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God's Message to America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 28, 2020 4:10 pm

God's Message to America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 28, 2020 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/28/20.

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This past week and tens of thousands of Christians converged on Washington DC. Did they bring the city down stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown friends.I truly believe God is speaking to America. God is getting the attention of America and on Saturday, September 26, was a message that God was shouting out loudly to believers across the nation, which is judgment is in the land but it's not too late for mercy. If we humble ourselves and repent.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast 86634. Truth is never the call I participated in the return which was one of 2 Major Events Taking Pl. in DC on this past weekend, so the return began Friday night and went through Saturday night that the main bulk of the program was Saturday night in the morning until nine at night from 12 until noon. A prayer march with Franklin Graham took place and these were within miles of me easily within miles of each other is only so much area right there in the heart of DC combined. I'm sure well over 50,000 people were there. Don't know the exact numbers but I do know that analytics that came in for the return on Friday night.

There were something around 50,000 churches that had signed up to say that they would air the event again this was the preliminary Friday night, and then Maj. Christian network CBM God TV destroyed others. They were airing it live as it was taking place, canceling all program airing live analytics said that in the states Friday night. This is what the organizers were told that 40 million were watching in the states, but that internationally it could have been between 1/4 and 1/2 billion. So even if those numbers are way way hi your you're talking about one of the most watched Christian events in history, God was drawing attention God was stirring hearts and and please hear me to get that many people to come into DC so travel and fly and drive in with COBIT and everything else the numbers were higher than I was personally expecting an even here that much publicity about the events in terms of what would draw an even larger crowds or something was going on in a message was going forward and I want to take you into the event that I was part of the return and that also take you into the prayer. March on to take you in on place some clips for you, but I got back to my hotel room Saturday night. I was given a four minute slot.

Most most speaker speakers at 34 minute something like that or to prayer to speak so as number four minute slot early evening focusing on Israel will play therefore little trickier where I felt to go with that. But I got back to my room and I thought young to write an article of thousands of Christians converged on DC and trash the city so I wrote this article lets the title tens of thousands of Christians converged on DC and trash the city.

If you're watching online, you see a picture of some of the crowd that was there and that is a trash the city well that is my way of having fun getting attention singing to hear about that. The looting and the vandalizing and the cross to burn it down the angry voices in the process.

Only then like she tens of thousands to gather but we got it to pray and to begin with repentance for our sins, where we fell short before the Lord. This is God's people and to my surprise, the article went up on went up another place or what set Esther to brotherhood but when it went up early in the morning or late morning. Whatever was posted. I suddenly thinks he thinks taking off a shirt on her Facebook page now it's barely 24 hours later just Facebook shares is over hundred thousand just for that one article and one site and it's posted in multiple places socialist was things like whoa whoa God's getting our attention and then as the event is culminating in the shofars are being blasted it with all the symbolism of that will play that for you later present Trump is announcing any Connie Barash as new nominee to fill Justice Ginsburg Ginsberg seats what, timing with God saying to us, so want take you to the morning session, Esther Carter, an old friend.

The bond we haven't seen each other since or shortly before David Wilkerson want to be with the Lord.

We got to know each other's good friends before he became pastor of Times Square church and succeeded David Wilkerson for many years now leading a national prayer ministry, but Carter's appeasement reading from John three gulps of the world. A passage in God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world biggest share as he shares. You can feel the brokenness and the pain growing in his heart… And the pastor quarter Almighty God, we come to you this day Lord and ask your forgiveness or other people in these last few decades in this country we have a lot of likeness over life as the prophet Jeremiah wants a shell and not punish them for these things says the Lord shall not avenge myself on such a nation is this an astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely in the breeze barrel by their own power and my people love to have it so but what will you do in the yen.

This is the peril of sitting under a deficient in a like representation of the word of God. The purpose of God, the power of God in the spirit of God. God needs to forgive us as a people for loving likeness. It's been the plague of the American church for several decades with love and comfort over conviction and we saw pleasure over purity. Our home today as the Scripture says is that we will humble ourselves seek his face again and confess that all of our ways are not as pure as we would like to think they are and ask God to bring us back into the light of his word again will not be afraid, because he speaks just for God and never for evil to bring you and I desire, then we will open our hearts, one more time to the light of God. Not only would we not be condemned or rendered powerless in this last day but you were not as the church of Jesus Christ will become a force to be reckoned with in our society.

