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The Launching of a Life-Changing Documentary

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 21, 2020 4:20 pm

The Launching of a Life-Changing Documentary

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 21, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/21/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So what is it mean to be created in the image of God stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown soliciting Genesis 1 where it says that God aided us in his image, according to his likeness, they created us male and female.

Why is that so foundational, so important for everything else that follows in the rest of Scripture.

What is it, man means a man to be created in his image as a woman to be created in his image as human beings to be created in his image have a specific marriage, family, what is that say to LGBT activism and concerns to focus on that today as important new documentary really a watershed movie just released yesterday. What will find out how many times it's been viewed so far.

Churches wanted to host special viewings of it called in his image and put out by American family studios.

I had the privilege and joy of hosting the documentary amazing guest testimonies teaching just incredibly rich resource really heard from a mom who watched it with her 12-year-old daughter and just sent me a note seems absolutely amazing and impacting. So today have the joy of bringing on the air with me. First, the director of the documentary in his image and then the producer so referrers can speak with Kendra white. Kendra has been involved directing and producing other faith-based movies for American family studios worked on curriculum for children animated material for children so a real heart to impact people in a quality way. And now the director of this amazing documentary. So Kendra of my joy to get to interview this time get you to interview the you this time around on me on your having me yeah absolutely so Kendra, how is it that you ended up doing this documentary in terms of the studios a whole within your involvement and how did you feel when the project was presented to great you are out directing highlight not exactly excited about taking on any different, like painting a target on your culture today on that day having a lot of phone calls per individual parents were struggling with our individual who feel trapped in their body and want to know what the Bible out. We are related and really cook it in other ministries would provide resources on that great book that week.

We really need to get documentary back visually old. The story look on it there so much violence right now circuit including a lot of my denomination with what the Bible really holding out on our ministry needed for the topic, we have to extract and though I might have started reluctantly. I really the Lord that I need to ask Johnny what is your heart to LGBT 880 and I want to protect your ArchiCAD.

There are people that are going to get immediately lump and crazy Westborough `people who are haters no matter what you say and they're going to be people that think only a little stronger like the and I want your early on the Lord. Let me get picture in Luke chapter 4, where he did a lot of you get that in God and pulled out all night and spirit of the Lord and Army anointed me for me to proclaim freedom for printer recovery line green and to proclaim the year of the Lord any role of the scrawl data Scripture fulfilled in your hearing and let God if it my heart they are found they are blind. I want that party and I want you to join with me in proclaiming the good so Kendra as she got into the interviews as you get into the materials the one hand, you see a lot of things happening in the society that are very grievous and you can watch them in an almost get angry, it would seems like an assault on her children and things like that and on the other hand, you hear the stories of individuals. Those who had sex change surgery and came to regret it. Those who identified as gay and lived accordingly. For years before finding freedom in the Lord, you share the story so there's different emotions that are going on in and there's the activism and is pushing certainly differ with it. This was the Bible say the correct theology in there that the people so how did you sort this out in your own heart and then how do you feel he came out in the documentary itself. There are a lot of night when I came home and I had been and I would lock the door like day at work. Can you tell I'm researching that the term wild County people have gone through hey Heidi is completely false. Ardently dying in July and there were definitely days when that would play on and one other thing I wanted to communicate through this. I wanted the person watching that. Honestly I collect I went on a journey, making the dream I knew when I started what the Bible that, but I wouldn't like feel confident to represent better communicate that other people I probably couldn't have turned to the passages that mention homosexuality or Matthew chapter 5 are the aversive engines that I knew in general. It got word that I didn't have the courage and strength really stand on that thing and though I was very overwhelmed by everything that I thought culture don't want to think that we didn't use a lot. It YouTube videos. We have twitter feed have new let have on really add you. You, the individual locking down. I wanted you to really how the information impact how the and I knew that we were everything on the word of God and though that's where I started my journey was to communicate and you have a plan of what it means to be a man what it means to be a woman and it is a different I need to understand as culture tells me that either. There are no different or different than it is very clichéd know when and where I feel like if you think that the Bible and I rely I don't really know.

Communicate what it means to be a woman made in the image about what are the very careful reading agenda 123 and I've been a believer for over 20 years and it reminded me that I had never entered or really thought I had been really helpful. Nine on like yourself and others that week that we actively help but think our thinking on pastors and teachers really sat down with me and help me understand.the film opens up exactly that going for dinner on going through lot that God is the creator to get the right patella on who he made us to be and that we can honestly find the light at the subtitle of delighting in God. Gender and sexuality and started there and then you act as other issues came up.

