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Shabbat Shuvah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 24, 2020 4:20 pm

Shabbat Shuvah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 24, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/24/20.

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So what is Shabbat should involve the Sabbath of repentance in return for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown friends right now, we're calendar in the biblical calendar.

We are right about the coming to Yom Kippur, the day of atonement that begins Sunday night and then through Monday so evening to evening. Sunday to Monday time when even nonreligious Jews will be in the temple be in the synagogue.

Many will fast course religious Jews were days leading up to this time searching their heart seeking God seeking to have their good deeds outweigh the bad pleading for mercy, individually and corporately. It's a great country praying for Jewish people to great times we pray for God to open hearts of the month. We'll talk about that more as we go on Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 I'm looking at the phone lines now and I want to do my best today to give extra time to your calls we've had a lot of stuff going on in recent days and weeks and haven't had quite as much time as normal for phone call so I want to do that today. And of course all day tomorrow on the broadcast, so any Jewish related questions also fits in the category welcome were happy to take your calls today. You're welcome: 866-34-TRUTH 7884 before I talk about Shabbat should evolve.

This this coming Sabbath.

So Saturday, not just what's happening in the Christian world, but in particular, what this means in the biblical calendar. Some of the key passages involved in that.

Before I do that I just want to mention this very very briefly.

I'm introduced every day on the air. Is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution and I see to be your voice. I seek to speak for you. I seek to speak for the Lord and honor him, but often I can articulate with the platform we have with the millions that we can reach I can articulate an end and get out a message that's important you is well. But not only do I seek to service your voice in that way, but in the midst of the shaking and craziness of the world around us all the ups and downs and upheaval.

We do our best to to comment your servants honoring the Lord and present truth and and sort through controversies in and try to come with a level head when people are upset on every side so yesterday of course another momentous day with the grand jury verdict being announced in the in the death of of Breanna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, and as expected, riots protest following and things like that how we sort this out. What actually happened with Smith. What's fact as guilty as anyone guilty. Where is reform needed which our response be so I wrote an article on a really rest with a carefully thought about it, talk with a black colleague late last night, just interacting further you happen to call we got to talk about some of the details here. Please read it and share it with others.

You can find confided and other websites. Please read it. Think about it, don't respond without reading it, and the result is post a comment read. Try to understand from different perspectives. Mightily goes truth when I stand for truth is a big hit for me.

The side utilize what I talk about political issues where you're not strong enough or trump what you always criticize trump. How come you just follow Trump's whatever you do you get slammed you do it that's okay is my out Michael's to please the Lord on him speak the truth were committed to doing that so please use this resource.

I think you'll find it really helpful. Okay doubling this Saturday I will be in DC for one of two major events that is taking place.

Franklin Graham has a prayer March the taking place in DC I will be participating in the return which begins Friday night and runs through Saturday night. I'm scheduled to speak early Saturday nights. A little after 6 PM Eastern time. For those who be watching in the trust will ultimately be on Israel in terms of that time of the day and when I'm speaking but it's going to be especially important to me especially significant because 20 years ago this very month September 2 of 2020 years ago to the month.

I stood in DC.

There were about 300,000 young people present from around America. We brought the largest largest single group 17 buses 780 people roughly came up from Pensacola Florida to be part of the event. The call DC 12 hours a prayer and fasting and crying out to God for the nation. I was given 30 minutes to bring a keynote message one of several over the course of the day, but it was a very sacred entrustment, and we cried out and said now is the time for a Jesus revolution for complete dedication of our lives to the gospel and we warned about the cultural crisis we were in back then and we were so moved and stirred, God provided, supernaturally gave away 70,000 copies of the revolution book, which had just come out literally the day before was we ship there on to 18 wheelers who can imagine this far, you could see stacks about hundred thousand books for the books Mark revolution, revolution, revolution, seeds were planted much happened at that time and in many touched have gone around the world amid impact the boarding after so much more.

We want to see happen. We knew we were at this crisis moment in America.

Now, 20 years later everything is intensified, accelerated, we literally are hanging in the balance, just like she traded the month rent. Now this Jewish month, which is the seventh month, on the biblical calendar, but the first month in the traditional Jewish calendar, so, so, here, here we are in this in this month and it's a time when in Jewish tradition.