My cry in the prayer of my heart is God bring us back again to the light of your word and let the glory the absolute glory of the risen Christ the power of his Holy Spirit radiated us again in our thoughts and our hearts in our pursuits and our witness the way we live the way we speak in the reverence of our worship before a holy God. My prayers God bring us back to our purpose on your distend is a testimony not an argument but a testimony to the reality of God to bring men, women and children into a living relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ make God give us the grace to find our voice again. May God give us the grace to find the courage that only the Holy Spirit can give to the church of Jesus Christ make God give us the grace to pray in a way that one more time in our generation mountains will be forced to be moved and cast into the midst of the sea of God in Jesus name thanks your people again talks your church Holy Spirit, we now live in all of our plans need job is God, the one more time… He is above every nation five and a man know there are people who are concerned well this is going to be a political event.

This is just good to be approached from prevent this, the Republican event, though this was a Jesus event. This is a repentance event. This is an event of humbling ourselves before God and crying out for mercy before it is too late and friends. We don't know a lot about desperation here in the church in America. We don't know a lot about being in a critical life and death situation because we have been loath to sleep in our culture as a whole was insecure in the winter when not threatened with constant invasion from the outside you think of living in Israel.

We are surrounded by hostile enemies are living in South Korea, Reno, hostility in an argument of North Korea were secure in many ways.

In America, and the churches preach that the security first, feel good, just just enjoy life and enjoy God message. That's a real life enough that the real gospel will gospels be lived out our brothers and sisters around the world today who are literally losing their lives rather than deny Jesus with a little comfort to skip a meal it is. Wake up time for the church. It is an urgent moment in our nation and were it regressed me a little because Kovic 19 because of all the shaking going on around us were grasping it a little because of the riots and protests in the streets in the division and the and the controversy over the upcoming elections were grasping the desperation a little, but needs to go deeper. The one person who had a full message to preach was my friend Jonathan Kohn and I speak to all those who are critics of the charismatic movement or anti-charismatic or have a problem with Jonathan in this message you think it's-us. If you're slick I know him.

He walks in the fear of the Lord. He is a serious and sober minded believer and he was the principal visionary behind this meeting taking place and he was on fire when he preach we can play some excerpts for you, but he was on fire.

He was burning with a message so I urge all of you who have judged him a certain way or her live without its books and think he's a sensationalist store or something. I urge you to listen to his entire message. I believe it's a message from God to America reaching out to those that don't know the Lord and speaking first and foremost to those of us who do know him. But remember said for many years.

My greatest concern is not so much the presence of darkness as it is the absence of light that is the greater issue. If the salt has lost its saltiness. What good is it so it is up to us to function as God's people in the world in the society shining the light being a moral conscience being a moral preservative. Jesus said if the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness is a different context, but we could make the application great problem in America today is the compromise state of her plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the passages read that day in the synagogue control to take Lucia for pension. I mentioned that in my four-minute message go to trumpet sound, the shofar blasts the shofar in Zion to an urgent call to the people of God to wake up and repent before it was too late. So let's listen in Jonathan Kohn's keynote address Saturday morning, September 26 year. He's talking about abortion and the sins of America. With this 6 million Americans have baby murder. We go still farther. It was less than two years ago that in the nation's abortion New York grew some law was to push the boundaries even farther good murder to the point of bird that all they hear and read Ground Zero celebration. This is God's light that is in danger of going out it not been overtaken by a plague and let it shake. A lot better if economy and daily life and violent into his own foundation, a nation, it would not recognize in America, which is to one of its founders.

It after which you will Americans live and set on fire and that favor will the propitious miles of heaven on a nation that is regarding the rules of order and right which Heaven itself that again. This is the heart and soul of what was coming forth at the return event and then Jonathan said this so we go to clip number 34 nation's corn remains unchanged.

So to then for a house divided against its own foundation cannot remain standing and that is why, to this ground on the 27th Amber 2020 all over America in the moment is critical than God doing the nation on the God yet my people who are called by my name will and I really so if you're watching that on Facebook or YouTube. You see that there is a broken piece of pottery laying on the ground.

Jonathan held it up as Jeremiah did in Jeremiah Jeremiah 19 and and and go to smash the pottery and its break into pieces that cannot be repaired because Jerusalem is about to be struck down and and it was a prophetic warning.

