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Could Jesus Return at at Any Moment?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 7, 2020 4:21 pm

Could Jesus Return at at Any Moment?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 7, 2020 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/07/20.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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So how do I end time beliefs affect the way we live today. If you think Jesus could be coming at any moment. Does that change the way we live. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. You know what we believe things that we hold to illogically our eschatology or end time beliefs.

All of these things affect the way we live day by day, so I want to bring together theology and culture. Word of God, beliefs about spiritual things and how these things translate out into our day to day lives. This is Michael Brown.

Welcome to modify his number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Now tie back in with yesterday's broadcast where I had a challenge for evangelicals who identify as pro-lifers who support provide for president. A very passionate chauffeur intense show some very powerful calls. Some great responses to the broadcast retina sure if you those with you if you want to call him to continue yesterday's discussion. Phone lines are open 866-348-7884 if you like to challenge my end time beliefs.

I do not believe in a pretrip rapture. So while I believe that we should live in readiness of the Lord's return. I do not believe that according to Scripture, we should live as if the second coming could be any moment we could go to be with the Lord we could die at any moment. We don't know that we always live in readiness. None of us have a guarantee of our next breath right but in terms of the second coming. I do not understand scripturally that Jesus was to suddenly take us out of here were gone and that does impact whether we live.

Had a very cordial excellent in-depth debate on the subject with pastor Derek Walker from England this past Saturday. You can watch that on her Facebook page has dark brown on our YouTube channel S.

Dr. Brown probably on the 30 35,000 views so far. Between the two different venues and lots of great responses and interaction, and I'm probably do a live stream from a home office within the next few days right just allow folks that differ with me on the end times to post their views and interact with as many as possible, but feel free to call in now 866-34-TRUTH over what I've often found, though, is that some of us who have an end time belief that everything is going to get worse before Jesus returns and that we are in that final generation. Often the mentality is, why bother. Why take a stand. Why bother to speak the truth. Why push back against the culture knows that matters is get as many people say this possible because we know everything is going downhill.

Forget the culture wars. Others would say hey I'm not even thinking like that but we got one life only and one life to live. So just as many people say that one life them are out here. The question is if we abdicate our role and responsibility in society will that not bring about deterioration in society will not bring about a situation where we can even preach the gospel openly or make disciples and perhaps the church's failure to properly engage in the culture wars over the years has contributed to the situation in which we find ourselves today were many young people growing up in the church in Christian homes are falling away, not sharing the belief systems of their parents and grandparents because the culture has drifted so far from God that it's negatively influencing them and impacting them and they're getting more negative from the culture than they are positive from the church. Hence there falling away 866-3487 84. Tonight is also the vice presidential debate, the one and only debate that will take place. I read one report that suggests that, Harris will come after Mike Prince as a homophobe because of his Christian views on homosexuality and of course, is his wife teaching at a Christian school that forbids homosexual practice and that'll also be attacked with his role with COBIT 19 because he was overseeing the president's team dealing with that and I wonder if it does go in that direction.

If Mike pence.

We try to say actually this is very gay friendly administration and give the arguments for that and try to paint that picture is supposed to say we believe in religious liberties and we believe in biblical values and etc. so so see what happens if these things do come up in the debate that again number to call 866-34-TRUTH and the II make us look at some potential calls here may open up the phone lines more widely.

Okay yesterday's broadcast.

I was more grips than I thought I would be as we dealt with pro-life issues as we dealt with the subject of abortion and as I challenged the Christian ethic of those who say we are pro-life evangelicals provide.

If they had said, we despise the Democrats part parties position on abortion and we feel that there are many things in the Democratic platform that we differ with, but we just think Trump is so bad and so dangerous and so destructive that we have to vote against him and that's were voting Democrat.

I would have more respect for that. Then someone trying to argue a pro-life position and voting Democrat followed him say. And of course I fully understand those who simply feel they can't vote for various reasons or they have to just vote for third party or protest vote, whatever and whenever each of us do. It's between us and God. I looked again today at some of the initial signers to the pro-life for Biden evangelicals website.

It was John Perkins is the Christian hero in the civil rights movement with a great heart for reconciliation. Remember hearing him speak late 70s early 80s in our church, which was so active in so many key social and cultural issues, and he felt very much at home in our midst, and he's an icon.

