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Apocalypse Now: The Aftermath of the Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 21, 2020 5:40 pm

Apocalypse Now: The Aftermath of the Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 21, 2020 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/21/20.

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With the passing of Justice Ginsburg. Some on the left calling this Apocalypse now it's time for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown just one thing that this year can't get any more intense than I can be any more shocks. We have yet another shock, another jolt I was in Nashville Tennessee actually getting ready to record a segment with Gov. Huckabee. The Huckabee show talk about evangelicals at the crossroads just in the back room talking with some other folks and someone says, have you heard Justice Ginsburg died me just the jolt of unity or we haven't heard that she's been sick she was in the hospital than out. No news of this and suddenly gone in yet another jolt, and when does it happen.

The announcement comes early Friday evening. So, depending where you work in the Jewish world either the Jewish new year had just begun was about to begin.

So it it sobers everything up to a higher level still and you know the implications of this. The shaking of this where this is going is momentous, so it it intensifies.

Yet the most intense year in memory in American history. This is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire not got a question for you phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I got a question for you if you have an opinion on whether or not Pres. Trump and the symmetry try to push through a nominee to fill Justice Ginsburg's place was your feet is or was there controversy Walt four years ago there was a controversy when Justice Scalia suddenly died in the justice cleared Justice Ginsburg on opposite ends of the pole judicially and yet were good friends.

Amazingly enough, went to opera together and yet were worlds apart in terms of the judicial ideology, where the land of of things like abortion but when Justice Clea suddenly passes away in prison. Obama wants to appoint or nominate Mary Garland to the Supreme Court well there is an outcry over that for the Republicans know this is not the thing to do. You wait for the next election so the people can vote the people can Sunday was president that Pres. could make that decision now. The flip side argument would be what he talking about what you mean we elect the president for four years and he does what he does for four years and then after that in the next president comes in. So this is up to Pres. Obama.

But the counter answer would be hanging on. The problem is, the Senate is Republican, so the president Democrat. The Senate Republican so there's division there if it'd been in harmony say with with Senate and with Pres. both Democrat or both Republican, then it would be different. Lindsay Graham said no we don't do it at a time like this. Use my words against me. Now I say no. We do want to get a replacement for Justice Ginsburg and what people say. What about your quote he said both you lost everything with the capital hearings. In other words, when you crossed all lines of decency and decorum and did what you did to try to sabotage the brick capital hearings, then that was enough to get me to change my opinion.

In any case, do you think the Republicans are being hypocritical to push now for replacement for Justice Ginsburg when the same Republicans and in many cases, the same individuals said no to push it through the another nominee under Pres. Obama. And there was much more time to do it then or is it the right thing to do. The righteous thing to do will take you related to a pole I did on twitter and then on Facebook asked the question we got tons responses will tell you were that landed leader, 866-34-TRUTH so I wrote an article I got back home on Saturday about the passing of Justice Ginsburg and obviously ideologically had massive differences with her. But that was not the place to lay all of that out or to attacker immediately after passing, but to recognize the significance that she had in the eyes of many and to talk about the significance of her passing in the timing of it and is the sobriety of this moment for us and to see if you thought the Cavanaugh hearings were intense. Haven't seen anything yet. I finished the article I sent it out to my various outlets and immediately after that, I would exit sorry.

Use this version instead I add in a couple of lines. Why what I want to see how this was being reported her passing was being reported within 24 hours on different websites, so conservative websites liberal websites.

So I went to the Huffington Post and went to the Huffington Post. This was the homepage of the Huffington Post in black letters. Stark black caps Apocalypse now and then coathanger.

Yet this this was what was there on the homepage Apocalypse now and coathanger. This is how big the issue of abortion is on the left. This is how big the passing of Justice Ginsburg's. This is how massive the issue is with the potential of someone like Amy Connie Barrett coming on the court. Only 48 years old strong Catholic strongly pro-life.