We realize this push back into society that they think that Christians are on the wrong item. I am, and often I Just Heartbreaking and Are Often Used against Believers What You're Doing Future Causing People to Have To Do on so I Started Digging into the Client about the Psychology of the Disorders and That Are Associated with People That Have the Double and Realized As I Got into It That First of the Mind Side of Christ and As Believers Defined Actually Affirmed the Biblical Worldview That the Healthy yet on and and Most Joy Filled Path That You Think You'd like It Is the Choice That God Laid out for You and There's There's A Lot Of Back That up. But We Knew We Were Going to Have To Deal with the Client Affect Other and and Some of the Rage You Mentioned There Were There Were Days When I Got into What's Really Happening Andy on Gender Clinics for Children That the Hormone Blockers. The Puberty Earth. The Hormones That You Security Blockers That Are Being Given Young Children like There Is a Righteous Indignation That Will Raise up in You When You Watch the Film or It Should When You and at the That Are Happening and I Think The Godly Response As I Was Telling Me Things I Wanted Believers to Go on That Journey with You Friends If You Haven't Watched yet the Movie Released Yesterday Was Released in Theaters As Well As Online but Was Cold with All That It Was Just Best to Release Entirely Online, Go to in His Image.Movie in His Image.Movie Was Cost to Watch Nothing Now You Can Get Involved.

You Can Do It Viewing in Your Church You Can Make a Donation to Get Some Extra Resources DVDs with Hours More Full Interviews and Things like That Everyone Can Watch for Free in His Image.Movie Tender Just Released Yesterday and You Have a Report Does Regularly Go Have Allowing Our Mind. There Are over 130,000 People That Have Already L. Come on, We Are Receiving Jack Every Few Minutes Email from Individual Thinking. I Think I Chat My Daughter Just Came out. My Son Just Came out Timely Need for Our Family.

Thank You.

We Have Been Receiving Email after I Bring My Church yet.

You Can Enter the Response Really Has Been Incredible.

We Expect A Lot Of Negative Pushback and the Response That We've Really Seen A Lot Of People in the Body of Christ, Who Won Said Information, and Are Our Very Eager to Share That with People That They Know Who Are Hurting You and Just Based on What Was Seen As As We Checked Stats Early in the Sky Looking for My Team and Work Were Talking Multiple Tens of Thousands of New Views Every Hour and Again Is As We Emphasize through the Movie Much Assignment Issues Time of People and Intense Drama in the Same Situation That That You Are If It Is That the Every Day Were Hearing from People Struggling Themselves or from Family Members and What Will You Do or Daughter Just Came out. My Husband Believes He Still Is Trapped in a Wrong Body. How We Handle This. How Do We Handle That and Obviously We Have Resources and I've Written Books and FA Others of Resources, but I've Been Telling People Go to This Link and Sign up to Watch the Movie Someone Wrote to Me the Other Day and Said Have a Friend Ask and I Recommend a Book That Talks about What It Means to Be Created in the Image of God Is Said Here Watch This Watch This Movie so Friends Back More with Kendra White in the Moment in His Image.Movie You Be Blessed You'll Be Informed through Solid Theology, Solid Science, Powerful Testimonies and Hold Yes A Lot Of Holes Light a Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Line of Fire by Calling 860 Jim Is Dr. Michael Brown.More Kendra Ought I Want to Bring on a Caller Very Quickly That Will Illustrate the Urgency of This Documentary.

So with Kendra Here with Me Want to Go to Basking Ridge, New Jersey Jeanette Wilkinson Modify Thanks so Much for Calling Dr. Brown Thank You so Much.

I'm Such a Huge Fan.

I Just Wanted to Question Because Today I Hope Frank Says It's Interesting to Think That Civil Unions, and It's Done That's Title Francisco 08. It Premiered Today.

Actually, Earlier Today and from Film.the Ball so I Just Wanted to Get Your Thoughts on This yet. So First Let Me Bring Kendra in Kendra What You Think of the Timing of This That It's Now Been Widely Reported That Pope Francis Is Suggests We Should Have Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples. Obviously, the Catholic Church Known for Its Stand on Abortion and Homosexuality over the Decades Would Think the Timing of All This. Period. My Heart I Know Many All Catholic People That I Think Will Also Be Great.