We are weighed in the balance stand before God. I want take you back 20 years. This was the scene from the call DC Lou Engels, son.

Then a young man but 1213 years old. Jesse angle he was praying and with the longhairs arise, meaning the Nazirite's those that have dedicated themselves completely to the Lord.

He's praying that I come up after that and and call if you want to cross to the Lord.

This will take you back 20 years to Washington DC 20 years ago this very month, it was the sacred moment. Obviously many were deeply touched at the time, and made that fresh dedication to the Lord. Others cried out to God and the crying out to the state because there's more that we want to see happen was young man there from the Philippines, Jerome Ocampo got one of the copies of the revolution book by the way that the new edition of the book comes on October 6 yeah and I was quite stirred writing this 20 years later it's difficult even conveyed how it felt. Going back reading things, revising things, updating things, punctuating things, yes, amen. We said at them and how much more true now from Ocampo got that book went back to the Philippines with a God start his stirred his heart. He started the J. Rev.

Jesus, revolution, movement was with him a few years ago in the Philippines is like a statesman now you know these these many years later with the church and movement that's international and he told me people that have been saved through the ministry there and touched and discipled and mentored her now in places government high place of business in making impact for the Lord. Now, 20 years later we come back to DC. Of course, much as happened in the interim in many other events.

There but for me it's it's a 20 year later.

Significant moment and it seems I can stop my fingers and go back a second is 20 years ago and in this time it is during this Sabbath about you: Jonathan con when the organizers of the return when he was on the air with me said the that they pick this particular date and and positioned it between restriction on jumped reports with the Sabbath between the blasting of the shofar and in the day of atonement without realizing what that meant that Shabbat Shabbat event called the return in this Shabbat is is repentance return it's it's returning back to God through choose. This is is a turnaround it's it's not just you know we gets fruit from the Greek Mets and though I am. It's in the Greek words associated with repentance that we most commonly used the edge of the can just be changed by but that's the name of the Greek means in the New Testament the most, which usages some of the change of heart and mind and direction it's it's an about-face it's always going in the wrong way and not turn back to going the right way to understand the concept. That's why God says is true for a lot of us to follow up with him were Shabbat diver. She would ask him turned back to me and I will turn back to you. You turn away children of his or you turn away from your sin from your disobedience from your bank card away from that and turned back to me in obedience and repentance and I will turn away from my anger and turned back to you as as it's often been put man repents and God relents that's going to be the focus this weekend in DC.

It's a great time to be praying for your Jewish friends around the world.

Lord made the intense conviction of sin, the reality of sin be deeper in the hearts of our people than it's ever been out of which there will be a deeper repentance and out of which the beer recognition of atonement that is been made. The sacrifice Lamb pays for our sins, one that carries our sins away Jewish eyes be opened. One of Satan's convection calls silently and then getting into some of the Scripture that is recited in the synagogue here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown is the number call was promised going straight to the phones we stored in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

Joseph, welcome to the line of fire there Michael Brown how are you today doing well thank you wonderful, though I do have a question and wrote It to you can also look at Nehemiah chapter 7 verse seven. I mentioned there is an Israelite by the name of Mordechai returning with a group of others, you will. My question today is that they Mordechai the mention of the book of Esther, that would be highly unlikely.

It would be highly unlikely chronologically in terms of vote. When this is happening and when he would have been there in the Persian Empire and it would be odd that there is no recognition of which Mordechai that that was it's it's not impossible you that you have to get in figure exactly chronologically out work and sometimes it's it's hard to pinpoint exactly when certain things happen say with a book like Esther but it is no there's no indication that it's the same person. What's interesting is is that they Mordechai actually relates to the pagan god Marduk. So it's it's it it would have been something that would be given. Ditto picked up in captivity or something like that in another typical Israelite name but an interesting question. This probably rabbinic tradition on it. In fact, during the next break to see what rabbinic tradition has to say about it because sometimes, though the find a name and make it into somebody limits not notice, homiletical way, but my my assumption is, is not the same person is not impossible at this. It's unlikely that civil if there is, and what will dig white somehow.