It would be almost unthinkable that she would change her views on on on life and abortion and things like that in the courts. So why the coathanger well this is going to reduce women to going back into back alleys are using coat hangers to try to kill the baby in the womb, so you know how high these stakes are now we must not just look at the courts. We must, as followers of Jesus put tremendous emphasis on reaching people on changing hearts and influencing opinions. If all that we do is change the court still ultimately be rebellion against the rulings so we got a look to change the courts, while also looking to change people's hearts. Otherwise, things will get a little better and then much worse right. But let's look at some of the reaction from those on the. The left edit Ezra LaBonte in Canada conservative who's suffered a lot in terms of freedom of speech restrictions in Canada. He points to a tweet from Prof. Emmett McFarlane and any says this McFarlane is a professor at University of Waterloo promoting violence against his political enemies.

If you're young woman in this class was a Trump supporter would you risk being a target of his violent rage if he found out about you. Should you transfer to a different class and this is what McFarlane a university professor in Canada tweeted burn Congress down before letting Trump try to appoint anyone to Scotus burn Congress out now with activists in our streets literally setting buildings on fire.

Even historic buildings at his city police precincts on fire and sitting church buildings on fire.

Do you think that there are not a lot of people that would read that and taken quite literally, and you think he did not mean it literally.

I just want to emphasize how high the stakes are right is not a tweet. Best-selling author Raisa Oz one. He said this over our dead bodies literally is responding to report for Mitch McConnell president trumps nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate, and he says over our dead bodies literally no ocelot is famously to the left and the sense of radical positions that have been rejected and even mocked by others, but he is a best-selling author. He is a man of influence. He is a thinker.

He did not write what he wrote lightly over our dead bodies literally this evening, there's gonna be mass suicide. No, obviously he's he's talking about will fight back with whatever takes you. If we die if we die fighting friends.

I'm just telling you what's out there.

This is this is the moment in which we living now back away from moment to think about this. What if Trump gets reelected. Let's say there's too much controversy or none of Republican senators willing to take a stand and vote for nominee, for whatever reason, things get delayed. Let's say Trump gets reelected and maintains a majority in the Senate but to say that that happens.

Do you think there's going to be less controversy then when he appoints a replacement for Justice Ginsburg, a conservative, pro-life female justice as is indicated he's going to do the two think is going to be less opposition then and less calls to burn down Congress and less talk of over our dead bodies really encourage you to think again. Right about another tweet look at this one of the unhinged left a thread while Ruth Bader Ginsburg died today, so naturally the Democrats were respectful and honored her memory in a dignified way. Just kidding Lego will then you go down and read some of what's being said and you, shake your head you think. Yikes I'm I mean this is intense language. This is very intense language that Sen. Cruz is broken things down and analyzed that this is happened before. Obviously, it's happened before. Were you appoint renominate a justice to the Supreme Court during your final months as president before election so you know if you be reelected or not. Or maybe you're just outgoing finishing to terms can be outgoing. What is demonstrated is when you have the president and the Senate in the hands of the same party then overwhelmingly basically just going to happen that the gonna go ahead and vote in appoint someone and when it's as we have a president so that's we have no present Trump if it's as it was with Pres. Obama.

So Democrat president Republican Senate then almost never does go through so the argument would be that through four years ago when a different situation now. Either way, the seat and the passing of Justice Ginsburg at this moment, and during the beginning was called the days of on the Jewish calendar days of introspection, repentance, and seeking God. It is sobering beyond words, there is an article on and it says this Democrats Armageddon option to notice that the Armageddon words coming up. I'll be curious to see how much that has come up unless you days Apocalypse Armageddon. There was a slight end of the world battle and ended the article says this furious Democrats are considering total war profound changes to two branches of government and eating even adding stars to the flag if Republicans jam through a Supreme Court nominee then lose control of the Senate on the table, adding Supreme Court justices Democrats is that hey you can get people on in a way that we don't like. Then we come back into power and and and retake the Senate them will just add more justices might make it 11 naked 13 will outweigh you what about this idea of quote adding stars to the flag, which I might adding Washington DC and Puerto Rico as actual states and then say okay though those we believe are to be firmly Democrat hands so will just get a majority. That way friends. This is something historic were living through right now let us recognize the battle over abortion. This is what it comes down to let us recognize this is the battle for the soul of the nation.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown now if they can hold onto their slim majority, 53, but a couple already say no were not going to vote at this time.