I and I Just I'm Reminded of the Verse of Scripture That Talked about the Font Ability Delete One of These Little Ones Astray and What at What App Platform and on so Late Brittany Yeah so so Jeanette I Haven't Dug into the Store yet.

I Haven't Seen It Denied from Catholic Sources and I Just Thought Moments before Getting on on the Air, but There Is Massive Confusion in the Church, but in As Kendra Mentioned Mainstream Denominations That Actually Split over These Issues. ABC News Washington Post Middle to Major Outlets.

Pope Endorses Sensex of Humans for First Time a Documentary Francisco Premiered at Rome Film Festival. The Timing of It Is Just Very Intense That That Are Documentary Comes out Yesterday and Here. If Correct, You Have a Major Statement of a Completely Un-Biblical, Unfounded, Destructive Statement That Absolutely Goes in the Completely Wrong Direction Because You Know Once You Give Any Recognition Any Endorsement Civil Union Symbol, Why Not Actual Marriage, so Jeanette Set Thank You for Raising the Question Very Very Grievous and 100% Contrary to God's Word and I Was the Conch on the Catholic but I Was Contrary to the Teaching of the Catholic Church through the Centuries. So Kendra, When You Are Putting This Together in That I Had the Privilege of Coming on Us As a Host and Then We Brainstorm Together.

You You Folks Would Do All the Work and Bring Me into Some Important Brainstorm Drugs. The Different Components There Is the Alert Being Alert to What's Happening in the World around Us Promises and Wanted to Be Dominated by That but You Know, Make Sure People Know from What's Happening and Then Lay out Solid Theology, Then Bring in Science Then Personal Testimonies and Weave It All Together but Ultimately As As We Just See Now with with This Note about the Pope. Ultimately, Every Season Start Was Solid Theology That the Personal Stories. That's the Most Compelling That's You Remember Those Forever. You Know the Individuals and Their Story and Their Background and the Prayers of God's Mercy and the Laws, but It Starts with Solid Theology. So How Did You Bring Your Team Together the Different People That Would Comment Just Open up These Opening Chapters of Genesis in an Amazing Way. While I Have Anything Privilege of Working like a Wonderful Team Here at American Family and Immediately before This Documentary We Just Finished Another Documentary Called the Got and It Is All about the Authority Efficiently. Scripture Though We Have the Privilege of Going to Israel and Filming Bed Dead Sea Scrolls and I'm Really Built All of Our Art.

An Extra Level of Confidence That We Really Can't Try Scripture That the Bible We Hold in Our the Word of God and Then on I Really Believe That, Then What Comes Next. This Documentary of How Then Shall He Let Something That Was in All of Our We Have A Lot Of Wonderful Connection Grew That down and Brilliant Mind That We Had Artie Asked That We Knew of the Individuals That Were Already Really Standing Firm on the Authority and Its Picture and Spoke. We Started with Some of Them Now Find the Testimony and and up Another Level. Figuring out Who Should Should Be a Contributor Because There's so Much Opposition There Is No Much Spiritual Warfare on the Issue and We Wanted to Find Testimony That People Who Work All That in There and Yeah We Knew the Persecution That They Would Repeat the Vetting Testimonies That Definitely Take A Lot Of Time on Now That the Scientific As Dr. Michelle Click À La the American Family Idea American College of Nutrition, and She Brought a Wealth Information As Well As after Ryan Anderson Heritage Foundation, and These Are People That Are Ministry Partnered with an Extinct, Difficult Know Who to Put in a Documentary and Kill You, Look around You and You Left It on the Front Line Going to Go There and It's a Smaller Crowd Than You Would Think Honestly That the Lord Really Guided through the Prospect That to Be a Part of the Development and Just As Special Thank You to You, Dr. Brown Went When We Were Praying about This Spell the Question Everybody Had for Our You Get to Be Compassionate and How Are You Going to Do on Reach out and Allotting like That Stability Issues and I Remember Watching a Clip of You on on This Program Talking to Transgendered Individual and I Saw in Just Your Expression in Your Heart and the Word That You Switch That Happened Where It Wasn't about Winning the Argument That You Saw That the Individual Did Not in Your Tactics and Your Arcane and That We Need on Our Film the EC. The Col. State in This Matter and I Just I Love You Not Only Know Greek and Hebrew and Were Able to Add My Shining Jolly Asked Dr. Brown to Help Us with That We Going to the Greek and Hebrew Words on Me Know What Is It Mean to Be an Abomination on You Know with the New Testament Word Translated on the Sexual but It Though Controversial and How Data Dr. Banda You Debated Giant Dollar but yet You Felt so Wonderful, Communicating God Our People and Thank You for That for Demonstrating How Many of Us.Approach.

