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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Bible and Theology Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 16, 2020 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Bible and Theology Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 16, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/16/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You got questions, we've got answers time for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH events 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, this is Michael Brown looking to the line of fire broadcast. As always, were devoting the state answering your questions, but sorry to disappoint point, we will be taking phone calls today. I'm answering questions that were posted on Facebook don't post any now. We solicited these in advance and were answering them in the order they came in so we got more than enough question for several weeks shows already, but here we go. Let's start with a question from Eric. Eric asked this.

Why is that the book of Revelation and the Codex meta-canvas placement account as being one of the most important witnesses to the text of the New Testament. Why is Revelation not there because the manuscript is incomplete.

Revelation is not there. Hebrews is only there up through the ninth chapter. A few others are and are not there.

For example, first and second Timothy Titus Lehman, so it's simply incomplete that's that's the reality. Why does it have what it has versus what's missing a certain order of things.

Those are the questions, but it's not like Revelation was singled out to be left out.

Revelation certainly recognized as a scripture for a good period of time before about a canvas but appreciate the question Natalie. What scriptures explain the Trinity. So what we want to do is look for verses that point to God being one is one God and one God only work when polytheist so that's the whole Bible basically testifies to God being one God. But what would indicate that there is father son and Spirit within the Godhead, so you would point to verses that speak of father son and Spirit together. The end of Matthew the 20th chapter, verses 18 to 21 Jesus gives us the great commission and sizzle be with us always to the ends of the age. We are commanded to make disciples and baptize them in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit why we baptized in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit.

If the sun is just a created being in the spirit is just an impersonal power we would go to a verse like second Corinthians 1314 where it speaks of the love of God, the grace of the Lord Jesus and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. So even though it mentions God, Lord spirit, there is post a father-son spirit, we see that these are all aspects of the deity that Jesus is included in this benediction a blessing that we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit pointing to the person personality of the Holy Spirit. The host is not just inanimate force.

So those are verses that point to the three and one then I would look at verses in the Old Testament like Genesis 18 that indicate that God could appear in bodily form while remaining God enthroned in heaven. I would look to the many verses that speak to the activity and work of the Holy Spirit.

John 1415 16 I would look to the prologue of John. John 11 through 18.

Speaking of the deity of Jesus and other verses, then I would put these things together. How can God be on earth and yet in heaven.

How can the sun be eternal. And yet the sun come forth from the father. How can this spirit be sent by the sun to testify of the sons of the glory of the father you put it all together in the US.

The question, how many God through worship. Worship one God, one God only, and yet we are called to worship the sun in Scripture we see the end of Revelation 5 that the same worship for the father is also given to the Lamb that all created beings join in that in that why we see Revelation 22 that there is one throne and the end for God and the Lamb and his servant see his face at their faces white one God father-son spirit.

There's much more to be set always is a big topic. That's how I would approach it, Josiah, is there anything untoward and roots uncovering Boaz's feet. In the book of Ruth. There are two ways to read it. There is the innocent way to read it and to say that that she lay down at his feet and he woke up in the morning and saw her there and who are you and what is this about.

She explained that there was no sexual contact of any kind, or that it speaks of set sexual intimacy or sexual act and in in ancient Israel will let let's just say in Jewish law around the time of Jesus. It was said that there are three different ways that a man can acquire a wife. One way would be through an open formula and declaration. You are my wife and a nice take is my wife, etc. another would be bite by formalizing it sexually by joining together as husband and wife is a formal axis of fornication is an act of marriage of was that part of what was happening there.

It's debatable. The Hebrew could go either way. So you have to study.

Then come to your own conclusion.

Again, not taking calls today. Pablo Dr. Brown called quest here. So cool. Question was the shape of the earth according to the Bible that said you believe contemporary science or the Bible about earth shape.

The Bible does not comment on earth shape.