Even if you lose three get out to 50-50 my pants can cast the deciding vote housing go. It's a complex question in many ways, what if it didn't get things got delayed so it was past the election, but then it still before inauguration. I mean, they're all these different possibilities do things the right thing to do for president Trump to fill this now will give you an argument. That's a separate argument from who's in power, who's in control and who's a majority totally separate argument that will bring you that in a moment before you get into this before retaking for twitter call good number to call seeking way in 866-34-TRUTH you be as partisan and dogmatic as you like. You are entitled to your opinion. This make it right or wrong, you're entitled to it. That's what we invite you to share, but a quick shout out to everyone watching right now in America's voice you're watching. It's a Saturday night. You are watching Saturday night September 26. We've just passed what is called Shabbat Schumann the Jewish calendar that the Sabbath of repentance/return right between Russia should not in Yom Kippur, the Jewish traditional new year and the day of atonement, watching Saturday night, maybe on dish TV or Pluto TV so we can take your calls live right now. This is our live radio show from earlier in the week but we want to give you a special gift as a new America's voice viewer maybe didn't know what channel you're on your watch him dish on Saturday night September 26, or subsequently, on YouTube is when you go to the website as Dr. ASK DR and click to sign up for emails when you do you'll see. Towards the bottom there. How did you find out about the website and see a choice for America's voice.

Just check on that right check that off, and when you do, you automatically get signed up for emails which you find really informative. Really helpful. Special resources listed by articles and videos that you find relevant every single week. So that's there for you and and then you get an immediate free e-book everybody never sent for emails in the immediate free e-book which seven secrets of the real Messiah real eye-opening read, but watching for the first time in America's voice. It also gets into the beginning of the week, another mini book and e-book five ways to pray for America right so go there now is Dr. center for the emails and then designate that you heard us, saw us on America's voice okay so here's my twitter pole.

Do you believe the Republicans are being hypocritical and wanting to push through a Scotus nomination.

Now when they refused to do so in similar circumstances.

In 2016, or they justify Odyssey. Some say will that's the whole thing is certain the circumstances when similar so 19.7% said hypocritical got almost 1900 vote. So for 67.7% said justify 4.6%. Not sure so over two thirds justify those justice are our partisan sentiments.

Hey I'll be I'll be totally candid with. I will be completely candid and straight with you when it was Pres. Obama trying to get a replacement for Scalia. I want the Republicans to resist it, I'd I thought the argument sounded weak that you want to wait for the next presence of the people can make the choice, but didn't they make the choice by voting for Pres. Obama.

He's our present on vote for leaders are present so didn't the nation make the choice. When an elected him Pres. and one of the things we get to do is fill Supreme Court vacancies and certainly if a conservative dialer resigned during the time you would've expected Pres. Obama to appoint a liberal, just like now you expect president Trump to appoint a conservative self. I didn't understand the reasoning behind it but I didn't want to go through.

I was glad the Republicans resisted now that it's a liberal justice being replaced. May God comfort the grieving Ginsberg family now that it's a liberal justice being replaced encompass the opportunity to put a conservative justice that I want to do it. I want the Republicans do it now.

Am I being hypocritical in my sentiments while you could say yes because I oppose the 11 of the other, but you could say no, no, but it's justified now because circumstances given, but as far as my fear of them tell you candidly just like rooting for a team you one team to win the other team to lose you.

What one person elected politically. Another nonelected what one person. The courts nothing on the courts right wouldn't wish to die or anything like that but will have our sentiments understood and honestly how I felt. The question is, is there legal argument for this.

