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Revisiting the Noahide Laws

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 22, 2020 4:40 pm

Revisiting the Noahide Laws

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 22, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/22/20.

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Revisit the subject of the no hide laws today are they really so dangerous. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you know, conspiracy theories, diehard the fact that when you refute conspiracy theory that proves the conspiracy theories truly are trying to hide, cover, and all that mobile talk about that today on surly juice Thursday. Welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you today. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Any Jewish related question of any kind whatsoever.

Glad to take your call. You can differ with me on a point. Glad to speak with you, and in particular, if you believe I'm wrong on the no hide laws, then by all means call in and share your thoughts with me, 86634.

The reason I bring this up again today.

It is threefold.

First, I was proofreading the manuscript for my book Christian anti-Semitism confronting lies in today's church which originally was Gilly published in October but we moved it with the publisher to February because of the republishing the new edition of my revolution book that came out this month. October so we push that to February reading through it again. I have a whole chapter on the no hide loss of that brought it freshly to mind. Then I noticed a few comments on YouTube two videos Roy was rebutting that were dialoguing with someone that had a different view and again I'm being accused of being a liar and this and that and covering up and hiding things, etc. and then I saw the news that Adam Green's YouTube channel which was a big YouTube channel and nonintrusive subscribers. But is it no more news that he got banned from YouTube now was on his show was very cordial. We have categorically different views about the subject. That was very cordial. I don't like the fact that that folks get banned from YouTube. I don't agree with certain things that he posted but it's it's a dangerous precedent and in this or other things are posted on know about, but what I knew of him.

I like the fact that happened like that happen with others that I differed even more strongly with, but in any case, that's what brought it to mind recently to civil what what are the no hide laws actually what what are the so… Go to kind of a neutral site.

Let's go to right and says this no hide laws, also called noisy in-laws.

You don't hear that much reduced public this nation for seven biblical laws given to Adam Antonello before the revolution to Moses at Mount Sinai, and consequently finding all mankind. So according to rabbinic tradition, God gave these laws to Adam and Noah and their binding on all humanity. So for a Gentile to be righteous in God's sight.

They just need to keep these were Jew needs to keep the third 613 commands of the Torah to begin with Genesis 216 the Babylonian Talmud listed the first six Commandments as prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, robbery, and the positive command to establish courts of justice.

Most of the supplies after the flood. Seven commandment given to Noah forbade the eating the flesh cut from a living animal okay that's what Britannica states. And that's the standard explanation that if you if you talk to religious Jew see your Gentile and use of this and I want to be righteous in God's sight when need to convert to Judaism. The Robertson no just need to be led by the seven laws of Noah. Don't worship idols. Don't blaspheme, don't murder don't commit adultery. Don't don't get is his basic basic laws don't steal, establish courts of justice delete the flesh of living animal and live by that you'll be righteous in God's sight and that will be just as good as a Jew by the 613 Commandments. So what's the big deal with it once. Let's look at some websites and some of the headlines, this one because headlines the no hide laws and planned guillotine genocide of all Christians and non-Jews worldwide. If you're looking you've got a a blood dripping on this website the Jewish plan to force Christians to deny Jesus Christ or die. No hide laws and planned genocide of Christians.

Okay how about this website. It is a beware of the no hide laws website. Click here to watch the movie for this article. Beware of the no hide laws and then it tells you everything that is going to happen all my a here's here's another website. No hide news and this one says the goy him evangelicals to the gentle evangelicals seek to be raped on Yom Kippur day of atonement and Palestinian no hide enforcement what in the world. Zada I mean is that's on crazy what you say will. Nobody believes this all people believe this stuff so I referenced my book Christian anti-Semitism. Those watching just put it up online for you confronting the lies in today's church command February I proofing it was very intense, to be reminded of what's happening in the world.