Here's a spy Joseph in a been reading the Bible for a lifetime and you read certain things and just not pay as close attention and I never and never looked into this with any depth in conflict into it. So thanks for a force to be just to see which of the traditions exist about appreciate 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Robert in Mountain home Texas. I don't recall 12 years getting call from Mountain home Texas and they were stuck with me.

But anyway, welcome to the broadcaster to select from 1/3 and you and you call always with Mountain home is in the right is 100 Kerrville, I write so it's okay but anyway I should remember that Bennett's nice sounding name actually started searching the Scripture proclaiming up our families, dad 35 years ago. Maybe in no was doing her a really decent job and just discovered like two or three weeks ago a list of the seven fruits of Israel, and the list is wheat, barley, GRAPE states fiction conquer.

And I'm thankful that I had implemented most of those except barley bread that anyway is not a legitimate list. The only crews firstfruits had to be from that list of seven yes so dear dear is what's known is that the seven species. You can even look as as I'm just typing various various accounts of this so so for example if you go to Deuteronomy the eighth chapter. She was readily available. It mentions land of wheat and barley and vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey so it lists seven items there and you just different websites. A seven fruits of Israel associated with Israel almost pomegranates, fig states, grapes, barley, wheat there something called the seven species that's also the same thing so again, based on Deuteronomy 88 so it's not the comprehensive list obviously but it's just drawn from Deuteronomy 88 becomes proverbial the seven species or seven fruits of Israel occur while understanding that don't firstfruits went to the Levites that that was their supply is not correct to live what was yes and no. And, in other words, you didn't Levites that not every Israelite live side-by-side with with Levites right where it wherever that happened.

Yes, there were firstfruits and in this was generally no of the ties that would be brought periodically to Jerusalem, you can convert stuff into money and then go to Jerusalem with it then there'd be firstfruits that would given that, given therefore the maintenance of of the temple tabernacle. Before that and and for the for the priests and the Levites and then with each harvest.

Yes, there were firstfruits offering that the point is, not everyone had the ability to immediately take the firstfruits of what they had and make it available to the locally, but that's that's my only point. Yes, that was part of the sustenance of the Levites, the firstfruits of the produce, the firstfruits of the, the prophet of the children of Israel supported the system of priests and Levites in Israel. Just like in our local church you support your pastor and pastoral staff with with ties. It would be a similar principle, but just wasn't like that transaction the same as I Put the.

The offering in the bucket now. That goes for it wasn't always that simple to do. Hey Robert, thank you for the call. It turns out one of our team members here has been to Mountain home Texas for the call 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Joe and Kent Island, Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hey Robert, you welcome."

The Jewish Messiah be considered one payment be Christian and meaning. The one that Jewish people in the future will embrace as the Messiah. Could that be around yeah yeah this absolutely possibility for that. In other words, a leader of such caliber that the Jewish people will embrace him as the Messiah and the leader of such caliber that he will deceive the entire world and that the entire world will believe that he's the one I mean you could you could send me casework because it if you say that he'll just be like a European leader and he'll be the antichrist, and obviously he wouldn't be the one that Jews would would be deceived into following as the Messiah was.

He was also a religious Jewish leader right so we made that the antichrist, it could be a political leader or political world leader that rises into prominence and in the midst of chaos in crisis and rises to bring all the nations together and everyone follows that one as is the antichrist and that is separate from the Jewish people praying for is Messiah or it could be one of the same could be on the same it's it certainly about liability. Yeah, okay, very, very good on everything that Follow-up not going to accept lower limit, if you know just as quick as we get a break, go ahead of your everywhere and let me know.

There is a plant and equipment. Is there than image off of a map of photo are you going with that of the international space station of the Giza Plateau. No what it is the international station took a picture of the Giza Plateau you zoom into that picture and you begin to date Hebrew writing near the great Karen okay.

The combination markings on the ground in shadow and I sent a picture to your email address.