I asked the same question on Facebook.

I have not had time to sort through the comments there because we really have a thousand comments on our Oestreich about Facebook page, but rather not call in go there Facebook, Twitter way, and there but here's an argument to take cruises raised and that Charlie Kirk has raised with turning point USA listen to this argument from Charlie Kirk saying things are different now.

Do you have any views on who the president should nominate from the list is put out that when the two favorites we hearing about. I definitely love the entire list. The president has put out but Steve, I want to reinforce the point I made earlier, which is when Democrats are promising that we will not know the winter on election night when Hillary Clinton has said to Joe Biden do not concede quote under any circumstances.

And now that we know we are going to have a record amount of mail in ballots.

If you remember all the way back to 2000. It was bedlam.

It was chaos. And this was just one state for 40 days that was contested and I went all the way up to the US Supreme Court in a very narrow decision. I think it would be very dangerous. In fact, I would advise against it completely if the Senate Republicans did not fill up a percent in general did not fill the seat because with this unpredictable year that we have lived through Steve talking. What a multiple of mail in ballots that were going through. This will be tied up in the courts. No genocide in has 600 people that are lawyers as payroll ready to sue the selection. The Supreme Court is the third branch of government that should be able to make clarity of this and assuredly contested election I Steve believe you should fill the seat before the election. So that's the other argument. In fact, here's a question for you.

866-3487 84.

Do you think that as of November 4 we will have clarity in elections. Do you think as of November 4 that will have clarity, sometimes things are closely waiting for final accounting and that could get you deleted that I remember when it was Bush Goren from inside her contents and I watch you watch the news. Warwick finally going to sleep. We lived in Florida than in Florida was that the deciding cut the siding statement is a county deciding County. I remember the dream that night I had a dream that something literal had happened, but it played into the dream I had gone to vote that day thinking that I had time to get to a particular voting precinct that would be open but it closed an hour before I thought it was going to close.

Yeah. So I go to vote and I can vote then I go that night to our or our ministry school and we have a large gathering at a prayer meeting and during the prayer meeting. It was not.

This is this parcel real get to the dream in a minute during the prayer meeting it was announced to someone comes up with work that word to us. They have now called Florida for Al Gore you think this it goes can win the election. I was there with a real man of faith. He actually said these words, the sick, and we pray for God to reverse that reverse that. How does that work so the votes disappear or they find ballots they didn't overlook every lamella media asking this question could pray that God would reverse that and then soon enough. The word comes the ravenous prayer meeting and soon enough the word comes that no it's not called for Gore. So I go to sleep that night. Nancy and I was his legs because the sky got a turning I go to sleep that night gosh I could drift. I got scared in the dream. In the dream that Florida ended up a 100% dead heat tie and as a result of that Al Gore became the prince of this weight unfolded in my dream, so he knows if I had cut into the precinct.

Earlier I met waited to the last minute and cast my vote that Florida than would have gone for Bush than Bush really been the president and it's others the end of the world of Gore was elected but strong preferred Bush to Gore, but sometimes you need to vote like that's the case that you may live in states like my states totally blew my states totally read my vote doesn't count. You just just vote is a matter of conscience revolt to sale, you have my say.

But do you actually think come November 3 the end of the day now. November 4 that this can be clarity that we will have a clear winner in elections as first for the question. 866-34-TRUTH here's a second part of the question you think of a winner is announced that the other side. Whichever side that is will accept you think of Joe Biden is announced as the winner in their been early ballots coming in through mail and things like that in and and who knows what reports voter intimidation or whatever illegal voters voting or whatever. The charges are. You think that the stones trump supporters will say okay hey you had the election, you know, just like a sports event have all the trash talk beforehand and you have the events okay. We played the game. The outcome is clear this you just accept the results think that'll be the case or or if trump is, it gets elected and maybe once again does not win the popular vote that wins the electoral vote, and in this dispute over 40,000 you think that the Biden side of space mostly extreme will just okay hey man, that the man won fair and square you think will have clarity in America as of November 4. If you have a divided Supreme Court on top of your turnabout chaos with an explosive cocktail in the living know that ready to blow up into anarchy. I'm really not exaggerating her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown soon you hear that intro friends that I sold weekend and past weekend in Winston-Salem, North Carolina ribbon on the air daily for 12+ years were like family. In that regard you for this introduction. For many years.

