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Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 14, 2020 4:05 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 14, 2020 4:05 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/11/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Full eyes are open to questions we've got answers with do it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on the Friday broadcast the questions we got answers so calls of any kind, critics, haters. You can call into any question on any subject that relates in any way we talk about here in the line of fire for months.

Open 348 Susan 866-34-TRUTH 87884. His number to call before I go to the phones. This is September 11 tragic events 19 years ago. None of us can never forget a touch of some of our families more deeply than others. My wife Nancy lost her when we brother in the World Trade Center in New York City.

So we understand that the scarring that this can leave in this case, her brother Doug left behind a wife and two young children so that's that's reality ever since. So there many that still this is an open wound on this day so we pray for grace and their families. We pray for restoration.

We pray for that which the enemy meant for evil to ultimately be time for good and individualized. Remember the hatred of radical Islam. We pray for God's purpose is to spread across the earth. Mordred may be hallowed your kingdom come, your will be done, 866-348-7884 also have an urgently important article that I wrote this up at our website.* and other sites and the title is the depravity of a culture that celebrates this exploitation of young girls. Not only is this terrific movie movie cuties out on Netflix.

Critics are praising it from critics appraising it and Netflix is in fact defending it. Yeah there defending it. So if you haven't canceled your Netflix subscription. This is a good time to do it 86634. We started in Foley Alabama Brian welcome to light a fire… Quickly, call for what they don't. Every family out there don't tragic to happen on 1999 19. A map of number 11 and there they put out a week ago and I tell you that I had liked it, but yeah yeah Colbeck noted my own question in my not like that. The follow-up question. What will it are women allowed this yourself all to make this quick.

If you go to my website Esther to and just type in women or women pastors you'll see short video teachings have done on it as well as whole broadcasts when we talked on it so Esther to brother were to search for women or women pastors in short, I do believe that God has raised up women in every different area of ministry around the world, but that the normal pattern for governmental headship. In the home and the church is male.

So in other words, women pastors, just like Deborah in the Old Testament would be the exception to the rule, so I see women gifted by God and used in all different ways. I see women who have served successfully as pastors but I don't see it as the norm or the ideal pattern and I believe that governmental headship is or is established to be male in the home being in the church… I suppose it's the pattern.

You'll normally see, but for more that you can go to to the websites. Watch this video is okay. Question two over agreement that so what about the lot under the limit at one if they've been given, it can know here so I look at it. Brian not turn be wimpy about this. I'm happy to take controversial stands but there's not a single human being on the planet who is in ministry who has everything right. Another was every doctrine, every practice everything the lifestyle perfectly right we all are lacking something similar so I'm a tongue speaker.

I believe in the baptism of the Spirit speak in tongues for believers today, and yet there are fine pastors, men of God being used by the Lord's reach many who categorically differ with that right by God's grace on being used to reach many so one of us is clearly wrong on that subject, or we each have and yet God is using us okay and you can know that you have pastors that run everything like a one-man show. They don't have elders, they don't have real accountabilities are anointed to use by God with their real weak spots. There is to be news.

So my point is there a women who felt the burglar calling the race. I believe raised up by God because of avoid because of the need for example, let's say that there was a call to the mission field to reach 100 unreached people group. The door had been open and no man responded.

I don't believe God would say well because we don't have a man wants anyone to send woman and that woman might do a better job than the man could have and raise up churches and she becomes a spiritual mother to a whole movement of and this is happened historically so it's just not the ideal pattern. The only time the person would be in sin. Brian would be if the Lord made it clear you are not to do this and they did it. That would be the sin aspect.

But God uses lots of imperfect vessels, all of us and none of us with full Revelation. We do our best to do things rightly and honoring of the Lord that we understand that that there could be those differences are a bright outlook for the here for you in the future. Gotta make sure search the website you get a ton answers there okay thank you all right God bless you, 86634 let us go to Anthony in New York City. Welcome to light a fire hydrant to protect Michael. Sure thing. So my question is on Janet chapter 14 and verse 18 yes, how type pretty well cooked it back to meet Abraham. After Abraham at the King took out Brett and why and let it God allowed to take part of the laptop only what it yet was not. It's a great question. She Abraham did not actually prophetically take part in the Last Supper.