I'm sure you're inundated of the benefits of Palio) you Hebrew and from what I stand from different scholars and interpreted it supposed to say my computer. I am who I am the creator of all things God and Lord of the underworld that with my quest that with the yeah Jill okay got it down. I I've never heard of any verified inscription of that kind impeller hubris of the ancient Hebrew script that there at that location, saying any such thing as far as I know, that's an Internet myth now that being said will will will always look at where it's coming from where did people get that idea the there is been recent discussion about ancient scriptures that were found at Sinai, and one prominent Semitic scholar arguing that that's actually early form of Hebrew, but even the deciphering of that, no one's agreed on Thursday so that could not be at because again the deciphering the meaning of those texts was even agreed on. For those of them we been aware of those for for many, many, many years, but otherwise I sounds to me like an Internet myth that a Chi Chris, if you dig anything off on that during the break art. I appreciate the call 866-34-TRUTH when we come back again to get into the key texts that can be read in the synagogue. This Shabbat this Saturday and then back to your phone calls or answer the jury Thursday.

If you appreciate or work when to help us reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel and educate the church on these key issues you're watching on Facebook click on the donate button any gift of any size is warmly welcomed and appreciated for what you on YouTube is $underneath the chat window, click on that you can give me little website has to run is around guns only for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us and thoroughly so back to a question that was asked early, but is rude to two and then paralleling the Amaya mentions the Mordechai coming back from exile with Roosevelt succumbing back to Jerusalem from Babylonian/Persian exile so set a check on rabbinic tradition that is never paid attention to that before.

So there are some opinions of rabbinic tradition that say it's it's one the same Mordechai but then it's is the next name Bill Sean Witt was actually the the same person. So it's and in the name so since Mordechai, Bill, Sean, speaking of the same person, allegedly because of his knowledge of many languages.

Bill Sean relating to the root less shown with his tongue or language according to another opinion. Mordechai is identical with the prophet Malachi leavening having been given to him after he became Viceroy but all the rabbis agree that Mordechai was a prophet and he prophesied in the second year of Darius, so in any case, just different rabbinic positions and traditions about it.

866-34-TRUTH will go back to the phone shortly but every week in the synagogue, a portion from the Tories read and it is divided up so it's read over the course of the year to just happen that I was listening to the Bible on audio driving up in the passage that I listen to Haas he knew which is the listen give ear starting Deuteronomy 32 on that's the passage in the Pentateuch, that's red synagogue because were coming to the and of of the year and the beginning of the new cycle so this is this is what is red, then young people are begins Sunday night through Monday is run the world, fasting, praying and asking God for forgiveness and mercy and then five days later Sukkoth Tabernacle's time of celebration and joy so along with the Torah portion that's chanted in the synagogue each week. There's what's called the half terrace of color have Torah the half drawn, which is supplemental portions were you read other passages from the Bible that the tying in some way with the theme, so there are three key passages that will be read and you'll see the common theme in all of them. So the first is Hosea chapter 14. This is take a look. Hosea 14 you will see there's a a slight difference in the versification off by a buy one from English to Hebrew a Samaria bus bear guilt proceeds to fight her God shall fall by the sword. Their inference shall be dashed to death their women with child ripped open so terrible judgment on Israel.

Then what comes next sure if I use rail of a denial have to take a shot of a Vanessa suit. Here's about you but there the Sabbath of repentance of turning back. Shoe values returned back Israel return of Israel to the Lord your God for your falling because of your sin. Take words with you return to the Lord and say to him, forgive all guilt and accept what is good.

Traditional translations instead of goals will pay the offering of her lips with the text is really saying something different than that. It's not saying that were replacing animal sacrifices with our lips, but rather are words of repentance. This is are paying of our valves and goes on from there. But that's that's think the key to it is Syria will not save us. Rewrite on skis nor ever again will we call her handiwork, her God. Since new loan orphans find pity and then God speaks air I will heal their backsliding of in the divorce. I will love them freely to shelve a PB Mena from my anger has turned away from them. So you have in in these few verses here and in Hosea 14 you have the shoe fruit turned back. Shabbat turned back Israel and God says I will heal your machine hotel.