If it does, you might argue that it speaks of the of the earth as a circle or sphere. You could argue from a couple of tax Isaiah or Job that he pictures the earth is a who was a circle speaks of the circle of the earth when the Bible talks about the ends of the earth. It's just talking about as far as the eye can see the same with the four corners of the earth. It's not necessarily describing it as square. Also, the Bible does not directly comment on the shape of the earth, but it does use observational terminology like the Bible speaks about the sun rising and setting and we also speak of the sun rising and setting worth is not the sun that rises or sets is the earth that turns, we speak of it the same way. To this day.

The Bible uses observational language is nothing in the Bible about the shape of the earth where there is a declaration from God, thus saith the Lord. This is the shape of the earth and therefore have to reject what we know in terms of the earth being spherical and and etc. into the flatter theory being complete nonsense. So in any case, that's the answer to your question, there may does the Bible say anything about transgender is men that think they are women and women that think they are men also do think this is merely a mental illness or you think it's more of a spiritual matter, going all you said you realize it's no longer considered a mental illness.

Yes, the Bible does speak to this and we need to be tremendously compassionate to those who struggle there is a new movie about to be released it will be released on October 20 hello. You will actually listen to this watch this broadcast. But if your ticket out live October 20. So next week. The movie in his image will be released. It's a very, very important landmark movie.

I had the privilege of hosting that so I'm on at different points in giving narration and help work with the producers and directors are really fine tune that the content and they did an amazing job over. Of all the year or two of of hard work, many, many excellent interviews and and what this will do is will go through what the Bible says about being created an image of God.

What exactly does that mean your testimonies from men the command of homosexuality. Your testimony of first of a woman whose dad came out as as transgender and from a woman who lived transgender for years, the surgery and all that I'm a man who lived transgender for years searching all that and and then them discovering free freedom and liberty in Jesus and find out about this. You can watch it for free was originally opened in movie theaters, but because of cultivated plans were changed so in his sign up and you'll be able to watch it for free in his and here is where the Bible speaks to transgender is in Genesis wanted it states plainly that God created us male and female.

There are not multiple genders or multiple aspects of our sex. There's male and female you say but what about people who were intersects. Those are people who have some type of disability. Just like God gave us eyes to see, but there's some people who are blind to give us ears to hear, but there's some people who are deaf. He gave us legs to walk but there's some people who cripple the same way he made us male and female are some people who have a biological or chromosomal abnormality while under 1% of the population. Those would be considered intersects but for the most part, those who identify as transgender do not have a biological or chromosomal abnormality.

They simply perceive themselves to be at home in the wrong body. The they are living in the wrong body and therefore they don't feel at home. I should say and in the body which they were born it. It is either a spiritual or mental, emotional issue or combination of both. Now again, there are people because of a biological or chromosomal abnormality. They don't fit conveniently in class of male or female, they developed a certain way there biologically male but as they began to develop. They developed a more female way. So we have tremendous compassion in helping people find homeless and the Mrs. biological chromosomal struggles struggles, others don't have any issue like that was they are there 100% biologically crumbs only male or female would perceive themselves to be the other three have to help them from the inside out. It could be mental, emotional, could be spiritual, but the movement in the society today that impact so many and confuses so many so that you even have whole groups of teen girls coming out were transgender and some of them are are autistic, mildly autistic, and this may contribute to to the misperceptions and things like that. That's real spiritual thing that we have to praying against his meet we minister to the individuals and families with great compassion will be in his image again in his will be very helpful. You're now. Deuteronomy 22 does forbid a man wearing a woman's close to the woman wearing man's close that's free cultural in terms of what qualifies is what but it does remind us of the importance of gender distinctions and gender distinctions are found throughout the entire Bible. So there are differences in the way God made us in the way he equipped us in the way we operate in the way we function and see the world and we should be sensitive to those again. We do not want to overly stereotype you might have a guy that's until more sensitive delicate things and a girl is more rough-and-tumble but we do want to recognize that there were distinctions between male and female, but above all great compassionů Trouble. This is not the kind of thing anyone asks for to be merciful to those who are struggling will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire Michael Brown here. We are not taking calls today.