He signed I certainly respect his Christian profession, but deeply differ with that stance. Nonetheless, each of us give account to God, but I know some of these comments on YouTube. After the show, which I appreciate and ownership is the week we get our share of hate mail. As you know any given day is a recount of vile comments. Sometimes death wishes.

The most ugly attacks from all different camps and sometimes right from within the body so used to that and sometimes will share that this refinement say Jesus to pray for these folks, but I noticed this, so wanted to share them with you. This is Daniel. He said this, I can't thank you enough.

Dr. Brown for the work you're doing this episode in recent stream article about pro-life evangelicals have been excellent. That article put into words the way that I feel better than any of red. Thank him for the work he's doing to God bless you brother. You're in my prayers will continue. Thank you for praying and thank you for posting that. And that is what were trying to do what we say we are your voice where your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. We are doing our best to sense what God is saying the sense what is a biblical interpretation of what's happening in the world around us and then based on that to write and to speak and hence to service your voice because the great platform. We have of this was posted by Jesse he said I'm probably gonna get some hate for this which are not used to because I never comment, but I was going to vote for Biden, but after this and all of the facts I've decided to vote for Trump.

I agree accountable for pro-choice which is not really a choice since the baby doesn't get to choose again. If you're going to say that we stand for the sanctity of life and and we believe human life begins in the womb thing have to start their have to start their and and I would much rather sit out in election then vote for someone that has stood against consistently the born alive protection act that says if a baby survives an abortion that baby would get the normal medical care that a baby of that stage would get outside the womb, so that was vetoed by the other or voted against by Sen. Barack Obama, Sen., Harris, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I can't vote for you that I if I can't vote for the other candidate that I cast a protest vote by sit it out but I cannot in conscience vote, saying, I know that's where you stand or the pain capable like the, Harris is voted against so I can vote for you if that's your stance that when it's agreed that a baby can feel pain at a certain point that you cannot have abortions. It voted against sorry can vote for you if I had to sit out the election. I'd sit it out in good conscience before God.

Rather than say I helped get that person in office with candidate Joe Biden saying that if elected. If the Supreme Court overturn Roe V Wade than the responsible thing to do what he would do as is make it federal law. So if the court struck it down and out individual states can go back to passing the laws they want to pass at least individual states during righteous and compassionate things when it comes to the to the unborn families no heat strike that down in past federal law. I cannot in conscience vote for someone who do that so I can vote for Trump versus then find then vote for third party candidate or cast a protest vote or sit it out. That's just my ethic before going to spin Toby straight with his you can judge I'm not judging you until you my ethic until you my conviction until you what I believe in him. I'm glad Jesse that those thoughts impacted you in hearing where we're Joe Biden, Harris stand, though. On the way those things impacted just getting facts out just information out one more one more post of this was Yolanda no longer submit our great God continue to bless your ministry. Yours is such an essential voice in our world. Your courage and integrity are admirable. Thank you for being who you are doing what you do. Dr. Brown know I appreciate that and I appreciate your kind words about who courage to me. It's a matter of you know when you're gripped by truth you speak truth. Right just like so many will compromise in areas in your personal life. Think of his courage because this is right. This is wrong. The other be consequences. I know, but we have to do is right.

So thank you for those kind words. Thank you for those words of encouragement and this is why we do what we do. This is why we address controversial issues just got an email from folks that we know all things in their 50s because all this is Nancy and I are in their 50s maybe and talk about a friend of the family follower ministry for years has my book and began Christian and now sons coming out as gay can fight this anymore. So hey this on the prodigal's out there. Keep doing what you doing friends. We will we will keep doing what we do and will keep standing. The pray for us, pray for us gets hot gets intense. Many obstacles to overcome, but by God's grace we will continue to speak for the Lord and for you whole lot more to discuss. Get into very very interesting comments from Justices Alito and Thomas case that recently came out much more to talk about and then eschatology. Jesus literally come in a minute, 866 on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown tax Catholic or a tax on every Christian in America. I came to faith. The 216 you know my testimony. Jewish hippie rock drummer from OC to PhD you know my background back that I came to faith in the little Italian Pentecostal church great majority of the church members.