I will heal your backsliding's then God says I will turn shop I will turn from my anger is all connected control. The second chapter is another passage that's red Joel chapter 2, but let's look at what's there because this too is an urgent call in and hear it in the midst of this, and in the call for for prayer for fasting, for crying out for mercy. What is it say medial data issues and the convocation year of her bra calming, Vanessa club denial he can.

Who knows us were crying out and repenting and asking for mercy. Who knows, but he may turn and relent there. We have turned again.

He may turn and relent and leave a blessing behind for meal offering and drink offering to the Lord your God, and in this is the great urgent prophetic message the great urgent prophetic messages is turned back, turn back and gobble turned back. You repent gobble relent turn away from your sin and turn to God in repentance. Gobble turn away from his anger and turned back and mercy as I read these words I think of our people Israel, but that I think of of America right now hanging in the balance hanging as it were by a thread. Needing merciful, divine intervention, and then that brings us to Micah the seventh chapter in it. It's just extraordinary. The way this and let's set let's scroll down to verse 18. Micah chapter 7 verse 18 Mie outcome OSHA who is a God like you. The very name Micah is me, but assured for me hi y'all or me, Alec my name Michael who is like Yahweh who is like God Mie outcome OSHA who was a God like you know several of avail passionately.

Sure enough Alecto who who forgives iniquity and passes over the transgression of the remnant of this of of of his inheritance random's people legacy, the POTUS and hold onto his anger forever kickoff it's considered because he delights in showing mercy. He delights in covenant kindness yes should move recommended once again sure that you work he will turn back.

He will have mercy, you could boast of an attempt he will subdue he will conquer our iniquities retouched, leaping into 'Nam call countertop and and you will cast the Lord you will cast into the depths of the sea, all of their sins to tenant at the alcove. He will grant truth, or keep faith to Jacob tested lover home lovingkindness covenant kindness to Abraham stringent bottle of obtaining we make at them, which you have sworn to her father's from ancient days.

While a promise the goodness and mercy of God hate can you speak each of you individually.

If you send if you grieve the heart of God.

If you live under that burden. If you think you could never forgive me. I'm gone too far.

He delights in showing mercy low Hackley clock on the pole.

He does not hold onto his anger forever kickoff. It's hesitant because he delights in showing mercy in covenant kindness turn to him in repentance missing declension wash and put your faith in what Messiah has done in your place, gobble give you a new heart and will restore you so that you can live for him this breath his whole friends alright to the phones, 86634 to but start in Raleigh, North Carolina with Howard walking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown, thank you so much and incredible Torah portion inflicted what your ministry is Mike. My question is on Malachi 316 and 0K hi Heather, my family happened it is there Christian have the Jewish parent born in came here from Germany after World War II and so a lot of uncle dance is still Jewish cousins now in the land. Orthodox and I constantly struggled with the idea of of those who were seeking the Lord before the Messiah currently being remembered in the in the book of remembrance being lost like that go through Malachi 316, 17 and 18 is a is there is there a is pointing us to a forgiveness done and I and 1/4" way of Jewish people seeking to be saved right so for those that didn't exactly follow your question just because of lack of background, how can it be that an Orthodox Jew praying daily, crying out to God for mercy. Praying prayers from Scripture reading Scripture wanting to honor God. Being willing to die rather than deny the Lord that someone like that seeking to walk in obedience to the commands of God gave Moses, whose only real knowledge of Jesus comes through like the Holocaust or Crusader inquisitions and things like that that person be lost through disabilities go to help you and say the prayer when you get some other person living a compromise double life while they prayed the prayer therein in us of his and seem right.

With that limit. Let me say first that it's a question we should wrestle with it. We have a heart that was these things that concern us.

The Simpson burden us in my book. Her hands are stained with blood. I'm a chapter called so near and yet so far. Reagan's is for you sure look at the prayers that are paraded at.

Look, there is a there's a colleague of mine and ultra-Orthodox rabbis counter missionary we been going back and forth with each other for many many years now.

Sometimes multiple emails in a week but it been Dollar for years and years and years and we agreed many years ago to prayer. Prayer, so if if I'm praying for for him and for myself.