I'm just answering your Facebook questions every so often because of schedule or to include folks on social media.

We do this and up maybe next week I'll tell you why we are just your Facebook questions today, but back to the broadcast on post questions we we got these already before the show we had more than enough for the show started, so I'm going back to these questions and we go to Melanie what happens when you die.

Does the Bible teach we go to heaven help me die just the soul sleep until the resurrection of the dead. Naturally we been asked this question many times over the years we've answered it many times over the years as best as I can tell.

Upon death solely the goes into the presence of God, or to place separated from God, awaiting the final resurrection and then the final judgment for the lost soul. As I understand Scripture where it speaks of sleeping that's a metaphor it's a metaphor for death for believers. Others would say no.

We close our eyes and the next thing we open our eyes. It's the resurrection either resurrection to be with Jesus forever or resurrection to be damned and destroy, and cast into the lake of fire by God it in overall experience. You might say it's no different know is if I close my eyes and open them, and the next thing I know it's a million years from now or 10 seconds from now, my own experience is the same. However, to me, the preponderance of Scripture points in the direction of going somewhere immediately after death. Luke 16 the rich man and Lazarus speaks in that direction. Paul designed to depart and be with Jesus in Philippians 1, but Singh will probably have to stay here longer because it's better for you. Revelation 6 that the souls of those who been beheaded under the throne of God asking how long before they are or avenged Jesus into the thief on the cross. Luke 23. Today you will be with me in paradise. Those all speak of immediately going to be with the Lord.

And in Luke 16 would be speaking of a place of separation from God, but either way the great emphasis should be on the final stage the eternal state is what happens when we die, but the eternal state. That being said, so they were a comfort for believer to know that if you have a love one that goes on before you to be with the Lord that right now there enjoying God's presence and and don't want to be back here that there enjoying God's presence and we will go to be with them. So those are comforting thoughts, but I believe there comforting thoughts based on truth.

All that being said, it is not a heretical position to believe in soul sleep, the son heretical position Christians through the ages of held to that the issue is his final resurrection and final judgment and final blessing those of the greater issues JJ in the last two years have gotten married and had my first baby. This is a tremendous blessing, but I find myself struggling to manage my time in a fruitful way seem to have a strong marriage and family, despite your busy ministry schedule. How do you balance your ministry and work activities with both family time and private time with God or JJ first a congratulations this always exciting to welcome new life into the world.

I'll only have a few principles, but you'll have to find your own rhythm here. Obviously if you're single and if you have a work schedule is not overly intense. They have a lot more free time on your hands. Then if you are married, then married with children, married with children and working and that's what Paul addresses in first Corinthians 7 at the single person just circuses near the Lord with a married person.

It's okay care for your spouse and children, all that but for the vast majority of us. That's what God is calling us to to be married and to have children. So how we work this out. First, we understand. Okay, I may not have as much time as I once had. There are seasons that are unique.

When I was in high school had a light high school schedule and again is just a providential thing. The way it did when it worked out and for me to be there at that time you get saved at that time it was also the God work through because I had a lot of time every day if I wanted to devoted to the Lord. So I have months and months of spending at least six or seven hours alone with God every day and I just mean reading the word pray, memorizing Scripture just that, aside from going to church services, assuring the gospel.

I just mean reading the word pray, memorizing Scripture at least six or seven hours long government to the states before cell phone Internet anything sees me.

My Bible pad to write down versus hour after hour after hour after hour I recognized in the midst of it that something special was going on in my life. It was a season by Johnny Mercer in the wilderness preparing for his public ministry, and then after that I started working full-time job than after the college and then while in college, married and still in college.

Her first child so that change my schedule changed dramatically and had to accept that reality. So what you need to do is do your best to find quality time with God every day, even if it's not as much time as you like and make that a priority and then understand that that the gift of family is just that it's a wonderful gift God is never calling you to destroy your family with your spirituality is never calling you to destroy your marriage with your ministry. That's not the way it would it would work so as you honor your wife and you put her needs. First, meaning that you prioritize being a blessing to her than than being selfish and I joke that when you get married, it's the bride's day, and thereafter it's the brides life.

