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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest and Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 6, 2020 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest and Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 6, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/06/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Wow, what a wild time in our nation's history in in church history form 10 let's do it today. The questions we got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown at the bottom of the hour I am going to give some brief thoughts about where we stand right now with the elections and the question about prophecies about Crump's reelection in questions of corruption, etc. I'm going to address those things briefly didn't like Facebook event last night to talk about this. I have been writing articles, but I do want to do it briefly. However, it's Friday and I want to remain faithful to the integrity of the broadcast. You've got questions.

We got answers one question of any kind of including political, cultural, prophetic questions well means 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 go to the falls. One moment, one of my friends is been on the mission field just sent this to me. I want to remind all those who love God and we know and follow the Messiah the very first disciples of Yeshua lived under the Dickerson dictatorship of the Roman empire Herod Agrippa Agrippa, Festus, Caesar, nevertheless, they turn that world upside down. Bottom line is the matter who the president of the United States is, no matter which party controls the house to the Senate there is a glorious omnipotent king sitting on the throne and he has all authority and guess what we are his elect. Amen. And that is what we will focus on with that we go right to the phones starting with Paul in Roso Miss of Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire.

Taking my call. After the direct leadership claims that that you Thought demon by Beelzebub, it looks like a shift takes place, and now 213 34 Jesus began to teach the teams almost exclusively in parables, and then in the Luke nine Jesus sends out his disciples by two preaching the kingdom of God. I'm wondering what that means you think of that went with it. The content of their message was that the of a repeating parables that Jesus taught them more repeating the sermon on the monitor letter is a message the teaching cassettes the seams throughout the Gospels and continues to be seen in the in the book of acts is the kingdom of God is here, the kingdom of God is breaking in God is visiting his people. It's the identical message of Johnny Mercer in John three of the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe the good news Mark 115. That's exactly what it says. The king of Gaza in repent and believe the good news is what Jesus himself starts preaching those exact words in Matthew four it it's what he sends his disciples out to do so. It is a message of repentance.

The kingdom of God is here, God is visiting his people. Messiah is being revealed.

Repent and turn to God, it would be as if you're getting a message God is ready to come and stay at your house clean out all the junk get your family in order.

That's the message of the kingdom of God and the kingdom has been spreading and advancing in the world through the preaching of the gospel through the conversion of sinners because the kingdom of God is wherever the kingdom of God exist wherever God is the kingdom of God is his rule and reign. God is coming to visit his people repent and prepare your hearts and then we pray for the ultimate manifestation of the kingdom. When Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom on the earth.

That's when his will will be done on earth as it is in heaven, but I don't believe it was primarily preaching the parables I believe was private. It was privately preaching repentance Mark 612 tells us that he sent his disciples to preach that people should repent, and that they also laid hands on the sick, control the demons that those were manifestations of the kingdom coming. Those were manifestations of the kingdom of God, the sick, being healed demons being cast out. To this day that's what continues if in fact Paul, I just interacting with a colleague of mine been doing PhD training for many years himself a PhD. Of course, skews me and he was in the Paul teaching in the seminary.

There in the Paul and he said that all the work is easy on the that these were solid Christians disciples, leaders, ministers, academics, he said, all of them said that all the people they lead to the Lord come to faith through healing or annex sources is happening around the world. Mother was the kingdom of God is going forward. Just look at it as light shining, the darkness is driven out. So as the Holy Spirit advances in the region. People are set free in the kingdom of God is extended.

Thank you sir for the call 866-348-7884 we go to Eddie in Madison, Connecticut. Welcome to modifier Dr. Brown undergoing long damn a lot about it really yeah I read the question last week in my Bible study Ramos quote in trouble. But here's the question I put good. We get it wrong from the start and basically talking about I said, the story of the Garden of Eden for this and the serpent was the smartest or wisest beasts of the field that God is made.