Rest be reminded of what's happening in the church today. My previous poker hands are stained with blood, which came out in 1992, but we issue the new edition of last year for 27 years of being continuously and print that goes through history and touches some on contemporary issues. The new book is just focused on contemporary issues and it's shocking to see what's happening in the church with people actually believing civil what's the problem what's the big issue this is what's being taught that under Jewish teaching Christians or idol worshipers either because of their view that God is a Trinity, or in particular their view that Jesus is deity that that makes them idol worshipers and under the no hide laws. The penalty for idolatry is beheading the death penalty and that nation after nation, including America, and then you know the Vatican and others that they're signing up for you. We agree with the no hide laws.

We think this is good for humanity, and it was good happen as they just turn around to all Christians are to be beheaded, not the complete listener is complete nonsense. Complete entire nonsense and I stand by my comments that there's a better chance of Santa Claus coming down through the through chimney than this happening. One reason is that the death penalty owes since this is entirely theoretical. This is not Jewish control of the world and the only time that there would be Jewish control of the world is if in fact there's a Jewish Messiah who sets up his kingdom on the world in the world, in which case, if you're a Jew and you don't observe the Sabbath. It's the death penalty as this is a theoretical age that's being spoken of and and there is no risk there is no Jewish control over the world that would then enforce this is can be Jewish control American democracy okay go and behead me start with me having the thought of it is is so utterly completely ridiculous and absurd. Not only so, the majority Jewish teaching says that Gentile Christians are not guilty of idolatry were trimmed, they would say I am as a Jew, but that Gentile Christians are not so this that even relevant.

But when I put the truth out just the truth. And I've talked to Rabbi's brothers weren't getting this from this is crazy. I talked to one of the leading no hide laws supporters is like where you getting this from it's crazy and they're shocked to hear this but when I speak the truth when I get the truth out put it out there.

This can comments we get in and II quote these in Christian anti-Semitism. I can add page after page after page with your some of what I get a CUSIP wow Dr. Brown you're an absolute liar. You claim the no hide laws are related to scripture acts 15. Some believe that there is some of this teaching existed in the days of the apostles and its referenced in acts 15 you claim no hide laws related to Scripture. I always knew something was wrong about you will be seeing product and intellectual knowledge: Yusuf Dr. patrol select zeal, passion you have to work on that.

Feel passion for worship God through Lord Jesus Christ merging up analogies got a spirit we keep faith, the Lord Jesus Christ throughout faith and walk with Jesus through his Holy Spirit. While you do seem Christians. What's your truth and your agenda is to get Christians on deceived the true agenda is to get them to stop believing this nonsense by speaking the truth of what I do your fax. All I'm deceiving them at all legalistic it's worth, Dr. Brown, why would you lie and deliberately deceive Christians you are explaining to do to Christians, how can you live to bodies of Lord Jesus Christ about this one. If you are such a Christian what you support.

No hide laws.

You're not a Christian, your tumbler Jew just like any Pharisee that Jesus rebuked wolf in sheep's clothing. I feel so bad for the people that believe this nonsense I feel so bad for the people who are so deceived that they can look at some of his been preaching Jesus to the Jewish community for almost 50 years and say you're not a follower of Jesus your wolf in sheep's will. Why is all the truth about know I lost you say what you preach that I don't bring semi-preach Jesus a preacher sure I don't support the no hide laws. I will preach low, hide laws, but in point of fact, every believer lives by the no hide laws there.

If you are to follow Jesus and you practice those and many other things you don't commit idolatry and you don't blaspheme, and you don't commit adultery and you don't steal and in and you believe in establishing courts of justice, and you don't eat the flesh of legato mere mention success of the we keep these things because we do not preach that under the Gentile world to mission field and presented preach Jesus a preached justification by faith in living a life of holiness by sent vacation 00 hear some more Jew worshiping Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown is an ignorant man and has not enough information to defend his position. Stop worshiping Jews is a foolish man. Some more facts the more information we give, the more foolish it makes us about this to me, though, that the Lord rebuke you Satan. Hey, I'm against Satan and he knows it.