I pray for him and I pray for me that that God would give us the courage to follow him in his truth wherever it leads. Regardless of cost or consequence, whether by life or by death.

He said I liked it credits you cut something that's praying that prayer to God. I pray that prayer to God and yet at the same time. I'm 100% sure that there is no forgiveness outside of the size blood, hundred percent sure that if there was any other way for us to get to God or be righteous. He wouldn't have died. As Paul wrote, or if righteousness comes by the law then then he dies in vain. We frustrate the grace of God that not only so, remember that Yeshua came to his own people first that's restarted and started with religious people with secular people and then after he died and rose from the dead. That's the the ones to whom the message was preached. The Jewish people and then Paul for years may go to new city would start there so I know we had church history 2000 years of intervene and much of the church is put forth a very negative witness and and again, those with memory of the Holocaust.

Think of it as a Christian event. I asked my friend that the rabbi was in a very religious community outside of New York. I sent him in your neighborhood do the people you associate the Holocaust with Christianity's death course so how is that overcome here's what I've done Howard.

I leave them to God, trusting that God will do what is right that his sense of justice and compassion is far greater than mine.

I pray for God to open doors.

I pray for them as if they're lost without him. I seek to reach them as if they're lost without him. I assume that look at the history of Israel that we we all fall short in the mercy and yet I leave the verdict and the results God and others have a hard. My assumption is lost. My heart rate breaks for them.

Pray for them.

Reach out and then to God knowing that God of all the arthritis Doug. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking let me just say this one thing quickly comes to issues of heaven and hell becomes tissue the final judgment.

These are things you talk about lightly viewing talk about them in a trivial way we can talk about the middle noticing these weighty issues. I appreciate the weight of the call that we just received in the way my brother is feeling the weight of that it'll look it's is very easy for us to damn this woman. Damn that one in the Odell Yaffe if you don't paint all is going to hell and and and okay you believe that fine Scripture is clear enough you. Jesus said if you don't repent all parish descended with a broken heart said with tears get in your face and agonize before God over that. That's to me the real real issue 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Jonathan and in Minneapolis. Welcome to the line of fire.

Welcome, all a little bit are looking to do a bit about my background. My question so what about your ministry out so mom, but I got Jewish conflict might alter your defending week I got faded in a different state really felt yeah and not end up moving back in with that family per stripper time though I use your out there are debates to help me with that prospect and anyway totally difficult stretch and I are going to work all our reflection anyway but lightly restricted got married in Israel to a shelter's yes you stole I was there for the for the wedding, met my brother law and he will II waited after the wedding to share them with them. What I believe and I thought it would miserable. Well, there it up moving in with me years ago, serious and dowser like character reform Jewish stance is a shelter that's that's was next usual organization, but they they often reach out to Jewish people in recovering their faith or or help teach the foundations and things like that reform Jews a very liberal and and not not keep the commandments or anything like that right Steve God.

Liberal Jews really don't look at the Bible is God's word. You've got religious Jews who are absolutely devoted to the Torah, but look at Jesus's false prophet or false Messiah were to some to be rejected and we got you as a Jewish follower of Yeshua and you're all in the same family here same house yes or no. All direct all also on top of that going to flush part persuasion where I got a working session old Prussian work that unavoidable… Or your every day for four years on top of that, so I and I admired my pastor is love my Mr. Robert well there a Christian counselor and expect initiatives. Those demonic don't mark my question.

For all goods and reports on online I don't know what what what what you know but I do what my question to his death in the New Testament, not in an extra 24 from generation to generation to generation. Now is that in the New Testament there is alignment to that because I got I got there when I did my I didn't like this reflection, is one of the difficult confident that the this doesn't Jonathan let the incident on on two levels. Generally speaking, for human beings. This is the way things work that the sins and bad habits of of mother and father say it visited them in the next generation. And if they walk in them that it just gets deeper, it becomes more entrenched.

It becomes more a way of life. You know, children of alcoholics have a much higher percentage of becoming alcoholics.

Those this can happen if you have a a history of your raised a certain way.