But the whole joke happy wife happy life. There's much to it and I know if I'll follow the Ephesians 5 principal and lay my life down for Nancy as Jesus laid his life down for us that she will be the most amazing wife I could ask for, and that my life, in turn, will be blessed through that and then you know spending time with your kid, that's not a burden. That's not like God do this.

I remember working a full-time job and was going to grad school one afternoon and evening a week and I am becoming home from work and you know you're coming home from work.

It's whatever 830 to 5, whatever hours you work and you you want some some personal time right you been working all day. Well, your wife may be. She's been home with the kids all day and she could use a little bit of a break but you home is really close to dinnertime and I remember as I be driving home. I think okay, psych myself up because I know I walk in the door are girls a little girls or play with daddy. Daddy Psalm and I know that Nancy needs a break or she's gonna be concentrating on dinner whatever and I that psych myself.

Okay, tell me I do not mean in any way that I was like superhero father or husband like you have no dad like you not just try to be good dad but at psych myself to think okay gotta be ready ghetto kids really excited to get home and then and you have some personal time later the other thing is to work out with your wife or rhythm and say hey while I make sure you don't have to worry about anything like this night or this afternoon.

Use get with the Lord are just children she wanted. I just want to have that time it was to just go like one night writing just get along and spend a few hours in the present floor and you just you work out a rhythm like that, but don't don't feel some pressure you got the items spent enough hours in prayer just enjoy the Lord put in first and be careful not to waste time. Most of us waste so much time every week. Many of us do. Anyway, don't waste time news it is well alright let's see we go to when we think about the Abraham accord to think that Ezekiel 38 will happen before the tribulation agrees that the two witnesses are Moses and Elijah were two prophets that gobble ordain that we don't know if the Abraham accord. As I've written seems be very positive. I don't know that it won't be ultimately part of some false peace that Israel is lulled into the paves the way for the antichrist or something like that.

What I do know is Jesus said blessed through the peep peacemakers. What I do know was recalled to live peacefully with others is much as possible so just on a purely natural level. I take that as good positive. But beyond that, don't know. As for Ezekiel 38 it seems to be an time passage gold, gold, even though it's mentioned after the millennium.

In Revelation 20. I just look at that is is an application of a passage about rebellion in the nation's but from what I can tell, this would be something that happens at the end of the age part of the final war and conflict before Jesus comes to establish his kingdom on the earth. As for the two witnesses. I don't know where they symbolic of the message of the church are they's are they symbolic of two leaders that will be raised up or they Moses and Elijah are Moses and Enoch are raised from the dead or come down from heaven or don't know. Do not know how mellow the veil torn into any Jewish sources that hint at it or suggested there. There is atomic source that that the doors of the temple broken open and now obviously doesn't say when Jesus was crucified this happen. That's the closest thing we we don't have an actual ancient Jewish source that references the. The veil being torn as no surprise either. But the reference to the temple door swinging open of that is often pointed to as we have maybe that happened around the same time. Maybe that speaking of the same event. Maybe it's the way it was met remembered those are possibilities I tell you what you listen a minute before the break, may I encourage you if we are a blessing to you to join our support team will talk about money, much on the radio. We don't a lot of fundraising out on the road.

We don't use Internet primarily to raise funds. You see where they come from the come from people who believe in the ministry get behind the work become partners with us become torchbearers so a torchbearer stands with us with one dollar or more per month. For some it's impossible for others. Hey, you bet or for others is a faith step one dollar more per month. We sold back into many many different ways. New audio message every month access to all kinds of free video classes and and other resources. 50% discount on online bookstore in many ways before back into so check it out asked Dr. Brown double-click on donate monthly support gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown.

Yes, this is the day when we answer questions but not taking calls all II know I know not take your calls to McMahon when he announced this to my little piece paper here. Okay.