Your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

If you go to my twitter page so it's at DR Michael L.

Brown, if you get to Elston Miller DR Michael L Brown at Twitter.

You see this as the quote on my my main page.

This is the pain" from 2014 the more culture runs counter to God, the more committed I am to being a Jesus centered counterculture revolutionary. What I mean is the craze of the will gets around us, the more committed I am to follow Jesus and go against the grain of this culture and through the gospel through violence or anger or intimidation but through the gospel through the word, and deed of the gospel live a life that will help equip others to live that life that will help impact the world around us to bring positive change.

After all, if we could tell, take a terrible downward moral and cultural change in many ways. In the last 30, 40 years is to say, there can't be a spiritual awakening that will bring moral clarity that will will wake up from the bizarre world in which we live now and have a different consciousness in a different awareness of God. We go one direction. Without God, why can't we go another direction with God 866-34-TRUTH do you think there will be clarity come November 4 two think that the side that loses will accept the results of the elections I got a whole bunch of video clips about to play for you, but first let's go to the phones and will start in Abilene, Texas John, welcome to the line of fire which are take all wrong on a you know the really complicated subject and really difficult as Christian to look at this thing get any kind of clarity. You certainly brought up great point, Sen. Cruz and Charlie Kirk RN whether there's going to be clarity.

I don't think so and I don't think you know no matter who wins.

I don't think that either side point 2.1 overseeing Alan. We saw this on the Dan bond you know show where he referenced the trip Tucker Carlson, Cliff, is that were kind of in the myth of any color revolution to where you know that the left is basically creating a contested election and then what happens is the party that that they want in power in this case, the Biden era and all of their supporters are going to take streets and basically force through intimidation. Present trump to resign kind of what they're hoping going to happen and as Christian. This is a unique point in our history and in the history of this nation and that we have never been, and the gospel to have a life in the lap of luxury and product verity in all these are the things that Dr. Jesus promised that we would be persecuted for his name if we were hit. If we are his true followers and we will be persecuted for his name and we as Christians in the have not really a whole lot of that in the past year and that measures was interesting though it's one thing to be persecuted for the name of Jesus.

It's another thing to be attacked because you support Donald Trump right and that adds to the Ishii civil because my Christianize a support on front right to be persecuted for trump as nothing persecuted Jesus so a lot to sort through. I appreciate you race that that leads right in to happen on Friday night when I was on Mike Huckabee show and I was blessed to know that Gov. Huckabee is followed by writing three years on the stream and is appreciated. My thought in terms of of the gospel.

And politics and culture and what I was on the show I was afterwards.

He said this is the clearest he ever heard this, and then tweeted this out subsequently so I want you to go into the interview with Gov. Huckabee from his TV show on TBN and listen to this discussion. Evangelical's were without a doubt responsible for the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

Had they not voted as much as they did for him.

He would never been elected. The question is will they do it again. What you think. Willie died I believe they will. I believe the support is even stronger now than it was. But he's a most unlikely candidate. I mean, I opposed him in the primaries, you are on my list of people I wrote against him. I warned us and for Tim versus Hilary will reevaluate.but I thought his can throw evangelicals under the bus.

Once he's in, can't be trusted with his past where the one saying character counts Morality matters, so he's married three times. He boasts about his Playboy stuffing a casino strip club.

All this that the last guy we want to elect these arguments keep his promises get selected and arguably he's done more for evangelical causes than any president we've had, you know he really has any pro-life no present in this done more pro-life Israel.