It was a very sobering time when more clip from the messages. Jonathan spoke Saturday morning, September 26 at the return in Washington DC the voice of God is calling to them, they should America reach to the nations of the world, return it to everybody that the ions are open. Return to me and I will have America past the point of no judgment and calamity will return in revival can be both. It can be that shaky. That revival home you can leave you shaking that revival, that's not our sound effects and through the shaking through the darkness that comes the light of the shaking of a nation like the range of God like Mike thought I might play all the people of God must sign light and dark you happen that as he was speaking these things started to thunder been an overcast day.

As he prayed at the end, the sun actually shown take that for what it's worth.

But here's here's what makes it even more intense, so Justice Ginsburg dies unexpectedly. Yesterday was 87, but there were no reports that she had been sick with cancer. Again, you will treatment.

She supposed be better. Suddenly, she departs when in the shofar is being sounded around the world's the beginning of Russia should the feast of trumpets the young true the beginning of the traditional Jewish new year in this holy season on the biblical calendar right. That's when she passes away when this president trumpet announcing Connie back. He would've announced her earlier but he waited as Justice Ginsburg was lying in in-state in in in DC and was going to be Barry. He makes the announcement Saturday and the 2 cups are about to hear. This is virtually within minutes of each other. If not seconds of each other. The culminating events of the first part of the return ending at 5 PM Eastern time and then a break and then resuming six going to the evening, but it culminates with an extended shofar blasts of this this in the Bible is often a wakeup call. A call to repentance call for the armies of God to rise. It's it's a stirring moment in the Bible, so the stage line with people shofar as those who had it in the crowds were sounding it so I want you to hear what was actually going on around 5 PM Saturday, September 26 in DC. Let's listen.

We are now ready guys wanting to do this is about the power got the lithograph to think there is a blast all at once. However, many shofars we have out there. Your lifted up, but pointed upward and where to go full blasts. The power got all at once, and you also people God shofar you got a voice shot ready just keep doing whatever ready everybody I brought me here Lord we that we seal the return and the power of God. Now, Lord, and let the sound of your power go far to the world see that this is go right literally within minutes of this happening good in seconds, but certainly within minutes of this happening not far away in Washington DC.

I want you to hear what Pres. Trump was saying and doing. Let's listen today. It is my honor to nominate one of our nation's most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court. She is a woman of unparalleled achievement towering intellect Sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution judge Amy Kony Barrett are so like nobody scripted it like this gemstone of thing the president trumpet. That's all there is this prayer event going on the bone shofar grade but the stumps will have the press conference that and on on the side of the return. This whole schedule scripted out well before Justice Ginsburg passed away well before anyone had any clue about any Connie Barrett not getting guess that's gonna join me in a few minutes. At the bottom of the hour and we can talk about the significance of her nomination, what it does mean but could this be again God saying I'm ready to have mercy if you will humble yourselves and pray and cry out and seek my face and not stop now I'm ready to have mercy and I'm ready to address the heart of abortion in your land. We want to see the courts change. More importantly, we have to see the hearts of Americans changed white.

Let's set let's go over to Jeff in Houston Texas drawn the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown hello you only use than I normally would call on the Jewish try to give you a point of reference for the last time we talked little to take you to tell you what dive right in, because the short yeah go ahead okay okay so you really impressed with what happened over the week of my wife and I all all week long. So anyway it burps to who we are together material a believer. Both have the same birthday. Our culture couple months ago just love your programs like you and John can't do so. Quick question about end times was this new Jonathan Burness that he thinks that Jesus will literally come back on young proportional baby baby step, early Jewish Thursday. It just just got a jump in. I was specifically wanting to ask the question on my screen. Namely, what will happen in the US now that this is taking place so that that's what I do need to to focus on Jeff so I appreciate the call. There's a lot we could talk about biblical calendar and all that but here's the short answer is a window of mercy open if we will earnestly pursue the Lord if we will earnestly humble himself, ourselves, and repent of our sin. If pastors and leaders. Hundreds of churches signed up for repentance Sunday this past Sunday the 27th and there were major gatherings around the world of prayer and repentance Saturday if friends, humble ourselves earnestly seek his face can see mercy come there late lesson, I will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, timing of things just quite amazing as I was just sharing Justice Ginsburg passing away beginning of process in the house with the trumpet blasts that the beginning of the sacred season 10 days of on the Jewish calendar is this return event is is culminating in DC Saturday the 26th shofars blasted call for repentance literally at that moment is encompass announcing the nomination of any Connie Barrett and Eveready tweeted fomite non-Catholic friends. I'm not Catholic myself. Just understand the attacks that come against her faith in the days ahead are not specifically attacks on her Catholicism, but the attacks on her Christianity and conservative beliefs I'm doing on the air by my old friend Rev. Pat Mahoney. He is the director of the Christian Defense league, defense coalition, and he has been for decades, decades on the front lines of the pro-life movement. Hey Pat, thanks for joining us on the broadcast today. Thank you. Have a Dr. Brown a good word (I like that part of I'm actually for your listener. I tried to do it outside, but I made the offer literally across the street from the Supreme Court. I could throw it knowing that the court is a bit windy outside, but Dr. Brown on Saturday.