There were former Catholics, so this not come to faith Jewish believer in Jesus coming to faith in the church where most of the people are former Catholics, then over the years I ministered in Italy, many, many different trips almost 30 trips to Italy alone and there is a joke among the the Italian believers time Pentecostals in Italy that they have one tradition among traditional me, which is if the Catholics do it. We don't so all that to say that the environment right came to faith and then ministry in Italy many times is been an environment that is anything but Catholic.

Okay, I've attended services in the Catholic Church, maybe twice in my life. It was for for wedding or for something else or so, Catholic okay and yet I fully recognize that the attacks on Amy Connie Barrett as a Catholic or a tax on every one of us as followers of Jesus. Those are the facts.

She she is head of the war. Yes servant of the Lord and in the words of Mary Mary in the New Testament on this. The Lord's hand in the Lord's servant right this is the female servant that sold its Cold War tickets for the article. What's part of group people praise committed Christians charismatics of just understand that the attacks that come against her. However, therefore, praised into whatever degree the word Catholic comes up it's not specifically an attack on Catholicism.

It's an attack on committed Christian faith and it could be someone else. It could be a Protestant evangelical. It could be someone from a different if they could be orthodox, Greek Orthodox or something like that come from many different backgrounds but if they are known as committed conservative Christians who believe in biblical values the attack from the left would be the same. Don't be surprised by what comes and this is just revealing that the level of animosity towards Christian conservative beliefs that exist in some parts of our society to remember the attacks on her attacks on you in the 86634 let us go to Cassie and I will how you pronounce your home city there. Cassie are you there are you there Cassie I alright how do you pronounce your city Ankeny all right will thank you for calling from Ankeny, Iowa. What's on your mind. Well I got you.

I want would like to pay your girl Rachel doll right.

They had three cheers and three cheers for Rachel there.

Thank you.

I tried to get on Toby or gotten in the lineup and a myriad of work. I don't grateful to you and I'm grateful for the broadcast that you engage in out for the love of Christ.

I would like day dad Christian. We cannot we cannot provide United States, the man yelled more date New York had killed more than anywhere else in the world and think I'm saying that I want you to come out time you open your mouth. I wanted to pay 50 million, you're right on target. Thank you for speaking for the Gothic country I am right in the middle of the bread basket right in the United States and I'll and it got my five good to know that I'm not alone because sometime you can feel alone and when you get on the air and you owe when I'm feeling good. I only 100% aligned but that 99.999 when you need me. It gives me strength.

Give me fuel to know if it sometime you look at this world and it just seems so overwhelming and you got online to your faith by the nanny or fingernail with tears in your eyes, asking God to remind he had and so when you and you picture you do for many, but I don't barely know that you do, you'll praying another day when the world just look all I want to thank you for that and it would like to comment by my first Cassie, let me just thank you for those words and that's a that's a big big big party for on the radio. Big big part of our team does what it does. Big big part of of what we pray and raise funds to do this very thing to be your voice and to give you encouragement, hope, because the fact of the matter is in Jesus. We overcome the fact of the matter is I feel terrible for those in the world to run the wrong side of God's issues who oppose him who reject my feel terrible for them when you know atheist got a few years back in DC. It had a big rally in you know what I felt bad for them just so wrong in so many of them are so sincere, so we will get through whatever crisis is here. In Jesus name. As we walk with him will come out better through it and everything that Satan or the world or circumstances mean for evil gobble turn for good.

But thank you, thank you for sharing that. Alright so what comical head against sure thing and I know the pro-life and I know you're getting on a great or I don't grateful that you're talking about that talking about how you vote talking about.

You are pro-life you like you. You believe in God you are locked out and vote your faith thank you. I would like that until 2009.