What I Appreciate and so Signal Me over the Decades Know It's It's God's Grace.

The Touch and Change My Heart.

So Many of Us in Again Specially Look at These. These Are People from Jesus Died, Loved by God and the Other Plenty That Are out and Proud Say I'm Living My Life.

I'm Happy.

Don't You Dare Talk to about Struggling with the Plenty Others Who Struggle and More Importantly the Question Is What Is God Saying in Kendra, You Will Obviously Enable Us on the Front Lines. This Industry Get Endless Request to Do Things so I'm in the Habit of Having to Say No to It to A Lot Of Requests the Moment Yours Came in and I Knew This Was Good to Be a Serious Investment of Time and Energy Mean Massive on Urine but for the Service When a Lion Enough to Pray about This of Course with Joy If If You Are Going to Take This Absolutely Was Joy so Real Quick Out Of What It's about an Hour and 43 Minutes of Rich Content. How Many Hours of Actual Material. You Have Any Idea of All the Interviews and All the Stuff You Put, You Have the Hours That Runs to Get That Way. There Are Three Hour Bonus Material on You If You Get the DVD Back Adequately Had to Edit down to Portland and off That Diving We Have Literally Probably 4050 Hours of Footage That We Had Worked through on the Issues and Because of the Attention Span of Individuals Having to Cram That Doubt That I Really Do Encourage Conflict or Topic That God Stirs on Your Part Done Anything to Stop Moving and You Can Partner with That I Will Forget That Any and All Will Send You the DVD You Are on. If It's Not in Your Budget to Contact FB Once You Have It. A Shared and You Had A Lot Of the Frequently Asked Questions. A Lot Of People Think That Churches Are Dealing with an Individual, Family, and There It so Much More to Explore on the Topic. Just Be Covered in the Feature Film Yeah and and for Those That Are Alert to What's Happening in the World around Us. Transgendered Issues Become Really Really Pronounced a Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Said in January You Make No Mistake about the Transgender Rights of the Civil Rights Afforded Us.

How Many Do You See It, There's an Increasing Phenomenon with Teenage Girls Suddenly Identifying As Transgender Men Were Hearing from from Parents All the Time and in the Documentary, Although of Course This Was Homosexuality. As Discussed in Powerful Testimony of Stephen Black Is Is Is Weaved in throughout. But There's A Lot about Transgender Issues from Wall Tire Who Will Be My Guess, Next Week, Who Lived As Woman Had 16 Surgery Laura Perry with This Jake over 10 Years and Had Various Surgeries to Try to Make Yourself into a Man. Tanisha Cruz, Whose Dad When She Was What Nine Years Old Tells Her That He Wants to Be a Woman so There's A Lot in There and and Folks Watching Will Be Helpful. Kendra Last-Minute What Your Hope for Those Watching This Documentary What Your Hope and Prayer. My Hope and Prayer That the Church Will Be Strengthened and Encouraged like Old Lion, the Truth and Love on If You Don't Feel with Problems That Sexual Identity Will Find Healing, Hope in the Train. Formative Power of the Gospel When They Walked down Here. The Story Other Dramatically Trained Arm and Really Appointed the Gospel Men Friends That's That's What Happened Is You Watch for Your Own Edification.

What's with Someone Struggling Hurting in His Image.Movie Go There and Kendra. What a Joy to Work Together. Hopefully Will Get to All Actually Next Week I Come Done Early so We Get to Work Together to Pop It up Right Here Douglas Thinks of Us Is That Perkins Producer of His Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice Aboard Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Jim Is Dr. Michael Brown Just to Say Landlord Launched Online Should Hold about 15 Minutes Ago. Over 130,000 Views. So for a Powerful Documentary That Digs into the Scripture Asked What It Means to Be Created an Image of God and Then Based on That Divine Template Looks What's Happening in the World around Us. The Society around Us Looks at Issues of Homosexuality Transgender Is Him with What God Has To Send Her Looks at People, Individuals, Families Who Were Impacted Were Not Just Talking Issues Were Talking People, This Is Michael Brown I Just Spoke with Kendra White, Who Was the Director of His Image. Now I Want to Bring on Empty Perkins Who Was the Producer of in His Image and Producer at American Family Studios in His Previous Project Was the God Who Speaks so Welcome to the Want of Far Thanks for Joining Us Today.

