couldn't pray that everyone everyone that knows God has faith should be able to pray that prayer is a it is a truth based kingdom based prayer so I'll contact I will contend God's outcome absolutely all content for spiritual but let him interpret what that is.

And if you have a specific word to contend differently wonderful. You do it you do it but don't tell me what I should pray and believe because God suddenly that my heart and I'm not telling you what to pray and believe I'm saying let us pray nonpartisan personnel. Another side to the story. Another side to the story again.

My vote was for Trump or understand the argument against my hope is that the prophetic words prove true. All I have issue with the way some of them being present. Okay, just so you know where I'm coming from is my personal attitude but a couple months ago I get a note from a dear friend and lifelong friend Ron Cantor met him when I was in my late 20s and he was in his late teens. He came as a student for ministry school and dear brother coworker friend for many many years now doesn't claim to be prophetic, not known as as a prophet and his circles were he travels okay.

He says this to me and this September 6. Now he's just posted this. We talked about it posted yesterday Messiah's mandate what I felt was being very humble about this, God told me about the election. September the here's the the overview in early September had an unexpected experience whereby since the spirit of God clearly told me that Joe Biden would win the election was in praying risking God who when it was completely unexpected. I felt he said it was because of the church's idolization of Pres. Trump. I sensed him same way that we having a political zeal with the gospel, which is led to an unholy concoction message about issues like focus on the call salvation central message of the New Testament. This mixture is led to a plethora of what appears to be as of now false prophecies regarding election immediately share with Dr. Michael Brown, a trusted friend and mentor Elsa share this before the election. With around 20 people mostly lose my respect including that more trauma and board Simpson as well as my leadership team to whom I'm submitted a distance from the literature publicly before the election. I could not see any value in that so that it could be injurious and even after the election seem presumptuous, as many were passionately praying for president come to be vindicated and confirmed for four more years. I counseled with other leaders who agreed it would be wise to wait. I felt the Lord strongly was began early in election day as I was questioning him on the issue and he confirmed to me that indeed Bidens when it was with crystal clarity. Such a separate experience and any goes on from there. Okay now he's posting said if I'm wrong I'm wrong said if I need correction list it again. He just said this when I sensed I got the almost identical word from another pastor, solid pastor who really understand the dangers of the radical ref left strong repents preacher, Patrick, and any reaches out to be privately last week and since I got what do I do with this document. What will I do with this. I got the sense that that God raised up, Trump.

He was a tool for four years, but the church idolized him, as we all worship my friend were guilty of idolatry. We put so much trust in a man.

I'm a Trump folder. Okay I'm a Trump support. We put so much trust in the man and God is jealous for his glory alone and that we look to him. We have little man in ways that can be dangerous.

He had almost identical words, what Ronson almost identical and in none of these guys with whatever vote for it. For by the Democrats.

But when you think of doing it. Okay, just to tell you where they're coming from. Terms and ideologies and that they sense this and what I feel is even if Trump does end up winning. If that is the case, and they were wrong there right about the other part. They're absolutely right about the idolization of a man it's it's dangerous. I've wondered about it for years and people say he's not our Savior. How can you set and then assuming this because God's anointed me to bring for Trump to say right now Donald trumps to save the nation. Donald Trump need saving. Okay Jesus is the Savior we look to and boy he could use Trump mightily we could use someone else mightily absolutely and elections have consequences absolutely let's get our priorities straight.

If you agree with me that is not our Savior, then you shouldn't be so sensitive.

I said if everyone on Internet. Every human being on the planet posted a thousand times.

Michael Brown is on our Savior make it. Specifically, Dr. Michael Lewis Brown messianic. It is not our Savior. I think he printing it printed trillions printed 20 billion times what one gets a touchy when I see Trump is understood and wife some your emotions are completely collapsed in the gutter just like it's utterly hopeless and it's all over.