Another was there is nothing about that that had any Revelation. This has to do with the death of the Messiah or the body and blood of the Messiah that would be reading things massively into the text. However, you could say in the spiritual spiritual way sees me that he partook in EE partook in communion and an unknowing and spiritual way know that would be the more accurate thing that we could say obviously there is no revelation than were connection with Messiah's death, crucifixion, Last Supper.

But if you want to say that Abraham unknowingly through milk ascetic through his his role as priest king and is a is a prototype of the Messiah that Abraham unknowingly partook of the communion that we enjoy.

You could say that spiritually because it really does bring out the bread and the wine which is fascinating okay great hate. God bless you man and be strong there, right in the midst of New York City rose born in an especially sobering day for those in New York because it is September 11, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Amanda in Topeka, Kansas. Welcome to the modifier.

I hear me okay all you can make it there and I've got a comment and I'll get to the comment at their time.

But my question and I have a friend to the very new Christian like as in the last year and he had a child out of wedlock and has not entered South America. Obviously Becky currently engaged and he was currently filling to favor thousand at the right length of time and she had confided in me that he didn't start writing with her and I was wondering what I should do as a fellow sister in Christ.

The five letting her know that it's not well casino pathway and it's not the right thing to DO that continuing to do and I don't know heartbreaking because I know it's not what God wants, but I don't know at the stern Christlike way to point her or her way, but you got the first am so glad you there to be involved in her life so if she recognizes it's wrong.

That's the biggest thing in terms of she's not wanting this she she's just yielding to weakness. She's in a relationship with some.

She cares about and is under pressure from him or just her own desire there. They're sending it's is not the end of the world and in other words, God's wrath is not going to fall on her. The second because of that, but she is playing with fire. Of course, and it is opening the door and you have the real possibility she get pregnant again and then and get married and she has two kids out of wedlock. So it's a serious issue, but you don't want to overreact.

She's a new believer in a difficult valuation so what is one of the questions her fiancé does this file have any interest in the Lord bearing a Christian care right okay? I rely felt directly lightning elaborate her way and are not made it clear that he wanted to follow God and he knew Mike okay with her. I need to figure out why should the pastor about Karen and he looked into bed and we did a couple of Bible. (Aaron had he been given life to God. No need to Christian money very very new, so here's what I would do that. What's important is for this couple to sit with whoever they're going to church.

As soon as I get collated, hardly a model or they haven't been a little while in person though he thing is for the pastor to sit down with both of them and to just lovingly encourage them as to what's right and basically say you have two choices in a few really deathly going to commit your lust for each other.

One is if get married now. The other is you have a separate and and be industry guidelines. We are never alone together and so on.

You know and just cannot deal realistically was where they are. If it's clear that it's a disaster waiting to happen, though, is that this would be a mess of a marriage then you really need to come to slow everything down to say you need to concentrate on getting closer to Jesus and just step back from each other. If if it seems that they're good for each other and they're committed to the Lord then say hey okay two choices either because you get married now, your husband and wife. If you not ready for that and you're not ready for sex and and you need to ask work together with real strict guidelines and you tell her have you ever attempted struggling just give me a call so don't make it out like don't make it like it's the end of the world but say hey we address this and here's how the efficiency with which you respond in the right way. Hey Amanda, we're at a time like this important comment email right to the website, Esther Brown, the Lord God bless you her plan.

And it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We have a rule was in the chemical again within two weeks and that's to give everyone an opportunity to be able to talk and interact and get through by phone last week got a call from a gentleman Maxwell who said that we will bring them on the air because he was an embarrassed me with noisy restraint: when called picked up the phone, but I have a two minutes. By the end of the broadcaster will make an exception to a normal rule because Max only got a couple minutes on the air so here's another opportunity Maxwell make an exception of rule. Because he only got so little time today was under my net ground right thing. Okay, I just wanted to talk about what you show regarding Eli Weber.

Yes, I agree he was a historian that what you wrote down the net thank you failed to mention radar market. Also, historian Rabbi warming deathly all right. Who did right or volume history of American genes that almost 75% stated that the Department of Jewish family in Charleston, South Carolina, Richmond, Virginia did all late okay and they will blow on 100 years apart.