So Tell Us How the First Movie First Documentary, the God Who Speaks Tell Us about That and Then How That Led Naturally to in His Image Documentary about Boarding and Reliability of the Bible We Will Begin to Go. Drug Spending Scripture. The Actual Port God.

We Will Trip.the Manuscript with the Bible Are Often Right of the Fund of Operation. Although the We Bring It up, and Apply It to Where We Want the Good Talk about History and How the Hell up All over the Apologetic Argument Question Objections the People Great Your We after All, We Come to the Conclusion but Yeah We Construct the Bible to Trust the Bible and Go of the Ministry American Family Projection. We after Having Made That Documentary Look Better Than What What Is the Next up and You Notebook the Next up Was Really to Apply the Whole Idea of the Authority of the Bible through Butte Particular Issue Sexuality Transgender.

But One Thing to Say That We Believe the Bible to Work with Other Things but I Believe the Bible Report about Marriage, about Sexuality and Gender. Of Course, Let Me Know.

As You Know from Your Own Research and like Dr. Bond Claim They Believe the Board Bible, but the Question That You Want Their Understanding of Old. It Was Taking of Really Building on That Foundation That We Would Then Remove Them and Put Them in a Quiet, Controversial Issue, so, so, in Your View with That Explain Why This Is so Foundational Scripture in Genesis 1, God Creates Us in His Image Human Beings. The Pinnacle of God's Creation and Then Adam and Eve the Foundation for Human Life and Flourishing so That That's at the Foundation of All Foundations with That Explain Why If You Tamper with Those Foundations That Has Such a Massive Impact on the Society to Do Those Things Go Hand-In-Hand When You're Talking about. If God Created Male and Female Talk about Fundamental Biology, Something That Report with Something That Might My Kids Don't Have To Have It, Particularly Going to Them What You a Boy or Girl. The Computer with No and Then When You Start to Introduce the Trade-Off Narrative and for the Multiple Thinking of Everything. What Can You Trust Anymore. What Can You Believe What Is Really Real and Bold and What What You Start Tampering with the Foundation of the We Know Those Foundations Not of Our Own Personal That Laid out the First Three Chapters, Though It Does Attribute the K off What You Thought the Woman Baby We've Always Got All the Regulars a New Way. We Now Stand for Our Grandparents Understood It up to ¥400,000 Never Use This Illustration with Just Just Strikes Me Now Let's Say That We Were Not Entirely Clear, While Driving down the Street If If a Green Light Actually Meant Go a Yellow Light Actually Meant Slow down in a Red Light Actually Meant Stop and Perhaps There Different Interpretations of That or You See Red. I Feel Green What Would Happen on the Roads You Would Have Chaos Accidents. Everything Would Just Come to a Standstill. Obviously, Because That's Just Foundational for Our Driving and in Road Safety. So When You Have Things Is Basic Is Biology That That Becomes Not Really a Category Because It's How I Feel Instead or Saying a Man Be with a Man Is No Different Than a Man Being with a Woman You Tamper with Foundations and of Course It Affects All of Society. I Asked Kendra the Same Question I Want to Ask You, but How Did Working on This Documentary Impact You Personally.

The Impact of the Documentary of the Research Work Routable. I Came into All Project Fairly Certain about the Scriptural Viewpoint on Gender and Sexuality, Feeling like I Was Understood Theological Issues. The Application, but Even Both of the Truth of Culture and Have Problem with It but I Don't Know That I Will Deeply for Now This You Opening up Periodic Group Culture and Then Also the Way You Think the Infiltrated and Coming in the Church, Not to Me Was Particularly Heartening and Shocking to Me.

I'm a Presbyterian Part of the Church and Church in America.