We in the most racially integrated society of all of mankind down and acting. I am a coat and I will during I coach all rate children on my eye but already I don't eat children with their color. Identify who they are who they are today shown like I would like the world to take note of the fact that slavery has been around Avalon yet Rome three like we had slavery, it slavery not a black because I just wanted to Cassie, they just jump in and say one thing. Obviously in America. It's been a black issue and and for Blacks that they go back generations into slavery in America. It's a black issue, but but the answer is not a color issue, the answer is righteousness and justice and compassion and truth because that's going to deal with the sin of slavery as you say, which is been worldwide in part of humanity. Blacks and enslave white whites of enslaved Blacks, whites of enslaved white like some slave back with the sin issue. But in America of course is been a black issue we have. We recognize that we address it, but yet so real quick. The last comment you're going to make go ahead thank you Mike, my comment why why you know what are you people that are diluted by every walk of life and every perfect you're going to have them but I'm gonna tell you that people living today and they all rate out there. Every single person every single day everything will count everything to where when it happened wrong, it should be stamped out is not of God, not one another to love one another. I did everything themselves. Despite what if he again that it seemed to Randy to divide our country. We need to think about that.

I'm not saying that right anywhere but I am saying that it not right. It gets it what you what happens is right. If it gets it gets exaggerated, it becomes the issue everywhere you turn in effect my latest article just posted on the stream and and should be on Esther to Brown website it says the hostile takeover resisting has to do with ideology, not race there.

There's the claim of your conservative white American you want to make America why he began in your issues Ray so I'm sure there's a tiny minority were that's the case, but our issue is as hostile ideologies are our issue is radical left forces and those that we deeply differ with a taking over universities taking over the Internet taking over us children, schools and things like that. And when you think of the main players involved with that, there are often wife on the left or issues with ideology.

I would in a heartbeat joyfully vote for a black conservative over white liberal I'm joyfully considered privilege joyfully or Hispanic, conservative, or nation, conservative or Native American conservative joyfully failed to advise us over righteous life like what I would like to thank you for the call number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown try that again you are and time beliefs affect the way we live today will surely they do surely they do it if I believe, for example, that Jesus might be coming back in for 500 years that there is a whole process to unfold and that the gospel will spread through the whole world and the whole world will come basically to faith before he returns. Then you live one way.

If I'm convinced that Jesus is coming in the next 10 years. I feel quite sure of that.

I can live differently so obviously are in time beliefs do affect the way we live. If I have an end time belief of overcoming and victory. If I have an end time belief that the word is clear.

Things will begin to deteriorate if I cut a five worldview that says this Rose is passing and always that matters is eternity ever worldview. This is because what we do in this world has eternal implications. Therefore, matters even more.

These things affect how we live what we believe and for me, as I understand Scripture.

We should always have a mentality of victory and faith and confidence because in Jesus we overcome. So when Paul tells us will have tribulation, but that can separate us from God's love when Jesus is in this role of tribulation would be of countries overcome the world. That gives me courage to stand and as I'm sitting here their brothers and sisters in other parts the world being tortured for their faith being in prison for their faith being killed for the fit as as I sit here and speak to you as you watch as you listen that's literally happening.

This is happened for €2000 steadily and yet there is victory. There's grazers overcoming in the church spreads in the midst of of terror and hostility and difficulty understand so that in. I also understand that Christians have been driven out of whole regions and Islam is taken over and in the Christian witness was almost lost in those areas of these are real battles that are generally fought in this world, but to me, even though we live in a fallen world's been falling since many send and since Cain killed Abel the firstborn son murdered. The second born son. I mean, that's a picture of human wickedness right there. Even though that's the case, I have confidence in God because he's God as Donald Trump is president Joe Biden's president or were in Stalinist Russia or Hitler's Germany or Pol Pot's Cambodia or Mounts adjoins China or Nero's Rome.

Jesus is the Lord God is still king and we still have a message of eternal life and eternal truth and we don't for your man. We fear God. So our attitude remains a similar phase remains the same, but then what we believe but a role here into the world. These things often tie in with our attitude with our approach. So while we can differ on eschatology.