If you want. Looking to him the wrong way trying to help clear up front. Help us be the church in the midst of this.

These are major issues friends, please hear me right so I want to go through this quickly. Don't get too few calls either Donald Trump has set up his followers to believe anything he says even completely contrary to reality or this election has been stolen. Right now remember Donald Trump's famous famous comment where he said that that he could shoot some on Fifth Avenue red broad daylight and with losing followers. There's a lot of truth to that. Why why that level of devotion now.

Here's his official statement. We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely poses the women why his media allies are trying so hard to help them. They don't want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is, the selection is far from over Joe Biden's been certified as the winner and states let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts any goes on beginning Monday or companion campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully Appel and rifle winter is seated he's been caught out fake news for years now since early 2017.

He's been calling out fake news and there has been a ton of fake. There's been a ton of fake news. At the same time.

It's created an environment we don't trust anybody and even true news gets rejected as fake news if we don't like. So it's created a trust crisis. The attacks on him.

His method in his just been a perfect storm crisis of trust. So he's began saying months ago.

The only way I can lose a selection is by fraud. He's begun saying that no did you see it coming.

Did he recognize it was covert and potential mail-in ballots. There's a real danger or was he setting people up for deception is one of the other right is one of the other. Okay so listen listen to what he says listen to this speech when he voted just a few days back before the elections because there's no way I meant that then they sit here do this here surrogate you know they give you both sit down to what you have to do to get up called and they put it in then you put it in the machine yourself and want to touch it was so professional. This know what you can. She with these ballots who sending them receiving them, who's bringing about signing a ridiculous.

It's the only way we can really it's the only way we can lose in my opinion is massive fraud was happening was all over the country. Thousands and thousands of ballots about the military ballots that were thrown into it garbage again with the name Trump on yeah no again you hear all these anecdotes is it real or not and then you look at this tweet because this Donald Trump tweet from over the weekend I won the selection by a lot and look at this over 1 million likes and it's a top 20 most like shared tweets of all time. You know, the top 20 maybe number 20 is to win a half-million.

I checked on that.

Just before coming on this this over a man over a million likes.

I was watching it just the numbers pouring. I think at a million, like 12 hours that's made people believe he won the election by a lot.

Has he set people up for mass deception and whatever he says they don't follow. It's a real dangerous possibility. We have to be on guard for or, conversely, is he exactly right is the greatest fraud in modern history and in terms of selling perpetrated our nation on on this scale so again I don't know the facts. I do not have inside information okay and factual undeniable, but I had a call from someone very close to a lot of what's going on, just spoke with two PhD's in statistics. Those there. There are PhD's in statistics so they they will analyze farm elections look for trends and stats and things to see what's possible.

It's not possible right and according to them, it is impossible to Joe Biden on the selection statistically they say when you do the proper analysis and who could vote and what numbers it is not possible that he will these two PhD's in statistics.

If that's the case, it will come to life. If it's that big. If the fraud was was perpetrated on that big a level, it has to come to light. There gonna be too many loose ends. There is so your him from a whistleblower here will support here. I so this happen. I so that happen or they tell the truth I don't know, could affect the whole election. If you had thousands of cases like that could be. I don't know but I know God, I am actually confident that God will bring about what is best and that truth will triumph because people are praying and crying out day and night and day and night, and they believe the election was still if that's the case. Let the light shine.

But it all come to the surface and that's my confidence that come January whenever we have some inaugurated it's it's going to be exactly what God determined is the best outcome Nancy torpor that Victor David Hanson respected Prof. great thinker. There's a real intellectuals got the grass from the classics to was happening today. He said there was massive voter fraud. I believe that but nonetheless this shouldn't even have been close the marches in places like Michigan or Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania. Given what is done for the country but who Trump have in his corner. Maybe talk radio. Maybe Breitbart may be half the Foxley maybe not Hoover institution is not for national review was against music in a conservative wings. Most of the mainstream Republican establishment was against big tech was against him Wall Street was against the big-money universities, professional sports, entertainment, everybody's against him and he overcame all that almost the says in a fair and just world. People have probably would've that people have probably found a way to show support.