Who was the one serpent and the serpent said to Eve, we know the story and God said to the serpent because you have gone this Google in your book something worsening in the sky yet another thing that the bad raptor like you. It is not looking dark as I was in my yard clean and I see you, and I seem call on his belly up soon.

Just what God said and if Satan went to the serpent, Abyssinia, why would God bless the okay so that the innocent animal thing is a little secondary only and that the whole world was affected by the curse that was animals that get eaten by other animals that didn't happen before the fall. So as a result of the fall the whole world to me what everybody's interested in a certain level you are born innocent, but your your subject to the reality of the fall, but here's the answer to your question it.

It's in Genesis 315 the prophecy that the sealable will crush the serpent right. Romans 16 applies that to Jesus crushing Satan at the end of the age. Then Revelation the 20th chapter, an angel comes down.

This is after the return of Jesus, and he sees the Dragon that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for thousand years so that the understanding has rightly been that Satan works through serving up.

Could it have been that he worked to the serpent because in terms of gifting of animals that that animal was more gifted, or is it just the way it's being presented in the simplest form that the characteristics of Satan are now being projected on the snake, but either way later references like Romans 16 like Revelation 20. Clearly connect the serpent of Genesis 3 with Satan and it was Satan speaking to the site.

There is no snake that God ever created in the natural that was clever enough to be able to seduce God's people away from the truth and challenge his words. That's the work of the devil say it was what you call ice. I think that's the same you're getting from Madison, causing trouble at Bible study so I look like people to good thing is you make everybody think that's the key figure with the right attitude make everybody think I got less muddy, good hearing from you. 8663 4-H 784 let's go to Rockland, Maine Oliver, welcome to the line of fire. Accredited on doing well thank you so my question is on the critic is 12 to 100 chemistry basically woman after giving birth to a male sheet unclean for seven days. But once she gives birth to a female two weeks right just wondering what why that is in the further clarification. It is double yeah yet there's really delayed about it. In other words, Oliver.

I don't know that there's a concrete answer as to why that was the case. There are various their speculation about it you know and and just the nature of a woman and suffering front uncleanness. You know with her with her monthly cycle and things like that so this is now exacerbated with the birth of a woman that you know that there's I don't know that there's a clear a clear answer that would make a lot of sense to us. To be honest so it's it's one of those questions as well as it's fascinating to study like wow, let's see what Jewish tradition says let's see what others say so do you.

If you want to see what Jewish tradition says have you ever been to the Safar real website.

I haven't okay so it's SEF a RI a Safar Rea okay now.

A lot of it is in Hebrew and Aramaic you can you can put it so that it will come up, all in English or all in English and Hebrew.

So if I'm looking at this I click on the visit so then you go to got to knock that's the Hebrew Bible Scott all rabbinic literature up their rights even Tanakh that's the Jewish lives in the Hebrew Bible, and you then you click on an Tory go to Leviticus you Leviticus the 12th chapter and then when you're there. What you do if you're on your phone you click on the actual verse. If you are on your computer you you click on the number for the verse so I would click on the number five then that'll give me Dennis's commentary discussed 55 rabbinic comments on that.

So you you see where you have comments 106 Forno okay so this is and this is in Hebrew so he has is his idea know that they're there if it's a woman that's born there there various what would be the word of excesses or or releases that I can be more if when the woman's born you in any anyways.

Some of this is in Hebrew. Some of you find in an English and you just go through it. You see what they said and then of course Christian commentaries galore, but it's I don't I don't know that there's a clear answer that makes sense to us today. But anyway, thanks. Thanks for asking. And if one these days I knew happen and study it more and find some I think is the most compelling answer. I'll share with you the other thing I was recommend folks to do is to go the NET Bible NET Bible which is the new English translation, which is available free online.

Another reason I recommend it is not because it's it's asserted that the best translation there still a lot I differ with in terms of the translation style but there's nothing like it in terms of providing notes.