So you'd say that all you want, but those words come back to haunt you touch me. I just feel bad for people that are that ignorant. That deceived that passionate that they can actually post here maybe one or two more. You are full of it, promoting no hide laws one until the Christians there about three beheaded for believing Jesus. Tell your fellow Jews to love another neuroscientist in sheep's clothing. Over 500 Palestinians have been murdered since 1940.

Tell the people about the old didn't plan tell America what's going to happen.

Boy take a while to unpack the deception that first promote the no hide laws tell the truth about the no hide laws second Jews and I can only be having Christians around the world for believing in Jesus knows me having Christians for believing in Jesus right now Muslims, Moslems, and as this can be a future beheading all around the world is going to the antichrist is going to set himself up as God and therefore its idolatrous team to think of him in that position. May I go I got a bunch more.

These it said it's really sad when there's that level of ignorance and it's scary. You present the truth. People think you try to cover things up. That's what scary symptoms because hosting always Jesus :-) you know the Lord is Scripture. Why that concerns anyone will be right back 866-34-TRUTH with your call, learning plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. She you happen to seats available.

So in February beginning of March reflect first nine days of March or so and February into that going Israel again God willing trust. Everything's been cleared up, but Josh really just heard singing beautifully.

How great is our God in Hebrew. Maybe he'll be able to join us one night and lead us in worship. We've done that before in Israel so girl website Esther to you see it right on the whole page, sign up for our tour lifetime incredible time in Israel. You get all the info there right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Jonathan in Jackson, Mississippi.

Walking to the line of fire so long. Dr. Brown shalom abstained you on that YouTube video topic with new bank in the main proponent of the no hard law thing debate with them.

Steven and Jan up at noon and out wondering if you could share your opinion of them in the Israeli news live in your discussion with them on yes so I I know them before this controversy came out. Stephen is the Jewish believer and didn't know. Didn't Stephen or his wife.

Before this, and I what happened.

Candidly, Jonathan was that I started getting calls and people asking me to scan out of the blue last year about the no hide laws, and is it true that Christians can be beheaded.

I thought, what are you talking about I mean it was so completely absurd in an off-the-wall and unrelated to reality or any possible scenario of reality that I responded. Candidly, it is not trying to insult anyone that was talking about a never heard the stuff. Then I found out different places. It was coming from and different folks with some good-sized YouTube channels that were talked about Embry being one of them and then Steven and Ann and Johnna noon so we interacted Stephen was happy to to interact with me or have me on this broadcast so came on and you we were candid with each other were obviously all believers in Yeshua we have a lot in common. But I it's hard for me to understand why they believe these things are possible, in their view, having worked with in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and they know the sentiments of ultra-Orthodox Jews and they they see how Gentiles are Christians can be often scorned and looked at negatively in their mind. You know this is real potential scenario it in my mind. Like I said it's more likely that Santa Claus will come through the chimney. Beyond that, in terms of other things they teach.

I haven't followed them.

II can't say so I got to know them justice as fellow believers on the air and interacting. But we we've not been in steady contact.

After that, as for Adam, green eyed, I just know some of the things we've interacted on. I haven't looked at larger things on his broadcast.

I'm not saying that that they're not sincere or that they're not pursuing the truth. I'm certainly not calling them them stupid or ignorant. Absolutely not. Simply saying I profoundly totally different with their conclusions or how they think were going to get from step a to step C, and again, if the only possible scenario for this to happen is that it will be during the days of the antichrist will be a false Jewish Messiah will no hide laws, not the issue. The antichrist is the issue and and the issue is it we are ready know that if we hear during times of great persecution opposition that have always been here through church history, but different increases at the end of the age and if there is a little antichrist which I believe there will be, and there will be a more intense persecution ever. We know that's coming. We know that's coming that's that's nothing new. But even then it's good heavens, and there was no hide laws because the antichrist will proclaim himself as God so anyone following him would thereby be considered in idolatrous so that's not how it's going to play out and therefore it's of no concern to me whatsoever, except for the deception that goes with it. Honestly, Jonathan Wright intersected with this has been where followers of Jesus have fallen away gentile followers of Jesus have fallen away from him. They got into some Jewish roots teaching and maybe that was good but that went too far to certain extremes and then they they found much more interest in Judaism but rather in converting to Judaism.