Israel I mean amazingly this will allow the peace treaties of religious liberties fighting for that out front against radical trans activism. So many things he's done standing up to Islamic terrorism standing up to the to China.

The tourney of China all that he's done so much for evangelical causes and yet our association with him is hurt the evangelical because I think it's a great inspirational speech on Mount Rushmore, a great civil rights speech now and the next minute he's tweeting about bubble Wallace like water using this TE can be juvenile. He can be petty, can be thin-skinned is: this one a dog is throwing this one under the bus and he's our man as it is in the paradoxes and so what we have to do is proclaim to the world.

Jesus died for our sins. He gets our life, our heart or soul. Jesus is our Savior.

Trump gets our vote, we vote for president to do certain things. He's not our Savior and and if we could if we can have our testimony behind this is who we are. This is how we live before this world watch watches and then hinges were reported for trump when it comes to the slaughter of the unborn we think is going to do a better job when it comes to protecting our fundamental liberties we think is going to do better job when he comes to stand against tyranny worldwide.

We think of your better job so we don't like this this this I wish you wouldn't say this this, but that's was we got a human bulldozer. Basically he does a lot and there's a lot of collateral damage and when we way out the options. It was him versus Hilary when it was him versus now that the Democrat agenda which is gone so radical left. I basically look at it this trump versus mob autocracy trump versus the cancel culture. So go get my vote, but at best four years of Donald Trump as I can save America. Our year is more Donald Trump is a wedge in the door before it collapses.

So the church can wake up and get about doing what were called to do because that's the only hope of the nation. I think you are right just like this person or that they will fix all the problems but if the problems are basically spiritual is not the politicians were going to fix that. It really is going to be that there is a renewal among people of faith who apply biblical principles and and that's really I think the hardier book is that evangelicals are not voting for Donald Trump because I say oh he is one of us. I told I told him to his face to his face and from 1200 people. I said this was when he was Canada. Trump is a Mr. Trump I'm not sure you could find John 316 in a marked New Testament and he laughed as he knew he couldn't exact suicide back but when you talk about the fact that this is not about electing him as our spiritual leader but as a government leader to do things that maybe he's the only one it's got the guts to go out there and do, despite the tweets and some things that make people uncomfortable usually have to do we have to be willing to call balls and strikes. We don't need to defend him. My I don't preach Trump I preach Jesus in my my whole goal is not to be an apologist to the present. I will justify my vote. I will explain why importing from and to me it's it's a no-brainer.

It's an easy thing to do to say why importing from and then I will say, but character does count morality does matter. I've never departed financial's character flaws hurt him hurt us. I think of it, in a sense the whole nation's been a little degraded. We kind of gone crazy and there was the identity politics hundred thousand Obama now that the salt in the wounds with Donald Trump. It's even more extreme. But we don't have to play along with that we can see gets my vote as a politician. We want you on my vote.

You have my vote. You have my prayers to do what you're doing and then I've got to go about doing the work of the gospel, you know, I hope 80 million evangelicals in this country. Hear what you just said you said it better than anyone I've heard and that's one of the reasons I love your voice I love to read the things that you do and this book is one more reason that it's easy to appreciate how you've come and thank goodness you did from LLC to PhD and we are grateful for that. Michael Brown thank you for coming and please come back and visit us again. I love your message. Thank Michael have you here right so friends if you miss that clip you can see it on Huckabee TV we have it linked elsewhere and by all means, check out evangelicals at the crossroads, especially if you're undecided, especially if you agree with Trump's policies but just have a massive problem with Trump the person read the book because you'll see we really are fit you, you heard me that I didn't mince words and mince words talk about the presidents weaknesses and shortcomings, but the reason I voted for him knowing all those things could be that we speak with for policy reasons whispers for court reasons was for Stinnett to Islamic terror reasons were standing for is recent standing for the unborn, but I'm not as apologist and I don't need to defend him. I'm going to defend the gospel in their preach Jesus I preach Christ crucified, not Trump elected okay 866-34-TRUTH all right, Michael, in Salt Lake City, Utah. What's your take the Republicans tried to push through a nominee. Brown yeah go ahead sir while praying to God for you brother. I love you Matt just wanted what Rush Limbaugh all election, and the reason why the Republican didn't didn't allow about it, when Obama wanted or a Supreme Court justice would be God. They had power in the Senate and they said we won't even take a vote on though at this point in time Republican the power to either pick up the ball, put it down and it it a position that the defendant put them in that position to be able to have backup power. So if the Republicans have the power they put something like just jump in interest rate.