It has over 60,000 notes explaining translation and things like that and sometimes it will, it will give you a a further explanation for why a certain thing is is done in here. Let's to see that explain it in the distant hearing of the doubling of the time after the birth of a female child is puzzling. Some have argued, for example, is derives from the relative status of the sexes were supposed longer blood flow.

That's what I think's final sentence rabbinic commentator for the birth of a woman, or even to compensate for the future menstrual periods of the female child is born. Perhaps there's a better explanation. Anyway there various theories given epithets and see to read online is qualified to look for the notes and you'll see the area speculation error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown go to the website.

Mr. articles are posted there recent videos broadcast reports about these things. Also a couple of videos on Facebook and structure Brown ask if your Brown that Facebook page. So let me be a resource for you now, Gus called me for such a time as this to help your voice and to sort through issues together so we done the digging and the praying in the thinking along with many of you, and if what we put out is helpful enough to re-create the wheel. So let us serve you and be a blessing to you at a time like this. And if you want stand with us and help us in what were doing.

That's awesome. We really appreciate your help. I know God bless you for standing with any ministries that you believe in so right on our Facebook page. This a donate button click on that any gift of any size is appreciated over on YouTube is $needs the chat window. You can click on that to give. And then there is a always the standard way. Click on the website Esther to Brown that I click on donate. Also 55 minutes from now will be back on the air. Take a short break and come back on and you are exclusive YouTube chat server can't get through. If you try to call.

Can't get through today then you can just join us right after 415 Eastern time on YouTube and you can ask your questions there.

All right, let's go to Fred in Belleville, New Jersey. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Yes, you have my questionnaire.

It will go ahead, you ask it, so everybody can have it okay I USA are we worshiping at the altar of Moloch's United States in the last state. Are we just another banana republic right so I do not see anything specifically in the Bible that refers to America, obviously in world history up to up to now we we played an important role in recent world history but were a new nation right we don't have the antiquity of of the of a China or in India when Egypt or even in Israel. You are the Jewish people, you know, scattered and regathered so or EO Corps compared to Germany or to an Englander.

Either were new nation on the scene but highly influential and we may be highly influential country, right up until Jesus returns. But I have no guarantee of Scripture that II don't see that in the Bible and see America specifically mentioned in the Bible, but only by judging that were just another socialist country. I would be arriving right now were not socialist but we could we do so just be another country it either way. I mean the question is how long can a democracy like ours continue and that's the of the famous words or contacts is wrote a book on it. If you can keep it. You have one of the founders as a discrete great idea we have here. If you can keep it.

Right now it's all precarious mother who comes out on the final counter if we have the final count either way whether precarious situation.

But as for worshiping at the altar of of Moloch so so Moloch being famous God of the dead, but also the one to whom children babies were sacrificed in the ancient world on a certain level we are. In other words, that the intense backing of abortion. These shout your abortion movement. The this scratching at the doors of the Supreme Court during the break, Cavanaugh hearings, the amount of money that is made for abortion the amount of political capital that the abortion industry has, yes, that to me is worshiping at the altar of Moloch in a contemporary way is when not literally take your physical children in our hands and sacrifice and tomorrow but the similarities in terms of the devotion to abortion rent wrap talking about some of the agonized for weeks about having an abortion and went with the troubled conscience wheel raped and didn't know what to do and saw went nuts in that persons were Smith told her about that person made a wrong decision but very difficult decision when they probably regret to this day, but in the culture. Yes, Fred. If you haven't read my book Jezebel's war with America. I really encourage you to read Jezebel's war with America. By the way, as I was writing the book I knew I could've also titled the Jezebel's war with Canada or Jezebel's war with Europe or other parts of the world just got word that the book was just translated into Hungarian and their fact finding it very relevant and hungry. All right to the phones 866-34-TRUTH let's go to David and Manitoba Canada.