If you have an opinion you want to share if you differ with me on something if you will give me a piece of your mind.

If you want to raise an issue that you think I need to talk about. Here's number to call not know to be clear, this is not a number to call to come on the air. This is not a number to call to ask a question or leave a question, but if you want to make a statement it if you want to differ with me if you want to share a positive testimony about the impact of the broadcasting of any of those things right so other than asking a question coming alive. We give a different number to call your Eddie is 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8481 800-618-8486. What's the use of that war we do is really play certain calls on the air. We encourage you not to go longer than two minutes right but we may like what you have to say or get a kick out of what you have to say think of you should hear it or we may want to respond to your challenge. This is what you call anytime 24 hours a day.

RT will listen to the calls and if there's one comes in.

Or if you become anything. Hey this is worthy of playing on the air that will do it all right so there's your outlet that is your number to call haters markers of the skeptics only hear from you.

I genuinely do remember, keep in about two minutes or less right over to Facebook. We asked for questions yesterday and here we go. Answering these questions on poster. Once we got more than enough Steve and Ezekiel 44, 19 and 4620. There's talk of endangerment by the transmission of holiness. Any insight on what that might actually look like.

So let's let's take a look at Ezekiel 44, 19, and lessee, can we get a different translation up here and it's it's talking about in Ezekiel 42, 48, which used to be an end time vision of of a glorious temple there is debate as to exactly how to interpret this or when this will unfold. Let's say this'll be a temple in the millennial kingdom and speaking of the. The priests and Levites the ministry that takes place so I'll read from the ESV when they go out into the outer court to the people that she put out.

They shall put off the garments want to be ministering and lay them in the holy chambers and they shall put on other garments, lest they transmit holiness to the people with their garments. So what exactly does that mean to transmit holiness. It's it's a fascinating question just looking at some other translations.

The the new Jewish publication Society's is less they make the people consecrated by contact with their investments.

And as I look at the Hebrew and it's yeah it's it's literally if if if they make the people holy if they consecrate them so what you will understand is is that if the people are thus affected and again this would just be to be the most obvious reading of the text in light of the priestly ministry that there is now a weight of obligation on the people and in other words, it's almost like if I touch you. You have certain requirements that you would have had before, so make sure that that that I'm out of those holy garments before I go out and touch others. If I touch them. Now the same level of consecration is put on them. That's what I would just understand nothing intrinsically they become holy. On the inside and thought that any more than the priests and Levites with intrinsically be holy by what they were wearing.

Rather, this it is about consecration and this would require theoretically a consecration on their behalf. This is a fascinating first to look at all right out Robert why do you think that Jesus says in Revelation that overcomes will have access to the tree of life.

Given that Paul tells us both dead and living saints were receiving structural bodies at the second coming is eating from the tree symbolic of reverse the fall of man to be accepted to live forever in God's presence was needed for some other reason, right. So if we are resurrected, we have eternal life on the inside. Now we have resurrected bodies that will never die. Why would we need to eat of the tree of life, right if if you're in an incorruptible body white wine eat from the tree of life. It's like a double dose of resurrection power ramming does make sense. So the the likely answer is what you're suggesting is the second option. Robert that it symbolic of reversing the fall of man be accepted to live forever in God's presence. That would be the most likely understanding that this means that we will live with him forever. This means that we will receive those eternal resurrected bodies that that's what it symbolizes and stands for and remember revelations filled with symbolism, even in the messages to the seven churches that the things are you know a new name and and different things like that and that the hidden manna. What exactly are those things that it's it's cloaked in mystery. In that regard, but the symbolic interpretation is the one that makes the most sense. Lisa is the book of Enoch, a book that Christian should be reading. What is the benefit of being knowledgeable of this book. Is there a danger does not include an account of the Scripture read it but curious, by the way, okay you can go to our website Esther to ASK DR and just typing Enoch and you'll see a video few minutes long white Enoch is not in the Bible. The only tradition in Jewish and Christian circles that includes it is canonical is the Ethiopian the easy optic church tradition.