My point here is, how can one historian born later.

Years later, and you taken historian that was born hundred 64 amp outweigh what Jacob radar market that this note this a contradiction alone, just Jacob Rader.

His exact words that Jews accounted for quote considerably less than 2% of slave trade his exact words considerably less than 2%.

You see when you actually look at the data, there were hardly any Jewish families in those cities with plantation two or three sit you had in some cases you had one family when he said that that 75% of all own slaves in these different states. Yet in some cases read one family that had plantation one Jewish family. When you look at all the data and I'm looking at his exact quote Jacob Martin Rader, Marcus okay the Jews accounted for quote considerably less than 2% of the slave trade where you won't really use households across America own way and we we can go beyond America into the Caribbean and the chemical we can look at you and in Amsterdam interconnection into the Caribbean. There was 85% of the Jewish family. Randy field farm be given a well-known vehicle to act you so so here's here's here's the reality. Okay, if you read Eli famous McCourt with the other book I mentioned yesterday, Saul Friedman, Jews, and the American slave trade. When you put all the figures in context. Okay, compared to the population, compared to how many views Rex involve the slave trade you find it is absolutely minimal marginal not a large here so let's look just a little math. Okay, so African-Americans emergency.

That's about 13% of the population right something.

I let okay and Jews in America. What what are we to percent of the population 3% of whatever that number would be okay if we like 5,000,000/330,000,000 86,000,003 to 30 million. So were just a couple percent) than white Americans still a majority but not as big majority okay so you Jews 1.1.8 percent of the population so if if Jews own implicit word slavery today. If Jews owned the same proportion slaves that the rest of the white population owned that would be a minimal number of the whole.

Would you agree with that. I would agree to look at the small number what the small number all regular percentage of Jim's actually own plantations. A tiny amount because Sir, you obviously study the history and you know that through through many generations, Jews were not allowed to have jobs like others, that's what I got into banking and things like that. So there were very few Jewish plantation owners politician that would you push slavery in the South. I can't bring up the particular summer.

Absolutely there even rabbis that push hundred percent right. They were tiny percent of the population and as far as slaveowners but looking because slave owners those of the plantation owners very, very few Jews own plantations. This is reality only one only be ontheir own.

So here it here, here, here's the problem here's here's the problem.

Here's a problem getting a lot of background noise.

The problem is, no matter what data I present you okay you Eli Faber is relying on a Marcus Marcus rate and these others okay they're all using the same sources and their analyzing them and comparing and that's with the Nation of Islam did not do.

That's why your book has been completely rejected by black scholars leading black historians that that's why Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates said that this is the new Bible of anti-Semitism. So it is it is utterly false. Even the cities you mentioned Charles and saw look back you'll see in some cases, that there was one Jewish family owning a plantation in some cities for Jewish families.

That's reality and and by the way, I pulled up a link for you that if if if you give an email to Rachel show it email it how Brockman who did his doctoral dissertation on the subject and is published much to demolish the Nation of Islam's lies. He has it off admin in the New York Times Jews had negative negligible role in slave trade and who does the quote in support. He quotes Jacob Rader, Marcus, and says that he's authoritative in the subject and "the Jews, for considerably less than 2% of the traffic so I'm that's what he said, what you do with that quote what which are quoted and correct okay are talking about Richmond, Virginia and Georgia were most of the United States at that point in time and how many you have any Jewish families in Charleston given the exact data. How many Jewish families in Charleston on client relations. All of the question just please answer that one S answer that one question, how many harsh families in Charleston own plantations out how many how many Jewish families would listen. I made an exception to the rule to bring a man on a week later and and I'm giving you I'm giving you verbatim verbatim quotes from people in your rejecting. I don't know how I can help user I would love to help you see the truth. I will and and when Jews writing this to see if this is terrible it we had any apartness they don't they don't minimize it okay from and I'm using the resources you're referring to the source you put on face with the other that very source says that all Jewish involvement. The source you put from Johns Hopkins on Facebook last week that very same author in his article and in the encyclopedia Judaica okay. He explicitly says that the total Jewish involvement in the entire slave trade was less than one firm that was involved with that if you combine everything that they did so, what can I present you with other than factual data, but just answer the question, how many Jewish families in Charleston on on plantations 40. What if there was one family that live there that on the plantation. The more that we found a lot of what the timeline the next.