I want to urge everyone have the mentality over and over, have the mentality of a man or woman of faith that Jesus is Lord. That all authority in heaven and earth is given to him. That he's with us to the end of the age. These virtues that we walk with and that nothing can stand against the power of the gospel and that through prayer, we have the greatest weapon of all we may be persecuted. We may be hated. We may be killed for faith, but in doing so and him we overcome an extra trillion said many centuries ago. The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church will encourage you to have that attitude of faith and confidence in God despite surroundings and regardless of what you believe about the end have the attitude of an overcome her and live with a sense of urgency because when a wicked world every day people are dying without God, and it best we have 80 or 90 years to serve him and go for an and then that's gone in a heartbeat's we live with urgency we live with expectancy live with confidence, 86634 let us go to Jason and Mansfield, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown appreciate you very much and yesterday I so impressed with your article in the stream entitled my methods to pro-life evangelical or Biden that I chose to share it on social media. I would like, man, this is this is great. People need to feed it and I was really surprised at some of the oppositional responses that I received on social media from people who claim to be Christian, and one of the issues that they brought up is that God does not rank, then you can't base the election on abortion and so I always try to lovingly read on and something that you you lead by example and trying to love people and win hearts, not necessarily win arguments as much as winning heart and I shared about how you know if God doesn't rank the end than than what did Jesus mean by saying that the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven in life that if the Bible doesn't rank, then then why was Paul's letter to the Galatian church so harsh compared to his letter to the Corinthian church when their behavior was just really weird. And so Paul was obviously ranking their thin and I know you commented a little bit on God's ranking of sin. In the past, but in light of your your article on the pro-life, evangelical or Biden. I was just surprised that some of the things that the Christians were people say their Christian bonding with and one of the things I included in my reply.

I like I said here's a weird bit of trivia, but Satan worshipers are in perfect agreement about abortion. They don't question each other one bit on their view of abortion and how wonderful they think it is Jason LeClair. Yet Jason is you do pro-life work for the abortion clinic. You'll be amazed at the people that show up yell at you protest and is often if you put in three groups shall have atheists you'll have Satanists and you'll have gays and lesbians you think why are they here protesting and it's it so that's been a pattern for many many years that it again a few surveys this overwhelmingly will be proportions of pro-life. Obviously Satanists will be hundred percent and Gay lesbian community overwhelmingly think why what why is that what's its connection with its ultimate and an anti-life stance, but Jason, the only counseling to give you is not to be surprised by the surprising answers because this tremendous amount of ignorance in the body for minister of scriptural ignorance.

Of course God ranks sins. Of course he does. Jesus tells Pilate that the ones that turned me over to have that committed the greater sin. Jesus rebuked the religious leaders you you tithe on a mental encoded by the neglect of the weightier matters of the law, justice and mercy and faithfulness of first on five speaks about the sin that is unto death. Some are unto death. Others are not unto death. Though there are penalties in the Old Testament ahead the death penalty. Others did not. So you murder someone, yet there is a death penalty.

If you ate food you weren't supposed eat there was on the death penalty for that and common sense tells us that that God ranks sins mean you mean to tell me that if if a man confesses to his wife and says, honey, I have to confess to of of allowed myself to think lustful thoughts about the pretty neighbor next door. I'm so sorry it's had these thoughts for a few seconds, but I feel you confess them to you. You think should respond to that, the same way that he said I've been having a five year long affair with four different women in the community here on, by the way also. I'm a serial rapist that hasn't been caught yet so I'm in it's it's utterly absurd to say that that the God is not ranks it now. He says that if you broken the law in one place than your lawbreaker that's written, Jacob, James IV chapter.

So if you say well I committed adultery. But I did murder will your lawbreaker. You need mercy. Otherwise you in the face God's judgment. Of course CE that's that's why certain sins are brought up over and over. That's what shedding of innocent blood is one of the things it's brought up over and over sacrificing children to idols is brought up something key because of which God destroys the earth, judges, cities and nations. Of course, of course, I am you have, how wish which which is more serious and in God's sight that you you promised your kid unit take them out for ice cream today and got busy and you made an excuse and you live that's bad. You broke your word in your life that are that when the kid responded you.

You said did some horrific to the charming. Obviously, we all know that existed to me a cheap copout because we don't want to reckon with the fact that we are complicit. Many of us in the sin of abortion nationally.

Jason, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH of let's go over to Debbie and Fort Worth Texas walking to the modifier for moral, rhetorical and dream I had been taught by all the timeline that had and ran for the rapture and the seven year tribulation. I develop a pattern body get Debbie in all candor, that's the last thing on and try to figure out based on days given in at the end of of Daniel. What I mean is we have a whole Bible that talks about certain things very plainly and then a lot of other things are harder to understand right now. For example, if I'm trying to figure out detail about doctrinal belief. I'll try to find it outside the book of Revelation initially discussed revelation of so many symbols and visions and things like that and then I'll go to Revelation. Look below terms of how it plays out for the larger picture. So when it comes to outcomes of book of Daniel.