Otherwise, it's not included in any canon Roman Catholic, Greek, Russian orthodox Protestant any any Jewish canon of the Scripture. So it isn't it. It was highly prized and valued among early Christians and Jews, but with almost no exception was not part of the Bible. What's the benefit of reading it well. It gives you an idea of many of the things that were believed in New Testament times is quoted by the book of Jude. So it would say that there are some words and at the go back to Enoch, but other than that, the book itself does not go back to Enoch. It's actually several different books and and even the authorship in the compilation. So a complex of the versions we have no we have some of it and in the old older Aramaic form. We looking to complete versions you looking at later translations like NTT opera, for example. So this is even that. It's just that some simple thing like here is the Greek manuscript review certain here's the Hebrew manuscript of a book of so therefore there are interesting things in it. There are again insights that will reread is like all. Maybe that's what the New Testament was referring to when it said this was said that, but the danger would be that we believe everything in it is truth. The danger would be that some of the more esoteric elements of it become things that are in the same part was Scripture for us, that would be the danger all right a leader on.

I believe that a person can backslide that they don't repent will end up being lost if the backslider soul was punished in hell. What happens to the regenerated spirit right so regenerated spirit. You have a S you'd really be asking in terms of a small ass. Obviously that's that's what you meant so regenerated spirit. Yet it is spirit and soul are joined together our interbeing joined together right so yes you can make a technical difference between spirit and soul, but when the bow ties with the interbeing and the outer being the outer being is the body.

The interbeing is soul/spirit.

So if someone that truly knew the Lord turns away refuses him and and walks back into death and dies that way without repenting.

Yes, I believe there backslidden lost and they have forfeited life they have forfeited life and walked back into death.

That's what I understand happens others in the one she received eternal life can't be forfeited there for you might be punished. Your life might be cut short. You might miss out on your heavenly reward. Whatever it is you won't be. You cannot forfeit your salvation. I beg to differ only because leisure somehow I was lost my salvation by subliminal murder and pray in footnotes. Some fragile thing. Can people deny Jesus walk away from.

Yes, I believe the New Testament tells us that very clearly in which case that regenerated's spirit that regenerated individual cell forfeited life and will be cast outside of God's presence.

This would happen. Antonio why is Christmas wrong. For some Christians varies. Christmas is wrong for some Christians because for them is associated with paganism in their mind that the Christmas tree so many things that go on at Christmas time they just associated with pagan traditions that entered the church, mistletoe or whatever else it and to them it's something they can't do a good conscience to them decorating the tree. As I idolatrous associations of others. It's wrong because they save were not were not told have a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. We have a biblical calendar to follow all this is wrong because it just speaks of carnality and and selfishness.

You know, spending all kinds of money and getting a debt over Christmas presents and so on so forth. Know those kind of things of others. While we don't we was born the time of the year, December 25. That was a pagan holiday and we shouldn't try to redeem it is a good thing for many others, though it's a beautiful time this this has been worked out individually and knows if you said to me celebrating Christmas right or wrong that's it depends, but independent is not and is on a wishy-washy answer for me it's just the fact that it depends other words it for you. It's a sacred time. It's a time when you really look at the Scriptures celebrating the birth of Jesus when it's a wonderful time for family to come together and enjoy his goodness where you go out, singing hymns, you know, through the neighborhood, etc. and where you don't believe that that the Trier of those things is pagan origins and others debate over all these things can be a sacred time for you and every year I have done it recently. But here for years. I would have a Christmas debate and just take calls when you celebrate Christmas.

Why don't you and just not that it wasn't an interesting subject, but it was pretty much a repeat every year and the negative. For these reasons the positive. For these reasons, so that's why your question is the right question. Why is it wrong for some right where we going we come back next looks like we can go to Oka than Tammy than Misty, so stay right here not taking your calls today.