Thanks for calling the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Hey hey I got a question for the popular question of the number 666 and Revelation 1318, and a lot of people of figured out the demonic trio or whatever that adds up to Nero, Caesar, right but another thing that kind of I've always felt that Revelation 1318 has a double entente in other words, basically what people have done calculated Nero, Caesar, to be sick sick sick. But another thing that I don't know if others realize the service maybe maybe maybe they do, but I thought it ask it to you of a number of a man. If you look at Daniel 238, when he says to Nebuchadnezzar that he is the head of gold. And that is been faithful five BC, and if you go from 605 BC to the middle of Nero, Caesar's reign you land on exactly 666 years, has anyone study about aspect of seducing for the first year of Nebuchadnezzar to the first year of Caesar, but at the Pacific for click here okay I don't know that anyone has sought to point that out. I did notice the top of my head when when Caesar began his his rain and Nebuchadnezzar for for. Puritanical Regency with his father on a certain level but of another interest, as I haven't looked at that. I don't know that others have have addressed its have to take a look at it in his view, self, etc. but not yet come. Tree assigns a numerical value to each letter for the interpretation of the meaning of words when the Hebrew alphabet was first used it was not used as numbers as well. Then at a certain point it became that so for example, in English a is a and one is one they don't relate but in Hebrew olives is off the first letter of the alphabet and it's one sorbate is to give those three when when you get to the cough that then because you get to 90 saw days 90 and then cough 100 space 200 Chin 300 top 400 and you put them together is combinations so the by the time of Jesus and centuries before that the letters could also be used as numbers. And yet, that could be an example of them are treated there. A coded reference to Caesar or Nero Caesar on Nero Kaiser as it would have been spelled out at the same time it's it's clearly not exhausted there and in other words, the book of Revelation must have spoken powerfully to the first generation of Christians is as you would certainly agree within it must have relevance for other generations reading it that are dealing with the system of the world and the system of the age and then it must have relevance for those living at the end of the age. So to me it would have no special relevance for those receiving the first century and those living at the end of the age and therefore there have been many 666 types of figures through the years right in other words, people who rule to radically and sought to to restrict the gospel and in religious freedom under their dictatorial tyrannical rain and then a final Antichrist figure of whom a Nero, Caesar would have been a prototype so that's that's how I read these things and interpret them.

But I will I will do my math as well.

Not not distrusting yours. But if I if I repeat something I need to see for myself thank you for the call and though I had not heard that three before 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Robert and Mount home Texas walking to the line of fire ground following Abraham, a court recently came across Isaiah 2134 and I was ordered to any of the ecological positions allow for standalone fulfillment of everything what is going on neutral right now. Could it be of fulfillment of Isaiah 2134 yeah are you do you look at all the rest the chapter, so here's here's the answer.

Isaiah 2124 being the most famous passages in the Bible and the nations beating their swords into plowshares and all streaming into Jerusalem to learn from the God of Israel, and in the teaching of the Lord goes forth from Zion and the word Lord from Jerusalem and the nation say, the skull, the house of the Lord to the house, the God of Jacob and and so on and and then the prophet exhorts his people ask first has to take of come on this walk in the ways of the Lord that loves the Gentile nations get to do in the future let's do it now. You have other passages like the end of Isaiah 19 that speak of Egypt and Assyria worshiping the Lord together and together with Israel so that would be in oh Monday Iraq plus and then Egypt. So you do have prophecies going in that direction and there are two ways to look at it. I would say will 31 is just natural stuff happening and is a long way before the Lord returns in its other than the entire prophecy. That's one view another view is that the peace accords.

Abraham accords all that are just a prelude or error build up to the false peace that Israel will bake with the antichrist and the Muslim nations. Those will make with the antichrist as can be. Total disaster and other words that the peace treaties are very dangerous and that they will they will lead to destruction, and another view would say no. This is all the building up to that prophecy that all the nations will one day come and learn for the God of Israel to me. Even though this is not directly connected to the prophecy. This is a prelude. This is a foreshadowing of the day when the surrounding Muslim nations survivors of those nations. When the Lord returns will will be among those that come up to learn from the God of Israel.