As You Probably Know You Heard about the Question of the Three Boys and the Report Conference to Build the Question Some of the Notes of These Are Questions That Are Right in the Midst of Brim That Loved One Fellow Church Member That I'm an Many of Them Are Completely Unaware about What Was Going on or How to Think about the Prospect of Having Documentary Objects Stir within the Boat in Outlook so Much Are You Putting Dr. Brown the Idea of Reach out and Not That Little Phrase for the Well Clarifying a Mild What Is the Proper Christian Approach and Just Lovingly Gelatin Compassion and with the Person Hurting Their Questions and Their Development Struggle, but We Also Need to Be Clear on What We Believe Is Christian Band Firm in the Shifting Fan Culture Yeah and It's Interesting for Me. I Was First Hit with the Resist Port Dismissing 2004. Seeing What Was Happening in Society Seeing the Inroads in Schools and in Some Ways I Knew This Was There but but I Got Overwhelmed with It and You Know As Followers of Jesus Is the Prophetic Side to Us That That Wants to Stand for Righteousness and That Stance against Things That Are Wrong but I Knew If I Was to Have God's Heart. That Night I Needed to Care about People.

That's One Thing to Look at Activism in Society. And That's When God Will Begin to Break My Heart for the People in It. Sit with with Local Gay Activists and Say Tell Me Your Story and Read All the Literature I Couldn't and Especially Ones with Stories and Anecdotes to Try to to to Feel and Understand Something That I Never Lived through Myself and That's When the Holy Spirit Really Birth in My Heart Reach out and Resist Reach out to the People with Compassion Resist the Agenda with Courage Want to Go Back to Something about the Importance of Scripture.

Someone Posted a Review of the Day to My Book. Can You Begin Christian on Amazon and It Just Came to My Attention and It in the Midst of the Review It's It's a Negative Review Blasting Me, but the Reviewer Ken Says This, Let Me Make a Rather Bold Ignition. The Author Is Correct, but Not Necessarily Right. I Read the Bible Enough Times to Conclude That Yes Homosexuality As We Know It Is a Prohibited Practice for Christians. Also, the Christianity Is Made so Many Compromises. Since Its Founding, We Know Is Christian Practices Today Would Be Completely Alien to Person for Christians. In Other Words, If the Bible Is Clear, but Things Change. How Does This Documentary Help Folks Get Their Bearings Get Their Groundings Back into the Truth of Scripture Will Convert the Culture Change Fundamental Truth of God's Word like Interwoven and for Who We Are and Creation God Male and Female Got God Made up to Find Partnership Fulfillment of Procreation with the Christian Marriage Male-Female Come Together to Show People, One Was the Whole Idea Cannot a Good the Whole Human Race Cannot Help but the Fundamental Idea Though. People Love the Idea of Rethinking Very Much."

Kind of Kick the Tires on Any New Life.

You Have the Come along Think That Will the Way That I've Been Taught Something Wrong, Outdated Lot More Than but I Think the Bible Is so Clear. For Christians, We Have To Realize Not Be Embarrassed to Admit That We Stand on Ancient Not Waver on That Motion.

God Gave Us His Word, but He Also Told Band Firm Boat, Not about Feeling like You Can Understand They Can Be Understood and I Think Scripture Is Clear Though I'm Not Surprised to Hear People Pushback on Many of the Interesting to Hear Someone so Honestly What the Scripture Future.

And yet at the Same Time. That Is One of the Usual Thing so Many People Trying to Figure out a Girl Believe Them. Read the Scripture Is the Sin That so Interesting with All of This Is That You You'll Have Liberal Scholars, Thinkers, Left-Wing Media People Principal Progressive Christians, but the "the Bible and They Want to Say Will Actually Are Misinterpreting the Bible. And of Course A Lot Of People Care about the Bible at All. But Always Find It Interesting As It Was above Is Important to Your Attacking Us for Following It. You Say Were Falling It Wrong, but You're Acknowledging the Importance of Eve, Even Telling Us Our Views about Scripture Are Wrong. You're Telling Us That the Bible Is Still Important Friends. We Got More Time with MD Perkins, the Producer of This Amazing Documentary in His Image. Go to in His Image.Movie You Can Watch It for Free but Are Still Make a Donation. You Get an Additional DVD with Three More Hours of Further Interviews and and Back Story and Things like That and Best Thing You Could Do Is Pastor, Leader, Jewish Showing the Church Get Your Folks out and Fight Them out and Invite Those with Questions Invite Those Who Are Skeptical, Hostile, Invite Those Who Are Hurting, Have Them Watch Because They Will Be Impacted.