I know disappointing but again we are answering questions that were posted on Facebook Re: connect with me on Facebook on the you really if your social media by all means do that yesterday runs like the patriots K year-round hose there and night links to latest articles, videos, great means sometimes live streams asking year-round Twitter is at the bar, Michael L. Brown, Twitter and YouTube course asking Dearborn*around the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire Michael Brown so blessed to be with you answering your questions on by phone today but we solicited them yesterday on Facebook and we got more than enough within the first few minutes or just going through them in the order in which they came in and I think you beatified help by the discussion. We start with Oka have explained that the works in Romans three and four is not the same as James to so is basically Paul and James did not differ in the understanding of faith and works. So yes, that's a a very common question because it seems that there is a contradiction at least on the surface Paul saying in Romans three that no one is saved by the works of the law that all flesh is condemned by the works of the law that were saved by grace through faith alone in Jacob James is saying yes and by faith. The longer saved by faith plus works.

Of course, Catholic apologists would would say that Jacob is rightly explaining what Paul really teaches that salvation is faith plus works and Protestant apologists would say no, but James Jacob is simply dealing with the misunderstanding of what Paul taught. So my understanding is simply this, and would be in keeping with a Protestant view that we are not saved by works, that the entire Bible shows us that we fall short that our best works are best days fall infinitely short that we need God's mercy and grace and by the way, you might be Catholic and say hey agree with everything said I'm I'm not talking Catholic because I missed your best it to be scriptural here right and that we put our faith in the Lord and asked him to save us of merciless washes cleanses. At that moment we are born again at that moment we passed from death to life at that moment. We are declared righteousness and receive the righteousness of Jesus at that moment we go from being children of the devil to children of God from darkness to light from dead to alive at that moment by faith. Now the proof of that faith is all works. The proof of that faith is a transform life as Paul preached in acts 2620 said, I preach that people should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds.

That's what I understand Jacob James to be saying that you say I got Facebook show me prove it. So the proof of the new births is new life and we all agree on that. But if you are a genuine follower of Jesus, it will be manifest in the quality of your life. You have every reason to challenge someone who claims to be a follower of Jesus and demonstrates no fruit of repentance claims to be a true disciple, but demonstrates no change in life. Sometimes the change happens more slowly than we might like to see in someone else. Sometimes there is three steps forward two steps backward. But if there is no evidence of change. No evidence of new birth, no evidence of of conviction over sin, no evidence of desire to please God and live for him. No evidence of transformation we can question whether the person is truly safe so I see no contradiction between the two is simply a matter of of emphasis, but great question, of course, a Tammy, can you talk about the verse the heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left in Ecclesiastes 10 to do. They have political leanings called right to left. In those times of solidity stand for is not what was meant by that then would you think that was meant more for now thank you yeah you really like, why, why is so if your wise your you go right politically. And if you're folio left politically and later that you know the left is like anti-God and pro-abortion in the right was pro-God and pro-lifer and it has none. There is politics is nothing to do with politics. It's it's at and by the way, you might be in a different culture where the left is conservative in the right is the lemming who knows the way things get characterized because in of itself left and right will tell you anything right what what is left itself mean politically what is right itself politically it's it's all how we interpret it to the left of this moving away from us to the right, moving way in this direction.

But what especially talk about is his right as if it's the right way and left this if it's the wrong way that's that's how it's understood you even most people are right-handed so that being the norm.

You know the right hand of God, and so on.

Suggest right being the that we say the right path and left being the wrong path, but having nothing to do with our modern politics of right and left side a prophecy about today and there were political leanings called the right and the left back then, all right, but I love the question you're safe to unsafe people never hear the gospel go to hell. Is that a case for Universalism. It's an appeal that people would make your safe is an appeal that that people would make in terms of how to be fair, we know that God is just. We know that God is good when God does not want anyone to perish, but all to come to repentance, so if someone is say born into a devout Jewish home in a certain part of the world and never exposed to the to the true gospel are born into a devout Muslim home or or maybe just to a family of no compassionate atheists, and never heard the gospel or whatever, did have another weigh-in was there was another way in Jesus when the died on the cross.