Well, I'm not playing with the timeline by this this here's here's the deal. I I love truth and I care about you as an individual, Maxwell okay so you were living in some fantasy world last week saying no one will take your caucusing of your every call that comes in when there's an open line. Rachel takes the call, okay, we don't have something coming up. It's this one calling.

Don't go near them. Okay it's first second thing is that I've given you factual sources, data, information, links okay about that last week you get all you say will not live as we were live. So I I don't know what world you're living. I love truth love to help you with the whole Nation of Islam lies the secret mission. Life is sacred Jews and talk about this for centuries and and and and suggested shamefully with any role was in slave trade, but Jewish population being small Jewish plantation owners being small Jews played a minimal role right here here's what you do, you little search okay. Type in Rader or Rader Marcus okay take a break. Marcus type his name and then type in the words considerably less than 2% right you search for yourself Jacob and Marcus, then type in the words considerably less than 2% every source you quote says the opposite of what you think they did. Sadly, seven solicited if you like the link that I'm looking at right now for this New York Times op-ed which course of these things in detail than just give Rachel your email address and I can put on any list and will send you the information and in the fall the truth wherever it leads may have the courage to follow to skyrocket world, but if you love the truth and more for the fuel of God. Let it rock your world, but it rock your world is looking to juice enemies. You can look at them as allies and friends like friends we made an exception to the rule, but I hope you understand why we wanted to be known that if you differ give me a chance to differ, but please have your facts in order that okay to ask you challenge me have your facts in order.

Have you dad in order have the information so look any debate in the back and forth to be cross-examined. I will be back on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown just got off the phone with the gentleman Maxwell others. Following this scholarship Nation of Islam that Jews played a disproportionate role in the American slave trade British slave trade, which of course is a myth and there is no secret relationship. There's nothing that was hidden that scholars some type of juice and talk about this openly and that's what the literature and that is out there, but the reason I take extra time is because it's very rare that people will call in and really try to challenge me and I asked for it constantly. I welcome it and I want to give people a shot. I want to give them a shot to differ, and by the way I criticize my own Jewish people all the time and in the house all the time. There's nothing is easy for me to do. It's just when they're lies that are being put forth will dismiss the lies right when you read Jewish books with histories of this they bemoan the fact that there was any Jewish involvement. They bemoan the fact that the richer slaveowners and slave traders and even religious leaders that supported that they bemoan that they feel it's beneath us as Jews but overall involvement was minimal compared to the whole horrible minimal compared to the whole's fax right back to the phones.

Let's go over the Los Angeles DJ how you doing there pretty crazy in California these days. It is dark brown in the front like Marco sure thing the court or you're not doing the listen about. I don't mean to be disrespectful but is question but known. I look at her today. When I read my Bible not feeling there is a real disconnect so you know in your opinion, I walked Kristin.

Today while you not willing to take a stand for the gospel. Loving heart bottle by going to be a will and the lay down a lot. The job by Lord Sir it's because we preach a compromise message. We cultivated casual Christianity.

We don't call on sinners to truly repent and turn to the Lord with all their heart and soul. We pretty much tell them just add Jesus in and you can have a better life we we just go along with the flow of the society we we don't understand that the cost of the cross when when I go to India every year and my friend will ask people is the getting baptized. My friend Jason Potter, who's been stone for the faith.

He'll ask the master getting baptized are you willing to give your very last drop of blood.

You're very last breath for Jesus we willing to die for us with ask and baptism. One of my colleagues works with Muslims in the Middle East when they come to faith before they baptize and they asked them they ask are you willing to suffer for Jesus. Are you willing to die for Jesus in America. We try to convince someone to asked Jesus and to improve their lives. You think life is good now with Jesus. It can be even better.

So it'll look like this picture joining the Army and in the Army you can get up when you want to get up.

You can exercise if you want you can be trained to be on the front lines are not you can wear the uniform or not. You can eat the foods you want. The soldiers would be have yet that's what were doing in the church.