It's the Light a Fire with Your Host Activist Authors International and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Light of Ironbound by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown, the Eyes. I Spoke with Kendra about Some of the Guests That Shared Their Testimonies on the Documentary and Also Talked about Some of the Folks Who Brought in the Science but There Was a Great Team That Your Team Assembled Bible Scholars, Theologians That Gave Tremendous Insights.

In Fact, As As I Was Watching Because of Opposite Watch through a Bunch of Times Is Being Developed and Then at the End I Felt There Insights.

I God or Orbits to Say How the Scripture Address Certain Things and Angles.

I Hadn't Seen before. So Who Were Some of the People That You Brought Together for the Bible Theology Part of the Documentary There Were a Number of People Likely regarding Speak Made up Almost Exclusively of Pastor Dollars Court Talked about Scripture, We Wanted There Were about 24 and That Documented, but for Them As We Want to Feel That Back in Pull out so People like Kevin to Go after Their Charlotte and Hamilton the Legal Counsel for the American Family Association) 1/4 but You, the Pastor As Well. But You Have but Brilliant Light of Scripture and Miracast. Also, Theologian and Scholar in Her Own Right and Has Written a Number of Helpful Book on Men and Women What What… Pension Is for Them within the Home Church, Although Having Having People like to Really We Didn't Want to Just Talk about past Is Related to Sexuality.

We Wanted to Lay the Foundation 123 of the Christians Could Be Reminded of It Understand More Firmly the Why We Believe What We Believe about Marriage, What We Believe What We Believe about Male and Female, and All of That We What We Sexuality the Order to Really Weigh That Scriptural Framework Dollars but Yeah and Also Robert Guy Don James White's on the Dow Some Others That Were There Must've Been an Interesting Test to Take All of the Content from These Brilliant Thinkers Who Are All Communicating Very Clearly and with Grace to Boil It down to the Excerpts That You Can Place a How Big a Project Was That Well. Many People Know of Everett Bartlett Documentary Most of the Most of the Time Making a Documentary Postproduction Editing. You and All the Time Researching a Little Bit of Going Holding and Then You Get Two Hours of an Interview with Somebody You Gotta Figure out How to Make the Fit within the Larger Framework of a Juxtaposed How to Maintain the Thing to Be in the Provision of the Body Argument While Also Convinced That at Work or Cutting out Certain Parts of the within the What Your Preventing Their Quite a Challenge in It. Many Many Months of Time Reading through Transcript Blowing Things Out Of the Transcript. You Don't Know If You Cut off at a Certain Point If It Actually Is a Natural Cutting Point of the Body Line of Conversation You Got Away All the Things Together and You Get a Brilliant Dollar like James Weider, Robert Gagnon and Those God Bless Them.

They Don't Give Short Answer with Your out How to Take What You Drive You There.

Nothing and Be Able to Pull out the Development of a Short Enough Documentary for Quite a Yeah and I'm Glad You Are Doing That, Not Me. If I'm Working on Something I've Written a Manuscript and I Get into the Publishing This. It's Too Long. You Have To Cut Materials like Cut, Cut, Much Less Left to Go Cutting off a Finger or Cutting off of Foot like That's That's All Important, but the Other Thing That's Neat Is the Flow from One Voice to Another, and Then with Testimonies Weaved in with Graphics Weaved in so It Keeps Moving. It Keeps Your Attention and Then I Really Felt with Each One. Speak Is and They Nailed It Ex-Boy Hit Hit a Homerun at Right Tone on It so It's a Great Job of Editing with the Team in Putting This Together. Obviously, There Was a Preview Last Week That Was Part of in Oklahoma City. We Were There Together and Now the Official Release Just Yesterday so Were Really Talking 24 Hours. It's Been out What Have You Been Hearing since Last Week. Up until Now We Can Feedback You Getting Oh What. Mostly Overwhelming or Very Thankful Kircher Feel like They've Finally Able to Understand How to Think through Some of the Fish Getting Conflicting All over the Agreement Getting Conflicting after about Professing Christian Evangelical People That They Thought Were Stolid Regular Different Break after Maybe They're Not Even Taking the Subject at All and so Being Able to Present All of This You in a Clear Way Compassionate Way in a Compelling Way. Something That ALT.NET Scripture Is Referred More People Directly Made on the Vendor of Number Emails from Other People, Even beyond the People Who Are so Thankful and Feel like They Really Have Been Strengthened and Enable Be Able the Truth to a Loved One and Be Able to Be Able to Understand Why the Fish Was so Important and Why They Can't Really Waiver on Why the Scripture Does They Would Want Prescriptive Historically Understood and Filled up Dust and Encouragement Because for Me, One of the Main Reason One of the Main Thing.