My heart would go follow-up God. Thankfulness and glory and I just thought it gets wearisome sometime especially on the life issue on the pro-life hall and I've been out in hundred degree heat freezing weather. I prayed the court by myself with crowd and sometimes you continue to pray, you see that back in the court the other struggle and I felt like I think every person is a little bit different, but they can all understand it, that God literally imprinted birthday Mike. Grow not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap a harvest if you faint not Mike. I thought 47 years we been praying at this court. For this moment, your moment here now all the people who came up here that no one will ever know until we get it all the people who sacrificed all the people who have gotten up at 12 in the morning and cried out to God.

In fact, that at great brother. This is that moment and to confirm it to just show were not speaking in hyperbole.

Look at what happened. No one knew this announcement was going to be made on the 26th. No one knew Justice Ginsburg would pass, and here we have major Christian been going on that day.

People on the wall, repenting and crying out to God. People seeking revival and Mike you and I agree that when the Holy Spirit moved it's just not an internal spiritual thing court. That is the foundation but our fate and our commitment to Christ brings out into the public square into the community. So it's just exciting and I love what you said. Everyone has to realize when they attack Judge Barrett and they're already doing it, not an attack just on her faith or her experience of her journey. It can attack on our and I think one of the sidebars BLM began. If God had pulled the curtain back where we see how public expressions of faith, particularly Christianity, are now being treated in a very troubling way are being restricted are being censored are being treated differently than other forms of demonstration. For example, here in DC early on month ago I could not gather more than 10 people of the capital to pray I get the city what allowing pens of thousands of people to demonstrate student corrected for sidewalk chocking in front of Planned Parenthood.

If you walked out in front of the court today.

There's trough all over so there's a lot you don't know what I'm up about 40 still amazing when he moved in one way, it's like a stone in upon it rippled out into so many other areas. God is doing this extraordinary moment, and if you will, holding back the curtain and let us in leading the church really fee what's going on in America regarding public expressions of faith and how they feel about Christianity.

It's it's it's a true Cincinnati levels and Pat and Jonathan, and I were talking early evening, Saturday about okay, the timing of Justice Ginsburg's death, you can be at the time of the year.

Space is a Jewish person that gets your attention more in the show. Find a ready been sound in different parts the world.

When we hear the news of her passing, and then these events the prayer event with Franklin Graham and return. These were scheduled months in advance. Knowing the many assets coming in the schedule for the return. II got it weeks back.

Very detailed laid out and was good and right coming to 5 PM with the sounding of the shofar and then in the evening we continue with celebration and focus on Israel and things, summing the shofars being blasted right every literally within seconds or minutes of the announcement of any Connie Barrett, so it's a pet you're realistically been arrested many times for pro-life activities. You bear in the front line thickness of 47 years. It's easy to get weary during that time, you know that people can surprise us. Anthony Kennedy ends up going that you know irregular point to going the wrong way and key decisions John Robertson Bush appointed wrongly with racing corsets go the wrong way and into comp appointee. Yet you feel that with with Amy Barash that this this really is a tipping point. Why is this so significant why she so significant and why is the composition of the court. Something that you really think could make the difference you been praying for from us 50 years well but talk about Dr. Barrett felt just look at her writing.

Look at start Mike where we could start with every politician… With their vote, but start with their personal life, the mother of seven, two children from Haiti, one special-needs child balancing out the role of law professor, mother, wife, her complete devotion to her faith, which you've been very open about. I'm not going to criticize just the orphanage or Justice Kennedy, but there is no narrative whatsoever in their lives that next damn 28 deep seated real faith as a matter fact, one of the things that that brings assurance and I think should reassure everyone across the country might be a little bit nervous is how progressive are attacking her faith. Yet the only other justices who had that kind of made narrative and journey recently.