So as I see it in a sense is a prelude but not directly this will happen and that this is a whole lot of water. Thank you for asking right back because 866-34-TRUTH in my brief election related thoughts for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown in the midst of that phone numbers to call 8663 for a 784 866-34-TRUTH and Friday any question want to ask retakes will be going back your calls momentarily all all not even 45 minutes from now for 15 Eastern time.

I am going to be doing our exclusive weekly YouTube chats. If you can't get through by phone now will spent another 45 minutes or an hour just answering your you two questions.

That's it. Asked her to Brown SK dear Brown on YouTube. Okay before I go to the phones very very superquick thoughts about the elections either. There is about to be the most massive shocking corruption exposed to the point of stealing a presidential election.

The most massive corruption we have ever ever seen or will be clear that that Trump has been able to dupe millions of people into believing that he lost a duly rightly conducted election.

Okay, that's I see those is, as the possibilities there. It's either that massive and it's going to be exposed. If you believe that then pray that it will be exposed or Trump succeeded in getting millions of people to doubt the outcome of a fairly contested election. Okay on the side of prophetic that there are many many charismatic prophetic voices sing every one of us heard the same thing.

The trunk would be reelected. Some of us knew would be contested of the courts, but everyone of us are the same thing Trump would be reelected, either he will be. It's gonna happen. Lazarus can arise from the dead when it seems impossible.

It's gonna happen or there was corporate deception and I share this openly with prophetic leaders who have said the truck would be reelected. To me it's one or the other you say will we have to believe her to have this been massive. There has been massive prayer for these elections, and there is massive prayer right now. If it is the will of God for Donald Trump to be reelected and that's what he spoke prophetically. It will happen. If it does not happen. It's because it was the will of God for Joe Biden to be president. Yes, that's what I found there has been so much prayer, going up to God.

That's what I be so what if there probably be accountability. Of course there will be at least will do our best have come about accountable if the right and let the mockers be silenced, but throughout prophetic Mr. I know it's real. And once taught in the New Testament in the ritual of witnessed it first from us 50 years something is throw that out but if there was corporate deception because God never spoke to me though I didn't hear from from double was going to happen with the elections, but you better believe there's corporate deception will find out exactly what happened.

What I want to say on that of its real because I know it's real fun at how did that happen.

And these are very serious issues. Okay that's my short take back to your calls and we go to Amanda in Jacksonville, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire around your number and I think I all great will welcome John and related to target boycott container back in Holland in colicky you have been thinking which we've been diligent like really like holy jump on boarding herein and you know kind of edition I'm awake at night. We want to change. You know, and for number of years now integrated shopping and bury thinking that before you know where progressive agenda. "You know, like at a friend had recently pattern actually have a family member to make a different client may calculate like an me a list of of pavement. The port think that either directly or indirectly from the same income. Learn let that.

So my question is at what point what the status of the glycolic at what point do you draw your attention there. Are you know like what you can activate nominating under it enough it meant that you know all all you want with integrity. I wear my friend let me know where my finance brain development looking at neglecting a little overwhelming. Honestly, I'm not nearly the same issue that general idea being where you put your finances right. So here's how to deal a million you and yeah yeah we engage in boycotts. If we do for two reasons. One is a matter of conscience though was if I know that I'm giving this store my business and this store has said they have banners in front of the store. We take 10% of our profits to support Planned Parenthood then in conscience, I can't go there be because I am now willfully saying I'm I'm giving you some of my money to use for a cause that I feel is is sinful and righteous in God's sight. So one reason is personal conscience right.