It's a convenience store Christianity it's a what's in it for me gospel and and because of that it people are prepared and when you think of of the spiritual food that were getting sick. While that's that's really not going to prepare us for battle.

You know if you if you go to to a sporting event and you got the audience and you got the players who's in shape. The players, not the audience they're just watching and that's how it is for most of us, it's a spectator Christianity Sir will have you read any of the books that I've written old books like how saved our weeds that ring a bell for you. Got it. I tell you what, stay right there.

DJ Rachel's going to pop on and get your mailing address when I can put you in any list. I want to send you my book, how saved are we wrote it in 1990. It's a real wake-up calls pretty intense book. Just want to let you know how saved are we. But it is a defective gospel producing defective fruit.

Lotta shallow converts even counterfeit converts complacent converts. That's what's happening.

So a Rachel Nissen DJ how saved or we are gift to you.

My brother and I I don't. Having said all that, I don't look at the church in condemning way to the church.

Think mom got a stamp we got arise's life and death. We got to do it.

Hey God bless you DJ. Thank you for the call. All right we go to a Christian in Toledo, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire, Christian, are you there right we lost Christian let us go to David in Anchorage, Alaska. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown's welfare. Thanks for your ministry. Thank you. You're very welcome.

So I had a couple questions regarding the Old Testament. I guess a person would be usually there's explanations for like violence in the Old Testament, bending, and against God and like that, but I was reading the book about their and I will because I like the Messiah passages in their processes and I came across the chapter 13 and Canada package and I was just wondering about Babylon. Yeah against Babylon somewhat. What struck you in Isaiah 13 in any verses in particular year.

I think 16, mostly M so right now. Bear in mind that Jason on Babylon there that could also be a code word for Syria, but either either of these two kingdoms because I say we been writing there the kingdoms of of our cod or Acadian Babylonian and Assyrian. There's overlap and then sometimes Babylon would just be the general name that's being used but we know, for example with both of them. But with the Syria which was the great enemy in Isaiah's day, they were utterly ruthless that they would they would come into the city and butcher people and then stack the skulls in the front of the town is a warning to others of their accounts of as as they drew near, people just going up onto the rooftops and started to wail and scream because they knew they were going to be slaughtered and of course they were idol worshipers. So they committed a lot of evil atrocities. The children will be smashed to death before their eyes, their house will be looted. There was right yet another which people you reap what they sow.

This is what's going to happen. You ruthlessly you you kill others you torture others there gonna rise up against you, and do the very same thing. It's it's just a principal. It's the way it's established and it's a judgment it's it's divine judgment by giving us over to ourselves and divine judgment by allowing people to reap what they so you know it's it's it's pretty much like same look you, you keep assaulting your neighbors. You keep robbing from them and stealing for them and stabbing them your whole family can be stabbed to death on these days because they're all gonna rise up against you and kill you. So this is telling you this is this is what can happen in some of the Lord's judgment is just to give give people over to their sin or to step out of the way like you want this go-ahead to have it so this is tragically what you did to others. This can be done to you it's it's the law of the kingdom and its horrible but it's reality.

It's part of that the penalty and price of sin ogre I record my other part of the old government was you know about the angel of the Lord packager. Yes, I can Jennifer do you yes you take the Stanford Angel Lord could be God or Jesus, Angel, Lord, in some cases yes not at all, and in other words, like Exodus 3 the angel of the Lord.

I look at is a Christophe me, the son of God appearing in the flame as the angel and other passages like Judges 13 it's debatable. So each one has to be examined on so I don't look at any time you have Moloch of the night.

And in Hebrew that that is then automatically is now going to be the angel of the Lord. Therefore, the son of God in human form, but in some cases, yes I do believe that's the case, hey David, thank you for asking.

Much appreciated. 86634 let us go to Harlan in Durham, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown why life and I appreciate the loving but firm way that you preach repentance and revival, and really like that thing about the reason I'm calling it a follow-up to my call several weeks ago when I was disagreeing with you on a fetal heartbeat, legislation is a call, you said you were planning to invite Jenna quarterback along with someone of the pro-life leader who opposes department legislation.

I just want to ask what they have imitated and expanded and what is the status and they haven't been extended but we do have one or two people that would represent your side of things is just a matter of setting up we we had a couple of of of personnel things that that some minor changes that got a slightly off our normal schedule, but I do plan to.