If there is if there is another weigh-in we wouldn't go telling the world about Jesus. So the understanding is that people are lost and that we still choose darkness and we still walk in disobedience and therefore we are utterly beholden to the mercy of God, and there is no salvation out of SIC about one person gets to hear another person doesn't get to hear fair question God will deal with everyone fairly. That's we have to leave it you don't make a case for Universalism based on this because scriptures clearly speak of the resurrection of of the both saved and the lost and enter final damnation or final blessing.

Eternal life eternal punishment. There is no Universalism or everybody gets in. So the question is what happens.

How is God going to be fair to some of the never had the opportunity to hear the good news today get to hear it, and after they die. And Angel preaches to them, or something that you subscription for that either. So all I do is leave them with God. Another words I cannot tell you exactly how God will deal fairly and righteously with those who never heard I just know it will be fair and right sits on like a copout know it's just the information that we have in the knowledge of God that we have.

We know these consistent with wheat. We know that he's not a tyrant. We know these are cavalier we also these perfectly holy and perfectly just the same look some of our loved ones. We pray for and they're open to the Lord and they suddenly died before they receive the Lord fully and what about them know that God will deal with them rightly and fairly, and I have to leave it there that he will be consistent with his love and his holiness and his justice and his mercy, and I I trusted their beyond that, I can't say dogmatically.

Shannon can a Christian lose their salvation. You can forfeit your salvation.

You can willingly choose to walk away from God and deny Jesus as Lord.

He is promised to keep us nothing can separate us from his love, he will be with us always.

If we determine that we don't want them and deny him. He says if you deny me. I'll deny you the best interest the split-second thing that stopped. I blew it. Look, we all blow it will blow one way or another were saved by mercy was saved by grace say because of what he's done not because of what we've done, we receive his righteousness as a gift. We are justified by faith, not by works. As we said moments ago. Yet if someone willfully chooses to leave him, he will not force us to stay. Nowhere does the New Testament say that he will force us to say so here's the only time you ever need to be concerned. Some are struggling or I want to live free, but I keep messing up lose my temper or watching porn are just never pray okay that's a reason for concern, but not lose my salvation. Just what I need to work these things through and get close to you and and learn to live as in overcome her when you get when you should be fearful is when you say I don't want God and one Jesus is Lord, I will do my own thing. I don't believe in them anymore and when I do my own thing that's the fearful dangerous moment and he are humans compromised of body soul and spirit are just the body and soul of the formal roles.

The spirit plan houses separate from the soul. A lot of this is terminology and it in in Hebrew Bussard flash does not speak of man in his sinfulness as much as man. His weakness in Greek the flesh. Sark's is more of an emphasis on human sinfulness, assuming Nefesh in Hebrew soul is similar to Sue K soul in Greek but not in all cases identical rule off a new month spirit Hebrew and Greek have different nuances, but similarities as well.

So some of it is just how terminology is used for sure there's an interbeing and an outer being, but I do believe he was 412 in first. This loan is 523 do speak of a division of soul and spirit, so the soul is that part of our being. If we characterize like this that deals with our emotions, our consciousness or will the spirit is is is who we actually are.

So we live in this body.

We operate in this in this body with our soul, but I would make a distinction like this that that the soul can tie in more with the realm of of the of the emotion priest to give one example resists spirit is more communion with God, so faith is not an emotional thing. Faith is a relationship in connection with Ghana trust and was emotions can go up and down so there is overlap between the meaning of soul and spirit, especially between Greek and Hebrew and and things like that, but I believe ultimately if we dissected us there.

We would say there's body, soul, spirit and soul, spirit, having to do with the interbeing the body with the outer being.

Interestingly, first Thessalonians 523 when Paul prays for complete sanctification. What is safe, spirit, soul and body built up in your spirit in your mind right soul exploring and then you will body to the Lord all right you have a blessed weekend

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