Another reason is sending a message with the hope of getting them to change now. There was a time when this was more easily done and was more effective because it was the rear group that supported this gay activist because it is transgender cause or or Planned Parenthood or something, but years ago I realized that a friend and I talked about it can't use your cell phone you can't travel by plane Rent-A-Car you can't use a computer without right right without having an org without some of that money going to an organization that is pro-gay approach, so no words now it's just a matter of conscience. For example, with I know that years ago I dealt with a particular organization and urge them to step back from their activism and they refused such as a personal conscious thing conscious thing I don't get my business, but it's not can it make any difference and I gave up think it was gonna make any difference years ago.

It's just a matter of personal conviction. I never been anointed by God to lead boycotts but groups like the American family Association others when they've done things I've signed on with them and circulated petitions stay with Netflix.

Okay for for some of the good content of educational content or other. We had a Netflix subscription and we got rid of it and we got rid of it with with the because the cuties movie sobs. Ella wasn't a watch anything or Nancy was gonna watch anything wrong on there in the first place only crossed a certain line just in conscience. He backed away and apparently hundreds of thousands of others cancel their subscriptions while they probably just absorbed it and kept going. What we sent a message anyway, we sent a message so target was sent a message and they decided no work will you have these transgender bathrooms.

Anyway, does it doesn't matter. My thing was like if it's unimportant. You then make investment and get a single bathroom in your buildings just for people are more comfortable and that if you feel it's important great and Phil will use the men the men's room of the women there was room will have a compromised situation uncomfortable situation for the ladies things like that fine if it's that important to listen to us. So now it's a matter of conscience that the day of sending a message through the vast majority of boycotts for the moment is scanner past just because of the their world. In this society ghetto but you just working out with her own husband in regard to ISO so we sent a message to target and you might still say you know just in conscience I'm I don't want to give them my business or you can say we sent a message where it's not up to us to make people be moral it. We can't force a company to hold to a certain standard. But if the other thing is there are lines that are cross it or just too far. So for example if if if target was playing satanic music you know and and had open porn check I decide I don't go in there I don't bring my family and their periods to polluted.

So there certain things that cross the line that we just can't participate in but I couldn't fly the minister I can charge anything on my credit cards I could use my cell phone. I couldn't use my computer, but so it years ago I decided okay here and there. I'll make a statement like with Netflix cuties.

You know were getting off, and we encourage others to do the same. Send them a message. Also on the boycott with a FAN and circulated to others to send a message but I decided years ago say with my computer if it's made by a company that's rated like 100% by by the human rights Council you know the gay activist human rights campaign skews me want to use my computer than to write articles title speak the truth. A final playing live in the company has a jet on it like a fly the plane to preach the gospel, so we live in this world and we have to make those systems great question. And thank you for your sense of conscience. There God bless 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Winston in Queens New York where I went to college, welcome to the line of fire that up. Talk about a two-part question.

I think your dryer far far but if you can re-re-refocus a little bit on it for the fourth part of my questionnaire you're drafted a little while ago, what there were several properties made by many Christian administer the ministries that Pres. Donald Trump would be reelected in this election. As of now it does not look so it looked bleak, but I have not in my heart I have not given up will not want to know if it does not happen unmet.

Two weeks about three weeks from now. Joe Biden is declared the winner. All the fabric voices of being wrong at the foot question part of the question on the second part is I many years ago, evangelist Billy Graham, 171 of the crusade that if God doesn't judge Americo he would have to apologize the sodomite tomorrow.

My question is, is now.time right so let me answer the six questions first and then a return to the first question on the other side of the break.

Thank you for asking Sir up in a sense it's been a time for many many many many years with all the good in America there's been so much saying and I look we are the world leader in exporting porn around the world would think that I did just that. Where does that put us in terms of world righteousness, and there so many other things have been sinful and wrong in our country in our culture along with great good that's helped the whole world. I believe we live by mercy every day.