They became in scope and they know our sons of Noah. That's been a much greater issue for me. People falling away from faith in Yeshua and becoming no hides. That's been the big issue to meet this new thing is like us a ridiculous.

As for as is. I will say I can't Dr. Brown outthink part of the problem with a lot of the anti-feminism is a lot of people don't realize things like the protocol alerted Albert is a bit bonked document made by the Russian secret police, you're exactly right in. In other words, that there have always been these claims that Jews are behind this are behind that that during the days of the black plague where what 1/3 of Europe was killed Jews were blamed for starting it allegedly poisoned the wells and give you havoc financial collapse. The Jews are the cause of the Jews are the they're the root problem in Germany they were causing problems in Germany and no country after country, the Jews get scapegoated and as you mention the protocols of the learned Elders design which was a forgery by the Russian secret police based on previous documents had nothing to do with the Jews about this alleged role takeover that was adopted need to look know it does enough in it like wow yeah I see all look at that Jews control the media. Just look look at Facebook and and and and you know Jewish leadership there in Jewish leadership at Google and they're trying to take over and and and they're looking Jewish influence in politics and by all the evil Jews try to take over that. It just plays into that mentality. Here's another lie about the Jewish role takeover men I've read things that the Jews control the Vatican that the Jews were responsible for the spread of AIDS and not documented this for years. So yes, this is just the latest one. I'm not saying that everyone who holds two of this anti-Semitic. What I'm saying is they are swallowing outright lies and it needs to be exposed and if the price of exposing it is that people will will attack me and reject me and and slander me. Hey, so be it. I that comes with the turf man I I counted and honored to be lied about. I counted an honor to be slander. I can an honor when it's for the truth. Bring it on. Where is a bit badge of honor, and it just reminds me that one day we get rewarded by God for doing what's right sinners right even when people attack hey thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to upstate New York.

Warren walking to the line of fire to other legislators of all I really appreciate an appeal for you dealing teaching truth in the midst of all the craziness that is out there, but my questions about a boom we were studying the weekly Torah portion where God makes the distinction between clean and unclean. During the conversation that you grew into a discussion of distinction in general. Back in the creation God distinguishes between light and dark, day and night of the season.

The dryland later on God make the distinction between Abraham and the nations rent them.

God makes a distinction between the Jew, the Egyptians of the mega Xarelto intern hopped out of the site through Katahdin. I love the "the whole recognizing that the distinction between that which is consecrated and that which is comically so my question is, in light of the fact that Ephesians 214, 15 tells us that the middle wall of partition separating to a Gentile has been broken down. What role does the concept of consecration and distinction play today the life of the believer yet so it's it's a great question and I'm looking in Leviticus the 20th chapter regarding saying don't do with the nations or doing that you're dispossessing don't follow their gods don't commit their sexual sins don't do the things that they do. And then he says this, Leviticus 2025. Therefore, you must distinguish the clean animal from the unclean one in the unclean bird from the claimant did not become contaminate any land animal, bird aware because the ground I've set these apart is unclean for you. You are to be holy, because I always am holy. I've set you apart from the nations to be mine so it's fascinating to see here that God is putting the food laws in the context of separation along with sexual sin and idolatry.