I will hold Bible in the entire New Testament talk about the one and only second coming, which is a glorious appearing which Jesus is after the tribulation of those days and it is the time when he appears in glory and we we are caught up to meet him and escort him back to earth as he returns.

I see that taught overwhelmingly throughout the Scripture, I don't see room for a second coming in the third coming were Jesus comes near the earth turns round goes back with us for seven years three and half years and then comes I see one and only second coming. His glorious appearing at the end of the tribulation becomes an flaming fire, we accompany Missy sets up his kingdom on the earth. Therefore, whatever the exact meaning of the different days given in Daniel wallet that play out as it does… No were the goddesses been account those days you big. It was exactly right. This draft said no. So what does name is Evelyn full that will become clear lies said glorious appearing of great final trumpet. Thank you for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown article reported by Leonardo Blair. The filigree worked on the post Supreme Court Justices Thomas Lee to suggest same-sex marriage decision be reconsidered. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel a Alito Junior appear to suggest that the court should reconsider the landmark Burger Phil versus Hodges decision that made same-sex marriage a constitutional right because it threatens the religious liberty of Americans who believe quote.

Marriage is a sacred institution between one man one woman. Justices made the argument in an opinion issued Monday which the court refused to hear an appeal from former Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis is being sued for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her sincerely held Christian beliefs. Davis was a devout Pentecostal Christian was briefly jailed for her actions.

This petition implicates important questions about the scope of our decision in a Burger felt, but does not clearly present, and for that reason I concur in the denial of a search. He already let's get this correct.

In Latin certainty or's forget that Thomas wrote that the statement on the case drawn by Alito. Despite that, I think denying Davis's appeal, Thomas are you quoted provides a stark reminder of the consequences of a Burger felt by choosing to privilege and not a constitutional right in the same-sex marriage over the religious liberty interest explicitly protected in the First Amendment. By doing so, and democratically the court has created a problem that only it can fix all that's major friends that's major that's that Supreme Court justices saying there's a problem in that ruling, Missy, Justice Anthony Kennedy was the swing vote and Reagan appointed.

It was the swing vote he said look we absolutely will protect religious rights and freedoms and you have strongly held religious beliefs because of which you cannot affirm this in your protectable it's not the way it's played out, so the Kim Davis thing. This wasn't phrased rightly present rightly but otherwise this and this should be reevaluated. The Supreme Court saying that the court made a mistake. Let the court fix it, then let but states decided let them vote accordingly is to they want marriage laws to be that's major friends and end again points to the importance of an economy back potentially being Supreme Court. Yes, you have no idea what people will ultimately do over period of years where the vote with the stand but you did her best to appoint justices that you think will do the right thing. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Benjamin and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the line of fire. There hey so you disagree with you more than the rest of the collared end of the show so far.

I don't want Ghana just kind of on what the relationship cleanout if they like quality and on in August, you wrote on an article on the standard IFA motivate better on and you talk a lot about enough a global warming. A lot of people my life beyond social media like should we. We even have kids, you know, because right right this world is going to you know earn in a fire and I really think you rather die. I'm assuming that you complete Lee you now believe that they left behind a solid yet now that you know categorically which probably don't have a standard brightly wrapped tightly categorically reject pretrip rapture have for the 45 years and have a book on that with Craig Keener for the antichrist but we don't believe in the pretrip elation rep from pre-millennial, but not pretrip, premillennial is the early church was but not pretrip.

So my question still. My question still five colonialism in premillennialism inherently pessimistic. Isn't it saying that this world is just going to get worse and worse and worse with my understanding that like in the in the late 1800s. There a lot of Christians you are staying where to make the world better and better and better integrate utopia back to normal. He started paying the horrific tragedies of Civil War of World War I.

That's when people started paying maybe the world not getting better. Started reading what was written by no CI Scofield and his Bible based on Donna Darby said people start saying what premillennialism is the answer.

One of the world just going to get worse and worse and worse yet, yes, you got some right information and some wrongs.

Let me let me clarify.

But I appreciate you calling them and us having this conversation so the premillennial beliefs.