Leah and Tom if I think they turned out pretty well though don't you look for it a personal like that's where everybody have to begin and none of the other justices that you refer to Pat second, she left it out.

Why variety of opinion and abuse in regard to being a law professor will not be going to take that by surprise. Nothing is going to be out there that she has been indicated over a long journey of teaching at the Notre Dame Law school, then for the time it hasn't been that long when she was on the federal bench look at her opinion so I do feel that way but Mike.

There's something I know I'm presbyterian you and I would joke about that although you know God sovereignly put all the stuff together before it happened but anyway that's for another radio show altogether. But she is almost in a way, the mere image of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She had children when she was she with her mom. She was a law professor.

She argues for the marginalized and disenfranchised in many ways she Bader Kingsburg on so many platform so it kind of interesting that if she replaces Ruth get Bader Ginsburg. It will be. I woman that Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I think would've been proud of this woman who exemplified in her life. The whole mantra of being pro-choice is a lie. You don't have to have abortion to get ahead. Being pregnant won't hurt your career. Seven children and she will build outside of the presidency and some people might even argue greater than the private lifetime, but one of the highest tradition in the world and so these are the thing and then finally it interesting and maybe inside the fee but when the opening project. Cavanaugh went to be a path there was an internal. Gushing among evangelical and charismatic, who did not feel comfortable with All of them were leaning toward Amy County Barrett and they felt the president is Mark and people think no. There will be a kind just like after where God will raise this woman a perfect time is and it all on the if she were nominated before she might've not gotten confirm but right now Pres. Trump given the political climate and this is a political decision, but beyond the how to nominate a woman. And what better woman than Ben judge Barrett so I look at being first virtual perspective, not a political perspective, we see the hand of God so much input it in the Holy Spirit moving and I was working with police officers. They expected 20 to 30,000 for the confine of Van of the return and the DC prayer March and it exceeded that by multiple time with the 75,000 hundred thousand. We don't know, but all the price your state so many more people came been expected. I see this great crying out to God, those people at at the two event would not bear any crop rallies they would not bear at a Republican rally. They were called at the people of God to seek the Holy Spirit and repented and broken it and think God fuel our land move in our land. Touch our heart and not with this way is really all about. We bring it to God. We look to God and we seek him and I do know that your you know I don't even remotely consider myself a theologian, I know you are but I do know that when God brings judgment. He brings ample warning is like a parent to just jump in this rented time. Yes, it's a warning warning is here to shake this year window mercy is open got a seasonal impact. Thank you. It is time.

God bless.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking at Brown. Lizabeth said, comes nomination was at the same time as the trumpet blasts individual group portion overlap with the nomination. I was at the return rent to my hotel at 14th and F to watch the nomination on TV while watching the return on my iPhone. The two events overlapped.

I mean friends. God getting our attention in the nomination of Amy County Barrett is of tremendous significance. Let us pray over at the prayer March, which took place little earlier in the day, from what roughly noon to two and and VP Pentz was there. There was more specific prayer for the for the government and things like that but it was a prayer rally, not a political rally of one of the speakers/prayers was my friend Bishop Harry Jackson listen to what he had to say the last several years I've been going through a healing process. I should be dead from cancer and God saw fit to heal me. Man 10% chance of survival when we think about the pens family and the president. We think about a nation going through a healing process that prayer can turn things around.

A man so when you look at the riots. You look at the challenges believe that God is healing us with your bow your head with me, please.

Heavenly father we think today about your healing grace we think about the fact that you are watching over the Pentz family that the vice president be a healer met him be a physician that is instructed by you and that the power of God arise as we move forward in this next season. Lord remembers Psalm 68 verse one which says let God arise and is an enemy that God arise shattered with me on the counter three is a prayer that I have and that God will arise and anoint. There's the leadership team. The vice president and the president whined to three and a man. Men Francis is many times former US Pres. Trump is not going to save America were heal the wounds.

In America we need to find intervention. So yes, I plan to seasonally apply to vote for Pres. Trump November 3. But my hope is not in him. Hope is not in my pants hope is in the Lord himself. America is wounded deeply.