So we learn is throughout the Sinai covenant God is putting parameters and to keep Israel separate from the nations and to remind them in the clothing they wear in the fields they work in, and the foods they eat and the practices that they follow that you are separated you are separated you are separated from the nations now with the coming of the new and better covenant when Jew and Gentile are one in the Messiah, one that the wall partition is taken down to the Gentiles can freely enter into the holiest of all words they could not enter the temple of intrusive they went past the Gentile court. They could be put to death for doing that. Now we live these things out spiritually. The words whatever conclusion one comes to about dietary laws and not is very secondary. We see in Matthew 15 and Mark seven. The principal that what we eat doesn't defile us and that's immediately taught before Jesus goes and feels the daughter of a Gentile woman. So we now take the the depth and the weight and the force of the laws of separation and holiness, and now we live them out spiritually in the smallest areas of our lives and are in the way we think the entertainment we watch the words we say how we conduct ourselves with other people and we takeover the second printing 71. Having therefore the steer promises that God will be your father will be his sons and daughters in their 40s. These promises let us pursue holiness that is perfect holiness.

The Lord cleansing ourselves from everything contaminates, body and spirit will finish up Peninsula breaks the record on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 7884 is the number to call and just wanted to finish up with Warren in upstate New York warrant what we find is that there is an internalizing of many things that were outward under the Sinai covenant and and now become inward into the new and better covenant given example if if you look at the regulations in Leviticus about someone serving as a priest they can have a bodily defect and it's it's very very detailed. We can have a bodily defect.

If there is a servicer priest out is is that God's heart today. Can we not be part of his priesthood is recalled to be priests. If you have a bodily defect and obviously not that there was something that was being taught. There in terms of consecration in terms of wholeness and in terms of being without blemish that now gets spiritually applied.

So the the whole distinction between Jew and Gentile outside of Yeshua. The distinctions there, and the food laws so you if you can sit and eat together hangout together over food. This can be much less contact you to be separated whether a Jew lives by that today are a follower of Jesus list by the today is is a separate question from the purpose of it, which was the purpose of separation now in Messiah that was taken down and we we we see that what had a physical calling now is a spiritual calling that together, Jews and Gentiles. We separate from things that the file in her unclean. That's how I would apply it so it's not a separation between Jewish and Gentile believers, God for bid.

Rather, it's a separation of believers from the spirit of the agent for the pollution of this of this world. So when I start it when I read those passages.

They're very powerful to me but not so much because of how it was lived. Then, because the spiritual implications for us today. I agree with that. Maybe your talk, but no hard laws that covenant that was given to know I was really for all humanity. But believers Jew and Gentile alike, and many are the Gentiles are the seed of Abraham by faith and under that government that covenant was, not for all humanity.

Before they called community of people who got it as set apart. Consequently, so the question is, as a royal priesthood in the holy nation. What should our contact conduct be ready exactly.

So this is that's that's that's exactly how we live this out now looking at how God separated Israel in spiritual and physical ways. Now how do we apply that in our own lives today.

Yet at absolutely the way that we should approach it. There is an in this means that that everything is important.

The words that everything that God spoke is important. If it's not that were specifically living by today, for example wearing garments with mixed fabrics or sowing different seeds in the field. It's what can we learn from it. How can that be applied.

How much does God expect us to live lives of sanctification and honor to the Lord I thank you sir for the call appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH hey, I'm gonna try to do something, on-the-fly with our team here and I'm gonna send them a link to see if if we can if we can get to this, but we we posted an animated video we were really looking forward to getting this out the most compelling messianic prophecy in the Bible.

The most compelling messianic prophecy in the Bible. It's got about 15,000 views so far reposted the end of last month and if we go over to YouTube.

Then we've got over it. See how many comments so for 200 something comments in the likes of thumbs up a 27 to them. Sound nine so people are appreciating it. But our goal is to get its focus is in Isaiah 53 to get it to people who differ to get it to people who have different perspectives and I'm looking down over and YouTube. When I look at the newest comments one that came in.

Oh, looks like yesterday from LLL LLL LLL LM one.