That's all you've seen and known you walk in that it becomes more deeply entrenched these things can happen in that natural process and in that sense of what God spoke to Israel can continue to happen just with humanity in general, but in Jesus and Yeshua. There is a breaking of the past. The cross cancels out the sins of previous generations that they could be visited down in terms of lifestyle and behavior if we will appropriated.

So yes, it could well be that there are things from the past that have been passed down and and that you're being attacked by and the thing to do then is to to get with your spiritual leaders to say let's renounce this together and you she was name. Let's say this has no hold over me anything in my life that's following in those habits. We break in Jesus name and walk ahead in freedom and an I wouldn't necessarily call this a thorn in the flesh. That was something that God allowed in order to keep all humble, but certainly all of us can be attacked by the enemy. First Peter five. The enemy goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Ephesians 6 that that our battle is with spiritual beings in heavenly places.

So there is a battle, but we overcome in the Messiah's yes something could have been passed down but it has no power view Messiah solidity broken. Pray together and let that be broken and may your whole family come to faith appreciated.

Jonathan hate friends pray which is which. We pray for Jonathan or for victory and breakthrough in freedom for salvation of his family. So you may the Lord lay him on your heart and what Jonathan said he doesn't think he would've made it without me. When I came to faith friends and met with rabbis and Orthodox Jews and scholars in. I was overwhelmed with what they're asking because I need a new the Bible in English but in the Hebrew I can answer them. It was very intense have to go through the questions and and and I did have resources there was nothing available that answered all the questions. That's why God had me write five volumes on answering Jewish objections to Jesus and put out a 22 hour teaching series, and the counter missionaries in many, many, many other materials but will her from Jonathan, I've heard from many have met many messianic uses that I'm in the faith because of you that that's all to the glory of the Lord. He's the one that gets the credit and the honor right but we are in the frontlines, so please pray for us. Many many Jewish people are in the Lord, and if you do come back to the Lord come to faith or state in the Lord because her resources were there to help them.

That's what we produce them.

So if you're praying, if you get to assure part of that with Jonathan just shared your part of that right. This even gets another call or two. We go to Hickory, North Carolina Sean, thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire trailer really prefigures.

Thank you liquid about Lucifer. Actually the Hebrew underlying was you euro you want to come up with Lucifer. From what I gather you and but in his commentary he described what the word meant was to well or how and in the Englishman concordant you look at this verse allows area and it fiddling with the current. But the other two references are in Zechariah 11 to in Ezekiel 1220.2112) where where both of them are translated as hell whale right but what what your thoughts on this yet.

So great articulate question in terms of understanding the issues there so the Hebrew hello Ben Shahar is is literally shining one son of the Dawn, which Jerome just hit does translate in the Vulgate as Lucifer looking for which means light bearer and then because that was interpreted as speaking of Satan in the fall of Satan a snuff out the mission mission mime hello Ben Shahar, that that this then became the name by which state was no Lucifer, but originally simply light bearer so the, the, the word hell ale.

There is a related route that means to how and in the you have it, you know, and in the book of Joel Lyons people are howling out or things like that are woman they were howling out that routine be used, but this is a related but different route that you have you have a soul over in the Hebrew Bible in English language as well. You have the word wind and wind spelled the same way pronounced differently.

In fact, you know, but there are so many words, we have that are that have the same letters but a different meaning Zeno of the bank of a river in the back where you bring your money and things like that so it's it's a it's from a different route is the long and short of it, but yet that that's all. So it doesn't, and how to estimate howling wanted me shining one okay but it all up real quick. People who say Lucifer the fallen Angel yet I don't see where a domain God and Toledo hello Ellis is does not have ale in it does not have God in the rental right but that is that simulates a fallen angel question the fallen Angel question comes from. Is that what we deduce from Isaiah 14 is that we deduce from Ezekiel 28 is that we deduce from Job wanting to is that we deduce from Revelation 12. That's where that question would come from, but we are added to at least get the question.

Hey, I'm just looking at our screen here as is Rachel and if you been holding.

We just didn't get to you.

You call in tomorrow show and will do our best to to bump you up on our list. All right, friends, great talking with you this be praying for this satisfaction. The attorney of many hearts desire

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