I do plan to do that. I just thought of it the other day when I saw a discussion about it so I have forgotten. We got things looked up for a while but I know some important discussion and I'm sure Janet would be willing to come back on a but we did have a couple people whose names came up. We did follow up as a as promised, and we do plan so thank you for calling the follow-up. I appreciate the reminder and it's it's not out of sight out of mind just have a bunch of things going on, but we do plan to do it and was was there about one person in particular.

I know we spoke about this about one person in particular that you thought would be the most eloquent one for your position all.

Her name is Alan. And, hopefully, got it. Got it okay and I'm not trying to better right right yeah and I understand your whole premise that that the heartbeat law would accept abortion of the circumstances, as opposed to just saying we want a law that if the heartbeat is detected that you can abort the baby just to say that you would agree with. But to say the other part missing sanctioning it.

Hey Harlan, thank you for reaching out again.

I really appreciate this an important issue. So thank you sir are welcome. All right, 866342 take. I just make a note for for us to review that to make sure that we do get this done. 866-34-TRUTH you give somebody an opportunity to call that they can answer your questions. They can present facts, they they deny factual quote you give them on the air as though they just get back on social media should argue the point.

Just so some of the comments come on I give you airtime. You gotta have it together then got out the facts information.

If you quote somebody by name and they actually complete your position to know what they say hers read read all the relevant books and five) it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends joining us on one truth. All right we reconnect with Christian in Toledo, Ohio, Greg would get back on some of your sure thing.

Unlike one of the boat offers 19 respect about you know there was all I would wonder was then directed to believers and nonbelievers because I was the one that it will spare you had to go to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. Of course, you will write anything like no like a doctor as president to dismantle is not about you is gone, Yorty don't give you no matter what you don't submit one or like I was supposed to go to Laura Taylor. Please forgive me know that he has given everything was paid for at the cross, but we have a relationship with God that is present tense ongoing in the Greek it is a lie in a serious error of the hyper grace movement to say that is for unbelievers when you go through first John every time he says we us from the beginning to the end. He's talking about believers some nonbelievers. He says they, them, they are of the world.

They left so is writing to us as believers in the Greek it is ongoing.

It's not a one time thing.

This is ongoing.

It's not for salvation is for relationship hearing are you are you married Sir Norman okay I do have good friends all right if you did something that hurt one your friends write you promising to be there to pick him up and you completely forgot you're playing a videogame. Would you say man, I'm so sorry.

So why because you have a relationship right even though you know that he's a forgiving guys. I can hold this against you, it's relationship so Jesus died for all persons past present future. But when we get saved we come to when we asked for forgiveness even already died for our sins as we get say we have to acknowledge Orson and Jesus said in an ongoing way, when you pray daily say Lord forgive us our debts, meeting our sin as we forgive others. So this is not for salvation. This is for relationship is like John 13 we get our feet washed wheat we take a bath and wash from head to toe. That's like salvation but woman walk home our feet get dirty. So we get our feet washed so this is the daily foot washing and it's relational. I love the Lord is my heavenly father. If I did something of if I spoke harshly to someone and hurt them. I'd apologize to them as a father, I'm so sorry for giving in and it's relational.

It's the washing and cleansing of relationship. It is absolutely present tense for believers, it is not that is not for the unbeliever.

That's for the believer. Okay good MRO is about like this. Like all for good people like you and others that you guys go sorceress regards Bill give lectures or quote about this person that person. I was wonder, like the Spartan republic of my researcher in daylight or stress or student go people, so people buckled by the website but would like to yeah boy Christian that is a wonderful question and it's it's a big question. First, there's a difference between primary sources and secondary sources so that seats about the Bible. The primary source is the actual Bible right a secondary source would be a commentary on the Bible or interpretation of the Bible. So whenever possible you want to go to the primary source whatever you're researching ancient history something in the Bible or just you know what is. Dr. Brown believe on this. The primary source that would be okay.

Go to me go to my right. If I want to see what is Christian to legally about this I go to your actual word. So whenever possible, go to the primary sources and then use it will how I learn who's reliable whose trustworthy look for it in an area of study that's important to you that you're interested in and see okay other names of people you respect other Christian leaders teachers that you respect her that her widely recognized, then what you do.