I can't believe people still fall for this garbage this if I get that on the screen for a consumer take a moment interact with this comment so what we make of this objection to Isaiah 53 being a messianic prophecy posted in response to a YouTube video. The gentlemen were gentlemen or woman writing. I can't believe people still fall for this garbage. Dr. Brown is fully aware of all the missed translations and wisely spreading no quite the contrary, based on decades of careful research of the Hebrew text and decades of interaction with other scholars and rabbis. I'm hundred percent convinced of the accuracy of everything I'm saying there's only one servant.

He admitted that the servant is the Jewish people all over the place actually what I said was that sometimes the servant is Israel is explicit say in Isaiah 41 and other times the servant is the Messiah, as for example the Targum and red dock Rabbi David complete acknowledge for Isaiah 42 or rabbinic interpretation of Isaiah 49 in Isaiah 50 says that the servant there is the prophet or the prophets. In general, and the 50th chapter and in 52, 13 to 5315 famously in the trust tongue Kuma as as repeated in your coaching money.

This is interpreted with reference to the Messiah who will be more exalted then than Abraham or Moses or the ministering angels. So what is it is sometimes the servant is Israel.

Other times, the rabbis themselves. The traditional rabbis themselves say that the servant is the Messiah and sometimes they say the servant is the prophet suggest using rabbinic interpretation only from Isaiah 41 to 53 is rabbinic interpretation only you would see three different servants was not for the nation as a whole.

The righteous remnant. Within the nation, the Messiah, and the prophet just using rabbinic interpretation Orthodox Jewish interpretation fact fact.

Okay, let's go back to the comments there's no place anywhere that it indicates an individual servant.

Isaiah 42 says my chosen who are the chosen people yet, but how about chosen people and how about chosen individuals have chosen people if chosen individuals there been no chosen individuals in the nation's history and the Messiah is not considered God's chosen one, and David is an individual is not considered God's chosen lawn and what is a Targum and and and what is Rabbi David Kimberly. These are in authoritative in traditional Judaism are highly regarded. What are they say Isaiah 42 is referring to the Messiah.

What about Isaiah 49 where the that the individual servant is tasked with re-gathering Israel and the nations. Isaiah 50 with the individual servant is a prophet is being beaten by his own people. Fact. Truth fact.


That's what were looking read 52 and 54.

Everyone agrees the servant as the Jewish people actually in 54 doesn't say servant servant in the singular stops at the end of 53 servants elsewhere in following chapters 54 is a promise to Jerusalem right wisely promised to do some given because salvation comes through the Messiah. So here's a question. The servant according to the rabbis, according to the traditional rabbis, the servant in Isaiah 49 and the servant in Isaiah 50 is a prophet. Why then should a change to Israel and 52, and where does it say my servant, Israel, and 52. It doesn't. Here's what it's talking about.

It's showing the Jewish people coming out of Babylonian exile being delivered and who's the deliverer one is blind. That's the people, the other opens the eyes of the blind. That's the Messiah. One is in exile because of sin, the other dies for the people sense of that they can be free. It flows beautifully and naturally he knows perfectly well that it doesn't say in verse five for our transgressions. Actually, I know perfectly well it does say that Nick may because of read Jewish translations after your transition here tell you what, let's let's read from the new Jewish publication Society translation right on the go over to Isaiah chapter 53 and I'm going to get one of the most respected Jewish translations. In fact, in my view the best Jewish translation that's been done of the Hebrew Bible right and how is this rendered now in the new Jewish publication Society version, but he was wounded because of our sins crushed because of our iniquities. He bore the chastisement midsole and by his bruises we were healed. Please sir, before you attack me learn the language better right. It says because of yet for because of exactly because of that's exactly right.