America is divided deeply and only Smith on her face is always God pours out mercy only as God turns hearts only as the church arises can change come not now ready Amy County Barrett is coming under attack from every angle.

I wrote an article and I did send it by way of twitter to Prof. E.

Brown candy on the church will actually see it or not, but he's become one of the most influential authors professors in America today. His book, how to be an antiracist is being used for school government curricula different parts of the nation. But something happened over the week and agrees me and I felt it was important to address unlawful. See my article not hopefully will, but if not we get the message out to others. In any case and and here is his will focus on conservative Christian woman named Jenny Beth Martin tweeted out with two adopted children from Haiti.

It is going to be interesting to watch the Democrats try to smear Amy County Barrett is racist. We know she can get smeared from every angle. So Prof. candy so that and responded and he said some white colonizers adopted black children and adopted."

They could civilize these quotes average children in the superior quote ways of white people using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity. This is from Prof. candy what in the world's after they become very and and when white parents adopt like children. They know firsthand experience some of the discrimination. Some of the races that's in our country and how their white kids are treated better than a bike. It's a mother told me these things themselves white parents of adopted by kids.

And the reason kids run orphanages because they bring and cut off from their parents, their biological parents and sex traffic they been the they just put our friends because of poverty. Your parents die whenever an Prof. candy followed up and said this.

Whether this is Barrett or not is not the point is a belief too many white people have if they have or adopted child of color. They can't be racist. I find these comments racist and and the exact opposite. It was written about being an antiracist because when you say hey I understand that to this day in America.

Studies indicate that there is discrimination against children of color. I said an article in in my article about that that there is still discrimination against children of color, even in our adoption system. Okay. What it doesn't have US adoption system discriminates against darker skinned children. Soon you say I want to give them better standing when we can adopt them. You're doing that out of compassion not to civilize savages in the better ways of white coat. What kind of nonsense is that you have compassion and and in the same way with someone post. This is even uglier look look at look at this this this is even even more extreme will you scroll down to find somebody on those slats night, whatever his name is on twitter Jenny Beth Martin on Adolf Hitler with the young Jewish girl who was affections can be interesting to watch the resistance to try to smear Adolf Hitler's rest racist and shows a picture of it was a little girl right friends friends Amy County Barrett not be likened to Hitler it's going to get crazy. It's gonna get sick. But remember the attacks on her or for one more abortion and then with that conservative Christian faith. Remember that right. I will have time to play the entire four minute message but I want to play, much as we can, of my message at the return so will fade out poorly during my prayer time at the end but here is what I was able to deliver. Years ago I started here was several hundred thousand young people cried out to God for the nation. We place our lives are fresh friendly Jesus revolution. Many were dramatically types that they have gone around America and around the world doing great things for God, but sadly, America has continued in a steady moral and spiritual decline in these last 20 years something else ominous is happened.

I mean, the rise of anti-Semitism in America. The rise of Jew hatred even in the church I'm talking about in the halls of Congress calling for boycotts investment and sanctions of Israel. I'm talking about a major black supremacist comparing Jews to termites.

Just as the Nazis compared to parasites to be exterminated. I'm talking about white supremacist marching into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and shouting all Jews must die and then massacring them. I'm talking on a 19-year-old evangelical Christian. Going to a synagogue in California and saying Jews must die because they are complicit in the killing of Christ.

I'm talking about a Dollar of the rising Internet following that says Jews are hostile to God and is pleasing to all men. I'm talking about an evangelical news network saying Jews try to take over the government.

When they do, millions of Christians. So get your weapons now we are here today to announce anti-Semitism in America and anti-Semitism in the church. We are here to announce that the knowledge he says John is finished with Israel playing with all Romans 1126 when God grant Jewish people all Israel shall be saved in here watching all Israel shall be in the synagogues much you is this. We read from Hosea 14 Schumann turned back all Israel to the Lord your God, we ran from Joel to teach see all the trumpet sound is design but we also read Micah 6 is a God like you said, passing over transgression of the remnant of his people is he doesn't hold onto his because he likes and showing mercy 24 hours from now.

Again, this Jews around the world fasting, asking God for forgiveness. So father we right now the eyes of traditional Jews and secular Jews as rabbis, missionaries, and Jews meditating somewhere in the Paul windbreaker liberal secular Jews in America. We rise to be open to be granted to Israel.

Sam was more all Israel shall be say that fit in to the second. May Israel be saved. May America turn because mercy be poured out the window still

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