But now he salute the way the selections are run. His concern is it's the end of free and fair elections. Others have said that and when I put up a tweet about that and asked the question. Many said, yeah, provide presence of an religious meaning.

The dishonest forces will not have the way socialist takeover that yet. This is the majority of people in terms of those polled the largest number for this is the end of the elections and hope that's not true.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Ryan check said because he went to look for his and his activities selection didn't show up in North Carolina.

We both lived there and went to check my didn't show up now so maybe they just haven't on the official accounting and is North Carolina will finish November 12. The finish is what today's the sub speaking to November 9 but he said no Mike. My sisters came through in.

She's also North Carolina. So here is my voting record writing tourism activity.

I guess it escaped some of the that the midterms but so the right general challenge or primogeniture under so 2004 810 12 1214 1616 so the double once it's both general and primary the counties where I voted and so on but nothing for 2020 that II check financing nothing for 2020.

So is this part of this conspiracy, or is this will work itself. I'm assuming this work itself out. A few days I was weird.

I was weird all right, so a bunch more things to talk with you about, and everything we talked about today would you be unpacking the days ahead. But let's go to the phones George in Toledo Ohio. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire. I can go ahead great llama after include Ohio and what it noted.

I am Christian conservative but anytime I called you rape any concerns with current behavior. It always met with infant and extreme punishment from them sometimes even Michael the spread. I question is did the church predominantly at large should the church ignore Jesus as a warning to watch out for the year. Is the church experiencing kind of a oral infection in with the spirit of Harrington. The consequences of that infection. It was very interesting to to bring up these two. Because my focus over the years has been with Jesus refers to these two Pharisees so for any of us representing hypocritical religion. Jews, Christians anybody, but that the east of hypocritical religion and having an outward form and living differently east of Herod. That's that's that's an interesting thing to pursue exactly what that means but let's let's be very specifics are I have no question whatsoever that the church of America has become overly politicized.

We should absolutely be involved in politics as salt and light. We should absolutely cast our votes. Some should run for office of called to do so, we should call on our elected officials to do what's right, we should not abdicate if we completely abdicate. Then I will just be worldly, ungodly people are those with different ideologies the takeover before we know it won't even be able to express our ideologies. In fact, I grabbed the clip from Keith Olbermann. There are people on the left who feel exactly like Keith Olbermann and if we firmly pray and if we simply abdicate our responsibility. This is this is what we can expect. Listen to what he had to say. October Trump can be and must be expunged. The hand he has triggered the Pandora's box. He has opened.

They will not be so easily destroyed. So let us brace ourselves. The task is twofold. The terrorist Trump must be defeated must be destroyed must be devoured at the ballot box, and then he and his enablers and his supporters and his collaborators and the mic leans on the William bars and the Sean Hannity's and the mic prances in the Rudy Giuliani's and the Kyle written houses in the Amy Tony Baratz must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.

While we try to rebuild it, and to rebuild the world. Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus will wall terrorist Trump and then the same sentence, Sean Hannity and Mike pence and Amy Connie Barash should be prosecuted and removed and prisons killed concentration camps. How so so George, I play the clip to say I understand the dangers of the radical left. I been warning about solicitor for years and years and years.

I absolutely see what is happening through the church abdicating responsibility in the area of of justice and marriage and family and social life and sexuality and so many other areas where we let others lead the way.

So this is massive. What I understand why it's easy for us to swing towards a political party or political leader.