When using a means will be safe for our Simsbury heat he suffered for our sins, he suffered because of our sins right was our sins is paying for. That's we understand what that means, how to make them two separate things. Please, please, is not not what I'm saying though the language says it doesn't say in verse eight he suffered. It says they suffered point here, once again, these things have been answered decades ago in detail so Isaiah 53 eight. Again, I'm been read from the new Jewish publication Society version by oppressive judgment he was taken away. Who can describe his abode for he was cut off in the land living doesn't say he or they sissy through the center of my people who deserve the punishment mega Alamo a stroke for them so I don't mind someone differing intelligently. It's when they publicly rebuked me and in the process. Rebuke themselves exposing lack of knowledge not just of the Hebrew, but of Jewish tradition say the truth, and let people decide to say to me stop spreading lies to trick people into believing what you want know I'm spreading the truth and I'm speaking the truth and I'm urging people read the Bible for yourself and are Jewish people read it, study it in the Hebrew for yourself because I know her points points tissue of the Messiah was in Isaiah 53 six. All of us like sheep on a straight each one turned to his own way.

The other night he viewable at of own, but the Lord has visited upon him what the iniquity of the Lord visited on him, died for our sins because of our sin on behalf of our sins by his own it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and have May of this year. The October March everything will be open three times a year to be in Israel since right in the February beginning of March so go to my website Esther SK DR Brown.orc to find out more and to sign up today.

I let's go over to South Africa birdie did we talk years ago about hyper grace are you the same birdie guy with the same birdie years ago we spoke on nice to hear from my thoughts like mine will cite well listen.

It's not that many birdies from South Africa hear from so the name stuck with me but nice to hear from us or what's up critical data one complement you on the balance that you bringing in not putting in overfocus on making of Christ out of out of your president and that he thing the focus on Jesus and I think that he still needed today not go to quite a following from the US and it is quite strange for me to see people for three years after their pages flooded with the gospel and then the fourth-year exploded with politics, you know, three years gospel one year on the years gospel one your politics and thank you for what you are doing. Not many people go out and speak about that which I think is very clearly needed shift questions and appreciates perspective from overseas to because it we get so caught up in it.

We don't realize how bizarre it looks, and then the way Trump is exalted like a savior figure out you've got to see a lot of that to that's very disturbing. It is disturbing to me Dr. Brown because when I look at that I and you not get people excited me, but I don't put their trust in the president and I would just often been the question. Well, do you think that hopeful of the country. Five and one and that also will kill you if your hope is in the manual in the Lord really you. Simple as that. You know, so where is your true hope. I think we can have hope in Christ is matter what I got a question about doing a study on back and I look at Luke and he's writing there and it I mean Luke in the letter that he wrote to Theophilus, who he might've been. I don't think it's so relevant. But let's say it was a person that he was writing the books. A lot of emphasis on the persecution that comes from the Jews. Even when he goes over to the chapter 12 on words talking about old now and what goal was going through divorce. I think over time in the background saying that the Jews were behind the and and I mean, I asked several times a night that he the feeling I get you just to read everything in one sitting a few times just to get the feeling of the whole Olathe. Why would you say that he do that because I'm sure there was also persecution from Gentile.

But he does mention that but the focus is so much on the Jews.

Why would you think that maybe there was something that you know that he tried to get over that can help me in my study on yes so I'm just want to verify first that there is an emphasis there both in John and then in acts and emphasis on on Jewish persecution or mentioning to you specifically so if if you just looking at the numbers system as I'm scrolling through a concordance here. You've got the largest number of mentioning of of Jews in in John and then and in acts and then right up until the end of the book so obviously critics would accuse him of anti-Semitism or something like that but you know it has the guy was. I would say what a great quarry working. Darling may be echoed underlying racism going bail, yet they think you today that would be a type of accusation another summative actually argued that that Luke himself was Jewish, that the reference and co-opt the end of Colossians. This is misunderstood as if he was, not part of the circumcision party but either way, let's just put this? Let's accept that he may been at a Gentile. We know in in in Luke's gospel that he doesn't mention the opposition of the Pharisees nearly as much is Matthew does he even has a few passages are pointing positively to the Pharisees and we know he emphasizes the promises of of David and things. So what happens in actual basically I would understand that as as a traveling companion of Paul and that some of the, the, we in the book of acts that he witnessed firsthand. This constant opposition because written remember that in those days. This was mainly a Jewish thing and now you know to get the Gentiles involved you know they were. They were the small minority and incoming and you know they were kind of the outsiders coming in, and this first generation, the great responsibilities on the Jewish people themselves.