The sink is synced and clear argument and rationale people. We voted in is where it stands should take action right that you want to miss what's coming. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown drama in today's broadcast.

We often have challenges and solutions.

I got over the years, get it out.

Push back against us. We been able to overcome it. Virtually every one of my YouTube videos be aboard 2000. Now on the Esther to Brown YouTube channel is. Could your Brown.

Virtually every woman it's posted immediately gets flagged and then someone has to review it and probably 8090% of them get approved and then 1020% don't approve not to air but for monetization cylinders for answer for income that we going to produce more videos and things like that.

While first on this happen in the middle of our live stream on YouTube that the string that stopped and said were in violation. Will it was some type of copyright violation, perhaps for the playing of the Huckabee clip on YouTube. Either way, we back over on YouTube so the little drama look at what was going on about letting them talk, but it probably that wasn't the issue. Trust met. We had a we have had enough other issues over the years, but we keep persevering while folks pray for us and I'm confident that makes a difference.

A another reminder if you watching Saturday night September 26 you watching on food or dish TV on the America's voice network or elsewhere. America's voice network. Check out our website as we have a special gift for you. Good asked Dr. asking your Brown that were just signed up to get our emails will automatically get a really neat eye-opening free mini book everybody gets that seven secrets of the real Messiah but when you click where you heard about us on the bottom of the page just designate America's voice and want to send you the beginning of the week, another mini book and e-book free five ways to pray for America. Okay let me close out today's broadcast, with perhaps the segment you could call truth is stranger than fiction.

There is a clip now from dinner from Sen. John Kerry for Secretary of State John Kerry and he was heavily involved in trying to bring peace to the Middle East me back and forth endlessly meeting with Israel meeting with Muslim Arab leaders and things like that and he will email a statement four years ago very clearly and with a lot of authority and look he knows a ton more about the situation on the ground that I do it with his intimate involvement details and background and access to all the leaders listen to what he said four years ago. There will be no separate piece between Israel and the Arab world. I want to make that very clear to all I've heard several prominent politicians in Israel, sometimes saying well. They are worlds in a different place now we just have to reach out to Devon we can work some things with the art world with their with Palestinians no no no no, I can tell you that reaffirmed even in the last week as I have talked to leaders of the art community. There will be no advance in separate piece with the Arab world without the Palestinian process and Palestinian peace.

Everybody needs to understand that that is a hard reality that that's" that Denise will again Secretary of State Kerry knows infinitely, not infinitely good massively more about security issues and economic issues and on the ground issues and where different leaders stand in this you know that the secret intelligence get all the stuff we don't have access to. He knows all that, and that seems to be the absolute reality that it will not happen. There must be peace with Palestinians two state solution something workable viable for pessimist and then the rest of the Muslim world through Ann Arbor. Then they'll consider joining it will happen otherwise was happened with UAE but rain and maybe others amount. I didn't post that's a mock secretary for Kerry but to say is a lot we don't know and we can be ultra-dogmatic today and think we got all figured out with Israel in the Middle East and tomorrow fund South. Dead wrong tread lightly when it comes to those things.