Sir, I believe we live by mercy, but we are brief really been increasingly given over to our sin and to our folly in this last generation. That's why things are getting darker and we may soon lose precious liberties that would be judgment to me, that would be God saying you didn't use your freedoms for good now you lose your other question on the side. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown differences among the list cat answering many, many more questions with Esther to run his kid your brown YouTube which so Winston regarding the many prophetic words, the Trump would be reelected several different ways to evaluate it and will give you my own opinion one. There is no prophecy today. That's why the guys are all wrong and off.

I understand that understand many will feel that way and take this is proof, especially with prophecies that did not come to pass regarding coded dissipating in April so very good reason to be skeptical right now cynical right now. I understand that you say I don't believe it is not scriptural. I differ there. There was, I do believe prophetic ministry remain scriptural today so than the bigger question is okay what's happening will either they prophesy back early in the schema come to pass.

Okay, it's going to come to pass it shockingly, amazingly impossible, as can confess. Another possibility is will the prophecies roll conditional if we do this and this will happen could be, except I did not hear them coming.

For the most part as conditional.

That's one and two. I believe this been massive prayer and crying out to God and therefore for the work initially would've happened.

So if they don't happen then to me. There was corporate deception, like first Kings 22, when God sent a lying spirit in the mouth of the other false prophetsof those were false prophets. I know some of the people are prophesy Trump would be reelected, I know some of them personally defined people there there there God loving people there honest people. The people of integrity of that love Jesus sake. They will be wrong. That's big question trust means can be asked as can be discussed. I'm ready on the phone with some charismatic leaders discussing these very issues.

Praying for God's best, because God never spoke to me, the Trump would be reelected, using what happens.

2024 okay you have for years now of holding on with an excuse yet. I know prophecy timing always get that wrong. The biblical prophets got it wrong, I mean Peter tells us that they prayed like okay here's the message is not happening.

What's going on because of the stuff your generations for future right Trump theoretically would be 78 Biden 77 that he could theoretically run again and be reelected, and maybe all the stuff will come to pass then but until then you say didn't come to pass.

Something was wrong. Something was missed one or it's going to come to pass shockingly, but I know I will see any other alternative. Just me and told the candidate as a charismatic who believes in prophetic ministry and being told he can say how could so many get it wrong. We all know it's wrong yet right but we we might soon if it it if dollar Trump does not serve a second term. If he is not reelected if it turns out, whatever the courts protest that the elections are upheld and Joe Biden is an ex-president. Okay. If that's the case, then the prophecies were wrong, plain and simple. How could it happen. My take would be that we gave way to a partisan political spirit that we caught got caught up with the spirit of the world and thought it was the spirit of God, that would be my take right but is not done yet. So let us see what happens. Thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Carlos in Ontario. Thank you for calling the line of fire around here. Thank you though all, Bob. London Canada and I agree community and you know both of the parties. People come from a Catholic background and right now there apology.he was about and she stated that reaching out to evangelical Christians right right. Read about the Report a few things that he had a dream and dream you looking and said that white you all work you or Mary why you work your order break the state if it will be good for me. It indicative how come what Bible are you reading and he said well I'm reading my my Bible Christian Bible. The Lord looking you will dreamed of a bike you need to read the also so you be so achy was reading the would you and you know we have the mark of the and the in the thinkable both the mark to be effective the date they were like a 30 something special, just all evoking that people in you don't like from from the perspective you realize that the Catholic Church is right.

So my question for you you I don't think the likely to log Bible right" have so so the right. So how do you evaluate this dream.

So first we categorically use the Bible to teach against worship of Mary or prayer to Mary and use any Bible you want, you know, use the Septuagint, the Scripture does not even the reference you had a Maccabees that does not vindicate pray to Mary worship of Mary, but in point of fact, when Jesus went in the synagogue in in Luke the fourth chapter. When he went to synagogue. He picked up the scroll, the prophet Isaiah was Hebrew was Hebrew.