Not only do I find that to be scriptural. Of course that's debated but the best we can tell that was the consistent view of the disciples of the apostles and their disciples of the early church, first eschatological doctrine held to was premillennialism never heard of the pretrip rapture that would've been a completely foreign concept never heard of the idea that the church will totally take over the world. You know that that the gospel complete triumph post-millennial views those come later. Millennial comes later that it's just a spiritual kingdom. They literally believed that there they go through hell on earth.

There really doing it anyway that there'd be an antichrist that that they continue to see challenging times and and that their Jesus would return and set up his earthly kingdom and fulfill his promises to Israel, etc. so you know this is pretty consistently taught and in fairly well documented and there is nothing pessimistic in that.

In other words, that the Scriptures plainly teach that the OB parallel extremes at the end of the age that when Jesus comes back, he's going to destroy the wicked says it in a plainly numerous passages and he he is going to deliver the righteous but that even in death and martyrdom we overcome, and that he will absolutely keep his promises and establish his kingdom on the earth and will arrange for thousand years before we go into eternity.

So there's nothing pessimistic about that. The pretrip view is pessimistic and that it believes that things will get worse and worse before Jesus returns initially with you can do to change that. The, the millennial view in many ways is pessimistic with kind of increasing darkness, the post-millennial view is the totally optimistic one.

In terms of the gospel triumph over the whole world. I just don't see that taught anywhere and in the Bible so my confidence sir comes from the truth of the gospel and who we are in Jesus, not which way the culture goes, but yes, your you're very very right in terms of thinking that there was the post-millennial view was held to say by Jonathan Edwards and by Charles Finney and they believe that just with greater awakening and culture change that we could usher in the millennial kingdom after which Jesus would return.

And yes, you're absolutely right, especially World War I, World War II took a real bite in the post-millennial view because the realized human beings are wicked in the world is not getting any better fight.

This is the worst century we've ever had. First bloodshed, etc. the popular belief in pretrip beliefs that that sprung up, for sure. Some your you're accurate and that but the idea that it was between post-millennialism and and dispensationalism pretrip rapture that that's the wrong understanding or that the premillennial view is inherently pessimistic, not wise the president. He also believed in the tribulation and you know, like the door and out yeah I don't know that there's a specific seven year tribulation. Or that's just a description of the entire church age is a time of tribulation. It gets more intense. At the end.

I expect everything to get more intensity in the age. In other words, Satan holding back nothing God holding back nothing but hatred of the world, intensifying the growth of the church. I expected to see the greatest harvest of all time were people coming to the Lord greater outpouring more resistance, more persecution, more opposition, all culminating with the return of Jesus as he gives that the parable of the of the net that the harvest is the end of the agents both good and bad, for sure.

The parable of the wheat and the tears that the both grow together. And then Jesus will weed out the wickets of the righteous will shine that's that's my understanding all right on don't know not not right away that method for global warming not doctrinally jump on that in daylight yeah you got on the right idea but here's the good news, yet so global warming.

I'd I have not focused on it in for a number of reasons loosely think you can focus on, but I would say hey look, the book of Revelation speaks against those who destroy the earth. So let's work together for the good of the earth.

But let's recognize that human beings were put here to have dominion over the earth's focus on the state of human beings and and getting a right relationship with God and in our sin and our sin against one another. Let's let's focus on that, by the way there. Maybe there may be a defined seven year tribulation.

In the future and if if I'm debating the pretrip rapture proponent and and that's important.

I have no problem with that concept and you may be able to make a scriptural case for it's just it's debatable. It's debatable to me and my views would be the same either. Either way, at any and the last comment is that you know working with believers around the world.

Some in the midst of persecution getting the reports just earlier this week, or lab within the last week. Please pray here's here's a brother in Nigeria who works in the midst of vocal hurrah sharing the gospel and one of his men was kidnapped and being held hostage. Pray and and they were able to ransom him out. You know you live in that kind of world. It does color how you look at things.

Overall hey friends, read a time. Please visit the website asked her to and if you're blessed. But what were doing. You appreciated right on Facebook. This is $on that to donate button $on YouTube. Chatterbox also website asked Brown acts were standing gather together making a difference.

Jesus is Lord

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