That's gonna fife this is an and how crucial is abortion and caught sight and other issues are essential freedoms standing with Israel to sin against international terror and some the other things that are important on-site, but I have no question George, that we become politicized that to certain level we have we have become appendages of the political party that we support that we have put too much trust in a person and that we have become known more for our political views than for spiritual views. So what I've said over and again I avoid for Trump's support Trump right but I'm shout I'm sure I just tell you that if you want to know I'll tell you that right people asked me self told for a few years, but I'm shout shouting from the rooftop screaming from the rooftops. Jesus is my Lord Jesus is my King goggles and rains we need to repent to get right with God. So yeah, I have this minor minor tiny message which I talk about a lot because I'm a talkshow host my op-ed pieces but rubbish local pastor grabs local believer rather wearing the magna hat where hatha draws attention to Jesus saying it's sinful where the magna hat. What I'm saying is, some of us are much more bold with our political views with whom we vote for where we stand. Which party at an end and very meek about her spiritual views that are in our righteousness. So let us be known first and foremost, the followers of Jesus who then get involved in the political system to call the political system to do what's right and call political leaders to do what's right and we stand behind political leaders to do it's right at the same time we we don't apologize for sin.

We don't minimize it at M and also it is just my opinion and and thank you for the costs are my opinion, nothing thus saith the Lord my opinion.

I'm hoping there's some shocking reversal only if in fact the election was stolen hoping tickets exposed okay and is not Joe Biden will be our present all pray for him and when he does get us a wonderful and when I differ with him all make it known, and I work for what's right. Okay. And one day the names of Trump and Biden everybody else be long forgotten. Okay, so I mimed looking at everything and in that light, but if Trump does lose in my view, my opinion, there would be two reasons.

One, his own fault because when change no matter how many times he was told you've got to change to be strong, be tough, be a fighter but don't be asinine.

Don't be juvenile. Don't be cruel.

Don't be stupid you can be strong without throwing make it personal. You can you can lead decisively in and fight back against evil and expose and expose the fake expose the fraud without doing it in some juvenile petty way you can do that and and and then it so he has alienated a lot of people I I know people like that so I can vote for either cannot despise the policies of the Democrats, but II think Trump just is so damaging, but by who he makes us into as a leader that can vote for either. I believe if Donald Trump had listened to the Council. Had he had been given over the years and have humbled himself, and change so as not to be such an obnoxious petty person and lying etc. that he could along with a landslide. Now, I'm still hoping to get a second chance at it, but let me tell you all the more do we need to pray for it.

For those qualities in his life that would be the one side that's natural perspective. The other perspective is that doll to the church that that those of us, the 81% of white evangelicals voted for him and and other conservative Christian Christian service black Hispanic, Asian were backgrounds you came from that voted for him that many of us have put our trust in a man and any get if you didn't, you wouldn't get so mad at me for saying it.

You wouldn't get so reactionary to me for saying that any get. I look him in the middle of this. I know the responses I get. I know the people tell me God raised him up. How do you speak incident on not speaking against the unknown, the anointed one sits on the throne. That's Jesus the son of God, that's wrong to be especially careful in our elected officials will honor and respect speak the truth unless your play both ends against the middle and just get hated most wasn't trying to honor God in the Mrs. here. I'll try to get to some more calls tomorrow. I apologize for not getting to more jobs he just want to unpack. Talk about really talk more about prophetic ministry. Later in the week, but but here read through Psalm two read through Psalm two God will have the last (goth will have the last laugh. He is so far ahead of these elections and so far ahead of America in the work he's got the last laugh right and if you're frustrated by that but this evil triumphing is injustice and wrong and read through Psalm 37. I've been just reading through some Psalms in Hebrew late at night before going to sleep and it just so happened is what my peripheral estimates sub 37.

I sought this perfect if you ever read it through reading through reading through and here check out this headline we will have time to get into it but the fastest growing church in the world today. You know it is Byron fastest growing churches by the buildings mostly led by women in small groups. What what in the midst of Islam in Iran.

Yeah, because bigger God is bigger than all of this friends will work hard to pose with strong stand for what's right believe the people of faith panic mode

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