We know that Matthew and his gospel. For example, Matthew 816 and 17 were he speaks of Jesus healing driving out demons and courts was a 53 that Matthew was is giving his own translation seems Matthews doing the same.

Matthew 27, when he quotes from Zechariah. But then says from Jeremiah. It seems there also that Matthew is translating directly from the Hebrew of Paul certainly knew of the Hebrew fluently.

As can be seen and sometimes we deviates from the Septuagint, and follows the Hebrew so the disciples there is no evidence that they all knew Greek, there is no evidence the apostles all the Greek some of them might have. Jesus might have.

There's maybe a certain level of fluency, but for sure the new Aramaic, and in terms reading Scripture, they would've read in Hebrew. The other thing. There were oral traditions of translations into Aramaic and some actually written like you have an Aramaic translation of Job rewritten in the.

The Dead Sea Scrolls's not not full but but but it's there so any anyway. It is not just crazy what he felt he saw the dream, but factually incorrect and you're exactly right. So that's how you burst the bubble. We know for a fact that that there was Hebrew, the Hebrew Bible was accessible to first century Jewish believers and in particular the apostles if you can abet what could they if they could read her quote with the been Hebrew or Greek.

You say Heber and so that's what Jesus is reading from in in the in Luke the fourth chapter and that you may add in Septuagint, a phrase that looks putting in our Jesus in the Greek and the early church widely use the Septuagint but the Bible of the apostles. Many of them would've been the Hebrew Bible, and then for some they were familiar with the oral Aramaic traditions so the idea that the Bible clearly church with before the apostles was the Septuagint is a massive missile restatement filled with error some of the Lord, you should help your people not be deceived by that false dream all right still time for another question John Wilson Canada John Toronto walking to the life I diving real quick. I'll try to answer quickly.

Hi Dr. are you familiar with the Nazareth beaker 12. Yet the secret of the 12 went with Ibanez react when you recompile the reconciled right so so if even Ezra that the question is if Moses wrote the Pentateuch than what you do with verses like Genesis 12 the Canaanite was then in the land you when when it was centuries later into the Canaanite was expelled or how you deal with the last 12 verses of Deuteronomy, which describes Moses death, and that no one like Moses was raised up for Israel until now, so even Ezra references these things if you can understand this.

The Canaanite was in the last he could understand this. The secret of the 12 noon stand namely that there is something was denying Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch as a whole but rather that there were later additions which scholars conservative Christian scholars in the late 1800s and 1900s like Robert Dick Wilson said that the later additions are just as the spider was that Moses wrote the five books.

The core of it.

The substance of it is we have a yes or their later inspired additions that then later editors put yes, certainly no question about that, but anything it says Moses wrote he wrote and I believe Ibanez resident as it Orthodox and traditional June Lynn will call century that he would've affirmed that so it sometimes used to say that he had a radically different view or Atex espouse modern critical views of the Scripture. Those modern critical views didn't exist that rather for sure there are some additions to the Pentateuch that Moses himself did not write that another inspired writer who we don't know or series of editors over period of many years and it certain things. It may even deflect at reflect developments in the law over periods of time, but anything that it says Moses wrote, we accept and believe that Moses wrote and it we don't believe that Moses wrote the account of his own death in or even numbers 12 did Moses say that he was the possibly craft (heck, tell you what if you write that you're the most makeable man on the earth. Every pretty humble that could have easily been a comment made by later editors so we don't have to fight battles over every line and Versed Moses wrote because is the five books of Moses doesn't mean he wrote every single word of the five books just the substance the core and everything that it says is attributed to him that he actually wrote. All right. Thank you sir for the question we are at a time so if you want more on my thoughts about the elections go to Facebook asked Dr. Brown.

I posted a couple of years there shortly today along one yesterday) then then join me 15 minutes over YouTube asking here Brown you two channels and continue to check God bless you focused on the Lord, he remains stable and strong. These are rough

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