So if you're just kind of traveling with Paul now just mention, for example, the 14th chapter where he's in the he's he's stoned apparently to death and Lister does mention of the persecutor known Philippi there persecuted as Jews right there got used to being Jews so Luke is land fact, some of the most dramatic persecution accounts or with Gentiles attacking Paul and his party, but the first part of axes you mention, but even if it even if some about the Jews with their they might do it yes will that's the reality.

In other words that's that's what happened in now centuries later when the Gentile churches dominant and controlling society and persecuting Jews. Now, it let you know and persecuting Jews for their evil deeds allegedly you can look a whole different way. But in those days. This was a Jewish conflict that the temple as I understand, was was was, not yet destroyed is is Luke is writing or or he's looking just in the immediate aftermath of the temple being destroyed. So these are momentous things for the history of Israel.

You ask if it had been a prophet like Isaiah or Jeremiah living there would've been day and night rebuke, you've missed the Messiah, you crucified the Messiah that is risen from the dead, you projected them and we even have church historian James Parks have documented that the first few centuries in different cities because that the Christians now could bring trouble on the Jews or the Christians can be accused of being a new sect in it that there was often Jewish resistance to the gospel is different cities that that spurred on the Gentile resistance with the root resistance of the leadership and that that in turn created Christian hostility towards the Jews, so it's a sad fact that it happened like that and call it what you had not been for correcting that in Romans your value for you.

Read Romans and you do the whole thing. You get to chapter 11 of 12, Dr. realized that he is correcting the actually fixing the Gentile popular so you know that you did all these things when they get to the point you in the very same boat as what they are in your methadone started throwing stones now and another lady said writing. Not only that, once against Gentile urgencies. Remember let's put this in context distorts is a variation of Jewish believers in Rome, which now begins to incorporate Gentile believers so that the outside is coming in and Claudius issues and edicts. Emperor Claudius that all Jews are expelled from Rome so they all leave, including Jewish believers about 10 years later they come back. Now it's a Gentile congregation. The Jews are coming back to it's the whole picture of the that the natural branches. I believe the expansion of Luke 18, but the natural branches being grafted back in so you have that whole cultural aspect going on and then Paul says look Gentile believers are called to provoke Israel to envy and ultimately all this will be said to be a national turning and he says right now is for your sake that they are enemies because of the gospel, but there still loved by God because their fathers, so Paul is emphasizing that but this is what happened.

Luke is telling us accurately and to whom much is given much is required and the problem is now through the lens of church history how Jews can look at this, but we have to say no, it was accurately reported. It does point to things that really did happen and the what is the whole Bible say what is the test or if you just read some of the prophets rebuking Israel were some parts of the Torah were Moses says look you send in my lifetime unit much worse when I'm gone, you come to one conclusion within you have to keep reading read the rest of the New Testament.

Read the rest of the witness were the promises to Israel are reaffirmed guy.

I agree with her one more quick question. They talk about if you don't mind yet real quick to hit okay. I live in South Africa, you know the we are famous for the apartheid system that we have here at all. Says that you were the first to know the man off to the flesh, although he did but I think that the work of Christ, the flesh, but not so anymore. How does that play into referring to Jews if we refer to. No person according to the flesh, not even Christ mean that Christ Jesus like Jesus when he died he died at the but when he was erased from the dead you was right. Being a glorified body, which was born from the father just jump in detail in which I the iPod just interrupting, but only have 20 seconds to answer not referring after the flesh would mean having a fleshly worldview of something we still talk about males and females. Paul can still write to the Gentile believers as Gentiles call to provoke Israel so those distinctions remain the legal judgment as to make a valuation basis is a higher or lower caste system request is hates the light on anyone I can get you today looking at the phones now call a marble project the top of the

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