Hope the People Get Out Of Project.

This Is to Be Strengthened and Encouraged Able to Get the Stand Firm and Reach out Passionately and Felt like so Far the Yeah Absolutely That That's What I've Been Hearing from the First Accident That Have Viewed It and Got Back to Me and This Will Bless You, I Got a Note from a Mom to See Scott a Couple of Kids and the Daughters 12 and She Watched with Her Daughter Because Her Daughter like Other Kids Influenced by the Culture and Questions and Things like That but She Got Convicted in Her Own Life. The Mother Because She's Dealt with an Eating Disorder.

Over the Years and Suddenly a Better Understanding of Being Created in God's Image, Ministered Truth to Her That She Felt Was Liberating from Things That Had Caused Whatever the Negative Self Image or Whatever the Thing Was, She Said I Know That Wasn't the Intent of the Movie and She Was That She Her Words Were It Was Amazing.

It Was Amazing and She She Knows That in the Packet, Her Daughter Watching, but to Bring That and I Thought How Interesting You. You Never Know Once You Ladies Foundations. How Many Couples Speak to How Many Single Men and Single Women. This Can Speak to How Many Heterosexuals Is to Speak to in Different Ways so There's There's a Richness about God's Truth That's Open up and It's the the Whole Documentary Is Not This Is Wrong. This Is Wrong. This Is Wrong, but This Is God's Way.

This Is God's Way. This Is Happened. This Is What Happens When You Get off the Path.

This Happens When You Get Back on the Path and and Were You Impacted Hearing the Testimonies with the, the Suffering, the Pain, but Then the Hope of Transformation That Impact You As Well.

Oh, Programming Go Cry Every Biker Certain Part of Pain and Hurt the People Went through and in the Amazing Joy with Their Life Experience When They Meet the Lord in Their Lives Radically Different Form and They're Betting That the Work but They May Not Always a Beautiful Thing with When a Person Encompassing I Love Hearing the Testimony, the Love Hearing More. I'll Go through Relationship with Her Mother and Her Mother Going through Old Spiritual Renewal in Their Own Part of My Godfather in the Home Working with Laura on the Website Seemingly Innocuous Living with Something Else That You Get the Truth Coming to Her and Impacting Her and for You Never Know What God Would Do to Me There's Just Such Great Joy of Hearing That There's Also so Much Hope That the People Aren't Watched Forever in the Hope the Situation Really the Really of Hope Really Is Transformation That God Is at Work in the World and so I Hope the Christian Pulpit Think That Benefits Out Of the Borders That Work in Our Life and Our World Right Now Even a Daughter, Even the Cultural Situation Crazy Is Melting up Pressure Pressure Christian like There's Still the Holy Spirit Is at Work in Government Should Not Negate That Partnership Break for Greater and Greater Manifestation Help in the Way and People like You. Absolutely. And As You Mentioned, Laura Perry, Her Mom Being, the Legalistic Christian That Really Encounters God's Love Her Own Life Dealing with a Daughter Who Identifies Us As Jake and Then Sitting Next to Laura for the Panel Discussion after the Preview Last Week and Thinking Okay She's She's Open about This on the Documentary How She Had a Vasectomy I Should Hysterectomy Shoot You Wanted to Feel More like a Man and Be More Mail.

I Think I'll Look at Everything She's Lived through and Now She's Sitting There with That with a Great Smile with a Great Story of Hope and You Got up a Ladies Bible Study Older Ladies Praying for Her and Their Love for Her Was a Key Thing That Carried Her through, Not Not a Theologian, Not Someone That Knew Everything, but People Knew God Knew Had a Priceless of Friends Go There Now in His Image.Movie Share This with Everyone You Know Pastors Get This out to Entire Congregations in His Image.Movie MD and Team.

Thank You for This Labor of Love for All Your Hard Work in Making This Available Friends Go

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