See, will they use food as they look to and then you start to get the feel for good scholarship versus sloppy scholarship do I have footnotes.

Can I trace who said what can I go back to the original source and I read it in context as you start to do that. Like I can go to an article on Wikipedia and sometimes the Wikipedia articles are terrific and full of information and sometimes their poorly written and is not a lot of data. How can you tell will see are they going back to primary sources and are they telling okay look up every reference. We said that so-and-so said this. What's the source for that we go back to the original.

Let me check and is as you start to do that, you can kinda sift you learn what's reliable, what's not and then as you study your field as you looking to feel more more you learn all okay this guys like a top expert or this lady is a respected scholar in this one.

They will completely ignore its friends.

Why, because this one doesn't really have the credentials so it's become a learning get the feel for that. Nepean said Christian if there's ever subject you really want to study in depth and he some guys and that shooting note to out to our website Esther to with his contact and you'll get the initial response to thank you for writing. But then one of her team members will say you want to do details for the first Corinthian's are the best commentaries recommend and then from there you, see okay who the most reliable people who can I look to and and learning grow. Hey God bless you Matt thank you for the call 866340 we go to Arnett in Raleigh North Carolina. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown bank near Africa call on how backing up of the earlier where the gentleman that was asking about the Jewish people that own plane and an improvement on your street gift to find out and I went back to Dr. Joy grew her research on posttraumatic bravery started with her and led me over to the Library of Congress article that I read and when he had a fair one percentage of Jews that all play and bring based on the ardor article from Bernard loaded it can generally reward and talked a lot about how the importantly claim and importantly culture how they own. So many great your current playing card what I'm reading you on our ladder made is used just the reality, the Jewish population in America was see in right before the Civil War, less than 1% that was maybe 6% of the whole population right so there were 150 non-Jews for every Jew. Okay, so even if 40% of Jewish households in the South own slaves right so what's the percentage of that.

It's absolutely minimal in terms of the whole.

So basically Jews like everybody else in America. The words Jews you had Jews were part of the abolition movement and you had Jews who were proslavery and the Jews in the South were pretty much like a of the southern snowbirds dissipated in the sin of the slave trade in Portugal is a pioneer number Jews were expelled from Portugal, Jews were expelled from Spain, so the Jews in Portugal and Spain were not like ringleaders and slave trade. They been expelled from these countries okay and in centuries past, and for example 1492.

All all non-baptized Jews were expelled from Spain, so there was Jewish involvement pretty much like everybody else.

Follow it.

In other words, Jewish Americans were were as wrong in the slave trade as Christian Americans back in a time and you had those are lower now on blank all month 1100 red but was used uses it when you compare it to the total number it it it ends up being absolutely minimal right that it was what's the comparison that you have.

This is where it's really important to get both sides of the issue but did did you did you see yesterday show we went through a lot of facts and statistics in an reference some books on that. I still there is loss to hello I say what I'm not sure what happened. We lost either Annetta but listen, feel free to write us with any specific question all of the Jewish literature read acknowledges these things and say there's no secret. This is been known it's Jews written about this. The Sylvia works an attempt by the way, Arnett. I appreciate the researcher doing. Thank you for digging and looking at Jews were responsible for for a high percentage of slave trade. I said said to our to our shame is to our shame, we participated all store shame. You have a rabbi, you know, in the 1800s preaching to justify slave trade in another rabbi preaching the abolition that shameful. It would get involved. But there's no secret to itself check out get some of the books I reference yesterday, Eli, Eli Faber's book or or a Solomon Friedman's book that saw Friedman's book of go through it again and if once you read those if you still struggle if you stop questions. By all means write to us specifically or call back in will do her best to sort that out for you.

But remember Jewish population tiny compared to the rest of the nation, and Jewish plantation owners even more negligible in the there would be the ones who would actively be owning slaves say let's let's keep interacting. I wish your time to get to more calls but will be opening the phones again next week on Monday, starting off with a really really important broadcast. If you haven't read my article on the horrible's exploitation movie that Netflix is defending the website. Esther Brown finally here great weekend

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