Okay, truth is stranger than fiction. Did you know about the couple that was held hostage by the Taliban years ago with kids and I was not familiar with this story until a staff member brought it up at a staff meeting a few days ago but but check this story out there is a couple Canadian couple held hostage by Taliban link group. They were in Pakistan and they did not believe that Trump was president Sue, what is that mean so that there there held captive by the Pakistani Taliban related captors. They have no information on what's happening in the outside world and they had a record of videoing a proof of life and sometimes after reference contemporary events to say okay it's this date, this team just won this game. This one just was elected here so people know it's a current video right and the captors told them that Donald Trump was the president to give them up-to-date news. He said it didn't enter my mind to take it seriously. He thought that they were just playing games with them, psychological warfare, did whatever just mocking them because it was so completely unrealistic that Trump would be the president. You have to remember how unlikely this whole thing seemed now being the champion of the evangelical cause of the champion of the pro-life movement. I mean you don't script it like this because too crazy, but it gets crazier still parts of the world of sports. Of course there is. There is constant talk especially many black athletes about hate. It's good, America understands her history better now. It's good that America know some of the issues that we've had to deal within the prejudices that we faced in the racism that we've we face and things like that. So the sports world very loud statements. A black lives matter and things like that. So there is a big fight MMA mixed martial arts. This past Saturday night and it's a black man versus a white man and though the white guy can be a real jerk. Companies known for the heat he says provocatively things he's he he he tries to get people upset and snow to sell tickets and to get interest in the fight, but interestingly his opponent black gentleman more soft-spoken about these issues. He decides that he wants to stir things up a little bit also. So this is from the pre-fight interview with Tyrone Woodley and every answer would be gone for minutes with this bold will play next up every answer is to say, like us, matter with listen reason we all thought you were going really up there together in a joint press conference with find out is not rescuing. Are you disappointed that you don't get the chance to the facing down to deal with them or happy don't have to put up with stuff I'm just excited that Michael's matter.

Are you surprised in the lead up to this fight that he hasn't been more vocal and physical because that is all open, respectful of you is sake to all he hasn't drawn into more like you normally don't all you know I'm just really excited the black lives matter very often.

We know that looks like losing a Burns. This is later this year we hear will be big for you which you keep yourself ready to be a filling opponent on a title fight or you would appoint a career you wouldn't wouldn't do that. Like you know victory or just shows how much black lives matter that's interviewed a few days before the flight right then Covington wins convincingly and now this is his interview after the fight.

Listen to this dynamic. Let me start out by saying you been doing a tremendous job lately you working so hard tonight, so we take us up to Hanford minute. Ladies and gentlemen, the silent majority is ready to make some noise if you thought that was a beating way till November 3 when Donald Trump gets his hands on sleepy Joe that's good be a landslide. I wanted Don to dedicate this by all the first responders. All the military out there. You know what this world would not be safe without you guys.

You know you keep us safe. And you know it. Not these woke athletes man sickly's woke Ackley's and the spineless cowards like Lebron James.

This is after the fight.

Okay, so this actually going on in real life. This is after the fight, the whole thing politicized in these inflammatory comments in all directions, and now it's it's a little bit later so all the athletes come on post-fight interviews and Colby Covington is being interviewed not listen to what happens to this is the best that ever looked in all the posts call me Mr. Pres. okay so this is mixed martial arts you have to see fight and Covington's been an open, supportive Trump Trump shook his hands at a rally and Trump actually calls them so they play the call. This actually happened.

Setting that they play the call for 20 years.

We will get to listen to all of it, but this truth is stranger than fiction.

This is the world reliving another list. This is the part of this. You are a great fireman out it so it is.

Congratulations. I want to know what you were great, thank you so much. Mr. Pres., you gave me the Dragon energy when he shook my hand on Sunday at your rally in it doesn't matter. King Kong was in front of me, I was knocking a lose enter begin to shake your hand work relatively clear thinking some problem is a strong direct national non-former champion, but it didn't matter who was in the Mr. Pres. again to see you. I don't care if there was a Superman in the house beat anybody) writes friends know where sanity is going to come from the from the world sports from the world of politics is gonna come from us, the people of God. Let's rise up and get our message out to the world.

Let's preach Jesus crucified and risen coming again. That's a

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